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SR FF - For love is in the air-Pt 20 pg 62 Cmpltd (Page 25)

jacobharry10011 Goldie

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 5:06am | IP Logged
WOW Awesome update Neet

RestlessWriter Goldie

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 5:47am | IP Logged
                                                     PART 9
Recap : At the celebration that the villagers organize for the gang, Riddhima gets drunk and after being instigated by Anjali and Shilpa, she tries to seduce Sid. Sid tricks Riddhima into believing that something had happened between them and Riddhima is upset that she couldn't remember anything. She finds out that Sid was just making fun of her and she'd actually fallen asleep...
Scene : The gang is packing up and boarding the bus to leave Chandranagar and go back to Sanjeevani.


Riddhima had been feeling nervous and embarrassed all morning. Not just because of her drunk antics from the previous night but also because of the way Sid had teased her in the morning. Riddhima remembered what Sid had told her in the morning "Nothing happened between us last night but I promise that whenever something happens between us you'll be fully aware and it'll  be unforgettable." Riddhima blushes a deep shade of red. Right from then, she'd been nervous around Sid and had been trying to avoid him. Consequently, she was the first one waiting to board the bus. A few minutes later, Anjie and Shilpa walk up to the bus dragging their bags along. Both of them look a mess.

Riddhima (sarcastically) : Good morning di! Good morning Shilpa!

Shilpa (holding her head in her hands) : There is nothing good about this morning di..

Anjie : Atleast not for us.. But you seem to look as if this is the best morning of your life.

Anjali winks at Shilpa and Shilpa giggles.

Shilpa : Haan Riddhima di, tho is this the best morning of your life?

Riddhima blushes remembering the way Sid had teased her but she knew what Anjali and Shilpa were hinting at so she shakes her head.

Riddhima : No..

Anjali & Shilpa (shocked) : KYA????!!!!!

They immediately launch into non stop chatter about why and how the plan failed. Riddhima puts her hands on her ears to block out their chatter and waits for them to calm down. After a few seconds, they become quiet and Riddhima takes her hands off her ears.

Riddhima : Ho gaya aap dono ka?

Anjali and Shilpa nod their heads.

Anjie : Lekin Riddhima plan flop hua kaise?

Riddhima : Main so gayi..

Anjali & Shilpa : KYA?!!!!

Anjie : Tum aise kasie so gayi Riddhima?

She is about to launch into another non stop tirade session when Riddhima interrupts..

Riddhima : Di ab aap phir se shuru math ho jaana.. Aur waise bhi plan flop hi tha..

Shilpa : Kyun?

Riddhima : Arey I was drunk.. Obviously Sid meri uss haalath ka fayda nahi utayega..

Shilpa : Yeh Sid bhi na kuch zyaada hi shareef hai..

Anjie : Hmmm.. Agli baar hum tumhe placard dekar bhejenge..

Riddhima : Placard? Kaisa placard?

Anjali :' Please take advantage of me' waala placard..

Riddhima ; Di.. aap bhi na.. Uski koi zaroorath nahi.. Jo bhi hona hai wo sahi time pe hoga..

Shilpa : Oh ho..

Anjali and Shilpa tease Riddhima. A few feet away, Sid had overheard their whole conversation. He'd been looking for Riddhima and now he knew about the Gupta sisters conspiracy. He smiles. These three were a crazy lot. But he was glad that Anjali and Riddhima had accepted Shilpa as their sister and they'd bonded so well. To see Shilpa genuinely smile was such a relief. Just then JP comes and pats Sid on the back.

JP : Ka Sid bhaiyya? All set to go?

Sid nods. Jiggy comes over with his bags.

JP : Jiggy tujhe yaad hai na tujhe Sanjeevani jaake hum sab ke liye chutti maangni hai?

Jiggy : Arey nahi nahi main na hi karne waala..

JP : Agar nahi kiya tho yaad hai na? Tu mard nahi..

Jiggy : This is not fair yaar..

Sid : Chal wo sab baad mein dekh lenge abhi bus mein chad jao warna bus humme chhodke chali jaayegi..

JP : Chalo chalo..


Sid, JP and Jiggy board the bus. Riddhima is sitting alone and Sid goes and sits next to her. He gives her a mischievous smile and Riddhima looks away. As the bus starts to move, the wind blows Riddhima's hair on to Sid's face and he loves the feeling. Riddhima shuts the window but her hair is still messed up. Siddhant moves closer and tucks away the hair from her face. Riddhima looks away. She couldn't understand why she was feeling so nervous around Sid. There was something about the way Sid was behaving with her, the way he was looking at her that made her feel conscious. She'd never felt like this before. As if she was seeing a whole new side to Sid, a naughtier side, a sexy side and she had to admit she loved this side of him. Riddhima smiles and Sid sees her smiling.

