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SR FF - For love is in the air-Pt 20 pg 62 Cmpltd (Page 60)

-Prithi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 2:52am | IP Logged
awesome update

-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 3:02am | IP Logged

Awww it was cute update Embarrassed

LOVED all the SR scenes Heart
Specially wen Ridz said ' Bacche ' & Sid's eyes opened wide in shock LOL
I can soo imagine KW doing dat EmbarrassedLOL

& what happened to Ridz ?? Dheere dheere Sid banti ja rahi hai LOLLOL

I HATE dat Horman Angry
But for Shilpuu I will tolerate him

Continue soon...
JERAN_rocks Groupbie

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 5:30am | IP Logged

*woot*woot* asusual AWESOME! Clap
Part-17 brilliantly written Clap Seriouly wat a update man! fully out of world...there was romance,hawwtness,nok-jokh,cutness everythingSmileWinkAmaziiing Clap Clap
Loved how shilpu-anjie teased Mrs.Riddhima Siddhant Modi Wink and their sistery moment too Smile and most of all our SR each and every scene...Blushing Blushing Sid is too naughty and the moment when Sid kissed her to shut her mouth gaaawwwd...hottneesss is in the air Day Dreaming simply SR too hawt to handle Day Dreaming Wink Embarrassed

part-18 Clap Awww...chooo cuteee...Heart wonderful Star
loved all SR scenes
Poor Mrs.Modi thought herhubby wanted to do *ahem*ahem* at hospital ROFL
SR KISS...haiiyeeeDay Dreaming
and the cutest scene was when he said 'bacche' i can so imagine kw acting this outDay Dreaming Wink LOL
Cant tolarate dat guy Angry
continue soon
luv yaHeart
RestlessWriter Goldie

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 8:28am | IP Logged
                                    PART 19
Recap : Sid and Riddhima undertake mission ARSH and Sid puts Shilpa and Armaan on duty together. Riddhima and Sid convince Shilpa that she should not run away from her feelings for Armaan and should face him. Armaan confronts Shilpa abt what happened between them on SR wedding night. Shilpa tells him nothing happened that should get him worried. He asks Shilpa if they could be friends again and Shilpa agrees. Sid and Riddhima decide that they have to step in to help them.
The next day, Sid and Riddhima walked into Sanjeevani with a smile on their lips and a "superb" plan in their heads.

The day before, Riddhima had gone to console Shilpa and told her to hang in there and that Sid and she would help Shilpa in any and every possible way - that they would always be there for her. That had helped Shilpa and she'd managed to finish off her duty holding onto that thought. But it hurt her nevertheless that Armaan felt nothing at all for her. Sid and Riddhima had gone home and racked their brains to come up with a plan. They had finally decided on a plan that Sid had suggested and Riddhima had to reluctantly agree that it might just work, it wasn't the way she'd have wanted to do it but it was the fastest and the easiest. So they'd agreed on it.

Riddhima : I'm still not sure this plan is going to work.. Maybe we should just opt for the slow and steady route..

Sid : Riddhima.. Slow and steady means Shilpa will have to go through that much more pain.. What Armaan needs is a Zor ka jhatka!!

Riddhima : Oh.. Don't even talk about Zor ka jhatka..

They walked into the locker room and as expected, everyone was in the locker room including Armaan and Shilpa getting ready for the day. Riddhima looked at Sid and he nodded reassuringly. Riddhima nodded too and they stepped in smiling. JP spotted them first.

JP : Good morning Sid bhaiyya!! Good morning Riddhima bhabhi!!

Sid : Good morning!!

Riddhima : Good morning!!

Sid : Guys mujhe.. I mean humme tum sab ko invite karna hai..

JP : Invite? Lekin kahan Sid bhaiyya?

Sid : Aaj hamare ghar dinner hai..

Jiggy : Dinner??!! Arey waah!! Lekin kis khushi mein Sid?

Sid : Shilpa ithne saal baad apni family se mili hai tho Shilpa ke liye welcome party..

Shilpa looked up surprised.

Shilpa : Sid, Riddhima di.. Iss sab ki koi zaroorat nahi..

Riddhima : Shilpa..

She goes up to Shilpa and takes her hands in hers.

Riddhima : Shilpa.. Its not anything grand or big.. Just close friends.. Just our way of letting you know that we love you..

Shilpa eyes fill up with tears and she hugs Riddhima. Then she goes over to hug Sid.

Sid ; Okay guys tho aaj raat 8 baje.. Hamare ghar.. Aur sabko aana hai.. (he looks over to where Armaan is standing) Armaan tu sun raha hai na?

