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^^ arre baap re this was a pleasant surprise, Debi di ShockedDay Dreaming Will comment further when I get home again... for now, time for...

Lakshmi Maa's diary: April 20th, 6500 B.C.E.

The best play in the universe is going on right now... and lucky me, I've got the best seat in the house! Dancing No wonder they call me the Goddess of good fortune Cool That 'play' is my Pati's - a.k.a. the Jagat Pati's - earthly leela, which at the moment has just begun its blissful baby stage, and my seat up here in Vaikunth is giving me the perfect view of everyone's reaction. Of course, it would be even more perfect if I was right there with him in a human form too Ermm but that day will come at the right time. We've had this conversation many times before, like every single time our devotees undergo difficulties and I wonder when good times will come upon them again... He always tells me that it will happen at the right time and we've gotta be strong and patient as we look over them so the devotees themselves can be strong and patient... so until it's time for our sweet reunion, guess it's time to practice what we preach!

Until then, I really can't complain - because like I said, I have the best view of my Naathji's naming ceremony, from where I can see the delight on the faces of so many great devotees all at once! Look there, Kulguru Vashisht is preparing the saamagri for the ceremony and beaming with excitement at his good fortune. And awww, there's Pitaji! That smile of coupled with those tears of joy... so much love those tears... it's making me also cry! Day Dreaming Why aren't there any tissues in Vaikunth!

Oh gosh, ab toh I have to control myself - it was just announced, the Maharanis are coming in! And you know who's coming with them?! Yesss!!!!! There she comes there she comes there she comes... Mata Kaushalya, Mata Kaikeyi, and Mata Sumitra with Naathji times four in their arms! Matlab I'll also have to come down times four... sounds like fun, na? There I go thinking of the future again Blushing Back to the present... the matajis are glowing with pure motherly affection on their faces... that indescribably warm and loving gaze with which they are looking at Him in His captivating infant form... wow Day Dreaming Naathji tells me that I pretty much always have that same gaze on my face as I watch all of our children live and learn on this earth, but somehow it still looks so new and special each time I see it reflect on earthly mothers that I can only watch in awe Heart

Onto Naathji... wait, who?! ShockedDay DreamingROFL It's so ironic that I'm still calling Him that, look at the form He's taken! He looks just like a normal adorable human baby... or, actually 'babies', since there are four of Him. He's got just two arms instead of the usual four, and he looks so tiny and delicate... and that mouth in which the whole universe resides, He's using it to suck His thumb? Is it... is that even Him? Kya leela hai Naath, in your maya even your Mahamaya has been entangled. I haven't been this bewildered by your leelas since Mohini avtaar, that was a real riot ROFL But you know what? I don't even mind. Every form you take, every leela you enact gives me such bliss that whether I'm watching it or taking part in it alongside you, I am perfectly content. Jaise tu rakhe, vaise rahungi. Today you're being named Ram, tomorrow they'll call you Shyam... today you're being called a symbol of Dharm, tomorrow you'll redefine it... today itself, you've come in the forms of both swami and sevaks. Each and every one of these illusions of duality you put out there, I admit I'll probably fall for them and consider you a separate individual in each and every one of them. But all of them, I will love beyond limits, that much I promise you. I already do, hence my diary also has turned into a letter for you. So until we meet again...

In love and longing,


Really sorry for not exactly following the assignment Sema, maaf karna yaar... kya likhne gayi aur likkha kya gaya... there's hardly any mention of  the actual naming ceremony LOL I will try to do a better job on the next one Blushing

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The following entries are written by all our creative dear devotee friends of this forum Smile written for the well known Janmashtami contest "Govind aala re" Smile Since this thread was created for writing diaries on different events of RS shows, so I thought to post them here. Now I am posting only the Lord Vishnu diaries by different percipient as I'm a bit busy with my schedule now a days Embarrassed will post the character diaries as soon as I can Smile I will try to reserve some posts for this purpose & then you friends can start your discussions here about the entries as this thread is like a second FanFic Junction & our main FF Junction is locked just now Cry But you feel free to express your ANY thought & comment regarding the entries here too Smile
I am going to start with Vishnu entry of Deepika di first WinkSmile Dear friends, I have a request to you, PLEASE CHECK ONCE whether your usernames are put under your creations perfectly Embarrassed If you find any mistake, please forgive me for that unwilling fault & let me know the correct information Embarrassed

