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Chapter VI - Rohit meets Geet, Maan jealous

Geet was scared to go to office and face MK.... If again MK asks her then.. How many times she will lie to him.. if he recognizes her..then...she didn't wanted to think about that moment.. and then she started thinking about her own feelings....the truth she was avoiding to face... she knew in her heart.. So eagerly she waits for his hear his voice ..and if he smiles at her.. it makes her day..She was scared of her feelings developing for him..  

"I have to go away from him.. I will not get anything from him except his nafrat.." and she decided to look for another job.

Few days later -  Maan had come to know through his sources about Geet looking for another job.. and the first thought came in his mind.. "Is it because my questioning " and he decided to talk to her.. He called her in his cabin..

"Geet' Are you looking for job outside..?"

She was surprised and shocked.. How come he comes to know everything...

"Geet, its not that difficult for me to know about it..  If Maan Singh Khurana's assistant applies for job outside.. I will be the first one to know.. What is your problem.." He looked at her.. trying to understand her.

She didn't answered and lowered her eyes..

"Geet I am asking you something..".. He got impatient.. he got up from his seat and came nearer to her.. She still didn't look at him..  

"Geet look at me.. " '. He came very close to her.. put his both hands on her shoulders.. and she was forced to look at him ..

"Geet.. agar mere sawaalon se tum pareshaan ho, upset ho.. to thik hain..aaj se I will not ask you again on this.. ab thik hain ?"

She nodded.. and he said .."Now kaam main dil lagoa.......Jao yahan se..."

"Thank you Sir ".. and she left..

Next few days, everything was back to normal.. MK didn't ask her anything,, and she was relieved. But she decided to avoid him as much as possible.. and kept the distance..

After 1 week 'Rohit meets Geet

Geet was in MK's cabin.. and he was explaining her some points.. Suddenly phone rang..

"Sir, this is Pinky.. Is Geet there ? "

He gave her the phone..

"Geet, Someone called Rohit has come to meet you. I have asked him to wait "

Hearing Rohit's name.. Geet froze....but seeing MK observing her.. she composed herself..

"Rohit..? Thik hain Pinky ask him to wait.. main 10 minute main aati hoon."

She then looked at Maan and he nodded her to leave..

She came to her cabin and asked.. Pinky to send Rohit to her cabin..

Rohit gave a big smile as he entered the cabin.. "Geet'. finally I found you.." and he hugged her tightly.. She didn't said anything'. She looked at him.. He was looking handsome as always.

"Geet, tujhe pata hain kitne mushkil se mujhain tera pata mila hain.. aur tu hain kee bina bataye hee chali aayee.. ek baar bhi nahin socha'' and he was going on... She couldn't think of anything...all moments with her parents, family, darji and then days before engagement started coming in front of her eyes..  she started crying..

"Geet , tu fikar mat kar.. Ghar vaapas chal.. Sab thik ho jayega.."

"Main ab vaapas nahin ja sakti.. Rohit.. ab sab khatam ho gaya hain.."

He was trying to console her..and she was crying and crying..

Suddenly she felt someone staring..' and found MK looking at them through the partition window.. and she controlled herself..

"Rohit tu abhi jaa.. I will meet you in evening.... office ke baad.." They decided to meet at CP around 7:00 'o clock and Rohit left.

Maan could not stop himself but staring through the window. He could see Geet crying.. and Rohit consoling her.. and he felt uneasy.. Who is he'.and why Geet is crying so much.. But then its not of his concern'.and when his eyes met Geet.. he felt caught ...interfering her privacy.. He then decided to concentrate on his files..

Evening  - Geet reached CP.. as promised to Rohit.. Seeing her, he hugged her.. She was also feeling good seeing him'.after so many days.. She had met someone close to her.... some one from her HP.

He again asked her repeatedly the reason and she could not answer anything'

"Main tumhain kuch nahin bata sakti.."  She didn't know what to explain to him.. and then after knowing truth.. will he feel same for her'and then surely he will tell her parents.. No she doesn't want them to know about it.. Its is better they think she is dead then hearing about all this. and she again was teary...

Rohit decided not to pressurize her more.. He loves her so much and cannot see tears in her eyes.. and if she starts crying again now.... One day she will open up.. He decided to keep patience..

"Thik hain Geet, Chal ice-cream khate hain." He tried to cheer her up. He went to buy and she was waiting for him...Suddenly she heard her name called.

"Geet, you here? " She turned back.. She found MK in his car...

She smiled at him.. "Sir I have come with my friend.."  
and then Rohit came from behind.. with ice-cream in his hand.. She introduced them, they talked for few minutes and then MK left..

Next day - Party at KC

Everyone at KC was very excited, there was a party in the evening and all were discussing about it.. Geet had come to know that it was thrown for some big project completion. And all staff was invited.

"Geet you know'..KC parties are very grand.. You should see it'.. Par tera chehra kyon latka hua hain.. " Pinky asked her.. she found it odd.. Geet was not excited..

"Pinky,.. I am thinking about dress.. what I should wear.. "

"Geet anything looks better on you.. aur dress ka tension mat le.... its office party only.. I will pick you from your house.."

Geet finally decided to wear a off-white Saree.. she was sitting with Pinky, Adi and Romeo..
Suddenly her eyes were on MK'.who had just entered with his family.. He was looking very handsome in black suit'..she couldnot move  her eyes from him.. then she found most of the girls eyes were on him'.Cry

Pinky was non stop.. " Geet you know .. That old day is his dadi.. Sameera you know.. Then that is his sister Anvesha who is getting married soon and that guy is her fiance... and ...." but Geet didn't hear anything'. her eyes were only on MK who was sharing good moments with his family.. He caught her staring..and ..She decided to look other side and listen to what Romeo was saying. He had cracked some joke and everyone was laughing..  

