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SR FF - For love is in the air-Pt 20 pg 62 Cmpltd (Page 42)

RestlessWriter Goldie

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 3:05pm | IP Logged

                                                               PART 14

Recap : Siddhant kidnaps Riddhima from her room and takes her out on a beautiful houseboat. Riddhima confesses that she loves him and they share a beautifully romantic moment.
Scene : In the houseboat. Riddhima and Sid are standing on the deck of the houseboat, looking out at the beautiful night. Sid has his arms around Riddhima and both are lost in thought.
Sid : Kya soch rahi ho?
Riddhima : Kuch nahi.. Bas yeh soch rahi thi ki maine kabhi sapne mein bhi nahi socha tha ki hum iss tarah.. I mean.. Ithne paas.. Aise..
Sid : Hmmm.. Hamare saath tho hamesha wohi hotha hai na jo humne kabhi sapne mein bhi socha na ho..
Riddhima : Hmmm...
Sid : Dinner karein?
Riddhima : Hmm...
As they step off from the deck, Riddhima slips and Sid goes to catch her.. But he slips too in the process and both of them fall right into the water. Sid quickly swims over to Riddhima.
Sid : Riddhima tum theek tho ho na?
There is some kind of a water plant caught in Riddhima's hair and seeing that Sid starts laughing.
Riddhima : Main yahan paani mein girke poori geeli ho gayi hoon aur tum hans rahe ho?
Sid shakes his head and tries hard to control his laughter. Riddhima gets furious seeing this and she splashes water at him. Sid splashes water right back at her. Riddhima splashes water at Sid in a frenzy and to calm her down, Sid grabs her by her waist, pulls her towards him and before she could react, he kisses her quickly on her lips. Riddhima is startled into silence but as soon as she gathers her wits, she launches into a tirade.
Riddhima : Dekho Siddhant Modi, agli baar jab main gussa hoon tho mere paas math aana aur mujhe kiss bilkul math karna..
Sid : Kyun?
Riddhima : Kyunki..
Riddhima was about to blurt out that when  he kissed her she lost the ability to think or speak.. That when he kissed her, she wished that time would stop then and there and she could remain like that forever in his arms.. That his kiss evoked sensations in her that she was scared of and yet she loved... She was about to say all of that but she abruptly stops herself.
Riddhima (to herself) : Riddhima, control.. Tu Sid se gussa hai.. Concentrate..
Sid : Riddhima... Bathao na, mere kiss karne se tumhe kya hotha hai?
Riddhima : Kuch nahi..
Sid (his eyebrows shoot up and he gives a yeah right kind of look) : Kuch nahi?
Riddhima (defiantly) : Maine kaha na.. Kuch nahi..
Sid : Are you sure?
Saying this he pulls her even closer and slowly bends his head towards her.
Riddhima : Sid kya kar rahe ho?
Sid : Tumhari baath confirm karne ki koshish..
Riddhima (breathless coz of Sid's proximity) : Mathlab?
Sid bends his head forward and gently brushes his lips against hers. The action sends a shiver down Riddhima's spine. She felt a warmth spread through her even though she was in cold water. Involuntarily, she closes her eyes and her breathing becomes laboured. Sid smiles seeing her reaction.
Sid : Agar tumhe kuch nahi hotha Riddhima tho yeh kya hai?
Riddhima opens her eyes and sees the teasing glint in Sid's eyes.
Riddhima (pullig herself together) : Kya kya hai huh? Mujhe thand lag rahi hai iss liye main shiver kar rahi hoon aur kuch nahi.. Aur ab raath bhar paani mein hi rehne ka irada hai ya boat mein wapas bhi jaana hai..
Riddhima starts to make her way towards the boat.
Sid : Ek minute..
Riddhima turns towards him.. He moves closer to Riddhima and gently caresses her face. Riddhima felt as if every nerve fibre in her body has come to life with his touch. She leans into the caress. Sid then threads his fingers through her hair and removes the plant caught in her hair. He shows it to Riddhima and both of them burst out laughing. Sid then helps Riddhima back on to the boat. Both of them are drenched.
Riddhima : Sid! Ab main kya karoon?
Sid : Ab kya hua?
Riddhima : Sid!! Main kya pehenoon? Meri night dress dekho poori geeli ho gayi hai aur mere paas doosre kapde bhi nahi hain..
Sid : Tho maine kaha tha apni behenon ke saath sleepover karne ko?
Riddhima : Ab iske beech meri behenein kahan se aa gayi?
Sid ; Aur nahi tho kya, agar tum meri baath maanke pehle hi mere saath aane ko ready ho jaathi tho main tumse kehtha ki apne kapde bhi lethe aana.. Lekin nahi.. Tumhe tho apni behenon ke saath sleepover karna tha na.. Ab bhugtho..
Riddhima (angry) : Agar tum mujhe kidnap karke laane hi waale the tho mere kapde bhi leke nahi aa sakthe the?
Sid : Oh hello, main tumhara pathi hoon, naukar nahi ki tumhare kapde leke aoon.. Shukar manao ki maine gussa mein poora plan hi cancel nahi kiya..
Riddhmia gets frustrated, stomps her foot and turns away from Sid. There is a slight breeze and Riddhima hugs herself as she feels cold. Sid sees this and goes up to Riddhima and hugs her.
Sid : Thand lag rahi hai?
Riddhima : Nahi.. Garmi ke maare mera paseena chhut raha hai..
Sid smiles. Riddhima had such a temper and he loved her all the more when she got angry.
Sid : Ek minute, ruko..
He goes inside and Riddhima stands there frowning. A few minutes later, Sid comes out with his shirt and track pants.
Sid : Yeh lo..
Riddhima : Yeh kya hai?
Sid : Lehenga..
Riddhima : Kya??
Sid : Mera shirt aur track pants.. Ab ke liye yeh pehen lo..
Riddhima : Yeh main..
Sid : Ab dekho Riddhima, you have two options, either you change into these clothes or you can stay in your wet clothes and fall ill..
Riddhima stands there contemplating.. Sid thinks of something and he has a naughty smile on his face..
Sid (coming closer) ; Waise Riddhima option number 3 bhi hai..
He whispers something into her ear. Riddhima blushes a deep red, takes the clothes from him, pushes him away and runs to the room. Sid smiles.
