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Rushed (AK-AR): Part 36 on Pg 148 (04/11)!!!!! (Page 95)

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Originally posted by xMamz2ellee

Aw this is by far the best part!
You guys are so good at writing! Loved how you developed Armaan Ridhimma's relationship! Angad and Kripa are the best friends one could ask for! I Hope Anji will also realise soon enough that Armaan is the best guy for Ridzi!
Hope you'll update soon!
And Good luck for your Exams! Smile
Thanks..and I write this ff myself write 'bepanah' with a friend..Anjie's chapter will be daelt with and put away after the next part.
Originally posted by spvd

part 21
wow that nice a good improvement...
nice part...
cont soon...

PS - All the Best...
Originally posted by maryamdiggi

Am seriously having a cat and dog fight in my head right know, my heart is saying "oh everything will just go smoothly armaan will confess and ridhima will accept and she will confess too "

But my mind is saying "oh pls it will be a complete disaster, Armaan will confess and ridhima will find her way to ruined the whole thing -----Hahahaha...i love this..I believe the next part must've cleared your doubts.

All in all I can't predict so I will just leave that to U !!!!! -----lol..i dont know how good of an idea that is :P

but I do hope it goes well because I can't take any more fight from those two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-----sorry you had to tolerate them for one more
Originally posted by crazy4KASH_AR

Amazing update.
I loved the developing relationship of AR.-----Thanks!
I so much wanted Arman to kiss Ridz..
Why did the cell ring?Damn!!-----lol..desnt it always? :P
Plz update the next part soonest as I can't wait for the confession.
Kindly add me to ur pm list.-----sure thing..just add me to your buddy list.
This ff is really beautiful and I'm loving it.
U r a great writer dear.-----Aw thanks a lot hun. :)
Originally posted by blessed4

Superb part !!! finally they are together without fighting...AR are amazing hope Ridhima too confesses continue soon !!!
Thanks..and yep..lets see how the confession goes..
Originally posted by miss pagal

loved this chapter

Please continue soon
Originally posted by malluangel

k. so i read the whole update without wanting to choke her!!! yayyy
LOL..well, Im glad :P
Originally posted by

great part...but you had me worried, i thought Ridhmma might read armaans text message, and then they will be back to square one, I'm glad i was wrong----you know what, i'd thought about that but im like nah...i've created enough problem between these two anywayy.....seriously update soon...we all have waited so long for the confession, and i hope he confesses to her in a unique way or when she's least expecting it-----its something least expected for sure :P ...i actually liked ridhmma in this chapter, i was practically jumping, when armaan told her he was going out to meet atul and rahul without her asking him...she is changing and falling in

coming to my other favourite couple AK, in angads words 'i have a vibe something bad is going to happen' but i don't know please update sooon-----LOL..i think everyone's getting that vibe.
Originally posted by aRohAAnGeL

Guess who finally caught up!-----OH MY GOSH NO WAY!!  someone pinch me! i've been an a** about this!-----yes you have, lady :P but damn! i missed the story...awwe its soo good to see the two finally are floating in a boat. together.-----for now :P (: And the others seem to be going good as well...i know the armaan-kripa factor is gonne do something...You Katie and K-serials are all the same hahah jk! your better-----uh yeah...thanks...good think you mentioned that because you were ALMOST in trouble :P. ANDD sorry ive been sooo busy :( I miss talking to you...-----me too!  i never see you online or on fcbk anymore!! :(
Originally posted by vidu87

super awesome part
luvd it
thnx 4 d pm
cont ssonish
nd GUD LUCK 4 ur cmg xamz
-----Thanks dear!
Originally posted by Kasurbest

Chapter 21 - Liked it!-----Thanks!

Angad and Kripa never letting a chance go of spending time together! So, sweet seem to come to a compromise always.-----yeap...just like eevry couple should. 

So, Riddhima finally listens to Kripa and keeps patience.-----yeappp Armaan and Riddhima's friendship was such a sweet blossom, Only of she would have stepped out of her box before this blossom would have happened long time ago,-----I know right!!  would have been madly in love by now. but than every sweet things need time naa ;)-----exactly. ;)
Can't wait till Armaan confesses to her :)

Waiting for the next part eagerly, ud soon :) <3
Originally posted by monikaseth

AR Relation getting good hope for angad kripa they wont have any problem well done love it
Thanks.  and lets see what happens with AR and AK
Originally posted by gupta.aditi20

hey this is awsome...-----Thanks!

but i am kind of feeling some prob will appear in both AR and got the AR part right..

