Random Musings: February 16, 2011

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Welcome to the Random Musings thread! Hug

Please jump in with  your views on the 
episode or the characters by posting analysis, poems,Riddles, vm's siggies, OS's or anything else you feel like!

Index of Analysis, or other items
Page 1:

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Some simple rules: 

1. Follow the IF code of conduct 
2. No bashing of members or the actors 
3. First page will typically be for analysis, poems or anything about the reserve if you want to do that! Big smile
4. If you don't want to analyze, you can still reserve your space for your views Big smile 
5. Have fun LOL

Thread openers for this week:
-Monday: Manal
-Tuesday: Jaya
-Wednesday: Sam
-Thursday: Jaya
-Friday: Jaya

[NOTE: if you want to open the thread on any of the days, let us know Hug]

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 11:48am | IP Logged
Today's episode started with Aditya popping open the bottle of what I assume was supposed to be champagne. Was it just me or did that not look anything like the real deal...LOL. Anyway...Aditya is clearly in a mood to romance his wife and asks her to dance but although Priya reluctantly acquiesces her mind is clearly on revealing the truth! While I enjoy a bit of cheesy romance on screen as much as the next person, the whole "how can we dance without music" spiel reminded me way too much of the  beautifully executed romantic scene from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! Ermm Stern Smile

Back at the Jhaakar mansion, a delighted Devyani thanks Brahma for coming early and getting her a gift too. But instead of settling in for the night with her, SasurPig leaves claiming work while Devyani is left behind in tears. I was very touched by this sequence today. For all the so-called progress in Indian society, there are still way to many women who stay in bad marriages and I know so many in that situation! While I find Devyani's character's lack of empathy for others situations annoying, her pain as a victim of abuse in a troubled marriage unable to break free is palpable. Indrani rocked this scene and how! Clap

Uttara in the meanwhile returns home with Rishabh and wonders aloud that she thought they would go out. Rishabh claims the plans suited the youngsters and not them. As Uttara tries to help Rishabh change in to his T-shirt, he erupts and pushes her away angrily. I loved the little details in this sequence. I mentioned a few days ago that even though Uttara did not sleep with Rastogi, the impact on her character from the betrayal meant she could not be shown behaving normally with Rishabh. Today, a clearly sad Uttara had to remind herself to behave differently by recalling Devyani's words...beautiful touch...loved it! Star. While Rishabh pushing Uttara was not the full-on return to abuse I was hoping for, it suited today's screenplay perfectly. Thumbs Up

At the restaurant, Vidya and Gaurav are watching the other couples dance. When the guitarist invites them to join, Gaurav is unable to refuse and he has to dance with Vidya. For her part, Vidya uses the opportunity to try and get physically closer to him by resting her head on his shoulder. Vindhya expressed her character's emotions superbly in this sequence. Her eyes express the longing of her character for Gaurav's affections without any words...Clap...simply beautiful! Daaksh was spectacular too. I hate what his character's doing so much that I forget to call out how good his acting is. Star

As the dance comes to an end, a clearly uncomfortable Gaurav pushes Vidya away causing her to get teary. While trying to remove a hand kerchief to offer her, what looked like a chain or necklace falls out of Gaurav's pocket and is spotted by Vidya. I wonder if this will make Vidya wonder if there is somebody else in his life! Ermm So...the whole is Gaurav gay or not debate gets re-ignited again! Stern Smile I have been saying for a while now that I did not think he was and the dropped jewellary kinda implies that. But...when something seems obvious, I tend to become skeptical. D'oh LOL I still prefer his character not being gay from a story standpoint. It gives this track a chance at a happy ending eventually plus adding sexuality to a story that already has so many other issues to tackle would dilute the impact. Anway...chop chop writers...please move this track along! Stern Smile

Back at Rishabh's, Uttara finally confronts him about why he recoils from her touch. Pushed in to a corner, Rishabh refers to Uttara as Rastogi's leftovers. What a dhamakedhar confrontation. Star
Kamya emoted the shock and rage Uttara's character felt at Rishabh's words wonderfully! Clap Amit was also spot on as the creepy abusive Rishabh...Star. While the dialogs were well done, I did not like Rishabh being shown just listening to Uttara. He is so self-centered that it is not in character for him to do so. I wish the screenplay had Rishabh trying to retaliate verbally or physically but getting stopped by Uttara. I also wish Uttara had revealed to Rishabh that Rastogi had not touched her right after she told him he would never touch her again! That said, the sequence was still well done!

Overall: Fantastic episode. Its Star
Star Star Star from me. The acting today was top notch! Clap 

That said, I know I am repeating myself but the Vidya - Gaurav story needs to move! Angry In the first two months of the show, their relationship was growing. So even without the truth being revealed, that track did not seem like it was dragging. But for about 2 months now, it has remained in the exact same spot...Vidya yearning for love and Gaurav constantly rejecting her.

Coming to Devyani - Brahma, just like I did last week, I again feel that SasurPig leaving the house in today's episode means something. He has previously left under the pretext of work many times so I cannot believe that the writers would go on showing that so repetitively. If it does mean something...what could it be? Wonder if it will now have something to do with the Rishabh - Uttara confrontation. Maybe he runs in to a drunk Rishabh post today's confrontation...Cool.

