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Angelskiss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MsMovielover

OHH WOW i LOVE ur ff... Hug
i just came across it & had to read it in one go... i just couldn't stop myself LOL
you write so beautifully... the story is so far is so sad geet has gone thro a lot of pain & suffering Cry... i hope that now with maan she will slowly become more confident & happy... i know i know i'm a sucker for happy endings & i hope you are one too LOL
cant wait to read more so please add me to the PM list Big smile

thank you for reading my ff, i am glad to know that you enjoyed reading it and were able to connect with the characters.... please do continue reading and commenting on it....

Added to the PM list. Tongue

Angelskiss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ananya95

hey angel where r u
u told u will updt on friday
u r really d mystery opener of d mysterious he haaaaaaaaaa
alliteration isnt it ?

I usually update during the night.... so Friday night...
Angelskiss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hindu4lyf

Interesting many unanswered questions but i'm sure all shall be revealed soon!

Please add me to your PM list. :)

Added to the PM list. Tongue
Angelskiss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by saharmursleen

mujah lagta hai k yeh mannu hai hai geet ka bhai 

No, he is not.....  I have cleared that out in Part 20.....Wink
Angelskiss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:59pm | IP Logged

Alright, before we begin, I want to clear few of the confusions that many of my readers have about Geet's father and brothers.

Mohender and Krishna/Rano                                   

1.      Nirendra Handa, 27 yrs old

2.      Gurvinder Handa, 26 yrs old

3.      Manu/Mannee, 24 yrs old

4.      Geet Handa, 17 yrs old

Krishna/Rano and the Lover

1.      Karan,   11 yrs old
(Geet calls him Baby)

Ranveer Singh Khurana and Smrithi Singh Khurana

1.      Naintara Singh Khurana-Rajput, 37 yrs old

2.      Maan Singh Khurana, 27 yrs old

3.      Vicky Singh Khurana, 24 yrs old

Dev Rajput and Naintara Rajput

1.      Pari Rajput; died at the age of 15.

Vicky Singh Khurana and Myra Singh Khurana

1.      Abhishek Singh Khurana, 5 yrs old


Myra is 24 yrs old.

Kirty is 37 yrs old.


Okay, now I hope I have cleared a LOT of confusion.... now, hopefully you all will stop speculating that Manee is Kirty's husband.... he is NOT! And the mystery man is NOT Geet's father nor Maan's father..... Geet's father is Mohender Handa and Maan's father is dead.... I better stop here before I give away who the mytery guy is....

************ Part 20 ************

The loud insistent knock on the door woke Maan from his deep slumber, he groaned muttering curses, lifted the comforter off, his eyes half open stared at his wife's back who was still sleeping soundly. Muttering few more curses he stumbled out of bed and walked towards the door, unlocking and opening it.

"What do you want?" Maan asked, irritated to see the smiling face of Myra.

"Oi! I just needed to check on Geet, last night I was busy with guests so came now to do my checkup" Myra said nonchalantly ignoring Maan veerji's angry glare.

"Why so early? Why do you always have to disturb my sleep?" Maan complained brushing his hair with his fingers, shifting aside to let Myra in and closing the door.

"Early? Have you seen the time Veerji? It's late morning, eleven o'clock!" Myra informed him, pointing towards the clock hanging on the wall. Maan gasped seeing the time, realizing he had slept for so long.

"I am gonna go freshen up while you do your check up" Maan said, taking out a clean pair of clothes and his towel. "by the way where is Didi?" he asked surprised, it was unlike her to not come and check on Geet first.

"Didi, has gone to the hospital, Jiju had his appointment today remember?" Myra reminded, resting her medical case on the night table.

Maan nodded at the reminder and quickly stepped inside the bathroom to do his morning rituals. He was putting the toothpaste on his toothbrush when he heard Myra's cry, dropping his brush he rushed out to see Myra rummaging through her medical case.

"What happened?" Maan asked, worry edged on his face.

"Fever, her body is burning hot must have happened during the night" Myra informed as she slipped the thermometer between Geet's lips.

Maan knelt down on the other side of the bed, his hand moved; he placed his palm on his wife's forehead and quickly drew back at the burn. Myra was right her body was burning.

