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MG-FF:Out Of Darkness-2 *Thread - 2* (Page 29)

kooliio IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Please continue soon..!!

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simi91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 8:20pm | IP Logged
interesting preview
pls cont soonnnnnnnnnnn

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bhanu_rekhag IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
Nice precap

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Eccentric.Being IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 1:21am | IP Logged

So kirty has idea to make Myra follow Geet everywhere (Just guessing)?

Silly Only imagining the situation. Lets see what happens.


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Angelskiss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 10:58pm | IP Logged

************ Part 18 ************

"What had happened to her? Why was she acting such a way? The screams and her eyes… I have never seen anything like that! What happened?" Maan asked looking at Jiji, wanting to know the reason behind his wife's behavior.

It had taken Kirty only two seconds to assess Geet's behavior. The way the girl had kept screaming in anguish, the way she thrashed violently, the girl's irises had nearly taken over her eyes. Kirty knew then that Geet wasn't in the right state of mind; the girl was lost in a dream, memory or some other mental creation that she had constructed as a defense mechanism to make herself partly or completely unaware of her present surroundings, of what was going on around her in reality. Kirty concluded the reason for such behavior from the girl…. In order to escape from the reality, she had shielded herself by transporting herself in a dream or a memory but instead of going into a dream she was accidentally in one of her nightmare. Many used defense mechanism, different forms of defense to alienate themselves from something that scared or pained them. And Geet had used one of the defenses which had caused such a seizure in her, a psychological seizure; where the said person gets so immersed in the past memory that they start seeing and feeling exactly the same way, they live the whole memory again. It explained why Geet was acting like a scared child….. the screams and thrashings…. the girl was in a memory, a traumatic event from her past…. she was trapped in that memory….. having no comprehension of the reality…..

"So you mean she was living a memory?" Naintara asked after listening to her friend's evaluation.

"Yes, something must have happened before or at the party hall, something Geet saw or heard that reminded her of a particular incident, it was just bad luck that it was one of her worst childhood memories, a nightmare" Kirty explained to her curious friend, and worried Maan.

"Often times we humans build a defense which we use when we are too scared or too hurt to handle the present" Kirty explained and looked at her friend's guilty face.

"It's all my fault!" Naintara exclaimed.

"Didi, how is this your fault?" Maan asked hearing his sister's exclamation.

"Her father did tell me that she was afraid of crowd and loud voices…. but I didn't really think it was a phobia, I mean everyone has fears but don't really act this way….  I never imagined she would react in such a way and her father had not mentioned anything like this" Naintara confessed, regretting for not taking sarpanchji's words seriously if she had then Geet wouldn't have gone through this torment.

"Of course you didn't, you wouldn't have given this party if you had known the extent of Geet's fears. And don't worry about Geet, she will be fine, such things happen" Kirty said trying to comfort her friend.

"But such behavior? She was behaving as if…. I don't know…. I have never seen anyone in such terror. She was horrified by whatever she was reliving, becoming so violent…. She could have hurt herself! And the screams, it held so much anguish as if she was being tortured…" Naintara  whispered, her eyes not moving from Geet's face.

 "Will she be alright Jiji?" Maan asked.

 "Yes, she will just be a little distressed. You can't really expect someone to act normal after reliving their worst memory…. but don't worry just give her some time to recover from her nightmare" Kirty answered softly, understanding their worry. She wanted to tell them, tell them everything she knew about Geet but knew it wouldn't be right, she wouldn't take away this one chance Geet had gotten in life, he would have wanted the same if he was aware of Geet's situation. Although Kirty could trust Naintara but she wasn't sure about Maan, everyone knew of his short temper and possessive nature and lord knew the last thing Geet needed was a possessive husband. Kirty decided to keep the knowledge to herself; Naintara and Maan will find it out themselves with time….. maybe by then they will not overreact to the discovery, maybe by then Geet will be loved without being judged for her past. No, there was no need to tell them about Geet's abusive past, it would do nothing except gain sympathy from all and Kirty knew they would never want that for Geet…. no not sympathy, love and care was what Geet needed and it was what they had wanted to give her.....

