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SR FF - For love is in the air-Pt 20 pg 62 Cmpltd

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Hello everyone!!!! Hug

First off, wish you all A VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  I know its kind of late' 2 months late actually' Lekin wo kehthe hain na better late than never ;)

 Next, I want to thank all of you for all the love, encouragement and support you've given me and my writing so far... I must say I'm overwhelmed by the number of requests I got to resume writing... Thank you so very much... It feels great when your work is appreciated and even better when your work is missed  Big smile

I had to end my last OS Hope shall win because (at the risk of sounding arrogant) I just did not have the time... Trust me I did not want to end it... Right from then I've had so many people ask me to write another OS/FF and its always been at the back of my mind that I had to get down to writing soon... So here I am, back with another FF... But pls accept my anticipatory apologies as I might not be able to update on a daily basis... But I assure you I will try to bring in the updates as quickly as possible...

Well, so getting to the FF, the storyline is this:

Siddhant and Riddhima decide to get married again as per Dr. Shashank's advice. Armaan and Shilpa are at the orphanage in Panchgani. Riddhima informs Armaan of her decision to marry Sid again and at the same time Sid informs Shilpa of his upcoming second wedding with Riddhima and asks her to inform Armaan...

Scene 1 : Panchgani Orphanage... Shilpa goes to Armaan's room to tell him about Sid's and Riddhima's second wedding...

She sees Armaan packing his bags and asks him where he is going and he refuses to reply. Then she sees Riddhima's name written in his blood and understands why he is so upset. She tries her best to reason with him and make him understand that Riddhima is moving on in life and is happy so he should be happy for her. But Armaan is in a really foul mood and he hurls insults at her, calling her selfish, spoilt, irresponsible, one who thinks life and love, everything is one big joke, he says she knows nothing about Riddhima's and his love and because she has always got so much of love in her life she's always taken it for granted and does not know the value of love. Shilpa is extremely hurt by what Armaan says.

Shilpa : Dr. Armaan Mallik' Main maanthi hoon ki main aapke aur Dr. Riddhima ke pyaar ke baare mein kuch nahi jaanthi' Lekin aap bhi mere baare mein kuch nahi jaanthe' Shayad aap yehbaath nahi jaanthe lekin pyaar ki ehmiyath sabse zyaada wo log samajhthe hain jinhe zindagi mein kabhi pyaar naseeb hi na hua ho' Iss liye pyaar ki ehmiyath shayad main aapse zyaada samajhthi hoon' Aur haan main yeh bhi jaanthi hoon ki pyaar mein aap apno ki khushi ke liye kuch bhi kar sakthe hain' Duniya bhula sakthe hain, khud ko bhula sakthe hain aur zaroorath pade tho unki khushi ke liye unhe bhi bhula sakthe hain' Lekin tum yeh nahi samjhoge kyunki tumhare liye tho pyaar ek zidd hai na?' Tum na tho Riddhima ki khushi ke liye unki khushi mein shamil ho sakthe ho, na hi unhe dil se dua de sakthe ho aur na hi unhe bhulane ki sache dil se koshish kar sakthe ho'  You know what, meri tumhare baare mein pehli raay hi sahi thi... You are a loser... Suna tumne Dr. Armaan Malik?... You are a loser!!!...

Saying that Shilpa runs out of his room crying... Armaan watches her run away, punches the wall where she had been standing, grabs his bags and leaves...

Scene 2 : Modi penthouse. Riddhima has left to her maayka and Sid is busy with wedding preparations. Yuvi, JP and Jiggy are helping him out and are as usual engaged in masti. Shilpa steps in and all of them welcome her.

Shilpa : Congratulations Sid!

Sid : Gussa hoon main tumse.. Ithne late kyun aayi ho tum?..

Shilpa gives an apologetic smile.

Sid : Aur Armaan kahan hai?

Shilpa's smile vanishes and an expression of hurt crosses her face which she quickly covers up. She starts to say something but Sid interjects'

Sid : Aur haan iss se pehle ki tum kuch aur kaho, tum shaadi mein ladke waalon ki side se ho, okay?

Shilpa thinks to herself how weird it is that she was attending her sister's wedding form her jiju's side but consoles herself thinking that Riddhima was Sid's so it did no matter which side she belonged to.

Sid (to JP, Jiggy and Yuvi) : Abbe yaar kya tum log yahan khade khade time waste kar rahe ho? Bahut saara kaam hai' Chalo chalo'

JP, Jiggy and Yuvi leave and Sid is about to leave too when Shilpa stops him.

Shilpa : Sid'

Sid : Haan Shilpa'

Shilpa : Sid wo tumse kuch baat karni thi'

Sid : Bahut important hai kya? Kya hai na ki bahut saara kaam hai' You know main yeh shaadi bilkul perfect banana chahtha hoon' Apni perfect girl ke liye.. Riddhima ke liye'

Shilpa (thinking to herself) : Kitna pyaar kartha hai Sid Riddhima di se' Kaash Armaan yeh samajh paatha ki Sid aur Riddhima di ek saath kithne khush hain' Sid tho kithna excited hai shaadi ko lekar, ab agar aise mein maine Armaan ke baare mein batha diya tho kahin' Kya karoon???

She remembers all the harsh words that Armaan had said to her and her eyes fill with tears. Ithne selfish bande ke liye' it wasn't right ki wo Riddhima aur Sid ki shaadi mein zara si bhi problem create kare' Aakhir shayad wo yehi tho chahtha hai ki sab uss ke liye pareshaan ho, uski takleef ka ehsaas sabko ho' Nahi abhi Sid ko Armaan ke baare mein bathana sahi nahi hoga' 

Sid snaps his fingers in front of Shilpa'

Sid : Kahan kho gayi? Tumhe kuch baat karni thi na?

Shilpa : Kuch nahi'

Sid : Arey Shilpa tumne tho bathaya hi nahi ki Armaan kahan hai' Wo tumhare saath nahi aaya?

Shilpa does not answer.

Sid : Samajh gaya tum dono mein phir se jhagda ho gaya hoga na? Isi liye tum alag alag aaye ho' Tum dono bhi na' Ithna jhagadthe kyun ho? Kabhi kabhi tho mujhe shaq hotha hai'..

Shilpa : Shaq?

Sid : Yeh ladayi sirf dikhava tho nahi?

Shilpa looks at him confused'

Sid : Tumhe patha hai jab Riddhima aur main pehle mile the na hum bhi bahut jhagadthe the' Patha hai hamari pehli mulaqat mein Riddhima ne mujhe thapad mara tha' Aur wo bhi ek nahi theen theen!! Oh God! Ithni nafrath karthe the hum dono ek doosre se' Aur aaj dekho'' (He gets lost in thought and then shakes himself out of his reverie) Haan tho main yeh keh raha tha ki tumhara aur Armaan ka case bhi mujhe kaafi similar lagtha hai'

Shilpa : Kya?

Sid : Haan' Ab dekho, symptoms tho same hi hain na? tum dono ki pehli mulaqatein bhi tho ajeeb thi' Bilkul mere aur Riddhima ke pehli mulaqat ki tarah' Riddhima ne mujhe police mein pakadvaya, tumne Armaan ko' Riddhima aur main hamesha jhagdthe the, tum aur Armaan hamesha jhagadthe rehthe ho' Hum ek doosre se nafrath karthe the, pehle pehle, ab nahi' Tum dono bhi ek doosre se filhal nafrath karthe ho' Dekha jaaye tho track ek dum sahi jaa raha hai.. Diagnosis yeh hai ki mujhe lagtha hai tum dono ke beech pyaar hoga'.

Shilpa : Pyaar?!!! Aur wo bhi Armaan se?!! Never!!!!

Sid : Aha ithni jaldi nahi' Wo kehthe hain na never say never' Achcha mujhe ek aur baath bathao' Riddhima aur tum behenein ho kya?

Shilpa stares at Sid wondering how he found out.

Shilpa : Kyun?

Sid : Nahi harkatein tho dono ek jaisi hi kar rahi ho na iss liye'

Shilpa : Nahi aisi koi baat nahi hai'

Sid : Achcha chalo chalo ab bahut saari thayyariyan baaki hai'

Scene 3 : Modi penthouse in the evening. Haldi ceremony is about to begin.

Shilpa : Hey guys come on.. Jaldi se Sid ko haldi lagao' Phir wohi haldi mujhe Riddhima ke ghar leke jaana hai unke liye'

JP : Shilpa flowerji, humme ek baath bathaye ki Sid bhai pe lagi haldi kyun leke jaa rahe ho aap' Wahan pe alag se haldi nahi banthi kya?

