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Mausam - a Timeless Love Story.......

-Afia- Senior Member

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 7:32am | IP Logged
 Mausam - a Timeless Love Story.......

Kehte Hain Pyaar Ke Kayi Mausam Hoty Hain

Dosti Ka Mausam

Takrar Ka Mausam

Nokh Jokh Ka Mausam

aur..... Izhaar Ka Mausam

Mausam To Badal Jata Hai Bas Jo Nahi Badalta Wo.....Pyaar Hai

Aise Hi Ek Kahanii Hai Do Logo Ki Jo Apni Hi Duniya Mein Khoye Rehte Hai Kuch Hai In Dono Mein Jo Inhe Ek Dusre Se Alag Karta Hai Waise Gender To Main Point Hai But Unhe Jo Sach Mein Ek Dusre Se Alag Karta Hai Wo Hai Wo Khud !

Riddhima Aur Armaan Jitna Alag Inka Naam Hai Utna Hi Alag Inka Matlab Bhi !

Riddhima - Means Full Of Love
Armaan - Means Desire,Wish

Well Iss Case Mein Meanings Ultay Hai

Riddhima - Ek Orphan Ladki Hai Jis Din Wo Payda Hui Ussi Ke Kuch Ghanto Baad Uske Mom Dad Ki Death Ho Gayi Riddhima Ka Maana Hai Ki Wo Ek Unlucky Ladki Hai Jo Jis Ke Pass Jaaye Gi Usse Takleef Degi Lekin Uski Orphange Mein Ek Nun Thi Maria Jo Hamesha Riddhima Ko Kehti Thi Ki Ek Din Koi Aayega Aur Tumhe Itna Pyaar Dega Jo Tumhe aaj Tak Nahi Mila Iss Liye Wo Hamesha Sirf Ek Wish Karti Hai Ke Wo Pyaar Usse Jald Mile

Armaan - Ek Aisa Ladka Jo Jahan Jata hai Khushiyan Bikhair Deta Hai Armaan Apni Life Mein Chahe Kush Ho Ya Na Ho But Dusroo Ko Udaas Nahi Dekh Sakta Armaan Apne Mom Dad Se Bohot Pyaar Karta Hai Lekin Ek Wo Hain Jinke Paas Uske Liye Time He Nahi Armaan Apne Friends Ko Apni Life Bana Chuka Hai Armaan Ki Life Complete Hai Lekin Kahin Usse Aaj Bhi Lagta Hai K Shayad Kuch To Baki Hai.....

Ab Dekhna Yeh Hai Ke Pyaar Ke Mausam Mein Yeh Kaise Dhalte Hai!

OK Guys MY Name Is Afia and This Is My First FF I Just Wrote This as An Intro If You Guys Think Its Interesting Then Only I'll Continue Or Else I Won't So Your Likes and Comments Will Help Me Know It 
BTW- The Name Of The FF Is Copied I'm Obsessed With The Poster Of Shahid and Sonam's New Movie Mausam Tongue 

First Day First Meeting-Page 1 
F.R.I.E.N.D.SPage 4 (Incomplete Part) 

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-Afia- Senior Member

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
First Day Heart First Meeting Broken Heart

Early Morning 6:00am
Her Alarm Was Ringing and Irritated By It She Woke Up and Suddenly Realized What Day It Is "Aaj Tumhari Zindagi Ka Sab Se Bara Din Hai Aaj Kay Din Tum Late Nahi Ho Sakti Riddhima" Said To Herself and Went To Get Ready Not Knowing Whats In Store For Her Today

He Was Still Sleeping Covering His Face With The Comforter So That The Sun Rays Won't Disturb Him and When He Was About To Go Back To His Dream World Thats When His Cell Phone Rang He Was So Much Irritated and Lazy That He Didn't Even Bother To Look At The Callers Name and Picked It Up Didn't Know Who He Was Messing With  "Kon Hai Bay Subah Subah  " a Voice On The Other End Of The Phone Said "Ullu Ke Pathe Armaan Mein Hoon To Abhi Tak Soo Raha Hai" As Soon As Heard Her Yell At Him He Fell From His Bed and Tried to Relax "Kya Hua Muskaan Tu Thik To Hai Na Itni Subah Call Kyun Ki ?" and His Relaxed Tone Made Her Really Mad "Khote Subah Kay 6:30 Ho Gayye Hai Suraj Sar Pe Chadh Ke Chilla Raha Hai Ke Armaan Beta Utth Jaa......................Dekh Armaan Agar Tu 15 Minute Mein Tayaar Nahin Hua To Mein Tera Khoon Pee Jaoon Gi Aur Ha Un Dono Kamiino Ko Bhi Bol Dena Mein Aur Anjali Tum Tino Ko Lene Aa Rahe Hai " and Ended The Call Armaan Was Thanking His Stars That She Didn't Kill Him Through The Phone He Remembered Her Words and Got Up To Wake His To Best Friends and Tenants Rahul and Atul 