Kirty wondered how he would react to the news of Geet's marriage and that to Maan Singh Khurana. He had an immense dislike for Maan and even Maan found him annoying. Kirty chuckled inwardly imagining the reaction of Maan and him when they both learned the other's connection with Geet. He might accept it positively for Geet's happiness but Maan will definitely not take it lightly, jealousy and possessiveness would surface for sure……   

"She will be okay right?" Naintara asked still in doubt as she caressed Geet's cheek lovingly.

"Yes, don't wor-" the shrill ring of the home phone interrupted Kirty. She watched as Maan answered it, it was Myra she assessed hearing the one side conversation.

"Didi, Chadda uncle aayen hain, Myra is bringing him here" Maan informed, looking worried.  

"Oh god! I completely forgot about that!" Naintara gasped "Damn! What now?"

"What happened?" Kirty asked looking at her friend's panicked face.

"Woh, I had called uncle to check Geet's hand. Myra said it was broken so I wanted him to tend to that b-but…. I… I do-don't know what to t-tell him now" Naintara voiced her worry, as she took long strides across the room, trying to think of a good excuse to explain Geet's unconsciousness.

"Arre, Naintara calm down. You really need to control yourself, how many times have I told you to not get so hyper about every little thing! It's only Dr. Chadda, Myra's father" Kirty reminded her friend, shaking her head in annoyance; she never could understand Naintara's such protectiveness about the family's reputation and need for privacy.

"You don't understand Kirty, I don't want anyone to learn about this, it will be all over the media if any wrong person learns of this!" Naintara screamed, raising both her hands in the air.

"Dr. Chadda is a doctor, Naintara, my senior. He understands confidentiality, seeing me here he will not question anything, just let me talk with him okay?" Kirty promised placing her hand on Naintara's shoulder, calming her down. Naintara nodded her head, just then the knock was heard, Maan went to open the door, greeted Dr. Chadda and invited him in, Myra trailing behind him with little Abhishek in her arms.

Kirty did as she had promised Naintara. Dr. Chadda greeted everyone, Kirty talked with him, just informing him that she had given Geet a sedative shot thirty minutes ago. Dr. Chadda nodded his head at the information, did not question anything understanding the situation, knowing it was not his place to question the situation. Dr. Chadda examined and tended to Geet's broken arm, Kirty assisting him while Naintara, Maan and Myra coddled, and hugged Abhishek, listening to him in rapt attention as he enthusiastically narrated the happenings of his four day adventure at his grandparents house; having been staying at his grandparent house for the past four days because of the wedding celebrations.

"I have put the medicated cast on her arm, several bones were broken. I wonder how she handled the pain. It was good that she is on sedative or else she would have been in a lot of pain" Dr. Chadda spoke informing Naintara, Maan and Myra.

"She will be okay na papaji?" Myra asked, her eyes shifting to gaze at Geet.

"Yes, here's the prescription for the pain she will be in when she wakes up…. give it to her when she is awake from her sleep but make sure she eats something healthy before that. The medication is too strong" Dr. Chadda explained to his daughter and handed the prescribed slip to Maan's extended hand.

"Chaliyen Papaji, aap dinner karlijiye. Vicky aur jiju aapka wait karrahe the" Myra said leading her father out of the room, down the stairs, heading towards the dining area, with Abhishek trailing behind her  holding the edge of his mother's green saree.

"Maan, why don't you go change while I get Geet out of her dress" Naintara said walking towards the small bag which held Geet's clothes. Maan nodded at his sister, picked his night suit and entered the bathroom locking the door.

"Naintara, I don't think Geet should be given the prescribed medicine" Kirty said slowly, cautiously as she watched her friend halter in unzipping Geet's dress.

 "What! Why not?" Naintara asked, looking at her friend with surprise.

"Her body won't handle it, don't ask me how but I know her body won't react or might react in a negative way to the medication. Her body is used to ayurvedic medication so it might…." Kirty faltered, not sure how to tell Naintara that Geet was used to ayurvedic medication and it wouldn't be good to suddenly switch her to clinical medication.

"You mean the herbs and all that?"  Naintara asked screwing her brows, a frown set on her face as she asked suspiciously "And how do you know Geet takes ayurvedic medication?"

"I just know" Kirty replied, turning her face away from Naintara's scrutinizing eyes.

Naintara's frown deepened as she stared at her friend "What are you hiding Kirty? Do you know something you are not telling me?"

