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AbhIya FF: And I will Be Waiting: B-2-Updtd- Pg131 (Page 81)

--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2011 at 9:10am | IP Logged
poco ur ff shifted to other placeShocked

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sanjna4

poco ur ff shifted to other placeShocked

just now heard from aysha(matwamango) that the DT requested them to move here as PKYEK forum is crowded with more FFs..Ayantika's Dark angel,Akanksha's Impossible love r the others i observed..

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2011 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by RB81

Originally posted by sanjna4

poco ur ff shifted to other placeShocked

just now heard from aysha(matwamango) that the DT requested them to move here as PKYEK forum is crowded with more FFs..Ayantika's Dark angel,Akanksha's Impossible love r the others i observed..
ramani now m also in listTongue

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I-love-Roses IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by sanjna4

Originally posted by RB81

Originally posted by sanjna4

<font color="#ff0033">poco ur ff shifted to other placeShocked</font>

just now heard from aysha(matwamango) that the DT requested them to move here as PKYEK forum is crowded with more FFs..Ayantika's Dark angel,Akanksha's Impossible love r the others i observed..

<font color="#FF0033">ramani now m also in list</font>Tongue
Mine is moved too. I'm so unhappy:'(:'(

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poco please update soon. 

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I'll start off with the newest entries in the supernatural world: Kabir and Panchi. Both of them seem to be broken by Danish's death and rightly so. Daksh, well, never expected him to sympathise anyway and he surely made Panchi and Kabir change their outlook towards everything in a way that they'll have to question the normalcy they'd believe in all their life.

SaMish are always amazing and I'm so glad they've sorted stuff out. I feel Misha is most definitely still attracted to Sam. Don't know whether Sam is now reciprocating or not. He seems to be warming up more and more to T. I like the way these two understand each other. Sam seems to know exactly what T is going through and he cares a lot for her. T has also developed a genuine liking for Sam. I liked the way she clearly told Majesty that torturing her won't get him Sam and I loved the way she dealt with Natasha. I know it's her nature but her meanness still gets on my nerves.

How can Abhay not recognise his own words and handwriting? I thought he'll realise everything after reading the letter. I guess his mind is far too conditioned. Anushka is a very powerful witch, after all. Well, never mind, his dead heart clearly, still beats for Pia and I've always had an extra soft corner for a jealous Abhay. Really looking forward to this track!

Thanks for the awesome updates, Poco! Big smile

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minahil1997 Goldie

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hey poco !!!!
                      were r uConfused... plz updateCry...eagerly waitingSmileHeart

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TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Sambhav's bedroom, White Mansion

He suddenly woke up with a start and rubbing his eyes he looked at the clock . It was 4pm in the afternoon. He had dozed off at the foot of the bed , with his chin on the mattress and his head resting on his elbow as he had sat at the furry carpet of his room. His grey eyes settling to his surroundings once again, he looked at his bed. A small smile came over his face. Tanushree was sleeping peacefully , with a calm expression on her face , her auburn hair sleeping on her cheeks , her fair pink-nailed hand gently clutching the white pillow and her rhythmic breathing , the only sound in the room. Snuggled like a baby under his white quilt , T seemed a far cry from the somber and suffering vampire Sam had rounded up in the washroom a few hours ago. Sam got up and walked to her side and stood observing her – his arms crossed against his chest , his gorgeous grey eyes looking at T as she slept unaware and maybe at peace.

Just then , Sambhav heard a voice behind him that startled him.

Voice ( softly )- What are you looking at, Sam? She is an enemy. Stop looking at her like that.

Sambhav turns around and is shocked to see his own self , looking at him accusingly with dark humour. His inner voice , his conscience . Sambhav blinks his concentric grey circles at him and his lips part in subtle shock.

Sambhav ( flummoxed )- What do you mean? She … she is my friend . I am just trying to protect her from herself . If she trips and goes the Bolshva way , she will ruin herself and she will ruin everything.

Conscience ( grins)- Who are you trying to fool, Sam?  Me or yourself? You know it and I know it that Tanushree has no will of her own. Every Bolshva vampire is controlled by the EVIL HURAAN in their blood. Huraan is not just a lethal poison , it's a creature in itself!  You cannot help T and you should not help T! She is DOOMED. And you know it! Sooner or later , she will be the greatest weapon that Majesty will have against the werewolves and even the other vampire breeds.

