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|Impossible Love S2| Note:Pg70 (Page 36)

Untitled001 Goldie

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 8:07am | IP Logged
The Vm was really beautiful. How did you do it? You are really good at it!

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by elizaa

god! am so srry for unreserving it so late..

Koi baat nahi! :D
trust me.. tht judging job is very hectic.. sanu ne meri waat lagaayi hai.. ek saath 8 os padhne padte hai.. woh be once twice..Ouch

LMAO .. I told you na, never take responsibilities if you're lazy. :P

nvm.. coming bk to your frst part.. u knw tht i love the way u write/// so i wnt repeat myself again.. one word again- it WAS awesome..Embarrassed

Two words : Thank you! =) 

ok.. my questions...
shaurya is a wolfie, but these guys r thinking tht a vampire killed ruhi and a goat and al.. but then its shaw whs the culprit.. but he is a wolfSilly am going bonkers.. sowwie

Lmao .. you know it, but don't spill the beans. Angry Everyone else thinks that he's a good guy. :P

i love the way u r showing raj and mishas spaks.. they both can so feel it.. but will not accept tht the soulmate theory works.. atleast nt ne time soonerEmbarrassed

Thanks again. :D

i sorta liked the precap.. nt tht i understood it... but hope tht ull show me something ill like
:D u knw wht i mean..Embarrassed

Liz, you've read the book, it goes on the same lines..I changed some of it 'coz I wanted Misha to remain Misha and not Mary! =)


''You think that all werewolves are low class? You know what that is? They call it prejudice. Your own sister is a werewolf, forgod's sake, and she's nothing less than you. Infact, she's better, MUCH BETTER than you.''

Raj threw his arms up in a gesture of surrender. ''Alright, alright, now let me speak, please?'' He paused. There was a silence. He seemed to be on a loss for words. ''Okay, Misha, I don't believe that stupid stuff.''Blushing

hw the hell did u write tht bit? besht and beshtestEmbarrassed

Haath se likha. LOL PJ. :P Thanks again! *runs off to reply other 2 posts* 

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by elizaa

wow the whole idea of maya and mrinalini is awesome.. i so loved the way u put it up..
poora bollywood style.. 2 daughters. twins. one evil, and the other a sweetheartWink

You act like you don't know anything. LOL ..Maya and Hellewise, remember?

feel so say for abhayndra.. Ouch he bacame a vampy against his wish, and had no choice coz maya wanted him..

It's not finished yet, remember? There's more. Ouch
and raj is maya's decendant itself.. maya is his great great great grandmotherShocked he knows that?
will he be of ne help to abhay and pia to get rid of tht biatch?

Yep, Raj is Maya's descendant, and no, he doesn't help them to get rid of Maya. AP can handle her. I will connect him with Abhay after the leap! =)

and maya knws th raj is her descendant?

Yeah, duh. Not that it makes any difference to the story. :P

so now i knw wht raj is thdodu evil.. evil genes to be blamedLOL
lol in ur ap part too ive got my raj here..Embarrassed u hate me right?? LOL

''It's blood you need.''

Abhay jumped up, shaking with fury. ''How about yours?'' He growled.

Maya laughed. ''How sweet. But it won't doAngryAngryAngry

hate herAngry

Everyone does. :P

plz cont soon.. i cant wait ne longer...

Tomorrow. :D

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 8:32am | IP Logged
Thank you Liz and Paradisekiss! =) Liz.. mujhe merge karna nahi aata. :P

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Rozy77 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Hi sweety
Sorry for the late reply.
Was a wonderful updateThumbs Up
i liked the mish-raaj conversation as well as the 1 wid shaurya
Aww abhayBroken Heart that maya is such a bitchAngry i hope in the end she has a horrible death. And he got ppl guarding pia?! that's so sweetEmbarrassed
The story is moving at a good pace, and is getting more interesting and addictiveSmile plzz continue soon
Thanks for the pmHug

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 10:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rozy77

Hi sweety
Sorry for the late reply.
Was a wonderful updateThumbs Up
i liked the mish-raaj conversation as well as the 1 wid shaurya
Aww abhayBroken Heart that maya is such a bitchAngry i hope in the end she has a horrible death. And he got ppl guarding pia?! that's so sweetEmbarrassed
The story is moving at a good pace, and is getting more interesting and addictiveSmile plzz continue soon
Thanks for the pmHug

Thank you! =) Maya will die horribly in the end, don't worry. ;D And, yeah, those people would be explained in the next chapters. Thanks again, and do watch the VM on page 35. Smile

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 April 2011 at 3:36pm | IP Logged
Chapter 17

''I think.'' She said cautiously. ''That you are suggesting changing me into a vampire.''

The corner of Raj's lips twitched. ''Well, that was the general idea, yes.''

''So that Rhea can be happy?''

''So that you don't get killed by some jerk like Shankar.''

''But ain't the Lords going to kill me just the same way if you change me?''

''Only if they find you.'' He said impatiently. ''And if we can get away from here, they wouldn't. Anyway, as a vampire, you have a better chance of fighting them.''

