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AR FF -||MY Bride2||-|page 156| (Page 129)

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nice part
now the journey starts
looking forward for it

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waiting Maha... i did not post as i did not wanted to spam.. but meri jaan ab intezaar nahi hota...

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Originally posted by KBfanNo1

waiting Maha... i did not post as i did not wanted to spam.. but meri jaan ab intezaar nahi hota...
hehee.... bas thoda time - i m checking spells - let me just proof read it... phir i will updateSmile

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How much time more?? Waitng for update

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I don't want you all to get confused so new characters

Other characters that were in Riddhima's family are not really required for now, except Shahank and Padma, but that too occasionally.

Most focus will be on Malik family. So their family characters I m mentioning again

Dev Malik: Father of Billy. Grandfather – Dadu of Armaan.

Devayani Malik: Mother of Billy. Grandmother – Dadi of Armaan.

Billy Malik: Father of Armaan.

Naina Malik: Mother of Armaan.

Rahul Malik: Son of Billy and Naina and brother of Armaan.

IMP: Dev and Devayani live in Shimla – the house of their ancestors… everyone moved out except these two… they have 4 sons, of which one is Billy… so those 4 sons including Billy, have grown up having kids, mostly all of them are elder to Armaan few smaller, and many of Armaan's cousins are already married and having kids too, so dev and Devayani, turned out to be great grand parents too – just have a track of mind that it's a huge family with it quite lot of people… lol…. So yea, every now and then one or other do visit the old couple and Armaan is the most Frequent visitor and that's why close to them…

Except the Maliks, the focus will be on Atul, Muskan and Anjali. I hope no one mix the character now… and you get whom I am referring to…! Please read the above description before reading the part - to avoid confusion....


22 – I m trying.

Reaching hospital, Riddhima shrieked and clasped Naina's palm in fear as man's body was taken in the hospital, laid on stretcher lifelessly, withering from time to time – covered in blood, "Mama….!" She exclaimed hiding her face in Naina's arm, purely like a child "it's okay… beta… relax…" Naina tried to soothe her and cursed herself to bring her along, she knew it wasn't good for her to see all this – maybe she made a wrong decision. Anyhow, Naina held on to Riddhima's hand, protectively as she began to run across the entrance pushing everyone on the way, making space for herself and Riddhima, who was trying to keep her eyes on floor most of the time, but would shriek in disgust whenever her eyes fall on bodies that were pooling blood.

Reaching near the reception, Naina spoke to a fat nurse, "Dev and Devayani Malik!!", with an urgency visible in her voice, "You have to check the dead bodies first and see if they are one of those or else we will check …"Nurse was interrupted, "SHUT UP! They ARE ALIVE! IN ICU! JUST TELL ME THE WAY!" Naina lost her temper; Riddhima left her hand in fright and stared at an emotionless nurse and a furious Naina. "NAINA!" Billy shouted from far end of a corridor. "Billy!" Naina exclaimed as she notice him too at other end of the lane, she waved at him, telling him that she saw and she is coming, she held Riddhima's hand pushed few doctors and nurses on her way.

"Kya HUa? Is everything okay? Armaan ? where is he? Billy… why are you crying," Naina had start to get tears in her own eyes, as she felt Billy crawled up in her arms for an embrace; Naina at once left Riddhima's hand and wrapped it around his broad back. "They are being operated…." *Sniffing*, "Armaan is inside… he isn't leaving Ma's hand… Doctor had a fight with him for showing such an unprofessional behavior …. But … he didn't move and… ignored ev…erything.." Billy hiccupped as he rubbed his eyes on Naina's petite small shoulder. "Shh Billy, kuch nahi hoga… you have to be brave to handle everything… hmm" Naina calmed him, her palm soothe his back, and soon he relaxed and parted away. Riddhima stood at door, peeping in throw the glass that was attached to door in a circular form. Billy kept a hand over her head from back, "You okay…beta?" he asked Riddhima, who turned around startled, "Ji… Ji Daddy…" she replied, grasping her duppatta from corner and rolling it over her palm, "Naina… we have to get Armaan out of their… he is not in a good position himself…" he was interrupted when he heard Armaan shout on a doctor. Riddhima rushed in after Naina and Billy.

"Armaan!" Billy holds him from back as he was about to hit the doctor! "Dad! Leave me! I will kill this doctor… he is saying dadu has less time! How can he say that!" pause, "Leave ME! I will kill him now!" Armaan grew aggressive, tears stroking out of his eyes two of his close relation were being operated in this room, who were laid on bed, lifelessly. Naina was the one being brave and soon stepped in, "get out of here Armaan!" pause, "they need to operate them! You can't sit here! Come with me!" Naina spoke, gravely, "mum…" Armaan calm and tried to think straight, "NOWW!" She shouted at him, unexpected outburst from her had made everyone startled in the room that is when the two elders being operated in the same room began to react.

"PLEASE LEAVE! NURSE, we need to give them shocks and try our last chance!" doctor shouted as he saw both the elders exhaling long breathe. Armaan was pushed outside of the room by Naina and Billy, while Riddhima just stayed beside them, not knowing what to do or what not.


Settling on bench, he began to cry – cry in happiness, when doctor said, they are finally breathing  and are still alive, but for now they are sleeping and soon they can meet them as soon as they are shifted to private room from emergency ward. Armaan was crying with her face in his hands, everything was so close to be crushed. He couldn't see his grandparents die… not so soon at least… he still remember, his Dadu use to say that he is waiting for the Armaan's child for whom his Dadu can turn into horse too. He wanted to make them happy; the most desirable day of his life had got to be most horrible day of his life, he had seen his Dadi and Dadu lay on white beds, lifeless… he had felt thousands of knife thrusters in his heart. He was one grandchild that had been close to Dev and Devayani (Dadu and Dadi, respectively.) and the vice versa.