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lonelyshadow IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 11:48am | IP Logged
Hmm... Interesting episodeBig smile Adi-priya's dance was cuteBlushing, loved the new beats of the back ground score. But priya was so sadConfused I just love adi's kissing skillsLOL Kissed the red rose then kissed priya's fingers then kissed the wine glassLOL Drinking wine by crossing their hands was so cute, it was a picture perfectBig smile!!
Yesterday i said i'm smiling because of that  KAMINA brahma, today he is back to square one, devyani was so happy and he perfectly ruined the moment with the reason of his duty, must have gone out to sleep with some other women, I'M SURE!Angry The sad song was played only on devyani today, and i felt hell bad for her! she looks very younger then the role she is playing!Confused
Gaurav is not a GAY!!!Smile But then what is his storyConfused Please be a interesting one!! Poor vidya, looking at people with so much of desperation, btw which restaurant waiters come and ask the guests to dance??!LOL quiet stupidLOL aadha ishq suited on vidya-gaurav, the dance or so called dance was cuteEmbarrassed The hug was damn cute, vidya was so happy+sad+desperate all portrayed very well by vindhay tiwariClap The earring looks that dropped from his pocket is a confirmation for me that he is not a gay and is involved with a lady! I hate him everytime he pushes or treats vidya likes this, how can one stay away from such a girl??!!Confused
Finally the highlight of the episode, uttara-rishab scene, Uttara as usual trying to get close to that bas***d and he is stuck up with his dirty thoughtsAngry but finally uttara breaks her ultimate silence and shouts at him and he calls her jhoothanAngry How dare that bas***d called her that! But awesome screenplay and dialogues of bothClap Finally one women of the show is crossing the limit, and doing the right thingStar Till date this was the best scene according to the title of the show..!Clap Now rishab is gonna pay for what he did to his precious wife!!Angry

Precap gives me butterflies in stomach, ufffffffOuch i cannot wait for tomorrow, please be a dream sequence and how will i bear the slap sceneSillyOuch

Overall a great episode, i would rate it 4.5/5, the best part of today was that they didn't showed any unnecessary scene throughout!D'ohBig smile

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..Naina.. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 2:09pm | IP Logged


Hm well today was definitely an episode worth watching in my opinion.


Not really for AdiYa. As much as I absolutely loved their little dance and whatnot, nothing really happened with them today. All their drama is apparently reserved for tomorrow.

Devyani and SSP? I felt bad for her because she was so happy but got rejected by him because he's a jerk, but well that's nothing more than the usual.

Coming to what I believe were the two best moments of today's show, well not best but most meaningful.

1) Gaurav-Vidya: Him pushing her away after she was literally flooded with happiness, and that earring that fell out of his pocket! I genuinely think that it's official now that Gaurav's affair is with a woman and not another man, that Gaurav is not gay like we have always thought. Although this is a very very tiny step in finding out the truth, at least we're finally inching forward, albeit veryy slowly.

2) The Rishabh-Uttara confrontation. I could not have asked for a better confrontation between the two, and first off ClapClapClap to the actors. They were amazing! Uttara's pain, agony, frustration, anger, everything shined through as she cried out. Being betrayed by your husband and then going back to him to try and REPAIR that relationship was not something I completely agree with but I commend her for trying, and right now, I think i was an amazing decision on her part to tell it to Rishabh as it is, tell him his mistakes, and I love how he was left speechless.

One thing I noticed about this scene is that Uttara, no matter how frustrated, didn't reveal the truth to Rishabh and for me, that says something. That shows me that she understands that she doesn't have to justify herself, she didn't make any mistakes, and if her husband is not willing to support her through both thick AND thin, then he's not worth her time.

Also, amidst all this anger and frustration, Uttara kept her promise to Devyani not to reveal the truth, so in a way she might have also been thinking about her sister, another thing I came to love - the relationship between the two sisters.

Anyways, overall though, absolutely brilliant performances by all of the actors, but for me, Uttara and Rishabh stole the show with Gaurav-Vidya comig a very close second.

It was an amazing episode [I mean, I never think an episode is _not_ amazingLOL] but still, shows me once again why I am hooked to Maryada.


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Bepannaah. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
 Jaya damn sorry for not being able to open this thread! was busy!Ouch
Edited will be postin only my pov about adiya will tomz watch the others parts as am in sleepy mood! damn tiredLOLOuch
awww why pri was sad wished she enjoyed at least this moment then thinkin about how she is going to tell him the truth.....
i love how the whole time adi was smilin goshh he is just soo innocent!<33 and how much he loves pri <333Embarrassed makes me even moreee love him and love them<3
i loved the way priya was lost into him and givin a flower sayin*happy valantines day* awwww the bestes wifeee Day Dreaming and oye hoye adi kissin the flower behooda!LOLLOL
what did he said *am promisin u girl that i will love u forever* awww! *in tears* am while watchin it OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGBlushing i lovee every dialouge he says to her:D they are soo special to meEmbarrassed
i so love the one who writes the dialoougs to them!<33333EmbarrassedBig smile
aww loved the way he offerd her to dance and she is sayin there is no music here!LOLEmbarrassed and convince her to dance awwww<3333 just loveee themm endlesyyy:DBlushingBlushing and they are into eachothers arms OMG am LOSTSilly loving their new BGEmbarrassed
will cont my pov later on go to sleep nowLOL

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 2:48pm | IP Logged worries at all chica! Good night!

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Great episode!Star  The most important thing that stood out was of course Uttara speaking up!  I really enjoyed that scene.   omg, do I have to comment on how good Kamya's acting was?   She's just perfect.  Clap

I felt so sad for Vidya when Guarav pushed her....poor soul doesn't know why she's being treated like this. Ouch The earring falling of course is a little movement to their story but that's not enough.  CVs definitely need to speed their story up before they lose some viewers.  

Other than that, everything was just usual. Big smile

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
Amna, Sam, Feefi...enjoyed reading your views!

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