Armaan : Haan.. Haan.. I'll be there..

Sid : Ok guys.. Chalo ab briefing time..

They file out of the locker room.


Later that evening, at the Modi penthouse, Sid and Riddhima are both getting ready for the dinner. Sid is busy tidying up the house while Riddhima is giving final touches to her cooking.

Sid : Riddhima.. Jaldi jaake ready ho jao.. Wo log aathe hi honge..

Riddhima : Haan.. Sid.. zara idhar aana tho..

Sid goes over to the kitchen.

Sid : Kya hua?

Riddhima : Zara yeh rajma taste karke dekho tho? Namak theek hai na?

She feeds him the rajma.

Sid : Hmmm.. Its superb!!

Riddhima smiles happily.

Sid : Ab tum jaake ready ho jao.. Warna patha chala wo log aa bhi gaye..

Riddhima : Lekin Sid baaki sab ready tho hai na?

Sid : Uski fikar tum math karo.. I've taken care of all that..

Riddhima : Plan kaam karega na?

Sid : Riddhima.. (he holds her by her shoulders and gently guides her out of the kitchen into the bedroom) Tum ithna tension math lo.. Sab theek ho jaayega.. Aakhir mera plan hai.. Koi gadbad ho hi nahi sakthi..

Riddhima goes in to change. When she comes out, Sid had already changed was sitting on the couch watching TV. She goes and stands in front of him.

Riddhima : Kaisi lag rahi hoon main?

Sid (still trying to watch tv and not even looking at her) : Achchi lag rahi ho.

Riddhima keeps blocking his view.

Riddhima : Tumne tho meri taraf dekha bhi nahi!!

Sid continues to ignore her. She gets angry and is about to stomp off when Sid grabs her hand and pulls her and she ends up on his lap. He kisses her long and hard. He slowly draws away from the kiss and looks at her.

Sid (in a sexy voice) : Naak bhi gussa aur chehre pe blush.. Now you look perfect!!

Riddhima could not help but smile. Just then the doorbell rings. Riddhima gives Sid a quick peck on his cheek before going to the door. She opens the door and Shilpa is standing there.

Riddhima : Shilpa!!

Shilpa : Di!!!

They hug and Shilpa walks in. She sees Sid and hugs him too.

Shilpa : Hi Sid!!

Sid : Hey Shilpa!! You are looking pretty..

Shilpa : Thank you..

Riddhima : Shilpa, aao baitho.. Tum kya piyogi?

Shilpa : Abhi kuch nahi chahiye Di.. Main aapki madad kar doon?

Riddhima : Haan, I was just going to set the table for the dinner.. Come on..

Shilpa and Riddhima are setting the food on the table when the doorbell rings again and Sid goes to open the door. Its JP and Jiggy. Sid offers them drinks and they are settling in when the doorbell rings again and this time its Armaan. Shilpa starts getting all nervous as soon as he enters but Riddhima  looks at her comfortingly and she sticks by Riddhima's side. They have dinner while being entertained by JP, Jiggy's nonsensical chatter and Armaan and Sid's ridiculous jokes. Shilpa starts to relax. They finish dinner and head towards the living room.

Sid : Drinks guys?

Armaan : I'll have one.

JP & Jiggy : Hamare liye bhi..

Sid : Riddhima, Shilpa.. Tum dono ke liye juice?

Riddhima nods her head.

Shilpa : Yes. Thank you Sid..

Sid : No probs.

Sid goes into the kitchen. He gets the drinks and Riddhima comes to help him.

Riddhima : Sab theek tho hai na Sid?

Sid : Perfect.

Riddhima : Phew.. Shilpa ka kaunsa hai?

But before he could answer, Armaan calls him. He turns away and while walking out says "Left wala.."

Riddhima gets the drinks arranged on a tray and brings them over. Everyone grabs their drinks and Riddhima hands over the glass of juice on her left side to Riddhima. Then she sits down with her glass of juice and they sit there and talk. A little while later, Riddhima starts to feel weird. She felt sleepy, no not sleepy, lethargic? She couldn't think properly. She thinks its because she had had a rough day and keeps quiet. Sid on the other hand was observing Shilpa out of the corner of his eye. She seemed to have no effect. He thinks to himself that Shilpa seems to have great capacity. So, he goes back into the kitchen and brings out more 'juice' for Shilpa and Riddhima. After the next rounds of 'juice', both the Gupta sisters are talli.

Shilpa : Di.. yeh tho bahut hi achcha juice hai..

