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SandStorm(FF) -(updated Chapter 19)

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 2:24am | IP Logged
Its time to conclude the story... they are ready to confess....and me to leave them in their paradise.
Thanks all of you for appreciating it so much...This was my first long story... and because of all of your support, i got it till end...ClapClap
Keep dropping your messages...
Chapter 19 - " Geet, I love you....."
Please note chapter 19  is on  PAGE 70

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I have written many short ones for my Maine Pyaar Kiya  series(MPK).. which were mainly based on the events turning in the serial.. and I am starting a new one Sandstorm..where I have tried to write a fiction.. a different angle to Maaneet's story..
It just came to me.. if Geet was carrying Maan's child then...I thought about it and wrote a completely new story with Geet Handa and Maan Singh Khurana..
If you like this then do press the button.

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Geet and Maan in drunken state, accidently spends one night together and she is now pregnant with his child. She has come to Delhi and has given interview at KC and has got offer to join as Assistant Architect under Maan. She recognizes Maan.. But Maan?
Characters :
Geet Handa:  18 Year old bubbly girl from Hoshyiarpur working as Assistant Architect at Khurana Construction.  Fate has brought her to Delhi leaving her family.
Maan Singh Khurana: MD at Khurana Construction. He is rich, polished and most eligible bachelor of Delhi



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Chapter I : I made love with a stranger
She was seating in the bus... tears rolling down.. thinking about her... her fate... not sure where destiny will take her... Just one month back.. she was living the best life.. with her family.. her mom-dad, her sister Sanjh.. her darjii..and she was not able to believe how fate could just change.. and now she is without them.. there is no one to support her and her decision.. she felt life playing a cruel joke with her.. Just one night has changed her life...

Geet looked at her watch.. in some time bus will be reaching Delhi .. but what she will do at Delhi..she was not sure...  first she has to get job.. she has little money with her.. but then she needs some place to stay also.. and  its all because of her fault.. she has landed in such a big mess.. and she only has to face,,she thought.. and cursed herself... She still cannot believe it was her that night,, her behaviour..and she remembered that night....

That night : She was seating along with her friends at the "Bazoora' discotheque.. feeling little uncomfortable in the short skirt and sleeveless top....she had always worn salwar-kurtas..first time she had worn such a dress.. for the first time she was at a disco theque ... and also first time she had come out of Hoshyiarpur. She was glad finally her parents understood her desire to come to Delhi on college trip... They were apprehensive as she is just 18 years.. even she goes to market with her dad... and how they can allow her to come to Delhi alone.. but finally they gave  in her demands...
She wanted to experience the world outside her small world.. She wanted to see the city life... and she was so happy when her parents finally allowed her...

It was the 10th and last day of the trip.. Tomorrow they will be going back.. and she was feeling sad.. She had seen all the places.. went to CP, janpath.. did all shopping for her parents, darji... and for herself also..... but she was feeling bad now... She was missing them badly.. but then she didn't wanted to go back so soon.. there is so much more to see....
Before leaving, all of them wanted to see see the nightlife of Delhi.. and she was more then willing for it.. she also wanted to see it.. what will happen in future who has seen.. and she wanted to enjoy the last day very much.. she had heard so much from her firends about it.. she was very excited about it...they decided to come to this one...

She looked at her group.. she doesn't know all of them.. but yes.. many of them and also, her dear friend Meera is there.. Her parents sent her only because Meera was also coming... and also Meera's brother Rohit... she likes Rohit....he has hinted her few times.. but then she never thought of him in that way..he is nice guy... .. but she knew the man of her dreams will be different then all this.. and she knows.. she will recognize him when he comes in her life...

"Geet,.. come join us for dance.." ... Meera called her.... She decided to join her... she looked around.. everyone seems to be enjoying it.... She looked at some of the couple.. they were so much engrossed in each other.. she felt shy looking at them and she came back from the floor....and took one chair...

She was sipping the drink and looking at the crowd.. She looked at one of the couple seating near her.. and her eyes caught.. they were kissing each other.. She felt shy.., Her cheeks felt so hot.. and she stared at them without blinking her eyes..Suddenly she was feeling lot of emotions in her.. and she was not able to understand it.. she completed her drink and moved out from there..