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Lord Vishnu writes before Janmashtami
Dpka1415 )

|| OM ||

Another day ended on the Dharti Lok and I, while resting on my die hard devotee - the Divine Sheshnaag, noticed Devi Lakshmi very tensed and sad. Before i could ask her the reason for her saddness and tension, Indra Dev along with his chief Devtas and Brahma ji with Narad came to Vaikunth,

They all too had the sad worry and saddness on their faces.On asking them the reason for their visit they pleaded to me to save the Dharti Lok as I have bear the responsibility of preserving the entire universe. They emphasised on the day by day increasing level of brutalitiy, cruelity and jealously of some of the Rulers on the Dharti Lok and also about the sufferings of the innocent people who are the victims of such rulers.
YES !! Am talking about rulers like Kans of Mathura and Jarasandh of Maghad. Their ill deeds are crossing all the limits day by day.

All the Dev gann seeked help from me! And why not !!

Whenever there happens any damage to Dharma, any moral disaster and sins... I INCARNATE !!
Whenever my devotees are in need... I hear them... !!


During the time of the formation of the Universe, it was I who took the MATSYA roop to rescue the essentials required for nurturing the Dharti Lok.
To rescue Devi Dharti from the demon was I who incarnated as VARAH.
During the churning of the divine ocean, it was I who took the KURMA avatar and placed Meru parvat on my back, to help the Devtas in their task of achieving the Divine Nectar.
To teach that God is each direction...and in every minute molecule of this Universe, and to end the chapter of the greedy and brutal demon-king Hrinyakashyap, it was Me only ... who went on Dhati lok as NARSIMHA.
Batuk VAMAN, who covered the entire universe in just three steps was also my avtar.
Then in the Treta Yug,in the form of Bhargav Parshuram, I only made the Dharti lok warrior less 21 times. And the last I went tto Dharti lok was in the form of RAM, along with Devi Lakshmi as Sita and Sheshnaag as Lakshman. In the Ram avatar, I tried to set standards to lead a life of an ideal human being- an ideal son, an ideal husband, an ideal brother, an ideal student, an ideal father, an ideal friend and an ideal king.I focussed on how to follow Dharm while living in ones limitations(Maryada).
Now, when I see the situation of the Dharti Lok and the people there, my heart aches with a lot of pain. The people are killing the standards, I along with my beloved cosort Lakshmi and Sheshnaag had established in the Ram avatar period.

Now its time for me to rescue my devotees and the Dharti Lok once again.

After the Dev gann left, I talked to Devi Lakshmi and found her too being shattered with the condition of people on Dharti. Though she's the Maha-Maya herself, but being a lady , her heart cried out at the condition of her thousands of children who are suffering.
She also pleaded for their rescue.

Now i think its time for me to incarnate for the 8th time. I have now decided to go to Dharti lok with all my powers (16 Kalaas). this avatar will be known as KRISHNA Avtar. I will take birth ass the eighted son of Devi Devaki and Kumar Vasudev of Mathura's Yadav Dynasty.
This avatar will be different from my previous seven avatars. Infact not different rather it will have all the qualities i had individually in my previous seven incarnations.
Like the MATSYA, Krishna will give the much essential Guide of Leading Life - Bhagvat Geeta to the people of Dharti Lok. Like VARAHA guarded the dignity and restored the respect of Devi Dharti, Krishna will also guard the dignity of the female society. like KURMA helped the Devas in their task, Krishna will also help the Pandavas to re-establish Dharma. like NARSIMHA emerged from no where to help his devotee, Krishna will also protect his fellow Gopas from several demons. like VAMANA tore the curtains of self-pride of Raja Bali, Krishna will also teach the lessons to many devtas and humans. Like PARSHURAM took the revenge of the wrong deeds to him and his family by Sahastrabaahu,Krishna will also take revenge for the ill-deeds from the cruels,brutals and cheaters. Like RAM led the ideal human life, Krishna will also re-establish the standards for the people of Dharti Lok.


Here I am ... all set to incarnate !
To meet the ones ... who have waited for just one glimpse of mine since several thousand years...To grant Mukti to them ... who are leading the pittyful life because of their karmas...To, once again, end the negativity from the Dharti Lok... To re-establish the DHARMA !!

here I am... all set to INCARNATE !!

