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Tumhari Disha

Update - 16th Feb, 2005

disha77 Groupbie

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Posted: 16 February 2005 at 11:04pm | IP Logged

Mind-blowing, exhilarating, awesome, super-emotional, path-breaking episode. I think I will have to invent a new dictionary, because I have run out of words to describe the wonderful performance by DK……he simply took-over every scene, every moment in yesterday's episode……simply superb. And he was ably supported by Disha & surprisingly by Gargi who just rocked yesterday with her portrayal of evil incarnate! Please guys, don't miss this episode for anything……and the best part is that Disha has most definitely fallen in love with DK……there is no doubt about it now! So, here goes my version of the episode!



The episode begins with Disha confronting Gargi and fuming with rage and indignation. Disha comes to the point directly and tells Gargi that the phone call she just received was placed by her and she wanted to confirm her suspicion that Gargi was the one who was ill-treating Sumitra and that she was responsible for Sumitra not recovering. At first, Gargi tries to do her innocent-act by saying that she doesn't know what Disha is talking about, but when she realizes that Disha knows and believes the truth, Gargi gives an evil look at Disha and tells her that, ''Yes, I am the one who is responsible for the state that Sumitra is in today and that I am also the reason that Sumitra is not recovering. What can you do about it?'' Disha just gives a furious, hateful look at Sumitra and says that she had never imagined in her wildest dreams that Gargi, whom she had considered like her own mother would play such a dirty game, would turn out to be such an evil, wicked person. Gargi says that if Sumitra ever gets her senses back, then Gargi's game will be over once and for all. Disha is surprised and asks her what is she talking about, Gargi says that the mystery behind Sumitra's silence will ruin Gargi's life, hence she will do all that she can to ensure that Sumitra never opens her mouth.


Disha then gets emotional and says that she now believes every word that DK had told her about Gargi and that she is responsible for the state that Sumitra Maa and DK are in. Disha then gives a cold stare at Gargi and says that as long as she is there, she will never let Gargi do any further harm to either Sumitra or DK (yeah, yeah!) Gargi just gives a ''Oh, lay off, will ya'' type of a look and tells Disha that DK will never believe a word of what Disha is saying as he holds her responsible for the state that Sumitra is in. Gargi says that she was not even aware of the fact that the ''budiya'' Sumitra was alive or dead and it is only after Disha mentioned about her, that Gargi got to know that Sumitra is on her way to recover and then she decided to lay out an elaborate trap for both Sumitra and DK to fall in and place the entire blame on Disha.


Disha is completely disgusted and tells Gargi that she will tell everything to DK and then he will literally kill Gargi and that she is sure DK will believe what she says. Gargi looks at Disha and says whether she is sure that DK will believe in what Disha tells him. Disha gets a guilt laid expression in her eyes and says that she was such a fool and she never realized that Gargi was trying to create misunderstanding between her and DK all the while and that Disha will never be able to forgive herself for suspecting DK and putting all the allegations on him while he was innocent. Gargi says that whatever the case, she has succeeded in creating a rift between DK and Disha and even though Disha knows the truth now, its too late, because DK will never believe Disha on anything.


