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maanmishti Goldie

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by FIRESafiReFIRE

Originally posted by maanmishti

@keya: so stop thinking abt making jealous and start thinking abt how to make him love u more.Wink

lol'' phone S**ROFL
no more jk'.. he is making me wet now'' i will tak later
gd nit

enjoy babesWink

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
emmmmm…. ehhhhh 2sc…. i am just gn updat sox for mist.

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komlika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sharmake11 good night........where is our update?
we are same she playing prank with us
i'm staying & ordering pizza because of her
update not fair

keya get back here.......u cant leave us like tht.........Cry

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 6:06pm | IP Logged

okay because yu remember

last time

Edited by sharmake11 - 15 February 2011 at 6:08pm

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komlika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 6:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sharmake11

goodnite everybody
see soonnnnnnn
astalavista baby

wait keya said she is updating it  Big smile

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 6:09pm | IP Logged
wait keya said she is updating it  Big smile
thanks guys with ur talk didnt
get scared with big house alone
FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
part 15
pls do comment & press the like button… ty for all the love and suport

Geets eyes widens.... He rips her cloths apart. Then his. He was shaking. He just wanted to feel her.... He bends down to kiss her passionately. Uncontrolled. The kiss he couldn't explain. Geet didn't react. She simply laid there.... He fixed from one side to another. His finger was tangled up with hers on the either side. He was pining her to the bed. Geet didn't react...... His lips left no place. He just wanted to feel her.... Just wanted her... Just wanted.........

Maan snaps his eyes open. He was dreaming. The girl hugged him from the back. His hand was cut. He looked confused. Stood in front of the window. Thoughtless. Cut hand. He was dreaming. Ugh! He thought. He needs to get this filth out of his head. He turned round and kissed the girl tight.

Geet was supper exited about her new job. Was it right. She haven't seen maan for 8 whole months! 8 month!

It's the day when all the model will met the Designer. Geet was exited as she have seen sams name on the list. She probably will be the happiest to see her & she was.... Sams eyes widens. Geet looked healthier. She looked more beautiful then ever. Her dressing sense was still the same but more expensive garments. She hugs her tight. She could easily guess maan have left her.... Sam also sees those disgusting photo with different girls everyday on the news....
Sam- OMG Geet! You... You look beautiful. She smiles & hugs her tight.
Marsha stood there smiling. At-least geet had some friends she thought.
Sam took her somewhere quit to talk.
Sam- are you still with maan? She wanted to ere no. He is a monster. Heartless monster.
Geet smiles- I haven't seen him for 8 months! Geet was happy today. Happy to know in this world she could call some one her friend. Who truly worries for her.
Sam takes a shig relief- you have done the best thing to leave him.
Geet- I am still his wife. I haven't left him. It's just... He left me....
Sam- what ever. It's still good babe.
Geet smiles. Sam was supper exited she have got her old designer back. Back to her. Geet will be designing all her cloths. Everything... Except one difference.... The world is preheating her knowledge. Her work. People started to see glimpse of her.... And sam was sure.... She is heading towards susses.

Maan was exited about maan. He wondered what will she do! When he sees her! She have to come back to him. Either way. Sam is only his.

After 2 weeks.........................

The conference was being held. The ramp is all ready. Ready for the UK show. The big show in London. Geet stood out. Her White dress. Made her look viberenrt. Beautiful. She was simple. Only Earring & nose rings. Few bangles. Nothing els. She looked perfect in her sari. That was the first time she wire a sari. Her hair covered with saris pallu but that brought out another new fashion. She looked beautiful in her normal simple look.... There was no makeup! No show off. She stood at the backgrounds blending in with the crowds. No one will believe she have arranged everything in this London fashion show. No one will even think she could do such a thing.
Sam- I am nervous.
Geet- don't worry. You look fine.
Sam- you have designees this well! It won't come off in the middle of the stage na!
Geet burst out in laugh. That was the first time she openly laughed.....

