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SR FF DMG3 Phir Bhi Saath Hai Hum Part 85 Page 133 (Page 50)

crazyjeran Groupbie

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 10:56am | IP Logged
awsome update.....
thnx4 the PM!!!!!!!!!Smile

malluangel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
boom boom pow!
awesomenesss civilized convo! win!
nine2 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 October 2005
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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged
nice part..yay SR r finally trying to open up a little...i love sid n how he initiates matter how mad he is at her..he still offered her to have lunch w/ him....n he also started a convo...whereas they cld just sit silently...plz continue soon!! :)
BaaaZiGaR IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 11:01am | IP Logged

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Sehru_life IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Bro update soon iam waiting Big smile
StarshineHues IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
DJ, I finally caught up, and as usual, I'm in love with your story !! I love the interaction between Sid and Riddhima, the awkwardness, the hesitation, all captured so wonderfully. I think this is exactly the way they would have interacted, given the circumstances. Did I say I love Juhi ? If not, let me say it once more, I LOVE JUHI !! LOL  LOL
sidsk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
sorry for the late reply DJ.......

Finally fate( or Juhi) did the impossible task of bringing them together. You wrote this part very, very well especially how the tension between them dissolved a little and she stared eating properly only after he stared eating.

Fab update!

continue soon! I cant wait to see how Juhi reacts when the truth comes in front of her.

Edited by sidsk - 13 March 2011 at 3:00pm
DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged

Thank you for all your lovely comments. I have read each one of them and will reply soon. Firstly sorry for the delay in update I just could not think nor write for so many days that frustrated me to no ends with my college projects et al adding to my frustration

But Thanks to my cutest little sis Pragzie and Tanni they were indeed very supportive and encouraging. Waise daate bhi acha hai ......... and when they start I actually doubt who is the elder one here. But cutie thank you soo much this update is thanks to you both Pragzie and Tanni   Hug 

and So here is the update ...........Hope you all like it.............

Part 66


Juhi waited in her office eager to know what got into Sid to invite Riddhima for lunch and more importantly about their interaction. As Sid entered her office she wanted to pounce on him with her questions. It needed a lot self restrain to avoid alarming Sid with her questions and sending him back into his shell.


They discussed Mr Singh's case. Sid was planning to discharge him by end of next week if his progress continued to be satisfactory. Though both were discussing the cases yet their minds still were still stuck on what happened in the cafeteria.


Sid constantly felt as if he would suffocate if he waited for another minute there. He failed to understand why he felt so. Something troubled him badly that his head had started to hurt As his work was now complete, he thought of saying a quick goodbye and leave for the day. He thought that a little rest may do him good.


Sid: Chalo Juhi main chalta hoon


Seeing Sid in such a state worried Juhi. She could not understand what possibly happened that Sid seemed so unsettled. Just some time back he was all fine.


Juhi: Tumhari tabyath toh theek hai na?


Sid: Haan ........sirf todha thak gaya hoon ....kal kaafi kaam tha ............


It was just a mere excuse that he was making and forcing him to talk would not be the right thing to do right now Hence, Juhi decided to procrastinate her questions to another day.



Sid thought of grabbing a painkiller before heading home. He walked into the cafe after grabbing hold of a painkiller. He stood at the counter to order a drink for him the attendant handed over a tray containing two coffee cups meant for Riddhima.


 Sid wondered why Riddhima was having coffee barely within an hour of having her lunch.


Attendant: Sir aap?


Sid was not in mood for a coffee but he was so lost in thought that he blurted out: Coffee........


The attendant kept looking at him wondering if Sid actually meant to order what he has said. Wanting to confirm before he billed it he repeated 'Sir, so it's a coffee is it?'


Sid once again absent minded nodded. The attendant just gave him a sorry look and billed the order. Sid stood at the counter not knowing why he stood there even.


Attendant: Aapki coffee aur bill...............


Sid still dazed looked at the coffee for a moment not knowing why he ordered that. Noticing his lost look the attendant once again repeated 'Aapki coffee aur bill'


Completely disinterested in his drink and everything at the moment he choose the nearest table possible and settled down.


He looked around the cafe which was now almost empty. This was a place where he could spend long hours today did not interest him for even a minute. He took a sip of the coffee and gulped down the painkiller with it  and started toying with his phone.


Just then a something caught his attention, a gang of new interns had recently entered the cafe were not at the counter placing their order. Nostalgia seemed to fill Sid's senses when he heard a familiar name.


Intern 1: arree yaar waqt be waqt coffee peene se tum Dr. Riddhima nahi ban javogi  .............


Intern 2: Kya matlab hai tumhara .........  ?


Intern 1: Main ek baar unko ek project pe assist kar raha tha........... woh ek baar bhi nahi uthi ......... khana khane ke liye bhi nahi sirf ........... coffee pe coffee jaise unka breakfast lunch aur dinner wohi hai .........'


