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Written Update : 15th Feb 2011

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Written Update
Manav's house
Manav , Vaishali and Archana are talking about what happened at Vaishali's parent's house .Archana tells manav that Dharmesh ahd come with his mother  and everything is about to be out in the open but Dharmesh's mother did not ask about Vaishu .She is surprised that despite of all that is happening , how come Dharmesh's family is looking so normal .
Manav tells Vaishali that  perhaps they all should now sit and talk to Dharmesh and come to some sort of conclusion for this situation .
He leaves the decision to Vaishli if she is ready to have a talk with Dharmesh or not . Vaishu shows her eagerness to her Jeeju that she is ready to talk to Dharmesh ...
At night Archana wakes up and finds Manav sitting on his own .She goes and sits next to him .He tells her that he could not sleep and she  tells him that it is the stress of so many responsibilities that is giving him sleepless nights ..
She gives him a head massage and that makes him feel better  imediately .He tells Archana  that he is very happy about what happened in the day , on her asking he tells her the whole Savita episode .
He tells Archana that it makes him extremely happy to know that he could be of some help to his mother and that on his name his mother took so many vegetables with full haq ..
Archana tells him that a God always takes care of those who are good to  others , he took care of her mother's medicines and then just see how God made hi mhappy ..
He asks her how she knows about the medicines and Archu tells him that  goodness cannot be hidden for long .He lovingly puts his arms around his wife and she too happily puts her head on his chest ...
In the morning Archana and Manav are sleeping .Vaishali is making  their tea .When Archu wakes up she tells her sister that doing  so much for her , she is now spoiling her habits ...
Vaishali gets tea for Manav and Archana .Manav asks her again if she is still firm about her decision of having talks with Dharmesh , Vaishu says that she is absolutely sure that she does .
Manav calls Dharmesh and tells him to come over to have a talk as it is now very much needed .
Dharmesh wants to know who will be present in the meeting .
Manav says ,' Me , Archana  ,Vaishali and Satish ' .
Dharmesh immediately says that if Satish will be there then he is not coming .Manav tells him that in that case he will not call Satish but he must come because some conclusion to this problem has to be found now .
A little  later ....
Manav , Archana and vaishali are now waiting for Dharmesh to come .Manav tells Vaishli that she must keep her cool as solutions can never be found with tempers flying high ....
Dhamresh coems in with Madhuri ..
Vaishali is disgusted to see him there with Madhuri .
Dharmesh tells Manav that he had to bring Madhuri as well as this meeting also about her life .Manav agrees with him .
Madhuri comes in , Vaishu goes o nthe other side of the bed as she doesn't wants  to sit with Madhuri .Archana gestures Madhuri to sit .....
At first everyone is quiet and looking at each other .
Manav : Just staying quiet will not achieve anything ...Now Dharmesh and vaishali , you  oth need to talk , Madhuri is here as well , listen to what she has to say as well and please come to some conclusion to this problem .....
Vaishali : There is nothing to talk , I don't want  to   live with this man .I want a divorce .
Manav : Please vaisahli , think and then come to a decision ..
Vaishali : There is nothing   to think ...The way this man has come in  tday with his first wife he wants to show that he is happy with her so now I also don't wan tto live with him .
Dharmesh : No vaishu , it is not like what you are thinking ....
Vaishali : You are a ghatiya person and I don't wan tto live with you .Tomorrow this man will bring this woman in my house and give me orders to live with her , what am I supposed to do then ?
Dharmesh : I only bought her here so that everything is gets clear.
Vaishali : What do yo uwish to clear ( she starts screaming ) , who you  want to live with ..Perhaps me in the day and with her in the nights ....
Come on now tell me , who will you chose to live with ? me or her ????
I have made up my mind , I want  a divorce ..
Satish comes in unexpectedly .He had come  to see Manav to wish him good luck because Manav is about to open a new shop ...
Satish is shocked to see everyone here ..
He wants to know who Madhuri is ..
Manav and Archana are looking damn scared , Dharmesh gestures to Manav not to tell satish anything ....
