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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

Musical Melodies 8 .. CB2/Magical RaDev Moments ! (Page 8)

Annamarie Goldie

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 7:00pm | IP Logged

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Radhe Radhe Shrel(Thanks for the lyrics that u postedHug)Bhavi Seema Ansa Naseeb V3 and all my absent musical friends and members who visit this thread Hugthanks for posting the melodious bhajans and songs.

This is the third time I am posting twice it diappeared.Confused  already we have completed 3 weeks of our Fav show CB2. The actors have all acted well especially the child artistes have endeared us with their acting skillsClapHeartHug  and by the end of the week brought it to the top 15 showsParty Our fav jodi have made their entry and lovely song performance by RadhikaBig smile and Dev with his mindblowing entry has put the fans in a tizzyLOLWink now all r eagerly waiting for their tracks in the show and what CVs will show us nextSmile

Some songs and bhajans from me


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Tilashini IF-Sizzlerz

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nice post chalhov! Big smile

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radev24 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 12:36pm | IP Logged

Radhe Radhe Hi Hello to all MY MUSICAL BUDDIES ! Big smileHug

PP Putija, wow wow ! The children's Radha song was just so cute, saw it few days ago when our beautiful and yes endearing kids were still on ! And couldn't agree more with everyone that "they" should have let the kids epi go on little longer to make their connection evern more strong into adulthood !
And like Sia says, it's all being rushed and "they" seem to be in such a hurry that they are losing the substance already. I personally couldn't see the connection, rhyme, reason when they show adult and baatooni "spoiled" Rohan sitting at the very FAMILIAR CB1 location Confused with one of his many GFs Shocked Well, at least here "they" are paving the way that he is NOT going to be the RP material, period ! Clap
Great summary yaar in a nutshell covering all major points plus our AVINA popularity. Sarrry but Dev seems to have disappointed Shrel a bit coz he doesn't seem formidable or having much of screen presence. Hopefully coming days / weeks will show him strong, confident, esp when surrounded by all these ADULT MEMBERS ALL AT ONCE ! Need dadaji back on his feet soon and some character developments, esp Dai ma and Padma ! Yes, someone on the forum said Rads "overacting" and that was my first thought too and overdoing a bit. (no chappals pleeej ! Embarrassed)
Maha mantra by Jagjit Singhji is just so beautiful and soulful. What a spiritual jadoo in his rendition ! StarStar Hare krishna is one of my fav JS bhajans. The other is Sarveshwari which is my abs FIRST on my list ... here ! StarStarStar
Album Name: Maa lyrics : Members of Sri Aurobindo Society Pondicherry
Release Year: 1993, Company: HMV
sarveshvari jagadishvari, he maatra roop maheshvari,
mamatamayi karoonamayi, he maatra roop maheshvari .

jagajivani sanjivani, samast jivaneshvari,
he matri roop maheshvari .

kripalini jagatarini, pratipal bhuvan hridayeshvari,
he matri roop maheshvari .

tamaharini shubhakarini, manamohani vishveshvari,
he matri roop maheshvari

Loved all your Intezaar songs and my abs fav are Anarkali and the one from Aitbaar ... Kisi nazar ko ! ClapAnd prompted me enough to find some more. But led me to this abs FANTABULOUS song by Ashaji and that too sung by Madhubala in this old movie ! Frankly, I've never heard this kind of BULANDI in her voice ... OMG !
lyrics:shakeel badayuni
music:ghulam Muhammad
film:rail ka dibba 1953
cast:madhubala shammi kapoor