Shilpa : Arey buddhu' Dulhe pe lagaye gaye haldi se hi dulhan ko shagun ki haldi lagayi jaathi hai' Thaake dono ek doosre ke rang mein rang jaayein aur unka pyaar aur bhi gehra ho jaaye'

Sid is sitting in the middle of the room with JP, Jiggy, Yuvi, Shilpa and other guests surrounding him. He hears Shilpa's explanation and smiles.

Yuvi : Arey dekho, Sid tho sharama raha hai'

JP : Arey waake hi Sid bhaiyya aapka chehra tho poora laal ho gaya'

Sid : Come on guys'

Shilpa : Haan guys abhi Sid ko chedna band karo aur jaldi se rasm shuru karo'

Turn by turn they all apply haldi on Sid and Sid sits there remembering Riddhima's haldi function at their first wedding' She'd looked so beautiful'Oh he missed Riddhima so bad' It seemed as if he hadn't seen her since forever'

Sid's haldi ceremony gets over and Shilpa gets ready to leave with the shagun ki haldi for Riddhima..

Sid : Shilpa.. Main tumhe drop kar detha hoon'

Shilpa : Nahi its ok Sid, main chali jaoongi'

Sid : Koi baath nahi Shilpa, main drop kar doonga na'

Shilpa : Arey  nahi Sid, tum samajh nahi rahe, tum wahan nahi aa sakthe'

Sid : Main' Main andar nahi aoonga Shilpa' Bass tumhe drop karke wapas aa jaoonga'

Yuvi : Uski koi zaroorath nahi'

Sid (to himself) : Oho, ab yeh kabse kabab mein haddi banne lag gaya?

Sid (to Yuvi) : Kyun? Zaroorath kyun nahi?

Yuvi : Kyunki Shilpaji ko hum drop kar denge' Aur waise bhi shaadi ke ek din pehle dulhe ko aise bahar ghoomna phirna nahi chahiye'

Sid : Bike pe leke jaoge tum?

Yuvi : Kyun? Bike mein kya kharabi hai?

Shilpa : Its ok guys main taxi se chali jaoongi'

JP : Haan hum Shilpa flowerji ko taxi mein Riddhima bhabhi ke ghar chhod aayenge'

Sid (pulling Yuvi, JP and Jiggy aside) : Abbe yaar samjha karo na' Mujhe Riddhima ko dekhna hai'

JP : Arey humme bhi tho flowerji ko dekhna hai'.

Sid : Abbe tu meri Riddhima ko kyun dekhega' Bhabhi hai wo teri'

Jp : Arey nahi nahi Sid bhaiyya hamare kehne ka mathlab wo nahi tha' Hum tho Riddhima bhabhi ko chhodke anya flowerjiyon ko dekhne ki baath kar rahe the'

Sid : Achcha theek hai, jo bhi ho.. Hum sab chalthe hain ok?

JP, Jiggy & Yuvi : Done!!

They all turn towards Shilpa who is trying to listen to their conversation. They give her a sheepish grin..

Sid : Tho Shilpa chalo'

Shilpa : Main kab se keh rahi hoon Sid main chali jaoongi'

Jp : Arey aise kaise chali jaayengi akele akele? Hum sab aapke saath chalenge..

Shilpa : Arey lekin'

Sid : Lekin vekin kuch nahi jaldi chalo warna meri Riddhima ki haldi delay ho jaayegi yaar! (Sid has his comical angry expression).

Shilpa : OK! OK! Chalthe hain'

 Scene 4 : Gupta's place. Riddhima is seated in the middle of a hall surrounded by friends and family (all females). Her haldi ceremony is going on. She is wearing a white plain lehenga choli'

Anjie : Kithni khoobsurath lag rahi hai meri Ridzi aaj' Aaj tho tumhara chehre pe ek alag sa hi glow hai..

Riddhima blushes and looks away.

Anjie : Oh ho blushing and all eh?

Riddhima : Di, aap bhi na'

Lady 1 : Shagun ki haldi achche se lagana' Dulhe pe lagke aayi hai' Aaj tho  dulhan dulhe ke rang mein poori tarah rang jaani chahiye'

Lady 2 : Arey dulhan ka rang tho pehle hi kithna nikhra hai' Ab dulhe ke rang mein rangke aur kithna nikhregi?

Right at that time, outside house, Sid, JP, Jiggy and Yuvi are circling around the house trying to get a good view through a window of whats happening inside.. Sid wants to see Riddhima but the guests block his view.

Yuvi, Jp and Jiggy queue up behind Sid to try to look inside at whats going on. They all end up falling down.

Sid (irritated, getting up) : Kya kar rahe ho guys?

Yuvi : Wohi jo tum kar rahe  the'

Sid : Main Riddhima ko dekhne ki koshish kar raha tha'

Yuvi (grinning) : Aur hum Dr. Riddhima ko chhodke baaki sabko dekhne ki koshish kar rahe the...

JP and  Jiggy grin too'

Sid : Guys mazak chhodo, seriously man.. Lagtha hai ki patha nahi kab se maine Riddhima ko nahi dekha' Tum sab tho mere dosth ho na.. Kuch tho karo'

JP, Jiggy and Yuvi start to think' Sid looks at them expectantly'

Yuvi : Idea!!!

JP : Batthi (bulb) jali kya?

Yuvi (with a mischievous grin) : Nahi batthi gul ho gayi'.

Sid, JP n Jiggy : Eh???

 Scene 5 : The haldi ceremony is going on and suddenly the lights go out'

Shilpa : Arey yeh lights ko kya ho gaya'

Padma : Main candles dhoondke aathi hoon'

In the meantime, the guys climb in through the windows in the darkness, cover Riddhima up and take her away' They bring her into a room and leave her there' Sid walks out form the shadows just as Riddhima pulls the cover off herself and starts to scream' Sid quickly covers her mouth with his hand'

Sid : Riddhima, chillana math, main hoon'

Riddhima quietens down and looks at him but she can't see because its dark..

Sid brings out a matchstick, lights it up and holds it between them' He has Riddhima pinned against the wall and in the light from the matchstick, he gets lost in her eyes. Riddhima is unnerved by his proximity and the love that she sees in his eyes'

Riddhima (in a husky, low voice) : Sid' tum yahan?

Sid (in an equally husky and low voice) : Hmmm'

He tucks away a wayward lock of hair that was on her face and traces his finger down her cheek'

Riddhima : Shaadi se pehle aise milna theek nahi hai'

Sid : Hamari shaadi pehle ho chuki hai Riddhima'

Riddhima : Phir bhi'

Sid : Tumhe mera yahan aana pasand nahi aaya?

Riddhima : Aisi baath nahi hai'

Sid : Tho phir?

Riddhima : Koi sun lega'

Sid (going closer) : Sunne do'

Riddhima : Koi aa jaayega'

Sid (going even closer) : Aane do'

Riddhima : Koi dekh lega'

Sid (just a breath away from her lips) : Dekhne do'

Just then the matchstick burns to its last and Sid's finger gets slightly burned'

Sid : Aaahhh'

Riddhima (concerned) : Kya hua???

She immediately grabs Sid's hand and starts blowing on his hand'

Sid keeps staring at her' That's when they hear a commotion outside' Padma had brought in the candles and everyone realized that Riddhima was missing' Everyone was calling out her name'

Riddhima (panicking) : Sid! Tum jao' warna sab log yahan aa jaayenge aur problem ho jaayegi'

Sid : Arey lekin Riddhima'..

Riddhima : Sid jao na'.

Sid ; Lekin Riddhima meri baath tho suno'

Riddhima : Sid sab log aa jaayenge jao jao'

She tries to get him to leave but Sid smiles and pulls her towards him'

Riddhima : Kya kar rahe ho Sid' Jao'.

Sid slowly bends towards Riddhima and kisses her (*liplock*)'

Slowly he breaks away from the kiss and looks at Riddhima' Her eys are closed, her face was flushed and her breathing was rapid' Riddhima slowly opens her eyes' Sid smiles at her and starts to leave through the window' A couple of feet ahead he turns back'

Sid (in his husky voice) : Good night Riddhima'.

Riddhima stood there and gently raises her hand to her lips, blushes a deep red and smiles'

Just then, Shilpa and Anjie walk in with candles'

Anjie : Ridzi tu yahan kya kar rahi hai?

Shilpa : Haan hum sab pareshaan ho gaye the'

Riddhima : Wo main'. Main wo' Main'.

Anjie : Ridzi, tum theek tho ho na? Yeh kya main wo, wo main laga rakha hai?

