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Dangerous Forbidden Desire- An AR FF (Page 58)

..KaJenDelena.. Senior Member

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 1:07am | IP Logged

Part 11

Previously; She was lost in guilt and confusion.

The ill feeling never lifted off her soul; it lingered in every corner of her beating heart, every inch of shrieking essence and every nerve of her confused mind. The pain wasn't any less either, the taste of forgotten memories never left her weak conscious. She made herself busy cleaning the house as she tried to add some normalcy within the atmosphere. She was in the kitchen preparing breakfast while Armaan was asleep. Every move she made, every thought she processed, every solution she created shrieked another voice, another meaning.

She told herself that she is the same Ridhimma that she had build herself in the past two years yet her heart whispered no. She told herself that Armaan means nothing to her yet again her heart whispered no. The smell of burnt bread itched her senses, her eyes fell on the toaster; the toast was burned once again for the fifth time. Her thoughts always led her to lose connection with reality. She shook her head annoyed at herself while she picked up the toast and threw them away. As she placed fresh bread on the toaster and turned to bring out the butter.

Her eyes widen with immediate shock and her body was left temporarily un-functional. He seemed oblivious of her presence. She stood still, her heart beats inclining, her voice lost as her eyes purged in him.  He was dripping wet, his light blue jeans hanged slightly loose, his toned abs peeking from the damp white t-shirt. Water droplets running through his neck and into his toned chest, she tried to look away but it brought a thousand and one memories alive in her. A small smile plastered across her face as a sweet thought passed her by.


"Armaan! Don't you dare!" She warned him loudly as she slowly backed away from his wet body and stood behind the couch protecting herself. Her mind froze as she knew nothing could save her now, the very thought of being dripped in cold water made her shiver. The smile however never left her lips as she witnessed a very happy Armaan pass a sympathised look yet his eyes spoke mischief.  She tried again in pacifying him while her eyes searched for a way out "Dekho I am sorry, Pleaseeeeeeee I am sorry, I won't do it again.. never ever again".

His smile grew deeper, his dimples shining. He stepped near holding the red bucket filled with water, his body adorned in dripping cold water. Nervousness began shuddering through her knowing very well the meaning behind his smile. "IamSORRRRYArmaanPleaseIwillNeverWakeYouUpwithColdwaterLastTimePleaseArmaan" she spoke fast and quickly in a breath, his smile seemed to never disappear off his face adding to her anxiety. He stepped near, she stepped back this went on for about 2 minutes. She didn't know what to do as all means of escaping were locked. She looked left and right in hope of vanishing away from him before she could comprehend with her action she ran.

 She ran, where? She didn't exactly know yet her legs took her around the apartment. Laughter seized the room as she was inches away from being drenched. Soft sprinkles of water attached itself to her skin as Armaan was an inch away from her. Soon enough she was wet, completely and utterly sodden. The cold water washed her with abrupt refreshment yet to see the smirk on his face sparked her eyes to burn in rage, her nostrils to flare and her actions to speak murder. "Now we are even Mrs Armaan Ridhimma Malik" he spoke enraging her further and that prompt another chase.


Tring Tring! He picked up his phone; "hello... I want it done by tomorrow... Its final. All of it Sanjana! ... ha... bye" His face carved into a sadden look as he put down the phone with a forced a small smile on his lips.The sound of his phone brought her back to reality, the smile left her face.  

She tried to shake off the sweet reminiscences that fell on as he stepped towards her. Everything seemed distant now, every minute spent with him vanished, every fact now uncertain, every truth turned into bitter sweet memories. She no longer knew him. They were strangers.  With each footstep he neared her heart raced rapidly, unconsciously she paced back.

Her back hit the kitchen sink, his body inches away she could feel his hot breaths scatter on her face as his body towered over hers. Sprinkles of water dropped on her rosy pink lips she closed her eyes intoxicated by his presences. A clash sound of glass prompted her to open her emerald green eyes; his body pacing away from hers. He opened the fridge door with a smirk on his lips while a glass attached in his hand. She turned around facing the sink taking deep breaths she put her hands on her cheeks in order to calm herself. Her emotions were all over the place, she hated herself for unknown sensations that crept in her when he was near.

As she hesitantly and slowly turned, uneasiness settled on her as his body leaned on the fridge, his legs crossed watching her every move while sipping water. "Woh..." she tried to start a conversation to remove the tensed environment.  He put down the glass and stared at her to continue "Mein..I..I um.. made woh ..Breakfast" she grabbed the plate of toast and a bottle of jam. He stepped near, her heart viciously thudding, he grabbed the plate and the jam, her hands still intact with it as his hand overlapped over hers, their eyes stitched together. A moment of silence prevailed the room before he spoke almost whispering "I am sorry Ridhimma".