Originally posted by trouble_006

I'm so so so glad that finally things hav started falling in place for AR-----temporarily yes......the part was very very sweet...but I dnt knw...I hav this feeling that sumthin's gonna go wrong in the nxt had a correct guess. :P...esp after Riddhima asking Armaan,not to break her trust ever...hope I'm wrong...cont supersoon
Originally posted by Bhavya8

Amazing part!! So glad to see progress with Armaan and Ridhima! Can't wait for next update! Smile
Thank you hun.
Originally posted by fanAR

update soon dear
i am so waiting to read AR relationship yaar
LOL..i've already updated
Originally posted by sakshilovesAR


commenting after a long time...-----yeap..i've missed your

the last parttt was awesome!!!!OMG they were reallly gonna kiss!!!!!!Embarrassed-----yeap

i just hope they confess soon...!!!!!!Day Dreaming-----lets see how soon that is..

thx for the pm..

continuee sonn and i mean it!!!!!Wink-----done that already. ;)



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Previous Part: Page 90

Part 22: Broken

The next day, as promised, Muskaan took Riddhima out saying that she needed Riddhima's help with some shopping.  Muskaan also needed some time with his girlfriends after her break-up with Rahul.  As soon as Riddhima had gone out, Armaan had called Kripa over.  Kripa had helped him set up everything.  There was nothing but a dozen of red roses and a card on the coffee table in the living room.  There was a trail of rose petals that led into their bedroom where a few steps from the door, Armaan and Kripa had made a heart shape out of red rose petals.  And within the heart, they're made the words 'I Love You' using white rose petals.  The red heart was then bordered by a streak of white candles.
After all the hard work, Kripa and Armaan walked into the living room, waiting for Riddhima.   Kripa would leave in a few minutes and Armaan would wait for Riddhima alone.
" show me the goddamn ring." Kripa demanded with her hands on her hips.
"Uh nahh..." Armaan teased her back.  He knew that she really wanted to see the ring.
Kripa hit his shoulder playfully.  "You promised!  You told me you would show me the ring you got for her if I helped you out!"
"Relax sister...Of course I'll show you...I need your expert opinion."
Armaan pulled out the blue velvet box out of his pocket and put it on Kripa's extended palm.  Kripa opened it and examined the ring closely.
"You think she'll like it?" Armaan asked Kripa nervously. 

"I think she'll love it!" Kripa looked at the ring carefully. The baby blue colour of the gemstone was just perfect. "Riddhima loves this colour. Good job, I'm proud of you." 

"I couldn't have done it without you Kripa.  All of this.  I owe it all to you!  Thank you! I love you so much!" Armaan hugged Kripa making her giggle. 

"I love you too, crazy" Kripa hugged him back. 

Then they heard someone clapping. It was Riddhima. She walked towards them with a sarcastic expression, still clapping. 

"Wow." she said one she stopped clapping. She stood with her arms crossed. "So this is what goes on behind my back. My so called husband and my so called best friend...are betraying me. Lying to me." 

"Riddhima--" Armaan started in a warning tone but Kripa held up her hand, shutting him up.

"What are you trying to say Riddhima?" Kripa asked, frowning.

"OH SHUT UP! Stop lying to me now. I saw everything I had to with my own eyes. I thought I could trust you Kripa...I thought you were trying to help me. I wish I'd known that you've been eyeing my husband all this time.  You're supposed to be my best friend! And my husband!!" Riddhima scoffed. "He claims that I don't put in enough effort...and then I do start putting in effort because you tell me but of course my efforts are nothing compared to your advances Kripa. I can't believe you would do this to me. I can't believe you would have an affair with my husband. Have you two been sleeping together behind my back too? Huh? You betrayed me Kripa. Not only me. You betrayed Angad too. I'll tell him everything. I'll tell him that you're cheating on him and that you're sleeping around with other people's husbands like some cheap ***** and--"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Kripa yelled. For the first time, Kripa had raised her voice to this level. Riddhima staggered a step back from her. Armaan was just dumbfounded. He'd never seen this side of Kripa. "THAT IS ENOUGH RIDDHIMA! I DONT WANT TO HEAR A SINGLE WORD FROM YOU! THE ENTIRE FAULT IS YOURS. YOU can't trust people who love you. YOU can't look past anything but yourself. YOU are selfish. And you don't have ANY right to talk about my relationship with Angad nor do you have any right to comment on my character." Kripa took a deep breath to calm herself but it didn't work. Her eyes were filled with tears of anger and hurt. She turned to Armaan. "I'm sorry Armaan. I can't help you anymore. I thought I could fix things but I can't. I'm sorry."