Riddhima : Nahi di wo actually'

Anjie : Achcha wo sab rehne do, ab chalo hamare saath'

They take Riddhima away from the room and on her way out, Riddhima turns back to look at the window to make sure Sid is gone'

Sid on the other hand meets up with the guys after jumping out of the window'

Sid : Chalo guys'

JP : Chalo? Kahan chalo?

Sid : Arey meri Riddhima se mulaqat ho gayi'

Yuvi : Tho?

Sid : Tho? Ab wapas chalthe hain'

JP : Wah Sid bhaiyya wah! Aapka kaam ho gaya tho chalo wapas chalthe hain' aur hamara kya?

Sid : Kya tumhara kya?

Jiggy : Hamara kya? Arey Sid tu tho andar Dr. Riddhima se mil liya. Lekin hum jiske liye aaye the wo tho hua hi nahi'.
Jp : Haan, andhere mein hume tho ek bhi flowerji theek se dikhayi nahi di'

Sid : Lekin ab phir se andar kaise jaoge?

The lights go on inside the house'

Sid : Dekho ab tho lights bhi aa gayin' Ab andar kaise jaoge?

Yuvi : Iska solution bhi hai mere paas'

JP : Ka Yuvi bhaiyya? Phir se batthi gul?

Yuvi : Is baar batthi jali'

Yuvi snaps his hands and sarees appear in his hands'

Yuvi : Tatarararaaa'..

Sid : No!!!

JP : Kya no Sid bhaiyya? Aap tho hamare mithravarya hai na?

Sid : JP' Agar kisi ne mujhe iss' iss saree mein dekh liya tho meri tho'

Jiggy : Yeh sahi nahi hai Sid, hum tumhare liye Riddhima bhabhi ko sab ke beech mein se utha ke leke aaye the.. Agar hume kisi ne dekh liya hotha tho? Phir bhi humne tumhare liye kiya na?

Sid : Arey wo sab tho theek tha lekin yeh saree pehenna'

All three of them, JP, Jiggy and Yuvi corner Sid and Sid gives a look of exasperation.

Scene 6 : Inside the house, as the lights return, Riddhima is being seated again in the hall'

Lady 1 : Arey dekho, haldi lagi nahi ki dekho, Riddhima ka chehra kaise khil gaya'

Shilpa : Haan Riddhima, aapka chehra tho sach mein khil gaya hai'

Riddhma blushes and looks away, remembering Sid's kiss'

Anjie : Achcha ab yeh blushing wushing baad mein, jaldi se naha lo phir sangeet aur mehendi bhi tho hai'.

Later, Riddhima comes back after changing, in a dark green lehenga choli for the mehendi and sangeet' Four ladies draped in sarees walk in then' Three of them quickly join the group of girls on the dance floor while one stands away from the crowd in the corner of the room' Occasional glimpses of the ladies show that they are actually JP, Jiggy, Yuvi and the one standing away from the crowd is Sid'

Riddhima is getting her mehendi done (The song Mehendi hai Rachnewaali from Zubeida is playing in the background) and Sid keeps looking at her, how beautiful she looked and above all, how happy she looked' His Riddhima' Suddenly, he notices the pallu come off JP's head while he dances.. He tries to indicate to him that it had come off but it was too late' The girls see JP and Jiggy and Yuvi are spotted too' Sid, who'd been standing on the side, quietly slips away' He quickly takes off the saree and first thinks of leaving, but he couldn't' He changes his mind and goes back in, through the door and sees Dr. Shashank'

JP : Sir, wo hum tho bass khushiyon mein shamil hone aaye hain'

Yuvi : Jee Sir, wo ithni khushi ka mauka hai tho humne socha'

JP : Aur fir sir flowerjiyon ke saath khushiyan manane ka maza hi kuch aur hai'

Shashank looks at JP and JP immediately bites his tongue..

Sid (to himself) : Meri doosri shaadi bhi gayi paani mein'.

Then, Dr. Shashank breaks into a smile' and everyone smiles'

Dr. Shashank : Sahi kaha' Ithni khushi ke mauke ko sabko saath milke manana chahiye' Aaj koi rok tok nahi' Aap log bhi sangeet mein shamil ho jaayiye'

JP,Jiggy,Yuvi : Yeah!!!

Shilpa : Arey ek minute ek minute' Agar tum theenon yahan ho tho Sid ke saath kaun hai?

Padma : Haan agar Sid bhi yahan hota tho achcha hotha'

JP : Arey Sid bhaiyya bhi tho hamare saath hi hain'

Everyone is surprised'

JP (seeing the surprise on everyone's face) : Arey haan' wo yahin tho hain' He turns to look around but does not find Sid anywhere'.

Sid : Main yahan hoon'

Everyone turns towards the door to see Sid standing there grinning'

Anjie : Sid! Tum bhi inn badmashon ke saath the?

JP, Jiggy and Yuvi look offended at being called badmash'

Sid : Arey nahi nahi' Wo main tho... (He looks at Riddhima, Riddhima looks at him and remembers his kiss, blushes and looks away..) Main tho wo Shilpa ko drop karne aaya tha'

Shilpa : Aaahaahaa kithna achcha bahana hai na' Mujhe drop karne ke bahane khud yahan masti karne aa gaye sab log'

Sid gives a sheepish grin'.

Padma : Chalo jo bhi hua achcha hua' Ab sab milke khushiyan manayenge'

Anjie : Lekin Mom, inki iss harkath ke liye ladkon ko punishment tho milni hi chahiye.. Kyun Shilpa?

Shilpa : Haan punishment tho milni hi chahiye'

Dr. Shashank : Kaisi punishment?

Sid : Haan haan kaisi punishment?

Sid (in a low voice to JP,Jiggy and Yuvi) : Agar tum logon ki wajah se meri shaadi mein koi gadbad hui na tho main tum logon ko chhodoonga nahi'

Padma : Arey Anjali, kyun bechare ko thang kar rahi ho' Jaane do na'

Anjie : Arey aise kaise? Punishment tho milni hi chahiye'

Riddhima is watching the whole thing' Sid looks at her and gives an expression asking her to speak to Anjie'

Riddhima : Di, jaane bhi do na'

Anjie : Arey waah Ridzi, tu tho abhi se hi Sid ki side le rahi hai eh? Chalo ab Ridzi ne kaha hai tho punishment ki intensity thodi kam kar dethe hain' Ab tum sab ki punishment yeh hai ki kyunki tum logon ne hamara function gatecrash kiya hai, ab tum log humme entertain karoge'

JP : Wo kaise?

Anjie : Ab wo sab mujhe nahi patha' Tum log khud hi decide kar lo'

The guys huddle up and start talking and the girls try to hear what they are saying' A few minutes later, they break the huddle and Sid says,

Sid : Hum thayyar hain'

The lights go out and everyone wonders whats going on' Then the spotlight goes on and Sid is standing in the middle of the room' He sings "Tere ghar aaya, main aaya tujhko lene" (from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)' All the lights come on and JP, Jiggy, Yuvi and some other guys join him in the dance' They dance to a medley of songs inculding "Mehendi lagake rakhna, doli sajake rakhna"(from DDLJ), "Salaam-e-ishq"(by now, everyone joins in with them) and "Tenu leke main jaavanga" ( from Salaam-e-Ishq)' Tenu leke main jaavanga is the last song of the lot and Riddhima sings the last line "Tere naal main aavangi, sasural main jaavangi" and Sid lifts her into his arms and everyone shouts in joy' Everyone is happily dancing away and the lights fade'

                                                 PART 2
Scene 7 : Later that night, Riddhima is in her room, sitting in front of the mirror, getting ready for bed' She looks at the mehendi on her hands and smiles' Anjie walks in just then'

Anjie : Oho, kya sochke meri pyaari si behena ke chehre pe ithni pyaari smile aayi hai? Mujhe bhi tho patha chale'

Riddhima (blushing) : Kuch nahi di'

Anjie : Kya baath hai Ridzi, aaj kal tho tum kuch zyaada hi blush kar rahi ho' Bilkul wo kya kehthe hain.. Nayi naveli dulhan ki tarah'

Riddhima : Patha nahi di, ek ajeeb si khushi hai, aur saath hi saath, darr bhi lag raha hai'

Anjie : Come on yaar Sid aur tum tho pehle se shaadi shuda ho phir ithna sharmane ki, ghabrane ki kya zaroorath hai?

Riddhima's smile vanishes and she looks away' She remembers her first wedding with Sid, where she hadn't enjoyed any moment of it, where all she wanted to do was end her life'.

Anjie : Ridzi, kya baath hai?