After some time, everyone was invited on the dance floor' couples were enjoying the slow and romantic music' She also decided to join Adi, Romeo and Pink on the dance floor and started enjoying the evening.. but her eyes were again on MK'. who seems to be enjoying dance with Sameera.. She didn't wanted to stare at them but she had no control on herself'she was feeling teary..

"Geet mat soch Maan Sir ke barain main'..." she was again feeling low..

Suddenly'She saw MK standing in front of her and before she could think and decide...she was in his arms'and he almost forced her to match steps with him....

"Geet, you are looking very beautiful in Saree'".. He was looking at her admiringly.

"Thank you Sir ' " She was feeling very un-comfortable.. why it is that when they are aamne-saamne.. there is this unsaid tension..and she loses all control...'she goes weak in her knees.. and now..she was so much aware of being in his arms...

"Geet mat soch.." she again reminded herself... she lowered her eyes.. avoiding seeing directly in his eyes..

Maan was able to feel the tension between them...something attracts him to her.. how much he had tried to keep himself away from her after their last discussion.... since he came in, his eyes were searching for her and he was very sure... today she is avoiding him..
now also when she is dancing with him...she is not looking at him'he was not liking it...

"Geet, woh tumhara dost hain.. I mean your boy friend..? "  he asked her straight.. he doesn't know to play around words.. Since yesterday he was so eager to know.

"Rohit..?" She asked him to confirm.. He nodded..

"Nahin Sir.."

He felt relieved.. He was feeling uneasy since he had seen them together..  Geet saw that smile on his face.. She didn't like it'..when she is feeling so jealous.. how could he'' and ....she wanted that smile to go away...  

"Sir.. woh mera mangetar tha.."

"Tha ?  " He was now more puzzled..all signs of relief went away from his face.

"Haan Sir'..hamari engagement hone wali thi'. Par.." She paused for few second..

He was still looking at her....."Par ?"

She was suddenly.. sad..  completed...

" Kabhie kabhie Jindagi ke aage hamain apne faisle badalne padte hain.."  

Maan felt the uneasiness again'.his grip tightened.. became more rough..  He didn't like that surely..

" Toh ab tum usse use kar rahin ho..Uske feelings se khel rahin ho .."  He was very sarcastic.. wanted to hurt her badly..

She was so much pained by his words'. And felt so much anger inside' because of him.. Her life has turned upside down and he''.how he can say that'.. What about him... what he was doing that night in the hotel when he has a girlfriend and all her anger came out'..

" Aap bhi toh Sameera ke sath''"  

He looked at her'.confused.. "Geet what was that..."

"Kuch nahin Sir''.." She freed herself from his grip and moved away'.

Few days later, morning :

Adi was taking a meeting with all staff..  

'Dadiji has requested all staff members to help in Anvesha's wedding.. so for next 3 days.. we will be there.. All of you can decide where you can help."

Geet decided to choose Food.. in Kitchen.. at least then she will not meet MK often..

Next - Maan  recognizes Geet ...finally..Tongue

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Chapter VII - Love at terrace, Maan recognizes Geet
Day 1 at Khurana Mansion :

Geet and all other staff members were at Khurana Mansion next day.. They met Dadiji and then everyone dispersed as per the task was decided.
As they entered, She could see the decorations and the music.. dhol'She remembered her own engagement preparations' and felt very sad'.She decided not to think about it and went into kitchen to keep herself busy.. Evening more guests were expected for the Mehndi function. She started helping cooks for the evening preparation...
Since morning, she had not seen MK,, though she saw Sameera.. and she was feeling restless... In her heart she knew..she was longing to see him' her eyes were searching him.....he must be busy... and she decided to concentrate on kheer...

The kheer was almost ready, she washed her hands and decided to get ready for the function'Suddenly.. she saw him in the kitchen.. he was standing near the door.. wearing black patiala type suit.. and suddenly she felt very happy... she wanted to see him so badly...and seeing him suddenly.. she almost lost her voice'. She was not able to move from her place..

"Toh tum yahan ho.." He had a mischievous smile..

She didn't said anything.. Nodded..slowly.. her throat still choked..

He came nearer to her and looked at what she was doing...  

She somehow found her voice back..   "Sir kheer bani hain.. aap lenge..?"  

He started coming nearer to her....she felt.. he was going to say something.. Suddenly.. Someone came in the kitchen and he left... Geet took a long breathe of relief.

Evening mehndi Function :   She decided to wear Salwar kurta.. her favorite Red colour.. Adi, Pinky, Romeo were already there in the hall .. and she joined them.. They enjoyed the dance and music very much.. She also had put little mehndi on her hands..

As soon as that was over, she became busy with the dinner, taking care of guests and it was very late till all guests left'.She ensured everything is cleaned up and also decided menu for next day with the cooks.

It was quite night now.. she decided to leave and went to tell Dadima the same.. As she entered hall, she saw Dadi and MK were talking...

"Dadima... I am leaving now ..Tomorrow I will come very early.."

"Geet, you have helped me a lot today,...I am very pleased.. You took care of all guests....thank you...but its very late...Take our car , Our driver will drop you.. " ..Dadi was really happy..

Suddenly MK, who was standing listening...said  .."Dadi Ma, I will drop her..."