"It's too high.... I must give her the medicine but I can't give it to her until she has something to eat. She was on sedative for twelve hours and hasn't eaten anything since lunch yesterday" Myra said handing the thermometer to Maan Veerji for him to see it with his own eyes.

She picked up the phone, quickly dialed the three digits that connected to the kitchen, ordering  soup, milk and tea to be sent soon, "Veerji, go get me a bowl of cold water and few towels" Myra said, her eyes focused on Geet as her fingers pushed at Geet's eyelids to examine her eyes.

Maan did as Myra ordered him to, not realizing he was actually following Myra's order, the only thing that concerned him was that his wife was burning with fever and he needed to help her. The food already arrived by the time he arranged for the cold water and towels, he placed the bowl and towels on the table as he watched Myra trying to wake Geet.

"Geet! wake up.... Geet?" Myra called out a little loudly, patting on her cheek but Geet only moaned and turned her head.

"Geet, you need to have this soup. Geet, do you hear me?" Myra asked again shaking the girl.

Geet moaned at the loud voice calling her, she wanted to sleep. Her whole body felt heavy, her mouth felt dry, her throat contorted as she attempted to open, she tried to open her eyes but she couldn't.....

Myra sighed in defeat, took the soup bowl in her hand, the other holding the spoon. She pushed the filled spoon between Geet's lips, trying to feed the girl forcefully, it was necessary, she couldn't give her any medicine until Geet's stomach was full. The girl was already very weak and giving heavy doses of medication will only make things worse not better. She glanced at the clock, it was nearly eleven thirty - an hour till Didi returned with Jiju till then she couldn't even call a doctor, knowing Didi would disapprove that. Myra shrugged her shoulder and set about doing all that she must for Geet.

"Maan Veerji, damp those towels.... make a few palates and place one on Geet's forehead" Myra instructed as she continued with feeding Geet the soup.

Maan grimaced but continued on with the instructions, soaking the towels and making the palates.

"Place one on her neck too, one on her chest also.... no! not like that here let me do it" Myra snapped, slapping at Maan's hand and snatching the towel from him, before she proceeded to perform what she had wanted Maan Veerji to do.

Maan rolled his eyes, muttered a few curses of irritation and stalked into the bathroom leaving Myra to deal with his sick wife. He was too angry and frustrated with everything that has been happening since his marriage, just two days and he was already being ordered to do these little dirty tasks.Maan Singh Khurana never did such things for anyone and he didn't plan on doing them in the future.... no matter if the person happens to be his wife! he was no ones slave!


"Maan, where are you going?" Naintara asked seeing her brother striding towards the door as soon as he stepped out of the bathroom. She had just returned few minutes ago after getting a call from Myra about Geet's condition. She was now sitting by Geet's side replacing the damp cold cloths, Myra having just left after slipping the liquid medicine between Geet's lips.

"For breakfast..... Well lunch actually" Maan corrected himself glancing at the clock, giving his sister a slight nod before exiting the room. Naintara frowned at his behavior; he showed no concern for his wife, something Naintara disapproved. She would have to talk with him, clear a few things for him and explain his duties towards Geet.

Maan did not return back to his room the rest of the day, Naintara and Myra cared for Geet. Savitri, Vicky and Dev came to check on Geet but Maan never came..... by night time Naintara's disapproval turned to anger at her brother, he showed no concern for his sick wife. She looked at Geet, caressed her cheek with the back of her hand, a sad smile on her lips as she gazed at the sick girl. Geet had gained consciously just few hours ago; Myra had quickly examined her as instructed by her mother on the phone. Myra gave her the medicine after Naintara had fed her the soup again and Geet was soon asleep after that. Now all Naintara heard from the girl was her moaning and shifting on the bed restlessly, she just stared at her not being able to ease Geet's restlessness.

Maan entered his room to find his wife still lying on the bed with his sister sitting on edge of the bed holding Geet's hand. Guilt washed through him at seeing his wife's shivering body tucked under the pile of warm blankets. Maan cringed inwardly at receiving an angry glare from his sister.

"About time Maan! Remembered you have a sick wife?" Naintara sneered, lifting her chin and glaring at her brother.

