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|AR FF| Saviour.. |Part 9 Comp.|Page 72| 4/7/12 (Page 49)

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 October 2011 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by soul_desire

hey anu,
loved the update...
armaan and ridhima were supercool why armaan has to be so annyoing...and nana's entry kya baat hai...rahoola and muskaan man inka kuch nahi ho sakta i was laughing all the time...the ultimate warriors can never start...
armaan is really armaan kabhi nahi sudhar sakta...just the same like dmg...
trust me dmg ki yaad aa gayi...
continue soon...

thnx alot dear...

im glad u liked...

n im really happy...that im successful in making u remember DMG...

thnx alot sweety...

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 October 2011 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shonadesire

hey Anu
awesome part
loved it so much
one side armaan irritate ridz n other atul irritate anjali
thants cool
waitng next part
plz continue soon

thnx alot dear...

glad u liked...

many more things coming...

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 November 2011 at 2:31pm | IP Logged


A very big thanks to all thise who comment...n who pressed the LIKE button...

thnx alot everyone...sorry for making u wait...

updating the first installment now...sooo enjoy..

rash.gupta, KSGforever08, akshad, ksg_farhan, anshara, vidu87, hotKaJen, soul_desire, gupta.aditi20, Cutiepie_KSG, crazy4KASH_AR, scorpio95, amruta04, sweetshera, ammy_ka_ashu, AMMY12, Princess_Khushi, shonadesire, sweetdesire, coolvini4u, jiyaa_m, -RabiaKSGKaJen-, youth_showsfan, AR_LOVER, Riarai2346,

thnx to all u guys once again..

loads of luv..


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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 November 2011 at 2:38pm | IP Logged

Part 7...


All the interns reached the nurse station n Dr. Kirti gave them their duties.


Rahul n Armaan were given duties together'while moving towards the ICU ward.


Armaan [thinking]: hmm'acha mauka hai'aj apne doubts clear kar leta hoon'mujhe Rahul pe jo shak hai use door karma hoga'


Rahul [thinking]: so fresher'dosti karon ya bhav kahoon'


Wid these thoughts Armaan n Rahul entered the ward. Both get down to the work'checking patients making sure all were given the medicines or injection on time n also guiding the nurses and wardboys to take care of the serious patients.


Armaan n Rahul were checking their patients were the nurse started shouting for help'.


Nurse: Doctor'Doctor'inhein check kijiye inki halat aur kharab ho rahe hai'


It was a heart patient he got a major heart attack few days back'but their were chances of it he was admitted in ICU n again he got heart attaack'the doctor in Rahul n Armaan came up..n both rushed towards the patient'giving him the injection needed'n also put the oxygen help him to breathe.. both Armaan n Rahul helped each other n made a good team. Dr. Kirti also rushed in the ward knowing the situation n helped both of her interns n the man was was a minor attack'


Dr. Kirti: well done doctors I'm proud of u'she was really impressed the way both of them handled the situation n didn't panicked'


Rahul: thnx man..great help'


Armaan: my pleasure'n'thnx to u too'chalo lets complete the files we have to submit or Dr. Kirti will murder us..

With this both sat on the table provided to the interns in the ward to complete the work along with some chatting.


Armaan: waise Rahul tum ne apne bare mein kuch nahin bataya'


Rahul: tum ne bhi tu nahin bataya..tu tum batao.


Armaan: arey pehle mein ne pocha na.. 'hmm guess have to tell him something to get things out''


Rahul: tu kya hua'ab mein ne poch liya..


Armaan: uff'tum nahin manane wale na'ok mein Dr. Armaan Mallik'from America'did my medicine from John Hopkin'n now im here'ghar mein mom dad'n mera bhai Atul jis se tum mile ho'aur hobbies'boxing n bike racing.. ab tum batao'


Rahul: ok im Rahul Garewal'.im from Punjab'.did my medicine from Punjab Medical College n then got selected for the internship here in Mumbai'aur mein khush hoon yahan'us pagal se chutkara mila..