Bhagwaan teri duniyaa mein
Bhagwaan teri duniyaa mein insaan nahin hai
insaan nahin hai
masjid bhi hai mandir bhi hai imaan nahin hai
imaan nahin hai
bhagwaan teri duniyaa mein
Bhagwaan teri duniyaa mein insaan nahin hai
insaan nahin hai
masjid bhi hai mandir bhi hai imaan nahin hai
imaan nahin hai

aapas mein yahaan phoot hai dil sabke judaa hain
daulat jinhe mil jaaye wahi log Khudaa hain
itnaa bhi nahin sochte ham kaun hain kyaa hain
insaan ko
insaan ko insaan ki pahchaan nahin hai
Bhagwaan teri duniyaa mein
Bhagwaan teri duniyaa mein insaan nahin hai
insaan nahin hai
masjid bhi hai mandir bhi hai imaan nahin hain
imaan nahin hain

tu chaahe to har mauj ko toofaan banaa de
sachchaa hai to bigde huye imaan banaa de
in khaaq ke
in khaaq ke
in khaaq ke putlon ko phir insaan banaa de
warnaa main samjhongi tu Bhagwaan nahin hai
Bhagwaan teri duniyaa mein
Bhagwaan teri duniyaa mein insaan nahin hai
insaan nahin hai
masjid bhi hai mandir bhi hai imaan nahin hai
imaan nahin hai

A memorable song from Sant Gyaneshwar .
Another beautiful apt number from Sati Savitri ..
Jeevan dor tumhi sang baandhi
Jeevan dor tumhi sang baandhi
Jeevan dor tumhi sang baandhi
Kya todenge is bandhan ko
Jag ke toofaan aandhi re aandhi
Jeevan dor tumhi sang baandhi
Jeevan dor tumhi sang baandhi

Ho na sake kabhi hum tum nyare
Ho na sake kabhi hum tum nyare
Do tan hain ek praan hamaare
Chaahe mile path mein andhiyare
Chaahe ghire hon baadal kaare
Phir bhi rahungi tumhari tumhari

Jeevan dor tumhi sang baandhi
Jeevan dor

Yun ghul mil rehna jeevan mein
Jaise rahe kajraa akhiyan mein
Teri chavi chaayi rahe mann mein
Tera hi naam rahe dhadkan mein
Tere daras ki main pyasi re pyasi

Jeevan dor tumhi sang baandhi
Jeevan dor tumhi sang baandhi

Kaisa mujhe vardaan mila hai
Kaisa mujhe vardaan mila hai
Tum kyaa mile bhagwaan mila hai
Ab to janam bhar sang rahega
Is mehandi ka rang rahega
Tere charan ki main daasi re daasi

Heard this song on TV and it may not exactly relate to CB right now,
but I was just standstill ... bahut purani yaadein jo judi huyi hain ... StarClap
And what a piano, what a Dharampaji, and Late Nutan !
From '66 Dil ne phir yaad kiya !
Ok, our Dev is in the DREAM WORLD, reminds me of
this song from '65 Poonam ki raat !

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radev24 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Well friends, as we all know TODAY IS THE CENTENARY OF INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY and here's wishing US ALL A GREAT IWD ! ClapStarThumbs UpHug


International Women's Day (IWD) was first declared in 1910 with the first IWD event held in 1911. 2011 sees 100 years of International Women's Day having been celebrated around the world. Widespread increased activity is anticipated globally on 8 March 2011 honouring 100 years of International Women's Day.

To get the whole world behind supporting and celebrating 100 years of International Women's Day in 2011.

The International Women's Day Centenary should make the women of past proud, the women of current inspired, and the women of the future envisioned. Women have made great strides in equality yet there is still a great deal to be achieved on many fronts and the 2011 IWD Centenary will provide a unique and global opportunity to reignite, inspire and channel women's equality for the future.


And as luck would have it, found the following WHICH ECHOES MY SENTIMENTS

Ninety years ago, this day, the 8th of March, saw the birth of a certain Abdul Hayee in Ludhiana, Punjab.

It may seem like a routine event. After all, aren't people born every day?

Yes, they are. But not every one goes on in life to pull at the heart strings of millions through the sheer magic of his words and poetry.

Abdul Hayee? Nah, doesn't ring a bell, does it?

How about Sahir Ludhianvi? Sounds more familiar?

Ah, I see the eyes light up! "Sahir? You should have said that rightaway!"

(If the name isn't familiar OR the eyes don't light up, please don't go around telling people that you are an old Hindi songs buff. That would be lying!)