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Lord Vishnu Diary
Thoughts by Shri Hari before the appearance of Shri Krishna on Earth
(by Debipriya)

The Creation! It is such a mystery! The way it is created and the way it is maintained and nurtured by utmost care! Seeing Myself in all the living and non living things make me Happy and Contented. I want the creation to flourish, to spread goodness and virtues all around, but sometime that does not happen, as I find some of the beings become forgetful about the 'essence of existence', forget about the 'Truth' and dwell in personal world, which in turn disturbs the balance of the Creation. Then I have to take a step to eliminate that 'being' from the Creation, to bring back the creation in its right track. This was done many times in the past, now again the time has come for me to take part in the happenings of the particular place called Earth. Innocent beings are being hurt by the strong, which itself is adharma! This Creation can only survive in the peaceful atmosphere of Dharma, as it gives everyone a chance for Uplifting the Self and finally to Merge in Me. So, my chief aim has always been to 'protect Dharma' and to 'protect the beings who LIVE in Dharma'. As it is those persons only who carry forward my 'True Nature' in them and bring Welfare to the whole society.

I feel sad when I look at the beings who are in a wrong path, who takes wrong decisions inspired by 'personal motives'. It really pains me a lot when a being falls in a difficult situation due to its own 'ignorance'. I feel Compassion for them and try my best to make them 'Aware' of the Truth, to make them realize the mistake and retrace their steps in the right track. But after repeated opportunity, when they fail to make it, then only I go and save them by ending their lives. Only this is the way they can be stopped from doing any more mistakes, which would have led them to more and more misery acc to the 'theory of Karma'. My aim is to destroy only the 'vices' from a soul and make it a 'Pure' one, so that it can go back to its 'original' form.

This time as I will incarnate myself on Earth, my name will be Krishna. I will be the 'All-attractive One'! Knowledge, Devotion and Salvation- I will give all these three to my devotees. In this Dwapar yug, people have become much more complex, often they are leaving the path of Dharma'. To bring back these people in the path of Dharma, I need to possess all the 16 gunas in me, so that all the beings will get attracted to the 'Purity of the character', which will reflect the 'real essence' of mankind in it. I need to show them the 'height' a man can reach, the 'True Potential' of a human being, I need to teach them how to lead a life with 'Completeness'. 'Enjoying each moment, yet staying away from it'! Yes, Renunciation is the very core of our existence! I will be considered 'Yogeshwar' by them! The person, who will Enjoy all the pleasures of life to the fullest, yet will remain Aloof from it!  This is the 'skill' I want to teach the mankind. Without this, no one can lead a peaceful life.
During my last incarnation- when I appeared as Shri Ram in Treta Yug, the situation was different! People were still very 'Pure' from their heart, emotions were genuine. But now in Dwapar Yug, the situation has deteriorated; 'Aaryavarta' is in a very complicated state right now.  People have become corrupt, 'adarma' has become stronger. To eradicate it, I will have to be very 'tactful' while handling the different persons having different 'natures' (prakriti').  I need to Influence the people to follow me, to Surrender to me, otherwise they won't be able to bear the difficulties (or challenges) of life. For that, I need to appear in a 'Really Powerful Self' in front of them. I need to perform Miracles so that they can have Faith in me, which will eventually bring Devotion in them. This way they will be attracted to the 'Ideologies' of this incarnation, which will be narrated in the form of 'Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta'. My deeds and philosophies will guide them to lead a 'Righteous and Contented life'. Doing our own work without expecting anything in return is the only way for 'True Happiness', I will tell them about it through my life that ' 'Nishkaama karm ki maarg par chalte hue jeevan vyateet karna sambhav hai'.
Each and every being has different image of Me in their mind and they worship that image with sincerity, with the way their heart guides them. I will Respond to each image, be it a lover, a husband, a friend, or a baby. I will confer the feeling of Bliss to ALL whoever worship me in any form. Thus they will feel Elevated and gradually Surrender themselves to me, that is, to 'Dharma', beacuse I AM DHARMA ' Without Dharma, nothing can sustain. Like all my previous avataars, this time also, it will be the 're-establishement of Dharma', which will be my chief aim. After that the creation will be Peaceful again, it will shine with all its glory, which will make me happy by 'perceiving' My image in all the creatures' 

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Lord Vishnu before Janmashtami
(by ShivangBuch)