She started feeling little drowsy.. Looks like something was mixed in the drink.. and she felt nervous.. I have to reach hotel fast..  She called Meera..

'Meera lets go.. .. I don't know.. I am feeling very sleepy.."

Meera was not in mood to go back she had just started enjoying..

"Geet tum please jao.. I will come..later.."

Geet managed to come to the road..It was raining hard outside,.. and she was totally wet by the time she got cab. She managed to reach the hotel.. but she don't remember what she told the reception desk.. she collected the keys and entered inside the room...

Once inside.. she kicked her sandals..the water was dripping from her clothes .. she wanted to change badly.. and took off her clothes.. but where is her bag.. her clothes..she couldn't find ... She was not able to think properly..where she had kept ..  she dropped herself on the bed.. she was feeling being sunk..... and all the scenes of the evening were floating in her eyes the dancing.. drinks.. lights... and suddenly the kissing couple..she could feel her body getting tensed with the thought..  she felt uneasy in the bed... took the sheet to cover herself.. she was feeling cold without the clothes.. she went into deep sleep .......she didn't hear the door opening.

Her senses woke up with the feel of someone's touch on her body... still she was feeling drowsy....
she could hear his voice.. "Your name..".. but she could not respond..
she could not open her eyes.. her senses still jammed.....and then ..His touch started becoming more aggressive... She was hardly able to resist...and slowly she started liking it...and then started responding.. her actions were not in her control anymore.. suddenly she felt him  kissing her forcefully..and she also responded....she smelt alcohal in his breath..but it was too late for her to stop.... he was already all over her.. and then she also wanted him to go on....She felt him moving inside her...and felt the pain...but she liked it...  from evening whatever uneasiness  feeling,, the tension in her body.. she felt suddenly going away.. she liked the way he was stroking her... she wrapped her arms and legs around him..... and then he came all inside her  and it shocked her.. suddenly she realized what just happened between them.. she was about to react.. but she felt him withdrawing from her and it caused pain.. she cried in anguish...

and  she heard his voice full of surprise... ..

"My God... You virgin...  " and then he said disgustly... " I asked Hotel manager for some company tonite.. but you.. who are you.."
and before she could respond.. she saw him leaving the room hastily.. She opened her eyes forcefully.. she could see his face in the lamp near the door...

She was feeling very bad now .... whatever has happened now.. its all her fault.. and tears started flowing.. How she will go back to HP now,, and how she will face her parents... She gathered all enegy to move out of the bed, wrapped herself in the sheet.. collected her clothes and came out of the room.. She looked at the room number.. and realized her mistake.. but what about the mistake she had done in the room with a stranger... tears started rolling out....
She came to her room, packed her bag and left for HoshyiarPur.
To be continued.

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Chapter II ' I met Maan Singh Khurana

Geet reached Khurana Construction's office on time.. Today she had an interview scheduled with the MD of the company .. In first round, 5 candidates were selected and this was their second round with the MD itself. She was very much hoping for this job.. Last few days at Delhi.. was very hectic for her.. . she somehow managed to get a place to stay as paying guest.. but now all her money is running out.. she applied for job at so many places.. but no luck yet..She needed this job badly..

She looked at the name plate on the cabin door.. "Maan Singh Khurana"... and she looked at the girl who just came out of the cabin.. she was not looking very happy.. It made her nervous.. She wished herself all the best.. all the luck... and luck is what she was needing now most.. she has no more faith in her fate... otherwise how can she explain the events which has happened in her life in past one month... total roller coaster.. so fast..before she could think.... fate has brought her back to Delhi...

And she went back into her thoughts.. to that night... .

She left the hotel hurriedly with her bag, took the next bus to HP..and reached early morning. ..  Next day. everyone was so happy to see her back..Mom-Dad... they were looking so proudly at her.. as if she has come after winning something...  they were asking her lot of questions about the trip.. she managed to answer them but.. . she was feeling very low inside.. She was not able to face her parents.. what she is going to tell them....

