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Rushed (AK-AR): Part 36 on Pg 148 (04/11)!!!!! (Page 107)

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Awesome part love it!

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Hey! Its been ages when you updating..? :)
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When are u going to continue.Its been so long
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Guess Who's Back Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I know.  its Been forever...but I've had terrible three weeks at school and to make up for the delay, I have a triple treat for you guys!Big smile

Thank You ALLL for the amazing, uplifting, and encouraging comments!  I love you all for that.  I really appreciate it.  it gives me more motivation and inspiration to continue writing!Smile

I hope you can forgive me AGAIN for the delay.  But I'm updating TWO parts in 5 minutes.  that is two of the three treats...the 3rd treat, you'll see when you read the part.Embarrassed

Katie <3

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Welcome back! Missed you! And guess whom you should spank Ouch I haven't edited the comment still. I feel so bad... ! My pm box is filled up the update pmz and I haven't gotten to any of them yet -__- I'll comment on the three parts together. Sooner hopefully Hug Oh waiting for the third surprise! <3
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Previous Part: Page 104

Part 25: Fast-Forwarding

New Year's Eve:
Angad-Kripa, Armaan-Riddhima, and Rahul-Muskaan were all on the makeshift dance floor that was the living room of Armaan-Riddhima's house.  Anjali stood off to the side and looked at her sister.  She looked happy with Armaan.  With every passing moment, Anjali felt more and more guilty.  The longer she looked at her, the more she realized that she's been wrong. 
Kripa was was Anjali's fault that Riddhima wasn't completely happy before.  Anjali didn't realize she was crying until someone wiped the tears off of her cheeks.  Atul.
Anjali had never been more glad to see him.  She hugged him and let her tears flow.  Atul patted her back, trying to calm her down.
"I messed up Atul!  I've hurt her a lot!  She is so angry with me...she won't talk to me..." Anjali sobbed.
"Did you apologize anjie?" Atul waited for a response but it never came.  She just shook her head.  "Anjie, when one makes a mistake as big as yours...they're the ones who have to fix it...apologize to Ridzie and Armaan...initiate a fresh start...don't expect them to forgive you right away but the least you can do is apologize." Atul explain calmly.
"Are you mad at me, too?"
"No but I was really disappointed in you.  I understand that you were looking out for your sister but you should have made sure of his past.  And you should have asked for forgiveness...but no can do that now...go and try to start fresh with your sister and brother-in-law...let the old memories stay in 2011 and have a brand new start with brand new year."
"Will you come with me?" Anjali sniffed as she pulled apart.
Atul just smiled at her.  "I'm always by your side anjie."
Anjali and Atul walked towards Armaan and Riddhima.  Armaan spotted them first and stopped dancing.  Riddhima stopped as well and followed his gaze.  She frowned when she saw Anjali standing there.
"Can I talk to you two for a minute?" Anjali asked.
Riddhima looked over her shoulder at Armaan.  Armaan nodded in the slightest.  Riddhima looped her arm through his as they followed Anjali and Atul away from the dance floor crowd.  On her way, Riddhima found Kripa and tugged her hand, who in turn tagged Angad along.  At the end of it all, the six of them stood at a corner in the living room.
"Anjali wants to say something to all of you." Atul explained.
"What's more left to say?"  Riddhima crossed her arms and frowned at Anjali.
Armaan squeezed her shoulder.  "Riddhima..." he said in a gentle pleading tone. 
Riddhima breathed out and looked at Anjali.  "Go ahead.  What is it that you want to say?"
"I'm not going to defend myself Ridzie.  I'm here to admit my mistake.  I should have told you about this as soon as I figured out that he was the one you were going to marry...believe me when I say that I don't know why I did that...and when you told me about the troubles you were having...I refused to see why exactly you were having issues with him but I just wanted to blame him.  I was convinced and stubborn...and Kripa and Angad were right.  The increased problems in your married life were my fault.  As you sister...I should have explained better, listened better...advice better."
Kripa smiled a little, glad that Anjali had realized her mistakes.  She could see the change in Riddhima's body language.  The change in Riddhima's facial expressions.
When Kripa and Armaan's eyes met, they smiled at each other knowingly.  Both of them knew that Riddhima would forgive Anjali.  But Anjali spoke again.
"I'm so sorry Kripa.  I'm sorry for not listening to you.  I'm sorry Angad...for hurting your best friend and your girlfriend.  Armaan, I'm sorry for doubting you and blaming you for stuff you've never done.  And I'm really really sorry Riddhima.  For being a terrible sister.  For not understanding you and your problems.  For not supporting you like I should have...for everything that I can't list right now.  I'm so sorry!"
A minute of silence followed until Riddhima finally walked up to Anjali and hugged her without saying a word.
Kripa let out a sigh of relief.  "Woohoo!" she cheered.
Anjali extended her arm towards Kripa, inviting her to join the hug.  Kripa very merrily skipped up to them and joined the group hug.  Angad and Atul slapped Armaan's back encouragingly.
"Do I not get a hug from my saali...aka my aadhi gharwaali?" Armaan teased.
Riddhima and Kripa stepped away when Armaan approached them and gave his sister-in-law a hug.  Anjali felt like sobbing like a baby again at his friendly gesture.  He patted her back.
"Don't's all forgotten.  It's all cool." Armaan smiled at her after he pulled apart.
End of January:
Kripa groaned and rolled out of bed after a non-stop knock at the door disrupted her sleep on early Saturday morning.  Whoever was at the door had hands made of steel and zero patience.  She took a deep breath in to ready her lungs for the long chain of cusses and disses she had in her mind.
As soon as she opened the door though, two things happened simultaneously.  She felt cold water splash down from top of her head.  Almost two bucket full's.  Then she felt some dust-like material being showered on her.
"WHAT THE ****!!"  Kripa yelled at last.
"Oh ****" and "damn" were heard simultaneously.
Kripa angrily moved her hair out of her face and whatever the dirt stuff was and looked at the two strangers at the door.