She comes over to where Riddhima is sitting near the dressing table, sits down and holds Riddhima's hands'

Anjie : Kya baath hai Ridzi? Kya tumne aur Sid ne ab thak' I mean'

Riddhima lifts her head and looks at Anjie'

Anjie : Lekin kyun Ridzi? Yeh shaadi pehle bhi tho tum dono ki marzi se hui thi na, phir kyun?

Riddhima does not say anything'

Anjie : I'm sorry main jaanthi hoon ki yeh tumhare aur Sid ke beech ki baath hai, lekin I'm just worried' Tum khush tho ho na Ridzi? I mean tum iss shaadi se khush tho ho na? Tum Sid ke saath khush tho ho na?

Riddhima : Bahut khush hoon di' Mujhe yakeen hi nahi hotha ki meri zindagi mein dobara pyaar aaya hai, dobara khushiyon ne dasthak di hai' Darr lagtha hai.. Ki yeh sab ek sapna tho nahi' Lekin Sid bahut achcha hai di' Sid ke alawa agar koi aur hotha tho main kabhi apni zindagi mein aage badne ka soch bhi nahi paathi' Sid ne mujhe himmath di hai, pyaar diya hai, hamesha mera saath diya hai' Aur patha hi nahi chala kab, kaise, kyun, lekin main bhi usse pyaar karne lag gayi di' Armaan ke baad maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki meri zindagi mein kisi aur ke liye jagah hogi' Lekin phir Sid aaya aur usne mujhe pyaar ka sahi mathlab sikhaya, pyaar ke sahi mayne sikhaye' Apne abhi poocha na ki Sid aur maine abhi thak''.. Aapko patha Sid was waiting, for me to be comfortable in the marriage, for me to fall in love with him' Wo jaantha tha ki main sirf Armaan se pyaar karthi thi, lekin phir bhi usne mujhe apnaya, kabhi mujhe kisi cheez ke liye force nahi kiya' bina kuch maange, bina kuch kahe wo hamesha meri khushi ke liye sab kuch kartha gaya' Aur uski isi achchayi ne kab mujhe usse pyaar karne pe majboor kar diya, patha hi nahi chala' Kab mere dil se Armaan ka ehsaas, uski yaadein mitne lagi patha hi nahi chala' Aapko patha hai, jab Armaan wapas aaya, tho Armaan ko dekhke mere dil  mein sabse pehle Sid ka khayal aaya' Sirf Sid ka' Aur thab mujhe ehsaas hua ki mere dil mein, meri zindagi mein ab sirf aur sirf Sid hai'

Anjie (eyes filled with tears) : Mujhe bhi bahut darr lagtha tha Riddhima' Darr lagtha tha ki Armaan ke pyaar mein kahin tum khud ko barbaad na kar lo' Darr lagtha tha ki tum pyaar ko, zindagi ko, kabhi ek aur mauka nahi dogi' Lekin aaj main bahut khush hoon'. Tumne kabhi kaha Sid se ki tum usse kithna pyaar karthi ho?

Riddhima shakes her head'

Anjie : Bol do' He needs to know, he deserves to know' Wo tumse bahut pyaar kartha hai Ridzi' Uska pyaar, uski achchayi uski aankhon mein dikhthi hai' Wo bahut hi achcha ladka hai' And I'm glad that you've fallen in love with him'. Aur iss baar' apni shaadi ko poore dil se nibhana' Sid ko poore dil se apnana'

Riddhima nods with tears flowing from her eyes'

Anjie : I love you Ridzi'

Ridzi : I love you too di'

They hug each other' Then, Anjie pulls away and says

Anjie : Ab chalo,bahut ho gaya rona dhona' so jao' Kal tumhari shaadi hai' You need to rest'

Riddhima nods and goes and lies on her bed'

She recollects the kiss that Sid had given her and blushes' She remembers all their close moments together and tosses around in bed' She sits up and thinks of calling Sid' She picks up her phone, pauses, smiles and puts the phone back and goes back to bed' She thinks of something and her smile vanishes' She then turns to where Anjali is sleeping and asks'

Riddhima : Di'

Anjali (half asleep) : Hmmm'

Riddhima : Aap so gayi kya?

Anjali : Haan bol'

Riddhima : Nahi' wo aapko Armaan kahin dikha kya aaj?

Anjali : Nahi tho' Kyun?

Riddhima : Wo ek baar bhi mujhse mila nahi di'

Anjali : Arey wo shaadi ki thayyariyon mein busy hoga ya phir pahuncha nahi hoga' Tu uske baare mein tension math le' Kal teri shaadi hai tho bass apni shaadi ke baare mein soch' Aur waise bhi kal raath ko tho Sid tujhe sone nahi dega tho abhi so le jithna sona hai'

Riddhima (throws a pillow at Anjie) : Di!!!!

Riddhima curls up on her bed thinking about what Anjie said' She blushes and hides her face in the pillow and later falls asleep'


Scene 8 : The morning of the wedding, Modi Penthouse.

Shilpa walks in with Sid's sherwani to find the guys asleep all around the front room' Sid was lying on a couch, Yuvi was asleep in a sitting position on another, JP and Jiggy were asleep on the floor and the TV was on' She tiptoes around them, goes into the kitchen and comes back with a jug full of water and throws it on them' All of them wake up screaming'.

Sid, JP, Jiggy,Yuvi : Baaad!!!!!!! Baaad!!!!!!!!!!!! (flood)

They immedaitely get up and start running around'

Shilpa (screaming) : GUYS!!!!!

Everyone freezes and looks at her' She shows the jug in her hand from which she'd poured water over them and asks them to look around' The guys look aorund and they realize that there was no flood'

Sid : Thank God!! Meri shaadi cancel nahi hogi'.

Shilpa rolls her eyes'

Shilpa : Kaise log ho tum' Aaj shaadi hai aur subah ke das baje thak ghode bechke so rahe ho? Come on now' Jaldi se saare freshen up ho jao and get to work' Main sab ke liye coffee banathi hoon'

They all disperse and Shilpa goes to the kitchen to make coffee'

A couple of minutes later, Sid walks into the kitchen..

Shilpa (handing him his coffee) : Ye lo dulhe miyan, aapko iski bahut zaroorath padne waali hai'

Sid : Thanks' Waise Shilpa, Armaan ab thak kyun nahi aaya? Ab thak tho usse aa jaana chahiye tha'

Shilpa : Mujhe nahi patha'

Sid : tum dono ke beech kuch hua hai kya? Wo aa raha hai na shaadi mein?

Shilpa : Mujhe nahi patha'

She turns away form Sid' Sid makes her face him

Sid (worried) : Shilpa baath kya hai? Pls mujhe bathao' Armaan kahan hai'

Shilpa : Mujhe sach mein nahi patha Sid'

Sid : Aise kaise Shilpa? Tum dono tho saath the na Panchgani mein?

Shilpa (irritated) : Haan' Lekin iska yeh mathlab tho nahi na ki mujhe Armaan ke baare mein sab patha hona chahiye? Mujhe nahi patha wo kahan hai!!!! Bass!!!

Sid : Iska mathlab wo shaadi mein nahi aa raha?

Shilpa (angry and hurt, remembering her last encounter with Armaan) : Nahi!!! Aur uss jaise selfish insaan ko aane ki zaroorath bhi nahi' Jisse sirf aur sirf apne dard ki parwah hai aur kisi ka koi khayal hi nahi' Jisse lagtha hai ki uska dard sabse bada hai' Lekin wo galath hai' Jinhe sabse zyada dard hotha hai, wo kabhi apna dard dikhathe nahi'

Sid : yeh' yeh sab tum kya keh rahi ho Shilpa?

Shilpa : main sahi keh rahi hoon, aur achcha hi hai ki Armaan shaadi mein nahi aa raha'

Sid : lekin Shilpa, tum samajh nahi rahi' Armaan shaadi mein nahi aayega tho Riddhima ko lagega ki wo hamari shaadi se khush nahi hai aur Riddhima upset ho jaayegi' phir hamari shaadi hogi bhi ya nahi' Nahi patha'

Shilpa : Tum Riddhima ko kuch nahi bathaoge'

Sid : Main Riddhima se sach nahi chhupa saktha'

Shilpa : Jiss insaan ko tumhari, Riddhima ki khushiyon ki koi parwah nahi, uske liye tum apni zindagi ka sabse khoobsurat din kyun barbaad karna chahthe ho? Riddhima iss shaadi ko lekar kithni khush hain, tum unki khushi ko gham mein kyun badalna chahthe ho?