"Didi, please.... not now, I am tired" Maan said, faking a yawn as he ducked his head away from her glare.

"I am tired as well Maan, you know how stressful Dev's physiotherapy sessions are. I need to go take care of my husband while you take care of your sick wife" Naintara stressed, glowering at him. "I am not going to handle such childish tantrums from you again Maan, you are married now and you better handle your new responsibilities and be a dutiful husband and that means taking care of your sick wife!" Naintara hissed in a low voice, giving her brother a narrow-eyed glare, challenging him to refute her but Maan knew better, he nodded his head and murmured an apology.

"Wake her up and get her to drink this milk and then give her this medicine" Naintara instructed pointing towards the medicine vial on the night table.

Maan raised his brow as he stared at the vial "that, but that's for kids" he objected, he had seen Myra give that medicine to Abhishek when he had fallen sick.

"Yes I know, but Myra's order" Naintara answered, shrugging her shoulder at her brother.

"but Myra is not a doctor!" Dev protested harshly.

"Maan!" Naintara warned. "No questions! Just do as I told you to do!" Naintara said coldly, gave her brother a warning glare before exiting the room, leaving Maan with his sick wife.   

With his sister gone, Maan sat on the edge of the bed and regarded his wife, watching as her hands trembled almost unnoticeable as she struggled to regulate her breathing. The guilt he'd felt over the past few hours was nothing compared to the guilt he felt now as he gazed at her pale, innocent face. He didn't want to be so angry.... not over something that wasn't anyone's fault but he couldn't help but feel the anger and frustration. He called out her name softly, moving his hand to her face.....

Warm blankets were laid over Geet, but she still shivered. The distant sound of someone calling out her name passed through the fog of fever, reaching to her, like a bitter, cold ice that froze Geet, and she shivered, moving deeper in the warmth of the blanket. A hand stroked back her sweat-soaked hair. A very quiet voice murmured, "Geet" a hand touched her forehead again, then her cheeks and neck. Geet leaned in at the warm touch, her cold body seeking comfort from the warmth of the hand that was caressing her cheek. "Ma-nn-ee" a soft broken whisper escaped from her mouth.

Maan frowned, leaned down to hear clearly what his wife was murmuring but she didn't speak again - only shivered. He whispered out her name softly, "Geet? Geet..... wake up" she stirred, a restless groan escaped from her mouth.

Maan's hand still caressing her cheek began to slap her lightly as he again tried to wake her from her slumber. "Geet.... wake up... Geet... sweets, wake up" Maan called a little louder and watched intently, as his wife squinted her brows, her eyes struggled to open.

Geet moaned in pain, her whole body was in pain but more than that it was freezing, she was shivering in the coldness and then there was a voice calling out her name, she tried to ignore that voice and go back into the nothingness, but the noise was insistent, she felt someone patting on her cheek, calling out to her. She furrowed her brows at the voice in annoyance, no longer able to ignore the voice; she slowly opened her eyes to see who had been calling her so persistently. As soon as her eyes opened fully, she found herself gazing into a pair of dark eyes, her eyes widened in anxious uncertainty, unsure of the sudden new face that was only inches away from her's, it took her a minute to orientate her distorted mind and realize it was her pati, whose face she was staring at, whose warm breath fanned on her face. She dragged in a shaky breath as her eyes focused on pati's smiling face.

Maan smiled softly when Geet finally woke from her sleep "finally awake!" Maan exclaimed, his hand caressing her cheek with affection, his gaze never left her's, there was so much innocence in those eyes, a vulnerability he was unable to understand, and something else that drawn him towards her.What was it in her that pulled him to her? he found himself questioning..... was it the innocence that radiated in her face, or the vulnerability that clearly showed in her eyes....

"Now get up, and drink some milk and have your medicine" Maan said as his hand brushed the few strands that were stuck on her damp forehead. "Chalo, jaldi se uth jao ab" Maan said, sneaking his arm around her shoulder, helping her to lift up her body. He stacked the pillows on the headboard and helped his wife lean her back against the pillows.

"Comfortable?" Maan asked staring at his wife's apprehensive face.

Geet nodded her head at pati, as she leaned her head back on the headboard and tired to regulate her breathing. She was tired, her body drained of all the energy, the simple task of lifting her upper body and resting her back against the headboard had left her breathless.  

