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Restlessness by David Herbert Lawrence

poem from maan...
At the open door of the room I stand and look at the night,
Hold my hand to catch the raindrops, that slant into sight,
Arriving grey from the darkness above suddenly into the light of the room.
I will escape from the hollow room, the box of light, 
And be out in the bewildering darkness, which is always fecund, which might
Mate my hungry soul with a germ of its womb.

I will go out to the night, as a man goes down to the shore 
To draw his net through the surf's thin line, at the dawn before 
The sun warms the sea, little, lonely and sad, sifting the sobbing tide.
I will sift the surf that edges the night, with my net, the four
Strands of my eyes and my lips and my hands and my feet, sifting the store
Of flotsam until my soul is tired or satisfied. 

I will catch in my eyes' quick net 
The faces of all the women as they go past, 
Bend over them with my soul, to cherish the wet
Cheeks and wet hair a moment, saying: "Is it you?" 
Looking earnestly under the dark umbrellas, held fast
Against the wind; and if, where the lamplight blew 
Its rainy swill about us, she answered me 
With a laugh and a merry wildness that it was she
Who was seeking me, and had found me at last to free
Me now from the stunting bonds of my chastity, 
How glad I should be! 

Moving along in the mysterious ebb of the night 
Pass the men whose eyes are shut like anemones in a dark pool;
Why don't they open with vision and speak to me, what have they in sight?
Why do I wander aimless among them, desirous fool?
I can always linger over the huddled books on the stalls,
Always gladden my amorous fingers with the touch of their leaves,
Always kneel in courtship to the shelves in the doorways, where falls
The shadow, always offer myself to one mistress, who always receives.

But oh, it is not enough, it is all no good.
There is something I want to feel in my running blood,
Something I want to touch; I must hold my face to the rain,
I must hold my face to the wind, and let it explain
Me its life as it hurries in secret. 
I will trail my hands again through the drenched, cold leaves
Till my hands are full of the chillness and touch of leaves,
Till at length they induce me to sleep, and to forget.

part 24
pls do comment & press the like button' ty for all the love and suport
read the poem… describes maans restlessness….

The mans voice disturbed me. While geets eyes just looked at me. There was no care... No nothing in her eyes for this man. The charm... The twinkling eyes when she used to here his name... Have disappeared. There was no love.


Maan couldn't stand the sight. But the fact, the truth. He knew. He broke her virginity. It's just him. She is loyal after all. He smirks...
Maan- thanks for letting me know the truth mr sing!
Shoria- I am taking Geet with me. He didn't remove his gaze from geet. Not even for a second. The pain was visible. It was torturing him. Geet her self couldn't remove the gaze. The world had no clue how happy She was....
Maan came in between to break the last eye contact- you may leave mr sing. I think your work have been done.
Shoria- Geet let's go!
Maan- you may leave before my guards drag you out!
Geet didn't utter a word. She left for her cabin. she didn't want Shoria to share her pain. It's just hers & maans... She by her self have to bare this....
Maan flows her...

Shoria was speechless. Unable to say a single word. How could she tolerate all this?

Geet came in. She barely could walk or talk. She wanted to cry scrim... But how could she? It's her own choice... Maan walks in... looks at Geet. She was lost in her own world. Like she will faint any moment. Like she will die... He looks at her in great concentration. In dilemma... Why he cares for get so much. He never did before! All those years! All those months... He have been with so many best models... One after another... Then why her? Sammera... He thought he was in love... Love with her after everything.... Then why he is not missing her... Not even caring... Bothered where sam might be! What she is doing! Who is she with?... But her... This filth... Have taken something way... Way from me... Why I smile when she does? Why I cry... When she cries... Why I ... He slams the door hard. Geet looks up then down again. Not bothered. Hardly caring. Like his presence is nothing to her! It's nothing!..

Maan- have you finished your work? He wanted to start a conversation... There was no normal conversation.... Even if he wanted to start one it will turn in to sex. He wanted to here her voice madly. He never did... Since young she always staid way or flowed him... He may hard her giggling sometime... But that to disappeared... Except that day with Shoria. He clenched his fist.
Geet- no sir! Do you need anything? She asked coldly.
Maan- In my cabin now!