Maan walked at the backstage. After all sam have to meet his new boss. Specially when he will be working very close by. He could here someone laughing. Then he hard sams laugh. He couldn't recognise the other laugh... Purly because he never hard that laugh... As maan enters the back stage sam leaves to walk the ramp...... & he froze. His eyes widens. It's Geet. She was smiling. She wore a sari. She was saying something to someone on the ramp. Way from the crowed. Maan skipped several heartbeats. His brain stopped. The frustration... The restlessness disappeared instantly. It's Geet.
Geet was about to walk way when two warm hand slides on her bare tummy under her sari. She became statue. She knew that touch very well. Extremely well. Her smile fades......Geet started to breath hard as the person hugged her forms the back. Her heart was thumping like any moment now it will pope out. Maan brush passes his lips on her ear... And looks at the high speed chest. It was moving up & down rapidly. She always controlled his touch. Never to respond... But today was that a fear or his touch....
Slowly his strong arm started to engulf her in his strong arm.... Geet started to breath hard. She was sure by now it's maan & her thumping heart was out of fears.
Maan- hmm....
Geet spines round instantly hearing his voice.
Maan- let's go!
Geet gives him a weird look. Let's go where? She questioned her self. 8 months she haven't seen him. She is dead or live he never inquired! & suddenly he comes out of nowhere & tells her to let's go! Yes she is his wife... But like this? No... No! I am his slave.... Another stave in her heart. A slave.

Maan lost his sense by seeing her. He completely ignored the idea why he is here on the first place. All he could conclude was her warm skin under his hand. The warm... Even the look makes him hard. He have went back to that road countless time to look for that paper. He failed.... But he passed today & he will be on bed with him... All night. He wants to feel the satisfactions. Maan lost his sense. He just wanted to feel her. He wanted her....

The show was 2 hours long... It was loud everywhere. Maan grabs geet and Walks towards the reception to grab his key. Geet just looked at him! Shocked! She Obviously couldn't Denny. He was her husband after all! But....
Geet stood in the lift frozen.... He brushed his lips on her chin. Geet hated his touch more now. She closed her eyes in same pain. The pain she supersede over this 8 months. The lift door opens and he drags her to his room. Locks the door. Geet stood like a statue as he took off her palue. His hand knew it's place. Her back... Perfect shape back... He wanted stroke it... The curves... He have missed it so much. No one had this... No one turned him on like she does.... She breathed hard. He unhooks off his whole pallue as it slides off her shoulder. Geet still didn't move or react.... She closed her eyes tight as he came to kiss her lips... He started to Nibble on the bottom.........….

to be continue…

next- still the fashion show…

ello ello ello :D
well many Q playing in your mind' here are some answer'.

Is Geet Pregnant?
No. she is not pregnant. she simply healed her tummy because she was in pain' the thought of who she loved the most'. telling her he doesn't want there child' she is his mere body usar' it was killing her'. so thats why she held her tummy'.
she is in birth control pill' so nop' she is not pregnant'. :D

was maan a virgin before he had sex with geet? (Q by many specially chubz)
yep you r right' the way he led his life' he is not ver**** at all'. :/
i think i have muddled that up a bit. it suppose to say there first night' & after that he is having trouble to accept anyone in his body' he just can't'. thats why he forces him self with girls' but even that doesn't work' at the end he completely stops'.. he don't reach his final climax'. & yes' he have slept with sam before geet' this will be cleared later on!
coming bac to merra' yep' he is forcing him self with her' he is in On & off  relationship with her''

many people wondering why geet is doing all this' well that is something me to type & you to read' :D

how far geet will tolerate?
i really don't know' i have made this in to FF'. lets see how far i could make her tolerate Embarrassed
lol' i have more story line' & i want to explain everything in full details' :D i will tryBig smile

is geet been rapped?
idk' i don't think so' she never refuges' she simply refuge to react back to his touch'.
so no.. she is NOT getting rapped by her husband' like in animosity where she actually was forced'.(first night)Big smile

both poem describes geets feeling'Embarrassed
pls do comment

A POEM BY Muskaan_cuty 19

Hey just wanted 2 share this as i love this and as where geet is and what she feels at the moment ryt now is just wat this this says so du read it

Mehsoos karke dekhte 
Dil mein utar ke dekhte
Tum sath jee ke dekhte 
Tum sath ke marr ke dekhte