The days were passing... she was feeling more restless.. she didn't wanted but her mind always use to wander about the stranger.. .. who was he.. and why he was there... and sometimes she used to wonder .. how he looked.. he was well built  that she was sure...  may be in late 20's.. not very old.. and yes he was very much drunk.. she can still feel the alcohal... she was able to catch a glimpse of him... but then she doesn't know anything about him... and remembering herself that night... she felt disgusted.. .. how she could do it.. so shamelessly, without any resistance... she gave herself into it.....

She still remembered the day... when life took another turn... .. Rohit parents came with the marriage proposal for her .. and her parents were so excited.. they were very happy for Geet.. Both of their parents were close friends.. and this could be the best thing that could happen.. but Geet she was feeling very restless.. She had known Rohit for quite long.. He was her best friend Meera's bro.. and very nice guy.. but she felt like cheating him.. She wanted to tell him everything before marriage.. but before she could do anything,, the engagement date was fixed... and she decided to accept the fate's decision silently, may be Rohit is the best guy for her...

Days just passed in the preparation of engagement.. she almost had forgotten about hotel incidence... She did  all shopping.. She had started liking Rohit now more.. They discussed their marriage , honeymoon plans.. and she accepted  the fact very much- she is going to be Rohit's wife....and was getting ready for her new life with Rohit... but then life ..full of surprises... she cannot understand.. what plans it is having for her...

That day..She was feeling uneasy since morning..and felt like vomiting... and she did shocked her....."is she pregnant"..... She still remembered her nervousness.. when she watched the colour of the strip changing..and with that her whole world changed.....
She is carrying that stranger's child.. she could not believe herself....suddenly she felt herself maturing as woman....but she is only 18 now..  what she is going to do now..

Only thing she knew..She cannot face her parents now.. she cannot face Rohit now.. and she cannot explain anything.. how they will believe her.. .. that she has no clue of the father of the child..and  how they will face everyone .. when everyone will know about the child.. She cannot go ahead with this engagement.. There was no option left to her... she decided to leave everything...... a day before engagement..... left a note.. for her parents.. she couldn't explain to them anything.. just to forget about her....

It brought tears into her eyes.. remembering her family.. everyone.. she doesn't know if she has taken right decision or not..only time will tell...  she only knew she can not face her parents now..

"Geet Handa..."  she came back from her thoughts.. when she heard her name called...

She looked at her dress.. and gave "all the best"  to herself.. and  knocked at the door..

"Yes Come in.." There were 4-5 people seating inside.. and one of them she looked closely.. he was looking very well dressed.. and she thought he is probably the MD as everyone was looking at him..

and she was right... he nodded her to take the seat.. and she  took one of the chair..

" Sir...Thank you ".. She looked at him.. He didn't looked that old to be MD... must be in his late 20's .. lean.. handsome.. and well built...

He took her personal  file from her.. and started going through it..

"You must be knowing , this position is for Assitant Architect.. You have done diploma in architecture.. but no experience.. so why you want me to take you.. "

The voice unnerved her.. she was sure she had heard it earlier.. She looked at him deeply.... Yes... she had seen him also earlier.. but where,, but then this she can think  about it concenrate .. concentrate....on interview and she came back..

"Yes, i don't have experience,,, but I think I am very capable to handle it.. and everyone has first time.." She answered him confidently...

"and you are new to Delhi.."

"Yes.. but I am now well settled here.."

There were few more questions and she answered them confidently.. but at the back of her mind.. she was not able to control ...."where I have seen him"

she was still thinking... ..while leaving.. and then it stuck her.....

"Oh my God... this is the same person who was with me in hotel room that day.."    She could not believe.. she turned back and looked at him once again.... and now  she was very sure.... she can recognize his voice...  he was the one with her that night..

she came out of the cabin hurriedly.. and rushed to wash room....

Old link -->
Chapter 2: I met Maan Singh Khurana

In next  - How she is going to work here knowing that he is father of her child... ?

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Chapter III : Shall I tell him the Truth?

Geet rushed to the washroom.. She was not able to take the truth.. The man is there standing in front of her  and she was in total shocked state.

"Babaji.. what are you doing to me..first I meet an unknown person'then this child and now you have brought me in front of him.." "What do you want me to do.." and tears started rolling down..