Riddhima : Sach mein Shilpa.. Yeh tho bahut hi achcha hai.. Patha hai.. Yeh Sid ka special hai..

She winks at Sid. Sid is horrified as to how Riddhima got drunk and is scared that she might blurt out their plan.

Sid (to himself) : yeh kya ho gaya? Yeh Riddhima kyun talli ho gayi? Talli tho Shilpa ko hona tha. I mean Shilpa bhi talli hui hai lekin Riddhima talli kaise ho gayi? Agar isne hamara plan batha diya tho.. Oh God.. Sid kuch soch jaldi..

Sid (aloud) : Hey guys how abt some dance?

JP : Yeh tho bahut hi achcha idea hai hum tho Shilpa flowerji ke saath dance karenge..

Sid : Arey nahi.. Tu Shilpa ke saath dance karega tho Jiggy ke saath kaun dance karega? Tum dono ek doosre ke saath dance karo.. Armaan.. Tu shilpa ke saath dance kyun nahi kartha?

Saying that he drags Armaan and Shilpa to dance and Sid takes Riddhima to the dance floor. The music starts and Sid pulls Riddhima towards him. They fit into each other's arms so perfectly. For a few moments, Armaan feels a stinging sensation in his heart watching them. Then he drags his eyes away from them and looks at the girl standing in front of him. She was smiling at him and Armaan suddenly realized that he hadn't seen her genuinely smile at him in so long and that he missed her smile. As he gently pulled her in for the dance, he had another realization. She had beautiful eyes. Why hadn't he noticed this before? He surely had looked at her numerous times before but why did he not notice that her eyes were so clear yet deep, beautiful and expressive? She looked gorgeous in red. And he had thought red suited only one female. He looked over to where Sid and Riddhima were dancing. They had eyes only for each other. Sid was saying something into her ear and Riddhima was giggling. Armaan felt a tap on his shoulder that drew his attention back to the girl in his arms.

Shilpa (obviously drunk) : Hello.. Paging Dr. Armaan Malik..

Armaan : Kya hua Shilpa?

Shilpa : Tum mere saath dance kar rahe ho.

Armaan did not know whether was asking him or simply stating the obvious.

Armaan : hmmm..

Shilpa : Tho mujhe dekho na!!

Armaan was surprised.

Shilpa : Dekho maine tumhara favourite colour bhi pehena hai.. Dekho..

She pulls away slightly to show him she was wearing a red churidar.

Shilpa : Sid ne bhi mujhe kaha ki main bahuut pretty lag rahi hoon. Lekin tum kabhi mujhse kuch nahi kehthe..

Armaan : Maine tumse kya nahi kaha?

Shilpa : Tumne kabhi kaha ki Shilpa tum bahut pretty ho? Ya kaha ki Shilpa tumhari smile bahut achchi hai? Kyun nahi kaha?

Armaan : Ok.. Shilpa tum bahut pretty aur Shilpa tumhari smile bahut achchi hai..

Shilpa : Very good!!

She starts to giggle.


On the other hand, Sid was having a tough time getting Riddhima to calm down. She was giggling away and making comments abt how their plan was working and he was afraid someone would hear her. He tried all possible ways to get her to quieten down but she would not.

Sid : Riddhima.. Pls chup ho jao..

Riddhima : Nahi.. Kyunki agar main chup ho gayi tho tum mujhe chup nahi karaoge..

Sid : Mathlab??

Riddhima : Jab main tumse ladthi hoon tho tum mujhe kaise chup karathe ho?

Sid raises his eyebrows in amusement.

Riddhima : Arey kiss kar ke na!!! Bhool gaye??!! Tho agar main khud chup ho gayi tho tum mujhe kiss thode na karoge..

She giggles again.

Sid : Riddhima abhi ke liye chup ho jao, sabke jaane ke baad pakka main tumhe kiss karoonga..

Riddhima shakes her head vehemently.

Riddhima : No!!

She grabs at his shirtfront and pulls him towards her.

Riddhima : Main nahi maoongi..

Sid was in a fix. With Riddhima all talli and acting like this, he could not concentrate on their task at hand. And if the rest of them stayed any longer, Riddhima might end up embarrassing both of them.

Sid : Guys, I think Riddhima ko thodi si chad gayi hai.. I guess the party is over.

Armaan : Haan.. I guess Shilpa bhi thodi.. You know..

Sid : Armaan tu pls Shilpa ko ghar chhod dega?

Armaan : ok..

Sid : Ek minute main abhi aaya.