Life has its own game, set by someone else, God. There he was wedding Riddhima and taking her home as his wife, his beloved. And here his grandparents were fighting for their life. He was so worn out at this moment that he couldn't help but cry, cry and cry. "Armaan…" she softly spoke, as she took seat beside him on the bench outside the ICU. "Sab theek hai… don't cry," she spoke as he looks up at her with tear, her trembling hands reached up to his cheek as she rubbed the tears. Her own eyes began to shed tears seeing him in such vulnerable state, he held her hand and kissed her palm, lightly. Thanking her silently for being here, with him. Her throat began to hurt with agony and pain. She wanted to hold him in her arms, and soothe him the same way as her mother-in-law did to her father-in-law, Billy. After that Billy looked so relaxed and satisfied, how she wished to give that same soothes to her husband.

Her mind was diverted when Dev Devyani were stretchered out of the ICU, "we are taking them to Private room." Ward boy told to the family. "Make they adjust in one room!" Armaan ordered the ward boy as he stood up from the bench, "Ma'am already said so… sir!" Ward boy pointed at Riddhima, who stood quietly beside Armaan. Armaan looks at her, approvingly - happily and nodded at the ward boy to go on. They both began to walk behind the stretchers, that is when Riddhima took a step and held his large palm in her small ones, making him look down at it and then at her, she silently looks in his eyes and blinking it with assurance – assurance that everything will be okay! A cyclone which was building in his heart had soon enough begun to slow down and that is when he felt her touch that was really soothing his inner fire… his inner pain. He didn't say anything and tightly hold on to her room all the way from lifts to private sector where Dev and Devyani were about to be shifted.

After an hour, both were settled on the couch, Armaan stared at his grandparents who lay in front of him on two single beds a bit and that couch was situated on Dev's bed side, a bit far. The room was huge, as it compensated for two patients. Riddhima felt her eyes wink due to lack of sleep. She was tired – last day she had got married; and had hardly slept – new day was about to rise the sun and she had not even slept for an hour or so. "Coffee…?" she asked Armaan, keeping a hand over his upper arm, he came out of his thoughts, "Nahi…" he replied, sadly. "I will bring it…" she insisted and got up, "Choro Riddhima…" he spoke, softly, holding onto her hand, as he made her settle down on couch back, beside him – though a bit closer this time. "Mom kahan hai?" he asked, entwining her hands with his. "Daddy ji k saath, they informing family and taking care of charges." She replied, keeping her head over his shoulder, with close eyes and feeling his grip on tightened on their entwined hands...

"Thak gaye hou?" he at once realized the fact of they both getting married last night… and hadn't slept, as this dawned on him – he felt guilty. "Nahi… bilkul nahi…" she lied and remained in same position, "Jhooti!" he replied, their eyes fell on Dev, who stirred in his position calling, "Devayani… Devayani….." Armaan and Riddhima rushed up to him, and that is when Armaan forgot about her tiredness, "Daduu…" Armaan held his Dev's hand, which had a drip needle attached to the vein for the circulation of blood. "Ar…man…" Dev Malik, Dadu, spoke. "jii… mai Armaan! How are you?" Armaan asked, placing a kiss over his Dev's forehead – with affection… "Never… better before…" both chuckled making Riddhima frown, "tumhri Dadi? Kahan hai woh?" Dadu spoke. "Right on your Right side!" Armaan replied, with a smile. Dev Malik turned at stared at his better half, "Mai darr gaya tah… Armaan… vo theek hai? Devyani..? kya vo theek hai?" Dev asked about his wife well being, and how he was afraid about her and only her.

"haan Dadu bilkul theek hain Dadi… don't worry…. App rest karo…" Armaan replied, moving his palm over Dev's forehead with love. "Aree…. Yeh pari kon hai…?" Dev asked looking at Riddhima, who stood beside Armaan, "Yeh Riddhima hai dadu…" Armaan circled his arm around her back and pulled her forward. "Oh…maaf karna beta… I destroyed your wedding…" Dev spoke, "Dadu… nahi… esa nahi bolain… app theek hain, bas wahi khushi ki baat hai!" Riddhima replied, as she smiled, moving forward she held the hand that Armaan left and told him that all she wished for was their well being, "Armaan yeh tou sach mai bohat achi bachi hai… as you use to tell me!" Dev exclaimed, she looked confused – she stared at back at him, and then at Dev, not knowing on which point Dev was referring too,  "Koi nahi Dadu! Badi sharrati hai yeh! Koi achi bachi nahi!" Armaan teased Riddhima, who frowned at him, "Nahi Dadu… mai achi bachi hoon!" Riddhima replied, with a pout, Dev let out a laugh, enjoying the cute bicker between the two… "Don't lie… you were so naughty few hours back!" he whispered to her, as doctor walked in with Billy and Naina, Riddhima stayed mum at his embarrassing comment, "dad!" Billy Exclaimed and rushed to other side of Dev's bed where doctor stood and checked Dev, "Doctor… mom? Why isn't she awake by now?" Billy worriedly asked, "We have given her sleeping pill – she might wake up within an hour more!" Doctor replied, "So Mr. dev. How are you feeling?" Doctor asked, "Better…. But I feel a bit ache in my heart," Dev replied, "yes…. That would be alright soon, don't worry – your heart beat is normal… just relax and rest… no more tension for you okay!" Doctor smiled while checking Dev's chart of medicine. "Aur follow the medicine… okay, Mr Armaan, I hope you handle this…" Doctor said, smiling. "Yes I will don't worry!" Armaan replied, coldly. He was the same doctor who had icily said that chances were less….

Anyhow… Dev went back to sleep due to heavy medicine dose and Billy Naina went to their Shimla house where Dev and Devayani lived; where Billy had spend his childhood and later moved to Mumbai but his parents decided to stay at their where any child could visit whenever they wish for an holiday… however, they had insisted Riddhima to come along, but she had rejected saying she should be with Armaan, Dev and Devyani… they might need someone. Disappointed, Naina went but not happy for leaving Riddhima behind, as she knew how Riddhima got scared even with a spot of blood. She hoped Riddhima take care of herself and others too.

