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|Impossible Love S2| Note:Pg70 (Page 44)

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akansha u little devil. seriously i loved  ur ff. but u really evil, ur left such a big cliffhanger. and now u left me guessing the next track.D'oh

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by syria2014

akansha u little devil. seriously i loved  ur ff. but u really evil, ur left such a big cliffhanger. and now u left me guessing the next track.D'oh

aww, thank you. :D i'll continue tak guess karo. ;p
Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 21

''Don't fight.'' He breathed in her face. ''It will be easier if you just relax.''

Pia was not scared anymore, she was furious. ''In your dreams.'' She snapped and slammed a knee into his stomach. She hadn't taken on the risk of Maya and travelled thousands of miles just to be killed by some roadside vampire.

She could feel him trying to do something to her mind – it reminded her of the way Maya had captured Mah-Nakht's eyes. Some kind of hypnosis. But she had Abhay's ring to protect her, he couldn't control her.

''Ow.'' The guy jerked back. He pulled her arm and drew it towards his mouth. Pia realised what he was trying to do, he was trying to drink from her arm.

''No.'' She had no idea what would happen to her if she lost any more blood to a vampire. Abhay had said that she wasn't in danger if she kept away from vampires for the next two weeks. She was already noticing little changes in herself, she could see better in the dark.

She tried to pull her arm free, and she heard a gasp. He wasn't holding her tightly anymore, he was just staring.

At her ring.

The expression on his face was funny. From shock to dismay to scared to disbelieving to embarrassed. ''W-Who are you?'

Pia looked at him, and looked at the right. How could she be so stupid? She should have mentioned Abhay right away. He was a Lord, everybody knew him.

''I told you I was looking for somebody. His name is Abhay Raichand. He gave me this ring.''

He put his face in his hands and moaned. ''I didn't hurt you, did I?'' It wasn't a question, it was a request. ''I didn't do anything to you.''

''You didn't get the chance.'' Pia shrugged. ''I don't want to get you into trouble. I just want to find Abhay. Can you help me?''

'', I can be a big help.'' He paused. ''It's kind of a long walk.''

''I am not tired, we can walk anywhere.''

The house was huge.

The guy dropped Pia at the beginning of the long green drive. ''That's it.'' He said, before rushing into the darkness. Pia stared after him for a minute, hoping that this was it. She was so tired that she felt like her feet were pounded with stones.

As she walked forward, her doubts disappeared. There were black roses everywhere – ones that looked like the rose on her ring.

Okay, then, ring the doorbell, she told herself.

She pushed the button, and held her breath as she heard footsteps approaching.

When the door opened, it wasn't Abhay. It was a middle-aged guy with a suit, brown hair pulled back into a short ponytail, and dark glasses.

''Um, I am here to .. I am looking for Abhay Raichand.'' She tried to sound confident.

''He's not here, try again in a few days. And it's better to call one of his secretaries before showing up.''

He started to shut the door.

''Wait.'' Pia stuck her foot in the doorway.


Pia suddenly had an image of thousands of people lined outside his house, wanting him to do something for them. Like ordinary people waiting for the king.

And she must look like one of them, she thought. She was wearing a shirt that was sweaty after roaming around the city whole day. Her boots were dusty. Her hair were a mess.

''I..nothing.'' Pia started to turn away. She felt hot tears burning in her eyes. She had never felt so tired before. Her mouth was dry and her muscles pained and she had no idea where to find a safe place to sleep. But it wasn't his problem.

''Thank you.'' Pia said. She took a deep breath and started to turn away.

It was the deep breath that did it. Someone was crossing the hall behind the guy and the breath delayed Pia long enough that they saw each other.

''Chand, wait!'' That someone yelled and came rushing over to the door.

It was a woman, thin, tall and beautiful.  She walked over to Pia, and smiled. Her smile reached her eyes, and Pia found herself smiling back.

Chand looked stunned, now. He very slowly opened the door. ''I am very sorry. Please come inside.''

She pushed hair off her neck, away from her birthmark. She should have told them who she was.