Ok, coming to the point, today is the 90th birth anniversary of Sahir Ludhianvi (born as Abdul Hayee), one of the greatest Indian poets of the 20th century and certainly one of the best lyricists ever of Hindi cinema.

Sahir's life is well-documented and a lot of information about him can be found on the internet. I will therefore not repeat what is already available, except to say that Sahir had a huge rebellious streak in him ' one that he was well-known for, all his life.

And, in hindsight, thank God for that!

Writers and poets often excel at romantic poetry. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, they sing couplets to each other professing undying love.

Oh, Sahir could do this too. He was brilliant at romantic poetry, make no mistake. After all, he was the one who penned "kabhi kabhi mere dil mein, khayaal aata hai", "abhi na jaao chhod kar" , "chhoo lene do naazuk honthon ko" and "paanw chhoo lene do".

But Sahir's real fiery forte was to be seen in his "angry young man" poetry. Long before Amitabh Bachchan took on this tag, there was Sahir and his anti-establishment poetry and rants.

Yes, Sahir was entirely in a class of his own when it came to expressing emotions of anger, hurt, disillusionment, frustration and all such emotions that he had personally experienced regularly throughout his life. That he chose to channelize his energy into poetry and expressed these emotions through the power of his pen is one of the greatest gifts and blessings for the Hindi and Urdu poetry lover.

It is also one of India's greatest good fortunes that Sahir fled from Lahore to India in 1949. He had been publishing several poems, right from his college days, in magazines but his writings were often inflammatory, anti-establishment and somewhat communist in nature. As a result, he had to flee Lahore and ended up in Delhi. Later he made his way to Bombay and started writing songs for Hindi films.

If I start talking about, or even listing, Sahir's great songs, I will be talking all day and still be nowhere close to the end. For he has written so many wonderful songs that they are best left uncatalogued and just enjoyed. Just listen to a great song with wonderful lyrics, check out the lyricist ' there's a good chance it will be Sahir. Especially if it is a song about wrong-doing in society.

Yes, Sahir had a strong sense of disillusionment with society of his time and he lost no opportunity to express his opinion. Film-makers who understood Sahir's nature and his fiery pen made the most of this skill of his.

Thus Sahir produced some of the best lyrics ever in Hindi cinema for Guru Dutt in Pyaasa. And, for BR Chopra, a like-minded director and also a person who wanted to show society a mirror, Sahir produced (for the BR Chopra/Yash Chopra combine) lyrics for films like Naya Daur, Sadhna, Dhool Ka Phool, Dharam Putra, Gumraah, Waqt, Humraaz, Daag, Kabhi Kabhi, Trishul, Kaala Patthar and many more.

On this occasion of his birth anniversary, I was therefore totally spoilt for choice in picking one out his huge guldasta (bouquet) of gems.

I then also realized that the 8th of March is not just Sahir's birth anniversary, it is also International Women's Day.

Brilliant! So I decided to pick, what I consider to be THE defining song that celebrates both Sahir's birth anniversary AND Women's Day.

This is a song that is extremely close to my ( and Shrel's !) heart. It has tremendous depth in it, it is one of the most hard-hitting songs ever in Hindi cinema, comparable only with Sahir's own "ye mehlon ye takhton".

Everytime I listen to Lata Mangeshkar's voice singing this song, my eyes go moist ' because, unfortunately, 53 years after this song was written, every word in it is still the bitter truth. Even today, inspite of tremendous economic progress in the country, women in India still, by and large, live in an unequal society, dominated and abused by men. And this, though they are the mothers, theirs are the hands that rock the cradle in which these very men have grown up.

Yes, you guessed right - I am talking about "aurat ne janam diya mardon ko" from Sadhna (1958).

Even by his own very high standards, I consider this one of Sahir's very best. This is vintage Sahir, showing society a mirror about itself, its hypocrisy, its double standards.

On this joint Sahir-Woman's Day occasion, I cannot think of a better song to put up on this blog.

I usually request my readers to enjoy the songs I post here. This time I would request them not so much to enjoy this song, but to reflect on its lyrics and to see what each one of us can do to change the situation. Like they say "if you want change, BE the change agent".