They both were back on couch seeing elders back to sleep, "Armaan…" Riddhima kept a hand over his thigh, "huh?" he woke up – he was settled on couch beside her, he didn't knew when his eyes shed down and he touched the sleep, "Tum esa karo… lay down on this couch…" Riddhima got up and cleared the mess that she had created by opening her whole purse to find a pony, stuffing everything in the purse back she looks up at him, "Pagal ho! Sit down! You haven't sleep either! And you want me to sleep!" Armaan holds her hand, and throws her back on couch, "Nahi Armaan! Mai coffee lena ja rahi hoon! You sleep!" she pulls her hand out of his grasp, and glared at him, "baap re… gussa tou dheko!" he commented as saw her angry eyes… she cooled down, may be lack of sleep was making her angry… she shuddered her body, and spoke with warning tone, "Lay down warna…" she left it unspoken. And placed her huge purse on floor beside couch, "warna kya?" he stated, while sitting and pulling his shoe out of his feet, "warna Dadu sa complain kardunge!" she replied and turned to go out, telling him that she would complain dev.

"Oh Oh… as if I am sacred…!" he replied in low voice, "wait… I would tell that to Dadu too! Phir dhekna!" She retorted back, blackmailing. "No you won't!" Armaan said, frowning, "yes I will…" she reached the knob, "No…" he added, "Deeev…." A wince came, and that was Devyani coming to conscious and calling out for her husband…

"Dadi…!" Armaan mumbled and rushed to her bed, along with Riddhima, "Dev…" Devayani mumbled, with her head shaking side way, "Dadi!!" Armaan softly hold her shoulder and shook her a bit, "DEV!" Devayani exclaimed, "Dadi… Dadu theek hain! He is perfect…!" Armaan told her relaxing her, holding her small delicate hand in his strong one. "Armaan…. Tu? Teri Shaadi? Humari waja sa tumhri shaadi…" Dadi was interrupted, feeling guilty for destroying his wedding, "kesi baat karti hou dadi!" Armaan spoke, frowning at her statement "Bass… ab chup chap rest karo… chalo be a good girl!" Armaan kissed her forhead with love, "Oh tou yea hai vo pari…" Devayani eyes fell on Riddhima, who blushed as she was again referred as Pari – angel…!  "haan Dadi…" Armaan proudly replied, "beta… bohat pyari ho tum… Riddhima naam hai na?" Devayani recollected her memories while praising Riddhima again, "ji…" Riddhima pulls a strand of hair behind her ear, due to a very new shyness.

"Aree wah… Tumhari mehndi… kitni dark hai…" Devayani spoke happily looking at Riddhima's hand that was covered with Mehndi and it was showing the darkest color ever… Riddhima fisted her palm digging her nails in her palm, "mai… mai coffee lekar ati hoon!" Riddhima excused herself on the name of coffee due to which Armaan giggled and sat on stool beside Devayani  bed… and kept on telling her about the wedding after making her have medicine. While Riddhima calmly walk around the hospital asking few ward boys nurses the way of Canteen.

"uhm… I want coffee" Riddhima told the man standing opposite to her on ordering post. "How many ma'am?" the man asked, "uhm.. 1 no no 2… no actually let it be 1 only…" Riddhima spoke, stammering 'I don't know which type of coffee he likes… how much sugar? How much milk…? Let me just take one for now…' she thought sadly, "that would be all ma'am 1 cup coffee coming up…." The man spoke, smiling. She passed out money to him and gathered her cup coffee between her palm, sipping she smiled approving the taste and sugar.

Walking back in the room, she saw Armaan adjusting Devayani's blanket, she noticed that Devayani was back to sleep. Armaan walk to the couch smiling at her, she smiled back and walks at him, "I… I didn't know… what taste you liked in coffee… or tea, or…" She looks down, feeling really awkward… at least she could have figured out this much about him, unlike him who had understood each and everything of her… oh man she was so slow!

He as usual the magician thought to make her heart light, holds her cup of coffee and tasted, she looks up at him, she noticed his nose wrinkle a bit, "too sweet, just minimize the sugar when it comes to my coffee" he smirk at her, she smiled lightly, "its 2 tea spoon!" she replied, informing him "one tea spoon for me!" he replied, sipping one more sip from her, and handing her back, "but I like sweet coffee… it's just like you!" he whispered, bending near her, he kissed her cheek, she closed her eyes and gripped the cup, "Armaan…" she whispered, as he went near her ear, pecking her ear he lowered to her earlobe, biting it ever so lightly. She shuddered, pulling her face up, scowling silently, "please… abhi nahi…" she hissed as she felt his lips gracing her long neck, "kyun…" he whispered, trying to get hold of her virgin beautiful skin between his teeth, "tchh…" she frowned, and pulled her shoulder up to her face, trying to push his face out of her neck, "meri coffee!" she tried to bring him back to world. He moved away, grinning, "Nice try! Probably next time… I guess…" he pecked her soft cute nose and sat straight, "I want to lie down on couch…" he said, with sleepy face. "Okay, I will go and sit on the stool beside Dadu's bed…" Riddhima replied, getting up but as usual he held her hand, "Nahi…" he shook his head, "Nahi.." she replied, shaking her head, "Tou phir?" she asked, as she sat down, "go at the edge of couch…" he told her to shift to one end, she did and he lie on the rest of bed with his head on her lap, "yea… like this! Perfect!" he laid straight looking up at her shock face, "Armaan… if someone walk in, Dadu Dadi needs something… tou phir?" she asked, telling him this was the wrong way to sleep, "tou you push me away and go to them when they wake up… abhi please… its really relaxing position… please… please please Jaan…" he ended teasingly…"ok…" she mumbled sipping coffee from her cup, to hide her smile, he smiled knowingly and closed his eyes.


