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Exotic Passion<3 RM&ArSh|Completed |Aug15 (Page 23)

-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
Awe so now both shilpa and armaan have decided to become friends and be cool with each other and awe muskaan and Rahul stealing glances at each other and also both accepting their mistake and apologising anyways great update and can't wait to read more Smile

meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
nice yaar but u never pm me...NOT FAIR...
desikalakaar Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 6:40pm | IP Logged
Great part Reema and Shilpa! :) Loved the updates on all the FF's :) 

But I didn't receive a PM! :( 

Kriya <33
anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 6:19am | IP Logged

that was really amazing...

loved it...

thnx for the pm...

IshqDewaani Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
hey doo update soon..i am missing ur update...
Radhika Shah IF-Rockerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
Please update soon!!
It's been so long!
KaShforever06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
Amazing updates...
Please add me to your PM list...
Countinue soon...
sweet.melody IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 August 2011 at 8:28pm | IP Logged
Part 10

Rahul get's extremely confused by her sudden change of behavior, but doesn't get much time to dwell on it as people come up to compliment him.

"This is the piece you will be playing for the play Rahul" the director says handing him the sheet with the musical notes on it.

"Alright sir, thank you" Rahul smiles, placing the paper inside his bag.

"Alright.. let's get back to rehearsals" the director says "Armaan Shilpa I need you two up on the stage!"

Seeing the whole cast moving around getting in place, Rahul decides to slip away and find Muskaan.

"Angel you want to sit here and play with your dolls?" Rahul asks, placing her bag down at a table in the corner of the room so that she didn't get in anyone's way.

"Okay maamu!" she smiles playing with her teddy.

Walking into the dance studio, Rahul sees Muskaan dancing passionately amidst many mirrors facing her.

"Alright.. this is going to be the passionate scene.. you two looked at the script right?" the director asks Armaan and Shilpa.

"Yes sir" they reply.


"I cannot see you becoming someone else's" Armaan says pulling Shilpa back into him.

"I..I don't have a choice.. daddy wants me to.."

"What do you want? If you tell me once that you don't want this.. I will leave and never come back" Armaan says wrapping his arms tightly around her waist and nuzzling into her hair.

Shilpa shudders and closes her eyes feeling the tip of his nose touching her skin.

"Shilpa.. your lines.." Armaan whispers in her ear trying to prompt her.

"Cut!" the director shouts seeing no response from Shilpa.

Walking closer to her, Rahul holds one of her thigh as she bends back.

Leaning over her, Rahul traces kisses down her neck, stopping just above her chest.

Pulling her back up, he twirls her out.

"Uhh.. sorry sir.." Shilpa says coming to her senses "I can do it now" she says taking a deep breath.

 "I..can't live without you.." she whispers as the director shouts action.

"Then come away with me.. where we can be happy together" Armaan says kissing her exposed nape, as his hand softly caresses her stomach through the shirt.

Running back towards Rahul, Muskaan jumps onto him, tightening her legs around his hips and holding his head in her palms.  

As she unravels her legs around him, Rahul holds her upper body and twirls him around her, catching her legs from behind him.

"I am yours.. forever" Shilpa says turning around and hugging Armaan tightly.

As Rahul puts her down, she wraps her arms around his waist tightly and rests her head on his chest.


"Maasi" Sara tugs Shilpa while she was making a sandwich for Rahul.

"Yes princess?" Shilpa asks continuing her work.

"I don't have anything to do...can we go out somewhere?" She asks as it was Sunday and they didn't have work.

"Where do you wanna go?" Shilpa picks her up and makes her sit on the counter.

"Umm..park!!" Sara grins "And we will call Almaan and Muski too" she adds.

"Ok...go tell maamu to get ready" Shilpa kisses her cheeks and puts her down.

After calling Armaan and Muskaan, Shilpa goes and gets Sara ready and she also gets ready.

"Almaaan" Sara runs up to the front door seeing Armaan.

"Hey are looking gorgeous" he says pinching her cheeks.

"Help me pack my toys" She says.

"Muski is here as well" Sara grins getting down from and hugging Muskaan.

"Maasiii lets go" Sara yells.

"Sara did you pack the ball and stuff?" Shilpa asks walking down the stairs.

"No...I will do it quickly" She drags Armaan with her.

"Is Rahul coming?" Muskaan asks Shilpa, not seeing Rahul anywhere around.

"Nah..." Shilpa replies and looks at Muskaan's not so happy face "Just kidding...he is coming" Shilpa winks.

Getting everything ready, they all head to the park in one car.

Rahul was driving and Armaan sat in the passenger's seat, while the girls were in the back.

The park was about half an hour away so Sara made them play some games in the car.

As Rahul pulls into the parking spot, Sara tugs at her seatbelt ready to jump out.

"Baby wait wait.." Muskaan says making her sit down while unbuckling her.

"Jaldiii Muskiii!!" Sara shouts in excitement.

 "Yeh lo ho gaya" Muskaan says stepping out of the jeep and lifting Sara out.

