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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Geet Maan Sing Khurana

A poem by Geet

Led by the whispers

of the beautifully in tune

under the spell of 

your love and the moon.

Yet in the shadows hid

deceit on your side

traveling the world

and many oceans wide.

You were very intent on

tearing me apart

leading me to love you

than shattering my heart.

Yet your plan fell apart

as what you wanted most

was me to fade away

with heartache as my host.

Yes, it hurt me deeply

but in seeing the real you

I saw that your love was fake

and my heart knew what to do.

It walked away from all

that had led me there

for your supposed love

was far to hard to bear.

Maan Sing Khurana

Author: Joanna

A Poem By Maan...

We were so young, so carefree

We had the world on a string

But we didn't yet know

what the next day would bring

Will I be forced

to grow up too fast?

We've got to take it back,

but we can't change the past

I had so much potential,

that's what they'll say

How could one moment

change my life this way?

How were we to know

that one little mistake

would come back to haunt me

with every breath I take?


A poem by muskanup'. as Maan to Geet



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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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-------= a word should not be pronounced

part 22
pls do comment & press the like button' ty for all the love and suport

His tongue touched her lower lip... Geet closed her mouth instantly... He slowly licked her lips... Flowed by jaw... Geet froze like she is usually with maan... No reaction...
But suddenly his face went way... His grip loosens & Geet lands on the floor...
Maans eyes was bright red. His body was fuming with anger. The blood started to rush on his face making him bright red... Like he will burst any minute. Maan smacks his lips with his forehead. The man held his mouth instantly. Blood was dripping.
Man- you -.-  maan? Maan didn't care anymore. He kicked hard on his private part. He lands on the floor.

Geet sat on the floor. Shocked! Not sure what just happened! Maan was kicking the man on the floor madly. He wasn't stopping.
Maan- how dare you you touch her with your f*** hand! How dare you b**** you! He kicked at his face. The man was holding his face with one hand while another on his private part... Maan didn't stop kicking... Nor shouting. He was angry. Furious. Mad. In agony. That lips... No one dare licks them. No one dare except him... No one dare.. He kicked on his hand... Nearly breaking it... Actually his finger broke...

People started to run out hearing the hassle... Maans body guards started to push him out. To stop... While the other mans bodyguards helping him to get...

Geet still sat in the floor. Thoughtless. Num. She slowly gets up. Covers her self with dupatta & walks off. Not even looking back at maan once. She simply didn't care... She looked like abnormal person... No feeling... No care'

Maan stops... Looks round for geet. She was no where to be seen. Maan runs to the place where she was last.. His heart started to breath hard. He was panting. Scared fear what if something happens to her? What if someone ra.p... He pushes his hair back. Sweating. His for head was bleeding along with his knuckle. He tried to rang Geet... But out of his misery the phone was laying on the floor. He spine round madly. Looking at the bodyguards then to the dark night... He ran towards his car... Drove madly at geets place... His hand was shaking... Pressing her bell non stop! His heart started to thump so loudly... The fear the pain... The pain if her not there safe in her flat... He was about to call someone when geet opens the door. His eyes widens. Drops the phone instantly & hugs her tight... Geet was relaxed. She wasn't sure exactly why maan was so restless or worried to be honest... He cups her face...
Maan- are you alright? He was panting... He looks at the lips where that ------- licked... How dare he? He kissed her tight... Like those lips only belongs to him. No one els. He sucked everywhere he licked... How dare he? That ----- that --------! Geet stood there num... Her both hand resting on the side... While maan walked in... Kissing her madly. Like he haven't seen her for years... For months... For decades... Maan lands on the sofa... After long time both stops... Breathless.
Geet still didn't react nor stopped him. After all she is his slave.
Maan- are you alright? He asked again...
Geet freed her self from him & replied- I will be in the bedroom.
Maan looks at her in shock & pulls her back- Geet! I am asking you something? He asks angrily.
Geet- umm... Yes! Geet looks at him blankly. She didn't understand his worries. Why he should be worried? If she sleeps with other men! Long as she is with him on time in his need.
Maan- geet! What's wrong with you? He stands up.. Jerking her... She just stood there looking at him blankly.
Geet- if you want me to take all my cloths off & be ready... I will do that. Just give me two minute... She told him honestly... What els did he want except sex. Main reason he is here... At my place... Geet turned round & was about to walk towards the bedroom. Maan looked at her pain.. Grief with worries. He pulls her back and shoves her against the wall- I don't want to have sex with you. He shouts! I don't! Maans eyes widens. Realizing what he just told her. Isn't that's why he is here. Just for sex!
Geet- if you are not here for sex then you may leave. She answers him back. Maan looks at her... Thoughtless. He started to breath hard. What's going on? Why he is worried about her? Why did he nearly killed his own brother for her? He puts on hand on wis waist & pulls his hair back. Freeing geet. Then in anger he punches the wall behind her...
He walks out in frustration.

