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MG OS: Kamasutra Mehndi Design - LAST PART p26! (Page 18)

Maaneet.Lover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 3:44pm | IP Logged

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surbhijn106 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 12:24am | IP Logged
Pm me the next updAte soon
Manan-Pani4eva IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
hey why not update?Cry
Chotii Goldie

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 4:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mahi-Maan

hey why not update?Cry

I'm extreeeeemely sorry to you, and to EVERYONE for not having updated for SO long. I promise to post the next part by the end of the week!

I was busy with Uni for the last few weeks and it was impossible to write up / post anything here.

Once again, I'm SO sorry but I will update as soon as I can!


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Chotii Goldie

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 4:26pm | IP Logged

Babies!! Tongue

I'll be updating reeeeal soonish!!!

Not exactly the precap... but a little spoiler? Why not... Wink

"Geet tum apna dupatta wahan chor ayi thi. Maine socha... tumhe lauta doon"

^^ yoon ki, yeh kaun bola??

x x x

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jazzeretteManan-Pani4evaMaaneet.Lover* ~ Roshni ~ *roseinbloom

Chotii Goldie

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
Firstly, Thank you ALL who have enjoyed this so far and have been waiting for a continuation Big smile it genuinely makes me smile in the cheesiest way possible to know that you guys have enjoyed this! *Huuuuge hugs* to all you fabulous people for waiting!

Without further ado


written by
(Saz / Chotii) Enjoy!

Maan stood seething as he watched Geet's seductively dishevelled figure flutter out of his sight. His ravenous heart pinched with hunger, he was ready to take her right there and then. Although he now realised that would not have been the right thing to do, he couldn't help what he felt, especially as he was missing the feeling of her soft skin already. He craved her so outrageously.

"God damn it! She drives me crazy!" he flipped around, punching a fist into the wall. His mind involuntarily replaying their moments from before.

She fooled him.

How could she? How could she scare him like that? Just to get away from him. She was running away from his love. The moment he felt so desperate not to part with her, she ran away.

Geet Handa, had fooled him.

She had fooled Maan Singh Khurana in such a way that was just not fair. He would make her pay, in his own little way, whether she liked it or not. He would make her pine for him, until she was desperate for his touch, until she would demand him not to part with her, until she begged him to  . . . .   

His mind made up, he stalked towards the door when his eyes fell on the emerald material belonging to Geet. He picked it up, half smirking, finding the perfect pretext to begin his assault. 

Geet sat in front of her dressing table, shuffling through her makeup kit. She took out a red lipstick, looked at it quizzically for a second then placed it on the table. She repeated the action with several other lipsticks and lip glosses, as she restlessly searched for the perfect shade of lipstick to apply quickly before heading to meet the girls.

She heard her bedroom door click shut.

"Arrey Pinky acha hua tu aa gayi" she spoke quickly, ruffling her hand through the lipsticks on the dresser, and the ones that had fallen in her lap.

"Pinky mujhe kuch samaj me nahi aa raha. Kaunse colour ki lipstick pehnoon? Please ab ghussa thook de, aur meri zara madat kar de na" she continued her fast speech, not looking up. "Pinky please just tell me, which lipstick shall I wear?"

"I'm sure we can think of a more enjoyable way of fixing a lasting colour onto those lips Geet."

Geet spun her head around to find Maan, with arms crossed over his chest, standing in front of the closed door with a relaxed expression on his face.

Words just would not come out of Geet's mouth. She thought she had successfully escaped his clutches, yet there he was. Although he stood at a little distance away from her, he had that power of making her nerves run wild with just a glance.

Sensing no initiative from Geet, Maan simply stepped over to her. His tall form towered over the seated Geet who started blushing profusely.

"Maan I..." Geet hesitated to continue.

Maan found himself in a difficult position once again seeing Geet's unveiled figure sitting before him. He assured himself that the more control he would keep on himself,
the worse it would be for Geet, and the more fun it would be for him.

"Yeah, you left-"

"If I hadn't left sooner then..."

Geet got up from her chair, trying to create as much distance between herself and Maan as possible. It was just too difficult for her to defend herself in a calm manner with Maan so close to her. She looked down to the floor, unable to speak once again.


She felt something tickly creeping up her arms. She closed her eyes, as Maan moved close enough to her side to whisper

"You left..." he placed the thin material over her shoulder

"Your dupatta in the hall."

She flipped her head to the side, letting the dupatta slip off her shoulder as her face came mere inches away from her handsome groom's.

"I only came to return this to you." Maan finished with a questionable innocence lacing his words.

Just one look into those intoxicating eyes made Geet very aware that Maan had not come to see her with such simple intentions.

She gripped onto the chair for support, trying hard not to look at him.

"You can leave it there. I'll fix it onto my outfit before I leave" Geet uttered more to herself than Maan.

"Are you sure you won't need any help?" Maan seemed to be enjoying Geet's flustered behaviour more than he imagined.