Sid : Lekin Shilpa, Riddhima se sachayi chhupana'

Shilpa : Dekho tum iske baare mein math socho aur Riddhima se kuch bhi kehne ki koi zaroorath nahi'

Just then Sid's phone rings and  he picks it up' Its Dr. Shashank'

Sid : Hello'

Dr. Shashank : Hello Sid' Shashank bol raha hoon'

Sid : Ji Dad kahiye? Sab theek tho hai na?

Dr. Shashank : Wo bass ek chhoti si problem ho gayi hai' Darasal wo shaadi ka hall double book ho gaya aur ab koi aur hall nahi mil raha'

Sid : Kya??!!!

Shilpa : Kya hua Sid?

Sid : Shaadi ka hall nahi mil raha'

By then JP, Jiggy and Yuvi have all freshened up and walk in to the kitchen'

JP,Jiggy & Yuvi : Kya???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A few minutes later, JP, Jiggy, Yuvi, Sid and Shilpa are all gathered in the hall of Modi penthouse and are going over what to do now' that's when Shilpa comes up with the idea of a terrace wedding' The arrangements are made really quick and everything is set for the wedding' Sid is still troubled by the fact that he is hiding the truth from Riddhima that Armaan had not come to their wedding' He changes into his sherwani and goes up to the terrace to look at the arrangements' Its all so beautifully decorated' JP enthusiastically shows him all the arrangements but Sid seems preoccuppied' Just then, Sid feels a slight breeze and his heart starts to beat faster' He turns towards the entrance and his Riddhima walks in flanked by Anjie and Padma' Riddhima looks absolutely gorgeous in her maroon and green lehenga choli' Shilpa rushes to her when she sees her and joins the bride's group' As Riddhima walks towards Sid, she looks up at him with so much love and trust in her eyes'. Sid finds it difficult to meet her gaze and looks away' He just couldn't hide the truth from her' They take Riddhima to the mandap and get her seated' Then everyone steps down and Sid walks towards the mandap' Suddenly, it starts to rain' Everyone runs to find cover and Riddhima too steps down from the mandap' She tries to run but Sid grabs hold of her hand and stops her'

Riddhima : Sid kya kar rahe ho? Baarish ho rahi hai hum bheeg jaayenge!!!

Sid : Riddhima.. I promise main tumhe kuch nahi hone doonga'

He covers them both with her dupatta.

Sid : Tum chahthi ho na hamare beech koi jhoot na rahe?

Riddhima nods.

Sid : Riddhima, hamari shaadi mein hamare saare dosth aaye' Sivaye Armaan ke'. Aur kisi ko nahi patha ki wo kahan hai'

Riddhima looks at Sid stunned for a few seconds' Then she pulls herself together'

Riddhima : Sid' main tumse shaadi karna chahthi hoon' Kisi aur ka hona na hona mere iss faisle ko badal nahi saktha'

She smiles at him lovingly and Sid is relieved to hear her say that and pulls her into a tight embrace' Just then a voice calls out'

Voice : Aise hi baarish mein romance karthe rehne ka irada hai ya shaadi bhi karni hai?

Sid and Riddhima are stunned to hear the familiar voice.. Sid takes off the dupatta covering both of them and puts it back on Riddhima' They turn to look at the person who'd just spoken and so does everyone else'

Standing there, at the entrance, with a smile pasted on his face was Armaan'.
Part 3
Scene 9 : Everyone is surprised to see Armaan at Siddhant and Riddhima's wedding.
JP : Arey Armaan bhaiyya!!!

He runs over to Armaan and hugs him tight' Sid and Riddhima are stunned to see Armaan there'

Riddhima : Lekin tumne tho kaha Sid ki Armaan nahi aa raha?

Sid : Mujhe tho Shilpa ne bathaya'

Riddhima : Zaroor Shilpa aur Armaan ne milke prank khela hoga aur tum unki baaton mein aa gaye'

Sid recollects the conversation he had with Shilpa and remembers the look of hurt and anger she'd had on her face' She hadn't been faking it'

Shilpa is equally surprised to see Armaan there' As JP hugs him, Armaan is looking at Shilpa and smiling' Shilpa looks away'

Shilpa (thinking to herself) : Shayad Armaan ithna bura bhi nahi hai' Arey nahi nahi, yeh main kya soch rahi hoon' Usne tho mujhe ithni khari khoti sunayi thi' Wo loser hi hai loser' lekin isne tho kaha tha ki wo shaadi main nahi aayega' Phir achanak isne apna irada kaise badal liya???

Sid goes over to where Armaan is standing and hugs him' Riddhima comes up behind Sid and smiles at Armaan'

Sid : Thanks yaar

Armaan : Thanks kis liye? Balki mujhe tho sorry kehna chahiye ki main ithna late aaya' Wo kya hai na kuch baatein samajhne mein thoda sa time lag gaya (He looks at Shilpa again and Shilpa looks away)

JP : Chalo der aaye durusth aaye'

Jiggy : Lekin ab ithni baarish mein shaadi hogi kaise?

Armaan : No fear when Armaan is here'.

He brings umbrellas for everyone except Shilpa' As the wedding ceremony is about to begin, he offers her his umbrella and they both stand under the same umbrella..

Armaan : I'm sorry'

Shilpa just stares at him blankly'

Armaan : Wo uss din maine tumhe kuch zyada hi bol diya' I am sorry' Tumne sahi kaha tha, main tumhare baare mein kuch nahi jaantha tha, aur bina jaane hi maine tumhe ithna sab kuch keh diya'

Shilpa : Its okay'

Armaan : Lekin ab main tumhare baare mein sab kuch jaan gaya hoon'

Shilpa stares at him wide eyed'

Armaan : Wo uss din jab tum wahan se chali gayi, uske baad tumhari maasi mujhse mili' Unhone hamari baatein sun li thi' Aur unhone mujhe tumhare baare mein sab kuch batha diya'.

Shilpa (worried) : Kya bathaya maasi ne?

Armaan recounts the whole incident to Shilpa'

Shilpa's eyes fill with tears and she turns away towards the mandap where the wedding was starting'

Armaan : Don't worry main kisi ko kuch nahi bathoonga' I promise'

Shilpa (turning back) : Thanks'

Then, she moves towards the mandap.


Unaware of the tension brewing between Shilpa and Armaan, Sid and Riddhima were sitting in the mandap lost in their own little world' Riddhima and Sid took turns in holding the umbrella while performing the rituals' They exchange 

garlands, give the ahuthi, take the pheras holding hands, Sid ties the mangalsutra around Riddhima's neck and puts sindoor on the parting of her hair'

Panditji : Ab yeh vivah sampann hua' aaj se aap dono pati patni hue'

Sid and Riddhima look at each other and smile' Sid hugs Riddhima tight and kisses her on her forehead while Riddhima smiles a lovely smile and her face is covered in the radiant glow of a new bride' They step down from the mandap and take blessings from Shashank and Padma' Everyone gathers around them to wish them' Armaan hugs Sid and congratulates Riddhima' Then they all walk towards the house where the grihapravesh takes place' Shilpa does their aarti, Riddhima knocks the kalash filled with rice, immerses her feet in red coloured water and walks into the house' After her first few steps, Sid lifts her in his arms and carries her inside'. The whole crowd follows them inside while Armaan, unable to take it any longer, eases himself away from the crowd, with tears in his eyes' Impulsively, Shilpa decides to follow him and goes after him'


Inside the house, JP, Jiggy and Yuvi are deliberately delaying Sid from going into the room.. They keep making all kinds of silly excuses and Sid tries to fend them off but they don't listen to him' Riddhima is inside the beautiful decorated bedroom' She changes into a different lehenga choli as her wedding dress is all wet.. Then Anjie helps Riddhima to get ready again like a bride'

Anjie : bahut khoobsurath lag rahi ho'

Riddhima (blushing) : bahut darr lag raha hai di'

Anjie : Main chahe jo bhi kahoon, thoda darr tho tumhe lagega hi' Bass tum poore dil se iss rishthe ko nibhana, just love Sid with all your heart and everything will be alright' ok?

 Riddhima nods'

Anjie : Ab main chaloon?

Riddhima : I love you di'

Anjie : I love you too Ridzi' and all the best'

Riddhima nods and Anjie leaves the room'


On the other hand, Sid is finally making his way towards the room with JP, Jiggy and Yuvi tagging along beside him' They are all teasing Sid' Finally, they reach the door' Yuvi, Jp and Jiggy playfully push Sid in through the door, Sid stumbles and falls on to Riddhima who had been standing by the door and they both fall on to the bed with Sid on top of Riddhima' As soon as they push Sid in, the guys close the door' Sid and Riddhima have an intense eye lock' Riddhima looks away' Sid gets up'

Sid : Sorry Riddhima, wo, ye JP,Jiggy aur Yuvi bhi na' Achcha ek minute'

He walks over to the door and locks it' Riddhima sits up feeling excited, scared, nervous, all at the same time' She has a shy, hesitant smile playing on her lips.. Sid just stands there watching her for a few minutes' Then, he walks over to her and sits beside her on the bed'.

