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SR FF - For love is in the air-Pt 20 pg 62 Cmpltd (Page 51)

KW_rocks Groupbie

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 2:29am | IP Logged
Lovely update.Loved SR's breakfast scene.
Continue soon & thanks for the PM.

RestlessWriter Goldie

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 7:06am | IP Logged
                               PART 16
Recap : Sid whisks off Riddhima for a romantic houseboat ride during their vacation in Kerala. Sid cooks breakfast for Riddhima and Riddhima makes him promise that he would do no badmashi while they were eating but says the promise was applicable only to him and not her.
Throughout the breakfast, Riddhima kept teasing Sid with quick pecks on his cheeks and lips and bechara Sid had promised her that he would do no badmaashi till they were done eating so he gulped down his breakfast as fast as he could and as he was about to get up, Riddhima protested.

Riddhima : Kahan jaa rahe ho?

Sid : Breakfast khatham badmashi shuru..

Riddhima : lekin mera breakfast abhi khatham nahi hua..

Sid : Yeh tho tumne specify nahi kiya ki kiske breakfast khatham karne thak no badmashi.. Tho..

He lifts Riddhima in his arms and carries her to the bedroom where he shows her exactly what badmaashi was all about.


It was evening time. A few more hours and they would be back at the docking yard of the hotel. Riddhima and Sid were sitting on the deck of the boat, enjoying the last few hours of the tour. Riddhima was huddled against Sid, her head resting on his shoulder. Sid had his arm around her and his fingers were running through her hair. It had been such a wonderful trip. The place was so beautiful, calm and peaceful. It was as if Riddhima and Sid had been in their own little world far away from the real world; their own little world where there had been just the two of them. Now they were heading back to friends, family and work.

Sid : Wapas jaane ka mann hi kar raha.. Jee karthe hai ki yeh boat ride kabhi khatham na ho..

Riddhima : Hmm.. Lekin tum tho honeymoon pe aana hi nahi chahthe the na?

Sid : Arey wo tho main Shilpa aur Armaan ki wajah se..

He caught himself mid sentence before he blurted out the whole truth. Riddhima jerked her head up and looked at Sid.

Riddhima : Shilpa aur Armaan ki wajah se? Kya Shilpa aur Armaan ki wajah se?

Sid (to himself) : Oh God, what have I done!! I have to distract Riddhima.. If she finds out about what happened between Armaan and Shilpa, all hell will break loose!! Think Siddhant Modi.. Think' Jaldi se kuch soch le beta warna tu tho gaya.. Riddhima tujhe khoobsurath Kerala ke backwaters mein dubo degi.. Soch soch soch..

Riddhima : Main tumse kuch pooch rahi hoon Siddhant!! What happened to Shilpa and Armaan? What were you going to say?

Sid ; Was I saying something? Oh.. I can't remember what I was about to say.. I forgot.. Never mind.. I'll tell you when I remember.. Now come back into my arms..

Riddhima : Oh no.. Now don't you try to distract me.. You were about to say something about Armaan and Shilpa.. Come on, tell me Sid, Shilpa is my sister and Armaan is my friend, I need to know.


Once Riddhima set her heart on something, she always got it no matter what. Sid knew that this time it would be no different. He had to think of a way out and real quick. As his brain cells worked overtime to come up with an excuse, somewhere at the back of his mind, Riddhima's voice echoed. "Patha hai mujhe tumhari sabse achchi baath kya lagthi hai? Ki tum bahut honest ho.. Armaan mujhe kabhi kuch nahi bathatha tha.. Par tum mujhe sab kuch bathathe ho, hamesha aise hi rehna.. Please.."

(Note : I know I did not specifically mention this scene during the wedding celebrations, but pls presume that all the good scenes during SR remarriage, including this one and the I love you scene between Sid and Riddhima, did happen)
Try as he might, Sid could not block Riddhima's words and concentrate on finding an excuse. He could not lie to Riddhima or hide it from Riddhima any longer. What would the worst-case scenario be? Sid envisioned Riddhima pushing him off the boat and imagined himself trying to swim back and shuddered. Then he reasoned that eventually the truth would come out no matter what and now was as good a time as any. They were alone together, he had time to explain everything to her clearly and she couldn't take off anywhere where he wouldn't be able to reach her. He let out a sigh and looked at Riddhima. Worry was etched on her face as she looked at Sid expectantly. Sid took her hands in his gently and kissed them.

Sid : Riddhima, jo main tumse kehne jaa raha hai, pls usse dhyaan se sunna aur poora sunna.. I know tumhare liye thoda mushkil hai lekin poori baath sunne thak pls keep a reign on your temper. Promise karo ki tum poori baath sabr se, bina gussa kiye sunogi.

