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A POISONOUS LOVE - Dark side of love |OS|

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Happy Valentines day everyone! Tongue I was listening to a piano piece, and it was so amazingly beautiful that I just had to write a one shot. Okay, so this story may be a trifle different to the usual ones you get. SO don't kill me if it doesn't meet your expectations. ROFL OH and you totally have to listen to the piano piece at the end of the story, it's so beautiful and relevant to the OS. Okay enough blabbering on, it's 5:18am and I need to sleep!

        A Poisonous Love

The appalling scent filled her nostrils causing her to grimace in pure disgust. A scream erupted from her muffled mouth as she whimpered her dismay, upon hearing the squirming and rattling sound of rats roaming around. Desperately pulling against the ropes that bound her tearing wrists, she could agonizingly feel the blood oozing from her wrists, only to fall into soundless drops onto the dirt infested ground. Geet's eyes scorched with hot tears, as it slipped down her sunken cheeks, and landed upon the pool of her blood. A single tear personified so many emotions, in which she was utterly powerless to convey.

With a defeated sob, Geet looked around the dark hole of a room, which seemed like an underground dungeon. It were as if eternity had passed, since she last saw the beautifying rays of sunlight. A month was equivalent to eternity, for each day that had passed, includes every single hour, every single minute, every single second, every single heart beat, every single breath - that constantly and persistently called out for Maan.


A deafening silence followed after she finished playing the last notes of the musical piece. The melancholic vibes of the piano, casted an eerie shadow upon the audience. Shivers and deep thoughts were evoked, as each individual reflected upon their haunted memories. Only she had the power in her hands and music, to craft such an emotional and deep response from the observers. After several moments of speechlessness, a sole figure stood up and broke the silence with his applauds. Eventually, bit by bit, the audience broke out from the trance and applauded enthusiastically. Red roses were thrown from each corner, as she stood beside her black piano and bowed in thankfulness.

Her dark brown curls cascaded over her shoulders as she continued to bow to her audience. Her black dress snugged tightly onto her lithe figure, empathizing her ghostly beauty. One would think that she personified a mystic sense of Gothic mystery as she stood clad in a dark dress, next to a black piano, which contrasted significantly with her pale complexion.

Though she saw hundreds within the crowd, her honey brown eyes sought for one specific individual. Her eyes flared with hope and her heart swelled with love as she captured his silent gaze. He was the only stranger amongst the crowd, whom did not cheer nor applaud. Instead, as per usual, he remained in the same seat, and patiently watched her from afar. For the passed year, every Friday night that she performed on stage, he would sit at the very end table and listen to her. His mere presence was an inspiration, as Geet found herself conducting and playing music that reminded her of him. She did not know his name, nor his whereabouts. For every time she planned to approach him, he would disappear into the shadows. Regardless of knowing nothing about him, Geet felt an instant connection with his soul.

His ethereal beauty was masked with an expression that conveyed emptiness. A face so blindly beautiful could be passed by, due to the coldness of his gaze. But if one were too look deeply into his masked eyes, you would lose yourself in the dark world of his loneliness. Geet felt herself lose her way in the maze of his lonely eyes. This time without breaking his stare, Geet descended from the stage and slowly found herself walking towards him.

Geet walked through the crowd, paying no heed to anyone but him. Her hands clenched nervously around the red rose as she stopped before him, marveling at the fact that he had not disappeared. He calmly looked at her, his almond eyes communicating with her doe-like ones. At a loss of words, Geet merely offered the rose, unable to form any words.

Several minutes passed by as he looked questioningly at the red rose, whilst she stood trembling in a frenzy state. Geet was about to pull away in embarrassment, the bitter taste of rejection lingering near. But he stopped her, by placing his tanned hands firmly around her pale ones. Her surprise in his sudden actions compelled her to tighten her grip on the rose, causing the thorn to pierce into her skin. With a hiss of pain, Geet tried to snake her hands away in order to attend to her wound. But to her sheer astonishment, the handsome stranger placed the rose onto the table and inspected her hands. Geet's breath caught into her throat, as he plucked the thorn away and covered the small wound with his warm lips.