She Was Almost Ready Looking Just Beautiful Wearing Red Churidar Suit No Make Up Except Kajal She Was thinking About How This Was a Long Journey For Her When Her Mom Dad Died In an Car Accident Which Was On The Same Day She Was Born Although The Date Was Changed It Was 12th March Midnight When She Lost Her Parents She Didn't Wanted To Think About That Now At Least Not Today She Lived In an Orphanage and Stayed There Till She Was 17 and Then She Had To Leave From There and Stand On Her Own  She Got The Admission In a Very Famous College Of Mumbai Through Scholarship But That Was Not It She Got a Job In an Calling Center To Support Her Living and That Is How She Is Living On Her Own Without Anyones Help and Today She Is Going To Start a New Life She's Going To Be a a Doctor Well She Brushed all These Thoughts Off and Remembered That She Is Getting Late So She Took Her Purse Her Cell Phone and Locked Her Apartment 

As Muskaan Said They Got Ready In 15 Minutes They Were Not Getting Late But They Knew If They Said Even a Single Word To Muskaan They Surely Will Be Dead So They Were Waiting For Her In Their Apartment and Then Was a Knock On The "Armaan Tu Jaa Kay Khool Na Agar Mein Gaya To Wo To Mujhe Maar Dale Gi" Said Rahul As He Thought It Was Better For Him Not To Mess With Her Early In The Morning and He Opened The Door For Her But Was Shocked To See a Wide Smile On Her Face But She Didn't Let Him Speak And Said "Lets Go Guys Hume Aaj Late Nahi Hona....Aur Waise Bhi Bahut Traffic Ho Gi So Chalo " They Didn't Try To Say a Word as They Thought She Was Right 

Armaan Atul Rahul Muskaan and Anjali They are Best Friends Since Medical College and From That Time They Are TOGETHER !

Armaan Was Driving The Car With Muskaan Sitting On The Front Seat and Rahul Anjali and Atul At The Back They All Were Pretty Nervous as It Was Their First Day Of Internship At Sanjivani Hospital Atul Started Sweating Due To Nervousness and Anjali Was Sitting Next To Him So She Got a Little Irritated "Atul Tum Itna Sweat Kyun Kar Rahe Ho Agar Tumhe Garmi Lag Rahi Hai To Armaan AC Ki Speed High Kar Deta Hai" Atul Started Blushing As He Heard Anjali Concerned For Him
"Anjali............Tumhe Meri Itni Chinta Hai How Sweet Of You But Don't Worry I'm Fine" Armaan Who Heard This Along With Rahul and Muskaan Couldn't Help Themselves and Started Laughing Like Crazy At Their Sweet Innocent Friend "Atul Yaar Tujhe Nahi Pata Anjali Tere Liye Kitni Concerned Hai " Anjali Who Heard This Was Looking at Muskaan With -Shut Up Or Else I'm Goona Kill You Look- . Muskaan Knew Anjali Would Get Irritated By This But She Thought It Was Good To Lighten The Tension But Boy She Didn't Knew That What This Is Leading To ....... 
Muskaan Kept On Saying How Anjali Cares About Atul So Much and How They Are Perfect For Each Other Well Anjali Have Had It She Couldn't Take It Anymore "Muskaan Stop It Yaar Enough Har Cheez Ki Ek Limit Hoti Hai and Now Your Crossing One Please Just Stop It" Everyone Was Shocked To See Anjali This Angry This Was the First Time They Have Seen Anjali Talking Like This. Even Rahul Thought that This Time Muskaan Went Way Too Far Because First They Were Nervous and Second She Started With This Stuff " Muskaan Yaar Bas Kar Bahut Ho Gaya Anjali Thik Keh Rahi Hai Har Cheez Ki Ek Limit Hoti Hai " This Was Something Muskaan Didn't Expect But It Was Rahul and She Knew Anything Can Coem From Him "Oye Kamiine Tujhe Kya Hai Ha Yeh Mere Aur Anji K Bech Ki Baat Hai Tu Kyun Bol Raha Hai ?" and She Started Beating Him From The Front Seat Rahul Was obviously Yelling At Her To Stop Because Muskaan Have Got Some Big Nails (lol) Anjali Atul Were Trying To Stop The Punjabi Sharni Muskaam But She Was Still Beating Him and In This All Armaan Couldn't Concentrate On The Road and When Muskaan Was About To Jump On Rahul From The Front Seat Armaan Turned To Hold Her From Her Waist But Before He Could Do That Their Car Crashed Into an Auto Ricksha Which Was Really Damaged Like Head Light Were Broken The Wind Screan  Was Half Cracked And They Were Frozen In Their Place Anjali Holding Atul's Hand Muskaan Still In Her Same Position Her Hands On Rahul's Head Rahul Was Frozen With Wide Eyes and Armaan Well................More then Shocked His Jaw Fell Open Wide Eyes And Hands On The Staring Wheel But Soon They All Were Brought Back To Reality When They Heard a Girl Screaming In Pain and Cursing Them Well It Was Non Other Then Riddhima !