Riddhima nods her head.

Riddhima : I promise..

Sid : Remember Riddhima, you'd once told me that you'd seen something in Shilpa's eyes for Armaan?

Riddhima nodded again but she felt her heart beat faster with each passing second. She knew what she was going to hear and she dreaded it.

Sid : You were right..

Sid then goes on to tell her how he'd confronted Shilpa about her feelings for Armaan while in Chandranagar and Shilpa had confessed that she loved Armaan. Sid tells Riddhima all that Shilpa had told him about what had happened between Armaan and Shilpa before and on the day of Sid and Riddhima's wedding. He tells her that he'd promised to help Shilpa out.

Riddhima : How were you so sure that Shilpa loved Armaan?

Sid : I guess one had to be blind not to see the sparks that flew whenever the two were together. Even you saw it Riddhima, just that you were irritated by it and did not want to acknowledge it.

He goes on to tell her how he'd been concerned about Armaan moving on after the incident at Riddhima's birthday party and had taken it upon himself to find a girl for Armaan.. How he had seen Shilpa in Armaan's arms in the recreation room one day (Ref : After Shilpa's emotional outburst dance scene where she falls into Armaan's arms) and he had had a gut feeling that Shilpa was the one for Armaan. He also confessed that he'd tried to keep them close ever since and that had fuelled whatever feelings Shilpa had for Armaan. That's why when Armaan had gotten close to Shilpa in a drunk state, Shilpa had been too vulnerable and hadn't stopped him. Riddhima kept her promise and heard it all without saying anything. When Sid was done speaking, she shook her head.

Riddhima : How could you Sid?

Sid looked at her puzzled.

Sid : What do you mean?

Riddhima : I kept telling you Shilpa and Armaan ' Never. Why didn't you listen to me?

Sid : Riddhima, you had a biased perspective.. You never really liked Shilpa and no matter what she did your opinion about her was set. You thought she was irresponsible and immature and you are just so stubborn that once you form an opinion about someone its close to impossible to get you to change it. You just would not listen to any reasoning.

Riddhima : But Sid, I was and I am right. Armaan and Shilpa ' It just won't work out.

Sid : But why Riddhima? I thought your perspective about Shilpa had changed. She is your own sister Riddhima. You still don't harbor a dislike towards Shilpa do you?

Riddhima : No!! How could you even think like that? Shilpa is my sister and I have accepted her wholeheartedly. She is a sweetheart. Thoda bachpana hai, thodi shararathi hai, lekin dil ki bahut achchi hai.

Sid : Tho problem kya hai Riddhima?

Riddhima : Armaan Shilpa ke liye sahi ladka nahi hai,,

Sid : What??!!!

Riddhima : You heard me right.. Armaan is not the right guy for Shilpa.

Sid just looks at her flabbergasted.

Riddhima : Main sahi keh rahi hoon.. Armaan is not the right guy for Shilpa.. I mean.. Shilpa.. She is just so innocent and nave and she has been through so much in life already.. And to love Armaan.. (She pauses and takes a deep breathe) To love Armaan, she is going to have to destroy herself and hold on just to him.. Its not easy to love Armaan.. He is going to hurt her again and again and she'll have to pull herself together each time.. I don't want that for Shilpa.. Abhi bhi dekho, there is nothing between them and he has already hurt her deeply..

Sid just stared at Riddhima. Riddhima was so fiercely protective and loyal about all that she considered her own. Earlier when they'd had the conversation about Armaan and Shilpa, Armaan had been her own, her very special friend and Shilpa had been the outsider and she'd thought Shilpa wasn't right for Armaan. Now, knowing that Shilpa was her sister, her protective instincts were stronger for Shilpa and they were directed against Armaan because she did not want to see her sister hurt. And who would know better the pain that came from loving Armaan than Riddhima? Sid had seen her at her worst, on a self-destructive journey in her quest for Armaan. He'd just watched her and it had hurt him, that too at a time when they shared nothing between them, they hadn't even been friends. He understood that it wouldn't be easy for Riddhima to watch her own sister go through all that pain. But that did not obliterate the fact that Shilpa was in love with Armaan.

Sid : Riddhima.. I understand what you are saying.. Trust me, I do.. I've watched you push the limits of sanity in your love for Armaan and I know its not easy.. But you know what.. Love has the power to make the impossible possible.. Shilpa is a really strong girl. Whatever she has gone through in life has only made her stronger. Aur phir, now she has us for support too.. We'll be there for her through it all.. Shilpa deserves a chance at love Riddhima and Armaan deserves a chance to move on in life, to love again, to live again.. Armaan has to move on Riddhima and you know that just as well as I do.. Its going to be a tough journey not just for the two of them but for us too.. You are going to have to let go of Armaan completely and trust Shilpa.. Trust her to heal him, care for him and love him.. They'll undoubtedly hurt each other in the process but its their journey Riddhima.. You will have to trust them to find their own destiny..