"There's no one around to help you finish up. I promise to help you with extra care".

Help her with "extra care"? Was he referring to earlier when she made him believe he had been anything but careful with her? No, no. She wanted to believe he had realised her earlier purpose of stopping him was to prevent any unnecessary embarrassment for them both. The hint of mischief she noticed in his face however, just would not let her be too sure of that.

"No Maan. I can manage. Thank you".

Before she could step any further away from him, Maan was already turning her around so that she was facing the mirror. He lifted the dupatta over her head, leaving one end of the dupatta to fall gently against her right arm. He slowly straightened it out, stroking his fingers along her slender arms. He watched her closely in the mirror as she closed her eyes, too shy to watch. He leaned over to the dresser, to pick up some hairpins.

Geet could feel his muscular frame move to the side, lightly pressing against her arm then lifting back off of her again. She inhaled the musky smell of her soon to be husband, waiting patiently for him to doll her up. She felt Maan's fingers brush against the bottom of her ears as he slid the hairgrips firmly onto the dupatta so it could not fall from her head. A small prickle against her cheek made her blush in delight as Maan's stubble faintly grazed her skin. 

Maan eased the last pin into her hair, before making his way to his favourite part of the task.

"Open your eyes Geet". He commanded in a deadly whisper.

She slowly obliged, but instead of her own reflection, she saw that Maan had moved before her, staring back at her. He brought the other end of the dupatta to her front as he poked his forefinger between her skirt and lower abdomen, creating a small gap.

She gasped. The slight contact of Maan's finger on a sensitive spot caused a pleasurable shock to her system. She was quick to protest though

"Maan please don-"

Her protests did little to change his mind. He was already bending down to complete his task earnestly. His finger remained pushed between the fabric of her dupatta and her skirt, restricting Geet from breathing normally.

He looked up to see that she had closed her eyes again. As he removed his finger from the skirt to fold enough of the material, her tummy quivered in nervousness and excitement.  This small motion was not unnoticed by Maan, who only grew more aroused. His lips were being tempted to touch the supple skin. He did as he pleased. Maan breathed a cool blow onto her stomach, before placing a soft hot kiss to the flesh. He lifted the fist fold of dupatta up, slowly tucking it into the skirt, his fingers pushing it lower, gently.

He was teasing her. She could feel it. He was teasing her and she could not completely say she did not like it. When Maan's hands moved out of her, she was certain that she did not like that. She quickly held onto his hands, motioning him not to stop. She was unsure whether she should have really done that. She didn't even realise when her brain had given her hands the signal to make him continue.

A small smile crept onto his face, as Maan realised his plans were working. Sure enough it was difficult for him not to lose his senses too, but he knew he would eventually have his way with her anyway, so a little fun before that could only increase the enjoyment in it for him.

He looked up at a nervous Geet, then back down to his earlier focus. His hands were being prevented from getting away. When he tried easing his hands out of Geet's he noticed interesting patterns etched on the side of her arms. They were somewhat covered by her bangles towards her wrists and upper arms. He was curious to get a better view of what he felt may have been a figment of his imagination. When he outstretched her palms however Maan was unsure how to react to the open invitation.

The tables had turned.

He wanted her again.

Screw his plans. This woman always managed to enrage and arouse him. What was she made of? It took every ounce of his patience not to succumb to her silent requests, but then there she stood, submitting to him, with such stirring patterns dancing across her palms.

He started off by slowly stroking her skin, tracing the drawings he saw. The soft movement changed to a slow rubbing as Maan remembered Geet's initial hesitation of showing him her hands out in the hall. He could picture exactly what sort of 'position' he would have taken her down in had he seen this earlier. As he took in the images now, Maan couldn't have felt more erotically charged to lift his bride onto the bed until he thought of what had eventually transpired between them before.

He stopped.

He would be more than happy to test each of them, every single one of them, all of those positions with Geet.

That would be her punishment. A slow, slow, pleasurable punishment.

SO guys! I hope this part has pleased many of you! Maan has finally seen the designs on her hands! Big smile What did you think??

Now, I'm extreeeeeeemely sorry for not updating much sooner. Well, I don't know how many of you guys were aware, but I was disgustingly busy with Uni the past couple of weeks. I still am, but... seeing as though I've popped onto the forum after a while, I felt Update toh banta hai Wink

I can't promise that the next update will be soon, as April to early May is Exam / All Deadlines Season for me. I have no intention of making you guys wait a month for the update though, SO - the update is "coming up" I just can't say when Big smile

If I have made you happy - please make me happy too Tongue

Happy 'Like'-button-pressing and commenting!Big smile Hug


x x x x

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that was sinfully hotBlushing...  wicked wicked MaanHeartBlushing... hun you do realize you need to update a little faster for the sake of our sanityWink

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early mornig dose...i just better sleep only....Wink.awesome yaar....

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