She Was In The Auto Talking To Someone On The Phone When Armaan's Car Crashed Into Them and There Was this Gas Cylinder At The Back Seat Which Fell On Her Right Foot Due To The Crash 
She Was Still In Pain and Kinda Yelling So as Armaan Saw Her Trying To Take The Having Gas Cylinder Off Her Foot and In His Mind " Arre Yaar Mein Iss Ka Chehra Kyun Nahi Dekh Paa Raha Uff Ek to Inn Ladkiyon Ke Khule Baal  Bhi Na " He Was Again Brought Back By Riddhima Struggling To get It Off "Ohh God This Is So Heavy Ahhh Mera Paoo" So Armaan Went Up To Her And Took Off The Cylinder and When She Felt there Was No More Weight and Suddenly Someone Was Massaging Her Foot So To Look Up At The Person She Moved Her Hair From the Front and She Saw Armaan Massaging It She Was Feeling Good With The Massage But She Was Even Feeling Awkward That Some Guy She Doesn't Even Know Is Doing This For Her "Excuse Me Ummm......Suno Its OK I'm Fine" As Armaan Heard Her Beautiful Voice He Looked Up At Her and Was Mesmerized With Her Beauty and Then By Her Big Green Almond Eyes Both  Were Lost In Each Other /She Was So Lost In His Deep Blue Eyes .They Knew That They Were Staring But They Weren't Willing To Take Their Eyes Off Each Other and Suddenly Riddhima Came Back To Reality That she Was Staring At That Guy Who Just Crashed Them By His Car She Tried To Take Her foot Out Of His Hold But He Was Strong And Now She Was Really Angry That She Is Trying To Get Her Foot Out Of His Hold and He Is Still Staring At Her With Those Magnetic Eyes Which Were Not Allowing Her To Look Some Where Else Then Him  But she Managed To Not Look At His Eyes and Pinched Armaan On His Right Arm With Brought Him Back From His Beautiful Thought and He Also Got Angry That He Was Help Her and She Just Pinched Him " Ahhh Whats Your Problem Ha ?" She Was Shocked That He Is Asking Her That Whats her Problem Well This Was Her Question " Whats My Problem Ha My Problem Is YOU Tumhari Waja Se Mein Late Ho Rahi Hoon Agar Tum Dekh K Drive Nahi Kar Skate To Drive Kyun Karte Ho Logo Ko Marne Kay Liye Inn Bari Bari Basket Ball Jaisi Aankhon Se Kuch Nazar Nahi Aata Tumhe" Armaan Was Taken Aback By This and Was In Full Mood To Have a World War 3 "Meri Waja Se ..... Tumhari Waja Se Mein aur Mere Dost Late ho Rahe Hai and Who The Hell Are You To Tell Me K Mujhe Drive Karna Chahiye aur Ha Tumne Kya Kaha  Jassi Bari Annkein and Agar Mein Basket Ball Hoon To Tum Basket Ho"
Both Were On Fire and Ready TO Kill Each Other Riddhima's Jaw Fell Open When He Called Her Basket "How Dare you Call Me Basket and Please Ab Mein Tumhari Wajah Se Late Ho Rahi Hoon Ab Tum Mujhe Waha Lee K Chaloo Gay Jaha Mujhe Jana Hai Get It" Armaan Was In No Mood To Agree But When He Looked Back At Muskaan She Just Made a Puppy Dog Face and Whispered In His Ear" Arre Yaar Isse Jaha Jana Hai Hum Isse Drop Kar Dete Hai Dekh Yaar Hum Already Late Ho Rahe Hai Please Ha Bool De" And Armaan Thought For a Second and then Looked at Riddhima and Said " OK Fine Chalo Basket "
Riddhima Smiled Her Wining Smile Which Didn't Go Unnoticed By Armaan He Was Irritated By Her But Her Sweet Smile Made Him Smile Too and After Realizing He Got The Frown Back On His Face Riddhima Sat In The Front and Muskaan Went Back To Sit With The Rest .
Armaan Was Thinking Normal Or High Tone Then He Chose Normal and Asked Her " Kaha Jana Hai Tumhe ?" Riddhima Still Smiling Her Wining Smile Said "Sanjivani Hospital" Everyone Else In The Car Said WHAT!!
"Tumhe Waha Kyun Jana Hai Kisi Patience Ko Milne" Asked Armaan and " Yes" Said Riddhima Well She Was going To Meet Her Friend Who Was Admitted Their But she Didn't Tell Them The Whole Thing That She Is an Intern Doctor Too But Thought What The Use Telling Them.