He pries Riddhima's hands away from his shirtfront and takes her into the room.

Sid : Riddhima abhi do minute ke liye yahan pe chup chaap baitho.. Main abhi aaya.. Ok? Aur hilna nahi..

Riddhima places her finger on her lips and sits there on the bed.

Sid goes to see the rest of the gang out and gives a quick call to Padma to let her know that Shilpa had mistakenly drunk something wrong and that Armaan was coming to drop her off home. He asked her not to tell Dr. Shashank about it because he did not want Shilpa to get into trouble and it wasn't her fault.


After that he came into the room and turned on the lights. In the middle of the room, stood Riddhima holding a placard with a wide grin on her face. The placard reads, "Please take advantage of me!!!"


"Oh God!!" Sid thought to himself, "This female is absolutely impossible." He walked over to where Riddhima was standing and stood there with hands on his hips.

Sid : yeh sab kya hai Riddhima?

Riddhima : Shhh.. Kisi ko bathana nahi.. lekin mujhe lagtha hai ki main talli ho gayi hoon.

She giggles.

Riddhima : Aur Shilpa ne theek hi kaha.. Tum na kuch zyada hi shareef ho.. Tho Anjali di ne mujhe pichchli baar idea diya tha ki main yeh placard banaoon tumhare liye. Dekho..

Sid remembers the night in Chandranagar when a drunken Riddhima, instigated by her equally drunken sisters, had tried to seduce him. He smiles and shakes his head. He takes the placard from Riddhima's hands and puts it aside. He gently lifts her in his arms and places her on the bed. He lies down next to her, gathers her in his arms and kisses her forehead. Riddhima snuggles up close to him and soon, her slow, even breathing assures Sid that she is fast asleep. His thoughts wander to Armaan and Shilpa and he wonders how they were doing.


Armaan was driving Shilpa home and Shilpa was chattering away non-stop.

Shilpa : Uss din jab main white skirt aur top pehenke aayi thi thab main kaisi lag rahi thi?

Armaan : Tum bahut achchi lag rahi thi Shilpa..

Surprisingly he remembered her in all those outfits.

Shilpa : Aur haan, jab tumne uss din mujhe goondon se bachaya wo jo tumne ghumaaakkkee maara na unhe.. Bahut solid punch tha.. Very good eh.. (She pats him on his arm) Tum mujhe sikhaoge?

Armaan : Hmmm..

They reach just outside the Gupta's place.

Armaan : Hum pahunch gaye Shilpa.

Shilpa looks perplexed and looks outside.

Shilpa : yeh mera ghar nahi hai..

Armaan : Shilpa.. Tum bhool rahi ho.. Tum ab Dr. Shashank aur Padma Ma'am ke saath rehthi ho..

Shilpa : Oh haan!!! (She slaps her forehead) Main tho bhool hi gayi ki mere bhi ab Mom Dad hain.. (She giggles) Unhe bathana math eh ki main unhe bhool gayi.. Unhe bura lag jaayega na..

Armaan : Main unhe nahi bathaoonga.. Ab andar chalein?

He is about to get out of the car but Shilpa puts hand on his arm and stops him.

Shilpa : Ek baath kahoon?

Armaan : Bolo Shilpa..

Shilpa : Tum na bahuuut achche ho..

Armaan : Thanks.

Shilpa : Thanks nahi buddhu.. poocho kyun?

Armaan : Kyun?

Shilpa : Kyunki tumhare dil mein ithnaaa sara pyara hai (She extends her arms to show how much and almost hits Armaan on his face)

Armaan smiles a sad smile.

Shilpa : Lekin wo pyaar mere liye nahi hai..

Armaan is taken aback by what she says.

Armaan : Shilpa yeh tum..

Shilpa (eyes filled with tears) : Actually na.. Tum bahut bure ho..

Armaan is just too shocked to react.

Shilpa (tears rolling down her cheeks) : Poocho kyun?

Armaan says nothing.

Shilpa : Kyunki tum mujhse pyaar nahi karthe..

Armaan : Shilpa.. Tum yeh sab..

Shilpa : Aur main na.. Main ek number ki bevakoof hoon.. Poocho kyun?

Armaan remains silent.

