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Untitled FF - MayUr - Part 6 Pg.34 (16.07) Updated (Page 13)

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by .PINK.

Originally posted by princez_94

Originally posted by .PINK.

Liaba u dunno how happy I am
dat u finally updated
when I saw ur pm I waz like "YAYYYY"
I love this FF tonzz n tonzzz
ok so this part waz aMaZiNg
so Mayu tookNupur to some place
which she loved
n then they had fun there
and then wat in wat just happened??
Mayu bringzz bangles n sindoor for her
n she throwzzz it??
hailaa kya se kya hogaya??
I thought she liked him before
when they both sed to each other
I love u
anywayzz this part waz gr8
do continue it soon :)
Aww... Thank you soo much... I'm glad u liked the update... Embarrassed
Well the part is divided in two parts. a present and past... the part in italic was supposed to be the past...I  thought it would be clear... well I'll making a bit clear next time...
To know what happened keep reading.. Wink  I'll update soon...
And thank u for the lovely comment...Hug
awww no need to thankz na Liaba
but thankz for telling me about present past
now get it na
btw any idea wat u gonna title this FF?Embarrassed
Good to know...Yes i have a title in my mind... any suggestions? Embarrassed

.SilentPrincess IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 12:40pm | IP Logged

Okay... I don't really know what to say so I'm just going to say Thank You... for all the lovely comments they really mean a lot and is very enocouraging... So Thank you everyone, and yes everone who pressed the "like" button.. Embarrassed 

I replied to every comment, if i missed someone then i'm very sorry but i doubt i did.. Confused 
Anywas enough blabbering enjoy the update...
& yes Faria & Sajjal hope this is long enough... Embarrassed

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.SilentPrincess IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 3 

It was raining cats and dogs outside. The sound of rain hitting the windows was the only sound in the empty farm house. It's been raining since morning, and it still didn't stop. I was sitting on the couch just listening to the rain; I really felt at peace it was soothing' I closed my eyes to take in the silence, suddenly it stroked me and I opened my eyes to see the clock it was 10 minutes to mid night' "He" went first thing in the morning saying he had some "important work", but he hadn't returned yet' Not that I care, he can go wherever he wants, she tried diverting her mind to other things but the corner of her heart thought about him' just as she closed her eyes again trying to calm down the door opened with a bang and in came the man himself'

He walked inside took of his jacket that was totally soaked because of the rain. He sat down on the other couch and buried his head in his hands. He looked pretty tensed and a bit angry too. I wasn't sure of what to do so I decided to leave it. I stood up to leave when I passed him but he held my wrist. I was shocked but the shock was soon taken by anger'

Leave my hand'! I said a bit loud.

He got up and stood in front of me

No, I'm not leaving your hand he said with equal anger...

I said leave my hand' I said louder, but no emotion on his face it was like he didn't even hear me...

Suddenly he started walking even closer, I looked at him and a tinge of fear struck me, but I kept a straight face. I walked until I collided with the wall but he continued coming closer he was just an inch away when he stopped. I tried saying something but my voice betrayed me.

After a minute of silence he spoke...

I need to talk to you...

I shot him a glare, but he only came closer'He softened his face, and continued'

Nupur I've tried talking to you several times, but you're not ready to listen. Can you please just hear me out once...? he said helpless

Why? Glaring at him.. Kis haq say? I asked...

Ab haq bhi batana parhey gha he said with a smirk.

He came closed and softly kissed my cheek, and lingered his lips there for more time that required' he was about to move to her lips when I pushed him back and slapped him hard' Pointing her index finger at him I said'

Mr. Mayank Sharma don't you dare touch me' Aik baar ghalti kar liy hai dubara mujhe haath lagane ki koshish bhi na karna'tears that she tried hard to hold back started sliding down her cheeks' and with that she stormed away to her room.

He stood there dumbfounded' he knew he deserved each and everything of it, but still he wouldn't give up not yet'he stood there with deter minded face.

She ran upstairs to her so called "room" locked the door and fell down on her knees. The tears continued streaming down... she cried her heart out she did know him, she knew him very well but how could he expect anything from her how could he' I hate you Mayank, I hate you'

She cried for god knows how long, she doesn't remember the last time she was this upset. Whenever she looks back all she could remember was happiness, love and togetherness' She remember her college days, the best days of her life, some unforgettable moments she smiled amidst all the tragedy thinking about how happy she once used to be.