She kept her empty cup on the table  in front  of the couch, lightly bending her body over his face, to reach the table, hearing his soft moan, she pushed herself back after keeping the cup on table, as she too felt his pointed nose brushing her body, blushing she heard his soft light snores…. She knew he must be tired. He changed position and hide his face in her stomach, she drew a sharp breathe, her eyes closed down, she hitched… and trembled, opening her eyes she notice how he had dig his head her… how close his breathing's were… she closed her eyes as he nuzzled his nose over her dress, unconsciously. She bit her lips in response, her own hand unconsciously reached to his wavy dark hair, clasping them in between her fingers; she ruffled them, soothes his scalp and kept on relaxing him. If a third person notice them right now, would just bless them and found the situation very cute and lovable, it didn't displayed any sort of vulgarity… or too much intimacy it was sweet and simple, showing how two lovers just find peace in each other's presence…


Movement of something's, and few voices, woke her up – startling her, she herself fell asleep in the same position with her head hanging backward on couch. She shook her head and look forward with her eyes half way open, she noticed Dev and Devyani settled in sitting position on their own beds and talking to each other, she looks down and notice Armaan's head still digging in her stomach, she felt embarrassed, she softly pulled her weight up keeping her palm below his head, she very carefully kept his head on couch, hoping not to wake him up… taking a sigh she walks in between the two beds, smiling at both with awkwardness, "Dadu… Dadi… how are you now? Do you need anything…?" Riddhima asked both, "Nahi beta… sit…" Dadi patted on the space available on her bed, Riddhima pulled herself up and settled near to Devyani on her bed, with her back towards Devyani's feet, she faced Dev and half way Devyani … "Kya studies ki hain tumna?" Devyani asked, in mind calculating her age, "Dadi, Bachelors… I would do Masters soon…" Riddhima replied, "Aree wah… phir you can join Billy and Armaan in business… who else could be better than family itself!" Dev stepped in, "acha… beta, tum tou bohat sad hoge… we destroyed your wedding…" Devyani spoke, holding Riddhima's hand, guilty to destroy the wedding, "nahi Dadi… app esa mat socho… please…! Armaan ko acha nahi lagae ga…" Riddhima kept another hand over already joined hands, telling her how bad Armaan will feel if Devyani talked in such a way, "Acha forget all this Devayani! Riddhima beta… kuch food order karo… I am famished!" Dadu spoke, making Riddhima giggle, "Acha dadu… wait. I will ask the nurse to arrange food for you two!" Riddhima walk out softly making sure not to destroy her hubby's sleep.


Riddhima enjoyed the time with the grandparents, she wished to have someone like them of her's too… her eyes grew moist while she feed Devyani, rice with her hand; Devyani's right hand got fractured, while Dev ate by himself, along with it they all talked and both the elders mostly told about Armaan's childhood events making Riddhima laugh Riddhima was having good time with the two, and enjoyed elders lovable bicker which would make her giggle and then she would end up making them quite, like an elder woman, "Dadi… bas thoda aur…!" Riddhima placed another spoon, "Devayani… Riddhima tou ek dum humari Ma jese hai…!" Dev laughed as Devayani scowled with another spoon of rice in her mouth, "Chup raho tum Dev!" Devayani fought with him, "Aree aree… phir sa! Dadu… app food finish karo!" Riddhima stared back at him and softly glaring at him, "haan haan bas beta…" dev spoke, smiling sheepily. "Aur nahi Riddhima!" Dadi growled once more, "ek aur please… mera liya…" Riddhima pouted her lips and brought the final spoon to Dadi, who groaned but ate it. Armaan who had woke up long time back, with laughter of his Dadu and the fight of love between his grandparents.

He had been noticing Riddhima, who was handling two very naughty children. He chuckled at how she would be if she had her own baby, running after the baby with the plate, he chuckled and commented, "aree you two… stop disturbing my dear wife yaar!"

"Ohhhoo tou janab uth gaye!" Dev commented, "We heard you had a very good sleep in someone's lap…!" Dev teased, "Dev!" Devayani glared at him, Devayani… ab tum! Don't come between me and my grandson!" Dev fought with his wife, Riddhima blushed and cleaned the plates, placing them in the tray, quietly, and Armaan on the other hand, was looking at her with corner of her eyes was embarrassed himself. "He is my grandson too! Don't speak like that!" Devayani argued, "but he loves me most!" dev retorted, "Nahi… he loves me most!" Devayani… Riddhima opened the door and passed the tray to the ward boy passing by.

"Acha bas… bohat hua… you two… quite." Riddhima spoke, and picked up the medicine that Nurse had told her to give one to each, after the breakfast, "chalo Dadu… yea lain!" she handed his medicine and then passed him the water, "Thank you beta…" Dev smiled at Riddhima. On other hand, Armaan relaxed and twisted on couch….while yawning…

"Ma…!" Billy walked in; while Riddhima was helping Dadi, have her water and medicine, "Billy!" Devyani exclaimed happily after having the medicine. Billy hugged his mother, Devayani. There was happy moment in the room where Billy was delighted to found his parents fit and fine… they discussed how Riddhima was here with them and how Armaan was sleeping lazily on the couch…! Billy caressed Riddhima's head, and silently thanked her.

In Afternoon, Naina came to hospital and was happy to hear praises of Riddhima, she ordered Armaan to go now along with Riddhima to their home in Shimla for rest and not to show up before night… there was an argument but like usual Naina wins and Armaan angrily walk out after bidding bye to his grandparents. Riddhima hugged everyone and quickly went out of the hospital where Armaan was waiting with his car right outside the entrance of hospital.