Riddhima : Sid'

Sid (his eyes fixed on her) : hmmm

Riddhima : Wo, tumhare kapde geele ho gaye hain na, change kar lo, beemar pad jaoge'

Sid : Koi baath nahi'

Riddhima : Sid, tum beemar pad jaoge'

Sid : Aaj ki raath ek pal ke liye bhi main tumse dur nahi jaana chahtha'

Riddhima's breath gets caught in her throat' She looks away' Sid places his finger under her chin and turns her head to face him' Riddhima looks up at him and he kisses her forehead'.

Sid (in his super husky voice) : I love you'

Each time Sid said I love you, Riddhima felt that her world was just perfect and her heart did a somersault with joy'

Sid slowly pulls her face closer for a liplock' Riddhima closes her eyes waiting for the kiss' At the last second, Sid pulls away and sneezes!

Riddhima : Tum theek tho ho na?

Sid : Haan' Achooo' Riddhima'. Achooo' Main'.. Aaachooo' Theek'.. AAACHOOO'.. hoon'. Achooo'.

Sid starts to sneeze repeatedly' His nose turns red'.

Riddhima : Maine kaha tha na Sid ki geeli kapde badal lo, ab dekho beemar pad gaye na'.

Sid (in between sneezing) ; nahi Riddhima' Main theek hoon'

But he keeps sneezing'

Riddhima quickly gets off the bed and rushes off'

Sid : Arey Riddhima' Achooo' Kahan jaa rahi ho? Achooo'

She returns with a towel and a fresh kurta pyjama for him'

Riddhima : Yeh lo, sabse pehle apna sar ponch lo'

Sid tries to towel dry his head but is unable to in between sneezing'

Riddhima takes the towel from him and dries his hair for him' Then she asks him to go change into dry clothes and gives him the kurta pyjama' Sid emerges from the bathroom a couple of minutes later, still sneezing' Riddhima is waiting for him with hot tea and medicine'

Riddhima : Yeh lo, garam garam chai piyo aur saath mein davayi khao'

Sid takes the medicine and then drinks his tea'

Riddhima : Ab thodi der aaram kar lo, subah thak sab kuch theek ho jaayega, ok?

Sid : I'm so sorry Riddhima, yeh sab'

Riddhima : Sid' Abhi tum aaram karo'

She tucks him into bed and sits beside him' Sid holds her hand and kisses it' Sid falls asleep soon and Riddhima watches him sleep' God, she loved him so much'

Riddhima (whispering) : I love you Siddhant Modi

She kisses his forehead and falls asleep watching him sleep'


On the other hand, Shilpa follows Armaan and finds him sitting with a whole bunch of drunkards on the roadside with a nearly empty bottle in his hand' He was telling the drunkards Riddhima's and his story' Shilpa realizes that Armaan was the same guy who wrote the diary and finds herself all the more in love with him' She understands and feels his pain and wishes there was something she could do to take it away' Armaan gets himself really drunk and since he couldn't remember where his house was, she takes him to her home' At Shilpa's home, Armaan thinks Shilpa is Riddhima and confesses his love for her and they share some really intimate moments' Shilpa is caught in a highly vulnerable moment and for those few moments she actually believed that Armaan did love her' But then Armaan says "I love you Riddhima" in between and Shilpa's whole world comes crashing down' She breaks free of Armaan's embrace, runs into her room and cries her heart out'

                                                      PART 4

Scene : Next morning, Sanjeevani.

Sid and Riddhima walk into Sanjeevani and JP, Jiggy and Yuvi are surprised to see them'

Yuvi : Arey Sid, Dr. Riddhima, aap log yahan?

Riddhima : Wo meri ek patient ko labour pain ho raha hai aur kaafi complicated case hai tho main last minute pe kisi aur ko saunp bhi nahi sakthi thi'

Sid : Aur maine socha agar Riddhima hospital aa rahi hai tho main ghar pe baithe baithe kya karoonga tho main bhi chala aaya'

Riddhima quickly grabs her things from the locker and by then they call for her over the PA system'

Riddhima : Achcha tho main chalthi hoon'

Sid : Riddhima'

Riddhima : Hmmm???

Sid (to Jp, Jiggy and Yuvi) : tum log uss taraf dekho'

JP, Jiggy and Yuvi immediately turn around and act as if they are looking elsewhere'

Sid pulls Riddhima close and kisses her on her forehead'

Sid : All the best'

Riddhima blushes and starts to leave' A couple of feet ahead, she turns, comes back to him, gives him a peck on his cheek and rushes off'

Sid smiles as he watches Riddhima hurrying off and his hand goes up to his cheek where Riddhima had kissed him'

JP, Jiggy and Yuvi gather around him and start tickling him'

JP : Kya baath hai Sid bhaiyya, aaj tho aapka chehra kaafi khila khila lag raha hai'?

Jiggy : Waise Sid, tu ne humme uss taraf dekhne ko kyun kaha?

Yuvi : Arey haan Sid, raath ko neend poori mili na tujhe? Ya raath bhar' eh?

JP : Arey haan Sid bhaiyya, abhi humme visthaar mein bathayi ki kya kya hua? Haiye daiye, humme tho soch sochke hi sharam aa rahi hai' Bathayi ne Sid bhaiyya?


Just then, Shilpa walks in' she looks a mess' Her eyes are swollen and teary and she looks really upset' She does not even notice the guys standing there'

Sid : Good morning Shilpa!

Shilpa says nothing and goes to her locker'

The guys wonder what happened to her' Sid goes up to her and places his hand on her shoulder and gently shakes her'

Sid ; Shilpa!!!

Shilpa comes out of her reverie startled'

Shilpa : haan?!!

Sid : Maine kaha Good Morning!!

Shilpa : Oh haan' Good morning'

Shilpa (to herself) : Dekh Shilpa, aise behave karegi tho sabko lagega ki patha nahi tujhe kya ho gaya hai' apni bevakoofi ka sabke saamne thamasha kyun banana chahthi hai' Aise behave kar jaise kuch hua hi nahi' Waise bhi apna dard aur apne raaz chhupane mein tho tu maahir hai na' Come on'.

Shilpa (with a fake smile) : Hey guys! Wo main apne ek patient ke baare mein soch rahi thi' kaafi critical hai' Achcha wo sab chhodo, Sid tum yahan kya kar rahe ho? Aur wo bhi ithni subah subah? Tumhe tho chhuti pe hona chahiye na? Chhuti pe kya tumhe tho apne honeymoon pe hona chahiye'

Sid (not convinced by her suddenly cheerful attitude) : Wo Riddhima ke ek patient ko emergency aa gayi thi tho'

Shilpa : Oh how sad na? Lekin koi baath nahi tum dono ke paas tho poori zindagi padi hai' Achcha guys main tum sabse baad mein milthi hoon' Bye'

Then she quickly walks away'

JP : yeh achanak Shilpa flowerji ko kya ho gaya? Thodi ajeeb nahi lag rahi?

Yuvi : Kuch tho hua hai'


Scene : At Shilpa's house' Hours later'

Armaan wakes up to a pounding headache' He looks around and realizes that he was not at his home and he vaguely realizes that he was at Shilpa's house' But what was he doing at Shilpa's house? How did he get there? Then he remembered' Last night' Riddhima's and Sid's wedding, how he had left there unable to take it any longer, how he'd gotten drunk, how Shilpa had found him, Shilpa had brought him home, then there was Riddhima, he'd told Riddhima how beautiful she looked, he'd hugged Riddhima and kissed her and '. Oh wait but how could Riddhima be here? Had he been dreaming? Or had he done all that with Shilpa?!!! Oh God No!!! No!!! No!!! He couldn't have done all that with Shilpa'.  He must've been dreaming' Surely, if he had done something like that with Shilpa, she would have slapped him and brought him back to his senses' No no, he couldn't have done that to Shilpa' He remembered saying I love you Riddhima and then Riddhima went away crying' Or had it been Shilpa who'd run away crying? Oh God! How would he know? He would have to ask Shilpa' But how' That he could think of later, now, he had to find Shilpa'

Armaan quickly jumped out of bed, his pounding headache made him stumble all through the house as he looked for Shilpa. But she wasn't in the house' He came across a family photo of hers with Dr. Shashank in it' He wished to God he hadn't done anything at all to hurt Shilpa last night' She'd had more than her fair share of sorrow and pain to deal with all her life'. He had to find Shilpa'  Armaan then decided to check in Sanjeevani'


Scene : Sanjeevani hospital' Locker room' Late in the afternoon'

Riddhima walks in after the surgery and Sid is sitting there waiting for her'

Sid : Riddhima'

He goes up to her and hugs her'

Sid : Kaisi rahi surgery? Sab kuch theek tho hai na?