He sucked the blood away, causing her fingers to tingle with pleasure. He then placed a small kiss onto the palm of her hands. Her heart constricted with his show of affection. A tap on her shoulder, broke Geet from her trance as she jerked away from him. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed a family passing their compliments towards her music. Murmuring her appreciation, Geet focused her attention back to the stranger, only to find the table empty. Startled at his disappearance, Geet rapidly looked at the entrance and watched his retreating figure. His black shirt highlighted the broadness of his masculine shoulders, further increasing his physical attributes.

The stranger held her rose possessively in his grasp as he continued to walk towards the exit, not once looking over his shoulder. 'Look back' Geet whispered to herself, as she waited and waited. He stepped outside and closed the door, not once stopping by to glance over his shoulder.


Geet traced the tattoo that marked the inside of his arm. Geet, she read out loud in pride. It was overwhelming to know that her husband loved her so intensely, that he had scribed her name permanently upon his body. Maan still did not know how to express his feelings with words. It was surprising for someone as talkative as she, to have fallen in love with a man as silent as he. Geet could still remember that fateful night, whereby she had found the courage to confront him with a red rose. From that night onwards, he had visited frequently, still not saying a word. Eventually, he had opened up bit by bit, although most of the time, it was his eyes that did the talking.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she went tumbling back on the bed. Maan pinned her arms at each side of her head, and playfully tickled her neck with light kisses. Laughing uncontrollably, Geet squirmed around, begging him to stop. 'Maan stop it!' she chided, whilst giggling happily. He silenced her protests with a searing kiss, his hands were now caressing the side of her cheeks, gently sweeping the tendrils of hair away from her face.

'I love you' she murmured into his mouth, returning the kiss feverishly. As usual, he responded by placing his arm around her waist, crushing her to his hard chest.

'You talk far too much Mrs Maan Singh Khurana' he whispered hotly into her ear.

'Do you love me Maan?' she asked for the hundredth time.

'Again with the questions?' he playfully nipped at her ear.

'Maybe because you never answer them' she complained with a small smile.

'Is there even a need?' He replied back, staring at her face seriously.

Geet traced his frowning forehead, 'you get angry far too quickly'.

His frown eased as he broke into a breathtaking smile, 'not ever with you' he promised, 'I could never get angry at you'.

'Do you love me then?' she asked again.

'No' he replied as he rested his forehead upon hers.

Geet's smile slowly died away from her lips as she pushed against his chest, and rolled onto her side. Staring into the darkness, she tried to ignore his low chuckle. Soon, she felt him place his muscled arm around her waist, edging her body closer to his. Maan snuggled into her back, his face resting warmly upon her exposed neck. His even breathing on her bare shoulder, sent tickling sensations through her skin.

'Your name is marked upon my flesh till the day I breathe my last' he murmured, 'For one whole year, I would sit for hours watching you play. My wallet, my phone, my computer, our room, and our house is filled with photographs of you. I call you everyday, no matter how far or how busy I am at work.'

Geet clutched her pillow tightly as she listened to him speak. 'I endure your terrible sleeping habits of kicking me off the bed. I patiently listen as you snore into my ear, every night you sleep'. Geet smiled through her tears, prepared to throw a punch at him for mentioning those unladylike factors. 'But most importantly, I married you, well knowing that we may never have children.' Geet's heart swelled in pain in remembrance of the fact that she could never become a mother.

'And yet after everything we've been through, you still turn your face away from me every night, and cry silently into your pillow' he whispered, 'whilst I lay quiet in bed, dying every single moment, a tear escapes from your eyes'.

'Why do you love me so much?' she asked through her choking tears.

'Just before you were asking if I loved you at all' he replied, turning her to face him as he kissed away her tears.