Armaan: pagal'kiski baaat kar raha hai..


Rahul: arey pata nahin mere parents ko kya jaldi hai meri shaddi ki'unke kisi dost ki beti se meri shaddi set kar rahe thae'mein ne saaf mana kar diya'but sunane ko tayar hi nahin thae'aur sagai ke din mein bhaag aya yahan'but fir unhein pereshan nahin karma chahta tha'isliye bata diya that im here in Mumbai'doing my internship'''..n hobbies''Boxing n Racing'


Hearing him Armaan laughed out'.


Armaan: Oh god'ahahaha'tum tu acha phasey''aur us larki ka kya'


Rahul: oye ek tu mein ne tujhe bataya aur tu hass raha hai'.sharam nahin ati tujhe' 'n Armaan shaked his head in NO'n Rahul get pissed off'sale..kamine'mein apni problem share ki'..aur tu has raha hai'


Armaan: hehehe'acha sorry'ab nahin hason ga'. 'he tried to stop himself'but again laughed out loud''n Rahul just got up'getting angry on Armaan n smacking on his arm'.'


Armaan's doubts got cleared'.Rahul cant be the one here who wants to harm Ridhimaa n Anjali..there is someone else behind it'n he has to find out''.Armaan dailed Abhi's number'


Armaan:  Hi Abhi'acha sun'im satisfied now that Rahul is not the one'now only Muskaan is left to be checked'.so ask to do it..

Abhi: no need to worry..she already did that'n Muskaan is very much innocent'its not among there friends'but someone who can keep close knit look on the sisters activities'


Armaan: it can be some doctor'nurse'or any other staff member of Sanjeevani..


Abhi: yes it can be'but we have to find it out'u just keep alert''


Armaan: yes Mr.Abhimanyu Modi'


Abhi: sala' "said wid loads of sarcasm'"


Armaan: tu kamina'''. "he said giving a bright smile'"


On the other side'Ridhimaa n Atul were in General Ward'Both helping each other n while making reports n sitting relaxing for sometime they introduced themselves'n immediately clicked..they became really gud friends'


Break time..


Rahul was still having a foul mood all thanks to Mr. Armaan Mallik, boy he has really annoyed him'he entered the caf n saw all his friends n his sheer enemy'were sitting there'


Friends as in Ridhimaa..Atul'Anjali...some on duty'n his enemy..Muskaan Chadda'chatting with each other'relaxing n enjoying their sandwiches and coffee'.he went towards them..after odering for his coffee'n settle down beside them'


Muskaan: oye kan khajure..kahan tha tu..


Rahul: Muskaan mein duty pe tha..


Ridz: kya hua Rahul u seem to be in not so gud mood'


Rahul: han kyun k mein nahin hoon..


Anjali: kyun kya hua'


Atul: zaroor Dr.Kreeti se dant pari kyun..


Rahul: abbey nahi yaar'who tere us bhai ne mera sara mood kharab kar diya..


Atul: kyun usne kya kiya..

Rahul: arey acha khasa batein karte karte..mera mazak bana diya'


Ridz: woh tu lagta hi aisa hai mujhe..


Atul: arey nahin yaar..uska nature ki aisa hai'he is really carefree..aur khoob masti karta hai..


Muskaan: han yeh Rahul hi use ghalat samjh raha hoga..


Rahul: oye chup kar..aye badi Armaan ki chamchi.. [to Atul] apne bhai ki side mat le samjha..


Atul: arey yaar' 'before he could say further'his pager beeped'n he left''


As soon as Atul left'Muskaan pounced on Rahul'taking the breath away from him'scaring him to the hell..


Muskaan: Kutte'Kamine'Ullo ke Patthe'mera ko chamchi bola'rukh sale abhi batati hoon tujhe mein' 'she was abt to hit him..when Anjali n Ridz stopped her' n Rahul..he was hell scared by this sudden attack..'