Riddhima : Hmmm' kaafi complicated tha lekin thank God abhi maa aur bachche dono theek hain'

Sid (raising his eyebrows) : bachche?

Riddhima : Hmmm' Twins the'.

Sid smiles'

Sid : Achcha haan main tho bathana bhool hi gaya' Mom ka phone aaya tha'Aaj pag phere ki rasam hai na' Unhone kaha hai ki jaise hi tumhara kaam khatham ho jaaye hum jald se jald ghar pahunchein'

Riddhima : Theek hai, main zara apna yeh saman rakh dethi hoon phir hum chalthe hain' Aur haan pehle hum ghar jaayenge, mujhe fresh hona hai aur change bhi karna hai'

She walks over to her locker' Then she remembers something and turns towards Sid'

Riddhima : Sid' Tum aaj Shilpa se mile kya?

Sid : Haan subah dikhi tho thi' Kyun?
Riddhima (putting her stuff away in her locker) : Nahi' Shilpa ne special permission li hai back to back surgery duty ke liye' Aur wo bhi poore din ki duty' Subah se OT se bahar nikli hi nahi... Ek ke baad ek surgeries mein assist kar rahi hai' Aur wo kaafi disturbed bhi lag rahi thi'

Sid : Haan maine bhi subah notice kiya, kaafi khoyi khoyi si lag rahi thi' Ajeeb behave kar rahi thi' I hope ki sab kuch theek ho'

Riddhima : Hmmm' Patha nahi'

Sid : Abhi kuch der pehle Armaan Shilpa ko dhoond raha tha' Zaroor dono mein phir se koi jhagda hua hoga'

Riddhima shakes her head in frustration'

Sid : Achcha abhi jaldi karo hume pag phere ke liye jaana hai.. Tum subah se bhooki ho na?

Riddhima : Tumne lunch kiya?
Sid : Jab tum bhooki ho tho main kaise khaa saktha hoon?

Riddhima smiles at Sid and gives him a hug'

Sid extends his hand and Riddhima places her hand in his'

Sid : Chalein?

Riddhima smiles and nods and they leave'


Scene : Modi Penthouse.


Sid is in the room changing into a kurta when Riddhima walks out of the bathroom' Her hair is all wet and clinging to her face' She starts to dry her hair looking in the mirror and Sid cannot take his eyes off her'. Riddhima sees Sid looking at her and turns towards him *Eyelock*  Riddhima then looks at the door' Sid looks at the door too'

Sid : Kya?

Riddhima : Mujhe change karna hai.

Sid : Tho kar lo na maine kahan roka hai'

Saying this he walks towards her. Riddhima looks away feeeling shy and nervous.

Sid : Waise bhi Riddhima mujhse kaisi sharam?

Riddhima turns away as Sid traces her jawline with his finger. Sid slowly pulls her towards him by her waist and gently moves her wet hair. Riddhima closes her eyes and her breath catches as Sid moves her robe and kisses her shoulder' He kisses her shoulder, neck and then her ear' Riddhima feels a shiver run through her and she tries to walk away' Sid pulls her back towards him and she hides her face in his kurta' Sid lifts her in his arms and carries her to the bed, never taking his eys off her shy, blushing and beautiful face' He places her onto the bed ever so gently *intense eyelock* As he comes closer to kiss her, Riddhma feels shy and looks away' Sid tucks a wayword lock of hair away form her face and traces his finger down her cheek' Riddhima turns to face him *Intense eyelock* Their eyes speak of love, passion and longing' Sid searches Riddhima's eyes for a sign of acceptance. He wanted to make sure that this was what she wanted too. Riddhima knew that Sid was holding back for her sake and that made her love him even more ' to know that even when she could see the passion burn in his eyes, he was still willing to wait for her to be comfortable. But Riddhima did not want to wait any longer because the passion she saw in Sid's eyes, she felt, was a reflection of the flames that burned in her too. Riddhima closed her eyes and lifted her face towards Sid. That was all the indication that Sid needed. He slipped his hand into Riddhima's hair. As he drew closer to her, he felt his heart swell up with so much of love for Riddhima, he felt it would burst. Riddhima's heart was beating so fast that she was sure that Sid could hear it too as she met him halfway. They were so close, their lips a breath apart, their eyes closed and their hearts beating as one' They both moved to close the distance between them *Liplock* Riddhima threads one hand into Sid's hair while the other hand roams over his back, holding him tighter'

The phone starts to ring but they do not hear it at first' When they finally break away from the kiss, both of them are breathless' Sid gazes into Riddhima's eyes and Riddhima feels shy.. She lightly pushes Sid away and scrambles off the bed' She grabs her saree and rushes into the bathroom... Inside, the bathroom, she shuts the door behind her and tries to calm her wildly beating heart and the flood of sensations Siddhant's kiss had evoked in her' She had never felt like this before' So alive' So in love' she looks at herself in the mirror and realized that she was blushing'

Sid on the other hand was lying in bed thinking about the intense, passionate moment they had just shared and there was a happy smile on his face' Riddhima' His Riddhima loved him' Her reaction to him had proved to him that she was just as much in love with him as he was in love with her..  That this was what she too wanted' For the first time, he had seen love and passion in her eyes and those flames burned bright for him' only for him' Sid's thoughts were interrupted by the incessant ringing of the phone' He picks it up' Its Dr. Shashank'

Sid ; hello Dad..

Dr. Shashank : Hello Siddhant' Beta aap dono aa rahe ho na? Hum sab yahan intezaar kar rahe hain'

Sid had almost forgotten that they were supposed to go for the pag phera'

Sid : Ji haan Dad' Bass abhi nikal hi rahe hain'

Dr. Shashank : Theek hai beta, jaldi aana ok?

Sid : Ji Dad

Dr. Shashank : Bye

Sid : Bye

Riddhima steps out of the bathroom just then looking absolutely stunning in an aqua blue saree' Sid looks at her appreciatively and Riddhima blushes'

Sid : Chalein?

Riddhima looks up at notices that Sid's hair is ruffled where she had run her hand through it just minutes before'

Riddhima : Wo'

Sid : Kya hua?

Riddhima points at his hair but he does not understand'

Sid : Kya?

Riddhima : Ek minute

Riddhima steps closer towards him and straightens his hair for him. Sid gives Riddhima a teasing smile and Riddhima looks away blushing'

Sid : Ab chalein?

Riddhima nods and they walk out together'

                                                               Part 5
Scene : Siddhant and Riddhima arrive for the pag phera at the Gupta house.
Padma, Shashank and Anjali open the door to find Sid and Riddhima at the doorstep. Padma does their aarti and welcomes them in. Sid and Riddhima touch Shashank's and Padma's feet to take blessings and Riddhima hugs Anjie.

Padma : Beta, hum kab se tum dono ka intezaar kar rahe the? Ithni der kyun laga di?

Sid and Riddhima look at each other and remember the intense moment they'd shared that had got them delayed' Riddhima blushes and looks away'

Anjie : Arey samjha karo na Mom' Abhi abhi nayi shaadi hui hai na'

Anjie winks at Riddhima and Shashank and Padma smile'

Shashank : achcha chalo chalo' Baaki saari baatein andar chalke'

As they enter the house, Anjie pulls Riddhima aside and gives her a smiling questioning look.

Riddhima (confused) : Kya?

Anjali : arey batha na'

Riddhima : Kya di?

Anjali (with a mischievous grin) : Kuch hua kya?

Riddhima : Kya hua di? Aur kab?

Anjie : Arey I mean kal raath ko'

Riddhima (blushing) : Di aap bhi na'

Anjie : Arey I just want to make sure everything is okay'

Riddhima : Sab kuch theek hai di'

Anjie (grinning) : Oh ho'.. That's the reason for your glow today eh?

Riddhima : Di!!! Aap bhi na' Waise jaisa aap soch rahi hain waisa kuch nahi hua'

Anjie : Lekin kyun?

Riddhima starts to explain but Anjie interrupts'

Anjie : Nahi rehne de, mujhe explanation nahi chahiye' Tum dono ka na kuch nahi ho saktha'

Riddhima looks away..