In her heart she wanted to go and tell him  ..."See what you have done to me..I have to leave my family.. My future is now so uncertain... and what I am going to tell my child in future.. that I didn't know his father.. who was he.."  but then how can she go and tell him.. it was all her fault.. She stupidly surrendered that night..she did not resist'..she actually wanted him to go on.. and she felt depressed..

The stranger about whom she use to wonder so much.. about whom she had thought so much.. she was so curious to know about him.. he is there in front of her.. but she didn't have any courage to tell him anything and on top of it how she can work here.. so close to him'

Her tears were flowing and flowing..

Shall she go and tell him.. But no he did not seem to recognize her' and she started questioning herself'

  •         First he didn't recognized her then how he will believe that she was the one that night with him.
  •         Even If he recognizes her then also how he will believe that she is carrying his child..
  •         And then what he is going to think about her.. what impressions he will make about her.. The way she behaved that night cannot be explained..
  •         And if he thinks.. she has come here to blackmail him.. to use him..then'

And  even if agrees everything.. there is no love between them.. Love kee to chodo'she doesn't even know him.. How he is as person'.. she doesn't know him at all' and What he was doing that night.. she recollected.. he said he had asked hotel wallah for someone'.... what kind of character he is'

No.. I cannot tell him anything' No use'first he will not believe me.. and then I cannot work here'. she decided to leave KC premise.

She washed her face properly.. redid her makeup.. and decided to look confident once she is out of the washroom..

She collected her bag, certificates and was coming out of the room.. Suddenly she bumped into him..

He looked at her..smiled..

"Congratulations! You did well in the interview'. Collect your offer letter before you leave'".. He extended his hand..

She got the job.. she was very happy to hear it..but then how can she work here'

"Main yeh job nahin kar rahin hoon.. I am leaving now.."

He looked very surprised.. "You have got another offer..I thought you needed this very much.."

"Nahin.. par main yahan kaam nahin kar sakti.." she dared not looking at him.. if he recognizes her'

"Your choice.. I did not knew.. People appear for interview for time pass.. You don't deserve to work in such a company'I should have known... you small town girls dream a lot but cannot do it''.I will ask to cancel the offer.." his tone was very sarcastic'

Geet was back to her senses.. what he thinks.. She don't  deserve it.. "I take the offer.. I will join.."

He smiled at her and left..

She sat on the chair..not able to take .. what she told him now.. she is joining'"Babaji..Please sambhal lena.."

She collected the offer letter.. It was decent one for her.. and she was asked to join from next day.

Next day : She prayed before leaving the house.. It was her first job, first day..She was feeling better now as she has job in hand.. at least money problem is sorted out.. but thinking about her office.. she realized she has to work with him.. She knew the name now at least.. "Maan Singh Khurana"

At office.. she was introduced with all staff.. they gave her warm welcome She liked Adi who was accountant.. Pinky who was receptionist.... and then she was explained about her assignment..

She was to work with MK directly as her assistant... That's what they call him  MK. He himself was very experienced architect and Adi and Pinky found her lucky for such an opportunity...

"You will gain lot working with him.. He is very well known for his designs.."

She was now feeling nervous.. First she didn't wanted to work at KC because of him.. and now when she had decided then she has to work closely with him..She didn't wanted to go and meet him.. but does she has any control on whatever is happening in her life..

She decided to meet him.. after all he is her boss. How much she can avoid him..She knocked at the door..

"Yes, come in"..

"Sir I have joined today.. and I am asked to report to you.."

"Ms Handa.. I am busy today.. why don't you go through all information about the company, old project files.. get familiar..."

She nodded and left the cabin.. Not a bad start.. He doesn't seem to be that arrogant..

She was given a cabin near to MK's and she spent day in going through KC updates, old project files and arranging her desk..She was now feeling comfortable..


Next '"Ms Handa..I think we have met before.."