While continuously performing the function of maintaining the order of the universe every time after Brahmaji creates it, by residing in the hearts of every living beings, I also do take every opportunity to manifest myself on the planet earth time & time again to play with my devotees, who are also my own form, with my 10 or more aspects, whenever my other countless manifestations having my relatively lower aspects, under my illusion, experience imbalance of justice and start losing faith. I myself assume the human or other form depending upon the requirement of the situation on the planet earth with a divine body often taking a divine birth through an honorable mother devotee's womb to perform divine deeds or plays. It is like in the world of all robots created by me only having emotional intelligence applications software inbuilt, I myself enter among them with master system software and robotic get up.

My manifestation with my all 16 aspects is a humanlike form in devotee's eyes which also has countless names which cuts all attachments and bondages and gives salvation to ignorant souls and hence known as Krushna.Smile In this form only, I enter the planet earth in a divine manner in Dwapar era of various Kalpas between different bodies in which I only reside. I make entry with my own part Shesh as elder brother and lot of Gods & Demigods also take birth before or after myself to support my incarnation in the divine plans. Sitting from Vaikunth dhaam in Ksheer Saagar ' the milky ocean, I receive vibration signals from my own sending transmitter in hearts of beings, which is being activated or aroused or called for and my divine manifestation responds to those calls and plans to help my other manifestations who are crying for help.


I can see all the times and all the places in the space from here. For me, every era is NOW. Nothing is past and nothing is future. Everything is present wherever and the way I look. Time is the element binding for those who remember me and come to me. Currently, one of the countless pairs of eyes of my universe form is looking at 28th Manvantar of Shwet Varah Kalp Planet earth of Aakaashganga galaxy ' the milky way the ultimate destination of which is milky ocean. All Gods of planets and 5 elements along with the creator Brahmaa are praying for and signaling the time for them of my play which has arrived and transmitting the message of saints to me.


A soul is constantly remembering me with my fear and enmity and by its very nature -the built in software application- is knowingly & unknowingly making many other souls hurt & suffer and who are therefore remembering me with cry deeply with their hearts in connection with me. A bit more remembering or meditating effort to get the full marks and they will discover me and will get merged into me or find my eternal company here.Smile A tyrant ruler rakshas origin soul in Yaadav dynasty is harassing saints & cows and sacrifice activities and disturbing Gods. He has made his father, sister and brother in law captive. He is killing his own nephews due to fear of his own death, which has still not happened as per the time on the earth though I can see that as well. Evil powers and dictator lusty kings are spreading their supremacy on the earth kingdoms. People's faith on me is facing its extreme test and gold is being melted to become the ornament. These souls have reached the time when they see my presence on the earth with a body growing by age and giving them bliss as their savior!!!!! Their rescuer!!!! The adventurous warrior!!!! Their son!!!! Their lover!!!! Their master!!!! Their friend!!!!! Their teacher!!!!! Their guide & leader!!!!! The philosopher!!!!! In their own different ways of looking and perception and belief and faith!! This is my 8th out 10 major famous manifestations. My 7th incarnation ' Ram ' giver of bliss ' is the one, which they have seen with pleasure & joy to be the one having set all the ideals of relationship obeying all the social norms & traditions. Ideal son!!! Ideal brother!!!! Ideal friend!!!!! Ideal social servant!!!! Ideal warrior!!!! Ideal husband!!!!! Ideal enemy!!!! Ideal king!!!! Ideal father!!!!! The 8th incarnation doesn't bind himself into the boundaries of human limitations and social norms and setting examples by conduct generating respect but enjoys a complete personality by teaching the lesson of devotion/love, knowledge & duty to the world in different era through his authoritative convincing words and influential charisma. He incarnates not only to balance the justice, save the saints & punish the evils like all other incarnations but also incarnates to fulfill mercifully all the promises given by him to all his devotees in the previous incarnations, to fulfill their wishes all at once, to become their lifter by killing, to become the son of many mothers, to become brother of many sisters, to become lover of many loving hearts, to become husbands of many dying hearts all together. He teaches the world politics & warfare & time appropriate policies & duties but most importantly he teaches the world that LOVE is the summary of life in the universe ' it is the ultimate teaching ' the supreme duty. And like all other incarnations, he hammers the message yet again that TRUTH only wins to re-establish the faith. The only thing he and my other incarnations can't do is to resist self for long and ignore a devotee's call forever. Don't cry my beloved ones!!!!! Here I come!!! Feel me with you!!!