Anjie : Ab na mujhe hi kuch karna hoga'

Riddhima : Mathlab?

Anjie : Arey tum dono ithne boring couple ho' Do do baar shaadi ho gayi lekin ab bhi' you know' Ab tum dono ki life mein romance laane ke liye mujhe hi kuch karna hoga'

Riddhima : Di' Iski koi zaroorath nahi hai' Hamari zindagi mein romance ki koi kami nahi hai'

Anjie : Oh really now?

Riddhima smiles'

Anjie : Hmmm theek hai agar tum keh rahi ho tho maan lethi hoon' Waise Riddhima'.

Riddhima : Hmmm'

Anjie : Abhi tumhare Sid ke beech mein kuch hua nahi aur tere chehre pe yeh glow hai' Zara soch jab kuch hoga tho kya hoga eh?

Riddhima blushes a deep red : Diii'.

Anjie : Ridziii'.

They hug each other and laugh'

Sid walks in just then and sees the scene. He smiles when he sees Riddhima so happy.

Sid : Dono beheno ke beech kya baatein chal rahi hain?

Anjie : Aur hum yeh tumhe kyun batayein?

Sid : Mujhe bhi tho patha chale.

Anjie : Koi zaroorath nahi'

Padma walks in just then'

Padma : Tum sab yahan khade ho. Andar chalo, rasmein shuru karthe hain.

Riddhima : Ji mom.

They go to perform the rituals of the pag phera. After they finish the rituals, Sid feeds Riddhima and Riddhima feeds Sid. Shashank and Padma give them gifts, including a honeymoon package.  Riddhima touches Sid's feet and Sid hugs her. Just then Shashank's phone rings.

Shashank : Haan Dr. Keerthi kahiye'.. Achcha'.. Do aur? Nahi aapka Sanjeevani mein hona bahut zaroori hai'.. Main dekhtha hoon main kya kar saktha hoon.

He hangs up and looks worried. Sid goes up to him.

Sid : Kya baath hai dad?

Shashank : Nahi kuch nahi' wo Mumbai ke bahar Chandranagar gaon mein kaafi saare jaundice ke cases report hue hain' Hum Sanjeevani se ek team bhej rahe hain wahan logon ka ilaaj karne' Aur team mein humme do aur doctors ki zaroorath hai'

Sid : Koi baath nahi Dad' Riddhima aur main chale jaayenge'

Shashank : Arey nahi nahi beta' Aap dono ko tho honeymoon pe jaana hai' I'll find someone else'

Sid:  Nahi dad' Hum sabse pehle doctors hain aur hum apni duty bhoolke honeymoon pe nahi jaa saktha'

Sid looks over at Riddhima and she nods'

Shashank : Thank you bete'.

Sid : No problem Dad.. Waise kab nikalna hai?

Shashank : Humne Sanjeevani se bus arrange kiya hai aaj 6 baje'

Sid : Ok dad' Tho phir hum abhi nikalthe hain'. Packing bhi tho karni hai'

Shashank : Ok bete' Take care'

Riddhima and Sid take their blessings and leave.


Scene : Sanjeevani. Armaan has been running around the whole of Sanjeevani looking for Shilpa but does not find her. He stops a nurse to ask her.

Armaan : Nurse, aapne Dr. Shilpa ko kahin dekha?

Nurse : Ji who tho subah se OT mein thi, abhi abhi ghar gayi hain'

Armaan lets out a sigh of frustration and thanks the nurse. He decides to go to her house.


On the other hand, Shilpa packs and leaves her house for the medical camp and when Armaan comes there, he finds the door locked. Shilpa's watchman informs him that he'd seen her leaving with a suitcase and she'd informed him that she'd be gone for a few days but she did not say where she was going. Armaan thinks that she has gone to Panchgani to her maasi and decides to go to Panchgani.

Back in Sanjeevani, Sid, Riddhima, JP, Jiggy and an extra quiet Shilpa board the bus along with other staff to go to Chandranagar. Sid gets Riddhima settled in and puts their luggage away. Riddhima gets up to take her sweater from the bag and just then the bus starts. The jerking motion makes Riddima lose her balance and she falls into Sid's lap *Intense eyelock* JP and Jiggy see this and start to tease them.

JP : Arey waah Sid bhaiyya, medical camp ke bahane aap ko dobara honeymoom manane ka mauka mil gaya' Hain na Shilpa flowerji?

Shilpa is lost in her own thoughts looking out of the window and she does not hear him. She has a sad look on her face. Riddhima straightens up and moves off Sid's lap. Meanwhile, JP goes to shake Shilpa out of her reverie.

JP : arey ka hua Shilpa flowerji? Kahan kho gayi?

Shilpa : nahi nahi kuch nahi'. Tum kuch keh rahe the kya?

JP : Arey hum tho keh rahe the ki medical camp ke bahane Sid bhaiyya aur Riddhima bhabhiji ko dobara honeymoon pe jaane ka mauka mil gaya..

Shilpa : Hmmm

JP : Ka baath hai flowerji, aap subah se hi kuch khoyi khoyi lag rahi hain' Sab theek tho hai na?

Shilpa (to herself) : kya kar rahi hai Shilpa? Aise behave karegi tho sabko patha chal jaayega ki kuch gadbad hai' Tu ne decide kiya tha na ki tu normal behave karegi? Tho ab? Come on Shilpa, you can do it''

Shilpa (aloud) : Arey nahi nahi JP, aisi koi baath nahi, main tho bass aise hi' Waise tumne theek kaha Sid aur Riddhima ko kaafi sahi mauka mila hai' Thabhi main sochoon Sid camp pe jaane ke liye ithna uthavla kyun ho raha tha'

Sid : Guys!!!!! Ab bass bhi karo ok?

Just then Anjie comes running and gets on to the bus..

Riddhima : Di!!! Aap???!!!!

Sid : Anjali!!! Sambhalke'

He helps Anjali get on to the bus.

Riddhima : Di.. Aap yahan kya kar rahi hain?

Anjie (trying to catch her breath) : Wo' maine socha main tum logon ki madad kar doon wahan camp mein'

JP : Ab yeh tho apne ek dum sahi socha flowerji' Ab sab milke mauj masti karenge'

Anjie : Oh hello' Hum wahan mauj masti karne nahi logon ka ilaaj karne jaa rahe hain'

JP : Haan haan wo bhi kar lenge'

Anjali shakes her head in frustration, puts her bags away and sits in the seat next to Shilpa' The bus starts moving again and everyone settles into their seats' Riddhima is sitting at the window seat and Sid's and her hands touch accidentally' Then Sid intertwines his fingers with Riddhima's. Riddhima smiles and Sid brings her hand to his lips and kisses her hand. Riddhima blushes and rests her head on his shoulder. Sid kisses her head and holds her tight. A few minutes later both of them fall asleep.

~Part 6~  ~Part 7~   ~Part 8~   ~Part 9~   ~Part 10~  ~Part 11~  ~Part 12~   ~Part13~  ~Part 14~  ~Part 15~  ~Part 16~    ~ PART 17 ~    ~ Part 18 ~     ~ Part 19 ~    ~ PART 20 ~

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poojahanda IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
nice one
the best
u have brought back memories of their marriage
thanks alot 4 the updateClapClap
whatever others say but indmg2 sidma were meant 2 happen
love sidma
thanks 4 every word that u have writen it means alot

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DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
Super fantastic .............. ClapClapClap

Hai kaisa hota agar SR ki shaadi aise hoti .............Day Dreaming

Thank you sooooo much for writing this ff ...........

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nikita_88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Awesome start!

Happy new year to you!

I can't wait to see how you take this story forward!

Cont soon!

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JERAN_rocks Groupbie

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
AWESOME...... Clap Clap Clap

Thanks for writing.....
blissfull IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
welcome backBig smile

so wanted sidhimma's second marriage 2 be this way and it was juss amazing loved both the parts the haldi ceremony was too romantic Embarrassed

loved anjies n ridz convo now waiting 4 the grand wedding 

continue soon!!!

and thanku soo much 4 d pmSmile

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-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged

Welcome back HugHug

Great start dear Big smile

SR scene was soooo sweet Embarrassed
I so wanted d SR 2nd marriage to b like dis but those talli CVS AngryAngryAngry
Anyways we'll get it through ur FF Embarrassed

Continue soon....

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Ovi_Tanni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Omggggg omggggg new sr ff !!!!!
& u comeback with a bang....

It was minblowing & fantastic.....sid & ridhima scene was soooo lovely.....

Thanks a lottttt 4 writting a new sr ff & pm me.....

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