Kripa picked up her purse and left from there not even sparing a glance at Riddhima. Armaan had called out after her but Kripa didn't stop. Furious, Armaan turned to Riddhima.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" He held her shoulders and shook her.

She pushed his hands off. "Don't touch me! Why don't you go after her."?

"OH SHUT UP! Just shut up!" Armaan picked up the ring that he'd bought for Riddhima with so much love. "LOOK AT THIS. LOOK! I was going to give you this as a gift...for the fresh start with you. Start of our friendship. Kripa has been helping me all along. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be trying to fix things. I had given up on you long time ago. If she hadn't convinced me, I would have been the same cold person that you had seen a few days ago." He turned around and picked up the card and handed it to Riddhima. "She was here only to help me. To tell me if you would like all of this or not. But you just completely misunderstood us. She's a sister to me! I'm a brother to her."
Armaan sighed and stepped away. "I can't believe that you would do something like this to your best friend. To the girl who supported you and got nothing in return. To the girl who took genuine interest in your problems and tried to fix them. If you can't trust her, then you'll never be able to trust me. If you can't love her, you'll never be able to love me.  In the past few months, since we were getting along fine, I thought that this would work out...somehow we'll get through but now I doubt it and honestly...after what you've done today...I don't think you deserve my love in the first place."

Armaan tore the card into pieces, tossed the pieces in the air, and walked towards the door. He stopped then, turned to look at her and saw her staring back, surprised. "and if you don't change Riddhima, you will lose everyone who loves you and you will be left standing absolutely alone like you are right now." and with that he left.

Riddhima pieced the card back together and what she saw brought tears to her eyes.
"I Love You Riddhima."

What had she done? Her long-term best-friendship with Kripa was broken.  Because of her.  Her newly started friendship with Armaan was broken as well.  Because of her.
She saw a trail of rose petals leading up the stairs.  Holding the ring Armaan had gotten to her chest, she followed it.  When she pushed open the door to their room, a jolt of pain shot through her heart as she took in the view.  The heart, surrounded by the burning candles and the warm 'I love you' snuggled in the middle of the heart.  Her knees gave out then.  She sat next to the heart and cried.  Cried at her own stupidity, cried at her loss of her best friends, cried at the loss of the man she was starting to fall in love with.
On the other hand, Angad unlocked the door and walked in. He saw her sitting at the high chairs at the bar table in the corner of the living room. Her shoulders were slumped; there was a glass of red wine next to her. Of course he knew what had happened; Armaan had called and told Angad everything. That's why Angad had skipped his gym session. He wanted to be at home. He wanted to be there for her. He put his bag on the couch and walked towards her. She was slightly startled when he held her shoulders from the back. But then she relaxed just as quickly realizing whose touch it was.

"Hey baby." He said, pretending that nothing happened.

"Hey" she replied glumly.

"What's the matter?" Angad asked, resting his chin on her right shoulder.

She just shook her head. "Nothing..."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not really...I just want to be alone for a bit..."

Angad lifted his head and kissed her head. "I'll be in the study if you want to talk about it." He gently squeezed her shoulders for a second and headed towards the study, picking up his backpack on the way. He turned to look at her once, but she was lost in her thoughts. He walked into the study and closed the door. He opened his books and started reading the chapter. About an hour later, Kripa knocked on the door twice before opening it. She was holding two mugs that had steam coming off at the top.

"Can we talk?" she asked, peeping her head through the door. Angad closed his book and looked at her. She smiled at him and walked in, closing the door behind her. He pushed his chair back slightly. She gave him his mug and propped herself sideways in his lap, flinging her legs over one armrest, while her back rested on the other. Angad wrapped his free arm around her waist and quietly waited for her to talk.

Kripa sighed before she started. She told him the entire story. He listened quietly, giving her time to let it all out. At the end, with tearful eyes, she looked at him. "You don't think I would cheat on you, do you?"