The thin, tall girl spoke first, while the tall built man just looked at Kripa as his mouth formed a little 'o' of surprise.
"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!  I think we might have the wrong apartment!"  The girl looked at the door and saw the apartment number.  "Uh no...We have the right apartment but you don—" her sentence was cut off abruptly by her own gasp.  "OH SHIZZLES!   YOU'RE KRIPA!!" the girl screamed and threw herself at Kripa.  Kripa yelped in shock as the unknown girl gave her a tight hug, nearly crushing her ribs.
Kripa pushed the girl off.  "EXCUSE ME!!  Would you mind telling me who you are?"
"I'm Angad's cousin!  The one and only—"
"—Khushi!" Kripa completed for her.
The two girls squealed and hugged each other.  Despite the fact that Kripa was covered in glitter.  Despite that fact that this was the first time they were meeting.  They'd talked over the phone before.  Angad had mentioned Kripa to Khushi a lot, and vice versa.  From what Kripa had gathered Angad and Khushi were quite close.
Once Kripa pulled apart, she looked towards the man.  "You must be Arnav!"  Before he could respond, much to his surprise, Kripa gave him a hug as well.
She invited them in.  And just as she was about to close the door, Angad walked in.  He arched an eyebrow at Kripa.
"Is this your new idea for seducing Angad Khanna?" he said in a bad-boy tone.
Kripa raised both her eyebrows in response.  "Angad...Baby that's not how you talk in front of people."
Angad wrapped his arms around Kripa and pulled her close.  "People?  I'm inside past the threshold of my house...there is no one around...just you and me..."
"AND ME!!" Khushi yelled from the couch.
Excitement broke loose and Angad-Khushi ran towards each other and embraced each other in a brotherly-sisterly hug.
As Arnav, Angad, and Khushi caught up, Kripa went to get the glitter off herself and get ready for the day.  The three were still talking when she returned.  She smiled at them and went into the kitchen to grab her cup of coffee which already waiting for her on the counter.  Angad.
She smiled at the cup as she headed back into the living room.  She plopped down next to Angad and he immediately wrapped his arm around her waist instinctively.
"Thank you for the coffee..." Kripa kissed his cheek.
"Anytime my love." Angad smiled back.
"Hey Devi maiyya!  You two are so CUTE! And really Kripa...I'm so sorry about the glitter and the see...I was going to take a picture of a glitter covered Angad and call it "Edward Khanna""
She giggled while Arnav rolled his eyes and Angad just glared at her.  Kripa rolled her tongue in her mouth and looked at Angad, trying to suppress her own giggle.
When Angad looked at her, she smiled and winked at him.  She gave him a quick kiss before excusing herself.  Once she was out of hearing range, Arnav tapped Angad's knees.
"Nice choice" Arnav said nodding in Kripa's direction and winking encouragingly.
"Thanks buddy...she's great." Angad said, staring at Kripa.
Kripa and Khushi hit it off well right off the bat.  They were pretty similar when it came to hobbies and interests.  Once Riddhima and Khushi were introduced, they hit it off well too.  And soon enough, the group of five girls, Kripa, Riddhima, Khushi, Muskaan, and Anjali was inseparable.  Because of them, the five guys had also become really close and now they were all a big happy family.
Then rolled around Valentine's Day.
Angad-Kripa and Armaan-Riddhima decided to make it a double date to make it that much more comfortable for Riddhima.  She was plenty comfy with Armaan now, but Kripa's presence gave her the moral support she needed.
As they sat around the table, Angad's hand crept along Kripa's thigh and she shot him a flirty look.
"Stop that Khanna...or else you're in trouble when we get home."
Angad kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear.  "That's even better Patel...I love getting in trouble with give the best punishments"
Kripa rolled her tongue in her cheek.  "Don't bet on might not get the punishment you're looking for."
When Kripa looked up, Armaan and Riddhima were staring at them with raised eyebrows.  Kripa just shrugged in response.
"I don't know if this double date was a good idea...I feel like we're invading their space" Riddhima whispered to Armaan.
Armaan was sitting with his arm draped around her waist.  He simply looked at her and winked.
"Let's give them some privacy with me?" he extended his hand to her.
"Love to."  Riddhima put her hand in his and the two excused themselves and headed to where the rest of the couples were dancing.
As they danced in each other's arms, Armaan was focused on her where as she was focused on Angad and Kripa.
"They're so adorable aren't they?" Riddhima said and turned to Armaan but she was taken aback at their proximity.  Sensing her slight discomfort, Armaan slowed down and loosened his grip around her waist.
Her mind thought back to the number of hugs they'd shared since she'd decided to be open minded and give this marriage an honest chance.  She remembered all the times he held her hand and she didn't mind.  She recalled all those times when she fell asleep on his shoulder.  She also summoned the memories of her waking up in his arms on a few mornings.
Unconsciously, she tightened her grip around his shoulder in response to him loosening his. Armaan slowed down even more to make sure he wasn't making her too uncomfortable.  But then she blinked and smiled at him.
He cautiously smiled back.  She giggled and took the liberty to put her head on his shoulder.  Armaan smiled to himself.  Finally she was comfortable enough with him both emotionally and physically.  He knew that 99% of the credit went to Kripa for all this.
Instinctively, he looked at her and she was looking back at them with a content smile.  She gave him a thumbs up when his eyes met hers.
"Thank you" he mouthed in her direction.
They danced to a few songs and completely lost track of time.  Kripa and Angad joined them towards the end of the night but Riddhima and Armaan were oblivious to the fact and it remained that way until the night came to an end.
As they were headed out towards the parking lot, Riddhima excused herself to go to the washroom.  Angad and Kripa excused themselves and went out to the parking lot, leaving Armaan waiting for Riddhima.
Once she came back, Armaan and Riddhima walked out together.  Riddhima looped her arm through his when they stepped out into Toronto's February chill.
They froze in their steps about 10 steps away from their car.  They'd caught Angad and Kripa in yet another passionate lip-lock that was perhaps too personal to be out in the parking lot.  Riddhima could feel her cheeks burning.  Her heartbeat raced and she could feel her breathing getting heavy.  What the heck?!  She'd never had this reaction before.