Sambhav ( defensively )- That is just a possibility!

Conscience (shoots back )- That is a prophecy! And you, the PRIMARY werewolf with a responsibility of a good 500 werewolves on you , have a Bolshva sleeping in your bed! Don't you understand the powers that Bolshvas have? Physical, emotional, psychological- nobody in the history of the supernatural has ever stood a chance against their mind powerplay . …what has come over you?...

Sambhav ( evasively )- Nothing! Is it a crime to be nice?

Conscience ( grins)- Nice? Like, seriously? Since when did  " The Sambhav" start thinking about being nice? You are not supposed to be nice, Sam. You are not nice. Think back and look back. You have killed , manipulated and destroyed all your life to secure the werewolves , then, how can you think of this stupid suicidal human emotion?...( grin widens)… aha! I think I got it. EMOTION!  It is emotion that is keeping you bound to this vampire , isn't it?

Sambhav looks at a sleeping T and then, at his conscience , colour draining out of his chiseled face.

Sambhav- What makes you think that? Am I not nice to Piya, Abhay, Misha and the entire gang?

Conscience (feeling bad for him)- Wake up, Sambhav. Are you not realizing what is happening? Maya….Maya's curse is coming true. You are investing emotions into people ….into Tanushree and she is going to break your heart!...Like Misha did.

Sambhav ( getting upset )- What crap! Nothing of that sort is happening! Understand? I am not in love with T and Misha did NOT break my heart….

Conscience ( laughs)- Sam, Sam, Sam! You and your denials! ...You are scared of losing this vampire. You are scared of losing her because she is all that you have . Misha's rejection of you and the impossibility of being with her has sent you rolling like a barrel towards this monster!...what have you become , Sam. After all these centuries , suddenly , you are seeking an emotional anchor. BEWARE!

Sambhav ( turning his eyes away)- I don't want to talk about this. I don't want to think about this. All I know is that I am doing what my…. My heart says. Go away….just go.

Sambhav shuts his eyes and puts his hands on his face as though to fight off the voice of his conscience. He suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder and he reacts violently pushing it off.

Sambhav ( screaming )- Didn't you hear what I said! JUST GO! ….

Sambhav turns around and sees a shocked and puzzled T , who is looking at him with puzzled light eyes ..

Tanushree ( reading his mind)- Sorry? You are upset at someone?...( looks around )….was somebody else here too?

Sambhav looks at T and then, calming himself shakes his head and rubs his eyes just to de-stress himself  of the burden that his inner voice is piling him with. Sambhav picks up his jacket and looks at T.

Sambhav ( suddenly )- T , can I ask you something? Will you be honest?

T looks searchingly into his stressed grey eyes and gulps on her own anxiety. She puts her hands behind her back and crosses her fingers .

T ( nods )- Y-Yes…

Sambhav tosses his jacket aside and puts his hands on her shoulders , gripping her shoulder blades as though he is seeking some kind of reassurance . He looks at her beautiful face.

Sambhav ( softly )- Why do you think I care so much about you? I look after you almost like I was in love with you…..( thinks )… I am not. I don't love you T. Then how do I define what I feel  about you.

T( blinking back tears and her fingers crossed tightly )- You are trying to save me , Sam. You are trying to help me because somewhere you are trying to do for me what nobody did for you. There was no one to guide you and you are seeing your past in me….its an equation of balancing pains.

Sambhav – Honest?

T – Honest.

Sambhav ( with rare innocence )- Are you going to judge me later? Doubt my intentions?

T ( holds him by his shoulders )- No. You are my 'center'. I don't doubt your intentions.  We are not friends. Lets not fool ourselves.

Sambhav – We are not lovers . Lets not fool each-other but… ( surprised at his own emotion)….But I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you! 

Tanushree smiles and gives him a slow friendly hug , keeping her chin on his shoulder.

T (gently )-  Nothing is going to happen to me. I am a Bolsh, Sam. Hurting us is not easy.