'DON'T!' His shout pierced through her soul, causing Geet to awaken from her deep slumber. Turning to her side, she found Maan thrashing around in his sleep, sweat plastered upon his frowning forehead. She raised herself up onto her elbows and tried to awaken him from his endless nightmare. 'Maan wake up!' she shouted, as she shook his shoulders, 'you are having a nightmare again'. However this time, he did not awaken, instead he seemed more aggressive and violent.

'Don't hurt her!' he cried out once again. Geet sat up and tried to shake him awake. 'NOOOOOOO!' he shouted with a wail, hitting her in his sleep. Geet cried out in surprise as she felt his powerful fist connect to her fragile face. The impact of his punch sent her flying off the bed, toppling harshly onto the ground. Maan woke up with a start, his chest heaving deeply from the dream. At once, his sleep-filled vision cleared as he noticed a small figure lying unconsciously on the ground.

Unconsciously, he let out a painful groan of remorse as he jumped off the bed and ran towards Geet. Slumping onto his knees before her, Maan cradled her bruised face with his hands. 'Oh god Geet' he whispered, tears burning his eyes. He punched the wooden ground continuously, as if to punish himself for hurting her. Blood smeared upon his knuckles, but the guilt in his heart still remained. The nightmares of his passed were getting more vivid, tormenting him to unknown violence. There was only one way to end his nightmares, and the solution was in his arms.

'My beautiful Geet' he whispered sadly, as he placed a gentle kiss upon her bruised cheek. 'I'm sorry'.


Geet woke up with a jerk as she felt sharp teeth biting into her flesh. Unable to scream with her mouth bounded, Geet shrieked through her throat as she noticed a large rat squirming near. Kicking the disgusting thing out of the way, she sat down at the opposite end of the room, her eyes alert as she watched the ground in paranoia. Her head snapped towards the doorway as she heard footsteps approaching. Relieved momentarily that food was about to come, Geet tired to think of ways to escape from the guards.

As the door opened, Geet took no time to react as she used this opportunity to dart passed the unaware guards. For a fleeting second, Geet thought her plans had been rendered successful. Her triumph lasted for only a minute, as a rough hand seized her flaying wrists and stopped her from escaping. Despite her struggles, Geet found the overwhelming presence, strangely familiar. Glancing over her shoulder, Geet's eyes widened in recognition as she found herself face to face with the one person whom had always invaded her dreams.

'Maan' her heart whispered as she threw herself into his arms, sobbing out her relief. He caught her frail body and crushed her in his embrace, as if savoring her for the last time.

'ah my sweet' he replied back, 'the problem was that I took so long in the first place'. Geet tried to raise her head to face him questioningly, but he placed his hand upon the back of her head and forced her to remain in his arms. 'I had planned this encounter for the passed 13 years, since I was 12 years old.' Geet's entire body froze as she took in the meaning of his words. 'I vowed to myself, the day I watched your father brutally kill my father, brutally rape my mother and sister, whilst I was forced to helplessly watch the entire scene'.

Geet struggled in his arms, pulling against his weight with all of her strength. 'What's the matter darling?' he chuckled in her ear, 'you used to enjoy being in my arms, why the sudden change?' With a laugh, Maan undid the mouth gauge that prevented Geet from speaking .

'My father would never do such a thing!' She retorted, spitting in his face. Maan smiled dangerously, 'too bad his not alive to defend himself from being accused' Maan murmured. 'So Geet, just how exactly did your dad die again? Was it really a car accident?'

Geet's legs threatened to unbuckle as the shock of his revelation coursed through her soul. 'What did you mean when you stated that you had taken too long in the first place?'

'I was meant to kill you within the year of meeting you' he replied coldly, angry at himself for falling weak. 'But somehow that one year extended to three, and I found myself weakening in my resolve to finish you.'

'Then why?' she whispered.

