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AbhIya FF: And I will Be Waiting: B-2-Updtd- Pg131 (Page 60)

I-love-Roses IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
Hey nitica didi,

wen wl u update?:'(
i ws waiting 2nyt bt nvrtheles hope to c a nyc update 2mrw.

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mangona Senior Member

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
sunday nyt to khatam mon morning shru lekin update nahi

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TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 12:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ritzie

Thanks Poco.

Very interesting update. So, Kabir is himself a Vampire slayer. But why Panchi has that strage feeling - because of the needle? And Natasha (Bolshavas) knew it already? These Bolshavas are all ready for the War. 

I am eagerly waiting for next update now.

Thank you. Pancchi just has 'intuition'. Its not anything supernatural. Bolshvas had a doubt on Kabir's lineage. So, they are using Danish as a scapegoat to find out.

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TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 12:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ilove99

update soon and why don't you reply?

Baby ,am usually short of time. LOL

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TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 12:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by N_NS

gr8 update... I'm feeling really sorry for Danish, he so doesn't want to attack his own brother but he's being forced to- courtesy Natasha, she really is EVIL, I hate her sooo much!! How is Kabir's memory coming bk, it has smthing to do with his being a vampire slayer???

Why is Daksh using Panchhi?? How can she be of any use to him?? Oh only if he didn't exploit her!! I don't like him either nd am sure he's going to create problems for Abhay-Piya too as if they don't hv enough to worry abt already!!!
Well, I'm really v v impatient to know wats gonna happen next, do update soon.

Thank you. Danish , in any case, is not going to live long. He has been poisoned with Huraan and he is under the Bolshva control. Daksh will use Panchhi like a 'Robot' to do his dirty work and be his toy as well. Daksh will create problems for vampires only.

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TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 12:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ssshh

interesting chapterBig smile,woooowooo kabir has a powerClap,bt howShocked?
evil dakshAngry,bt here his power useful for some good workSmile, bt i know it will be turn in negetive sideAngry.
nice chapter like alwaysTongueBig smile.
update soon.Smile

Thank you. Daksh is an 'almost villain'. See, where he takes you. LOL
TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 3:54am | IP Logged

Meanwhile, this is what was happening at Raichand Mansion'.

Abhay was standing firm in the middle of the huge hall of the Raichand Mansion, his arms crossed against his chest and his ice blue eyes looking stubborn and still. Haseena was perched on the edge of a grandfather's chair , holding her head . Chaand was leaning over the mantelpiece , staring angrily into the fireplace. Zeenia was chilling in a corner making soap bubbles out of a glass of rum and blinking her whisky eyes at the belligerent threesome around her.

Chaand ( whispers in anger )- You have to be kidding, Abhay. Or else you are under the effect of some ridiculous drug! What you want, cannot happen. Will not happen.

Abhay ( shrugs his shoulders )- Fine. Suit yourself. If she can't come here, I am going to her hill house to stay with her. Works?

Haseena ( angrily )- SHUT UP! You are not going anywhere ! You know that can't happen. We can't let you go. What has come over you? You want to keep a witch in this house? The  Czen Authorities will lock you up in a tower and put demons to guard you! '.( rubs her head )'mad boy. You weren't this insane when you were in love with'( shuts up)'

Abhay ( struck )- I was in love with?

Zeenia comes to the rescue immediately , sipping the rum.

Zeenia ( pulling Abhay's cheek )- With Matty , baby! Who else? Errm'I guess Mom thinks you fall in love with that witch everyday'.or were you referring to his true love saga with the same woman centuries ago?....( rolls her eyes)'.see Abhay, you confuse everyone with your love stories. You fall in love too much!

She flutters her eyelashes at him with a  cute grin and he brushes her off .

Abhay ( shaking his head)- Zeenia, Anushka should be pressed with a lawsuit of harassment for piling you on us. Its not funny , okay? Am serious about bringing Maithli home! I can't live without her'and what if Sambhav hurts her!

Zeenia ( finishing the rum)- Dude , you wouldn't even know that I am Zeenia if Anushka hadn't fed your head with the necessary information at the Bloodstone Dungeon. '.and he'

Abhay ( raising his hand to shut her up)- Can we NOT talk about him?....I believe Anushka but Abheer has given me no signs  , no omens and I don't want to talk about him'(thinking)'.though am still trying to figure out why was  called by Anush to the Dungeon , really. I know we did some spell and ritual together to protect Piya'. But I feel a gap in my memory'

Zeenia , Chaand and Haseena exchange alarmed looks.