Angad squeezed her closer to himself. "I know you wouldn't. Kripa, I love you. I trust you more than I trust myself. I don't care what anyone has to say about you. And don't take what Riddhima said to heart. I think she's just frustrated with the issues in her life and her ego isn't letting her admit that it's her fault so she's trying to find ways to blame it on others. I believe you were right to want to help Armaan and Riddhima. I'll always be proud of you for that."

Kripa sniffled and smiled at him. "Thanks."
"But there is something..." Angad trailed off, wondering if what he had to say would make her even sadder.
"What is it?"
"I...You...I think..." Angad fumbled to put it in the right way.  "I think you should let them be.  Let them work out their own problems.  I'm not telling you what to do...I know you're being a good friend when you're trying to help Riddhima out, but baby...clearly, she doesn't realize it or doesn't want to care about it...and you helping them is making you sad and I can't stand it.  You've played your part, now its Riddhima and Armaan's turn to make their moves.  That's just my personal opinion."
"I'll give it a thought.  Thanks" she nodded and smiled at him.  He was glad that she was willing to consider his opinion.

Oh the other hand, Riddhima was constantly calling Armaan's phone. He wasn't taking her calls.  After a few attempts of calling him, Riddhima gathered all her courage and called Kripa.  Kripa didn't pick up her call either.
When Riddhima called again, Angad answered the phone.
"Can I talk to Kripa?" Riddhima ignored the lump in her throat as she spoke.  She also ignored the tears that flowed out of her eyes.
"I'm sorry Riddhima, but she's asleep."
"Angad its 7 in the evening...are you seriously trying to convince me that she's asleep?  Look, I really need to talk to her." Riddhima couldn't help the sole sob that escaped her.  She was sure Angad heard it too.  She sensed him hesitating.
"Look Riddhima...Kripa was really stressed and exhausted after everything that happened earlier.  She's just taking a power nap to ease herself.  I'll have her call you as soon as she's up. And..." he trailed off, hesitating again.
"What is it?" Riddhima prompted.
"And...Armaan is here too...just in case you're worried."
Riddhima broke down then.  Angad excused himself from Armaan and walked out into the freezing December weather, onto his balcony.
"Riddhima...stop crying.  It won't change anything."
"I ****** up Angad.  I messed up big time." She sobbed.
"I know.  You did." Angad said honestly, not bothering to change the coldness in his tone.  "Just when everything between you and Armaan was at the verge of being fixed completely..."
"I know.  I don't know what the hell I was thinking...I just...I've seen them together a few other times and each one of those times, Armaan hadn't told me where he was going or what he was doing...and I just couldn't help the thoughts..."
"Do you know that was because the two planned on surprising you?  They wanted to make his confession a surprise...when you least expected it...that's why he kept you in the dark about meeting Kripa...and really...Kripa is like a sister to him Riddhima!  How can you think like that?"
"I DONT KNOW!  I don't know Angad!  I don't know what's wrong with me...I've never talked to Kripa in such a manner before...and...With Armaan...I—"
"Alright look Riddhima...up until now you've hurt and mistreated Armaan and I haven't said anything to you.  He's my brother Riddhima.  He's my best friend.  I think you've hurt him enough.  But now you're hurting Kripa and stressing her out as well.  I won't sit and take it quietly anymore Riddhima.  Armaan really does love you and if you can't love him back, if you can't trust him...then leave him."
Angad heard Riddhima gasp on the other side.  He went on quickly.  "I don't like saying this to you but I won't let you hurt him or Kripa any more than you already have.  For his sanity, for his happiness, and simply for the fact that he deserves to be with someone who actually gives a damn about his feelings...leave him if you can't give him any happiness."
Too angry to speak any further, he bid her goodbye and ended the call.  When he went back into the living room, Armaan had finished yet another drink.  Sighing, Angad tossed Kripa's cell phone on to the couch and headed over to Armaan.  He snatched the next drink out of Armaan's hands.
"Enough Armaan.  Stop it."
Armaan looked at Angad with the most heartbroken expression.
"This is happening because of what I did to all those girls, isn't it?  I broke their she's breaking mine."
Angad put a hand on Armaan's shoulder and shook his head sideways.
"All those girls knew what they were getting into..." Angad explained.
Armaan shook his head and repeated the entire story to Angad again...twice.  After he finished repeating the story, he repeated his earlier sentence.
"I'm telling you...this is happening to me because I hurt all those girls..."
"No its not" Kripa called out from the entrance of her bedroom.  Angad and Armaan turned to look at her.  Armaan turned away a second later.  Kripa walked up to them and stood on Armaan's other side.
"This is happening to you because you love her more than she loves you."
"No. No." Armaan shook his index finger and pouted.  "She...she doesn't love me."
"Yes she does, Armaan" Kripa whispered painfully.  She squeezed his shoulder.  "Don't worry...I'll talk to tomorrow and—"
"NO!  You won't talk to her.  I don't want her to disrespect you because of me..." Armaan stared into his empty glass.
Kripa scrambled through her brains to find something to say while Angad just stood next to his friend and supported him emotionally.  Just then, a knock on the door interrupted them.
Angad went to open the door and frowned seeing the person on the other side.