Geet looked at him... and she knew'trouble.. trouble. .'.but in front of Dadi.. she didn't said anything.. just nodded. They left.

While in car, she didn't speak.. and he was also quiet.. suddenly he decided to break the silence..

"Geet, tumhain ice-cream pasand hain'. hain na ? "

She was stunned.. "Sir.....haaaaan,  par abhi...?" and she thought.. Oh ! Is it because he saw her having ice-creams with Rohit.

"Chalo ..aaj main tumhain khilata hoon.. " and then he stopped car near Nirula's . He asked her'. and she said butter scotch.. and they sat on the table'..she was feeling very shy'..and was thinking hard...why he has brought her here..

Maan was also feeling odd... he had never thought he will take someone out for ice-cream.. but since morning.. he wanted some moments alone with her.. to talk to her..; he remembered, after their dance' she was very upset.. and he was really feeling bad since then.

"Geet, that day I said some thing to you .. I want you to forget about it..."

She looked at him surprisingly.. so that's why he has brought her here.. He is feeling bad..

She didn't said anything..

Day 2 at Khurana Mansion : Sangeet and Dance

Since morning Geet was very busy'.. today evening there was Sangeet and Dance  function.. and everyone seems to be busy about that.. She also wanted to finish her work and get ready.. She met MK few times during the day.. but there were no exchanges..

She wore pink Ghaghra Choli.. and looked at herself.. in the mirror.. After many days she had taken care to dress herself....she felt satisfied.. and came downstairs in the hall where the arrangement was done.. As she was getting down .. She saw MK coming .. He looked at her.. didn't said anything'.  but something was in his eyes.. which told her.. she is looking beautiful and she felt happy. ..

The hall was decorated very well with flowers, Anvesha was looking very beautiful in her red dress.. and Geet looked around.. Pinky.. Adi, Romeo everyone was there.. and  she decided to sit with the bride. As the music started, everyone got chance to dance.. she also did one and Romeo joined her.. she enjoyed it very much.....  suddenly she saw MK staring at her...

The function got over.. and like previous day.. again it was very late by the time she finished everything.. .. she decided to meet Dadi before leaving..

"Geet.. you are here.. You are looking very pretty today.. and today again, you have helped me a lot.. tomorrow is marriage.. so come early.."

and as she was about to leave .... suddenly Dadi remembered something..

"Geet, will you do a favor to me.. Can you please call Maan? He is at Terrace.."

Geet...   again felt.. trouble.. trouble. . she wanted to say NO and run away'..but in front of Dadi.. she couldn't ..she simply nodded.

At terrace:

Geet entered the terrace'..and saw MK busy with some workers, he was checking out light decorations. She looked around, the terrace was looking like a small paradise.... with a small garden.. and jhoola'.twinkled lights making it more beautiful.....

and then she saw him looking at her...

"Sir, Dadima is calling you.. " she said and was about to leave..

"Geet, rukon'... its almost done.. we will go together.." He came nearer to her as the workers left.

Seeing him coming.. she hurriedly started taking fast steps.. but he moved faster and caught her hand.. and then trapped her against the wall with his both hands...

"Geet why you are always running from me.....?"

"Sir mujahin jaane dijeye.. koi aaaa jayega.." she was scared.

"Geet, Kya tum sach main jaana chati hon......." He didn't believe her.

"Sir please'.."

"Geet, kya tum sach main chahti hon.. main tumhare kareeb na aauun.." ..and he looked straight into her eyes...

"Sir, please mujhain jaane dijiye'' yeh galat hain....."she almost pleaded him...

"Geet,.. tumhari aankhain kuch aur keh rahin hain....kya tum sach main ....kuch bhi mehsoos nahin karti hon..?"

"...Nahin Sir, .....aap please mujhain jaane dijiye.." and she could see her repeated denials was making him angry'...she felt helpless.

and then he came very closer to her, his body was now almost touching hers'..his voice more stronger'

"Geet, main bhi dekhna chahta hoon ki tum sach main kuch mehsoos karti ho yaa ...nahin....  "

And before she could think anything, he started kissing her, first slowly'.then it became very aggressive.. he was forcing her to open her mouth.... She gathered all strength not to give any response...and her resistance was making him more aggressive...and after few minutes.... she felt her choli loosened up.. barely hanging...he had opened the dori of her choli.....and now his hands were caressing her back......his touch was burning her skin.. her senses were now defying her..  and she decided to give up.. no use.. she cannot resist him any more.. and she started responding  equally and placed her hands at his back... flaring his desire more..

Maan smiled at her as he saw her responding.... his actions became more rough....exploring her more'.. wanting to know her more'..and suddenly.. he felt the familiarity... her taste.. her fragrance.. and the feel of her body.... and he remembered the girl at hotel..... Sudden realization like a bolt... and he withdrew from her with a jerk...


Geet opened her eyes'. and looked at him....she came back to her senses.. she saw his shocked eyes'.the recognition.. and she understood.. finally......and  Tears started rolling her eyes.... this was the moment she was scared since they met.. and this was the moment she dreaded'..feared.....and today the truth is out' she looked at him again'.he was pained.. very hurt... what he must be feeling about her' she felt low in front of him'..and she saw him leaving...

Suddenly he turned back and came closer to her... held her very roughly with his hands, looking directly into her eyes.

"Geet. tum yeh baat jaanti thi.. hain na..?  "

She couldn't say anything'.her throat was choked with tears.... and he looked at her in total dis-belief before leaving...