Intern 2: One of case hoga ........... usko trademark banane ki zaroorat nahi hai ...........


Attendant: Nahi ji ........yeh sahi bol rahe hai ........... Dr Riddhima unko wajah nahi lagti kabhi kabhi toh unka lunch aur dinner dono coffee hota hai ........ agar woh Dr Juhi dimaag ki surgery wali woh na ho toh woh ek coffee leti ke ya order kar ke chali jaati hai ...........


Intern 3: Waise ek number ki hitler hai ...... par dil ki buri nahi hai .......kal ki baat lo ......... Woh rounds be thi ........... break time khatam ho chukka tha but Aslam and I could not go on a break .........Jab unko pata chala toh immediately hum dono ka break schedule kar diya ........ boli you should take care of your health you all need to eat and rest at proper intervals ............


Intern 4: Actually Hai toh ek doctor ..........doosro ko sahet bananeki salah deti hai aur interns ka toh bahoot khayal rakhti hai par kudh ki sahet coffee pee ke banati hai ................  laughing out the irony of Riddhima's life.


What the intern was saying was quite right. How could a doctor be so careless about her own health? When did Riddhima become so careless and why?


Sid just continued to sit there pondering over the information just revealed to him.




Juhi wanted answers to her questions so taking the next possible opportunity she landed in Riddhima's office


Riddhima seemed fine yet there was not so completely. Something seemed to trouble Riddhima also. Seeing Riddhima state, Juhi's suspicion became stronger.


Juhi: Tum theek nahi lag rahi ho ........  Siddhant aur tumhare beech phir se kuch hua kya ...........?


Riddhima: Nahi kyu ? aisa kyu poocha rahi ho?


Juhi: Woh thoda upset worried lag raha tha.............


Hearing Juhi's words the joy that Riddhima experienced died an instant death and triggered Riddhima's anxiety. Knowing Sid Riddhima know that Sid would not say anything or show it but he was hurting. Inspite of clearing the whole issue the harsh words said to her seemed to bother him. But she deserved them yet he would never forgive himself for having said those.

'Kya woh bahoot pareshan lag raha tha? Usne kuch kaha kya?'


Juhi kept observing Riddhima and decoding her behaviour. A small question had given rise to these innumerable questions.


Riddhima: Juhi tum kuch bol kyu nahi rahi ho........


Juhi just shook her head 'No he did not say anything ........... more like it maine poocha nahi ........ but if nothing unpleasant happened then why did he did look a worried?


Her Inability to find an answer to these questions or help the situation drained Riddhima's further. She sat there like a lost warrior. All she could do is hope that all this did not trouble him too much. The tension was clear on her face which perturbed Juhi. Why did both look so lost and worried? Her suspicion that there was more than just the dosage incident was once again becoming strong.


Juhi: Riddhima .......... tumse ek baat poocho ......


Juhi's stance put Riddhima on guard immediately. She suspected that Juhi was reading into their concern for one and another. 'Poocho.............' she answered reluctantly.


Juhi: Riddhima ............. Siddhant ............. I mean ............ kuch hai kya tum dono ke beech?


Juhi's question alarmed Riddhima. She quickly refuted 'Nahi ........ kuch nahi hai ........ tumhara kehne ka kya matlab hai ........... kya hoga hamare beech ? Kuch bhi toh nahi .............


Juhi was slightly taken aback by Riddhima suddenly outburst. 'Nahi mere kehne ka matlab tha ki tum dono .................jaise tum dono behave karte ho ...........aise lagta hai ki kuch tum dono ..............I mean ........... there seems to be too much history there than just the dosage incident.


Once again fear gripped Riddhima. Juhi was never judgmental but Riddhima did not know how she would react when she would come to know the truth behind Siddhant and her. She did not want to lose a good friend. But more importantly she did not want to spoil the comfort level between Sid and Juhi. She had seen how relaxed Sid was with Juhi. Somewhere his troubled looked vanished when he was with her. Moreover, how much ever she hated it but she could not deny that there seemed a possibility of a future to them. The flashes of that evening ran fresh in her mind as she gripped on to the armrest of the chair. There were too many emotions surging in her fear anxiety affection spite. It seemed to drain her further.


Juhi observing her carefully understood Riddhima was venerable again like she was when she had sensed Sid. Could this person be Sid? 'Kya rishta hai tumhara Siddhant ke saath Riddhima............ ?


'Kuch Nahi' blasted Riddhima ......... 'Mera uske saath koi rishta nahi hai ........... aur ab yeh fisool ki baate band karo Juhi............ '


Juhi: Par main toh ............


Riddhima: Kyu janana chahati ho ......... isliye kyu ki tum usse pasand karne lagi ho ..........isliye hi na.. Toh sunno mera uske saath koi rishta ............woh sirf ek achaa insaan hai aur insaniyat ke naate main todhi concerned hoon........ isse jyada kuch nahi hai ..............and now let's just end this topic here I don't want to talk about Dr. Modi anymore........... is that clear?