Next part: Same Page, Next post, Simply Scroll!

Note:  Guys, Please dont get TOO excited about Arnav-Khushi's entry into the fic.  They will NOT be the main focus.  This fic is an AK-AR fic..ArHi are here as support characters. but soon enough, I'll have a treat for ArHi fans too.Embarrassed

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Previous Part: Same Page, Previous Post, Scroll up!!

Part 26: Much Awaited

And then she felt what was actually causing that reaction.  She could feel Armaan's eyes on her face.  That made her blush even more.  Just the thought of him wanting to kiss her was dizzying.  She gathered all her courage and turned slightly to look at Armaan and BAM!  She was right.  He was looking at her.  His expression warm, his smile faint...the desire in his eyes...ablaze!
Riddhima looked away and closed her eyes, trying to control her breathing.  Armaan was embarrassed at being caught in that state and he awkwardly cleared his throat.
Angad and Kripa thought that was a hint at them to stop and so they did.  Armaan and Riddhima walked over feeling more awkward.  After a short chat, the two couples parted ways and drove to their respective destinations.
On the drive home, Riddhima was still thinking about the burning desire she'd seen in Armaan's eyes.  The obviousness of his expressions, and body language that shouted that he wanted to kiss her.  Even more surprising was the fact that she wouldn't have minded if he had.  Hell.  She wished he had.
She stole yet another glance at him through the corner of her eyes.  She saw him squirm in his seat a little and in that moment she knew that he'd been stealing looks at her as well.   She looked out the window and absent mindedly played with her necklace.
She was restless.  There was a brand new case of butterflies in her stomach.  The car screeched to a stop at a red light.  She turned to look at him in the same instant he turned to look at her.  Both waited for the other to say something but neither one did.  The silence became even more awkward.  Riddhima turned her face as if she was looking out the window but in reality, she had her eyes shut tight as she tried to control the waves of emotions.
Armaan cleared his throat and Riddhima's eyes flew open.  He reached for the button for the CD player in an attempt to ease the awkwardness.  But of course...with his luck...
Oh Zara Zara Touch Me Touch me Touch Me,
O Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me.
O Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me
O Zara Zara Ooo Ooo
Armaan stared at the CD player, his expression mortified.  Riddhima's spine stiffened in her seat, her fingers stopped their battle with the necklace, and her eyes shut tight again. Armaan coughed once before reaching to change the song.
(I'm going to get a little bit cheesy and clich here but it's cute!  Hehe)
Bheege Hont Tere, Pyaasa Dil Mera
Lage Ambr Sa Mujhe Tan Tera
Armaan covered his face with one of his palms.  Riddhima's mouth fell open this time.  What the hell was happening tonight?  Armaan reached for the buttons again, without removing the palm from his face.
kiss me baby, Kiss Me Baby
hoth tere mai ka pyala
kiss me baby, Kiss me baby
tu hain mera garam masala
Riddhima turned around suddenly to look at him.  Her eyes wide with shock, her jaw dropped.  Armaan looked between her and the CD player wide eyed before finally turning to the CD player.
He fumbled with the buttons.  It took him a few attempts to turn off the CD player.
He looked sheepishly at Riddhima who turned around and looked out the window again.  Armaan face-palmed himself again and turned towards his own window.  He looked skyward and mouthed "why?" with the perfect hand gesture.
Another car from behind him honked.  Armaan looked at the signal and fumbled for a second before driving again.  A couple minutes later when he parked in their driveway, neither moved for a few seconds.  Armaan turned his head minimally'just enough to be able to look at her. 