He was still not happy with decision that HE had to leave; he wanted to be there as he had promised Dadu to spend little time with him once he woke up and he knew Dev will be really disappointed, if Dev didn't find him there. "Armaan… hum… we will come at night na…" she tried to show him the other side of coin, that was she hadn't slept after the whole heavy ceremony of her Own wedding… and probably being a wife she was NOT in her best attire… though she won't choose to wear a heavy suit on such an  atmosphere but something elegant which would prompt her out as a newly bride…. Least!

"Can we just drop the topic! You agreed that we leave Dadu and Dadi behind and leave… so we are leaving! Happy!" he replied, emotionlessly a bit rudely you can say and that is when she felt that he had taken her in wrong picture. He still hadn't started the car waiting for her to close the door that she had left ajar. Her eyes turned moist… this was the first time he had failed in understanding her quietness… though everyone was able to notice that she needed some space… at this moment but he failed.

She stepped out of the car and walk in the hospital that left Armaan dumfounded. He called, "Riddhimaa!" "Riddhimaa Stop!" he gave the keys to car parker man, and rushed after her, "Riddhima!" he held her elbow and turned her around, "what's wrong with you!" he asked,

"What is wrong with you?" pause, she tried to pull her elbow out of his tight grip, "Leave me Armaan! You are hurting me!" she added, with tears almost stroking out of her eyes, with frustration and anger on herself as she thought she didn't stand out to her mission – her responsibility.

"Hang on! You said we should go home for a while and once we are… you going back in! What is your problem!" he asked, moving a hand in his hair as he left her elbow, man he was soo confused! "Let it be Armaan… we are not leaving..!" she announced and went in the almost closing lift. Leaving him back, he kicked the floor and waited for lift to come down again. "What just happened?" he asked himself. "I am too tired to think over whose mistake it was!"  He walked away to the nearest washroom side that was on the ground floor.

While in lift, Riddhima stood rubbing her cheeks to stop the unstoppable flow of fresh tears, her elbow portion still sting with the grip he had on her, she looks side way at the steel wall as ignored the people who stared at her; hearing the lift buzz, she ran to the washroom that was on the floor where Dev and Devayani are admitted. She freshened up, washed her face and regretted the fight she had with him. Calming herself with a glass a water available at the reception of that floor, for public – she walk back to Dev and Deayani's room.

"Riddhima?" "Riddhima?"

"Riddhima?" "Riddhima?" there was Naina, Billy, Dev, Devayani… staring at her, "Ji… uhm… me and Armaan didn't felt like going home leaving you all behind – that's why we returned." Riddhima went and stood at the feet side of bed of Devayani with her eyes lowered. "You need rest Riddhima… look at you! Its 2nd day that you haven't slept at all…" Naina spoke, getting up from the couch… billy kept the news paper down and frowned, still settled on couch.

"Nahi mamma… I am okay… sachi… It almost 3 I would tell nurse to bring food for Dadu and Dadi…." Riddhima ignored all and went out to nurse, once Riddhima was out – Armaan walked in, smiling, "hey Dadu! You woke up?" Armaan went and sat on the stool beside Dev's bed. "haan!" Dev relied happily as he wanted to sit with his grandson.

 "Armaan? Why did you return? Haven't you notice Riddhima? How weak and tired she is! How could you be so selfish? I know you worried about your Dadu and Dadi… but she is your responsibility now! She has not even slept a wink from last day… not to forget she has obliged to stay here all night while me and your mama had went back to sleep and rest at cottage… on top it was her birthday that got destroyed! And her own wedding that was filled with terror in her eyes filled all the way from Mumbai to Shimla! Show some maturity once in yourself… that was last thing we accepted from you!" Billy lectured him, rolling the newspaper in his fist...

Armaan joined all the piece's and thought how patience Riddhima had kept all the while; how could he forget her birthday got ruined in all the tussle… he had promised to keep her happy on this birthday – fill this birthday with flowers, love and affection but now he had been worst than her parents. "i… am sorry…" Armaan choked, he realized, it was never too late – he still had time for a forgiveness… and yes when it comes to Riddhima, he had her Whole life for forgiveness, he knew she would forgive him…. He turned to go out when Riddhima walk in along with a ward boy holding a tray of food, Riddhima walked in ignoring Armaan. And that is when he felt needles piercing his heart, he didn't wanted that ignorance… no he had to do something quick before the damage is worsened. "Mum… you take care of Dadu and Dadi… me and Riddhima areleaving… we just…. Uhmm we just came back because… I forgot to collect my things…" he picked the jacket that he had kept on the couch, "Chalo Riddhima…" he walks up to her, and held her hand "par… Armaan… we are staying Now!" she retorted, pulling her hand out of his grip, "Riddhima Beta… Armaan is right… go and rest… you look really tired," Devayani cupped her face, "Nahi Dadi… mai bilkul theek hoon… app lunch karo…" Riddhima holds her hand and helped her eat food, "Beta zidd mat karo… please…" Naina walked in and took spoon from her hand and told her she will feed Devyani, "Mama… please… mujha nahi Janna!" Riddhima spoke with her voice choking, "Acha Acha… Riddhima ko tang mat karo… come with me Riddhima," Billy circled an arm around her and turned her out of the room, "beta…. Koi problem?" she shook her head in no, "Armaan ? did he said something?"  she shook her head and fresh tears burst out, she nested closer to Billy hiding her face in his embrace, he sighed and understood, but he knew his words has made Armaan realize his mistake too, "Beta… Armaan is very close to his grandparents… please forgive him if he said something in anger… hmmm" Billy asked in end, "hmm… tou will you go home now?" Billy tested her, she parted and began to speak when he interrupted her, "everyone will be reaching there… you should be there before them… after all you are the elder daughter in law of our family…!" Billy manipulated her,

"Theek hai daddy… as you all want… app Armaan ko…" she left it in complete. " haan I will call him," Billy turned to see Armaan already standing there with big wide smile, "oh tou tum yahan ho? Take my daughter home…! She needs rest!" Billy scolded Armaan and winked at him smiling; Armaan smiled, thank you, Arman mouthed. "chaalain…." He stood beside, smiling this time, but she didn't reciprocate, and walks away, flunking her hair off her shoulder, "huh!" she made a girl famous voice, which makes a man's heart melt, "oye hoye…." He sighed, dreamingly… "Meri biwi… aur uska  nakhrae…" he mumbled, commenting at how she showed her anger on him it would be lie on his part if he said he wasn't looking forward to melt her under the shadow of his love.

