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FF Dostana || NOTE pg 64|| (Page 17)

shiksha_03 Goldie

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 7:46am | IP Logged
it ws superb n nw waitn for khanak 2 b sure dat she is in luv W*H shaan.....................pls conitnue soon

-Deepali- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 8:37am | IP Logged
Excilient update poojaHug
loved the all part and dilogue !!!!!
glad to see rohan and tashu together !!!!
poor khanak still stuck with aaditya..usko kab samaj ayegi  !!!
loved to poor shaan and his frustation and talk about him self  loved his
all dilogue when talk about him self  "gayi bais pani me vo to mujhe best friend hi samajhti haiROFL
@vandhu..good choice lol   !!!! loved your idea for zia and loved ragini too
waiting for next update poojaBig smile

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dalilangel24 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 2:57pm | IP Logged
update soon yaar miss reading these things there dam good and i am the type that hardly replays
purvi08 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
pooja where are you???????????????????
please update soon
dishbhan Goldie

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 7:28pm | IP Logged
Hey .... pls update soooon..... waiting....

dalilangel24 Groupbie

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 9:40am | IP Logged
update soon your killing me yaar
yasharan.love Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 11:56am | IP Logged

I know! this is nt that great, but bear with me... enjoy and I will update soon... Big smile



'Khanak... I love you, so much...'

She stood there in silence, staring at him, smiling.

He looked at her, an over whelming desire, for her erupted inside of him, he desperately needed her to know how he felt, 'Khanak...' he his voice full of passion, 'I love you...'


He finished the distance between them in three quick strides, as he his lips crashed against hers with passion. He held her tightly to him, not even wanting air to come between them. She wrapped her hands around him, clutching to him as if her life depended on it, as she sighed his name into his lips.

His hands tightened around her waist as his lips travelled down her neck, leaving a trail of kisses, he kissed her softly on the hollow of her neck, as she moaned his name, holding his face, and bringing it back to her lips.

He pushed her to the wall, and continued kissing her, he pulled away, for a second, looking into her eyes, which were filled with love, 'Khanak-' he said breathlessly, 'Khanak I...'

'shh... I know,' she whispered, to him, pulling him by his shirt to the bedroom...



Shantanu opened his eyes, and found himself on his floor, his blankets entangled to his body, and his shirt soaked with sweat, his head hurt from the bump, that had been caused by falling out of bed. He got up and looked around, as he thought about what had just happened, 'Dream! I just had a sex dream about Khanak!'

He looked around stunned for a minute, 'A DREAM! What. Is. Wrong. With .Me?! How frustrated am I?'

He pulled way his blankets and got up, he went to the kitchen to get some water, but as he was about to drink it, he thought about it for a second, and instead poured the whole glass of water over his head.

'I need a shower!' he looked at the watch in the kitchen, it was five in the morning, 'great fabulous way of starting a day, where I am to have dinner with my parents, recently engaged brother, his fianc and my two friends who will, most definitely kill each other tonight, and...' he sighed, 'Khanak- Perfect! Have to talk to Zia, about not killing Rohan,'  he made a mental note, 'and have to talk about this dream since, Rohan will just freak out- Khanak is like a baby sister to him.' He went to the bar, and poured himself some scotch and gulped it down, before stripping himself of his sweat soaked shirt and moving to the bathroom, to take a cold shower.




'she is such a bitch! My colour blocking idea is fabulous!'

'I know, but Simran is weird...'

'weird! God I hate her already! Five ideas and she only okayed one, and that too, the most boring of the five!'

Khanak laughed as Zia, went on to make sarcastic comments about Simran, god! She thought, Shaan was right she is funny!

Zia sighed and turned to get her coffee, 'anyway- forget it, I won't ruin my mood because of an incompetent, untalented editor in chief!'

'You shouldn't,' she agreed, then thought about, how Zia and Rohan hated each other, and she wanted to see for herself, 'Uh... Zia?'


'You Rohan Mehra, you the Mehra?'

Zia looked as if something stinking had been kept under her nose for a second, 'what did he do this time!? I mean- No! I don' know him.'