A girl entered through the college gate, she was wearing a simple white anarkhali with some embroidery here and there. Simple silver earrings dangling in her ears, and her long silky hair flying due to the wind, and coming on her face. Her rosy lips formed into a beautiful smile, it was truly a sight to see. The girl turned around and revealed herself it was "Nupur Bhusan" With a bright smile she entered the college; it wasn't just the first day of college but also the first day of a new beginning. She looked around it was full of students, all happy smiling looking forward to a new era of life.

Nupur's *POV*

I entered the huge building, and it was bigger than i had expected.  Welcome to "Excel College" read the board. I smiled... I looked around the college was so big and so pretty it was bigger than the pictures i had seen. I had heard colleges in Europe were bigger and much more crowded but seeing it now here itself was an amazing feeling. Looking around i felt at peace, I was going to get along very well here... I walked further admiring each and every thing, i was so lost in its beauty that i didn't notice someone coming straight towards me, before i could do anything both of us fell on the floor me on the top of him... oh and yes it was a man btw... back to the fall...

We both fell me on top of him I had closed my eyes in fear. I slowly opened my eyes only to be lost in 2 deep hazel brown eyes. I looked deep into his eyes, his hazel brown eyes. I was lost in them trying to understand the depth, when people started gathering i came out of my trance. I glanced around a saw people looking at us and whisper something I looked back down towards him and noticed that he was probably in the same state as me, as he was staring intently at me. His hands were wrapped around my waist, I removed his hands and got up and by the time he also got up. My cheek had turned red, not because of blushing but due to embarrassment. I fixed my anarkhali and started walking when he yelled behind...

Na koi thank you, na koi sorry manners nahi hai kya?

I turned around smirked... thank you kis liye... mere say jaan bhuj ke takrane ke liye yah mujhe neeche girane say...? aur sorry floor ko kehna chahiye jissne tumhe ziada chot nahi phunchaye...agar ziada lag jato toh? I asked making an innocent face. I walked away with a smirk, I'm not one of those typical girls who are looking for "accidents" like these and if he thought so he was so wrong. But he probably got the point since he went quit after my reply...

But what she didn't know was what was going on in "his" mind...


Days passed and Nupur had totally forgotten about the incident, this was Nupur she never took anything at heart maybe this was her biggest weakness. But Nupur didn't care; she enjoyed her new college she got some really good friends like Sarah, Diya, Benji and Suhaani... They were all in the same year so they easily clicked. Nupur enjoyed each and every day she had always enjoyed studies, so this was a golden opportunity for her. And the thought of fulfilling her mother's wish always brought a smile on her face. As days turned into months the one thing that always remained constant in these last months were her smile. She never let that smile of hers ever fade away, it was smile truly coming from the heart.



 The sound of the window opening  so sudden, brought her back from her thoughts. she smiled at her sweet memories of the college days, she used to smile all the time, she always wanted to study further and when that dream came true it just gave her immense happiness she felt like smiling all the time. The college days used to be the "good" days of her life, she enjoyed every second of it. She smiled as she remembers how she had to face such difficulties while convincing her baba of letting her go to London to study.



A man in his mid-fifties was sitting on a chair reading a book; his glasses were resting on his nose. It was Mr. Aditya Bhusan a very well-known lawyer, he had fought for many innocent peoples right. He was a very gentle man; he cared for the poor people who were victims of rich people. He always supported the truth, and was against lies and corruption. He was so engrossed in the book that he didn't see his youngest daughter "Nupur" coming in.

"Baba" she softly spoke, Mr. Bhusan looked up and saw Nupur standing at the door with a tensed look. He took of his glasses and put the book away.

Aao beta wahan kyun khari ho... Mr. Bhusan said with smile.

She took slow steps... and sat down on her knees and put her head in her father's lap. She felt so good, at peace, closing her eyes she was trying to gather some courage to tell her father what she came to say.

Kya hua beta, aap kuch kehna chahte the?

Baba woh... she started but couldn't finish.

Kaho beta kya kehna hai? Ab aapne baba say bhi baat sharma rahi ho? He said while stroking her long silky hair...