Anjali: Muski kya kar rahi hai..shanti se beth yaar'


Muskaan: arey Anji'kahan ki shanti'is piddi ne mujhe chamchi kaha'


Rahul: Muskaan'mujhse bohat badi ghalti hogayi'plzz shant ho ja' 'he said after catching up wid his breath..n bringing it back to normal..'


Rahul looked towards Ridz'who was sitting quietly..n by seeing her face'she was in really deep thoughts'n the sly smile on her lips..indicating that something is cooking in her he thought to bring her out of her masti world'


Rahul: Ridz tum kya sochne lag gaye' 'hearing him all looked in Ridz direction''


Ridz come out of her masti land n looked towards other with a mischievous smile on her lips'making all understand that she is upto something'.


Ridz: guys..kyun na hum uss akaru'Mr. Attitude pe prank khalein..


Muski: oye Akaru kaun' 'she made the most confused n dumb face..making all others roll their eyes''


Anjali: abbey Muski  the great Dr. Armaan Mallik'


Muski: oh' 'with her eyes bulging out'n her lips in a "O" shape'

Rahul: arey nahin yaar'rehne do'acha nahin lagta..


Ridz: nahin Rahul'im gonna do this'agar tujhe humara saath dena tu bol'nahin tu chalta ban.. 'now she was angry..she is making plan to play a prank on Armaan'n also planning to teach him a lesson to not to take panga with her..n here Dr. Rahul Garewal'was first sulking on Armaan's behaviour n now taking his side only..'


Rahuk: acha ok fine'kya plan hai..


Anjali: han Ridz sambhal k..kahin kuch zyada na ho jae'


Ridz: kuch zyada nahin hoga di'.n come here listen'


With that all come up close'with their heads joint together'planning for the prank on Armaan'n then they moved away with a smirk on their face'n giving each other a thumps up'they went back to their duty'waiting for the rite tym n place to play it'


While the group was sitting n chatting..planning'someone was there..keeping an eye on them'n then taking out his phone..


Man: Hello Boss..ji yeh larkiyan tu idhar hi hain abhi'aur apne doston ke saath hain'


Boss: hmmm teekh hai'nazar rakho unpe' 'a man sitting in a dark room..'


Man: boss kab se tu nazar hi rakh raha hoon'kyun na a bunko utha loon..


Boss: mein ne tumse kaha kya unhein uthane ya marne ke liye' 'he said in an angry voice''


Man: nahin'nahin Boss'.sorry'


Boss: jitna kaha hai utna hi karo..


Man: ji'ji boss' 'he once again looked where the group was sitting n saw no one there'n moved see where the gals are'


Next Day..



All the interns were sharp on the nurse station to get their duties n also bcoz they don't want to get any scolding oe punishment from Hitler'yeah that's what they all call Dr. Keerti' there are other names also such as  Gabbar..Pholon Devi'Jani Dushman'n much more'


Dr. Keerti was giving out the duties to all'where as the four interns were eagerly waiting for her to tell where Armaan's duty is'n their fingers crossed on their sides'so that they can put up their plan'


Dr. Keerti: Dr. Abhimanyu n Dr. Atul'ICU


Dr. Nikita...Children's ward'


Dr. Anjali n Dr. Rahul'.General Ward 1'


Dr. Ridimaa n Dr. Muskaan' General Ward 2..


Dr. Armaan' Path Lab' 'when she said Armaan's duty all smiled brightly n looked towards each other that was perfect'that;s wat they want.. Armaan's duty in Path Lab'after giving each other a slight nod they left for their duties'little did they know that Abhimanyu saw them giving signals to each other'n thought wat they are upto'but let it go thinking to observe them n hope if he get any clue'n he n Atul also left for their duty..'


Till break time everything was going perfectly all the interns were doing their work with a lot of determination but the 4 masti paltan was doing their quickly trying to finish it as soon as possible so they can bring their plan into action.