A dejected Juhi left a fuming Riddhima behind but yet could not get herself to believe that there was nothing. On the contrary, Riddhima's outburst strengthened her suspicion further.




Sid could not digest that the so prim and proper Dr. Riddhima Gupta was very careless with her eating habits.


He was supposed to be the irresponsible one not Riddhima. On all days after he got up he would find Riddhima all ready after having completed her morning jog, with breakfast and the day's meal ready. Never a thing was out of place.


That seemed just like yesterday yet ten years stood between them. After ten years of marital life with one she loved and yet she seemed lost. What happened in these ten years that brought about this drastic change in Riddhima? Was everything fine in her life? Or was his presence bothering her? If his presence bothered her then why did she do all that she did when he was in Sanjeevani for the surgeries? He wanted answers to his questions. But the biggest question which he needed to answer himself first was whether what he desired, was it correct? He did not have a right to think leave alone question or interfere about Riddhima and her life. He was no more a part of it. Actually he never was. He should not be thinking about her. He quickly got up and left to go home.



Juhi was happy that the day was slow. Her preoccupied mind was relieved. She still could not understand why Riddhima reacted this way. Juhi now knew that Riddhima indeed thought there was more to Siddhant and her relationship and somehow this was irking Riddhima. But why, she herself had on previous occasions also maintained that she did not know Siddhant and all was on humanitarian grounds. Juhi did not have any reason not to believe Riddhima. Obviously why would she lie to her? Juhi was that person with whom Riddhima had shared some of the darkest secrets of her life, be it extramarital affair or her marital life with armaan. But it still did not fit. What made her uncomfortable about Siddhant and her?



Sid somehow could not get himself to go home. He wandered in the supermarket trying to shop for the next week. After failing miserably at it he went to a nearby bookstore and browsed through books. Books had become Sid's best friends after Shilpa left. Any spare time and he would be seen with a book in his hand be it medicine, self help or fiction. But today that also could not hold Sid's attention. Sid's curiosity got him back to Sanjeevani. There were too many questions swirling in his mind. He wondered how to find the answers to the same. He did not want to pull Juhi into this as she was still seemed unaware of whom he was to Riddhima. Talking to Riddhima directly may lead her to misinterpreting his concern.


He walked towards the ICU to check on his patient once again so if anyone asks why he was here he could use that as an excuse.

Luck seemed to be on his side that evening. On enquiring the nurse informed him that Juhi had already left for the day. He seemed relieved that he would not need to explain his presence to one person less. He entered the ICU to check on the patient where Dr Abhay was already present doing a routine round of inspections.


Dr. Abhay: Good to see you Dr Modi. Your patient is doing extremely well.


Sid nodded while going through the same reports for the second time in the day.


Dr. Abhay: So when do you plan to shift him out of the ICU?.


Sid: I was thinking of tomorrow and then by end of next week we can discharge the patient. I spoke to Dr. Juhi about this.


Dr. Abhay: Oh that's great........ by the way I needed your signatures on some forms. Just a formality for waiver of fees.


Sid once again just nodded his head.


Abhay left to the room to get the forms ready followed by Sid. Sid still did not know what to do next. He had already finished checking on the patient and soon would be done with the forms signing also but still had not come up with an idea as to how to get more information.


As Abhay put together the papers, Sid started browsing through the bill for Mr Singh. Inspite of his fees being waived off the bill was totalling to a huge amount. Surprisingly it did not contain the expenses for the medicines. Once done Abhay handed the papers to be signed. 'Dr Modi, what are you thinking?' seeing Sid deep in thought.


Sid: Nahi main soch raha hoon ki inspite of the fee waiver how come the bill is turning up so high....


Abhay took the bills from Sid and started scrutinizing it while Sid signed the papers.  'Dr Modi... there seems to be a mistake in the bill. Though your fees are waived off your everyday visit has been charged.'


Sid looked at the bill once again and realized that indeed that was the case. However, he then noticed that there was a resident medical officer's visit twice a day which was also charged. It was normal charge but here it just seemed to add to the bill. He looked Abhay questioningly. Abhay quite understood where Sid was coming from and sheepishly replied. 'Agar aap kisi ko bole nahi toh ek baat bolu.


Sid nodded reassuring Abhay that this chat will remain between them.


Abhay: Agar aap Dr Juhi ya phir Dr Riddhima se baat karle toh shayaad yeh charge knock off ho sakta hai ....... ya phir atleast discount ho sakta hai ............waise yeh toh regular charge hai but they do tend to make exceptions at times.


Hearing Riddhima's name Sid's eyes lit up. That seemed like a brilliant idea. Questioning her directly was out of the question Never did he do it earlier and nor would he do today but maybe he could get a hint. After all even when they were together they really never spoke, but somewhere both had learnt to read one and another's silence.  


Sid took the bills from Abhay and made way towards Riddhima's office.

Link to the next part


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