Zia narrowed her eyes, 'you know him?'

'yes, he is good friend.'

'Really?!! I mean- good!'

'how do you know him again?'

Khanak smiled, 'My friend dated him...'

'Oh gods bless her...' Zia whispered as she took a sip of her coffee.

'And.... I am also friends with Shantanu, though- actually technically, I met Shaan, cause of Rohan...'

'wait a second, Shantanu? and you are Khanak, Oh! So you are Shantanu's Khanak!'

Khanak felt herself blush, 'Ah... yes I am , "Shantanu's Khanak".'

Zia smiled, ' I mean, I knew I had heard the name before but didn't quite make the connection,' she extended her hand to Khanak, 'Nice to finally, officially meet, Shantanu's new best friend.'

'and nice to meet his old best friend, I mean, old in sense of age, I mean- years.'

Zia laughed, 'yes, his old best friend. I wonder why Shantanu didn't mention you worked here! I will have to kill him when I see him.'

'I'll help, but this does mean that you lied.'


'about not knowing Rohan.'

'Oh! Oh... yes, yes, well you know, that I know him, so- I will confess, he is a rather irritating acquaintance, who I personally, like to deny knowing, if I can help it.'

Khanak laughed, 'Shaan was right, you hate him, don't you?'

'Hate? Hmmm...' she thought about it for a second, 'hate is too strong a word- so yes, I hate him, to my very core, and of course the feelings are mutual. And ' you call Shantanu -Shaan?'

Yes I gave him this nickname, I remember he said, he had never been called Shaan before.'

'Oh, of course he wasn't, he would kill the person, who would shorten his name, he didn't mind, sitting with a foreigner, and teaching them his name's pronunciation- especially if it was a girl- but he never let anyone shorten his name. He was so weird about it. But I guess he doesn't mind with you.'

'I did not know that, wow, I always did wonder why no one else had shortened his name to Shaan before me.'

'well, now you...' Zia looked at her phone which had beeped, she opened the message and looked surprised-


To: Ziana Chauhan < ZiatheQueen@gmail.com>

From: Shaan Khandelwal <Khandelwal.rockstar@kgrps.com>


I am in your office, need to talk urgently, come here asap, and don't tell Khanak.




Ps. I didn't forget to tell you that Khanak, as in my Khanak is the Khanak- the featured editor here, did I?! Anyway come FAST!


Zia looked up, '...know- I have to go, urgent meeting I forgot about, see you later! You are coming to the Khandelwal's tonight right?'

'Oh definitely!'

'good. See you there then'

Zia took her coffee and made her way to her office, wondering, what is the world could be so urgent.




Zia fell off her chair laughing, 'You had a sex dream about Khanak! How frustrated are you?!'

'you are not helping!'

'I am sorry, how the hell am I supposed to help!? I don't know what are you supposed to say when someone has a sex dream! Frankly speaking I am kind of offended, that you think I would know what to say in this situation, what do you think people just come and tell me their sex dreams?'

She said in a sarcastic tone, still trying to suppress her laughter.

'Zia! Help!'

'What?! Go to Mr. Bore, he is a guy, he might know...'

'Khanak is like a sister to him-'

'plus, he is probably the 28 year old virgin, so he actually might not know what to tell you.'

'ek- ek mauka nahi chodhne wali na tu, uski insult karna ke liye?'

'hell no!'

Shantanu laughed, 'but tonight, you have to....'


'be civil... come one, Khushboo and bro are going to tell us about the marriage arrangements and plans, aur tum dono ladte rahoge toh, ho gaya kaam.'

'fine! I will try.'

'no, try last time you tried, this time I want it to happen.'

'you talking like you are my boss, and I one of your incompetent employees won't help!'

'please meri maa!'

'fine! But... what will you do about, your sex dream?'

'forget it, I will forget it.'

'hey Zia!... Shaan I didn't know you were here.'

'Khanak, HI!' Shantanu said in an over excited manner, while Zia rolled her eyes glancing once at him.

Khanak came close and stood beside Shantanu, 'Zia I just wanted to ask when you will be doing the shoot with Vidya, and the sarees, so I will take her interview that day itself.'