Maan smiled, moved himself beside his wife, his hand reached to the night table to pick the milk glass. "here, now drink this milk, so I can give you your medicine" Maan said moving the milk glass towards his wife.

Geet grimaced, staring at the milk, the nauseated feeling coming back to her at the thought of swallowing something down her throat. She didn't feel like putting anything in her mouth, her head felt heavy, her throat was dry but still to have something in her mouth made her nauseated. She very much wanted to shake her head and deny drinking the milk but the thought of angering her pati was greater than the nauseated feeling in her throat. It was with great effort that she lifted her hand from the bed and moved it towards the glass, ignoring how it was trembling.

Maan watched how her hand trembled as it moved towards the glass he was holding, he shook his head and gently held her trembling hand with his right one and firmly placed it back on the bed. "here let me help you drink this" he said softly, one hand placed on the back of her head while the other holding the milk glass was held close to her mouth.

Geet breathed deeply as she sipped on the milk pushing the nauseated feeling aside and focusing on the feel of pati's fingers brushing through her hair, messaging her scalp gently.

"Good, now time for your medicine!" Maan exclaimed, patting his wife's head as he placed the now empty glass on the night table, picking the damp towel and wiping Geet's mouth with it. He saw how difficult it was for her to stay awake, her eyelids were dropping, her breath came in short gasps, and he realized she was much too weak and drained to even sit for few minutes. His hand swept through her forehead again to check her body temperature, it was still hot but fortunately it wasn't burning like it had been in the morning, the fever had definitely dropped but it was still there. He saw how her body was shivering even though she was wrapped with two blankets and the ac was turned off.

"A whole swallow" Maan said as he quickly gave her the medicine before her eyes closed and she disappeared into the deep slumber. He did not want to risk his sister's anger at not following her simple order to give the medicine to Geet. He sighed in satisfaction as he clasped the cap back on the vial and placed it on the table.

"You can go back to sleep now" he whispered to his wife, seeing how she was trying her earnest to keep her eyes open. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder once again and shifted her body down, so that she could lie back on the bed like before, the band that held her hair slipped letting her hair fall on her shoulder and back, few strands stuck on her damp face. He tugged the blankets around her but still her body shivered with cold, he smiled at her as she looked at him with uncertainty. His fingers touched her cheek again, brushing away the damp strands of hair that covered the side of her face. His thumb came to rest on the high jut of her cheekbone while his fingers slid across her temple and into her long hair. He watched his wife silently as her eyes closed and she leaned into his touch seeking the warmth his hand was offering. Maan smiled, the heel of his hand brushed over the soft edge of her jaw, his hand feeling the smoothness of her skin.

Geet opened her eyes and stared blankly at him but Maan did not fail to notice the sudden panic and the guarded look in her eyes. He smiled softly in an attempt to ease her panic, caressing her cheek with the back of his fingers, she breathed in deeply, and leaning into his warm touch, the comfort it was giving her and her eyes closed as sleep finally took her. Maan shifted himself beside her on the bed, stretching his body; he gently wrapped his arms around his wife's waist, pulling her shivering body closer to his, to give the warmth she couldn't find in the blankets.....

****** Angel ******

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thank u for the character description. it's very helpful.
 i'm wondering if the mystery guy was the luvr??Wacko

i enjoyed how frustration took over maan n he didn't enter the room. it was very true to human emotions. newlyweds can nvr be prepared for this kinda atmosphere
.i'm sure it wud b very hard for a spouse to take care of an eternally sick person that they were not warned about atall. maan is very genuine in nature it seems..... that's y he felt guilty once he came back in the room. i guess he just needed a little breather.Thumbs Up

luvd the sweet bonding of maaneet at the end .luvd how geet for a scnd got scared of maan n then got relaxed.....i hope u'r geet find solace in maan.Day Dreaming

ohhhh yeaahhh me first in commenting.....Dancing

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amazinh update.
love it
poor geet..

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Hmm...lovely a part of Maan is feeling stifled already under all the demands Geet's personality places on him and his family....I wonder what will happen if the full extent of Geet's trauma is known to Maan...I hope he falls in love with her much before that...

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