Sambhav ( smiles and pats her back )- Unless we werewolves bite you!

T ( narrows her eyebrows at him )-  You will bite me?

Sambhav ( getting back to being cocky )- Don't give me a reason to bite you!

T ( grins )- Even if  I gave you a reason , you wouldn't be able to bite me!

Sambhav ( playfully grabbing her neck )- And what if I bite you, vampire?

T ( makes a funny sad face )- Then, I will die a very painful , hellish death , my lord. My flesh will rot slowly and one day life will ebb out of me… boo hoo hoo!

Sambhav's grin and smile disappears and he holds T's face and puts his finger on her lips .

Sambhav ( struck by the horror of their joke )- Don't say that.  You will not die like that , understand?  Don't joke about this , again.

T ( sweetly)- The future is open, Sam. When the time comes , we shall see.

Sambhav (confused )- What do you mean, T?

T ( pointing towards the clock )- That you need to be careful about TIME!  You should be at college , in the rehearsal hall. …( looks at her neck and chest )… I cannot come unless this heals.

Sambhav ( looking at her now healing wounds )- I hope I don't see Natasha today. Such a…..

T ( calms him)- Sam, forget it. Supernatural existence is never without its share of violence.

Sambhav nods and just gently rubbing her shoulder with his hand , adjusting her dress' strap sweetly , goes away, closing the door softly behind him.

Tanushree watches him go and keeps looking at the door for a few seconds and then, she turns towards the mirror on the opposite wall. Looking at her mirror image , she walks towards the mirror. She gives herself a deep poignant smile and then, lifts her hand to her wounded neck and chest.

Tanushree( feeling hollow inside )- I cannot be honest with you, Sam. If I was , you would know that you maybe protective about me , but these new feelings , this slow emotional fixation , this rising physical attraction that you are feeling towards me is because I am trapping you. I am directing emotional energy towards you to draw your heart towards me…its not real, Sam. What you feel is not real. Its make believe….. a fairytale I am making you weave………If only you knew…..

Tanushree touches her wounds and they disappear in a jiffy , as if they were never there. Tanushree picks her bag and turns to leave. Just then, something catches her eye. She stops. Sambhav's wrist watch is lying on a table – a limited edition Cartier. She looks at it for a sometime and then, picks it up.


Rehearsal Hall, Common Room, Mount College

A brooding and internally debating Abhay enters the rehearsal hall , looking a little lost. The rehearsal hall is in full swing with music , dance and laughter. Misha is sitting on a table cross-legged , making notes on some file as she looks at the practicing couples. There are two choreographers – Mac and Zizo making all the youngsters warm up. Sam, Tracker, Angad , Natasha , Jack, Rohan, Zeenia , Piya and a few others who are members of the Music & Performing Arts' Society – they all are in the warm up session. Misha spots Abhay and slamming the file shut , she jumps off the table and goes to Abhay who is turning to leave. Misha grabs his hand and stops him.

Misha – My dahling good-looking vampire , where are you off to mister? ..( shows him her watch )…. You are late. Now , go  get into your track pants and vest. We are going to make pairs in 20 minutes. I spare you the workout . Am sure you running in the jungles keeps your muscles well stretched. Haha! 

Abhay ( mimicks her )- Haha! Not funny. I am not interested in this jumping and hopping , thank you very much. Am going!

Piya has spotted Abhay and her eyes and ears are now for no one else . As she is warming up , she keeps looking at him.

Misha ( not letting go of Abhay's arm)- NO WAY!  A hottie like you belongs here . Do it for me , na. Pretty, please.

Abhay ( his eyes wandering to Piya )- Pretty?

Misha ( biting her tongue and half hugging Abhay )- Sowwie! …..but please , please , please participate …..(internally to herself:  how else do I keep you away from that Matty Aunty and close to Piya , you idiot! ) ….please?

Abhay ( looking at Piya who has her eyes fixed on him )- Okay…… I will just be back. Let me change and come.

Misha ( hops and kisses Abhay on the cheek making him smile )- YEEHOOO!  Get going , then.

Abhay ( turning away from Piya )- Sure…

As soon as Abhay turns away , Piya trips on her on feet and falls on the floor….


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