Just as Disha is about to stomp off in rage, DK comes from behind……and has the most angelic, vulnerable, teddy-bearish look on his face. It is the face of a powerful, invincible man who has been forced to bend before his sworn enemy because of his deep love for his Mother. DK just keeps staring at Gargi with a blank expression, but those lovely, honey colored eyes of his speaks volumes. Gargi is stunned at seeing him and assumes that he has heard the entire conversation and becomes really scared. Disha looks at DK and her face lights up (with love, I think!) and she rushes towards DK and tells him, ''DK, tum bilkul theek waqt par aaye ho, tum ne jo sab kaha tha is aurat ke bare main, who sab sach hai DK. Tumhain pata hai, Mummyji ke is halat ka zimmedar kaun hai? (Turns and gives a nasty stare at Gargi) Gargi Sehgal.'' Gargi is petrified and incoherently mumbles to DK that she does not know what Disha is talking about and that she has nothing to do with Sumitra's condition. DK just keeps staring at Gargi with a completely blank expression but his eyes are filled with pain and desperation. He just moves mechanically towards Gargi who in her fear assumes that DK will just kill her or something, and Disha who is standing behind DK gives a ''serves this bitch right'' kind of a look at Gargi. DK then shocks the life out of both Gargi and Disha when he speaks in a low, soft and desperate voice to Gargi and says, ''Aap ko mere saat chalna hoga Gargi.'' Disha is zapped and looks at DK unbelievingly while Gargi who is equally stunned mumbles to DK where does he want her to go. DK speaks in the same mode and says that, ''Meri maa ko 15 saal ke baad hosh aaya hai, unhone 15 saal main ek shabd bola hai, aur who shabd aapka naam tha. Ab aap hi unka aakhri sahara hai, please mere saat chaliye, agar aap unke saamne aajayegi, toh unki yaadash shayad wapas aajayegi. Meri maa mujhe phir se mil jaayegi.'' As soon as DK says this, Disha gets a ''Oh no, don't do that DK'' type of a look and immediately tells him, ''DK tum kya kar rahe ho, tumhain saari sacchai pata hai, phir bhi? DK yeh aurat kisi ki bhi nahin hai. Yeh toh aurat ke naam par hi dhaba hai, yeh kabhi hamari madat nahin karegi. Isi ki wajah se mummyji ki yeh halat hai. DK, mat karo kisi bhi madat ki ummid is aurat se.'' Disha has the most sympathetic, supportive expression on her face and actually behaves like any wife would if she sees her husband being in a tight spot. Gargi meanwhile has a, ''Hmmm, so I have belled the Cat finally'' type of a look on her face and gives a smug look at DK and says that., ''Toh aaj hi gaya unth pahad ke neeche, main bhi sochu, ki Kanaka empire ka malik, the great DK, jo kabhi kisi ke saamne na jhooka tha, na jhooka hai, who mere paas, apni sabse badi dushman ke paas aaya hai, ek guzarish leke.'' Disha is furious with Gargi insulting DK in this manner and tries to persuade DK not to listen to her, when he just gets a helpless, just leave me alone type of a look on his face and literally pleads to Disha, ''Tum is baat se door raho Disha. Please, for God sake, stay out of this issue.'' Disha is stupidified and cannot bear to see the way Gargi is standing so smugly in front of DK and turns her back in frustration and helplessness.



In the next scene, Anil comes to Vedant's cabin to get some files signed and notices that Vedant is busy drafting a letter and does not notice Anil's presence. Anil tires to sneak and see what Vedant is writing, but till then Vedant glances that Anil is standing right over his head and is trying to sneak on what he is writing. Vedant in his own charming style completely dismisses Anil and tells him why has he come. Anil answers brusquely that he wants some files to be signed, for which Vedant replies that he cannot and will not sign on a single paper without Inder and Disha's approval. Anil is irritated and angry with him and says that Vedant's days in this Company are numbered now and that he has been trying to act too smart for his own good. Vedant very coolly retorts back that only time will tell who's days are numbered in this Office and that Anil is just wasting both their times and that he is busy with something. Anil just gives a wicked look at Vedant and snatches the piece of paper from him and reads Disha's name scribbled across it and gives a hearty laugh. Vedant is furious and snatches back the paper from him and tells Anil that he better learn some manners first and if he ever interferes in his personal affairs again, it will be too bad for Anil.

Anil sarcastically retorts back that what is Vedant talking about, in his official time, he is writing a love letter to a married woman, what sort of morals does Vedant have that he is lecturing Anil on ethics. Vedant is both embarrassed and furious, but keeps his cool and curtly tells Anil to just lay off and that its his personal business whom is he writing a letter to. Anil just gives a crooked smile to Vedant and walks off, who feels very awkward and looks back at the letter with a confused expression.



