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The precap on Friday shows Krishna telling Prats, his jaan that marrying her has ruined his life and lifestyle.  His words to Pratigya....... "reason everyone in the family is pushing me to work is because I married You,  or I'd still be living a fun and carefree life.  Let's take a look at the future of the track on Mancub Krishna Accuses Pratigya to see where he is heading.ErmmBlushingShocked
Let's begin with Krishna's background. He is unpud, barely knows to read and write though he did attend school until 5th grade. He's been raised ladla in the family. His parents and brother indulged his every whim and fancy until he got married.  He does what he pleases and not held accountable for anything until recently.

He has grown up with a sense of entitlement.  We heard him once tell KN "I wasnt' born to work like you, I was made for Pratigyaji."  He said to SS recently (when he asked for the new chamchamati car for Prats's birthday gift "you brought me into this world, you therefore are responsible for providing for me as your child". These statements show though an adult in calendar years, his emotional groW*H is stunted and he has a lot of catching up to do.

Krishna fundamentally is a smart "child" who dips into his bag of emotional tricks to get his it coercion, force, sweet talk, yell, tantrum, cajole, name it he uses every bit of it to maintain the status quo, the lifestyle he wants to maintain.

Krishna has been raised with no boundaries or consequences for his behavior/actions as a child. No one in the family ever held Krishna accountable for his actions or behavior. Was Krishna considered a "good luck" charm in the family and therefore given a free pass? On his birthday KN brought bags of cow feed and had Krishna touch the bags.  SS's rock Guruma has been missing since Krishna's budday and SS has slowly lost his power and control over his family. As Ganti Dadi's frankly stated, SS is facing the music today for all that he put into play years ago.

SS has high expectations of KN and Komal, they tow the line and know their boundaries. They accept the consequences for their behaviors. Krishna on the other hand is the emotionally lost offspring who defies everything that threatens his status-quo and life on easy street. His parents indulged his fancies and let him down big time.  Their failure to give him consequences for his behavior and following through they have only given Krishna the impression that his family will make threats but will never hold him accountable.  He is so focused on having it his way that he fails to see he is the one losing out on life and all that it has to offer him.

Let's take a look at their past.Geek  Krishna slit his wrists to force his bauji to give in to his wish to marry PratigyajiOuch. As any parent fearful of losing his child and his ladla at that SS gave in to the emotional blackmail and Krishna won that round.Unhappy

When he slapped Prats at the havan and SS threw Prats out, he threw a hissy fit and broke things around the house like a tantruming toddler.  SS demanded Prats's apology or else she couldn't enter the house. Yet SS stood his ground and never buckled under Krishna's pressure to bring Prats back. Thumbs Up Had it not been for the elections and Guruma's advice SS may not have gone back to fetch Prats from MMGJ. Maybe the election track was just POPS' ruse to bring Prats back to the Niwas.

Prats put boundaries in place upon her marriage, refused to indulge Krishna's whims, rejected his advances and denied him his conjugal rights and didn't make it easy for himUnhappy.  Yet in spite of a few "hits and misses" he got resourceful and was determined to win her love come hell or high water.
  He was working in an adverse environment.Ouch His family didn't support him and didn't embrace Prats as one of them.

Prats didn't make it easy for him. He never gave up bec' it was a self-directed mission.  His passion for Prats fueled his efforts to give everything and anything a try for his heart and his jaan was on the line.  He even traveled to the other side of life for a few minutes to jolt Prats into realizing what he means to her. He was flying solo in his mission and  no one supported him in their marriage (except Kesar and GD who barely had a voice or say in matters at that time).  He was resilient and eventually he won her love.Blushing  It worked bec' there was a fire in him that motivated him to go the distance to accomplish his mission.Clap

Krishna rises to the occasion when something he values is at stake.  He had his heart set on Prats and he found a way to make her his wife.  What will be on the line this time before he will act in his best interests? His marriage? Will it take SS forcing him out of the Niwas? Or will he act on a dare from Prats? His deficiencies and fear of the working world out there is paralyzing him at the moment but for how long?ErmmD'oh

Why hasn't Prats tweaked her magic formula of the past this time around?Shocked She has to first admit she doesn't have all the answers. Will that happen at all? D'ohHow does she address this predicament'. for once will she may need input from others to figure out how to help Krishna enter the workforce? She may need to sit down, LISTEN to him not just hear his words and look at his options?

Krishna avoiding work is driven by his insecurity that stems from his lack of education, fear of failure, of venturing into unknown territory and doubts about his skill set among other stuff. Not to mention he has grown to love the easy life.
  He lashes out at his family for pressuring him to earn his living bec' his fear of changing his ways terrifies him pure and simple, stops him from attempting to even give it a try.  It's easier to toss the blame on Prats than look within himself, face his fears, take the first step forward and figure out a way to make a living''. self employment seems more his cup of tea. What would he do? Make your predictions.Smile

How is this marriage going to handle the turbulence coming their way in the near future? Will Prats have to take a tough stance or act to give his ego a blow before he snaps into action?

Please post your thoughtsD'oh and comments.Big smile

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Mera, it would be nice if u give ur thought abt their marriage n what's gonna happen in their life in coming days....My thoughts will come later this day...pls excuse me... Thanks for the wonderul roller coaster ride to derive K's character.... I agree with u totally.....Thumbs Up

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Its true..K had fire in him to win over P's love....despite many hardships n with no support from anyone..he did win her love.
But now he lakcs that or may be he doesnt want to admit it for the list of fears that you have mentioned.