Another few seconds later, she finally turned to look at him, she held his gaze for two seconds before turning and running out of the car and into the house.  Armaan sat there, surprised.  Was that a smile and a hint of blush on her face?
And then his eyes fell on the CD player.  He glared at it and pulled his hand back as if he was going to punch it.  Instead of punching it, he pointed a finger at it.
"This is War!" he said to the CD player, narrowing his eyes at it for a little more dramatic effect.
Armaan walked out of the car and followed her in.  He could hear her upstairs in their bedroom.  He headed there too, making it a point to act normal.  But obviously that point jumped out the window the second he saw her.  She had taken her heels off and she was holding her bathrobe in her hand.
"uhh...I'll just go and shower" and with that she skipped into the shower.  She leaned against the door and hugged the bunched up bathrobe to her chest, trying to calm her breathing and heartbeat.
When she stood under the warm running water of the shower, she thought back on all the joyous moments she'd shared with Armaan till date.  She also remembered her conversation with Kripa from the Hen's party night.  Kripa was right.  The more Riddhima tried to adjust into Armaan's lifestyle, the more she found out what it was to really get out there in the world and live.  Riddhima was no longer a tank fish...although, she wasn't an ocean fish yet either...she was a...pond fish?
She smiled to herself when she remembered the incidence in the car and the awkward bit in the parking lot...thanks to Angad and Kripa.
She stepped out of the shower in her bathrobe and stood at the sink to grab her toothbrush when Armaan frantically banged on the door.  Riddhima jumped at the sudden sound.
"Use the washroom downstairs!" Riddhima stated back, confused.
"you don't get it!!  I can't move much!  Get out now or else I'm going to'"
Before he got a chance to finish, Riddhima opened the door and ran out, still in her bathrobe her pajamas in her hands.  Armaan ran in and kicked the door shut behind him.  Riddhima looked at the door with her eyebrows raised for a second and then a giggle escaped her lips.
The few giggled turned into uncontrollable laughter.  She laughed to herself at his state and she was still laughing when he stepped out.
He stared at her for a bit as she continued to try to control her laughter.  He crossed his arms and leaned across the edge of the wall.  And then her eyes fell on him.  She stopped laughing and in a haste to get out of there, she moved to quickly and ended up flinging the end of her pajamas shirt into her eyes.
"ouch!" she winced, instinctively covering her eye.
Armaan walked to her and stopped her hand from rubbing her eye any further.  With his other hand, he peeled open the eyelid and gently blew air over her eye, soothing it.  He repeated the same a couple of times.
It wasn't until he stopped that he realized how close the two were.  He was standing and bent over to reach her level, she sat there on the bed looking up at him.  His hand moved away from her eye and cupped her face instead.
His other hand still held onto one of hers.  The pajamas were abandoned by her as her own hand reached up and covered his hand on her face.  She closed her eyes as a shiver ran up her spine when she pressed his hand closer against her cheek.
She opened her eyes slowly and registered the change in Armaan's expression.  There was a hint of surprise on his face the second he looked into her eyes.  She knew what he saw in them.  He'd seen the same glint of desire she'd seen in his eyes earlier.  His eyes were questioning.
In an answer to the unasked question, Riddhima smiled gently.  Armaan very cautiously moved closer just a teeny tiny bit.  Her cheeks were starting to take on a pink-ish hue. He paused to get a hint of her exact reaction to make sure that she understood what was happening and what he was about to do.
She gently freed her hand from his grip and rested it on his shoulder instead.  She was going to need the support.  She knew it.  She swallowed a little bit of her fear and anxiety and moved closer, her hands trembling slightly.  Armaan used his recently freed hand to cup her face.  He held her face in his hands like a delicate flower that would get crushed if he held it too tight.
He moved dangerously closer and she closed her eyes in anticipation.  He gently touched the tip of his nose to hers, signalling to her how close he actually was and to see if she would recoil or freak out.  Instead, he felt her hand on his shoulder tighten its grip.
Taking the flashing green signal from her, he very gently touched his lips to hers for a brief moment and then moved back just a bit.
Riddhima shut her eyes tighter and waited for the electric current stop running up and down her spine, waited for the insane butterflies in her stomach to settle down, and waited for the sudden heat around her to cool down.