Zeenia (cutely brushing his hair off his forehead )- Gap  there is. But in your brains!....Get real, brother! Maithli cannot enter this house and you can't go to her stupid white ghost cottage to live with her and paint her fences a fuchsia pink!....Stop acting like a horse. Your features resemble those of an owl- so behave wise! 

Chaand comes to Abhay and holds him by his shoulders calmly.

Chaand ( trying to knock some sense into him)- Abhay, I have nothing against your love for P'I mean, Maithli '.but at the same time, you have to understand your responsibilities towards the clan as well. You can't break the rules of the vampire world ' you cannot set a bad example for other Czens.

Abhay ( brattily )- But I want to be with Maithli. She won't be a harm to anyone in this house. On the contrary , we vampires are a danger to her.

Zeenia ( whispering to Haseena)-  Do you have some phenyl cleanser at home , Hassyy-Sassy? Need to clean his brain. I swear if I hear the name of that Matty again, I am going to shut up this son of yours with Piya in a cupboard and not let him out until him and her have babies! UGGHS!

Haseena ( anxiously )- He has lost it, Zeenia! I wish he remembered what a vixen that witch is!.....

Just then , the doorbell at the front door rings and the heated quarrel stops abruptly. Giving Abhay a hard look, Haseena goes to the door. As soon as she opens it , everyone is surprised. Its Piya. She is carrying a small travel bag with her and there is an unsure smile on her face a she closes her umbrella. Chaand and Haseena feel uncomfortable that she has come home amidst this argument . Abhay's face softens immediately upon seeing Piya while Zeenia whistles.

Haseena ( with a forced smile )- Piya? Hi. C-Come in'.

Piya walks in and keeps the travel bag on a table. She can read the tension in he air and looks at Abhay's narrowed eyebrows . Abhay's eyes are coming back to her again and again even though consciously , he is on plane Maithli.

Chaand ( ushering her to sit )- So, what wind blew you in, Piya? Luggage and all?

Piya ( immediately )- Its Anushka's. She wanted to stay at Raichand Mansion for the weekend, so I brought her clothes'.uncle'

Zeenia ( sitting with Piya )- YUPP! I thought since this house is turning into such a fight club, why not entertain myself before I join college.

Piya (alarmed )- Fight club?

Abhay ( not wanting to involve her )- Piya'you'

Zeenia (jumping in)- Come on, Abhay! Why so secretive? Let the chick know'.after all, it is such an exciting news that even the declaration of third world war would sound like the bark of a newly born puppy in front of this'Piya, Abhay wants to bring your aunty to Raichand Mansion. Matty Aunty!

Piya looks at Abhay in shock , her eyes widening like wells and Abhay feels strangely guilty inside and can't meet her eyes. He has no idea why he is feeling uncomfortable , no, actually almost ashamed on this revelation of his plans to Maithli's niece. Come on, Abhay. Look up. He tells himself . He looks up and reads some watery disappointment in Piya's eyes which pulls at him , inside.

Piya ( getting up)- I-Is that true, Abhay? You'.you want to bring Maithli home? Here?

Abhay , caught in an eyelock with her, finds himself at a loss of words.  His words just don't come out of his mouth and he thinks he is hallucinating seeing a strange pain on Piya's face. He was suddenly feeling a heaviness in his non-existent heart . Heaviness of guilt. Abhay shook his head to himself, refocused his mind and lifted his eyes to Piya's questioning face.

Abhay ( bitterly )- Yes. You too got a problem with that?

Piya gulps her pain and her eyes , glittering with tears , shakes her head. Haseena feels terrible for Piya and Zeenia just quietly holds Piya's arm and presses it in solidarity and support.

Back in the woods'.

Danish , totally in the skin of his vampire avatar , growls and leaps back on his feet, his eyes bleeding and his fangs gunning for Kabir's blood!

Kabir ( stunned )- WHAT ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danish ( pushing him down and the rain getting fiercer )- A VAMPIRE!...And now, I drink you!

Kabir gets aggressive and jabbing his hand in Danish's wound bleeding with the Huraan blood, throws Danish off his chest. Danish yelps in pain and falls off as Kabir springs to his feet and picks the tree branch again. Kabir is shocked at Danish and shocked at himself!