During break time when all the interns and doctors went to caf to refresh themselves, four of them entered Path Lab with Muskaan n Anjali keeping an eye on others that no one come and see them or came to know about their where abouts, they had planned each n everything in a really safe manner. On the other side Rahul n Ridhimaa were doing their work, they entered the Lab and went towards the table were Armaan was working and checked out his notes first, the repot he was making. They made their way towards the test tubes and chemicals and mixed them up, they did it in such a way that if a new chemical get added or if this chemical is being heated it will caught a fire, but it will be really a small one. Just a voice of a small explodes and the small amount of fire.


After finishing the trap they had build for Armaan, they all left for their duties give a high five to each other. Though Abhi told about what he noticed today in morning to Armaan, Atul and Nikkita, they were still not sure what it could be n let it go thinking of it as one of their prank on someone or some masti. Little did they know that this prank can be really bad and harmful for someone.


Armaan entered Path Lab after the break and also having a small meeting with his fellow team mates, he was feeling something different in the air a smell which is not of any hospital drug but something else. He smelled the air n surely something is fishy n his FBI training kicked in, they have learned to check if something like this happens then take steps very carefully and also may be the one who created the trap for u might be eyeing u so don't make him suspicious also.


Armaan moved around the area he was working looked at his notes and reports he was working on and also checked the chemicals but couldn't figure out, but his sixth sense was giving him a warning but he was not getting that where the problem is and what is missing.


What he was unaware of that our foursome where having their eyes fix on him, waiting to see how their prank will be done and if any fall backs but everything was going somthly now and they were hiding behind the pillar with their heads peeking out to steal a glance of Armaan.


Armaan moved towards the chemicals the test tubes he was working on and begun to add certain chemicals together as soon as he added [my imagination only] Zinc Acid in the other chemical he has an explosion happened but unlike our four mastisome have thought it was big, big enough to cover the nearby area of the table, Armaan has moved his hands to his face as the explode was having strong light but soon removed it and saw fire. His forehead got lines of worry and a frown on his face in panic he moved his hand and by mistake it hit another chemical which didn't help but increased the fire more. The interns didn't know what to do seeing fire increasing n spreading all around the lab area.


Area has become like a statue he was standing in the center with the hands on his forehead which was aching like hell, panicked and don't know what to do he was getting some flashes again and again making it even difficult for him to move. His head was spinning badly, he was feeling dizzy was bathed in cold sweat and tears running down his cheeks continuously.


Ridz: Armaan..


Muski: hey bhagwan..yeh humne kya kar diya.


Rahul: par yeh Armaan wahan se niklne ki koshish kyun nahin kar raha.


Anji: guys fire alarm baj gaya hai guess humein auron ko yahan se bhagne ke liye ready karna hoga...


They all were panicked as well as hell scared for Armaan who was not moving at all n standing immobile not moving a step also. They can't go inside also as the fire has spread all around the place and they really don't know what to do.


Inside Armaan was getting many flashes who were making him sweat badly and making him dizzy like hell… Mom, Dad , Bhai 'Armaan screamed loudly' even the interns outside heard it and he was feeling something really heavy  couldn't keep his eyes open n then THUD…Armaan feel down on the floor with the fire all around him.

ok is the first installment...

sorry with exams going on now a days im not able to write anything...

but im updating in installments...much more to come...

Installment 2 updated...just writing the last bit...will update that too soon...

to get PM....add anumeha_PM in ur buddy list...

PM's Later...

do take care..

loads of luv..


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-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 November 2011 at 3:31pm | IP Logged
First 2 parts: 

just superb part dear. 
Rahul pe se shak gaya.
but who is the real culprit?
and uh oh. ridhz plan... 

and the last line is scaring me... abhi has known and he told armaan but the outcome? Shocked i hope the evil dude guy doesn't come in and make it bad here... 

update the last part soon dear. Can't wait for it!

love, khushi

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cuteshilpa Goldie

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love the part
love their frndship

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vidu87 IF-Dazzler

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awesome installment

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Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 4:18am | IP Logged wats comnin up next? cant wait to read it!!! :D


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