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Rushed (AK-AR): Part 36 on Pg 148 (04/11)!!!!! (Page 82)

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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

part 18
what the heck is Anjali doing?
is she making this dolt Ridhima to get together with her husband Armaan or trying to create distances between them?
Ridhima is honestly starting to irritate me too much now...
cont soon...

Anjali is "protecting' her sister...dont worry...riddhima will get better soon. :)

Originally posted by MS-meghasharma

thanx for pm
great part
even if riddhima tries to do something good it is indeed ruined in the end...i jus wish she doesn't hate kripa thinking that she is havin an affair with armaan...
giv some brains to riddhima... she really needs it desperately...

Thanks!  Lets see where riddhima's brains lead her as of now...kripa is about to help her.

Originally posted by sisgeo

Good to see ridhima trying.anjali might be d reason ridhima being like this to arman.any way nice part.update soon and thanks for d pm

Anjali may be the're right..but why would she want to do this?

Originally posted by Iqbal Neha1

awesome part


Originally posted by JRia

continue soon
Happy Diwali

Will continue in a bit and thanks!  Happy diwali to you too!

Originally posted by ..SaM-DeSiRe..

Hey Ekta!! great part! sorry for the late comment..anyway, i really like the way AK are handling things so far..and wow RM are together!!  and the girls//guys night out was good but where was Atul?? i missed AR..well its good to see that Ridz is trying her best to fix all the problems between them!! but this time it seems thatArmaan should be a lil more open to accept her apology but i dont blame him..he must be tired of it all by now..and whooa..a second hug!! and another misunderstanding..but its kinda cute to see Ridz jealous LOL..alright, thanx for the PM..continue soon!!

Thanks!!  Atul unfortunately is friends with the girls, so the guy still needs to get involved with Angad-Armaan and the gang.  He shall return in the story soon.  and yeap...Armaan is closed up to her now...lets see what riddhima does to change that.

Originally posted by ..SaM-DeSiRe..

And i forgot to mention that i kinda have a bad feeling about Anji..she seems to kind of be responsible for triggering Riddhima's thoughts..well i hope everything goes well!!

You may be right...just stay tuned to find out ;)

Originally posted by gupta.aditi20

oh my i thought ridz sudhar gayi...

par wo to wahi atki padi hai...

i mean kripa n armaan ... shit man...

I know..well...she kinda has changed...but she still has a long way to go...and Anjali isnt helping much

Originally posted by Kasurbest

Chapter 18

so finally Riddhima starts to realize! took you long enough!! ! ! Armaan stands completely true on what he does and how he is behacing. She should be ashamed of herself to even think of kripa and armaan in that manner! Get some brains riddhima. If you will open your eyes and see the reality you will see that they share a bro-sis bond. unlike you reletionships matter to them!

cant wait to know what happens next

ud soon

Yeap..finally eh?  Well, i agree...armaan is just treating her how she treated him but is that going to make anything better?

Originally posted by nyxx

Originally posted by Princess_Khushi

Originally posted by Kasurbest

Originally posted by Princess_Khushi

Originally posted by ..SaM-DeSiRe..

And i forgot to mention that i kinda have a bad feeling about Anji..she seems to kind of be responsible for triggering Riddhima's thoughts..well i hope everything goes well!!

M feeling the same. Hoping Kate over here proves all of us wrong ;)

Yeah. lets see what Anji is really up to. I was a bit shocked when it was disclosed that Anji knows everything and she still took Riddhima away from the club when Armaan was about to join them.

Won't say I was shocked since when Ridz said 'I've been doing everything you have told me.' I figured she has a lot to do with this. Just want to know the answer to 'why' 
Completely agree with you guys! Anji for sure is one influential sister and even though we've barely seen of her much in the previous parts, im guessing now her role as an older sister will kick in. Im hoping she brings a positive outlook for Riddhima though, but right now..shes seems to making matters only worse. Why would she drag Riddhima out? Kats...UPDATEE SOONTIMES :)
- Dee

She is a hidden character, that Anjali, but she has contributed to the story in many ways...the issues in AR's relationship right now is her doing...but lets see what Riddhima does.  Lets see what Kripa has to say and lets see why Anjali is doing this...

Originally posted by nyxx

It has been 6 days since we've had an update from you. Almost a week :P So missy start writing over this weekend and give us an update SOOONNN! =)

hey missyyy...I update every TWO weeks, remember?  but just cuz it was diwali/new giving you a treat :P

Originally posted by SaDiA_IqBaLkHaN

Aaah its going faab! Luv it...Angad and Kripa are to cutee hope nuffin messes up for them! Cont soon!