And then she felt his lips against hers again and everything that was starting to calm down went into frenzy again.  And this time her heart joined in too.  It was no longer beating was beating in the most unnatural rhythm.  She could swear that she felt her heart stop for a second.
Armaan felt similar things.  The more he tried to pull away, the more he was drawn closer.  She wasn't stopping him and he didn't want to stop himself.  Somehow, somewhere he found the strength to not kiss her for a third time.  He didn't want to push her over the edge.  He already didn't know what reaction to expect in a few seconds when she would open her eyes.
What was even more unexpected, though, was her reaction.  Her hand was no longer on his shoulder, it was clutching onto the collar of his shirt.  She pulled him closer by the collar and stretched herself forward until she felt his lips against hers.
And then everything happened fast.  Before she knew it, she standing on the bed on her knees, at the same level as him, her arms completely wound around his shoulders, a handful of his hair in her hands.  His arms tightly locked around her small waist.
Their lips moved in a harmonized choreography and both lost track of facts, proximity, and time.  When her lungs ached for air, she pulled apart with a gasp, her arms still around his shoulder.  Armaan controlled his own breathing and opened his eyes to look at her. 
She was breathing hard, her face red'especially the cheeks'her eyes were still closed.  He waited patiently for her to gather herself. 
After a minute or so, she finally opened her eyes but didn't look at him right away.  Then slowly, like a newlywed bride, she lifted her gaze to look at her husband.  His face radiated happiness.  She felt even more heat rushing to her cheeks.  He smiled at her, for her.  He was looking straight into her eyes and she knew that the only thing that was on his mind right now was her.
She couldn't control her smile and the sudden wave of shyness that washed over her.  She looked away from him but this time, he found it cute because she wasn't turning away from him...she was shying away from him.  She gently pushed him away and ran for the bathroom only to run back again to grab her pajamas.  She shut the door behind her and leaned her back against it, still breathing like she'd finished running a marathon.
Outside, Armaan lifted his hand on front of him and pinched himself.  When he was sure that he hadn't imagined that bit earlier, he walked towards the bathroom door and almost knocked but then turned around, scratching his head.  He walked towards his side of the bed and collapsed there with his eyes closed, an idiotic grin on his face, as he replayed the kiss over and over in his mind.
He heard the door open but he didn't move.  The last thing he needed now was awkwardness between them.  He sensed her when she sat down on the bed and lay down.  He heard the bed sheets and the blankets shuffle.  He turned his head towards her and peeped through extremely narrowed eyes.
She had her back to him.  He turned in the same direction as hers and stared at her back, wishing desperately to say something.  Ask if she was upset, most importantly.
She could feel his stare burning a hole in the middle of her back.  She slowly turned onto her back and stared up at the ceiling.  She knew her cheeks were still red.  She knew he could see that.  She turned to her side again, her back to him and she reached for the lamp.  She turned the lamp off and closed her eyes to shade off the rest of the light that came from Armaan's lamp.
A few seconds later, she felt him move closer and his arm snaked around her waist.   She was ecstatic at the moment because of the kiss and how right it felt but she wasn't ready for anything more yet.  She wanted to take things slow.  She wanted to enjoy every experience thoroughly.
Knowing very well that she was awake, he put his hand on her shoulder and turned her towards him.  She opened her eyes slowly and was surprised to see the expression on his face.  It was calm and gathered, glint of joy in his eyes that also got reflected in the tiny smile on his lips.  His lips.  Where her lips had been a few minutes ago.  The thought made her blush even more and she pried her eyes away from his face.
He moved closer and for a second she thought that there would be a repeat of the kiss but much to her surprise, he kissed her forehead gently, with affection and love.  She looked at his face when he pulled away.  He offered her a smile.
"Good night Riddhima."
And with that, he lay back on the bed again and closed his eyes.  She looked at him for a long minute.  Then thinking back on her bold move earlier and the joy that move had brought her, she decided to push herself just a little more and she made another move.
She moved closer to him and put her head on his shoulder and threw her arm over his stomach.  Without saying anything, Armaan wrapped his arm around her waist and snuggled her closer so that she was more comfortable.
For the first time ever, the husband and wife went to sleep with a content smile on their face, and willingly in each other's arms.