Sitting in car, the first thing he thought was, 'Music…'  "Riddhima… music?" he asked, trying to start a conversation as she was stubborn to built a cold war over here. " Nae..!" she replied, emotionlessly.

"Kyun….?" He frowned at her rough, dry reply, "I will on the music..!" he replied, switching the on button, "then why bother asking!" she retorted looking out of the window… "ufff…." He replied, but straightened his as she turned to glare at him. "uhm.. uhm…" he stumbled and focused on road ahead of him. She hide her smile, she had already fallen for him but now at least let her pretend for a while… if she doesn't then she would be a dirt on the name of women… lol… nyway the song did touch her and his soul eventually.

Mere Bina Rehne laga hun
Teri hawaon me Behne laga hun
Jaane main kaisetera hua hu
mujhe to lagta hai main shayad tere dil ki dua hu ….Haan 
Tujhko jo paaya ahan To jeena aaya
Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum Dono ke darmiyaaaaan

Crook – Mera Bina.

she kept on ignoring him and his please glances… she remain stiff and tight in her place, trying her best not to promote any sort of emotion either to him or to song. He would have to Try harder… for this time, she is not going to leave him this time… and he surely does deserve this attitude, every men deserves… lol. However, call it his bad luck – they reached the Dev and Devayani home with a couple of minutes. "We are home… you would love it… come I will show you our room over here…!" Armaan jumped out of the car and Riddhima came out too… though she was super excited to see his ancestors house; it was huge… a palace – with huge pillar in front of the house where he had stopped the car, a servant had rushed and picked up the keys that he had left in the car…  She stared at the huge door in front of her… it was huge… with open door already… children came running out, calling Armaan with their own particular relation, that included; basically a pile of 5 or 7 kids, that were of his cousins… Chachu… Armaan Bhai… etc…

"aree… you all already here!" Armaan disappointing commented, "chachi…!" a girl stopped Riddhima, "hello…" Riddhima replied and picked a small girl in her arms, "what's your name?" Riddhima asked, kissing her cheek, "Minnie…" girl replied, age of 4. "She is daughter of my cousin brother Rohail and her wife Amna bhabhi…" Armaan introduced the girl, Riddhima nodded and they walk in to see a huge pile of people bombarding them with question. "Don't worry guys….! Everyone is fit and healthy… Dadu and Dadi will be coming home soon…! Now can I show the house to my bride?" Armaan was back to his charming nature, making Riddhima scowl at his blunt reply, and over top there were whistles around the place. Riddhima forwarded Minnie to her mother, who approached Riddhima and asked for her daughter as it was her nap time.

"Haan haan, Beta… go go… Riddhima must be tired… she looks so paled and tired…" lady stood, one of wife of Armaan's Chachu… "Ji…" Armaan holds her hand and pulls her to the huge curvy set of stair case; which is similar to their Mansion in Mumbai… she snatch her hand out of her grasp – making him look back at her astonish at her rudeness, he wasn't expecting that much seriousness on her part, man he was so wrong…! Riddhima had taken care that she does such act once they were out of everyone's eye and in silent corridors… "Where is our room…?" she looked down, knowing he was staring at her and his guilty eyes would melt her in second, that she didn't wanted. "uhm… this way…" he led her across few bedrooms before reaching to the room. He opened the door; which was a bit larger than a normal door, the cracking voice was a bit irritating… anyhow she stepped in to see a well furnished room, but she frowned a bit, "its…. Its same as… Mumbai room…" she looks at wall. "No except this couch set…." Armaan laughed, "I mean… yea… I come here very frequently that's why I furnished my this room and Mumbai room same – so that it makes me feel comfortable and homely… though this stupid couch makes me realize that I am far from my house…. Because it differs in design…!" Armaan tried to speak as if he was talking about some deal… Riddhima let out a giggle, "OH Armaan…. You are soo childish! Same furniture… and oh my god… same wall paintings…" Riddhima giggled – shaking her head at her stupid hubby, "the last thing I expect now is… you don't have same color of shirts that you have in Mumbai…" she giggled while looking at him… he cheekily smiled and ruffled his hairs, "OH MY GOD? REalllY?" she asked, confirming…. "You have same wardrobe too!" she walk and opened to his cloths lined up properly and few shirts did resembled the one he had worn in Mumbai… "You… are crazy… and a person, who waste on same thing twice! What a waste you are!" she replied… "Oh please… I earn… I can do whatever I want…. Don't say that I waste money… if I earn than what's the point If I can't spend…" Armaan frowned at her statement.