Sid : Kya baath hai? Muskura kyun rahi ho?

Riddhima shakes her head.

Sid : Kahin kal raath ke baare mein soch ke tho..

Riddhima blushes and Sid smiles seeing her blush.


Scene : Gang reaches Mumbai. The bus drops Siddhant and Riddhima off at their penthouse. Siddhant opens the door and carries the luggage in. Just as they enter, the phone rings.

Siddhant puts the phone on speaker. Its Dr. Shashank.

Sid : Hello

Dr. Shashank : Siddhant beta Shashank bol raha hoon.

Sid : Hello Dad.

Dr. Shashank : Kaise ho beta? Safar kaisa raha?

Sid : Hum theek hain Dad aur safar bhi theek tha. Abhi saare patients ki halath kaafi better hai.

Dr. Shashank : Very good. Waise mujhe wahan ke doctor ka phone aaya tha. Unhone bathaya ki aap sab ne wahan bahut mehenath ki. I'm proud of you.

Sid : Wo tho bass hum apni duty kar rahe the Dad.

Dr. Shashank : Kaafi thak gaye hoga na? Ab honeymoon pe jaake achche se relax aur refresh ho jaoge.

Sid : Honeymoon?

Dr. Shashank : Haan Siddhant. Kahin tum bhool tho nahi gaye?

Sid (to himself) : Arey yeh honeymoon ke baare mein tho main bhool hi gaya.. Agar Riddhima aur main abhi honeymoon pe chale gaye tho Shilpa aur Armaan ka kya hoga?

Sid (aloud) : Dad wo honeymoon pe jaana zaroori hai?

Riddhima looks at Sid surprised.

Dr. Shashank : Koi problem hai kya Sid?

Sid : Nahi wo hum pehle baar bhi tho honeymoon pe gaye the na..

Dr. Shashank : Dekho beta.. Honeymoon tho bahana hai, saari pareshaaniyon se dur ek doosre ke saath waqt bithane ke liye.. Mujhe lagtha hai tumhe iss mauke ka fayda uthana chahiye.. Baaki tumhari marzi..

Riddhima looks at Sid annoyed.

Riddhima : Hum zaroor jaayenge Papa..

Sid : lekin Riddhima..

Riddhima gives Sid an angry look and Sid quietens.

Riddhima : Papa, aap se ek aur zaroori baath karni thi..

Shashank : Haan bolo bete.. Sab theek tho hai na..

Riddhima looks at Sid. Sid nods his head.

Riddhima : Papa wo darasal Shilpa..

She tells Shashank Shilpa's story. Shashank hands the phone over to Padma. Riddhima tells Padma about Shilpa. Padma does not say anything and hangs up. Riddhima looks worried. Sid goes up to her and holds her close.

Sid : Don't worry.. Sab theek ho jaayega.. Unhe thoda waqt do..

Riddhima (puzzled) : Kise?

Sid : Tumhare Mom Dad ko.. Unhe Shilpa ko apnane mein shayad thoda waqt lagega but everything is going to be just fine..

Riddhima : I'm not worried about them. I know them and I know that they will accept Shilpa with an open heart and open arms.

Sid ; Phir tum ithni pareshaan kyun ho?

Riddhima : Pareshaan? Main pareshaan nahi gussa hoon Siddhant Modi aur wo bhi tumse..

Sid : Mujhse ??? Par kyun? Maine kya kiya?

Riddhima (to herself) : Wo hi tho tum kuch karteh kyun nahi???

Riddhima (aloud) : Tumne honeymoon pe jaane se mana kyun kar diya?

Sid : Wo Riddhima.. Maine socha' I mean' Mujhe laga ki.. Tum thak gayi hogi.. I mean..

Riddhima : Kya I mean I mean lag rakha hai? Tum kabhi koi baath nahi samajhthe na?

Sid : Ab main kya nahi samjha?

Riddhima (to herself) : Idiot! Ithna bhi nahi samajhtha ki main hamare rishthe ko aage badhana chahthi hoon.. Ab main yeh isse kaise samjhaoon?

Sid : Riddhima.. Baath kya hai?

Riddhima just gives him an exasperated look and storms off..

Sid (scratching his head) : Ab isse kya ho gaya?


Scene : Night time. Modi penthouse.