'Why am I doing this now?' he finished of her sentence with raised eyebrows. 'Remember that night, one month ago? I was having that nightmare...and it became more worse than usual. It were as if history was repeating itself and I was once again that 12 year old child, whom had watched his family be teared apart, limb from limb'.

'Maan how am I to blame?' she pleaded, 'I didn't do anything to your family'.

'But your father did' he snarled in response, 'and now the only solution to end my nightmare is to finish you'.

Geet shook her head vehemently, tears sliding down her cheeks. 'Please Maan, don't do this' she whispered pleadingly. 'After the three years we shared together, how could you end our relationship in this manner?'

Paying no heed to her words, Maan took out the gun from his belt and raised it towards her heart. He looked at her beautiful eyes, that were staring back at his, begging him to reconsider. 'Any last words sweetheart?' he managed to say, despite feeling his entire body shaking.

'Just a question' she asked, her lips trembling from her effort to speak through her tears.

'You always asked too many questions' he replied softly.

'In this three years that we spent together, when you silently watched me perform, when you tattooed my name on your arm, when you took thousands of photographs of me, when you endured my sleeping habits, when you married me despite my infertility, when you planned everything. Can you still confidently say, that you did not even love me for one passing second?

'Never' he breathed out, as he pulled the trigger, not once but twice. Her body slumped down onto the ground, her eyes widened in shock.

Through lowering lids, she watched him walk away. But for once, she noticed that he had stopped in his tracks, to cast a lingering look over his shoulder for one last time. That last look was enough to answer her questions.


'I'd like to report the murder of Mrs Geet Singh Khurana. She was murdered by her husband, Maan Singh Khurana'. That said, Maan disconnected the phone and sat down before the piano, touching the keys that had once been played by Geet. The room was dark, the house lonely without the sound of her laughter and constant chattering. Swallowing the urge to cry out his grief, Maan closed his eyes and pictured Geet performing on stage. On a will of his own, he found himself playing the first musical piece he had heard from her. Memories of Geet, surrounded him, replacing the haunting memories of his childhood. A tear slipped down his cheeks as he heard the sirens of the police cars, parked outside his house.

He paid no heed to the commotion outside. Tonight, he would have no interruptions as he continued to endlessly play on her piano. Time, reversed back to three years ago, where he was once again sitting at the end, watching her perform from afar. Whilst she played, her gaze captured his for the first time and it held for several minutes. He locked that memory into his thoughts, as he no longer attempted to restrain his overflowing tears.

The musical piece finally came to an end. But there was no applauds, for he could only hear the wailing sobs of his own remorseful tears.

Okay so most likely, I believe more than half of you is ready to throw their shoes at me for ruining their valentines! LOL I was bored okay! So even if you didn't like it, you have to press the 'like' button because I have no valentine this year. So er yes, that's supposed to induce some SYMPATHY from you all! ROFL

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IBC strikes ROFL

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Amazing one...really loved it...FIRST OS which i really storyline...good work...keep it up

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this is really beautiful wrongly timed though but awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gosh!! some production team should definitely make this OS into a show... n not bow down to audience pressure but maintain this end!
n how could u say tht u don't have any valentine? Arira Shakti is always there for u ROFL ROFL

that piano piece suits the story so very well!!!
keep it up beta Clap

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That was beautiful..really...made me cry..and no i am not throwing Jute at u..hehe

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IBC phirst to strike againROFLROFL Great DivzLOL

Awesome Sammz :) loved that!  very romantic and sad :-( i am such a senti person *sniffs* thanks for the perfect valentine gift sweetx! i heart this OS <3 awesome =) muah

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Originally posted by mrs.luvjaysean

IBC phirst to strike againROFLROFL Great DivzLOL

Awesome Sammz :) loved that!  very romantic and sad :-( i am such a senti person *sniffs* thanks for the perfect valentine gift sweetx! i heart this OS <3 awesome =) muah

Big smile

come at home and see the posts.. me trying to upload a vid for u gals Embarrassed

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