"Yea… but at least buy different shirts… you don't have to buy same shirt same color twice Armaan! That's what is called waste!" Riddhima replied, walking to the gallery – she went and inhale the hair… looking at her side way – she noticed every room had gallery… it was palace… a beautiful palace… and the huge garden in front of her made her heart go out to it… her eyes fell on the guards, that moved from one point to another, the huge gate – that she had missed out due to car mirrors draped in black sheet…. Her eyes fell on the guard sitting with huge rifle… they were rich – filthy rich, why would they mind buying same shirt twice… her parents had a house of 8 rooms… but here… they must be having 24 + rooms… "Riddhima… I need to apologize… I am sorry for misbehaving with you… I am sorry that I didn't understand you for the first time… I am sorry because of all this I forgot your birthday…. I am sorry that our wedding got at stake…. Due to all this hustle… I am sorry… I was out of my mind that moment… that I didn't realize how you stood by me forgetting all the about Your Day… and staying with me and my family… supporting us…." His voice lightly choked as he stood in front of her, her face was staring at him with her back pressed with the railing. "I am sorry… that I chose what I want… and forgetting you -- that you must be tired… I am sorry… I know my sorry will be less for what I did… I promise… I am ready for any sort of punishment that you want to give me for my stupid and unacceptable behavior…" he ended, with his eyes stopped at her neck… not looking in her eyes,

Not getting any response, he looks up at her eyes pooling fresh tears…. "Riddhima…." He sighed and stepped closer, engulfing her in his strong arms, she hiccupped and sobbed like a child… his arm circled around her waist and other over her shoulder with the palm over her head, pressing her face in his neck, "shh…. Sorry… Jaan… I am sorry…." He kept on mumbling, guilt panging his heart, he lowered his arm below her knee and picked her in his arms, she sobbed hiding herself in him, he walk back in the room – placing her on bed, he sat beside her; he moved away when she held his t-shirt in his fist… stopping him, he smiled guiltily… "shoe…" he replied,  she left his shirt and entwined her hands together, he went down and pulls her slippers off her feet's – she trembled and curved her feet's downwards and pulls her knee up, he smiled and pulls  his own shoe off his feet. And got back up to her, kissing her forehead - "lay down… straight…." He spoke softly… she pushed herself down on bed and that is when he held the blanket and pulled it on top of them, he moved closer and kept his elbow beside her head and stared at her with utmost love, she kept on steeling glances at him as he just plainly stared at her, his hand went around her waist, pulling her closer to him… and then he moved his hand, cupping her face he kissed her eyes lids… cheek that were dried due to tears, "Maaf kiya na?" he asked if she had forgiven him ,she nodded, "tou… smile karo…" he tested her, she gave a small smile, "nahi… kanjhusi mat karo… bada smile karo…" he teased her more, saying how partiality she was doing with the smile, moving his hand inside the blanket he tickled her lightly, and she shirked in a giggle, "heheee… Armaan!" she punched his chest and hugged him quickly, making him go down on bed on his back and her face over his chest, he circled an arm around her back, pulling her closer, "chalo now get some sleep…." He kissed her head and patted her back lightly… soothing her in a nap ….

Heeren moti main na chahoon 
Main to chahoon, Sangam tera, 
Mai to teri saiyaan, tu hai mera, 

Tu jo choole pyaar se, araam se mar jaaun 
Aaja chanda baaho mein tujhmein hi ghum hoi jaaun mai, 
Tere naam mein kho jaaun, 

Mera dil khushi se jhoome gaaye raatein. 
Pal pal mujhe doobayein jaatein jaatein, 
Tujhe jeet jeet haaron, yeh pran-pran waaru, 
Haye aise mai niharu, teri aarti utaaru. 
Tere naam se jude hai saare naate, 
Saiyaan, saiyannnnn.. 

(saiyaan by kailash kher do listen – half the way it's hard to understand… due to hard Hindi… but I do get some bits and pieces… I loved it… do try…!


Waking up in an amidst – she rubbed her eyes they were burning… she still need a sleep looking at his arms and legs all tangled up with her, he was sooo close…. That thought brought her red cherry blush back to her dried cheek, warming up with blood… as far she remembered she was on top of him, how did it turned the other way round, his whole weight being pressed her, she lowered her eyes with shyness, keeping a hand over his chest, a hand that tangled up in between their bodies, she pushed him away, "uff… ek dum haati(elephant)" she mumbled commenting his weight to an elephant… "Urrghh…." She groaned as she tried harder, but in return she felt his one leg wrapping possessively around her legs right over her knee, she inhaled a sharp breathe, as she felt him so close, and that closeness was killing her, she has to wake him up and tell him to go to his side…. ! "Armaan!" she called alarmingly. "kya?" he replied moving his head he – he dropped his head right into her neck, caressing her nap with the tip of his nose, "Move!" she replied in urgency… "nahi!" he replied, lazily, pulling his one leg a bit upper that hugged her thighs, "Armaan… please… kya kar rahe hou! Hatoooo!" she cried, making nosies… to distract him and push him away. "Ohho…! Kyuuuun!" he cried and pressed his heavy chest over her petite one, "urghhhh! Elephant! Motta! Maro ga kya mujha!" she cursed him saying will you kill with your weight.

"addat karlo…. You have to handle this weight – all your life…!" he parts his head away and star at her naughtily, and tell to make it a habit to take his weight… "Armaan! I am warning you…. Get up…! Now!" she placed his hands on his shoulders and pushed him back, he smirked and pushed himself down on her, more…

"Armaan please… dheko… OMG… its 10 in night… we need to freshen up and go to hospital. We slept for good 8 hours…! Mamma and daddy… must be waiting for us, so that they can come back!" Riddhima spoke, seriously, "Oh … yea… we slept for quite long ….!" Armaan parted, knowing she was right… they should get ready and leave…

"Armaan…?" she called him, as she saw him rushing to washroom, "kya?" he stopped and asked her, "What should I wear?" she asked, looking down at her clothes… "Aree…. So many women in house… go and ask someone for a dress" he replied, "and I will tell someone to go and buy few dresses for you till we are here!" Armaan added and rushed to washroom while Riddhima rushed out of the room, downstairs….