Next - Geet confronting Maan


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Chapter VIII - You must be special to Maan
Few days later... @morning

Geet was seating in her cabin and thinking about last few days… she was feeling very sad.... thinking about herself ..her life..….what more surprises are for her.. what more she has to see..  First she sleeps with a stranger.. then pregnant..fallen in love with him and the latest….. he hates her…. She has now lost total faith in life and Babaji.

She remembered after that night at terrace, She didn't have the courage to go for Anvesha wedding next day.. but then she knew if she didn't go there will be more questions…. and MK..She tried to talk to him few times.. but he completely ignored her….

Everyone's life is back to normal in office except her.... They were talking about wedding, food, dance.. but she kept herself out of it...
She was feeling very restless.. She had not seen MK for last few days....Why he is not talking to her.. Why he doesn't want to know anything…... She was waiting for his call.. her eyes staring phone constantly.....but he did not call her once….and she was so scared to face him.. She can still remember his face... Again tears started coming..

How can she continue working with him like this….. I should talk to him.. …explain him.. What happened that night.. how she was in his room.. Let him decide what he wants to think.. but at least she should try explaining......

and she looked up….."Babaji...Please iss baar help karna.." and went to his cabin.

"Sir… mujhain aapse baat karni hain..." She was scared.. but himmat to karni padegi.. she thought..

He looked at her.. didn't said anything..

She went nearer to his table.

"Geet, Baat karne ke liye kya baaki hain....,its better we stop this here only......."..he didn't even looked at her.

"Sir, please ek baar meri baat sun lijiye.." She was teary again..

 Suddenly he got up from his seat and came nearer to her….. he was trying to control his anger.

"Geet, tumhain ab kya baat karni hain……"

She got scared seeing his anger.. but still tried...

"Sir.. Please.."..

"Geet, tumhain pata bhi hain kee us raat ke baad meri kya halaat thi...... main kitna pareshaan tha.....Mujhain kitna guilt mehsoos ho raha tha....Tum soch bhi nahin sakti.. meri halaat ke baraon main.....mujhain baar baar lag rahan tha kee meri vajah se kisseee kee jindagi…"    He blasted.. and his pain was visible in his eyes..

"Geet.. aur ab sabse bada shock... woh ladki mere samne.. mere sath kaam kar rahin hain..... Main isse kiya samjhoo... ?"

Geet started crying more...

"Sir,.. main yehi batana chahti thi.. us raat maine kaafi pee lee thi.... aur mujhain koyi hosh nahin tha....."

"Lekin tumto sab jaanti thi... hain na Geet... fir sab jaan kar....tum mere sath kaam kar rahin thi...... Main kya samjhoo issee.. ? " ..he sounded very upset...

"Sir, please aap mujhain galat mat samajhiyan.. main nahin jaanti thi …aap yahan par milenge...aapne mujhain pehchana nahin....aur mujhain job kee jaroorat thi..." she was more teary now..

"Geet, mujhain tumhari kisee bhi baat par vishwaas nahin hain.. Pehle tum mere room main aati hon.. phir.. mere sath kaam karti hon.....Tumhare irade (intention) ......"   he left unsaid and turned back... he was feeling very hurt... why she didn't tell him.. he had asked her also.

"Geet, tum yahan se jao……Mujhain kuch nahin sunna hain..."

and then he went back to his seat..

She stood there.. hoping to make him understand... trying one more time...

"Sir Please.."

"Geet, tumhain samajh nahin aaya.. Please leave.." He was almost on top of his voice  and she left....."

Coming back in her cabin…. She was crying….and thinking.

"I have to now leave this job.. I cannot work here with him like this...If he comes to know that I am pregnant.. then surely he will not believe me.. that by chance I have joined KC.. he surely will think.. that I am trying to trap him... I have to look for another job…."  She wiped out her tears.

Suddenly her phone rang… it was Rohit..  "Geet,, Aaj main Delhi aaya hoon.. tumse milna chahta  hain.. "

Geet was pleased to hear his voice..... but then she remembered MK ..  "Thik hain...Evening main.... office ke baad at CP"

@Evening – In a restaurant at CP

They were having ice-cream and talking.

"Geet, tu ghar chal..teri sab problem solve ho jayegi.. " Rohit was very worried.

Geet suddenly blasted.. all her anguish.. pain... anger of last few days came out...

"Tumhain kuch pata bhi hain meri problem ke barain main.....Main kis pareshani main hoon….Meri koi help nahin kar sakta..."  she started crying..

"Geet.. tu kuch to bata..."

Finally sabar ka bandh toot gaya... she started crying loudly...and then after some time controlled herself…and started slowly..

"Rohit, hum jab college tour per Delhi aaye the.. toh mere sath ek haadsa ho gaya tha… aur mujhain hamari engagement ke pehle pata chala.. kee main pregnant hoon... " she looked at him..

"Geet...." He was stunned to hear it.

"Ab batao main kya karti...maine dar ke kissee ko kuch nahin bataya.. aur main yahan chali aayi...."

He didn't said anything for few minutes....then..

"Geet thik hain.. abhi bhi kuch nahin hua.. tu mere sath Hoshyiarpur chal.. aur iss bachhe ke barain main bhi decide karte hain.. Tu isse rakhna chati hain….. to mujhain koi problem nahin hain.. Tu mere sath chal….sab thik ho jayega….."

Geet looked at him… much he loves her but after knowing her feelings for MK…… she didn't want to commit anything to Rohit. In her heart she was still hoping……

"Rohit mujhain kuch time chayie sochne ke liye….."

@ Night

She was thinking what MK told her in the morning.. she was feeling very sure .. he is not going to change his thoughts about her.. he is doubting her intentions.. and she thought its better for both of them... if she resigns and leave KC.