Danish ( shocked )- You are counter attacking me!...(leaps on him with a growl)'.How did you know that!

Kabir deftly uses the branch to defend himself , tearing its wooden sticks to make a javelin out of it. Natasha is watching the spectacle in shock. Damn! He is indeed a VAMPIRE SLAYER!.....I can't go to save Danish. Why should i? He is pretty useless now and the Huraan in his blood will in any case rot him to death slowly'( smiles to herself , dissolving in air )'.ah, at least Kabir can give him an easy death.

Danish falls on the ground, crying , his face becoming normal and his eyes returning to their original form. Kabir , hurt , wounded, in tears himself drops the javelin as Danish sobs on the ground, looking as helpless as a street dog. Danish pleads with Kabir'.

Danish ( crying)- Don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me, Kabir! '..i am your '.brother.

Kabir's face crumbles and he falls on his knees , holding a sobbing Danish in his arms , the clouds roaring and rain beating down on them.

Kabir ( bursting into tears )- What happened to you, Dan?....( holding his face )'.how did you'.( looks at his own bloodied hands )'.how did I'..Oh no'..what have we become.

Danish (clutching Kabir's collar) - Release me, Kabir'From this damned life. You can do it!....(looking at his black fluid stained body)'finish me! You must.

Kabir ( sobbing)- I can't! You are my brother!

Just then, the headlights of Daksh's car turn in and the car comes speeding in. Daksh stops the car with a loud screech and gets down instantly , running towards Kabir and Danish . Panchhi also gets down and peers at the two men , sitting on the road, holding each-other. She recognizes them and her breath gets stuck in her throat'.Danish''

Daksh ( screaming)- Kabir! Get away from him. He is a vampire!

Kabir ( crying and holding on to Danish)- I can't! He is my flesh and blood!...Am going to save him.

Daksh ( reaches him)- Kabir! He is no longer your brother!....( looks at Danish)' he is just an animal.

Pancchi looks at Danish's condition and her heart comes to her mouth.

Pancchi ( cries out and goes to him)- Danish! What did you do to him, Kabir?

Daksh snaps Pancchi back and locks her arms , not letting her go near Danish.

Daksh ( roars)- Pancchi, NO! Stay away from him!...

Pancchi ( struggling in his arms )- Let me go, Daksh! We need to take Danish to the hospital'he'

But even before Pancchi can finish her sentence, Danish suddenly growls again and his fangs jerking out from his gums, he grabs Kabir's neck and lifts himself to bite him. Daksh pushes Pancchi aside and pulling Kabir away with supernatural physical power , kicks Danish hard , throwing him towards a tree. Daksh immediately picks up the javelin and as Danish comes running back again, looking a satanic picture, Daksh dodges his attacks and stabs the javelin through Danish's heart , staking him! Danish is numbed and so are Kabir and Pancchi. His body draining out of the black blood, and his skin turning into a scaly fossil, Danish falls to the ground'.all evil traveling out and his lost humanity coming back. He looks at Kabir and Pancchi '..stretching out his arms. Daksh drops the javelin and stands over Danish's body. Kabir just turns his head and covers his face , bursting into tears , falling on his knees , not having the heart to look at Danish'.

Pancchi , her face frozen and a lone tear rolling down her cheeks. As she walks towards his dying body , she recalls the first sight of his dark handsome face that had looked at her when she saw him in college 5 years ago- the shy smiles , the friendly handshakes ' how he had proposed her on atop Dorothy's cliff with a thousand roses at her feet- the way he never started his day without looking at her face ' the way she used to just sit and listen him talk for hours with a stupid loving grin on her face- how perfectly she used to fit in his arms ' their beautiful relationship that had almost joined in matrimony'..Pancchi's lips quiver as she kneels down and takes Danish's hands in her hands , her tears not stopping and her heart beating for him once again. He looked at her with repenting and paining eyes as life slowly ebbed out of him. Pancchi put her trembling hand on his face , words not forming in her mouth.

Danish ( with all heart and all life that is left in him)- Forgive me...

Pancchi bends down and kisses Danish on the forehead as his eyes close'..

Pancchi ( whispers to him closing his eyes )- Forgiven''


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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update................................though danish was evil still feel sorry for least he gets forgiveness from panchi...........................

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