A few minutes later, Riddhima comes out of the bathroom. Her hair still damp, wearing Sid's black shirt and track pants. The shirt is oversized for her. Sid thought he was going crazy because he thought Riddhima looked extremely sexy wearing his oversized shirt. The way Sid was looking at her made Riddhima extremely conscious. She was blushing like a fool and found it extremely difficult to meet Sid's gaze. Sid realizes that Riddhima was feeling uncomfortable and decides to try his best not to stare at her. He walks up to her and extends his hand. Riddhima places her hand in his without any hesitation. He brings her to the dining table and gets her seated. They have dinner under the warm glow of a traditional lantern. Ridhdima was already glowing from Sid's love but the lantern added an extra warm glow to her face and Sid found it extremely hard to take his eyes off her and concentrate on her food. There was a nervous tension in the air around them. Sid starts speaking to ease the tension.
Sid : So how was your spa day?
Riddhima (relieved to have something to ocncentrate on other than the intensity in Sid's eyes) : It was great.. really relaxing.. Made me wish I oculd do it more often..
Again an awkward silence settled between them.
Sid : Khaana pasand aaya?
Riddhima : Its great.
Sid : yeh shirt tumpe zyaada achchi lag rahi hai..
Riddhima (blushing) : Sid.. Tum...
Sid felt his heart bursting with love for the woman who sat in front of him. He was in love with her blush, in love with her anger, in love with everything about her. He realized just how empty his life had been before Riddhima had come in.. Ever since that first day he'd bumped into her at the airport, his life had never been the same.. He never wanted it to be the same.. He smiled at Riddhima..
Riddhima : Kya hua? Aise kya dekh rahe ho?
Sid : Kuch nahi.. Bas yaad karne ki koshish kar raha tha ki tumhare aane se pehle meri zindagi kaisi thi..
Riddhima : kaisi thi?
Sid (switching to teasing mood) : Meri zindagi mein sukh shanthi thi..
Riddhima (furious) : Tumhare kehne ka mathlab kya hai? Maine tumhari zindagi ki sukh shanthi cheen li?
Sid : Aur nahi tho kya? Naak pe tho gussa rehtha hai tumhara.. Aur ladne ke liye tho hamesha ek dum ready rehthi ho tum..
Riddhima : Main tumse ladthi hoon?
Sid : Aur nahi tho kya?
Riddhima is so angry, she pushes her chair back and walks away.
Sid : Lekin Riddhima.. tumhe patha hai na mujhe action movies bhi pasand hain..
Riddhima turns around and glares at Sid. Then, she storms off into the room. A lazy smile spreads across Sid's face and he follows her. Riddhima is standing in the bedroom fuming. Sid goes up behind her and hugs her. Riddhima slaps his hands off her.
Sid : Ouch.. Kya kar rahi ho?
Riddhima : Tumhi ne kaha na tumhe action movie pasand hai.. Ab main tumhe asli action movie dikhathi hoon..
She picks up a pillow and starts hitting him with it.
Sid : Arey Riddhima.. Main tho.. mazak... kar... raha... tha...
Sid manages to say in between getting hit by the pillow.
Riddhima : Mazak kar rahe the? Lekin tumhe comedy movie tho pasand nahi.. action or horror movie pasand hai na...
Sid : Nahi Riddhima, mujhe comedy bhi pasand hai..
The pillow slips out of Riddhima's hand and she goes to find something else to hit Sid with..
Sid : Aur mujhe patha hai ki tumhe sabse zyada romance movies pasand hain.. Tho chalo romance karthe hain..
Riddhima : Romance my foot!!
Sid : Ab dekho Riddhima, main tumhe ithni romantic jagah leke aaya, tumhare liye yeh houseboat book karaya.. Aur tum ho ki saare mood ka kabada kar rahi ho..
Riddhima : Bhaad mein jaaye tumhara romance, aur houseboat aur baaki sab.. Mujhse tumse koi baath nahi karni.. Aur main tumse gussa hoon...
Sid (thinking of something) : Achcha.. Tho iska mathlab tum mujhse baath nahi karogi..
Riddhima : Bilkul nahi..
Sid : Tum mujhse gussa ho...
Riddhima : Haan..
Sid : Iska mathlab hamara jhagda chal raha hai...
Riddhima : Haan haan haan...
Sid : Theek hai..
Riddhima looks at him puzzled..
Sid : Theek hai tho phir mera shirt wapas do...
Riddhima : Kya??!!
Sid : Agar tum mujhse gussa ho, aur hamara jhagda chal raha hai tho main tumhe mera shirt kyun doon? Chalo mera shirt wapas karo...
He steps closer to her and Riddhima backs away grabbing the shirt tight..
Riddhima : Sid... yeh.. Yeh kya bachpana hai... Dekho tum jao yahan se..
Sid : Tumhi ne tho kaha ki tum mujhse gussa ho, hamara jhagda chal raha hai.. Maine tho apni pyaari si biwi ko apne kapde diye the pehenne ke liye.. Ab agar tum gussa ho tho mere kapde wapas karo...
Riddhima : Sid... Yeh kya badtameezi hai?
Sid keeps coming closer and Riddhima keeps backing away till she bumps into the wall. She clutches the shirt closer to her. Sid slides his hands over her waist and pulls her closer.
Riddhima : Dekho Sid, ab main gussa nahi hoon... Tho... tho.. tum... abhi..
Sid (in his super husky voice) : yeh tho aur bhi achchi baath hai.. Mujhe apni pyaari wife ke saath romance jo karna hai...
He runs his hand over her spine which sends a shiver through her. Riddhima looks away blushing. Sid places his finger beneath her chin and lifts her face towards him.
Riddhima : Sid... tum....
Sid places a finger on her lips. Riddhima keeps quiet. He gazes at her with such intensity, Riddhima felt her heart beat quicken. Sid's eyes roam over her face and settle on her lips. He bends his head for a kiss. Riddhima closes her eyes and tilts her head towards him for the kiss. Sid sees this and smiles. as he finally kisses her, Riddhima feels her toes curl. Breaking away from the kiss, without missing a beat, Sid lifts her into his arms and carries to the bed and places her ever so gently on it. He kisses her again and the lights fade out. The moonlight streaming in through the window captures two figures as they merge into one.
                                                                             ~Part 15~