Thanks!  AK are amazinggg...and lets see if it stays that way...

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love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Previous Part: Page 74

Part 19: Surrender

After the night of partying, the day that followed was pretty mellow.  Riddhima found herself alone at home again as Armaan was at the library, studying.  Angad had gone to the library to give him company.  Kripa was setting up for a photo shoot that she was a model for.  Her friend needed some pictures for an assignment.  Rahul and Muskaan were out, shopping on Muskaan's request.
Kripa and Angad talked on the phone a couple of times and when Angad suggested that Armaan call Riddhima, Armaan turned down the suggestion.
Late in the evening, the boys decided to head home, tired from all the studying. 
Kripa and Claire, Kripa's friend, both turned their heads towards the living room when they heard a knock on the door. 

"I guess that would be Angad." Claire looked at Kripa.  Kripa just nodded.  " about perfect timing.  He gets home precisely when I click the last photo.  I'll help you clean this up."

"No...It's okay...I like all the candles and the flowers...I'll take care of it...don't worry about it.  I hope the pictures turn out fine." Kripa said, getting up from the carpet of white roses and orchids.  She walked out to the front door and opened it.

Angad's jaw dropped slightly at the sight in front of him.  Kripa stood there in a white strapless dress that had a silver satin ribbon around her waist, tied in a bow knot at the side.  She wore matching silver heels with satin ribbons that wrapped around her claves.  Her look made perfect by a delicate chain around her neck with a tiny diamond heart pendant, and long earrings that ran parallel to her neck.  What made this simple look seem more amazing was the lone white orchid she had pinned behind her ear.

She snapped her fingers in front of him.  "Do you plan on coming in at all?"

He walked in, still staring at her.  She closed the door and followed him as he put his backpack on the couch.  Then, he turned around, circled his arms around her waist and pulled her close.  A giggling Kripa went on her tippy toes and kissed him.

Claire walked in on them and caught them in a kiss that way too private to be seen.  She cleared her throat.  "Well...clearly you two want me to leave.  Good luck with the cleaning Kripa.  And Angad...good luck to you too."  

Claire winked suggestively and left, closing the door after her.

"She's right about that...I'll need a lot of luck.  You're looking so good that it should be illegal." He kissed her again.

Kripa raised her eyebrow at him and wiggled out of his grip.  "Well...I can make that easy for you.  I'll go and clean up my room and then change...alright?"

She walked into her room, with Angad on her tail.  Of course he was still staring at her.  On her way to the flowers, she pressed the 'play' button on her CD player and a romantic instrumental filled the silence in the room.  She froze right next to flowers because the lights went out.  When she turned around to look, she figured that Angad had switched them off.  Now the candle-light filled the room.  There were enough candles to keep the room bright, and enough flowers to make the room smell like a flower garden.  It was all sort of romantic.  Kripa shook her head at him and bent down to start cleaning up the flowers.

She picked up a hand full of flowers and looked around to see where she could keep them.  Angad walked to her and extended his hands towards her.  She put the flowers in his hand but he tossed the flowers over his head, onto her bed.  She just watched on confusedly as he tossed most of the flowers onto her bed.

"Angad...I think you're going crazy..." She joked with him.

To which he seriously replied, "yeah...and it's all your fault"

The next thing Kripa knew was that she was against the wall, fingers of both hands entwined with his, the comfortable weight of his torso on hers.

"And I won't go crazy alone, you know...I'll make you go crazy with me..." his husky voice made her heart beat frantically.
"Shouldn't be so hard..." Kripa whispered back, staring into his eyes.
Angad leaned closer, brought his lips about a centimetre from hers, and then moved back.  Kripa stared at him and he smirked.  He did the same thing again.  Almost kissed her and then moved back.  Kripa frowned.  He did it for a third time.  Kripa groaned.  He was testing her patience.  His proximity was already thrashing her insides wildly and on top of that, he was having fun teasing her.

The fourth time he leaned in to tease her, she pushed herself from the wall and caught his lips before he moved back.  He chuckled at her reaction in between the kiss.

The kiss got deeper and deeper.  Angad felt his logic and sense of thought slipping.  He tried to pull apart but she was clutching onto him so tightly.  One hand wound around his neck, the other around his waist.

"You're...treading...dangerous waters." He whispered whenever he could form the word and will his muscles to speak.  Kripa was constantly making him lose his senses.
"I don't care..."
In a movement so quick that he didn't understand how she managed it, she turned around and pushed him against the wall.  Something about that move of hers filled Angad with a sudden wave of passion and warmth.  He wrapped his arms around her again and pulled her off her feet.  As the new passion passed onto Kripa through the kiss, her hands started trembling slightly.  Her vision dizzying.  Electric tingles ran up and down her spine and she realized that it was because she felt Angad struggling with her dress's zipper at her back.