"Kya hua hai…? Why are smiling like a goofy from past half an hour!!!" she replied, irritatingly. "Nahi… forget it… you will get angry!" Armaan teased, looking straight as he drove to the hospital, fast as it was already 11… "Armaan!" she spoke, warningly. "ok fine… promise, you won't hit me… kill me for what I am going to say now!" he questioned, "No I WON'T but if you wasted one more second I will kill you I promise! Is it the Saree? Don't I look good? Am I looking ugly…! I told Amna Bhabhi…!! that I look ugly… but she was adamant … to make me wear this stupid saree!"  Riddhima blabbered, "Riddhima sweetheart… you look sooo dammn hot that I feel like kissing you right in this bloody car…!" he stated, "and you seriously won't like to know what else my mind is planning to do with you and this saree… right now… only if this situation wasn't between us… right now only me and God would have been knowing what would have happen to……" he left it unsaid, as her eyes stopped from moving, and her breathe wasn't coming out, her mouth was slightly open and she just stared ahead – on road.

He himself remains quite, grinning, know he had spoken a bit more from expectation – but was he at fault… no dude she was! Who told her to look so hot? But now he just had to be in control! He took a quick look, "Achaa sorry…! Relax…." He smiled, picking her hand he kissed it lightly, bringing her back to life, "uh..m…" she looks away to other side ignoring him "Riddhima…" he called her, possessively, that made her look at him, she felt awkward… and weird…. "Sorry….." he added, she softly nodded with her eyes lowered, "I love you…" he stopped the car outside the hospital entrance, his arm went around her and he hugged her, "Love you…." He said again, "love you too…" she replied, blushing with close eyes… "I know I should hold my big mouth… but this saree… is a killer man! Don't wear saree's from next time!" he teased her as they came out, "Armaaan!" she punched his arm, "aree… okay fine… wear saree next time… and then I won't be responsible!" he retorted, as they got in the lift. "Armaan shut up!" she scowled as few people in the lift stared at them, "but… I was telling that this blue sari looks hot on you!" he teased, "urgghhh!" she groaned, trying to hit her head with the lift walls, "aree…. You tell me… isn't my wife looking good in saree!" Armaan asked a lady-nurse "yes… sir, very!" Nurse replied, smilingly. "See… she finds you hot too…! Aree ruko Riddhima!" Armaan laughed and ran after her as she angrily walks out of the lift to dev and Devayani room!

"ruko tou… Riddhima!" he held her wrist at the door, "bhaad mai jao!" she commented, telling him to go to hell, "saath chalo…" he smartly played with her telling her to come along, "mujha interest nahi… now leave me hand!" she showed him fake anger, "ohhoo… as if I am dying to take you..! Here are quite a number of hot nurses available I am sure – many must be dying to come with me!" Armaan teased letting her wrist go as he turned to look around for nurse, "how dare you! Moron!" she hit her fist on his back, he smiled, knowing she was too normal…. "What! Tch tch tch… you call your husband moron..? Let me go and tell mum!" Armaan blackmailed her, on name of his mother. "Go and tell! I am not scared…!" she walks in the room with him following.

"Heyyy!" Armaan shouted, "shhhh!" Nurse scolded Armaan "sorry…" he mouthed and rushed to hug his grandparents, "Mum… Riddhima says she is not scared of you!" Armaan continued his banter… "Nahi mamma …. I didn't say soo…" Riddhima fumbled and stammered, glaring at Armaan, as Naina look at her with one eye brow up, cunningly. "Jhooti Jhoooti!" Armaan walk up to her, hitting her arm, making her go imbalance, "armaaann!" she shirked his name, "I am not lying and you keep quite…!" she pushed him away and went to meet the elders… ! "Tang mat kar Aus ko Armaan!" Billy commented, "Dad … please… stop taking her side!" Armaan groaned as his dad took her side, "haan Armaan Kyu tang kar raha hai aus ko… you are not allowed to pull my daughter's leg!" Naina slapped him on his arm, "mommm… you too!" Armaan kept a hand over his head, dramatically… "Dadu…? Dadi… are you in my team or in her team!" Armaan fakily glare at her as she proudly smiled at him, "Obviously…. How can you ask such stupid question…? we are with…….. Riddhima! ONLY!" Dev commented, leaving Armaan shock and Riddhima giggle while hugging Dev side way, happily… "Daduu?" Armaan cried, shockingly – a bit fake awhile Devyani laughed all the time. "Looser Armaan!" she showed tongue…

"Hummpph!" Armaan walk out of the room, but smiling alone at how all of them accepted his little bride as their own daughter, he was happy and satisfied… walking to the doctor he thought to ask about Dev and Devyani condition.

In room Riddhima took the charge and began to make Devyani have her soup, as Naina packed her belonging – so she and Billy could leave, she spoke to Riddhima and told her that she was proud how she took care of everything… last day. Riddhima smiled and told, she is trying her best and she promises she won't disappoint anyone… Naina kissed her forehead and spoke, "I always wanted a daughter, and I seriously got a very beautiful doll as my daughter today!" Naina hugged and soon left with Billy after bidding bye to everyone.

Love Maha

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Wowwwwwwwwww maha amazing part yaar........riddhima done a really good job amazingly and superbly she take all of the elders and her husband too................knowing that her wedding and her birthday wich the most importand days of her life got ruined..............well i get really  dessapoint that armaan didnt know her condition and did't take her care which he should......but i am glad he relized andcoverup it too.......well all over the part waswonderful and fabulouse.......plz update the next part soon

love u

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YIPIIIIIIIIIIIIII..OMG .I just luved the partt...u have wriiten it so well...I felt so happy seeing ridz attitude ..the way she has been accepted in his family ..njoyeddd dav devyani and ridz scn ..the way she was bossing over them as if she is their mom...LOLLLL


update ssoooonn

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it was a cute part:).
ammy's dada-dadi r so sweet.
thanKgod everything is fine nw n day accepted ridz as their daughter.
loved d way ridz handeled d whole situation.
n everyone was favouring ridz hahaha poor armaan.
loved AR's moments as usual.
i love d second song "teri deewani"
plzz try to update d next part ASAP coz i'cant wait to read d next part.

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