I think only a dare from P will buck him up to work...wat will P do? continue this silent treat ment..n continue not to address  issues directly?
Or will she do smth that will jolt K?

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Originally posted by ramanbabitha

Mera, it would be nice if u give ur thought abt their marriage n what's gonna happen in their life in coming days....My thoughts will come later this day...pls excuse me... Thanks for the wonderul roller coaster ride to derive K's character.... I agree with u totally.....Thumbs Up


It depends on several factors how it's likely to go.  Do POPS want Prats to trigger him into acting with her silent treatment or ultimatum? Will his lies about earning on the job and the loss of Prats's trust finally kickstart Krishna and force him to make things right by working to regain her trust? After all anytime it involves Prats and their marriage, his top priority (and only ones most of the time) Krishna rises to the occasion.  Prats and her happiness is the only thing that gets his full attention and he is passionate about in his life.

After that speech about trust the night before his budday, if he is the one responsible for breaking her heart, he's going to have to work extra hard to earn it back. It could somehow tie in with his earning his keep. This way Prats gets two things accomplished.............Krishna starts earning a living and his commitment to do that for their sakes will earn her trust again.  Whether they do this within the walls of the Niwas or something else transpires to get the two of them tossed out of the Niwas first is still a factor.

With KN refusing to work and Krishna refusing to lend SS a helping hand, the buzurg patriarch may be forced to take decisive action if something doesn't give.  More curious is what triggered KN to see the light about the double standards between the brothers. Was it all that idle time at the Thana where he had little else that got him to reflect on his life?

Krishna can't be entirely blamed for his indecisiveness or reluctance to work, his parents have after all sent him mixed signals. We know how confused Krishna can get about the simplest of things. One minute his mother embraces him telling him "you are the son in the house, you don't have to go out and earn a living, continue to live the way you have and next minute Takurain feeds him like a toddler before falling apart and dumping dhal all over him in a fit of ragErmm

SS tells him to eat after he earns his paycheck  or find a way to feed and clothe himself and his wife.  Few days later he changes his mind and says he will feed his children as long as he is around and won't starve them.  An already confused mancub like Krishna is bound to get even more confused for he lives life on simple terms. The multiple messages and regular flip-flopping confuses the heck out of him. Wacko

It's not that the Takurs don't know that loving a child doesn't mean indulging their fancies and letting them off the hook about every little thing.  It requires teaching children by example to be responsible and accountable for their choices, giving them boundaries and more importantly enforcing the consequences for their actions without bailing out in the name of love. KN gets most of that though he gets bailed out of trouble, after all he is SS's right hand man and as the oldest son he is shouldered with a lot.  Had SS held Krishna to the same standards he held his other two children Mancub Baba wouldn't be floundering today. In the name of love SS has done a great disservice and let down Krishna by failing to be the kind of parent that could have made Krishna a responsible young man.

Though SS says he loves Krishna the most, the truth is he done better with parenting of KN and Komal than he has of Krishna. Will Krishna ever realize that he has been shortchanged while he wore the "ladla" title with pride. Ouch

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Superb analysis Mera....ClapClap u have looked beyond the mask of K's anger and given a true picture of his emotions....
Its true that his upbringing has given him a massive "Thakur ego" plus the fact he is afraid of the unknown.... both these factors have made him even more adamant in not working... and to cover up, he is hitting out at others....
As u said... some big Jhatka is needed for him to overcome himself and make that commitment.....
reminds of "Wanted" movie dialogue by Salman Khan " ek baar hum commitment kar detey hain to fir hum khudh ki bhi nahin suntey...."  LOLLOL
the question now is .... will Prats (and CVs) rise to the occasion ???? will she look beyond his bluster and give the support he needs...???
or will the CVs let this track slide (as usual) and sideline K (as usual) and let Prats go out to work...?? 

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Hi Mera, Brilliant post!
I totally agree with u, baba is what his parents made him and now they all seem to be at a loss as to what to do.  He always seems to be treated like a cute puppy, they think he's cute and funny and stupid, but they don't respect him and that's what K needs to learn to get.  In spoiling him SS has become the victim of his own handling of his two 'sher'.
K has no aspirations whatsoever, would prefer to sit with P and talk about love and romance, has no inkling of how a household is run.  If someone outside the TN questions him, his answer is 'do u know who you're talking to' and its this attitude that holds him back, thinking that he's Kisna Singh Thakur and should never be doubted or held accountable for anything.
How will he snap out of this?  A few weeks ago we read that P was gonna start working as a teacher, and we thought that might trigger him into action, and now we get mixed signals, that he's gona pretend he's working and that will break P's heart when she finds out.
Considering he wanted to shoot Amanwa when he made P cry, who will he take it out on when he'll be the one to upset her, cos this'll surely tip her over the edge after his recent shenanigans!
That would surely get him thinking, maybe i should get an education and see what that may lead to, cos he won't do it if P tells him, he's gotta want it for himself.
If his family also find out he was pretending to work and lying to them that will really start them off again, they'll all be disgusted that after all they've gone through with KN refusing to work, and the insults that came his way were like water off a duck's back, but this time they'll be as upset as P that he's so idle.  However it turns out, let's just hope the cvs handle it  carefully.

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Mera di... Excellent post.!!! Loved your title very much. U hav very well covered up each & evry aspect of Krishu's character. Ok.. now Babu better do sumthng to get her pati in action.. what if she leaves him & goes??? (I knw a stupid idea of mine... but just had a small thought...) Would K be able to handle this?? How would he react??

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