Sid had been on the phone for a very long time and Riddhima was getting irritated while she cooked. She could not understand why Sid did not want to go for a honeymoon. Maybe, Anjali di was right. There was something genuinely wrong. She would have to do something. She did not doubt Sid, but then it bothered her that he wasn't too keen on going for the honeymoon. But she was going to make sure they went for it. Sid wouldn't obviously say no to her dad. He hadn't said it the first time when he was so angry with her and yet for her father's sake he'd taken her for a honeymoon. This time round, they were both in love, the setting was perfect, everything was perfect and yet Sid did not want to go. Riddhima frowned. She'd have to persuade him, but how?


Sid finished talking on the phine and came and sat on the dining table lost in thought. Riddhima served the food and Sid ate it quietly. She wanted to hit him on the head with the pan for being so stupid but she controlled herself. After dinner, Sid helped her take the dishes to the kitchen.

Sid : Main madad kar doon?

Riddhima : Koi zaroorath nahi..

Sid : Achcha Riddhima, mujhe ek baath bathao..

Riddhima : Kya hai?

Sid : Agar, suppose, maine tumhara dil dukhaya hai aur mujhe tumhe manana hai tho main tumhe kaise manaoon?

Riddhima smiles slightly.

Riddhima (to herself) : Finally! Isse realize tho hua ki honeymoon pe na jaane ki baath karke isne mera dil dukhaya hai.. How cute.. Mujhse pooch raha hai ki wo mujhe kaise manaya.. Yeh Sid bhi na.. Pehle mujhe gussa dilatha hai aur phir aise hi apne kisi cute se harkath se mujhe mana bhi letha hai.. That's what I love about him..

Riddhima (aloud) : Wo tumhe khud hi sochna padega.. I mean jo galath karke tumne mera dil dukhaya hai, usse sahi kar do..

Sid (to himself) : Ab Armaan ne Shilpa ke saath jo galath kiya, wo usse sahi kaise karega?

Sid (aloud) : Nahi Riddhima.. Wo tho nahi ho saktha.. Koi aur thareeka bathao na?

Riddhima : Kyun? Wo kyun nahi ho saktha?

Sid ; Arey nahi ho saktha na..

Riddhma : Sid, ithni simple si tho baath hai.. Bass na ko haan kar do..

Sid : Na ko haan? Tum keh kya rahi ho?

Riddhima : Sid.. Tumne honeymoon pe jaane ke liye mana karke mera dil dukhaya hai na tho ab haan kar do.. Ho gaya sahi..

Sid : Kya? Tum honeymoon ki baath kar rahi thi?

Riddhima : Aur nahi tho kya? Tum kya baath kar rahe the?

Sid : Riddhima.. Main hamari baath nahi kar raha tha.. Main tho..

Riddhima is shocked and upset to know that Sid hadn't been talking about manaofying her. She storms off with a fuming face. Sid follows her trying to pacify her but she walks in to the bedroom and shuts the door on his face.

Sid : Riddhima, meri baath suno.. Dekho honeymoon ithna important thode na hai?

Riddhima gets super angry and throws a vase to the ground. Sid hears it and realizes that he'd said the wrong thing.

Sid : Mera mathlab hai Riddhima.. Honeymoon bahut zyada important hai lekin abhi jaana zaroori hai kya?

Riddhima is so frustrated she does not know what to do, how to convey to Sid that she wanted to go for the honeymoon so that they could get closer, so that they could move ahead in their relationship. She'd gone all out last night and that had had no effect on Sid. Then a thought strikes her. Maybe now, she should play a little hide and seek, tempt Sid to the point that he can resist no longer.. Be sexy and yet play hard to get.. Riddhima has a devilish grin on her face as she finalizes her plan. She goes and opens the door. Sid was standing there wondering what to do or say next. She stands by the door, leaning on to the door frame and gives Sid a sexy look.Sid is perplexed by the sudden change in her.

Sid : Riddhima tum..

Riddhima : Tho tumhe honeymoon pe nahi jaana..

The way Riddhima was looking at Sid, Sid suddenly lost his ability to think..

Riddhima comes up to Sid and traces his jawline with her finger.

Riddhima (in a husky voice) : Kyun Dr. Siddhant Modi?

Sid (blabbering) : Main wo, wo main..

Riddhima wraps her arms around Sid's neck, pulls him closer and looks into his eyes.

Riddhima : Hmmm..

Sid : Riddhima.. Main wo..

Riddhima : Hmmmm..

Riddhima moves closer to him.. Sid bends closer too thinking she was going to kiss him.. At the very last second, Riddhima places her finger on his lips..

Riddhima : Ek minute..

She leaves Sid and goes back in to the room. Sid stands there wondeirng what Riddhima was up to. She was such a surprise package. A few seconds later, Riddhima is again standing by the door frame. She has something in her hands which she is hiding behind her back. Sid walks up to her with a lazy smile on his face and pulls her close to him.