And you must've thought that the twilight kiss was the slowest approach to a first kiss ever...heheh...well...that's my tripple treat...2 parts + Armaan-Riddhima kiss (and the ArHi entry would be the fourth treat if you would like to consider it oneLOL)

Well, I hope I'm forgiven for the delay after these treats!  I'll try to make the next update sooner, I'm already working on the part! Smile

Alrighty Guys, See you soon.  leave you super-duper-fantastically-fantabulous comments!

Katie <3

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Part 24

Sorry im commenting sooo late...the last part made me smile because it showed how much Ridhmma has changed...and i like the idea that Armaan assured  her that he will say those three words to her once she says them first... update soon(which should be in 5 mins i hope)

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~*Fan Fic-Tu Muskura*~ *LAST PART, PART 16 PG 93*

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Author: Maaneet-Fan   Replies: 890   Views: 214102

Maaneet-Fan 890 214102 11 December 2013 at 7:06am by

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 55 56

Author: -Crayon-   Replies: 445   Views: 65405

-Crayon- 445 65405 12 October 2012 at 7:59pm by PoojaSheth

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Author: luvabbybaby   Replies: 289   Views: 77403

luvabbybaby 289 77403 12 October 2012 at 7:55pm by PoojaSheth
A LOT LIKE LOVE#2-part 40 pg 128(LAST PART)

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Author: barkha_90   Replies: 1197   Views: 577416

barkha_90 1197 577416 05 May 2012 at 3:10am by TANVI_SEXY
AR love story Part 23 P. 73- LAST PART

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Author: ..Mira..   Replies: 633   Views: 338241

..Mira.. 633 338241 17 January 2012 at 1:00am by chcolaty

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