She felt at peace once she decided and had a good sleep.

Next day

She typed her resignation letter and kept it in MK's cabin...she was praying he just accepts it and she don't need to explain anything to him.. but her wishes are not always fulfilled.. Cry

She received call from MK.

"Geet.. Can you come…... "

Slowly she went to his cabin.. almost dragging herself... She didn't want to face him again...

"Hmm.. so you are resigning…" He looked at her..

She didn't look at him..nodded.

"Thik hain...I accept it.. but I want you to be there till this project is completed....kuch dino kee baat hain….."

She nodded and left the cabin.

He was looking at her till she left the cabin...feeling sad... His heart wanted to believe her.. par dimaag izzazat nahin de rahan tha....and he thought it will be better if she goes away from here.....

Site Visit...

Next few days   were pretty busy.. she wanted to complete everything before leaving.. and she felt MK was also in hurry to complete everything so that she can leave….. Today they were visiting site for design finalization.. She looked at him.. He had not spoken to her after her resignation....She was so worried about his reaction.. but he has accepted it and she felt relieved, its better for both of them.

While returning back.. there was a huge traffic jam on the higway..... and she was worried ....raat ho gaye hain...

"Geet any problem..?" He was looking at her.. Couldn't stop himself..

"Sir.. Kuch Nahin..." She didn't want to bring her problems to him...

"Geet.. tum bologi bhi...." He doesn't like when people are trying to hide ..

Seeing his reaction.. she knew if she didn't spoke.. then surely he will throw her out of car.

"Sir ...woh meri Landlady ne gate baand kar diya hoga…. Main soch rahin thi.. kahaan rahoongi aaj raat... Main Pinki ko try kar rahin thi.. par woh phone nahin utha rahin hain"  ….She finally spoke..

He thought for some time and then...."Geet, tumhain koi problem nahin to tum mere ghar main ruk sakti ho..."

She was stunned to hear it.. "Sir Par..."

"Geet.....Tum Dadi ma se to mil chuki hon.."  and he decided for her..

It was very late when they reached.. Dadima had already gone to sleep.. MK showed her the guest room...she also slept as soon she landed on the bed... she was feeling very tired..

Next day @ morning :

She got up early, took bath and got ready.. as she was coming out.. she saw Dadima standing...

"Geet, I am so pleased to see you.."

She felt very uncomfortable...."Dadi Ma, we were stuck in traffic jam and were late.. Sir suggested me to come here….."

"Geet, I am not asking for reason.. I am very pleased he brought you here.. You must be very special to him ...... "  She smiled.

"Dadima..... you are misunderstanding.. there is nothing.....i needed help.....aur phir Maan sir to Sameera ke sath...". She couldn't stop herself....

"Sameera.. ? .." .. She smiled.. " Geet... who told you....."

"Sameera is also special to him.. but not that way.. They are childhood friends.. and don't you know....Sameera is getting married now.. You didn't see her fiancee.. ? he came in Anvesha's marriage......"

She was very surprised to hear that.. So many times she had cursed her....."Babaji..maaf karna.."

"Dadima.. Par aap please galat mat samajhiye......" She tried to convince her again..

"Thik hain Geet.. Par hum itna jaante hain.. Maan ne kabhie bhi kisseee office staff kaa itna khayal nahin kiya hain..."

She could see Dadima smiling.. and she felt very uneasy...........and she thought...

"Dadima.. Kaash aapko pata hota .. Maan mere barian main kya sochte hain....."

She came out of room and saw MK standing.. He gave her angry look..

Next - " Geet.. we are marrying tomorrow........"

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Chapter IX - Geet we are marrying tomorrow
"Geet, tum dadima se kya baat kar rahin thi ? '''''." He started as soon as they were in the car.

"Sir...Kuch nahin.." She was not able to understand why he is so upset with her.

"Geet, Kal maine tumhain rukne ke liye kahan....because you needed help.....par iska yeh matlab nahin hain.. kee tum iska koi fayada  uthao......"

Geet was totally pissed off hearing it.. So now he thinks I am trying to use Dadi also...and she couldn't control..

"Sir aapko kyun yeh baar baar lagta hain kee main aapko fasane kee koshish kar rahin hoon..mera aisa koi irada nahin hain.." and she was really upset and started looking other side, trying to control her tears.. [eng X - Why u think i am trying to trap you.. ]

Maan looked at her, he really was feeling bad seeing her in tears.. but how can he forget that she lied to him....if he had not recognized her then..... She looks so innocent but ....She was there with him that night and now in his office.. and now she is making friendship with Dadima.. He cannot ignore all this.. this cannot be simply co-incidence...

He remembered that night at was a bachelor party for one of his friend.... they had a good time drinking...dancing'. and girls also'. he didn't said NO to it as it was long time since he had enjoyed a women's company (read here as sx ) ... but he was totally surprised.... When he had found a young girl in his bed.. he was drunk but he surely remembers the pain the girl had after it was over...... he was so much shocked....didn't know what to do.. he was not able to think anything.... he had left her like that only.... When he went back.. she was not there'..she always remained mystery for him.... He couldn't concentrate on anything for next few days'..he was feeling so guilty.... thinking about that girl....who was she came... What happened to her....and now fate has brought her in front of him'
His heart wanted to believe whatever she was saying.....but how can he explain all this..... he was feeling very confused..... Something attracted him to her since she had joined his office.....was it because of the night they spent.... or something more is there..... He had liked her innocence'.her sincerity...the way she talks....the way she used to look at him.....and  he remembered the night at terrace'. her response to his was so genuine....that was not fake'.... he was not able to decide..... Its better she leaves KC...