Riddhima : Aankhein band karo..

Sid ; Kyun?

Riddhima : Tumhare liye surprise hai..

Sid ; Ek aur surprise? Maine tumhare yeh roop kabhi nahi dekha Riddhima.. I must say I am loving it..

He closes his eyes. Riddhima takes his hand off her waist and places something in his hands.

Sid opens his eyes and sees a pillow and blanket. He is shocked.

Sid : Riddhima yeh kya hai?

Riddhima : Tumhara pillow aur blanket.. Good night..

Saying this she closes the door again on his face.

Sid is shocked beyond words.

Sid : Lekin Riddhima.. Dekho tum aisa nahi kar sakthi..

Riddhima : Kya?

Sid : Abhi tho tum ithni romantic ho rahi thi ab tum mujhe aise kamre se bahar nahi kar sakthi..

Riddhima : Lekin Sid tumhe tho isme koi interest nahi hai na? Tum tho honeymoon pe bhi nahi jaana chahthe..

Sid : Ab yeh honeymoon beech mein kahan se aa gaya? Dekho Riddhima darwaza kholo..

Riddhima : Jab thak tum honeymoon pe jaane ke liye maan nahi jaathe tumhe sofay pe sone hoga..

Sid (to himself) : Arey kahan phasa diya yaar Armaan tu ne.. Honeymoon pe gaya tho Armaan aur Shilpa ke beech sab kuch theek nahi kar paoonga aur agar unke beech sab kuch theek nahi hua aur Riddhima ko yeh sab patha chal gaya tho wo tho mujhe kachcha chaba jaayegi.. Aur agar main honeymoon pe nahi gaya tho bhi Riddhima mera jeena mushkil kar degi.. Kya karoon bhagvan??? Koi tho raastha dikhao..

                                             ~Part 10~

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zeenia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 6:02am | IP Logged

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RestlessWriter Goldie

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 6:11am | IP Logged

Hello everyone!!!

Back with another update.. Chudail Riddhima Modi and Bechara Siddhant Modi LOLLOLLOL
Ab bechara Siddhnat kare tho kya kare??? LOLLOLLOL
Riddhima is at her chudail best and is trying to get Sid to realize that she wants to move ahead in their relationship but Sid bechara is caught in such a difficult situation..
We always saw Sid trying to woo Riddhima and Riddhima saying I am not ready in DMG.. So I decided to take that same plot and turn it on its head and now Riddhima is doing all the wooing part and Sid is not ready Tongue Riddhima bhi tho thode papad belae Sid ke chakkar mein Big smile
As I promised earlier, things are going to be light.. Rom-com style.. Hope you guys like it.. Embarrassed
Ab Siddhant Modi ka kya hoga? Kya wo dono honeymoon pe jaa payenge ya nahi.. Yeh tho we'll have to wait and watch Wink
Thank you so much for your lovely comments.. And please keep letting me know how you like the story.. Your comments and feedback really really really mean a lot to me... Smile
So till the next update

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 6:14am | IP Logged
lovely update..................loved it,................................poor sid
-veena.shona- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 6:23am | IP Logged
awwwwwwww poor Sid LOL
na ghar na ghat ka ROFL
jst luvd siddhima in dis update Blushing
adorable Sid n chudail Riddhima Modi Day Dreaming
Sid itna achcha kyu hai yaar Angry
apne se pehle dusron ka sochta hai fool Evil Smile
bt thts wat we luv abt him Blushing
pls cont soon
sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 6:25am | IP Logged
LOVE U FOR THIS UPDATE YAARThumbs Up. ACHA PHANSA HAI APNA MODI. OMG Sid ki to kismat hi kharab hai. Pehly biwi seduce krti haiBlushing or phir room se bahar nikal deti haiDisapprove. I love that pillow n blanket wala scene. ADORABLE YAAR. I can imagine Mr Modi in this situation n singing DILL KE ARMAAN ANSUOON MAIN BEH GAYECry. Come back soon with another awesome update. Have u got my msg?
-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 6:36am | IP Logged

I love love love dis update <333

Awww poor Siddy Widdy LOL
God save him from Mrs Chudail Modi's wrath LOLLOLLOL

Ridz at her Chudail best WinkLOL
I just love ' your' Ridz Embarrassed

My fav part is d pillow & blanket wala scene LOL
1st she seduced him & den pushed him out of d room LOLLOL

Mr Buddhu Modi LOL
Love guru banta fir raha hai apni love life k bare me kuch nahi kar raha AngryLOL

Throughout dis part I was smiling like a maniac LOL

Can't wait 4 d next part
Continue superrrrrrr soon....

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