His eyes hypnotising her and without much thought her lips whispered "What for?", he slightly smiled but his eyes contained vehement hurt and pain, he whispered "For last night, For all the nights I made you cry, for the moments I forced you to forget, for not being there... for everything". He stepped back holding the plate and jam and walked over the dining table, his eyes channeling hurt. His words withheld so much pain and ache that her eyes shed a silent tear. She stood there numb, absolute blender of pain, hurt and ache beaded into her body, his words echoing in her, she felt herself choke slightly due to the purity of his words.

She wiped her tears walking towards him dishearten and broken. She sat in the opposite chair, they ate in silence. Utter silence. The day passed much in the same manner. There was a complete security in their silence, it spoke for them. Each glance they passed each other was a way of finally understanding each other. Now there was a sense of easiness in the air and within them. It was night now. The moon shone directly at the little cottage pouring in beauty within the home.

She sat on the couch trying to comprehend with all that has happened. Egregious feeling cooked itself on her yet she felt life was given back to her. Armaan returned from his room with a set of things in his hands, he placed them on the coffee table and knelt down. He took a Payal out of the bag and placed it on her palm, it was hers. "Everyday! cham cham ke, every day this woke me up so I hid it from you" he whispered with a smile and moist eyes that were on the verge of shedding tears. She laughed slightly clinching the payal tight in her hands. He took a photo album out of the bag and placed it on her lap. She ran her hand through it knowing it's their album, the one they both made with all their memories.

He took something out of the bag, it was a gold bangle grabbing her hand he placed the bangle in her hand before she could speak he spoke "It was Bi's, she wanted me to give this to you". Her eyes instantly moistened at the mention of Bi, she was so wrapped in her own problems and sadness that she disregarded the only person who consented their wedding.

"Kaise ho woh?" she breathed with tears in her emerald green eyes, he didn't say anything, his head lowered and his eyes moist. She bent down so they were facing each other; she placed her hand on his cheek, her eyes shedding tears, "Armaan Bi, Kaise hai?" she spoke, her words broken, he was in the same situation not moving an inch, his eyes shedding a single tear. She grabbed on to his shirt realizing the truth "Nahi ... nahi Armaan! Nahi" she repeated holding tightly to him. He was numb.

She began hitting him whispering " Nahi Armaan tum joot bol rahi ho!" she calmed down hugging him " Please Armaan bolo yeh sub joot hai... please". He hugged her back whispering "ssshhh ridhimma". She cried in his arms whispering "nahi... nahi". " Shhhh Ridhimma you are going home tomorrow". He spoke stroking her hair. Disappointment washed over her, she stared at him waiting for something, wanting to hear something else.The loss was unbearable. She hid herself in his arms wanting to run away from the pain, her eyes shedding tears.

Hey guys! SOOOOOOOORRRY for late update but meh. was super busy. Hope you guys like this update. I am cutting the AR track short ahaaa Shit I feel like CVS bahaha with all these sad updates but meh, got soo many things in store for yous ( Laughs evily muahahaaahahaa) I know. I know. you want me to reveal some mysteries dont worry my childs I am gonna reveal some very very sooon =) Thank you to whom commented and liked. Love you all! 
Ps; Feel like this update is kinda I dont know, not good enough. Ignore any grammer & spell mistake .sorrry. :)
Ps; Ps; ahahaaha I LOVE MY DP! Best DP ever! ahahaa Lol just had to share it with you all. I LOVE DELENA! *sighhhhhhhhhhhhh* =)

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YAYY!!! First to comment :D

Prrriiiyyaannkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! OMG girl that was bloody fabulous!!!! HOW do make it so magical? I seriously loved the whole update! Their pain, the flashback, the small level of understanding and their need for each other was all beautifully expressed :)

Make your updates thoda long.... :D

Update soon and I'm damn curious about their past! 


MY AR FF: LOVE IS... : Link -

kajen.jpg (424528)

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shaaz_91 Goldie

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nice one
dats sooo sad........... ridz iz goin back???????????so soooon.......
n sooooooooooo many mysteries r yet 2 b cont sooper soon

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DreamerReality Goldie

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hey pri.....

i can so imagine ammy in tht state
looking unbeleivably hawt!!
but overall a great update

thnx fr d PM
do update soon
cnt wait to read the so much more thngs
tht are in store fr us

-KINBig smile

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KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

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no!! ridz is going back!
n lets c whats in store 4 us in future

thnx 4 pm

cont soon

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alaipayuthey IF-Rockerz

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nice update!
so much still to be revealed!
such a gripping fic!
continue soon!

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qt4ever Goldie

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gr8 part
but we really wanna know more!
Cont soon

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divan_kash Senior Member

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gripping pure emotions..Smile
feeling content dt ridz believes in him n sad she will be leavingSmile

sooo many secrets yet to be revealed... continue soon... thankuSmile

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