Riddhima looks away. Sid places his finger under her chin and turns her to face him.

Sid : Meri taraf dekho Riddhima..

Riddhima raises her teary eyes towards Sid.

Sid ; Mujh pe bharosa hai?

Riddhima nods.

Riddhima : Sabse zyada

Sid : Then just trust me.. And let go of whatever fears and inhibitions you have about Armaan and Shilpa.. Let them find they destinies.. Because no matter what you or I say or do, ultimately, its all destiny's game.. Who would know that better than us Riddhima?.. Let destiny play its game and we'll hope for the best..

Riddhima nodded and laid her head on Sid's shoulder. Sid kissed the top of her head and held her tight. Sid was right, Riddhima thought to herself. No matter what they thought or did, ultimately it was all destiny's game. If a year ago, anyone had told her that in a year she would have moved on in life without Armaan, that she'd be happily married to someone else, she would never have believed him or her. Yet here she was now, truly and happily married to the guy she'd detested at first sight, who she thought she could never get along, even for a minute, with and yet it was with him and only him that she saw her future, it was in those arms that she found solace and peace and it was his love that had brought her back to life. Yes, Sid was right. She had to let go and she would. Sid was her love, strength and support and she trusted Sid, more than she'd ever trusted anyone, even Armaan. As long as she had Sid with her, she had nothing to worry about.

Riddhima : Tumne Armaan se baath ki?

Sid : Hmmm.. He doesn't know that Shilpa loves him and that idiot hasn't realized yet that he loves Shilpa too..

Riddhima : Aur Shilpa?

Sid : She loves him a lot and she knows it.. She is hurt too because she knows how much Armaan loves you and thinks she'll never be able to get Armaan's love..

Riddhima : So now what?

Sid : They have to realize that love has the power to make the impossible possible..

Riddhima : But how?

Sid does not say anything and looks away to the horizon.

Sid : I don't know, but I guess there is Someone up there planning something this very moment.

                                                       ~ PART 17 ~

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RestlessWriter Goldie

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 7:23am | IP Logged

Hello everyone!!

I'm back with another update!! Phew!! *Wipes the sweat off her forehead*
Finally kicked the writer's block and came up with a way to get the story back on track.. Actually, Riddhima was not supposed to know about the A-S angla and Sid's involvement in it at all and it was supposed to create tension between the Modis what with Sid trying desperately to hide it from her (all in a light note, in a comical fashion) and the C-night was supposed to get delayed further because of all the confusion. The C-night was supposed to happen at the very end after all the confusion was cleared.. Lekin on popular vote, I had to abandon that storyline to give all you PJs your fill of SR romance Tongue
So now I thought since the C night has happened and SR have well and truly settled into their relationship and also, since Sid is such a nice, honest and sincere guy, it would only be right if he confessed everything to Riddhima and made her understand..
But now SR have a mammoth task ahead of them.. To convince the thick headed Armaan that he loves Shilpa and needs to move on and they have to convince Shilpa that love has the power to make the impossible possible..
Will the Modis be able to do? How will they get around to it? Even I don't know Tongue But I'm hoping Someone up there will give a brilliant brainwave to help the Modis Wink
As always. thank you so very much for all you lovely comments.. They really really mean so much to me... Hug If it weren't for your wonderful and encouraging comments I wouldn't have been able to kick the writers' block and come back.. thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh one more thing.. I just realized that it might get really confusing to go back and forth between the two FFs for all my lovely readers out there.. If you feel so, pls do not hesitate to let me know and I'll stop the juggling act and concentrate on finishing one first and get back to the other..
Thats it from me for now..

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blissfull IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 7:35am | IP Logged
yayyy me first  Tongue

edit after readig Tongue

neeett its amazing!!Clap Clap Clap

loved d convo between sid n ridhimma!!! sid is too honest 2 lieEmbarrassed

after all d CMG fiasco its nt possible 2 like hormaan n would never want shilpa n hormaan together but in u r FF u make him sound acceptable so we can always trySmile

looking forward 4 d next part 

i want both d FF'STongue

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 7:46am | IP Logged
lovely update..........................i loved the fact that sid was honest with riddhima
Sehru_life IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 7:48am | IP Logged
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome updaye neet di and understanding partTongue

update soon and pm me Big smile
zeenia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 7:53am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.
mala1108 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 8:51am | IP Logged
i love ur update
i like sid's honesty
i love sr conversation
thanks for the pm

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