"Anjali?" Angad questioned surprisingly.  Then his surprise doubled when Riddhima stepped into view.  Angad's frown got deeper.  He simply stepped aside and let them in without a word.  Kripa looked over to see who it was and froze.  She crossed her arms, frowned, and looked away from Riddhima.
After locking the door, Angad walked to Kripa.  He took her hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze, letting her know that he was there for her. 
Anjali walked straight to Armaan.  Riddhima stood frozen in the middle of the living room.
"Armaan!  What is this unacceptable behaviour?  How could you just leave Riddhima...just because you had a small fight?"
Riddhima was mortified.  What the hell was Anjali doing?  Riddhima had made it clear that everything was her own fault then why was Anjali blaming Armaan?
I just stood there, staring at my sister.  Unable to form a sentence in my brain.  Kripa glared at me then.  I had to look away.  I couldn't bear to the see the anger, the pain, the hurt in Kripa's eyes.  Angad wrapped an arm around her shoulders, running his hand up and down her upper arm.  It was then that I realized that he was trying to calm her down.  But Kripa's glare didn't falter.
I turned my attention to Anjali and took a step forward but froze when Armaan turned around.  He'd been crying.  His eyes were red and swollen.  He got up suddenly and grabbed Di's shoulders and pushed her up against the wall.
"WHY CANT YOU JUST LEAVE US TWO ALONE?"  Armaan screamed at her.
Angad and Kripa rushed towards him.  Angad went and stood in-between Armaan and Di while Kripa pushed Armaan back, away from Di.  All I did was staring, horrified.
Anjali leaned around Angad.  "BECAUSE YOU'RE RUINING MY SISTER'S LIFE!" she yelled back at Armaan.
It looked like they were about to start pulling each other's hair and beating each other if Kripa and Angad weren't standing in between.
"I haven't seen her crying this way...ever.  But ever since you've entered her life, you've made her miserable!  You've taken away my sister's happiness"
"JUST SHUT THE HELL UP ANJALI!" Kripa lashed out at last.  Angad looked like he was in a fix.  I could tell that he wanted to go to Kripa but he knew he couldn't leave Anjali out in the open.  Because now, there seemed to be two people who wanted to beat her: Armaan and Kripa.
"It's YOU who has ruined her life!  You've been telling her wrong're leading her astray!  If it weren't for you, she'd be much happier in her married life.  You're the first person I've seen who has ruined her own sister's life!" Kripa pushed Angad aside.  I was surprised at the fact that he let her.  Kripa jabbed a finger towards Anjali.  "YOU stay away from Armaan and his wife's life!"
Ouch.  I won't lie.  That hurt.  She said Armaan and his wife.  Not Riddhima and her husband.  As the seriousness of the situation dawned upon me, my eyes filled with tears.  They were all fighting.  Because of me.
"I won't let some player ruin my sister's life!" Anjali retorted with a glare towards Armaan.  "He played my friend and then let her go...he left her...and you know what?  She's a mother to his baby!"
My heart nearly stopped at that.  She had never told me this before.  My head was spinning.
"Anjali.  You don't know anything." Angad said simply, putting a hand on his friend's shoulder.
"Well of course you would defend your friend and side with your girlfriend.  Why would you care about what happens to Riddhima? It doesn't matter to you." Anjali crossed her arms.
"It matters to me!  It matters to me, damn it!  Whatever happens in Riddhima's life affects my best friend AND my girlfriend!  And whatever affects them, affects me.  But regardless of that, I won't let you stand around and blame my friend for **** he hasn't done."
"You can't prove otherwise Angad.  She was in a relationship with Armaan for a month...then they broke up...and she was depressed after that and then we all found out that she was pregnant because she started showing!  How do you explain that?!"
"If you knew all this, why didn't you tell Riddhima BEFORE she got married to Armaan?" Kripa countered.  Anjali opened her mouth and then shut it again.  Clearly, she had no response.  Kripa crossed her arms smugly.  "And you say you're concerned about your sister."
"A fact is still a fact Kripa." Anjali rolled her eyes.
"You have the facts all wrong!  That baby wasn't his!  She was already pregnant when he said he would date her.  Did you know that after her former boyfriend dumped her, she was on the streets?  Armaan took her in.  He cared for her.  They were friends but she went and told people that he was her boyfriend.  Because of all the stress she was in, Armaan let it slide and they started treating it like a normal relationship.  Then all of a sudden, one day...she came up to Armaan and told him that her ex wanted her back with the baby.  So she left.  And it turned out that her boyfriend didn't take her back after all...but she was too ashamed to come back to Armaan."
The silence that followed Angad's summary of the events left a ringing in my ear.  I looked at Armaan, suddenly seeing him in new light.  Anjali stood there with her hand over her mouth.
"you've been following incorrect information and based on that, you kept advising your sister to stay away from the man who loves her...if there are any problems in their married life right now, they're Riddhima's fault.  And the fact that Riddhima is at fault is your fault." Angad looked at Anjali.  His expression cold.
Then someone sobbed. A painful, heartbreaking sound.  As the sobs got more hysterical, I realized that they were my own.  My knees buckled and the next thing I knew was that I was on the floor, my hands covering my mouth, a flood of tears flowing from my eyes.  Through the blurred vision, through the tears, I saw the three faces looking at me, shocked.  Then I felt arms go around me.  I recognized the touch right away and it only made me cry even more.
The only person who had come to console me was the person who'd been hurt for trying to make my life better.  Kripa.