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Shri Vishnu's diary just before garbh pravesh:
(by lola610)

Scholars often describe me as beyond pain and pleasure, but trust me, it is my pleasure to join my devotees on earth yet again. To receive their love and affection and reflect it back at them tenfold, to take on whatever form they desire to see me in and witness their delight upon seeing it before them... it is worth every difficulty of the mortal world and more. Anyways this time around the mortal world won't pose me any difficulties... in Ram avtaar I wanted to set an example of how to live within limitations and make the best of them, so I willingly bound myself in mortal constrictions. But this time will be different. I am not going to keep my identity much of a secret, so I am free to teach them directly, rather than just by being an example.

What do I have to go there and teach? Well for starters, there is this Kans kid and those poor misguided losers he hangs out with, thinking they are very smart even though they've forgotten the S of smartness. That Jarasandh, that Banasur, that Chanoor' they have been drawn to one another's material riches and political power, and so they have begun to call each other "mitra" ' friend. So one thing I have definitely got to teach them, is how to make friends ' that is, not on the basis of wealth and status, but out of pure, spontaneous love. I will show them this by befriending the poorest of the poor and making that friendship so strong, that it will become a legend in itself. And then, they need to learn about maintaining that friendship. After calling each other "mitra" they drag one another further and further along the path of evil' what kind of friendship is that? I will have to teach them that true friendship means guiding your friend when he/she goes astray, and patiently working on bringing them back to their dharma even if it takes an entire 700 verse discourse to do so Wink

I've noticed a lot of them also make oaths and vows liberally, though they are destined to get trapped under their weight and side with adharma because of them. So I will have to teach them how to chill out a bit and approach each situation of life as it comes' different times call for different measures; sometimes one duty has to be prioritized and sometimes another. This also I will have to teach them. How to live, how to love; how to fight, how to make peace; how to behave in the assembly hall, how to behave in the family room; I will leave no lesson untaught.
But' what fun would it be, bringing down my full set of 16 kalas and allowing myself to demonstrate my power no matter who's watching, if all I was going to do was teach? Those who love me have waited long enough and sacrificed hard enough' time to shed all the Godliness and almighty-ness to give them the bliss they so deserve. Kaun Ramapati, kaisa Ishwar? I, who am ever awake and watching over them, will fall asleep to the sweet sound of their lullabies if it makes them happy. I, who administer justice for every crime, will become a thief myself for their entertainment. I, who am the support of this earth, will eat its dirt to please them. I, who make the world dance according to my will, shall dance with them with full fervor if they so command me. Tribhuvan ka swami bhakton ka das hai. In this incarnation I will grant every pending wish my devotees have asked of me over the course of all my incarnations. I will leave no stone unturned in giving them the bliss that they have earned by loving me so much for so long. There will be enough beauty of emotion in this incarnation of mine that poets and painters for the rest of eternity will find inspiration from it. This incarnation will be so full of love, that coming generations of devotees will prefer drowning in that love, even more than liberation. With loads of love, here I come, heading straight for my devotees' sweet embrace!!!

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Lord Vishnu writes before Janmashtami
(by Urmila11) Embarrassed

I don't know whether I will be able to finish this entry in my diary, yes, in spite of being the Almighty, I don't know this! Because while writing this I can hear all the distressed people on earth are calling me with an intolerable agony in their hearts, 'Come, Lord, come, save us!' Oh! How melancholy their voices are! I'm Omnipotent, but I have no power to ignore this call. I'm feeling an irresistible pull towards earth, & it's surely the power of their prayers! So I may have to reach to earth as a human child at any moment, even leaving this diary-entry incomplete! 

I'm still in Vaikunth, & Lakshmi is besides me. She is silent. She looks too gloomy to describe! We will be separated after sometimes, but I know she is not thinking about our separation at all! Her eyes are fixed on the jail of Mathura. She is thinking about the sufferings of our poor devotees. True, it's very natural for her, being the mother of universe, how can she tolerate her children's pain?