He came out of his thoughts as they reached office....


Geet was doing left right in her cabin.. she was really upset at what MK had told her in the morning....Why he thinks she is trying to trap him...Is he the only one available on this planet...... and what he thinks... she doesn't have anything else to do.... and on top...he thinks she is using all means now.... Dadi also...  

Its better I am leaving KC..
and then she thought if I leave Delhi also.. and go back to HP.. that way I will never see him again..
and then suddenly she thought.. it will be better if she marries Rohit.. then the chapter will be closed for ever...

She made up her mind...and  called up Rohit....

"Rohit... I have thought a lot about what you said that day... I am ready to go back with you..."

"Geet, that's very good news..  let me know when I should come to Delhi...", He was very pleased..

"I have already resigned'.. so in next few days.. I can leave'..."  They discussed and decided the plan and date..

She was feeling relieved after talking to Rohit... this is the best decision for us. she told herself' Maan sir is never going to believe me.. and I should not keep any hopes from him....

Site visit ...

Afternoon.. They went for site visit and while returning back from the site, in the always... she was looking outside and he was in his files''not speaking.....and her phone rang.. It was Rohit..


"Geet, I am coming tomorrow'.. we will leave Delhi on Sunday (after 2 days i.e. )... I have told your parents that you are coming back.. and they are very happy.. "

She was also very happy to hear about her parents,,,..

'Rohit....I will clear everything here by then'.. Sunday I can go back to HP with you.."

Maan couldn't stop himself hearing their conversation as it was from Rohit..

He looked at her when she finished...

"So you have decided to leave Delhi also....."

"Yes...." She didn't looked at him.. she was very much angry on him because of morning incidence.

"and Rohit...? Are you marrying him..?" .. He was very curious to know.

"Yes....." she didn't showed any expression in her voice and looked outside.

And after that he didn't ask her anything....she decided to take a nap'.. and he tried looking into files....

Maan was looking at her'. she is sleeping so innocently.... He didn't like it when she said she is marrying Rohit.... he didn't wanted it to end like this...He wanted to tell her so badly....Geet I don't want you to go.... I want you to be with me always.... but then he only had forced her to leave'.he wanted her to go'.. and now when she is leaving then why he is feeling so much.... "Maan'.. you will forget her soon.... let her go'.."  

Suddenly his thoughts were broken by their car hitting another car coming from front.. it was a big bang.. and he saw Geet's side of door opening and she was thrown on the road....blood started coming from her forehead...and she became unconscious... Seeing her like this.. he became totally blank..... in his heart he was so scared......has he lost  her... he rushed her to hospital...


He was waiting for the doctor' They had informed him she is out of danger..

"Mr. Khurana, nothing to worry' can take her'she is fine.. we have checked her' external injury... but'..."

"But what Doctor.." He was very worried now. . .

"Aap unke husband hain... ?"


"Please inform her family.....They should get the tests done for the baby.....we have not done those tests....."

"baby..?" he was totally shocked'. What next shock she is going to give him.

"Yes.. she is pregnant.. must be 2 months or so.."

Maan was suddenly without words.. he was shocked. his mind back calculated.. yes during that time only....he had met her at hotel... and now slowly he started realizing... that's why she left her engagement.. Hoshyiarpur''staying here alone.......and then he saw her coming out...

He didn't say anything to her.. and they left the hospital.. He had called up his car from home'..and was driving himself'

Geet was not sure what has happened. but she could feel the harshness in his drive.. Why he is so upset now.. Is it because he has to waste time for her...... in hospital.. and she looked at him..

"Sir .. Aap please dheere chalayie..."' she was very scared to say anything....he is looking so angry'

She again ..."Sir please .."

and he stopped car with a jerk.. and came on her side.. Opened the door and dragged her out...

"Tum mujhain.. bata nahin sakti thi...."  he was almost shouting..

 "Sir par kya'... " she was not sure what he was talking about...

"Geet, tum pregnant hon.. hain na..?.. aur main yeh bhi jaanta hoon yeh mera bachha hain......" he asked her.

She was stunned to hear it.. so now he knows this also.. and she couldn't answer him anything...

Seeing her silence .. he was taken back.....

"Geet, please answer....." he was now almost pleading'''''.

She nodded.. still shocked...

"Tumne kyon nahin bataya mujhain.." he shooked her.... very upset... completely disgusted.

She finally found her voice back...her throat choked with tears'  "Sir aap mera vishwaas karte ? "

He came nearer to her.. and turned her to him.."Geet, .. hum kal shaadi kar rahain hain......."  

Shaadi... she was completely shocked....morning he was telling me to stay away from him''''..and now he wants to marry her.

She looked at him in completely disbelief.......

"Geet,Yeh khurana khandan ka vaaris hain.. aur yeh bina shaadi ke...... aur ab jab main yeh baat janta hoon, toh main isse apne se alag nahin kar sakta....."   [eng x ' its is my heir..I cannot let it come like this...]

"Sir.. aapko iski fikar karne kee jaroorat nahin hain... main yeh soch ke delhi nahin aayee thi kee main iske baap se miloongi....main isse sambhal sakti hoon..." She felt so much anger..... [eng x ' You don't need to worry.. I can bring this child on my own..]