Mr. Bhusan had an arrange-come love marriage, he came to see Mrs. Bhusan and it was love at first sight. They got married and got 4 daughters, even though Mrs. Bhusan never gave him a son but his love for her never got any less... Unfortunately at the birth of "Nupur" their youngest daughter due to some complications Mrs. Bhusan passed away. And since then he always showered them with love and care, and never let them realize that they don't have a mother. Especially Nupur his "ladli beti" he showered her with extra love and affection since she never got the love and warmth only a mother can give. But she never complained or said in other words Mr. Bhusan never gave her a chance of complaining... And amongst all four of them she was the one who was the brightest one. Her father wanted her to be a lawyer, but it was her mother's dying wish that her youngest daughter would become a doctor.

 Now after so many years 3 of the sisters are happily married and very successful in life. His eldest daughter Shreya is married and have 2 children, second eldest daughter is also married and blessed with 2 twin girls. And the second youngest daughter Priya is a successful journalist is also married and is expecting. And at last "baba ki pari" Nupur she had just finished her studies "and want to go abroad for medical college, but she knows her baba will never let her go away from him especially so far.

Baba humne aap say jab bhi kuch manga aap ne humein diya hain. Har khawish puri ki, har khawb hamare dekhne say pehle he pura kar dete hain. Hamein kabhi bhi yeh ehsaas nahi hone diya ke hum bin maa ke beti hain, itna pyaar diya jitna koi na kar saka. Toh agar hum aapse aaj kuch mange toh kya aap humein dein gaye? she asked with hope and a fear of rejection in her eyes.

Beta aapne hamein ka mauqa diya aapki koi bhi iccha puri karne ka. Humse kabhi aapne kuch manga he nahi, apni khushi say jho kuch bhi dete hai woh aap ley lete ho. Aur aapka har khawb, khawish puri karna toh hamara farz hai, aur aap ki muskurahat hamare dil ko khush kar deti hai...

Toh mangiye kya chahiye aapko...he said with a very bright smile that gave her a little hope that maybe just maybe she would be allowed to go...

Baba ham apni aage ki parhai London main karna chahte hai... she said and looked up to get his reaction.

The smile on his face was soon enough replaced with a frown and then anger. He stood leaving a shattered Nupur kneeling down, tears forming in her beautiful eyes.

She also stood up and stood behind her father and slowly spoke but was shortly cut by her father...

Baba main... he stopped her by raising his right hand, meaning he didn't want to listen to anything further...

Baba please hamari baat toh...

Nahi..! Hum ne ek baar keh diya toh keh diya, tum London nahi jha rahi ho and that's final. Aur waise bhi yahan ke colleges main kya kami hai... best of best colleges hai yahan par toh kya problem hai he said with a deter minded voice.

Baba baat yeh nahi hai ke yahan acche College's nahi, bohat acche hai lekin hamara ek khawb hamesha say raha hai ke hum abroad study karein, mama ka khawb puri tarha say karna chahte hai. Aur yeh toh sab ko pata hai ke abroad ki study kuch kadam aage hai yahan say.

After a minute of silence she spoke again.


Baba aap nahi chahte ke hum jaye toh hum nahi jayen gaye. Aap jaise chahte hai waise he hoga, aur rahi baat hamari toh ek khawb he toh tha, nahi pura ho paya toh kya hua ek aur dekh lein gaye...she walked to the door and turned around when she reached and slowly said "Humein maaf kar dein baba, hamara irada aap ka dil dhukana nahi tha" and with that she turned around and walked towards her room'


Nupur's Room

She walked into her room, sad not because she couldn't go abroad but because she without wanting to hurt her baba's feelings. She could accept anything but hurting her father was out of the question. He was always there in her life, from the day she opened her eyes to the day she learned to talk. Held her soft little hands and taught her to walk, always there when she needed him the most' and now she was feeling bad about how she hurt him' tears started rolling down her soft cheeks, she never wanted this' She got up from the bed and walked over to her desk and took out two papers from a file. Looking at one of them she was about to throw it away when someone held her wrist. She looked up and it was her father'He took the paper from her and read it carefully, after a minute or so he looked at his daughter who was looking down because of guilt.

Baba main toh bas woh' she couldn't finish'.

Woh kya'? He asked with hint of tease

Baba main woh yeh pehnke ne he jha rahi thi...