I'm equally affectionate to my all children, but am feeling most pity for them who are suffering the most! I'm completely overwhelmed with Vasudev & Devaki's immense grief! They are performing much harder tapasya than that they did in their previous birth to get me as their son! From that day of Akashwani they are suffering! The newly married couple had to lose all their pleasures which they deserved! The prince & princess have to spend their life within a prison! The innocent parents had to lose all their newly born babies! If there was anyone else in their place, he must start to suspect in my existence & addressed me as cruel! But Vasudev & Devaki have not lost faith on me, they still believe that I will come to rescue them very soon, & are waiting for me! Even in this miserable condition, they are not thinking about themselves! How pure their faith is! How great their sacrifice is! How patient are they! It seems that they will even defeat the deities in greatness!
My devotees are entirely depending on me today! The poor natives of Mathura, who became comfortable after transfer of Sheshnaag from Devaki's womb, & started to ignore all the fears in the high hope that I'm coming as eighth son, they are now in jail! They are being tortured severely by Kans's guards there! Whoever worships me is being tortured! But they can not forget to utter my name again & again! They love me; they know very well that I will surely fulfill my promise. So they are remaining steady in such danger. Poor Ugrasen is watching the only light of hope in his dark room that I'm coming as his grandson! All of them are praying to me for tolerance! Otherwise how can they bear with such intolerable grief?

I'm very pleased with Akrur. He believes me, but he believes in Karmyog too. Yes, Karmyog is one of the ways through which creatures can achieve me. Besides, he is worried enough about Vasudev-Devaki & their eighth child. Unconsciously he is worshipping me as he is now entirely overwhelmed with only my thoughts! I will surely bless him with my direct darshan!   

Dear diary! Are you feeling bored? I know, I'm filling you with sad events only, but what can I do? My children are suffering much! I can never forget this! I'm bounded with my devotees with the inseparable bond of love; we can never forget each other! They always pray to me, & I feel hurt when they are hurt! Ok, if you want, my diary, then we may take a little brake. Let's leave Mathura temporarily to visit Vrindavan!

Oh! How pleasant the atmosphere of Brijdham is! Fallen in love with this pure place! The whole Brij bhumi is waiting for me. Nand & Yashoda are completely overwhelmed with joy! They are going to be parents for the first time! My Maya has entered into Yashoda's womb. She will be replaced by me after my birth, & I will come here, in this house of Nand where my stuti is chanted everyday. & I have to spend my whole childhood here, because I promised to do so when Nand-Yashoda performed tapasya to see my child form in their previous birth. In this house I will establish my sweet child form which will please the whole universe forever. I have to give Yashoda the complete pleasure of my childhood even by making her angry with me! I will steal butter from cowmades, they will complain to Yashoda & she will punish me. Mother's anger will be really enjoyable for me! Thus I will cover her completely with my Vatsalya bhakti which will help her to attain moksha. Thought to express my Viswa roop to her too.

I'm bound by promise to Sheshnaag too! In Treta Yug, when he incarnated himself as Lakshman, I was overwhelmed by his love & devotion to me & decided to incarnate myself as his younger for the next time. I decided to serve him as my elder brother just like he served me in Treta. He has already born & I know, he is eagerly waiting for me! His love for me knows no limit!

I have responsibilities not only to my devotees but also to them who are suffering curse as demons & are waiting for mukti. Especially poor Putana, who wanted to be my mother at my Vaman avater, I have to fulfill her desire in this eighth incarnation. Similarly Utkaj, Trinabarta, Aghasur & the great serpant Kaliya, have to be liberated. I have to break the pride of great deities too & all of these are going to occur in this Vrindavan only!  

My beloved Yamuna! I'm coming to play my flute at your bank! In this incarnation, I will establish myself as a Premavater, the incarnation of love. Lakshmi will help me to establish this. She will teach people how to love me. At my teenage, Vrindavan will become the pilgrimage of love due to her presence. 

& finally, when the crucial time will appear, I have to leave this sacred Vrindavan in order to kill Kans. At last, poor Vasudev & Devaki will be able to see me! But how will I conceal my mother Yashoda? I don't know this!