Shilpa : Kyunki main jaanthi hoon.. Main jaanthi hoon ki tum mujhse kabhi pyaar nahi karoge.. Lekin phir bhi.. Phir bhi main tumse pyaar karthi hoon.. I love you.. (She pokes him on his chest) I love you Dr. Armaan Malik.. Aur uss raath.. Jab tum mere kareeb aaye.. Tho mujhe laga ki.. Tum bhi mere liye kuch feel karthe ho.. Tumhare dil mein kahin thodi si,thooodi si jagah mere liye bhi hai.. Aur maine tumhe apne kareeb aane diya.. Lekin main bhi kithni bevakoof hoon na.. Tum tho mujhse pyaar karthe hi nahi.. Aur uss raath bhi tumne.. Tumne.. I love you Riddhima kaha..

She then laughs hysterically.

Shilpa : lekin you don't worry, main tumhe yeh kabhi nahi bathaoongi ki main tumse pyaar karthi hoon.. No.. Kabhi nahi.. Poocho kyun?

Armaan : Kyun?

Shilpa : Kyunki pyaar mein na.. Dard dethe nahi.. Sirf dard lethe hain.. Tho main apna dard tumhe kyun doon?? Iss liye main tumhe kabhi nahi bathaoongi that I love you.. No.. Never..

Saying that, a sobbing Shilpa gets out of the car and goes inside her house leaving a shocked Armaan behind.


                                                                         ~ PART 20 ~


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RestlessWriter Goldie

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 8:39am | IP Logged

Hello everyone!!!

So thats phase one of Siddhima's Mission Arsh!!!
LOL.. Ab Sid aur Riddhima hain tho sab kuch smoothly tho ho hi nahi saktha na?? LOL 
I know a lot of you are surprised abt the change in Riddhima.. But I think its just natural.. they are hubby-wifey and totally comfortable with each other.. Riddhima loves Sid like mad and we all know how irresistably hot he is so no wonder Riddhima par Sid ka jadoo chal gaya Tongue and Mrs. Modi aaj kal kuch zyada hi naughty shaughty ho rahi hain, just like every newly wedded and madly in love couple should be..
I guess most of you must be feeling really bad for Shilpa but its all going to be alright. The next part will be the last part of this FF and as they say..
"In the end, everything is alright.. and if it isn't alright, then its not the end"
So Shilpa will find happiness but she will take some time reaching there especially because of the two people who have taken it upon themselves to "help" her LOL
And yes, I am showing you-know-who making a sincere effort to move on and not sulk or stalk our SR. He needed a zor ka jhatka and Shilpa's confession has just given him one...
So watch out for the last update tomorrow to find out how exactly SR accomplish their mission..
Thank you so much for your lovely, encouraging comments.. They really really mean a lot to me and I am so glad that all of you enjoy my FFs.. Thank you sooo much Hug
Love you all

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blissfull IF-Dazzler

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res Tongue
me first!!!! Dancing Dancing Dancing zarquuu i managed 2 be first in neets hahahahhaa Evil Smile

awww tom last update Ouch buh will be waiting n looking 4ward 2 tom n very soon a new FF 4m uSmile

neet as uasual fab fab!!! awww SR r choo cute n we lovee our talli ridhimma dont we he acts all proper in talli mode but dis one was different n very cute!!! n sid is a shareef mahn so duh he wouldnt take advantage f herTongueLOL 

i felt bad for ship i could so imagine hr enacting dat scene n hormaan was nt ishtalking n trying 2 move on Shocked Shocked LOL LOL dat is y i can bear with u r hormaanLOL

n SR ke mahan plans hain toh end be mahan hi hoga cant wait 4 d next part i will miss this FF n will miss having a competition btw me n zarquu for commenting first in al d FF'S buh now dey will be two FF'S minus Ouch buh never d less we will be waiting 4 u 2 comeback Big smile

P.S thanx you 4 d pm's n u r greedy 4 d comments buh i m more greedy 2 read u FF's :))

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loveSR Senior Member

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lovly update...Tongue
RestlessWriter Goldie

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Originally posted by subia-17

zarquu i hate u Angry LOL

neet Hug

btw i juss realised u r nt in my buddy list Shocked n u actually took so much pain 2 pm me everytime awww n cholly bt u could have told me i m one stupid gurl!!!

coming 2 d update as usual amazing!!!

i hate dat hormaan Angry bt for shilpa's happiness anything Embarrassed

n i like it dat u r talking arsh track in a lighter way!!!

like u said SR on a mission par mission ya hoga woh toh pata nahi LOL LOL LOL

SR scenes were rally cuteBlushing n aaj kal toh ridhimma bhi sid bangayeii she was thinking of ahem ahem in hospital LOL

looking forward 2 d next...

Subia Hug
Not an issue darling.. Main comments ke liye hoon hi ithni greedy ki sabko dhoond dhoondke chun chunke PM karthi hoon LOL 

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