He walked towards the side table a picked up a picture'

Nupur beta yahan aao he said' while looking down' She walked over and saw what her father was looking at'

Nupur aapko pata hai jab say aapki mama gaiy hai na, toh mujhe darr lagta hai'

Nupur who standing by his side was shocked at his statement, she had always seen him as a strong man she didn't know he had a vulnerable side too'

Darr... kaisa darr baba? She asked curiously

Apno ko khoney ka darr' Jab koi door jata hai toh mujhe harr waqt bechaini rehta ho ke kisi ko kuch ho toh nahi gaya' Sab mere saamne hotey hai toh sakoon sa milta hai, dil main sakoon sa hota hai ke sab mere aankhon ke samney hai...

Beta mujhe aapke bahar jaane say koi takleef nahi, balkey main toh bohat khush hoon ke aap bahar jha kar parhna chahti hai, lekin mujhe darr lagta hai aapko apni nazron say door bhejne say... Bohat nazuk ho Nupur, bahar say lagti nahi hoon, lekin main janta hoon ke sheshay ki tarah ho ek baar hath lag jaye toh tooth jao ghi. Maine kabhi koi dukh tumhare aas paas nahi aane diya lekin ab tum jaane ka keh rahi ho to...

Both had tears in their eyes, after the other 3 daughters of his got married the only one he had was Nupur... after a minute or so with silence Mr. Bhusan spoke'

Accha toh yeh batao kab jha rahi ho'he said with a painful voice but still with a smile plastered on his face'

Matlab'? She asked confused, after a minute of silence and actually getting what he's hinting to she spoke

Baba hum aapko chor kar kahin nahi jha rahe' aap ke paas hamesha rahe gaye'

Nahi beta aap jha rahi hai, yeh aapki mama ka khawb tha aur yeh mera akhri faisla hai samjhi... Nupur hugged him very tightly she knew how much it must have hurt him to say all this'

Nupur ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna, bahar wali duniya hamesha acchi nahi hoti. Aur Zindagi main kahin rukhawatein (hurdles) aye ghi par kabhi haar mat manaa... Aur mere sarr ko hamesha uncha he rakhna, aur ek baat ek larki ki sab say keemthi cheez usski izzat hoti hai aur isska khayal rakhna' Par mujhe apni beti par pura yakeen hai'

Ab bohat raat hogi hai so jao' he kissed her forehead and left...

She lied down and closed her eyes, her heart filled with joy, excitement. She was so lucky to have a father like him, she was truly the luckiest person on the earth' with that thought and a beautiful smile she let sleep engulf her.


She came out of her past memories as the lightning stroke' she looked out of the window it was raining heavily, it was lighting the weather was exactly the same as one year ago but the difference now and then was that she was happy, surrounded by her owns and all you could see was love' And now she's alone, and the word "love" was nowhere near and happiness' she smiled sarcastically at the thought of happiness in her life' As the night continued two people thought about one and only one thing' Destiny's decision that forced them to stand where they are today'


That's it... Hope you liked it, and leave ur precious comments...

& forget to hit the like button if you liked it... Embarrassed


Part 4 - Page:20
Read Note below...

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So as many guessd the unknown man was none other than *Mayank Sharma*
But it's much more yet to come...Big smile
Some might find the story a bit complicated so a brief update...
Nupur and this Man( revealed in the update) are under some circumstances living together... And Nupur keep thinking back at her it's basically 2 stories going on... where one is past story that "maybe" or maybe not" caused the present. So it's one past story and one present one...and slowly the past will come out and it explain the present...
Still confusin? Confused You'll understand as the story progresses..-
One more thing
Anyone who wants a PM "Like" this post...
Current Pm List:
gopi06,drfizaahmed,favouriteofall, samiralovesmayur, AmyartiMayur, Roshneerakhali, -mysterygirl- Nikita-Sharma, vampire_girl, Afshadafreen, Maria-soniarti, Payal-15, .Pink., missinguonly,
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res..i was JUST about to log out! LOL


nupur is married to mayank, but she hates him and at the same time she is not forgiving him for some reason and mayank on the other hand is affectionate and loving towards her.
Nupur' past is quite ordinary and simple, but she is leading a strange present, so waiting for things to get reveled.

Wonderful writing..cont. soon..

liaba one suggestion - plz do highlight the dialogues with italics, bold or some other color, it makes easier to read. Smile

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Originally posted by -Mehak

res..i was JUST about to log out! LOL
wow ur fast... Congrats second time... Big smileClap

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osom and lovely.liked it

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beautiful update.....
u write very beautifully,,,,,,yeah story is lil confusing for me also...but lets see how thier past come out.what happeened in their past.....interesting story
waiting for next update
do continue soon

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