She stopped moving, and he stopped struggling.  She felt the dress loosen around her as the zipper came undone.  When his warm hand touched her bare back, she gasped.  And slowly she registered that she was working to unbutton his shirt.  She'd already managed with the first two.
Angad kissed the curve of her neck multiple times before leaving a love mark on her delicate skin.  She was standing on the floor now.  A distant part of her mind reasoned that he must have weak balance in this state they were in.  He started taking steps forward, making her take steps backwards, and still leaving an unstopping trail of kisses on her shoulders, neck, and face.

The burning candles and the instrumental music were all forgotten in the heat of their passion.  She managed to undo the last button on his shirt before falling onto the flower covered bed.  Much to his surprise, Kripa impatiently peeled off the shirt from his body and tossed it aside.  She looked deep into his eyes as she caressed his chiselled chest and abdomen muscles.  Simultaneously, she could feel his hands running down from the side of her ribs to her waist, to her hip, to her thigh, and back up again.  And along with this movement, she felt her dress slipping a bit by bit. 

"You are so beautiful...I can loo-"he started to say but she shut him up by putting a hand over his mouth.  She used her other hand, which was wrapped around Angad's broad shoulders, to prop herself up.  She came close enough for their noses to touch lightly. 

"Shh...Don't say anything..." she sounded breathless and slightly nervous, He was nervous too.  In all the weeks they'd spent together, neither had felt this level of passion and intimacy.  This time it was a whole new level that neither one could explain.

Kripa felt the need to pull him closer than he already was.  She gasped aloud and dug her nails into his back when he left another love bite on her shoulder.   And that reaction from her put everything else in fast forward.  Within a couple of minutes, countless kisses and moans later, they were making love for the first time in their lives.  Neither one knew what to expect after this.  They didn't know what it would do to their relationship.  They just went with the flow of the passion, the urgent need of each other, and the intimacy.  There was one thing for sure though, to both of them, whatever was happening between them felt completely right.

The next morning:  Kripa.

I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me.  I don't know what exactly he was thinking but he looked like he was thinking about something important.  I smiled at him, remembering the precious moments from a few hours ago.  He returned the smile and turned so that his body was hovering over mine.  He used the elbow of the hand he had under my head to prop himself up.  He moved strands of hair off of my face with his free hand and then he caressed my cheek with the tips of his fingers. 

I closed my eyes and shivered slightly under his touch.  He kissed my forehead twice and I opened my eyes.  His face was closer now and I couldn't help but touch his cheek with the tips of my fingers.  I could be wrong but I think my touch had the same effect his touch had on me.  I say that because I felt him hold his breath and close his eyes when my fingers trailed his cheekbone.  When he opened them, there was a smile tugging at his lips.

"I'm in love with you." He whispered his voice husky.  My hand froze with my fingers still on his cheek.    "I love you." He repeated, staring into my eyes.

As soon as he uttered the word 'love', something amazing exploded in my heart.  It was as if his confession had brought realization upon me.  I was suddenly sure that I loved him too.  Absent minded, still staring into his eyes, I slid my hand from his cheek and wrapped it around his neck while my other hand placed itself right over his heart.

I closed my eyes as I felt his heart hammering in his chest, "I love you too."

The words escaped from my mouth automatically.  The shock of hearing myself speak them out loud made my eyes fly open, that too, just in time to catch his heart-stopping smile right before he bent down to kiss me.

We made love again that early morning, with twice the passion, twice the love, twice as joy as the first time.

It was later when I was lying in his arms while he slept that I decided that no matter what anyone said, I'd made the right choice when I decided to give our relationship a chance and I had been right when I'd agreed to move in with him.  I know that a lot of people think that our relationship is moving too fast.  It seems rushed.  But it has been perfect so far.  And now, since we're in love with each other...what could possibly go wrong?

When I woke up an hour before noon, I noticed that I was alone on the bed.  I was famished since I hadn't had dinner the night before.  When I stretched my body, with a painful shock, I realized that I was sore in places I'd never thought possible.  I felt myself blushing as I recalled the events of last night.  I walked into the washroom to brush my teeth and I was a little surprised at the way I looked.  My curls were fading and my hair was returning to its normal straight self.  My cheeks we red at the cheekbones as if I were wearing bright red blush.  My skin seemed like I was glowing from the inside...OH!  This is the glow everyone talks about. 

Then my eyes drifted to my neck and my eyes widened.  It was covered in love bites.  Great!  It was going to be a turtleneck day. 