Archana tells Satish that Madhuri is Dharmesh's relative and had come to see them with Dharmesh and Vaishali .
Satish comes in and they all start having a normal regular conversation ...satish had actually just dropped in to say hello to Manav ....
Suddenly they get more visitors ...
Savita and Damodar had come see their son ....
Damodar sees so many people and says that perhaps they have coem at a wrong     time and maybe wil lcome later ..they are about to leave when Savita spots Madhuri standing next to Dharmesh ...She immediatel y   remembers her as the girl who was with Dharmesh in the hotel .....
Savita : She is a pretty girl , who is she ?Savita smiles
Maanv : She is Dharmesh's distant relative .
Savita : Maybe that is why she is standing so close to him ....where do yo ulive , are yo umarried ? she is asking Madhuri questions .
Dharmesh , looking extremely angry : What is it to you , why are yo uasking her so many questions ...he is very rude and arrogant with savita .
Savita : The way you are getting angry shows that there is definitely somethign between yo uand her .
Dharmesh : What do yo umean ?
Savita : Motu , why are yo uasking what I mean ...????? And lower your voice .You are such a kamina and a low life , I know all about you ...So , what should I do ? Should I tell everyone about you ??
Damodar : savita , wh yare yo ufighting with him .
Savita : You be quiet , today I wan tto strip him of all his izzat ....
Everyone there is standing quietly and shocked , including Satish .....
Savita : You are a very proud human being ..Yo uthink yo uhave money so yo uwill be saved everytime .Tha tis not going to be .There is God up there , your reality is going to come out ..
Dharmesh is scared and he looks at a very shocked Satish ...
savita : You called my son a thief ....yo uare a thief , your family is full of thieves ...My name is savita , just remeber that , I will not leave you and I will strip you of all your izzat .
Manav : Please Baba , take    her away from    her now ..
Damodar takes savita away and savita warns Dharmesh  that he will nto  be able to get away as she is after him now ....
Dharmesh leaves the house i nanger and Manav follows him .
Manav : How dare you    speak to my mother i n this way .....I only stayed quiet there because I didn't wanted to complicate the issues .I know what she said was bitter but that was the truth .You are the one who is wrong  , your intentions and everything   about  you is wrong .
Dharmesh : Don't teach me all this . You think yo ucan black mail me now that yo uwill tell all this to satish...Fine, go ahead , go and tell satish ...I will also tell my truth to someone ..I will tell whatever I have done to Sulochna Aie ...
She  is recoverign from a bad asthma attack , I will tell  her   the whole   story in such a way that she will not be able to bear it ..Manav ( he smirks ) you know my style ..It makes no difference to me what happens to the poor thing ....If anything happens to her , yo uwill be the person responsible .Now think and tell me what I should do ??
He gives Manav a big smile and leaves .
Manav is standing there not knowing what to do .....
Precap : madhuri is telling Vaishali about Varun , his condition and the bone marrow transplant that is needed to save his life .She tells her that varun has to have a sibbling to save his life ....

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gr8 update
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Stop dragging it out, justice has to brought to the Dharmesh issue.  He's scum and must be punished. 
Madhuri is doing what any desparate mother would do to save her child, it may not be right, but it's not about her.  Varun is an innocent baby in all this.
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he's scum alright. vaishali does need to leave him. no doubt, no second chances.

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Vaishu needs to dump Dharmesh pronto he is such a big fat looser.

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thx 4 updts
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Ecxellent commentary Tanyaz.... But what more can I say on this streeeeeeeeeetching episode.... no mood to even comment further....
This is unbearably strectching.....How can CV's create so many bogus filler episodes... I think I should check back after a week to see soem story movement!

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thanks for the update.

I don't watch this show regularly, Just curious as to how and when Madhuri married Dharmesh?

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