The Scene shifts to Gargi's house (which had lovely interiors btw!) and DK is pleading to Gargi to save his mother, while Disha cannot bear her husband's humiliation & is trying her level best to support DK. Gargi is obviously enjoying the whole situation and decides that this is the time when she will make DK account for ever insult that he laid on her. Gargi just gives a nasty stare at DK and tells him that she will never help out DK for anything and that DK might have forgotten how he had thrown her out of his house, but she has not forgotten anything and that this is the time for pay-up. DK is desperate now and pleads in front of Gargi that he is ready to ask for forgiveness and he will do anything that Gargi says, but she has to come with him and save his Mother's life somehow. Disha meanwhile has tears in her eyes and just cannot tolerate Gargi's cruelty and goes to DK & literally begs in front of him to not to do this to himself. (lovely moment the way Disha looks at DK with empathy and her new found love for him……very romantic & very touching)


Disha – (With ache & tenderness in her voice and eyes) DK, is aurat ki baat mat suno. Yeh sirf tumhain jhukana chahati hai, aur kuch nahin. Yeh kisi ko madat karne ke kaabil nahin hai. (Gives a repulsive stare at Gargi) DK yeh tumhare self-respect ke saat khel rahi hai. Please DK, mat jhoko is ke saamne.


DK just plainly ignore Disha and continues to plead infront of Gargi (but even while pleading, he had such dignity, it was just heart-breaking….I must have wept buckets of tears in this scene, just couldn't bear to see our hottie in such a situation!) Gargi meanwhile gets an all-powerful look in her eyes and tells DK that come what, she will never help DK and that she cares two hoots if Sumitra lives or dies and that DK has to suffer for the way he treated Gargi. DK goes to Gargi and takes a cheque out of his pocket and hands it over to Gargi and tells her in the same quite, soft voice that she can fill whatever amount he wants to, but help his Mother out. Disha's jaws are left open and she again tries to butt in and tell DK to put a stop to this.


Disha – (Now completely desperate and totally taken up by DK's state of affairs) DK, yeh kya kar rahe ho. Apni mehnat ki kaamyi is aurat ko mat do. Yeh sirf tumhain barbad karma chahati hai. Mat karo apne saat yeh DK, please, believe me. Main tumhain is aurat ke saamen yoon jhookta hua nahin dekh sakti DK (Gets tears in her eyes and looks at DK with such passion and love……it was just indescribable!)


DK's eyes are also moist now (and he looks so adorable & impervious you just feel like giving him one big, bear-hug) and he just closes his eyes in agony and begs Disha to keep out. Disha has tears flowing from her eyes now and she looks helpless at DK's state, as she realizes that there is little she can do about it. Gargi is furious with DK and tears the cheque into pieces and throws it onto DK's face and tells him haughtily that he is so arrogant about his power and money and he thinks that he can buy anything and anyone. DK is shocked and realizes that Gargi has got him under his control completely and now nothing he can make or do to change her stance and the only way is to agree to whatever she tells him. DK asks Gargi what does she want him to do, that he is willing to do anything Gargi says, as long as she comes with him to the hospital and saves his Mother's life. Gargi gets an evil smirk on her face and tells him, ''Now you are talking business sonny. Mujhe tumhari awaz main abhi bhi akad nazar aa rahi hai, tum mujhse bheek maangne aaye ho, toh apna bolne ka andaaz zara change karo.'' Disha is fuming with anger now but holds back her reactions as she realizes that Gargi has trapped DK and that at this point of time she cannot do anything to help him out. DK who is now actually crying (poor baby, felt so miserable yesterday watching him weep like this!) lowers his voice all the more and says, ''Please Chhoti Maa, meri maa ki madad kijiey.'' Gargi is elated and gets a victorious look on her face and says, ''That's it Sonny, I like this style better now. Magar kuch kami hai. Tum mujhe se madad ki umeed kar rahe ho, toh khade kyon ho Sunny. (Gets steel in her voice) Get down Sonny. Neeche bait ke mujh se bheek mango apni maa ki zindagi ke liye. Aaj tumhare ghamand ka, tumhare Swabhimaan ka, tumhari izzat ka, sabka khatma ho jayega. Get down on your knees and beg Sonny. Now.'' {Amazing performance by Gargi, she just rocked in this particular dialogue and you could actually feel the venom in her eyes and voice……superb piece of acting, wonderful dialogues and the expressions of Disha and DK in this were amazing!}