"No, it's not that. It's just an assumption really, I mean her body is already so weak and what she has experienced an hr ago well…. I as a doctor have the feeling that her body won't handle the medication" Kirty explained hurriedly, trying her earnest to keep her voice from faltering.

"hmmm, Myra said the same thing about her body being too weak" Naintara recounted, her hands busy in pulling the kameez down from Geet's head.

"I will leave now, I have an early flight to catch" Kirty said, wanting to escape from Naintara's presence before her friend can get more suspicious.

"What? you are leaving but Geet, yo-"

"I have an important seminar to attend in Banglore tomorrow so have to catch an early flight" Kirty explained apologetically  "but don't worry Myra is there she can handle Geet" Kirty said to assure her friend.

"Myra?" Maan said incredulously, he had just returned from the bathroom and heard the last bit of the conversation.

"Seriously you guys!" Krity muttered staring at their shocked faces.

"Yah, seriously Kirty, Myra?" It was Naintara who spoke, staring incredulously at her friend.

"Good grief! You guys really have no confidence in Myra's abilities?" Kirty exclaimed, shaking her head at the two.

"Abilities? I am afraid Myra has none to begin with" Maan muttered at Jiji's exclamation.

"b-but…. I me-an Myra?" Naintara asked still shocked at her friend's suggestion.

"Contrary to what you both think, Myra is a very efficient doctor; don't forget she is doing her internship under me!" Kirty said looking at Naintara and Maan, challenging them to defy her.

Naintara blinked, Maan opened his mouth, automatically wanting to protest but seemed to change his mind for he closed his mouth and gave a strained smile to Jiji.

"Myra is very capable of handling such cases; in fact it will be a lot better for Myra to tend to Geet. It will stay in the family; no gossips and all, right Naintara?" Kirty knew she got her friend with her last statement.

"Yes I agree, but Myra?... I mean she is pregnant and if Geet behaves in such a violent way again then it might harm Myra and the baby" Naintara said voicing her worry.

"Myra knows how to get about in such cases, she has been in worse kind of situations before and she is apt at handling them. Trust me on this and plus I will always be there to guide Myra if the situation arises" Kirty explained trying to reason with the two.

"I won't agree to this!" Maan defied. He was not willing to get his wife treated by someone who was still doing her internship, especially if that said person happens to be the moody, unorganized and forgetful Myra!

"Maan, Myra is very good at handling phobia cases. She has done exceptionally well on the cases I have given her and her main focus of study is phobias!" Kirty informed, not understanding why Naintara and Maan had such low confidence in Myra. Granted the girl was a chatter box, acted immature at times and was quite disorganized but as an intern doctor she has proved to be a great student to Kirty, always wanting to learn more and always providing with helpful suggestions to her when she discussed some of the cases with the girl.

"I will give an overview of what happened to Myra, she will handle it from there. I know you both want Geet to overcome her phobias and trust me Myra will do that thoroughly. Just have some confidence in her" Kirty said and hugged her friend and Maan, bidding Maan goodnight she exited the room, descended down the stairs with Naintara beside her.

Maan stood by his bedroom door unsure of what to do; he looked at his wife's form, walked towards the bed, gazed at her, caressing her cheek affectionately, a bitter smile formed on his lips. He never imagined his married life to begin in such a way, he never thought his wife would have to seek mental health counseling, and he definitely did not wish for such a beautiful wife. He shrugged, sighing forlornly, stood up and leaned down to pull the comfortable, tugging it around his wife, pecking her cheek; he headed for the door, exiting from the room after switching off the lights and closing the door. He descended the stairs and headed towards the dining area, in search of his brother and some food! He was hungry and he needed distraction, his mind was jumbled with too many thoughts which he didn't really want to think on….

Kirty sighed once she sat in her car and drove home, there would be no sleeping for her tonight, she will have to read through his file, to understand the case better, to relearn all that he had said to her about Geet. It wasn't much since it was from his perspective but still she had to start somewhere…. she wondered if she should inform Myra about this, after all she will be handling Geet's case now, she needed to know these things about Geet…. it was necessary in order for Myra to make an effective treatment plan for Geet………


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Noori93 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
wow that was awesome..I always wait for your updates..
Poor Geet:(
thank you for a wonderful ff.

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
great update.

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Gudiyalovesguru IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
Excelent update continue soon

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