Chand picked up her bag. ''I am very sorry, I didn't realize.. I hope you won't hold this-''

''Nobody knew you were coming.'' The woman interrupted. ''And the worst thing is that Abhay's gone off somewhere. I don't think anybody knows where or when he'll be back. But, meanwhile, you'd better stay here. I don't want to think about what he'd do to us if we lost you.'' She smiled. ''I am Haseena, by the way. We act like Abhay's parents, but he's the one who turned us. We work for him, like thousands of other supernaturals.''

''Uh..I am Pia Jaiswal.''

''I know.'' She had a faraway look in her eyes. ''Maithali's reincarnation. Want a coke?''

Pia laughed. ''I'd kill for one.''

''I'll take care of it.'' Chand said. ''I will take care of everything. Haseena, why don't you show her upstairs?''

''Come on. You look like you could use a bath.''

She led Pia towards a wide staircase. Pia looked in the other rooms, a living room that looked as big as a football field, decorated with white couches and abstract paintings. A dining room with a mile-long table. A grand piano.

She didn't know he was so rich. She didn't know if she could deal with this.

When she was done having a bath, Haseena said. ''Chand and everybody are trying to find Abhay. It may take a little while, though. See, he just stopped for a few minutes on Saturday, and then he disappeared again. But, meanwhile, this house is pretty well protected. And all of us will fight for you, fight to the death if we have to.''

''Safe from..?''

''From Maya, ofcourse.'' Haseena looked surprised.

Pia had a sinking feeling. ''So you think I am still in danger from her.''

''Well, sure. She's going to try and kill you. And she's awfully good in killing.''

Especially me, Pia thought. She was too tired to be afraid. Trusting Haseena, Chand and everyone else, she fell asleep that night as soon as her head touched the pillow.

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It didn't feel like a sting this time. It was quick and pleasant. His lips were on her neck, and warmth radiated from his mouth. Misha stroked the back of his hair.

His mind was every colour of the rainbow, from gold to silver to blue. It changed from second to second. There was darkness in among those colours. Things Raj had done in the past..things she could sense he was ashamed of, now.

I know it doesn't change the acts- but I will make up for them, somehow. You will see..I will find a way.

Misha could feel Raj as he said the words telepathically, feel that he meant them desperately, and that there was a lot to make up for.

When he started to lift his head, she tightened her grip, trying to keep him there.

''Please don't tempt me.'' He said out loud, his breath warm on her neck. ''If I take too much, it will make you seriously weak. I mean it, Mish.''

She let him go. He picked up the stick and made a small cut at the base of his throat.

She put her lips to his neck, she was drinking blood. She was already a hunter ' well, sort of.

When Raj gently detached her, she felt dizzy.

''We'd better go home.'' He said.

''Why? I am okay.''

''You're going to get dizzier, and weaker. And if we're going to finish changing you into a vampire-''


''All right, when. And before we do, we need to talk. I need to explain it all to you, we have to figure out the details. And you need to rest.''

Misha knew he was right. She wanted to stay here, near the forest, with Raj. But she did feel weak.

They headed back the way they had come. Misha could feel the change inside herself-it was stronger than when she'd exchanged blood with Rhea. The moonlight seemed much brighter. She could see colours clearly. And the forest wasn't silent anymore. She could hear faint noises like the soft voice of breathing, her own footsteps, insects, animals.

She could even smell better. She could smell cedar, decomposing plants..and something really wild. Something..mechanical. she looked at Raj in alarm.

''What is that?''

He stopped, too. ''Smells like rubber and oil.''

''Oh, god, the car.'' They looked at each other for a minute, before breaking into a run.

It was the car. Smoke erupted from under the closed hood. Misha started to go closer, when Raj pulled her back.

''We are going to have to walk home.'' Raj shrugged. ''Unless somebody sees the fire.''

''Not a chance.'' Misha said. ''And that's what you get for taking a boy out to the most isolated place in Dehradun. I don't suppose you could turn into a bat or something and fly back.''

''Sorry, I flunked shapeshifting. And I wouldn't leave you here alone anyway.''

''I can take care of myself.''

And that was when the club came down and Raj pitched forward unconscious.

After that, things happened very fast. Misha felt her arms grabbed from behind. Something was pulling her hands together, something strong. She felt rope on her wrists.