Shaan smiled nervously at Khanak his eyes dropping to her lips, as he thought about his dream.

'okay, see you later then.'

'tum jaa rahi ho?'

Khanak looked at Shaan, 'ya, I have work, and I thought you both are catching up.'

Zia rolled her eyes, again, 'Khanak-', she interrupted before Shaan could say something, 'it;s fine,you can go, we'll see you later.'

'okay,' Khanak smiled one last time and went out the room.

Shaan kept smiling like an idiot, when Zia tapped him on his shoulder.

'woh gayi mere Romeo.'



'jaanta hoon...'

'so this is your brilliant plan, of forgetting the dream?'

'was it that visible.'

'as visible as a boy eying a lollypop after a dental check up.'

'that didn't make sense.'

'It did, and get out.'

'Zia, we need to talk.'

'No, you need to stop thinking and talking about the dram, immerse yourself in work and let me do the same, so- get out.'

'Zia, just remember to be civil tonight.'

'I will. I promise, just tell him to keep his mouth shut, and the deed will be done.'

Shantanu smiled and hugged her good bye, before going out of the room.





'Ziana! So fabulous to see you, after soo long!'

'Likewise uncle S!'

Zia hugged Sunil, 'so what are you up to?' she asked.

'well, right now, I am having one of the world finest scotch, you want me to pour you some?'

'are you really asking!'

'Ziana! OMG! I thought Shantanu was kidding when he said you were back! So GTSY!'

Zia hugged Madhvi, then looked at her all confused, 'GTSY?!'

'tum bhi Shantanu ki tarah kaam main rehti ho, I expected you would now all this?'

'all what?' she whispered to Sunil.

'abbreviation language.'

'Abbreviation What?!'

'bata, don't pay attention to your uncle, he has gone old, GTSY- good to see you!'

'Oh! Same here- aunty M!'

'Sunil tum phir scotch lekar shuru ho gaye! Uff... anyway, I will go and talk to Khushboo, for a minute, excuse me, Zia- you have to tell me everything about Italy later, okay.'


'especially about the boys...' whispered Madhvi, and winked before going.

'Aunty...!' Zia laughed as Madhvi went towards Khushboo.

'here you go, my scotch partner.'

'thank you. Waise aapka scotch partner Shantanu hai na?'

'haan, par woh batameez! he moved out yaar, toh akele peeni padhti hai, Akshay toh you know doesn't like scotch that much.'

'Aww, poor uncle S! Don't worry, main hoon na, ab hamesha aagaya karoongi jab bhi aapka scotch peena ka dil kare, one call and I'll be here.'

'thanks beta.'

'waise- Shaatanu toh poori tarah se gaya na?'


'haan, Khanak ke pyaar main, bechare un-repairable damage.'

Sunil laughed, 'for sure! But thank god tum aa gayi ho, you should have seen Shantanu, I have never seen him that desperate, and confused.'

'Oh you don't know about the dream,' she whispered to herself.


'Nothing uncle...'


Zia turned to find Rohan walking towards her and sunil, 'No...'

'tum?' Rohan's eyes narrowed.

'Nahi, Katrina kaif! Duffer!'


'Time Out!'

Sunil stood between them, 'dekho, your referee is Shantanu and you cannot fight without him being here, I am not taking your responsibility.'

Zia  gulped down her scotch, and made her way to Madhvi, without a word.

'I hate her.'

'Of course you do beta, scotch?'

'yes,please. Waise Shantanu hai kahan?'

'Tum ne bulaya aur hum chale aaye!' Shantanu took the scotch Sunil was offering Rohan, 'thanks dad.'

'that was mine.'

'Zia ko bulaaon? Hi kehne ke liye?'

'dekh loonga terko.'

'Jitna chahe dekh le.'

'Khanak kahan hai?' Rohan asked in a mischievious manner, 'mujhe usse kuch batan hai...'

'Rohan, sorry yaar, mazaak tha...'


'aur nahi toh kya,' he handed him the glass of scotch.

'Okay guys!' Khushboo got up, 'listen up! We have decided to get married in month!'