"Princess no running okay" Shilpa says catching Sara before she runs off "You will get hurt like last time" she tells her.

"Alright maasi.. I will be careful.. main jaun ab?" Sara asks politely.

"Haan jao" Shilpa says ruffling her hair. Taking fast steps towards the swing Sara gets on and looks back towards the adults, gesturing for them to come push her.

Reaching her first, Armaan begins pushing her on the swing slowly.

"Almaan.. main koi bachi nahi hoon, push harder!!" she shouts.

"Arey baba okay.." Armaan says pushing a little harder, after making sure Sara held on tightly.

"Why don't you go on that slide angel?" Rahul asks pointing at a very tall slide.

"Noo maamu!! It's soo hugee main gir jaungi" she says, giving Rahul a look as if he had lost his mind to suggest such a thing.

"Angel I thought you were a big girl" Rahul smirks.

"I am na" Sara says jumping off the swing and standing in front of Rahul with her hands on her hips.

"Toh chalo let's go on that slide" Rahul says taking her hand in his. Muskaan, Shilpa and Armaan sit down on the bench watching them.

"Maamu come with me na" Sara says looking down from that height.

"Alright chalo" Rahul says taking her in his lap and sliding down with her.

"Wooo" Sara shouts are slide down "That was sooo fun maamu!!" Sara cheers as they get to the end.

Rushing back up the stairs, Sara goes on the slide again by herself.

Walking toward the group, Rahul sees them all smiling looking at Sara.

Spotting a pretty purple flower near the grass, Shilpa walks towards it.

Watching her pick up a flower and smell it with a smile on her face, Armaan smiles and excuses himself before walking towards her.

Seeing one of her friends, Sara tells Rahul that she is going to play with her friend and rushes off.

Taking a seat beside Muskaan, Rahul looks down unsure of what to say.

"You wanna go on the slide?" Rahul asks her as he sees her eyes constantly on it.

"Umm no.." Muskaan says pushing her hair behind her ear.

"You can go on it.. no one will laugh" Rahul smiles.

"No.. it's too high.. I'm scared.." she whispers the last bit feeling embarrassed.

Seeing a part of her hair covering her face, Armaan slowly pushing it off her shoulder onto her back.

"Oh.. hey.." Shilpa looks up shyly seeing his face so close to hers.

"Hi.." Armaan whispers "You like flowers?"

"Yes.. all kinds.. they smell so heavenly and they are so colorful and light up the place" she smiles sitting on a boulder and looking at all the flowers around.


Part 11

"Don't tell me you need me to slide down with you too" Rahul says trying to control his laughter.

"Raaahul!!" Muskaan glares punching his shoulder as she can clearly see him laughing "I'm.. I'm just scared of heights" Muskaan says.

"Don't worry Muskaan.. I will come with you na" Rahul says squeezing her palm reassuringly.

"Is there space for one more on that boulder?" Armaan asks cheekily.

"Yeah, sure" Shilpa says scooting over and making some space for him.

Sitting beside Shilpa, Armaan holds her around the waist.. cause there was not much space for both to sit on there.

Seeing her cheeks reddening at his touch, Armaan smiles.

Pulling her off the bench, Rahul pulls Muskaan towards the slide and makes her climb the stairs as he follows behind her.

"Are you sure about this?" Muskaan asks holding his jacket tightly and peeking down from the height.

"Yes I'm sure" he says caressing her cheeks. Looking into his eyes, she sees that she can trust him.. and that he won't let anything happen to her.

As his fingers slowly caress her bare waist due to her short top, Shilpa gasps and moves away.. but Armaan catches her and pulls her into his lap safely before she can fall.

Opening her eyes slowly, Shilpa takes a deep breath as she feels his warm breath on her exposed nape and his tight grip around her waist.

Making Muskaan sit on the slide, Rahul sits behind her and takes her into his lap holding her tightly.

 "Ready?" he whispers into her ear.

"Hmm" Muskaan nods lightly, closing her eyes tightly.

"Open your eyes baby" Rahul says kissing her cheek softly.

Turning her head slowly with her eyes still shut tight, Muskaan shakes her head saying no.

Running his palms up her bare arms, Armaan kisses Shilpa's ear softly, and makes his way down to her neck.

Leaning her head back onto his chest, Shilpa smiles contently as he places kisses all over her neck.

Undoing Shilpa's ponytail, Armaan lets her silky hair fall onto his face and nuzzles his nose into them taking in the sweet smell.

Seeing the cute pout on her lips, Rahul moves forward and pecks her lips slowly.

Opening her eyes wide at the sudden spark going through her Muskaan looks at Rahul, but blushes the instant she sees the passion in his eyes.

Turning back around, she looks ahead confidently.

Moving forward, Rahul allows them to get onto the slope of the slide, and head on their way down.

"Shilpaa..." he whispers caressing her hair with his fingers.

"Kyaa.." Shilpa moans feeling lost in his soft caresses.

"What do you put on your hair to make it smell this good?" he smiles.