THAT would be the most fitting tribute to Sahir saab on his anniversary and on this Woman's Day.


Aurat ne janam diya mardon ko
mardon ne usey baazaar diya
jab jee chaaha masla kuchla
jab jee chaaha dhutkaar diya
aurat ne janam diya mardon ko

tultee hai kaheen deenaaron mein
bikti hai kaheen baazaaron mein
nangee nachwaayee jaati hai
aiyaashon ke darbaaron mein
ye wo be-izzat cheez hai jo
bant jaati hai izzatdaaron mein
aurat ne janam diya mardon ko

mardon ke liye har zulm rawaan
aurat ke liye ronaa bhi khataa
mardon ke liye laakhon sejein
aurat ke liye bas ek chitaa
mardon ke liye har aish ka haq
aurat ke liye jeena bhi sazaa
aurat ne janam diya mardon ko

jin honthon ne inko pyaar kiya
un honthon ka vyopaar kiya
jis kokh mein inka jism dhalaa
us kokh ka kaarobaar kiya
jis tan se ugey konpal ban kar
us tan ko jaleelo khaar kiya
aurat ne janam diya mardon ko

mardon ne banaayeen jo rasmein
unko haq ka farmaan kahaa
aurat ke zinda jalne ko
qurbaani aur balidaan kahaa
kismat ke badley roti di
aur usko bhi ehsaan kahaa
aurat ne janam diya mardon ko

sansaar ki har ek besharmi
gurbat ki god mein palti hai
chaklon hi mein aakar rukti hai
phaakon se jo raah nikalti hai
mardon ki hawas hai jo aksar
aurat ke paap mein dhalti hai
aurat ne janam diya mardon ko

aurat sansaar ki kismat hai
phir bhi taqdeer ki heti hai
awtaar payambar janti hai
phir bhi shaitaan ki beti hai
ye wo badkismat maa hai jo
beton ki sej pe leti hai
aurat ne janam diya mardon ko
mardon ne usey baazaar diya
jab jee chaaha masla kuchla
jab jee chaaha dhutkaar diya
aurat ne janam diya mardon ko


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radev24 IF-Stunnerz

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Just saw this song on TV and seems PERFECT for today's precap and for that matter entire CB2 storyline upto this point ! Hope I find the lyrics as THEY ARE JUST TOO APT ! Star
Sorry, no luck with the lyrics ... kona kona dhoondh liya ! Shocked
Good Night / Good Morning TO MY FRIENDS ! LOLBig smile

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chipak Goldie

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Radhe Radhe to all my Musical buddies...Howzz life going..

PP PutijaHug and ShreldiHug great selection fo songs... all Intezaar Songs by our producerji are wondrous...Shreldi Jagjitji bahajn was good, that Rail ka Dibba song is Star and you are so right abt the words...Thanks for sharing that bit of info on IWD and our great Shairji...
song from sadhna ekdum aptStar
Cb2 for me is going nowhr..I have seenm monday wala episode n i was laughing watching it and that was worse. i never thought i wud not like CB anytime and now my patience is running out of it. Avinash acting was not upto mark specially his expressions..wht happened to himConfused, Rubi seems hyper and her voice is artificalOuch...may be i hav seen only one episode but then again its was only one episode o CB1 that made me n m sure many others its huggge fan that once i got hooked to the show  thru this forum i cud never turn back... but what is missing inCB2 i m not getting thhatConfusedConfused oh comeon CVs do something fast...first impression always matters n you guys are just destrying what all u got--CB1 reputation n ofcourse Avina ...totally my opinion n really sorry if i offend any members feelings..Sarrry
Leaving all that posting some songs..Hop u all would like them Big smile
Songs For Radev...

~~Some others~~

LP music is just awesome and KK voic is best

One of my KK fav. songs..

Manna dey song from Seeta aur Geeta

This one from old movie Ujala, Manna Dey singing for Shammi k

This last one...


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set_raj IF-Sizzlerz

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Hello hello Radhe Radhe jee all of you....

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