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Chapter IV ' Kya Hum pehle mil chuke hain ?
It was almost 1 week since she joined KC and was well settled now.. She didn't see MK much during this days but yes heard lot of stories about him from Pinky which she could summarize it as :

He is owner of Khurana Constructions, very passionate about his work.. talks less. does not like to mix up with Office staff.. Very reserved.. He has a bad temper and can shoot at anyone any time.. All the office staff are very scared of him.. In ladies he is popularly known as DD.. dhak dhak.. but all of them are very disappointed by the fact that he has a girl friend.. "Sameera".. They were often seen together.. but no one has the guts to ask MK about her..

She had not seen her yet.. it seems Sameera comes to office she will get to see her soon.. She anyway is not interested.. and she decided to shrug off any disappointment she felt after knowing about his GF....

Morning time- She was going through one of the project files.. and she recieved call from MK..

"Ms Handa can you come to my cabin.. something important to discuss"

She went to his cabin. He asked her to take chair.

"Ms Handa.. we have got a new project of a shopping Mall.. its very big project.. I want your designs for this.. Make 3-4 options.. and show me by evening.." and He gave her the project details..

 "Shopping Mall ? "
 "Ms Handa, Yes shopping Mall.. Any confusions.. ?"

 "No.. but Sir, I have never done anything independently..".. She looked worried.. If he doesn't like her designs.. she was scared..she had already heard about her temper from Pinky..

"Ms Handa,, aap try kijiyee.. we will see how good you can come up with it.."

She hurriedly left his cabin....

Maan was looking at her till she was out of the cabin.. He didn't knew what was it .. but something about her was troubling him.. why he is so conscious when she is near to him... Why she looks so familiar to him....but then she is new to Delhi....May be she is very beautiful... that's why ....but then he has met so many beautiful girls in his life....why he feels he knows her...

He decided to take her off his mind for the time being and complete his work.

Noon time -   Geet was doing left right in her cabin..self talking...  "what I am going to show him in the evening..How i tell him..  I have never seen a Shopping Mall in HP.. and now make designs for it.. and I am very sure he will not like my designs.. I should talk to him... "
She took some designs she had made.. and went to his cabin..

"Sir.. mujhain aapse baat karni hain.." He could see that she was anxious. She showed him some of the designs... he gave her some tips ..and then they were discussing about it..

Suddenly. there was a knock on the door.. and she saw one very beautiful girl standing on the door.. She was really very beautiful.. and from her looks and dress, Geet could make out she must be very rich.. She could see smile on both of their faces..

" Ms Handa .. you can go now.. I will call you later.."

she left the cabin and came to Pinky...Pinky was busy with her calls. but when she saw her coming she called her near..

"Geet.. do you know who is she..." She was almost hush hush..

and from her tone she had guessed.. and Pinky confirmed it.. "Yessss Sameera.. Isn't it she beautiful...? " "Both of them look so good.. hain na Geet ? "

Geet didn't answered about it.... and  then they started talking about other things.... suddenly.. they saw MK and Sameera coming out of his cabin.. looked like they were going out.. Geet looked at them.. when they passed by her... almost staring.. "Yes Pinky is right.. they look beautiful together.."

She felt disappointed.. she told herself.. "Geet..what are you thinking... " and turned to go to her cabin.. suddenly she heard  some one calling his name.. it was him..

"Ms Handa ..I will be back in one hr and we will continue with our discussions..".. they left.

Geet freezed on the spot.. she was so happy to see him going out.. but then now he wants to see her again when he comes back...designs...she remembered and rushed back to her cabin..
After almost 1 hr She saw him coming back..and then she started praying hard.. "please Babaji.. make him forget about the designs.. "

But then looks like no help from Babaji this time... her phone rang.. and she knew it was him...

"Babaji.,, please bacha lena.." .. she looked up and was back in his cabin..

He looked at her designs.. she could make out he was not very happy with them..

"Sir woh maine aaj tak shopping malls nahin dekha hain.." She was almost in tears.. She has not seen any mall so how he expected him to come up with designs..

"Ms Handa.. aaj aap Delhi ke top shopping Malls ko visit karengi, dekengi..... aur kal subha mujhain aapka design chaiye.. perfect.. ek dum.." He was trying to control her anger.

and she started crying..

"Ab kya hua....?" He was getting impatient..

"Sir, Itne saare malls dekhne main toh time lagega.. Sir itni jaldi main kaise karoongi... ?"