Na yeh jeet hai Na yeh haar hai
Yeh kesa Vasl e Yaar

Vasl e Yaar aziyat hai
Vasl e Yaar nadamat
Yeh Vasl hi raqabat hai
Yeh Vasl hi qayamat hai

Mera dard hi mera pyar hai
Yeh kesa Vasl e Yaar hai

Mujhe reza reza bikhair ke
Tu chala gaya tou me karun kiya
Na kahun em Haal e dil islye
Mujhe darr hai tere gurez ka

Meri khuwahishon ka mazaar hai
Yeh kesa Vasl e yaar hai

Meri rooh mein meri zaat mein
Woh jo zeher banke utar gaya
Yeh wo qarb hai yeh wo ghaao hai
Mere yaar ne jo mujhe diya

Yeh tou aag hai yeh sharaar hai
Yeh kesa Vasl e Yaar hai

If any1 wanna watch video here is the link

another one by sharmake11

this poem for Geet
Ever be happy again?
I try to remember a time when I was happy,
but it's been so long,
so long since I've smiled for real,
was able to laugh,

the shadows have a hold of me,
and they're reluctant to let go,
I want to leave them behind,
but the pain and hatred,
the hurt and sadness,
they won't go away,

I try to deal with it some other way,
I don't want to hurt myself again,
but I always come back to the razor,
letting my pain wash away with blood,

none of them know,
they believe the lie,
the lie that has become my life,
it'll consume me until I am no more,

my life is gone,
I can't get it back,
I'm too close to the edge,
about to fall into my own mind,
the walls are closing in,
the darkness swallowing me,
one tear is released,
and then the deed is done,

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ssssmarsnehag10thahupyarisaheligaberinlwgeetnilu_50san1989geeta1803nehavashisunitasth1canonlittlerenu16neetugarg123thea_angelysree12vishruti.siribpinkykasturi11zazoy12gagsykrishna.A8406fizza25trendyfriendsBublishannie03MaansMishtibhakbhartifanalu5123avantika_singhrsingh0103mamon.moonrama6shalinikanaguzerroTinkJiamans22choudhary.ashreya satishmmishra1guru-ki-dewaanihemvbSemarnkkirannaryaninonabebunisha_bh-Elfin-hansasmamaaneetfan123varshakhedekarpreciuspearlursrithikanamitasinThugAngelpiyushiperfectflirt8sana.saba7rostMistiofMistzbahanelodyteri_susanreea88bobbydolldoosheekamaanmishtiaksnmishtibCuteTommyBe.edgym-g19sanjuleeLakshmi86myedward12Rohini20Tishuu_G1234_maansi007shivangi783dimpzzsaronai1311_yspprachidalmiapayal12glamdoll12avani_9cutemishtiLadyArwenimaastha-eiya-Azmiigreshu286pearl--ANGEL--d_soniapriya_ya1408jeyanthi123-shamima-amzu32cyum321-wild-muskaan_cute19.ramya-gurtian.BadGirlKissmaanujaanuJayaRNav20109staroneserialsRocks.DharagangesegbMsMovieloverjazmeenytanujakiran99sparikhAnvi2009iqbals4everputhCutee999dreamy4everesha143ajennprecious_zebaPaintedSkysonu4everalicia212punjabi.princessweet cherryRamhari-Veritaserum-Dilsaybasicquestion118mypriderupzloveu-memorable-krati5wajiha-1kuhu18blueopalDoracakeambbihaTinkerBellasimi91-Zahra15-Tyro_SharmeenLuvsGCimpoojavermalove2_soma--Ratna--ShalveVSai2008preethiaSabmeratu.-afsha-namita25swetha10SahSahjanu_2006preethishah10rsroopalimuskanpKaSh-Maneet-Fant_areeb..hinal..sweet scorpiomitzi11ibelieveinpink_BlackPearl_-Mrinalini-Madhuri53spvd

komlika IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 April 2006
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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sharmake11

wait keya said she is updating it  Big smile
thanks guys with ur talk didnt
get scared with big house alone

ur welcome........n.......thank you to u too.........i feel so much better now Big smile

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