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RestlessWriter Goldie

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 3:09pm | IP Logged

Ha finally back with another update!!

Sorry this has to be real quick.. Have a major interview over the weekend and need to prepare.. I am really sorry if I've missed PMing some of you... I'm in a mad rush... I'll try to PM whenever I get time... Really sorry about that....
Anyways hope you enjoy the romance of Mr. Badtameez and Mrs. Chudail Modi!!! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments... they mean a lot to me... Thanks a ton....
Till the next update

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Neet Hug

I love ur updates....totally Siddhima-fiedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Gosh I just love Mr.Batamiz Modi n his Mrs.Chudail ModiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
tooo cuteEmbarrassed

Loved the part where they both fall in the water n the kiss BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
also when Sid asks for his shirt backLOL
Naughty SidWink
Gosh I just love Siddhima n their hot n cute romanceBlushingBlushingBlushing

plzzzz continue soon n all the best for ur interview Thumbs Up
nikita_88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
Flirting, teasing, Romance aur kya chache?LOL

Awesome update Neet!!

Good luck with your interview!

I can't wait to see what happens next!

Cont soon
aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
lovely update..........full of SR romance
PSharada IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
Hi Neet, Full on SR romance. Loved the part. Thanks for the pm.
malluangel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 7:58pm | IP Logged
Sid : Aur mujhe patha hai ki tumhe sabse zyada romance movies pasand hain.. Tho chalo romance karthe hain..

^^^ besttttttt

omgggg i have butterfliessssss i love this so muchhhh i love you!
sid n rhidz are so soooo soooo cute!!! i love your fighting style girl, awesome!

nine2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
lol..they r such a cute couple..this was siddhimafied update n i too am now siddhimafied...loved it...n of course their cute nokhjhok...n love how sid's kissing machine has started thought he would again kiss her till her anger shoos this was even better..plz continue soon n thanks for the pm!! :)

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