''So I am supposed to leave everything here and become a vampire just so that Rhea can be happy.''

Raj stared at the roof angrily. ''Forget it.''

''Believe me, I wasn't even thinking about it in the first place.''

''Fine.'' He continued to stare. Suddenly Misha had a horrible feeling that something was wrong with Raj.

''Raj .. ''

He didn't answer. His jaw was clenched.

''I'm sorry.'' Misha said, trying to shake off the new feelings that suddenly descended on to her. ''It's just that everything has turned out so - weird. I never asked for any of this.'' She paused. ''I guess you never asked for it, either. First, your sister ran away, and then .. me. Some joke, yeah?''

''Yeah.'' He turned to look at her. ''Look, I might as well tell you. I didn't ask for any of it, either, and if somebody had said last week that I'd be..involved..with a human, I would have knocked his head off. After bursting into laughter. But.''

He stopped. That seemed to be the end of his confession : but. Ofcourse, he didn't really need to say more. Misha, with her arms folded across her chest, stared at him while she tried to think of other possible explanations starting with 'but'. She couldn't think of any.

''I am a bad influence on your sister.''

''I said that to protect you. I mean, to try and protect you. ''

''I can protect myself.''

''I noticed.'' His voice was dry. ''Does that help?''

''You noticing? No, because you don't really believe it. You'd always think that I am weaker than you, even if you don't say it.''

''If you were a vampire, you wouldn't be weaker.'' He held her gaze. ''Also, you'd know what I was really thinking.'' He held out a hand. ''Want to try?''

Misha looked away. ''I think we should go back. They are going to think we have killed each other.''

''Let them.'' Raj said, his hand still held out, but Misha just shook her head and walked away.

Whatever was going on with Raj, she'd been getting in too deep. When she walked back, her eyes automatically went to Shaurya. He immediately looked away.

''I don't care, I can't wait anymore.'' Rhea said. ''I have got to go.''

''She needs to hunt.'' Panchi told Misha. She led Rhea away while she was left with Shaurya.

Once again, she didn't know what to say. She looked at him, and stopped feeling awkward. He was looking at her with his usual level-headed stare.

He looked over her shoulder and whispered. ''Misha, be careful.''


''Be careful.'' It was the same tone he had used when warning her about Rhea. She followed his Raj, who was walking to the car where Panchi, Rhea and Kabir were already sitting.

''It's alright.'' Misha said slowly. She didn't know how to explain. Even Rhea didn't believe that Raj wouldn't hurt her.

Shaurya looked bleak. ''I know guys like him. Sometimes they bring human girls into our clubs, and you don't want to know why. So just watch your back, alright?''

It was a shock. Rhea and Panchi had said similar things about him, but with Shaurya, it all sank in. Raj had undoubtedly done things in his life which ..which would make her want to kill him if she knew. Things you just can't forget about.

''I will be careful.'' She snorted. ''I can handle him.''

Shaurya's brown eyes were dark and his jaw was tight as he looked at Raj. Under his quietness, she could sense leashed power. Cold anger. Protectiveness. And the fact that he didn't like Raj at all.

Rhea blew the car horn. ''I will be all right.'' Misha whispered quickly.

''I will tell you if I come up with something.''

Misha nodded. ''Thanks, Shaurya.''

He stood watching as they pulled out of the college.

''Okay, so we go home.'' Kabir said. ''Then what?''

Nobody answered. They had no idea what.

''There's something else they have to do first.'' Panchi said. ''They need to hunt.''

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The first sight of Maithali broke through his animal state and give him enough strength to stand up like a man. She reminded him of Mrinalini. She had that same look of tender courage, that same ageless wisdom in her eyes. Any woman could be pretty, but Maithali was pretty because her soul showed on her face.

Seeing her made him ashamed. Seeing her defend him made him angry.

He resisted when she sneaked out and tried to send him back to the world. Didn't she understand? It was best for him to die. As long as he was loose, no child, no woman, no man was safe. Even as he stood there, he was trembling with need. The bloodlust was making him crazy, and it took everything he had from stopping himself to grab her and bite her throat.

When she offered him her blood, he almost cried. It wasn't a sacrifice to turn her down, it was the right thing to do. The only thing he could think of to do.

And then the hunters came.

He was still drowsy by the lack of blood, it was that simple. During the endless time when the people from her tribe burned and stabbed and beat him, he lost all contact with the person inside him. He became an animal, as mindless as the mob that was trying to kill him.

As an animal, he wanted two things : to survive and to strike out at the people who were hurting him. And there was a way to do both.

Throats. The image came to him slowly. Blood. He didn't have to lie here and take this. He could fight back, and his enemies would give him life.

The next time a spear jabbed at him, he grabbed it and pulled.

It belonged to the leader of the hunters. He grabbed the man as he stumbled forward, taking him down. And before anyone had the time to react, he darted for his throat.

It was all over in just a minute. He was drinking, getting stronger with every drop of blood. People were staring at him in paralyzed shock.

It felt good.

He tossed the dead man aside and reached for another.