"Ms Handa.. Agar aap roti rahengi toh yeh kaam aap ek month main bhi nahin kar sakti hain.. so better go now.." He was almost on top of his voice now.

She left.. hurriedly and then before opening the door turned back..

"Ab kya..? " He was really annoyed by now..

"Sir ek request hain.. Aap mujhain baar baar Ms Handa mat boliye.. mera naam Geet hain." and she left without seeing his reaction.

He looked at the door.. and a smile twinkled..

Afternoon..  she left the KC premise.. She had taken name of all top Malls from Pinky and then saw one by one all of them.. She reached home late night and was dead tired.. but then how can she sleep.. morning she has to show designs to him.. and she sat again after having dinner..

Next morning '  She hurriedly left for the office and first thing she did was to check if MK was in. He was not in yet.. and she was relieved.. She organized her designs.. Prepared herself how she will explain to him and waited for him to come to office.. she saw him coming and went to his cabin...

He was looking very fresh.. and for once she liked what he was wearing.. White shirt.. seems to be his favourate.. She thought..  But then she told herself... Geet kaam pe dhyan do ...concentrate concentrate .

She showed him the designs.. and started explaining.. He was listening to her.. L ooks like finally she did some work.. and her designs were better now..He was observing her.. and also looking at her carefully.. he was now feeling very sure.. he has seen her before.. and he couldn't stop himself..

"Geet.. Kya hum pehle bhi mil chukain hain.. ?.."

She in her flow of explaining said ... "Haan.."  and then she realized her mistake.. "Haan Sir woh interview ke samay'. Kal bhi'aaj bhi...  " She tried a weak smile to cover it and turned her face.. ..she looked at him.. he didn't seem to believe her..

She left his cabin.. and  ... "Geet yeh kya kiya.. "and She felt very restless.. ...... Is he recognizing her ?..

Next ' " Geet we are going for a site visit. "

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Chapter V - Tumhari Khusboo....
Geet came back to her cabin; she was trying hard to control her breathing'

"Is he recognizing her..?"

She was very scared to think what will happen to her'if recognizes her.. what will be his reaction.. what impressions he will form about her.. and then this job.. she was very sure her job will go.. and if he tells all office staff then'..She was feeling very nervous...

She tried to concentrate on her work.. "Geet fikar mat kar.. kuch nahin hoga.."  

Lunch Time  - In canteen, while having lunch with Pinky she was still thinking about what MK had asked her in the cabin.. She didn't wanted to think about it.. But somehow she was not able to take if off from her mind.. Suddenly she heard Romeo's voice..

"Geet where are you.." and she came back, smiled at him.

Romeo is working as accountant with Adi and she liked him when they met last time. He seems to be happy-go type guy, always cheerful, full of masti.... but he seems to be interested in all girls of the office and she felt he has added her name also in the list.

"Geet, today we all are going for movie,, You also join us."

First she said no.. but then Adi and Pinky also started requesting and she finally said Yes.. Romeo was very happy to hear her "Yes" and showed his happiness by hugging her lightly. She felt uncomfortable on his sudden gesture.. somehow she manage to smile at him..

Suddenly she felt a pair of eyes staring her back and she turned back and saw MK standing there..  Something was in his eyes which made her nervous and she hurriedly left the canteen.

Night  ' She reached home late after the movie and the dinner'Romeo very much wanted to give her a lift on his bike and finally she has to give in his demands'she smiled thinking about the evening and today she missed her family very much.. She remembered the beautiful moments they had enjoyed together'.What they must be doing now.. What they would have explained about her elope.. she felt sad.. And tears started flowing'

Life has been very unfair to her.. she felt.. she has left her family and now she is struggling to survive alone.. Till now she has not even thought about the child.. How she will bring him without marriage.. and what she will tell him about his father.. There were so many questions and worries.. Her future looked so much uncertain'..she was again teary and then decided to cheer herself..

"Geet, sab thik ho jayega.. see you have got job now.. You have made good friends at office.. Adi, Pinky, Romeo.. all of them care for you so much.." and thinking about office, she could not stop herself thinking about MK.. Life has given her such a big surprise....She is now at least aware of father of her child.. but if he comes to know about her truth then.. She dreaded that moment.

