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SR FF DMG3 Phir Bhi Saath Hai Hum Part 85 Page 133

DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
Thank you all so much for your encouragement for my first FF. I am on the 54th part and I realize that we have almost completed 130 odd pages Hence thought of starting a new thread where I shall post the upcoming parts.

The Link to the previous thread which contain Part 1 to 53 is

To whom have not read before -

This is my first attempt on writing an FF So please do let me know your feedback.

I would like to thank Monty She got me thinking to write one and Also to Shruti and Sudha who thought it may be an ok idea as they kind of know what the end would be like. Thank you all for encouraging me.

You can also visit my blog to post comments there in case you feel more comfortable commenting there

Any feedback & constructive criticism welcomed

This is a leap of 10 years from where DMG was left. This shall contain all characters


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Part 54


Juhi took a quick update from the ICU attendant. Before starting on the shift and the appointments for the day she decided to go to her office to drop off her bag and grab her stethoscope. She quickly walked into her office completely engrossed in setting up the iternary for the day mentally, placed her bag, picked up the stethoscope and started scanning through the files on her desk to check if any were needed. She was browsing through the files when the housekeeping personnel walked in to clean the room. She continued with her files while the housekeeping personnel cleaned the room.


On his way out the Housekeeping Personnel asked Madam iska kya karo ?


Juhi looked up from the files to notice the tray that Riddhima had placed on the coffee table the previous night.


Housekeeping Personnel: Aap yeh peene wale hai ?


Juhi walked up to the coffee table. 'Yeh kisne rakha yaha pe ...?' .


Housekeeping Personnel: Pata nahi?


Juhi was wondering why there was a glass of milk there when her eyes fell on the tablet lying besides it. She picked it up to check what it was 'Painkiller...??? Shayaad Siddhant ne mangwaya hoga... par painkiller ...duper tak toh theek lag raha tha... shayaad baad mein ...he was here for quite sometime ... but then why did he not drink this ...

Housekeeping Personnel: Madam kya karo inka...?


Juhi: Clear kar do ...


She brushed her thoughts aside, placed the pain killer back in the tray and continued with her work.


The day was slow. Sid reassured that all was fine with the patient had left to go home to take some rest while Riddhima started her shift early went about doing her routine tasks. Riddhima's demeanor clearly showed signs of the sleepless night she had spent and Juhi was quick to catch it. Seeing Riddhima such was not new for Juhi. Everytime armaan was in town or she was staying over at armaan's house Riddhima would turn up like this in the hospital. But there was something that seemed different about Riddhima today.


Juhi: Riddhima tum itni jaldi hospital mein...tumhari toh 10 baje ki shift thi na?


Riddhima: Actually ... aise hi ... waise bhi ghar pe bait ke kya karungi...


Juhi: ab toh woh bhi tension nahi hai Riddhima... tumhara apna ghar hai ... aur waise bhi kaafi kuch abhi bhi set karna hoga na...


Riddhima knew if was difficult to avoid Juhi once she has decided to get under the skin on the matter. She understood that Juhi had caught her. But she had to try hiding facts. She did not want anyone to know why she was there last night.


Riddhima: Sab abhi kar diya toh Saturday Sunday boring ho jayenge...


Juhi: Oh yes...!!! Now you don't need to come to the hospital on Saturday and Sundays ...  you don't have to avoid anyone or anything... ab toh sukun ki zindagi hogi ...


Riddhima just nodded affirming Juhi's beliefs about her. She did not want to continue on the conversation fearing that once again Juhi would make her confess something which she did not want to.


As they walked through the corridors of Sanjeevani Juhi continued to observe Riddhima. 'Kuch toh hai Riddhima argue nahi kar rahi hai...' She mentally started replaying the conversation in her mind. She knew there was something she had missed somewhere. 'you don't have to avoid anyone or anything... armaan jab bhi India mein hota tha tab tab Riddhima ki halaat dekhi hai ... aur jab nahi tha tab uske ghar mein rehna yaane uske saath bitaye saare pal ko wapis jeene ki tarah tha... .. Pata nahi kaise aaj tak khud ko sambhala hai usne...I wonder how come she did not suffer breakdown till now... Riddhima ek machine ki tarah ho gayi thi ...ek  zinda laash... jiski saasein toh chal rahi hai ...lekin jee nahi rahi ... aaj bhi utni hi tired lag rahi hai jaise uss waqt lagti thi ... ek pal ke liye uske aankhon sukun nahi dekha tha maine itni saalo mein ...Sukun... aur aaj... '


Juhi: Riddhima...