She was getting tied up. She was going to be helpless, she got to do something fast.

She fought, trying to pull herself away, trying to kick. But it was too late. Her hands were tied behind her back, her shoulders hurt as she was dragged backward up against a tree.

''Stop fighting.'' A voice snarled. She tried to see who it was, but the tree was in the way. ''If you relax, it won't hurt.''

Misha kept fighting, but it didn't make any difference. She couldn't even move. She was already weak from what Raj did to her, and now she couldn't move at all.

Stop panicking, she told herself. Use your brain. She stopped struggling.

''I told you. It only hurts when you fight. A lot of things are like that.''

Misha twisted her head and saw who it was. She had a sinking feeling. She shouldn't have been surprised, but she was- surprised and disappointed. ''Shaurya.''

It was a different Shaurya from the one she knew. His face was the same, his hair, his clothes, but there was something weird about him, something powerful and scary and unknowable. His eyes were inhuman.

''I don't want to hurt you.'' His voice was distorted. ''I only tied you up because I don't want you to interfere.''

She looked back at Raj, he was lying very still. His brown hair were slowly soaking with blood. On the ground next to him, was a club made of wood. No wonder he was unconscious.

But if he was bleeding, he wasn't dead. He can't be dead. Rhea said that only staking kills vampires.

Misha looked up from Raj to Shaurya's face. With a  shock, she realised what he meant by ''take care of.'' Three words that were just a part of life to a supernatural.

''It will only take a minute.'' He said, and his lips drew back.

Misha's heart seemed to slam violently inside her chest. She could see why his voice sounded distorted ' it was his teeth. Vampire teeth were nothing compared to this. They were made for cutting flesh from prey. Right now, when he stood over Raj with all his teeth exposed and chest heaving, he looked terrifying.

''Why?'' She called out. ''Why do you want to hurt him?''

Shaurya looked up, and she got another shock. His eyes were different. Before she'd seen them flash white in the darkness, now they had no whites at all. They were brown with large pupils. The eyes of an animal.

It doesn't need to be a full moon, she realised. He can change anytime.

''Don't you know?'' He said. ''Doesn't anybody understand? This is my territory. They were taking my food, they didn't have any right to. I tried to make them leave, but they didn't. They stayed and they kept killing. And him-'' He looked at Raj, his eyes shone with hatred. ''-His father killed my father because he crossed their territory. He and his black Iris clan.'' He spat the word out. ''And now he comes to my place and starts invading my territory, what am I supposed to do?''

He growled.

''Shaurya.'' Misha screamed. She threw herself forward, but the ropes held. She was jerked back. Shaurya fell on Raj, lunging down, head darting forward like a biting dog.

She fought with the ropes, and she could feel blood at her wrists. She couldn't get free and she couldn't stop seeing what was happening in front of her.

''Shaurya.'' She screamed, and her throat hurt, a part of her which was stronger than the panic took over. ''Before you do that, don't you want me to understand? You said that was what you wanted. Shaurya, help me understand. Why did you kill Ruhi?''


Misha twisted her hand from the ropes, one hand came out. ''Go on.'' She inhaled sharply. ''What happened then?''

''I knew I had to send them a message.  I came back the next night for Rhea, but you were there again. You ran away from me into the shed.''


Pia was about to turn and go back inside when she heard the scratching.

It came from above her. From the roof. She glanced up and..

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Awesome work sweetheart!! Nice to see Chand-Haseena behave so nicely with Piya, but ofcourse she's the lord's soulmate.... But where's Abhay?? Make him come back soon, u remember Piya has got a college to attend too!!
Mish-Raj part was gud too, Shaurya is indeed behind the goat incident but did he kill Ruhi too??      
-Nidhi. .

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its awesome Akansha..... loked it.

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hei akanksha,
that was when will abhay come?eagerly waiting for their reunion..after she understood everything that happened in her past births..n misha..hope she stops shaurya from killing raj..wat that precap  in piya's part?is it maya again..continue soon akanksha..

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nice 1 akhiClap*claps*4 chandina............they were very sweet with pia n abhay kab ayega?
i just hope mish will stop shaw
updt soooonBig smile

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