Dev was in hospital. Brutally smacked by his brother and that to for a -----

anvis- I can't believe bro have done this to you. Devs face was bandaged up. His tong was cut open. He was in immense pain.
Dadi- I have enough of this maan! He is going out of control. It took me long time to keep you all way from those filth but it seems like garbage always like to stay with garbage!
Ani- mind your tongue Dadi other wise we can forget you are our Dadima. Furnace always sties in garbage. This is just a normal fight! Nothing serious.
Dev- still! He nearly killed me for that ------!
Dadi walks out.
Dev- she will be on my bed. I will crash her. That ------

Maan went round his farmhouse. Few of his friend held a party. As he walked in few top models started to Surrounded him. Trying there best to owwe him... After all a night with maan sing khurana means publicity... & most girls knows how much he loves sex. Maan sat on the bar at the corner. Drinking. He wasn't sure what is happening to him... Since last few month his night always have been with Geet. Trying his best to feel happy feel the pleasure... Nothing seems to work... Anjali joins him... Wearing a short dress. Looking extremely sexy... Strokes her index finger along his chin...
Anjali- hello handsome... Since that night you haven't even call me... She comes closer... Slides her hand along maans shoulder like a snake... Coming so close that she could feel his soft ---------... It wasn't hardening nor she was turning him on... She hugs her... Kissing his neck... While her hand wonders round below...
Anjali- I see you are not ready today... What happen? She smirks...
Maan pushes her way... She lands on the bar... Bit shocked... & walks to his bedroom...
He lay down... Looking at the celling... Couldn't sleep...
Maan was restless... He shuffled & buffed... From one side to another... He wanted Geet... Just geet... Even after she was not giving him pleasure... He just wanted her...

4 am...
Maan managed to make it to geets house... She was half sleep. She badly want to move out of here so at-least she could sleep well...
Maan lands on geets arm- here! I can't sleep! & you sleeping peacefully?
Geet looks at him curiously. What's to him? If I sleep or not sleep? Long as he have me for his sexual pleasure what els he have to complain. She just looks at him blankly- are you here for sex?
Maan hated the word now. He couldn't stand the word! Every time he sees her... Every second... All he ask is this... Nothing els... Just sex...
Maan- yes! I am here for that! Yes! He shouts angrily. Annoyingly! He him self wasn't sure What he was talking about... What he was mumbling... Blabbing...
Geet- I will be in the bedroom. Ready for you... Maan jerks her back and pulls geet close to him...
Maan- why you behaving like this?
Geet- I am your slave. You wanted me to behave like this. I am only your sex pleasure & that's what you want me for... What els do you expect?... Geet walks towards the bedroom...

Maan went mum again... He walks in to the bedroom & slaps geet tight. He couldn't stand her sight... In one way she was seducing him... Geet... Naked... On the bed... With her bleeding lips. She looked Tempting in every way. Maan spines round in frustration and kicked the side table. The table lamp smashed.
Geet pulls her self together. She takes the spread and covers her self with the spread...
Geet- if you don't want sex why are you here? Maan spines round instantly and pines her to the bed... Geet gave on & was ready for him to start...
Maan- I don't want to f**** you. Do you understand! I don't.
Geet- then you may leave.
Maan- NO! NO! I won't leave! Sumje Tum. He was breathing hard. Hardly could talk in anger. His blood was boiling... His anger... Out of control...
Geet- why are you angry? you wanted me for...
Maan snaps again- I will f*** you When I want to. Understand.
Geet- why are you here? With a filth? A bitch? A garbage... I am like a poustratude to you... A slave... What's to you if anyone touch me? Geet asked him coldly... Cunningly...

"I looked at her in shock. Num! Mum! Barely could could say a word. Her every word was true. But somewhere... It started to irritated me... The word postratude haunt me! Why? I see her like that. My sex! My pleasure...

Geet- I was raped by 10 men na... So what more... Maybe one more!

Maan gets up. Annoyed. Angry. Maan- you had husband you have mentioned. He spat those words. Who els have touched you?

next- rough night' or shall i say angry morning'.

thanks for all the love & support' & for the like buttonEmbarrassed\please do press' will PM u all tonight'. if you haven't recived any PM u r not on my list' do say i will add u...Embarrassed

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ohh first one to comment ;) jippi ;)

very well written ,) please continue soon ..
You rock !

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congrats on the new thread!

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congratz on the new thread.........DancingDancingDancing

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loved it........loved it........loved it........loved it!!!
Simply superb!!!

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