"Geet, main dekh rahan hoon tum kitne ache se sambhal sakti hon... kabhie Rohit.. kabhie Romeo.....main tumpe bharosa nahin kar sakta....kee tum isse sambhal paogi..." He was very sarcastic..  (GB- attitude wallah Maan.. I love him so much)

"Geet .. kal hum shaddi kar rahain hain.. aur main iske barain main kuch sunna nahin chahta..... Mere pass aur bhi tareeke hain.. tumse baat so better.. you agree...."    He almost threatened her.

"Par Sir.. maine Rohit ko shaddi ke liye haan kiya nain, usne bache ko accept kiya hain..  main usse ab mana nahin kar sakti...." .. she was thinking inside.. how she can marry like this....

"Geet, Mere hote hue'.....kissee aur koh yeh apna papa nahin ket sakta'......aur Rohit ko samjhana...yeh tumhari problem hain... .. chalo ab car main baitho..."  

"Par Sir.. hum kaise shaddi kar sakte hain.. hamare beech main kuch bhi nahin hain...." She was now pleading...

He came nearer to her.. held her very closely...looking into her eyes.. "Geet, hamare beech itna toh hain.. kee hum shaddi kar sakte hain...." She looked at him.. what he means... then he completed.." I mean yeh bachha sabse badi vajah hain.."
[eng x ' We have enough reason to marry.. specially this child....]

Once they were in car.. she was thinking.. what kind of proposal is this.. He wants to marry.. because she is carrying his khandaan ka vaaris.. she was feeling very upset'.. she knew she cannot argue with him.. once he has made up his mind...he will use all means to make her agree..  and now what she will tell Rohit.. morning only she had told him yes.. and now''she was worried about Rohit.. how much he loves her'.

"Geet kya soch rahin hon'.."  He sounded worried''

"Rohit...." she said still in thinking mode...

He stopped the car.. and then looked at her...

"So you are worried about Rohit.....are you in love with him ?....I didn't thought so...."  

She didn't answered.. so many things had happened since morning.. she was not able to think clearly...only tears...

"Thik hain Geet, if you are feeling I am forcing you' toh.. bachha hone ke baad tum meri taraf se ajaad hogi....aur yeh shaddi hum sirf naam ke liye karenge......... " He tried to give her some peace....

[eng x ' we will be marrying for namesake.. u are free to go out of it once the child is born]

Geet was thinking.. what else she has to face now''. shaaaaddi.. woh bhi naam kee.......

Next - Maneet's marriage

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Chapter X - Maneet's marriage....
Next morning

She was looking at all her dresses.. spread on bed.. what she should wear..... Today is her marriage.... and she herself has to decide what she has to wear.... and thinking about marriage..... tears started roolling out..

What kind of marriage is this.. he wants her till the baby is born... and after that...... how can she leave the baby and go..... how he can think such a wierd thought... But how she can be in such a marriage where there is no love...... he  thinks very low about her... she was feeling disgusted about the whole situation she was in.......

On the other side.. her heart was consoling her.. " Geet think about the baby.. why he should suffer.. why he should not be with his father.. why he should not get his rights.....why are you thinking about your self only...,,Few days back you were so desperate to know about its father...... and now when you know him and he is ready to accept the child.... why are you selfish.. and thinking about love.. feelings... why don't you just think about your child... he will get his father name......"

and what about after that.. how she can leave the child and go........
"Geet sabko pyaar nahin milta...... ho sakta hain Maan Sir badal jayain....... ho sakta hain........."

"Par woh mujhse nafrat karte hain.. woh mujhse kabhie pyaar nahin kar payange... " 

"Thik hain Geet..... par tu toh unhe pasand karti hain na... phir kyun soch rahin hain......You also want him with him... so why can't you be just happy with you are getting......"

"Geet ,,,fikar mat kar... sab thik ho jayega..........."

She came out of her thoughts.. and  selected one simple pink saree.... and light jewelleries..and waited for MK.. Morning she had recieved call from MK..... he had informed her he will be coming around 9:00  and they will first go to court for marriage registration and then he will take her  to his house,, where Dadima has made some arrangements......

He was on time.. he was dressed casually only.. his white shirt and jeans.. ...He did smiled at her when he saw her.. but didn't said anything.. they drove to court.. all the formalities were done fast.. and now they were going to his house.......

"Geet.... You are looking beautiful today..."

Nice way to break the silence.. she thought.. "Thank you.."

"Kya soch rahin hon......."

"Sir...Kuch nahin... bus yahin.. .. jindagi ke barain main.......aur Dadima... what you have told her...?"

"Geet, ....jyada mat sochon,... woh tumse kuch nahin puchengi........ "

"Geet.. tum mujhain Sir nahin Maan se  bulao..."

She looked at him..."Sir.."

"Dadima ke liye..." he said and they stopped in front of his house..... she was surprised.. it was decorated..... with flowers.. and Dadi was waiting with Aarti....and after aarti.. she took her inside.......

"Geet,  Hum to pehle hee se jaante the.......jab hamain kal Maan ne shaadi ke  barain main bataya.... I was not surprised..... but  so fast....Kuch toh time hamain diya hota...... aur upar se he was not agreeing...  Par bina fere ke shaadi kaise...... whatever I could do.. i have done in this litlle time........"

Before she could think anything... "Both of you get ready..... for the marriage.. Pandit has already come...."  She took Geet with her in her room...

She showed her a red banarsi Saree....

"Geet, yeh saree hamari khandani hain.. hamne pehnee thi.. uske baad Maan kee maaa ne.. aur ab  aapke liye...... "..Dadi became sad remembering..

Geet looked at the Saree it was a beautiful but  how she can wear... Maan has married her for the baby.. and after baby,,,,,she didn't wanted to think.....