Disha is stunned on hearing this and blows her lid off and tells Gargi,


Disha – Kis kisam ki aurat hai aap. Maine aapse zyada giri hui aurat apni poori zindagi mein nahin dekhi. Aapko yeh paap kabhi maaf nahin hoga Mrs. Gargi Sehgal. Aapne DK and mere beech jo dooriyan peda ki hi who toh aaj mit hi gayi (yes, yes, yes!) magar main aapko apne Pati ke is apmaan ke liye kabhi maaf nahin karrongi, yeh yaad rakhna (Finally, Disha acknowledges DK as her hubby & supports him so beautifully, she is totally in love with him now!) (Looks at DK with such tenderness & warmth in her eyes which are moist and painful) DK, mat suno is aurat ki baat. Hum dono milkar Sumitra Maa ko theek kar denge, tum please is aurat ke saamne mat jhuko. Please apna swabhimaan mat lootao. DK, tum meri baat sun rahe ho naa. (Begins weeping slightly as she realizes that DK is completely unaware of what Disha is uttering and she cannot bear to see him being humiliated like this)


Disha turns to Gargi and tries to plead infront of her to not debase DK in this manner but Gargi is standing with her back to both Disha and DK and refuses to yield. Just then, Disha is stunned to hear a crashing voice behind her and as she turns to look, she cannot believe what she sees.


This has got to be the most compelling, powerful and emotional scene I have seen in any serial till date and I was so disturbed after seeing this, that I skipped my dinner (which I rarely do, so u know what I mean!)

DK has let go of his support sticks and has crashed down on the floor and is wincing in tremendous agony as he is trying to fold his knees and bend on the floor. Disha is so stunned that she is rooted to where she is standing and just keeps staring at DK with no expression on her face. Gargi is exhilarated and pronounces to DK that this is what she was looking for and tells him in a vile and cold voice to know beg in front of her. Poor DK who is now crying openly like a child begs in front of Gargi addressing her as Chhoti Maa and pleads to her to help him out. Gargi just gives a nasty look at DK and tells him that this should be a lesson for life to DK and he will now never forget who Gargi Sehgal is. Gargi says that everytime DK remembers this time and day, his very soul will shiver and he will realize that he had come across a formidable enemy. Gargi just gives a dirty stare at both Disha and DK and walks out of the room.


In what I thought was the most powerful and gut-wrenching scene, DK breaks down completely and bends his shoulders down and weeps like a child, while Disha is too stunned to react to what she has just seen and then as she watches DK's defeated, worn-out form as he is struggling between his physical and emotional twinge, she is completely heart-broken and she closes her eyes to avoid seeing DK's pain.


Beautiful episode…….though DK did not have too many dialogues, the entire scene was inundated by the dominant mirage of his expression which simply brought the house down yesterday. And also the way Disha falls hook, line and sinker for DK was just too good for me to describe! I really hope Disha goes to DK and hugs him and kisses him and whatever……………(I found it very tough to write this update and it has taken me almost 4 hours to write this short update because it was so powerful that I just couldn't do justice to it!)









Nishani IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 February 2005 at 11:37pm | IP Logged

Oh good God, my stomach is so jittery - I can hardly contain my excitement at this episode.

Thanks for this super-wonderful update.

Princess IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 17 February 2005 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Thanks Disha for a great update. This episode was soooooooooo good. Thank u soooooooooooooo muchSmile
Minnie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 February 2005 at 12:29am | IP Logged
 You make the story come alive!It's awesome.
dkaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 17 February 2005 at 12:35am | IP Logged

Wah! I am (almost) speechless! Yes, yes! Disha MUST go now and hug and kiss and never let go! Damn her if she doesn't!

Thanks for the awesome update!


lilly Senior Member

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Posted: 17 February 2005 at 3:36am | IP Logged

Beautiful episode, Disha your dictionary of words still have so much to offer , you can never be in loss of words. Whenever I read your excellant episodes I feel cant be better described than this ( I feel I am watching it in front of my eyes rather than reading or watching in TV) , but I am proved wrong with your next episode. I have again written this a million times seriously you claim that you cant write beside episodes, I dont bye it , you really need to explore your talent , because like singing it is a god gift and you have it girl.

Di has come to her senses about DK, but now it will be DK'S turn to be aloof and misunderstand Di.It is sad that DK had to fall in his knees, seems there will be lot's to come.


Asian Princess Goldie
Asian Princess
Asian Princess

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Posted: 17 February 2005 at 3:43am | IP Logged

Great Update Disha! Can't wait to see the episode!

- Asian Princess

Ranger Senior Member

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Posted: 17 February 2005 at 5:24am | IP Logged
Hi, I new here.

Just want to thank Disha77 for the great updates. Excellent work.


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