After taking a shower, I put on my bathrobe and walked into the room.  As I walked past the CD player, I popped in a CD of old Hindi songs.  The first song that started had me smiling to myself.  Simply because it applied to me this morning.

Na jaane Kya hua, Jo Tune Choo Liya,
Khila Gulaab Ki tarah Mera Badan.
Nikhar Nikhar Gayi, Sawar Sawar Gayi,
Banake Aaina Tujhe Ae Jaan-E-Mann.

A Nice Old Hindi Song if you want to check it out:

I put on my baby blue sleeveless turtleneck on and paired it with my black skinny jeans.  I left the music on and headed out.  I was singing along to the song when I opened the door and found Angad standing there smiling to himself.  Startled, I stood frozen for a couple of seconds.

Then he gave me his slanted smile and I automatically smiled back.  I took a couple of steps and hugged him.  In the same instant I felt his arms wrap around me, holding me possessively.  The feeling of being in his arms brought back memories from the night before, amplified.  I involuntarily hid my face in his chest, and heard him chuckle.

"I thought you were gone for the day..." I said before pulling apart and kissing his lips.

"It's Sunday today, baby.  No classes.  Remember?"  He kissed my forehead.

I guess he must have seen my glum expression because he brought his face to my level and cupped my face.

"Do you not want me to stay at home today?" He asked, seriously.  Then he seemed to hesitate for a few seconds.  "You're not...upset...about...last night, are you?"

I held his hands, pressing them closer to my cheek.  "Of course not. Last night was one of my most special nights.  It's just that I'd promised Riddhima that she could come over...she wants to talk about her and Armaan I think.  I would have felt less guilty about focusing on her for a few hours if you were out.  Now I'll feel guilty about having to keep you alone for so long."

"Don't worry about it, love.  I was going to see Armaan anyway.  It all works out.  Anyway, go and have breakfast...its waiting for you at the table.  I'm sure you're famished after all the hard work." He gave me a teasing smile.
And then I realized that he was wearing a white collared shirt.  I couldn't help but pull aside the collar with my finger.  I guess he must have figured out what I was thinking because he quietly let me do what I was doing.
I felt my face getting red as I found the marks similar to the ones on my neck at the base of his neck.  Yeah, don't look so surprised.  I don't remember doing that.  But then again, I didn't remember having that happened to my own neck.
As I ran my finger over one of the marks on his neck, my other hand automatically went towards my neck.
I looked up at him.  He smiled and took my hand off of his neck and kissed it.  Then he winked at me, kissed my forehead and led me to the table where a complete breakfast was waiting for me.
A couple of hours later, Riddhima texted me saying that she was on her way.  Angad walked into his room to change and a few minutes later, Riddhima knocked at my door.
I fixed my turtleneck, knowing very well that she'll freak out if she heard about last night, and opened the door.
"Hey!" I gave her a hug.
"Hi", she said returning the hug and walking in.  "You look...different."
"Uh...what do you mean?"
"I don't know" she shrugged.  "You look a lot happier."
"Because I get to see you!"
As soon as she sat on the couch, I interrupted her with my question.  "Okay...what do you want to talk about?"
"Are you in hurry or something?  I can come some other day if you want."
I plopped myself on the couch, next to her.  "Nah...I'm in no hurry...I'm just deciding what kind of drink we'll need with this conversation...pop, coffee, tea, hot chocolate,"
She giggled.  I liked that.  It felt good to see her laughing so freely.  But then she got serious.  She looked at me and took a deep breath.
"I want to talk about me and Armaan."
Next Part: Page 85

 Here you go guys!  I know I know...there isnt much AR in this part, but Next part has a LOT of AR in it.  so just be patient.   I hope you all like this part.  its an early Update...diwali present from me.  :)  Enjoy guys.  Happy Diwali!  Feel free to comment/suggest/predict.

Love you all,

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*reservedd* Oh yeah...the connection is BACK! =)

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I wanted to read about ar but loved the update
Update soon
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awesome job with the part!!!!! definitely did an awesome job with the angad and kripa part ;) soo beautiful! loved kinda getting scared about the problems that are going to arise in their life though hahah..but of course their life needs some spice too! ahha anyways, thanks for writing! :)
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great update angad kripa moved ahead i hope bec of armaan and ridhi they wont face any problems 
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thnx 4 pm. Nice part! IF-Dazzler

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 that was great part...i cant believe that ak got so intimate...but i think ridhmma will find out soon, she already noticed that kripa is happy...i hope the convo between the 2 friends help ridhmma and armaans love story a bit...thanks for the pm and update soon

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