The memories of Treta Yug are attacking me again & again today! In Treta too, being moved with my devotees' pain, I incarnated myself as Dashrathi Ramchandra in order to stop Ravan's torture on them. But my intention was not only to destroy demons but also to establish an ideal example of human life,- so I presented myself as Maryada Purusottam! But in this Dwapar I can't exactly follow this format. Now the time has been changed, & the nature of men has also been changed massively. Treta's people believed in the theory of truth & love, they could be easily attracted by an ideal nature. But now they have lost their respect towards truth, they have forgotten the lessons I taught them in my Ram Avater. They don't love even their family members & friends; the society is full of jealousy & becomes unbearable for my true devotees. Now it's not a time to show an ideal human again, rather I should express my divinity to men. If they can't be influenced by the beauty of human character, then they must be drawn towards me by my direct advices only. I have planned to give the most precious advices to them which will guide them forever. If they obey & follow them, they will achieve me easily. Dwapar's people will know me as Sarva Shaktiman Parameshwar, not as Maryada Purusottam. I will never suppress my Godhead in this eighth incarnation.

Oh no! Dear diary, are you listening? I can't bear with people's cry more! Now I MUST reach to earth, immediately! Bye, my diary, I'm forced to stop writing here.

Don't weep, my children, I'm coming for you!

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Nand Baba
(by Dpka1415)


Its was the best day of my life. My wife Yashoda and I have waited for this day since a long time.

We performed all possible rituals - the poojas, yajnas, jap, tap, vrat, daan and dakshina as and when suggested by the Maha-Rishis and elderly people of Gokul, so that our prayers are heard by the Supreme Lord. The prayers for being blessed with a baby.

We have everything in our life but the happiness of being parents and the feeling of seeing our expectations grow in the form of our child...

My loving and caring wife Yashoda, though never said anything from her mouth but I could see,the pain in her eyes and feel the emptiness in her life. Whenever she used to see any lady in the village,taking care of her child and pampering her child, i could feel what she craved for-her own child. She tried to see her own child in all the kids of our village. She loves and cares about all of them like her own children.
And finally. ..
In the midnight of the Ashtam tithi of Krishna paksh, Rohini nakshtra, God blessed us with the most precious gift and boon... We could ever ask.

May be because of Yashoda's selfless love and unconditional affection for the children, the Param Parmaatma has heard our prayers and blessed us with a charming baby boy.

Today...our happiness knows no limits. Today I realised what the feeling of being a father is like. I feel complete today...

And what to say about YashodA. She's on the ninth cloud today. The glow and happiness which i saw on her face was precious and unique...never ever saw it before. It seems she has got the most precious thing in the world and so true it is...
For all the parents in the world... Their child is the most precious gem.

As soon as the villagers heard about the birth of the baby..they started celebrating and welcoming their Chhote Mukhiya like its some festival time.
The ladies gathered in large numbers at our place and sang the songs of joy and happiness and showed their happiness by dancing and cooking different types of desserts. The gents decorated the streets and all the houses in gokul with flowers and decoratives. The kids played games surrounding the newbie in their group. The elderly people blessed the baby with long and healthy life and happiness. Many famous Maha-Rishis and Yogis specially came to Gokul to bless our child.
They wrote the divine word "OM" on the tongue of our boy with honey and the ladies wrapped the baby in yellow clothes.

Everyone was happy. The aura of the entire village was mesmerising. Today our Gokul village seemed to be as beautiful as the Swarg Lok. So much brightness and glow on everyones' face, celebrations, best wishes and blessings... Everything seemed to be a dream, that has finally come true!

After the functions wrapped up..everyone left for their homes in the evening and at last I got some free time to spend with my little master,my ever affectionate and extremely happy wife and Rohini bhabhi and her child ,who are staying with us as Vasudev bhaiya and Devaki bhabhi have been imprisoned by the cruel king of Mathura - Kans.
Generally every child is special and unique for his parents but I felt some divine satisfaction when I held my lalla for the very first time in my arms. I was left with nothing more to ask from the Lord. There is some mystical glow and magic in the eyes of my lalla. Whenever he looks at me, my heart fills with a divine calmness. When he smiles, it seems all the devtas are showering flowers on me and the Param Parmaatma is smiling and blessing me. While he sleeps in the Paalna,it seems Lord Vishnu is resting on his divine serpent- Lord Sheshnaag!

May be thats what every father in the worlds feels like, i dont know! but I am just loving what all is happening. I wish and pray to my Lord that he bless my lalla with all the happiness, long life and good health and luck of all the world to him.

Hey Lord! Please keep your divine hand on my child's head forever... Save him from all the negative vibrations.

Namoh Narayan!

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