When a group of hunters came for him together, he had grabbed them all and killed them. One, two, three. The blood made him supernaturally strong and fast, and the bloodlust gave him motivation. They kept coming at him, trying to stop him, but he kept killing.

He killed them all.

He was drunk with blood and he gloried in it, in the power it gave him. Killing was glory, killing to eat, killing for revenge. Destroying the people who hurt him. He didn't ever want to stop.

He was drinking the last drops from the veins of a young girl when he looked down and saw that it was Maithali.

Her eyes were wide open, but the light in them seemed to go dark.

He had killed her.

In a blinding instant, he wasn't an animal anymore, he was a person. And he was looking down at the one person who had tried to help him, who had offered him her blood to keep him alive.

He raised his eyes and saw the devastation. He had not only killed her..but most of her tribe.

That was when he knew the truth. He was damned. Worse than Maya. He had committed a crime so monstrous that he could never be forgiven, never be redeemed. He had joined evil in the end, just like Maya promised he would.

No punishment would be too great for him, but then no punishment would make the slightest difference anyway, to these people or the dying girl in his arms.

She stirred.

She was conscious, still barely. Her eyes were still open. She was looking up at him..

In that moment, Abhay felt a shock that was different from anything he'd ever felt.

In those pupils that were highly dilated as if to catch every last ray of light, he saw..himself.

Himself and the girl, walking together, hand in hand walking through the ages. Joined. Different times, different cities. But always the two of them, tied with an invisible bond.

He recognized her. It was as if those ages had already happened, but he knew it was in the future. He was looking down the corridor of time, seeing what should have been.

She was his soulmate.

She was the one who was supposed to walk with him through different times, being born and loving and dying and being born again. They had been meant for each other. They should have had lives together.

But how was it possible? He was immortal, he couldn't die and be born again. And she was dying because of him. He had killed her himself. He killed his destiny.

He sat silent and stunned. He wanted to say, 'Im sorry.' He wanted to say, 'what have I done?' but he couldn't. He had an endless feeling of falling.

I forgive you.

He heard her voice. It was in his mind. She said it as a whisper, but not with her mouth.

You can't forgive me. He could see that she understood his answer. He knew he didn't deserve forgiveness. But he wanted her to know that he had never meant this to happen. I wasn't always like this. I was a person-

We don't have time for that, she told him. He knew that she had seen the same thing, the endless corridor where only the two of them existed.

Her voice was gentle. I don't want you to die. I want you to promise one thing.


I want you to promise you will never kill again.

It was easy to promise..he didn't plan to live. Not without her. He couldn't live after what he'd done.

I'll never kill again.

She gave him the faintest of smiles. And then, she died.

Her eyes went fixed and dark. Unseeing. Her skin was ghostly white and her body was absolutely still.

Abhay moaned like a wounded animal. He was shaking so hard he couldn't almost hold her. He reached out to push her hair behind her ear. His hand went to her neck, and left a trail of blood.

 He stared at it in horror. The mark was like a blaze of red against her pale skin.

Even his love was deadly.

He picked up her still, cooing body and glanced at the girl staring at them. She had tears in her eyes. He looked around, she was one of the only few survivors. The girl stared at him in fear and disbelief, he walked up to her, and kept Pia's body on the ground. After that, he walked outside the cave, back to where it all started.

He headed back to his home.

Maya appeared out from behind the rock. ''I told you how you'd end up. Now forget that girl and enjoy life with me.''

Abhay didn't even look at her. He knew he could have killed her..if it wasn't for that promise.

''Don't walk away from me.'' She said furiously. ''I chose you, Abheyndra. You're mine. You can't walk away from me.''

Abhay kept going, but her voice kept following him mentally.

I will never let you get away. You will be mine, now and forever.

Abhay travelled fast, and in a few hours, he was home, looking for the person he came to see.

Mrinalini looked up and gasped.

''I am not going to hurt you.'' He said. ''I need your help.''

What he wanted from her was a spell to sleep. He wanted to sleep until Maithali was born again.

''It could be a long time.'' Mrinalini said. ''It sounds as if her soul has been damaged. It could be hundreds of years.''

Abhay didn't care.

''And you might die.'' She looked at him steadily. ''And with what you've become, I don't think you can be reborn. You would just..die.''

Abhay simply nodded. He was only afraid of two things, that Maya would find him or he wouldn't know when to wake up.

''I can arrange the second.'' Mrinalini smiled. ''Your souls are linked, anyway. When she's born again, the voices will whisper to you.''

Abhay knew how to solve the first problem. He dug himself a grave. It was the only place where he could count on being safe and undisturbed.

He went to sleep.

He slept a long time.


''Oh my gosh, T.''

''T did it?'' Kabir snorted.

''No, I mean, yes, I mean, I don't know.'' Misha shook her head.


When he did find her, it was in Egypt. She was seventeen, her name was Mah-nakht. She looked the same, brown eyes, black hair, tall, beautiful.

Except for one thing.

Across her neck, where his fingers had smeared his own blood that night when she died in his arms, was a red mark like a bruise. 

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