The Drive This Time Went In Silence And In No Time They Reached Sanjivani She Got out Of The Car And Said Thanks To Them and Went In as the Rest Were Still In The Car  Soon They Also Entered Sanjivani and Went To The Locker Rooms And There When They Were Checking Their Lockers and Putting Their Stuff In It Armaan Thought About Whatever Happened an Hour Ago The Accident The Gorgeous Girl Oops BASKET and Smiled In His thought When Muskaan Caught Him and Asked " Kiske Khayalon Mein Khoya Hai Tu  Armaan" and Armaan Wanted To Say That Its That Basket But Then Thought Of  It and Said " Nothing Yaar Just The Stupid Basket  I Hope I Never Meet Her" But Secretly He Wished That He Meets Her Soon and When They All Were Ready a Nurse Came and Told Them That Dr.Merha Is Waiting For Them In The Conference Room They Reached The Conference Room But Were To Nervous to Open It Anyhow Rahul Managed To Open It and They All Proceed Inside "Ohhh You All Are On Time Last Years Interns Were Lazy They Always Use To Come Late Well Forget Them I'm Dr Kerti Mehra Senior Doctor Gynecologist and You Are I'm Goona Read Out your Names Now" 
Dr. Rahul Garewall "Yes"
Dr.Muskaan Chaddha " Yes Doctor"
Dr. Anjali Gupta " Here Doctor"
Dr.Atul Joshi " Yes Mam I ...... I Mean Doctor"
Dr.Armaan Malik " Yes Doc"
and Dr.Riddhima Kapoor " Sorry Mam Actually I Was ..." but Kerti Didn't Let Her Finish " Dr.Riddhima Get One Thing Straight I HATE LATE COMERS" and Riddhima Gulped "So Doctors Get You Pagers and ID Cards From The Table and Follow Me" All Said Yes Dr.Kerti
Riddhima turned To Look At Other Interns and Was Shocked To Find Them All "Tum" and Armaan Turned To Look At Her and His Jaw Fell Open That How Can God Listen To His Wish So Fast Maybe He's On his Side Today Brushing Off This Thought He Returned To Her" Miss Basket Tum Yaha Kya Kar Rahi Ho Wards Yaha Nahi Hai Jao Apne Patient Se Milo" Riddhima Who Was Still In Shock To Find Out That They Were Interns Here Too Couldn't Believe It "Ohh Hello Listen I'm an Intern Doctor Here Okay !" Armaan Who Now Couldn't Believe His Ears Pushed Rahul Away Who Was Standing In Between Him and Riddhima and Moved Closer To Her " W*H Your Also an Intern With US Ohh God Ab Sanjivani Ka Kya Hoga Agar Basket Isse Handle Karge" Riddhima Was On Fire Again "Stop Calling Me Basket Mera Naam Dr.Riddhima Kapoor Hai Get It" Armaan Smiled At Her and Said " To Hoga Mein Kya Karoon Mein To Tumhe Basket He Bulaon Ga  Now You Get It" and Both Were Staring At Each Other One With Full Anger In Eyes and One With Loads Of Naughtiness In Eyes and Suddenly There Eye Lock Broke Due To a Voice " If You Both Would Like To So Can We Proceed Out " Said Dr. Kerti Who Witnessed This Stupid Fight Section Between Armaan and Riddhima " Yes Doctor" Both Said At The Same Time and Then Looked At Each Other Again and Walked Out
Kerti Who Saw This Was Thinking That There Is Something Between These Two " Naa Jaane Ab Iss Hospital Ka Kya Hoga "

This Is The First Part Of My FF Hope You All Like It 
Criticism and Suggestions Welcome and Please Hit the Like Button
Bye TC
Love Afia Smile

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Awesome !!!!
Love it !!!
U rock !!!
Cont. soon!!!
Thnx for the PM !!!

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awesome!!! great goin'!!!
there nok-chok starts now itself so AR!!!
thanks 4 the pm n cont soonSmile

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Nice start!!!

Do PM me when u update and continue soon Smile



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Woww..Awesome Partt
Riddhima Kapoor :P
Anywayss Thnxx Fr Da PM...
Update Soon 

Lots Of Love Rabia Aka Rabzy KaJenian ARian

'Once A KaJen'ian KSGi'an & Jen'ian, ALWAYS KaJen'ian KSG'ian & Jen'ian'

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Nyc start
pls add me to ur pm list

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