The trip to the park was pretty good for them. Armaan and Shilpa had came really close to each other since their first meeting and so had Rahul and Muskaan.

Sara being the stubborn little girl told Armaan and Muskaan to stay at her place and leave after dinner.

She had many times witnessed the closeness between the adults in the park today and had noticed it before too like at the studio and stuff. She knew something was cooking between the four and therefore, she thought to make them come closer. This way Armaan and Muskaan will visit them often. She loved them and wanted them to stay with her as well like Shilpa and Rahul. For her purposes she wanted them to get together. 

She missed the days when her parents were there and how all of them would have fun going on vacations and parks and other places and she wanted those days back, little did she knew that her parents won't be back but if Armaan and Muskaan joins their family it would be fun as before. Not that Rahul and Shilpa didn't take a good care of her. She loved them cause they always fulfilled her wishes and did everything to make her happy. However, after spending weeks with Armaan and Muskaan she wanted them to live with them to add more fun to their lives.

"Sara, you have to take a bath...come on" Shilpa calls Sara from the backyard. She was playing there with Armaan and Rahul.

It was getting dark and Sara's clothes were dirty since they came back from the park.

"Bubble bath??" Sara jumps in excitement. She loved bubble baths as all the kids do.

"Yes, bubble bath...chal ab jaldi se aajao" Shilpa stands at the back door waiting for her. Sara comes running, Armaan and Rahul follows her.

"Muski kaha hai?" Sara asks a they walk up to her room.

"Muski is waiting for you.." Shilpa says pinching her nose lightly.

"She will play with me today?" Sara grins.

"Yes and she will get you ready in your night dress" Shilpa smiles.

"Yayy I love Muski" Sara claps her hands.

"I love you too baby" Muskaan says splashing water on her.

"Muski, I'll go prepare dinner" Shilpa says closing the bathroom door after Muskaan nodded in yes.

"Arey tum dono yahan kyun bathe ho?" Shilpa raises her eyebrows seeing Armaan and Rahul sitting on the staircase.

"Come here sit with us" Rahul pulls her and makes her sit in between them.

"Guys!! What's up?" She asks again.

"Kal Sara ka birthday hai and we didn't do any preparations yet" Rahul rolls his eyes.

"Yes and she was telling us how she wants a Barbie cake which should match her dress" Armaan sighs.

"Don't worry, maine aur Muskaan ne sab kuch kar liya" Shilpa grins putting her arms around both of the guys bringing them closer "And this will be a surprise for Sara, so pretend that you forgot her birthday" Shilpa winks.

"Sounds like an awesome plan" Armaan grins.

"Ok shhh now let's get back to work...Armaan you mind staying here for tonight? We can decorate the place" Rahul suggests as Shilpa walks back downstairs.

"Sure buddy...anything for Sara" Armaan smiles.  

Muskaan walks back with the sleepy Sara in her arms after giving her a warm bath. Sara was really tired today and would sleep any minute.

"Awww my angel is sleepy" Rahul got up from the couch and walked upto Muskaan and Sara.

"Rahul, I have to make her eat before she sleeps" Muskaan says caressing Sara's hairs.

"Oh ok...bye angel" Rahul kisses her cheeks making Muskaan gasp a little due to their closeness. Sara giggles noticing that and rests her head on Muskaan's shoulder.

"I make the best noodles ever you know" Armaan says biting on an apple sitting on the counter while Shilpa boils the noodles. 

"Prove yourself then" Shilpa says smugly stepping back from near the stove.

"Fine, just help me in getting some things ready" he says jumping off the counter.

"I am not helping at all...I will just sit here and watch you make your best noodles" Shilpa says evilly.

"Shilpa, iske liye kuch banaya?" Muskaan asks.

"I want milk only" Sara says in her sleepy tone.

"I'll just make her milk cause I don't think she will stay up till the food is ready" Shilpa says ruffling Sara's hairs.

Taking a glass of milk from Muskaan walks back to the hall with Sara still in her arms.

"Rahul hold this a minute while I sit down" Muskaan says handing him the glass before she sits down next to him making Sara sit in her lap.

"The kitchen is all free Mr. Best noodles ever ke chef" Shilpa smirks sitting on the counter top.

"Alright.. you will see" Armaan replies smugly. Taking the vegetables that Shilpa had left on the counter, Armaan places them on the cutting board and begins chopping them while Shilpa watches in awe at how fast he was.

"Muh band karo" Armaan chuckles pushing up her chin.

"Baby come your mouth and drink up your milk" Muskaan says caressing her hair.

Opening her eyes a crack, Sara places her lips on the glass and gulps down the milk as Muskaan holds it for her.

"Good girl" Rahul touches her cheek. Before Muskaan could say another word, she felt Sara's head slouch off on her shoulder, and she heard her breathing softly with her eyes closed.

"Looks like she was really sleepy" Rahul chuckles "Shall I take her to her room?" he asks Muskaan.

"Nahi.. she might wake up if you take her now..I will place her on the bed" Muskaan says.

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