Morning, Next day ' As soon she reached office, she received call from MK.

"Geet we have to go for a site visit today.. Its outside Delhi.. be there at reception around ten" and kept the phone..

Geet wanted to ask him many questions.. Whether they are going alone.. is it far off. etc.. but he'and she looked angrily at the phone.

They reached site after almost 2 Hrs. drive and he didn't speak much during those 2 hrs.... He was going through all his files.. She also tried to concentrate on the files.. but every second she was conscious of his presence.. she looked at him many times.. but he seemed very busy.. At site, they met few people, he explained few things to her about site'.and she took notes.. They were almost done by noon.

While returning back'. He suddenly remembered,

"Geet you must be feeling hungry, its lunch time." and he asked the driver to stop at next hotel on the highway...

At restaurant  - Once in the restra.. She looked around.. it was good, she didn't expected such a good one on highway. She had just ordered lunch.. She looked outside and saw MK busy with the phone.. He didn't wanted lunch.. only Lassie.. and she had ordered for him also'

Lunch arrived and She called him.. He was looking very relaxed, patiently waited for her to finish her lunch.. he asked her few questions... where she is staying,  about her family .. and what she likes etc.... She also asked him few things.. and he surprised her by answering..
she liked their conversation very much..

Maan was observing Geet while having lunch. Something about her was attracting him.. but he was not yet able to figure out what was it.. She is beautiful he agreed.. but she looks so familiar also,. He wanted to know more about her and today he couldn't stop himself..he thought he has never asked any of his staff about their personal life..  So she is from Hoshyiarpur.. he smiled.

While going back, he was talking to her.. But he discussed about the projects and other office related work nothing personal. Their conversation was suddenly broken by the stopping of car.

"Sir.. Some problem in the engine.. I have to get mechanic.." driver told him and they decided to come out and wait.

While out.. they looked for some shade and decided to seat under a tree.. The weather outside was very pleasant, the wind was strong.. and she thought it might rain.. and she was right... it started raining soon....

He got an umbrella from the car and gave it to her.. .Through the corner of her eyes, she looked at him.. He was also completely wet and she couldn't take her eyes off his muscular build which was very much visible now... He caught her staring ...and she looked other side..

Almost half an hour had passed and it was still raining. It was getting dark also..and she was feeling very cold. She looked at MK.. He was looking very impatient now..

She offered him to come in the same umbrella.. as it was raining very much now..

"Sir .. aap pure bhig gaye hain....Aap bhi idhaar aa jayein"  she requested him few times.. and he decided to join her..

Now both of them were in the same umbrella.. under the tree' Geet was holding the umbrella.. and was repenting.. why she asked him to join her..  She was feeling conscious of him.. and tried to cover her more'
She was feeling scared also..  "Akeli ladki dekh kar kahin..."

Maan was also feeling her nearness.. He glanced at her.. he could see the water dripping from hair.. He lowered his eyes to look at her completely and was stunned by the beauty beneath her clothes which she was trying hard to cover with her dupatta.. and He could feel her fragrance.. why he feels it so familiar... and he could not stop himself. He came closer to her...
Geet could feel sudden change in his eyes and it scared her.. She could feel his breathe as he came very close to her from behind.. and she could feel his face touching her cheeks... she was reminded of his touch that night.

Suddenly his both hands were on her shoulders..He turned her slowly, and now she was facing him...she knew he was looking at her deeply... and she could not take his stare.. and  lowered her eyes..

"Geet, mujhain Kyon lagta hain baar baar.... kee hum pehle bhi mil chukain hain.. tumahri khusboo( read badan ki ), mujhain baar baar pareshaan kar rahee hain..

(eng Xlation ' Why I feel again and again.. we have met before.. why your fragrance disturbs me so much )

She was stunned to hear this and looked at his questioning eyes. She gathered all her strength and looked straight into his eyes..

"Nahin Sir..aapko galatfehmi ho raheen hain." and she moved away from him...

While coming back, he didn't speak to her and she also decided to look outside...

Next 'Rohit at KC to meet Geet



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