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SR FF - For love is in the air-Pt 20 pg 62 Cmpltd (Page 35)

JERAN_rocks Groupbie

Joined: 29 December 2010
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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 3:31am | IP Logged
StarWat an Sensual update...........BlushingBlushingBlushing
SR were too HAWTTTTTTTTTTT to handle.............BlushingBlushingThumbs UpClap
Loved all SR scenesBig smileWink
Siddhima Rain dance n romance...........IShhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........BlushingBlushingEmbarrassed
Sid in white and Ridz in Red sari..............Day Dreaminghaiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..............BlushingBlushing
I can visualize each n every sceneTongue it was like as if watching serialBig smile
We know wat  was going on under bedsheet coverWinkDay DreamingBlushingEmbarrassed
Finally they became inseprable one..........PartyPartyDancingDancingDancing
Loved morning scene alsoSmilestill want more romance b\w SRWink LOLLOLLOL
Overall it was wonderfull!!Clap
continue soon........
ALL THE BEST for confernceThumbs Up

blissfull IF-Dazzler

Joined: 30 June 2010
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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 6:35am | IP Logged
 neettt Big smile

wonderfull hwat amazing  parts Clap

sorry 4 d l8 comment bt was busy with mids

OMG amazing updates too hwat to handle n u were ryt we better switch on the AC Tongue

SR IN RAINEmbarrassed ishhhhhhhhhhhhBlushing SR IN WHITE N REDBlushing SR'C C-NIGHT FINALLYBlushing

IT WAS thothally SRlicious!!!!Blushing

good luck with d conference n continue soon Tongue

DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 11:41am | IP Logged
God what speed do you update at .............. amazing .......... and everytime I catch it on the phone and then fail to comment ............ All in All I just love the Riddhima in your FF

Everytime something was to happen and kuch na kuch hota hai but finally Sid and Riddhima honeymoon Embarrassed

You really described it very well The choice of song I had never heard it but after reading your FF I did go on to hear it and yes I have to say Good choice.

Keep writing and creating the SR magic for all of us here

mala1108 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 7:11pm | IP Logged
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\romantic update waiting for the next..........................
ninavi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged
nice updateSmile
RestlessWriter Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged

                                                                 Part 12

Recap : The gang reaches Kerala and are put up at Kumarakom. Riddhima is happy to know that Sid had reserved a honeymoon cottage for them. Sid and Riddhima finally have their C-night.
Scene : Morning after the C-night. At the restaurant of the hotel in Kumarakom. The gang is having breakfast. Sid and Riddhima walk in.
JP (excited) : Arey Sid bhaiyya!!!
Shilpa : Good morning Sid! Good morning Riddhima di!!
Anjali : Good morning Sid! Good morning Ridzi!! Kya baath hai guys> Kal raath dinner pe nahi dikhe tum dono..
Sid and Riddhima look at each other and remember what had kept them from joining the others for dinner. Riddhima blushes and looks away while Sid runs his hand through his hair with an embarrassed smile. The gang looks at Sid and Riddhima suspiciously.
Sid : Wo actually... hum..
Riddhima : Wo baarish ho rahi thi na di... Tho wo.. hum ne socha..
Sid : Haan baarish ho rahi thi na tho humne socha ki.. room mein hi khaana manga lethe hain..
Anjali (not entirely convinced) : Oh really?
JP : Arey yeh sab tho bahana hai Anjali flowerji.. Sid bhaiyya tho Riddhima bhabhiji ke saath honeymoon manane aaye hain..
The gang bursts out laughing and Sid and Riddhima stand there feeling embarrassed..
Shilpa : Ab bass karo guys... Sid, Riddhima di aap dono jaake khaana le lo..
Sid and Riddhima go and get breakfast from the buffet and come and sit with the gang.. Riddhima is sitting next to Anjali and Shilpa and Sid is sitting next to JP and JIggy. As soon as they get seated, JP, JIggy start teasing Sid and Anjali and Shilpa start teasing Riddhima.. Sid and Riddhima look at each other *Eyelock*
Jp (whispering to Sid) : Ka baath hai Sid bhaiyya? Aaj tho aapki nazar bhabhi par se hat hi nahi rahi..
Anjali (whispering to Riddhima) : Ridzi.. Kya baath hai? hmmm??
Riddhima : Di aap bhi na..
She blushes..
Anjali : Oho... Mathlab sab ho gaya?
Riddhima : Di!!!!
Anjali smiles and hugs Riddhima..
She whispers something into Shilpa's ear and Shilpa's face lights up.. She winks at Riddhima.. Riddhima blushes even more.. She looks away and her gaze meets Sid's..
Anjal and Shilpa discuss something in hushed tones but Riddhima does not hear it as she is having an intense eyelock with Sid. JP and JIggy are going on and on about something to Sid but he is oblivious to it all..
Anjali (aloud) : Humne plan kiya hai ki hum ladkiyan aaj ayurvedic spa jaayengi...
Shilpa : Thats wonderful di!! Miane suna hai yahan ke ayurvedic spas bahut hi achche hothe hain..
Anjali : Sahi suna.. Aur maine hum theeno ki booking bhi kar di..
Sid : Theeno ki?
Anjali : Haan... Riddhima, Shilpa aur main...
Sid looks at Riddhima worried. He was looking forward to spending time with her. Riddhima sees the look on his face.
Riddhima : Yeh... Isme.. kithna time lagega di?
Anjali : Maine tho poore din ki booking ki hai.. We are going to just relax and enjoy..
Sid's frown deepens..
Riddhima : yeh zaroori hai kya di?
Anjali : Ridzi!! Kerala aake ayurvedic spa nahi kiya tho kya kiya? Mujhe kuch nahi sunna tu bass 10 minute mein thayyar hoke aa ja..
Saying that Anjali and Shilpa finish their breakfast and get up to leave.
JP : Ab flowerjiyon ne tho plan bana liya hai.. Hamara kya plan hai Sid bhaiyya?
But Sid just keeps looking at Riddhima with a frown pasted on his face..
Scene : Back in the honeymoon cottage.
Sid (at his child like best) ; Riddhima lekin kyun jaa rahi ho?
Riddhima : Sid.. Ab di ne booking kar hi di hai tho main unhe mana tho nahi kar sakthi na..Main mana kar doongi tho unhe bura lag jaayega na?
Sid : Tho lagne do na bura..
Riddhima : Sid!!!
Sid : Aur nahi tho kya, hum yahan honeymoon ke liye aaye hain aur tum ho ki apni behenon ke saath masti kar rahi ho.. Pls Riddhima math jao na..
Riddhima : Thodi der ki hi tho baath hai Sid, main yun gayi aur yun aayi..
Sid is still frowning so Riddhima gives hima peck on his cheek and tries to walk away but he pulls her back to him and kisses her *Liplock* Riddhima breaks away from the kiss and runs away.
Scene : Evening time. Riddhima returns from the spa appointment to their cottage but Sid is nowhere to be seen. She calls him up.
Riddhima : Sid, tum kahan ho?
Sid : Riddhima, tum aa gayi.. main bass abhi aaya.. Dekho tum jaldi se ready ho jao..
Riddhima : Kyun?
Sid : Tumhare liye surprise hai..
Riddhima : Sid... Wo..
Sid : Kya hua Riddhima?
Riddhima : Wo actually... Anjali di keh rahi thi ki aaj girls' sleep over kar lethe hain..
Sid : KYA?!!!!
Riddhima : Haan aur main na mana nahi kar paayi... I'm sorry..
Sid : Riddhima, ab yeh kya hai.. Din bhar tho tum log saath the na?
Riddhima : Haan Sid lekin.. Di was saying that she was going back to Delhi from here and tehn she didn't know when we'd be able to spend time together like this.. You know.. all of us together..