I know I know.  I was supposed to fix things.  But before you guys come and kill me...I'll let you know this: next part's title is called 'Forgiven'.  Hint hint hint hint.  I had to clear this mess with Anjali and explain her actions once and for all.  I hope you enjoyed the part (minus the fight of course).  Hope everyone's exams went well. the upcoming couple of parts, I'll be introducing two new characters.Smile  Once again, hope you liked the part, feel free to predict the future.

Katie <3

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wow!ohk need to digest the whole thing...!!!

aww pooor armaan...and bitch anjie...hope evr thing goes fne in between riddhima and kripa...

now that u have told the title u gotta be updating real soon

thx fr the pm


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i hope everything gets clear :) IF-Dazzler

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<font size="3" face="Calibri">Oh noShocked... it felt too good to be true that AR's relationship was going smoothly.i knew this would happen, tell us to predict what will happen in the future and i think sometimes you act upon it( next time im going to say something out of the blue) soo glad that the next part Ridhmma would be forgiven, but i do hope all three; Armaan, Angad and Kripa would forgive would be really interesting though to find out how they would forgive her, because what Ridhmma said was very harsh ...i feel literally soo bad for both Kripa and Armaan, i hope that all of this clears out soon... I think you need to send AR on a holiday, where there is no family and friend to interrupt them, i think that would do their relationship some good(all of sudden i feel like a marriage counsellor..LOLLOL)..and please make Anjali realise her that she needs to stop interfering between AR, and she and Atul need to get together... </font>

<font size="3" face="Calibri">And as for the future i predict that Kripa is pregnant, Armaan will do something wrong and Angad and Kripa will side with Ridhmma for once(not siding with her but i think Ridhmma has had enough thrown at her),Rahul and Muskaan will get married, AR go on a holiday, and lastly Angad seeks AR help, when he wants to propose to Kripa ..i think that's a pretty long list for now...update quick(preferably in less than a week but no pressure)</font>

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Stupidcupid1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 5:36am | IP Logged
Please please update soon
I can't wait for them to be together
Love the update
N thanks for the pm
maryamdiggi Senior Member

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 6:01am | IP Logged
aah!!!!!! U think !!! Am so mad at u right know I was sooo looking forward to their romantic dinner date

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