Everyone hooted and clapped, 'We are getting married in Shimla!'

'Shimla? Why?' asked Khanak.

'Khanak,' Akshay turned to her, 'because in that holiday, mini-weekend in Shimla I had decidied, that I want to marry Khushboo.'

Khanak smiled, as she remembered that weekend in Shimla, she blushed a little as she recalled her and Shaan's first kiss, and the way he had gone on his knees to propose friendship.

'hello, where are you?' Zia whispered to her.

She smiled, 'ah... nothing, just ...' she looked at Khushboo and Akshay, 'these two are so...'

'irritating?' Zia offered.

'Irritating, you find them irritating, they are so cute and so in love Zia!'

Zia extended her hand to Khanak, 'hi, Ziana Chauhan, the un-romantic practical one of the group.'

'or you can also say-a heartless tyrant,' Rohan offered.

'better heartless tyrant than stuck up bore.'

'tum log phir shuru hogaye,' Shantanu sat next to Zia, and handed her a glass of scotch.

'I didn't start it!'

'sorry couldn't resist.'


'will you all shut up! I want to hear Khushboo.'


Khanak extended her hand to Zia, 'hi Khanak Kapoor, the sweet romantic of the group.'

'You can add beautiful too and great k...'

Zia elbowed Shantanu.

'...great advisor.'

Zia smiled, 'This is boring, can we hit some nice pub later?'

'Oo! Vodka shots!'

'Shantanu! Zia!'

'Shut up!'

'thank you Rohan.'

'You're welcome Khanak, I am with you.'

'these two are so boring!'

'I agree with Zia, you guys are boring!'

'Tum Chaaro!get out!'

All four of them looked at Khushboo, who looked furious, ' I will tell mom and dad everything and if I need your help, I know you numbers, expect you Ziana, I will take your from mom, you can help me with my lahengas and sarees. Now get out!'

The four of them looked at her like four year olds look at a teacher, who had singled them out for talking in class. They all got up, whispered sorry and went away.

'Zia this is all because of you!'

'ya whatever Mr. Bore, why don't we hit ...'

'My place? Sorry Zia, but I am up for a pub.'

Zia smiled, 'fine, Khanak's place it is, but I am not following Mehra here, because I don't like driving at 20 km/hr.'

'I don't!'

'later Mehra, Shantanu, I am following you.'




'these two are so sickeningly in love! Urgh!'

'heartless tyrant.'

'seriously Rohan, come up with a new insult, "heartless tyrant" is getting old.'

'Hmm.... thought so too... how about cold hearted emotionless freak?'

'hmm... you can do better.'

They both sipped their drinks, (Zia her scotch and Rohan his brandy), watching Shantanu and Khanak sway at the soft music that was playing.

'these two should start dating already!' Rohan exclaimed.

Zia silenced her laugh, not wanting to ruin Shaan and Khanak's moment (out of fear that Shantanu will kill her for it), 'especially for shantanu's sake!'

'whta?! Why?'

'He didn't tell you about the sex dream?'

'what dream?!'

'well, he did say I love you to her before, in the dream, so a romantic sex dream.'

'No he did not, I will kill him! How come he told you that!'

'well, I am cooler and he was worried that you might weird out because she is like a sister.'

'yes, but he is my friend!'

'boohoo! Get over it! We have bigger matters at hand.'

'like what?'

'we have to help these two get together.'


'come on! You can be usefull for once in your life!'

'I am not manipulating my friends like you do!'

'I don't manipula...'

Rohan raised his eyebrow.

'fine! I do, but come one, these two are perfect, we should help them!'

'N.O , no!'

'I hate you!'

'tell me something I don't know Zia!'


'you can call me whatever.'

'you do know, I will make you help me!'

'you are welcome to try.'

'You will help me in getting these two together!'

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priya_cool_123 IF-Rockerz

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I am tho definitely kill u for the dream...

Anyways loved it.... Cute one..
Shantanu s Khanak was awesome.....
and so was shaan pouring water on his head...Lol
Now update the next part soon..Don take ages for it.....

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