Sid : Mujhe kuch nahi sunna.. Maine tumhare liye surprise plan kiya hai.. Sleepover tum baad mein kar lena tum mere saath aa rahi ho..
Riddhima : Sid, samajhne ki koshish karo na..
Sid : Mujhe kuch nahi samajhna..
Riddhima (getting irritated now) : Sid apna surprise tum kal ke liye postpone kar lo na..
Sid : Tum apna sleepover postpone kar lo na..
Riddhima (angry) ; Main di ko kya boloon?
SId : Yehi ki tum apne husband ke saath time spend karna chahthi ho... Apni behenon ke saath nahi..
Riddhima : That was so rude Dr. Siddhant Modi..
Sid : Whatever... Ab jaldi se Anjali ko batha do ki wo kabab mein haddi na bane aur tum mere saath aa rahi ho..
Riddhima : Sid, tumne meri di ko kabab mein haddi kaha?
Sid : Aur nahi tho kya?
Riddhima : You know what.. Bhaad mein jaaye tumhara surprise.. Main apni behenon ke saath.. Sorry kebab mein haddiyon ke saath sleepover ke liye jaa rahi hoon.. Bye!!
Sid : Riddhima!! Dekho.. meri.. baath... Riddhima? Riddhima? Hello? Hello?
Ridhdima cuts the call, grabs her things and storms out of the cottage. Sid hangs up the call and stamps his feet in frustration.
Scene : Night time. The Gupta sisters' room. Riddhima, Anjali and Shilpa are fast asleep. The window opens and Sid climbs in through the window. He looks over at the sleeping figures and identifies Riddhima. She looked so beautiful sleeping, the moonlight from the window adding to the glow on her face. She was sleeping so peacefully. That irked Sid. How could she be sleeping so peacefully after spoiling his plan? He goes over and quietly nudges her awake. At first she does not wake up and that gets Sid all the more angry. He nudges her again. Riddhima opens her sleepy eyes and is shocked to see Sid.
Riddhima (sitting up) : Sid!!'
Sid places his finger on his lips indicating her to keep quiet. Riddhima does ishara asking him what he was doing there. Sid indicates lets go. Riddhima refuses and gives him angry looks. Sod looks at Riddhima sternly and indicates lets go. Riddhima refuses to budge and looks away. Sid sighs and lifts her off the bed and carries her out in his arms. Riddhima tries to resist but fails.
He takes her out on to the patio and puts her on her feet.
Riddhima : Sid, tumhari himmat kaise hui mujhe iss tarah uthake leke aane ki?
Sid : Oh hello main apni biwi ko uthake kabhi bhi kahin bhi le jaa saktha hoon.. I don't need anyone's permission. Aur waise bhi mujhe kya patha tha ki khud ke honeymoon pe apni hi biwi ke saath time spend karne ke liye mujhe usse kidnap karna padega..
Riddhima : Lekin tumhe tho honeymoon pe aana hi nahi tha na.. Tum tho yahan apne dosthon ke saath ghoomne aaye the na tho jao apne dosthon ke saath... Aur waise bhi tumne jo Anjali di ko kabab mein haddi kaha hai uske liye sorry bole bina main tumhare saath kahin nahi jaane waali aur nahi main tumse koi baath karoongi.. Aur waise bhi what were you thinking when you called my sister a kabab mein haddi? It was yoru idea to bring Anjali di and Shilpa along for this trip na?...
Riddhima goes on and on and on scolding Sid and finally Sid grabs her by her waist, thread one hand into her hair and kisses her *Liplock* By the time Sid pulls away, Riddhima is breathless, her face is flushed and she is left incapable of thinking, much less speaking coherently. She looks up at Sid dazed.
Sid (still holding her and his husky voice) : I've realized that as much as I love to hear you talk, I love the way I get you to keep quiet even more..
Riddhima blushes and looks away. Once again, Sid lifts her in his arms and starts walking.
Riddhima : Lekin Sid, hum jaa kahan rahe hain?
Sid : Surprise!!

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Rehanism IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 11:19am | IP Logged
Nice update...Please continue...You write in play format...Do you read Shakespeare???
RestlessWriter Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged

Hello everyone!!!!

Finally back with another update!!! So sorry for the delay.. And thank you so much for the best wishes for my conference.. It went wonderfully well.. Was hectic and mentally exhausting but it was good.. N I did drop by whenever I got chance to read yoru wonderful comments and of course to read the updates on all the other wonderful FFs..
Back to the update... Ha! So as usual its the clash of the Modis but Sid has his way this time round Wink Kabhi tho Siddy boy ka zor chale LOL Waise kaafi achcha surprise plan kiya hai Siddy boy ne Embarrassed
Thats all from me for now..
Pls do let me know how you like the part and thank you so very much for all those lovely comments, for being so patient with me and for all the love, support and encouragement... It really means a lot to me.. And sorry for being such a nikammi and not replying to each comment individually.. Will try to do that from now on..
So till the next update..

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