She wore the saree and jewelleries which dadi gave.. and came to the small Mandap which was made inside the hall only... Maan was waiting for her.. he had worn a simple off white sherwani..... but he was looking very handsome.. and she knew her heartbeat skipping......

As they sat near the fire.. and mantras started.. she started feeling very depressed....she was missing her family.. her mom-dad.. darji...... they would have been so happy to see her getting married.. but then what they must be thinking...... and what about Rohit.. she has not told him yet.... suddenly she felt .. Maan's hands on her...... he was looking at her... as if saying    " Geet don't be sad..."

The marriage was done.. and then some rituals.. Anevsha had come...and also Sameera..... they were teasing her...... what and how it happened..

Kash.. she could tell them.. she herself didn't knew...... By evening everyone left...


She was seating on bed.. and thinking about the day how it went.... In the morning,  She was so scared how it will be...... but to her surprise.. she didn't feel out of place any time...... All his family members made her feel very much at home.. and she was feeling relaxed now...

She was feeling very bad for dadima.. Dadima.... was really upset that they didn't give her anytime for the marriage.. she wanted a grand marriage for Maan... but she was happy at least he has decided to marry... and when she brought her in the room... she was talking all about Maan....

"Geet.. aapko pata hain... I was so much worried about Maan.. I never thought he will marry..... and now he married .. that also so fast.. suddenly...."

"Geet, I wanted to decorate this room very much.. but Maan.. asked me not to do anything......I am so sorry  beta.. " .. she was really feeling bad.....Geet could understand why Maan must have told her... Jab shaaddi naam kee hain toh....

She  was waiting for Maan to come....She knew.. its not their.... Suhaag raat... but she wanted to see him.... Since morning it was so busy....and then thinking about him she went into sleep..

Next day morning

She woke up early...saw the blanket on her..... Must be Maan... and thinking about Maan.....  where he is... and she saw him sleeping on the sofa..... he must have slept late..... as he was in deep sleep.....

She took bath and wore a saree......came in front of mirror.. She had put bindi and the she took sindoor... before putting she thought..... how ek chutki... sindoor  has changed her whole life...... now she is married... suddenly she saw Maan looking at her in the mirror..

She turned back..."aap.."

"Geet,  tumhara dil nahin maanta .....toh..mat karo......." He said and left.

She decided to put.. Dadima kya kahengi...she tried to justify herself.....

After Few days : Maan's den

For next few days.. she was busy with Dadima.. and the rituals... and saw very less of Maan... only in morning..... sleeping on sofa.. and she was very curious to know where Maan spends his evenings..... and she found out after few days..... he has a so called den on terrace.... and she was very curious to know about the den...and decided to check it out..

After dinner, she took milk for him and went to terrace.. She could see a small room on one corner of the terrace..... it  was lit... So this is his den..and she went inside..

He was looking busy with some books...and was very surprised to see her...

"Geet.. tum yahan..."

"Haan... doodh.... "   she smiled.. and kept the milk on his table... she looked around..... it was a very small room......with a single bed.. a table .. a chair.. lots of books,, and music system and also see saw a telescope..

"So this is the place you spend  your evenings.. I was very curious to know...... " 

He didn't said anything... then.."So you liked it.."

She nodded....

"Haan.... Geet.. I have this place since my childhood..... I like it very much.. its very cozy.. I have all my favourate things here.. and its so wonderful in nights.. just beneath the stars........"    First time she saw him soft...

She saw few snaps.. looks like his parents...and she looked at him...

"They died in car accident... when I was 10.. ....Dadi brought up us..... " 

"and you know... this was the place I found solace..... I used to watch stars.. and always used to think about them......and I don't let anyone come in here... this is my place.....You are the first one........"   He opened up..

"Yes,, I heard its your Den..."she laughed.. and he also smiled..

Then he showed her his childhood photographs...., his CDs,,, and his telescope also..... and she always had felt she never knew he was interested in all this.. He seems to be so serious.. always working...... that's the image she had of him...

Seeing him in good mood... She thought of asking him.. what she was thinking for last few days....

"Maan .. I want to join office back..."

He looked at her.."Geet.. isme poochne kee kya baat hain..You are free to do... whatever you want..."

and he put on light music........

"Geet,... ek dance.... ... ?" and he took her outside his room...... under the stars..... and she enjoyed the dance......he taught her few steps.. and she was enjoying very much.. and then the music stopped....... "
She wanted to break.. but he didn't let her go......and brought her very closer to him... She could again feel the tension between them.. she looked at him and could see desires in his eyes........she knew he wanted to kiss her.. and she was feeling same...

He bent and  kissed her deeply.....he took her in his arms to his bed.... and lowered her ... before she could realize.... he kissed her again.. and slowly the intensity increased... she started losing herself... and started responding... and suddenly she felt him on her neck.....shoulders.... and then.. he looked at her...

She came back to her senses.. and was reminded of the terrace night...... she remembered his kisses.. his angry looks...and panicked....she remembered her marriage.. the reason...... the condition.. "Geet yeh kya kar rahin hain."

"Maan,... please Mujhain Jaane dijiye..."  and she left hurriedly....

Maan looked at her till she left....

Next -     "Maan ....Main is baar hosh main hoon ..."

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 4:07am | IP Logged

Loved this one and it's nice to continue the fiction in a single thread,and it's easy to read.Continue soon.............

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Great update...let's see what the future holds for the two of them...

Continue soon....
aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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great update...............but how maan doesn't recognize her?.............plz continue soon.....

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