Geet flowed like a puppet. He dared not touch her... Or ask her anything. What to ask? He thought... Are there anything he could ask for? Anything that will not turn in to sex.

Geet- yes sir!

Maan hated the way she agreed with his need. His sexual need... Something he always just want from her. Only her could please him... He still wondered... Why he is not happy? Why?

Maan- we have to attend this important party this thursday. Very important.... I want no hassle.
Geet- yes sir... May I leave?
Maan- yes!
Maan was looking at the file. He hard the door shut. Maan wasn't sure why he was acting nice or why he was anticipating with her. There was a day when he would die not to see her face & there is today.... He would become restless if he doesn't spend a night with her... But was there more then this nights? Maans thought went out of control... Beyond!

The party was few hours way. Geet stood outside. Not sure if she wanted to go in or not. She have arranged everything. All the press. The workers... What they should say & not.

Geet was about to walk way & leave when maan holds her by slim waist. Geet flicks instantly. Maan was shock. She moved way from him. From his touch.
Maan- what's wrong?
Geet- we are not in bedroom. If you want to have sex with me I will be in room 121.
Maan looks at her in shock.
Geet- I have arranged everything for the party. Everything you need. Geet walks off.
Maan stood there mum. She refuged his hand. His touch where he f**** her every night. Where he... He have discovered explored her fully... Knows place where no man have never seen... She refuged his touch. Maan was in shock. His eyes widens. He looks round. Not sure what to think... He won't walk in to the party with out her. He made his mind up. He will make her dance. He will touch her in-front of everyone. Kiss her passionately... Then let's see what she does. He walks to her room. Bang opens it.
Geet- give me two minute I will take my cloths off!
Maan holds her hand & drags her out. Geet- please sir leave me! I guess we can't have sex here.
Maan gives her a stern look... But it's not the old Geet who will tolerate any type of weird behavior. She is his slave. A bedroom slave. Geet jerks her hand off.
Geet- I am your sexual pleasurable body. Nothing els. I will not attend the party. I am your slave in the bedroom.
Maan looks at her angrily- you will attend the party. The party with me. He finishes.

Geet frees her hand.
Geet- don't you dare! She gives him a angry shot. Don't you dare!
Maan looked at her in shock. She never ever refuged...
Maan- what do you mean? He snaps!
Geet- I am your only a bedroom user. Nothing els! Nothing less. Just a bedroom user.
Maan- don't you dare!
Geet ignores & walks off.....

Maan stood there confused... Why he was so restless of spending time with him... Why he is so restless for her one look... Her one smile... Why he is so restless when Shoria cares for her... He hated the guts. He hated the feeling... What he was fearing? Why he was in fear? What fear he keeping him self within? Maan walked out of the party. Haveli was empty. He barely could walk. He was in pain. A rejection... But usually he forces geet! But what stopped him today? Maan drunk peck after peck... Drunk the whole bottle.... But the pain.... He couldn't bare it anymore... He smashed the bottle... It shattered... Showing his reflection...…..

next- forbidden touch…

same precap… its divided in  parts… one more coming up… :D xxxxxx

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Awesome part
yes another update today:)
con't soon!

Edited by punjabi.princes - 22 February 2011 at 5:12pm

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why only one more? Why not two :-)

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wow great update yaar maans confusion of his own feeling and geets forbiding him of his touch outside the bedroom good good going.

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Awe the poem was exactly perfect for maan it showed his restlessness spot on and back to the update geet showed a bit of emotion but not fully she was feeling warmthat shurya was here but she didn't want to drag him to her cold lifeless life which is only shared between her and maan I feel for her of what she has become from a nice rituous girl into a cold and robotic girl who only links herself as a slave of maans body pleasure and now maan is going through pain and a weird restlessness that he is confused about but he doesn't understand that he is the process of remorse and when he knows he will be sorry to have put geet in such state and now he dies to hear her laugher and smile or even talk which does involve body oleander that he snatched away that day he killed her baby anyways great update and looking forward tothe precap Smile

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awesome more coming???me will waitWink

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sweet cherry
sweet cherry

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loved da update
do continue
it was amazing

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