Riddhima turned to look at Juhi 'Kya hua?'


Juhi looked at Riddhima carefully for a moment as if she was checking if the last peice of puzzle named Riddhima fitted. 'Sukun!!!'  Nahi kuch nahi Riddhima ...aise hi... chalo mein chalti hoon ...kal ke do patients ko wapis check karna hai ... main tumhe baad mein milti hoon lunch ke liye...


Riddhima nodded and walked towards the ward she was planning to visit. While Juhi made way towards to the ICU lost in her thoughts. 'Itne saalo mein maine Riddhima mein ek badlav dekha hai ... tired thi lekin uski aankhen ... khushi thi unn mein sukun tha...acha laga usse aise dekh kar... '


The fatigue from the sleepless night and hunger did not seem to bother Riddhima. She went through the routine like any other day but she felt different. She behaved different. Unlike other days she was a little chatty with the staff.


Riddhima: Kaise hai aap Sister Nirmala ... sab theek hai?


Sister Nirmala: Jee Dr Riddhima everything is fine here sab kaam time se ho gaya hai?


Riddhima: Main aap ke baare mein pooch rahi thi ...? a warm smile flashed across.


Sister Nirmala: Jee Ma'am ... main theek hoon...' confused as to what she should expect next from Riddhima. A person who hardly talked anything outside work was enquiring about her wellbeing surprised her. Riddhima kept an approachable behaviour always. In case anyone had a problem they would not hesitate to seek help but not ever try to strike a random conversation. Apart from Juhi Riddhima never indulged much in any conversations apart from work with anyone else.


She continued checking her patients. Her changed behaviour was becoming more and more evident.


It was towards afternoon that Juhi came searching for Riddhima towards the general wards. She stood at the nurse station when she heard two interns who were passing by talk.


Intern 1: Last night acha hua Dr Riddhima thi nahi toh hamari pakki aaj parade karva dete Dr Singhania.


Intern 2: Waise galati unki thi ... phir bhi Senior Doctor hai kaun kya bolega... par haan Dr Riddhima ne sambhal liya... aur extra duty se chutkara bhi de diya nahi toh rehna padta aaj bhi der tak ...


Intern 1: Yeh Dr Singhania...khadoos sala ... kya problem hai usko maloom nahi ...


Intern 2: Waise Dr Riddhima kya kum hai ... lekin aaj kaafi achi tarah se pesh aa rahi thi ... mujhe toh shock laga ... kaise Sister Nirmala ko poocha ...Kaise hai aap ...


Intern 1: Sister Nirmala toh pucca faint ho wali thi aise lag raha tha... laughing out loud recollecting the look on Sister Nirmala's face.


Juhi was not too stunned to hear that Riddhima was there in the hospital in the night. It was quite normal to spend extra time in the hospital. 'lekin aaj kya problem hai khud ka ghar hai ...she has her own space but then what is she running away from right now'

She turned to the interns and called out to them. Seeing Dr Juhi they both got a little worried that she might have overheard their conversation.


Intern1: Jee Dr Juhi ...


Juhi: Aap dono kaunsi shift mein hai ?


Intern 2: Night shift 11 to 8 ...

Juhi: Toh ab tak yaha kya kar rahe hai ...


Intern 1: Woh Dr Singhania ne punishment di ... extra hours karne ki ...


Juhi: Kyu?


Intern 2: Woh actually Bed no 16 ke sugar levels high ho gaye the... unke treatment chart mein unka dosage mentioned nahi tha... toh humne Dr Riddhima ko consult kiya jab woh apne rounds pe thi...


Juhi: Ok...


Intern 1: Toh unko jab pata chala toh unhe laga ki humari duty end hone wali thi isliye hum kaam avoid kar rahe the.


Juhi: yeh kab ki baat hai ...


Intern 1: Subah ke kuch 7 baaje honge...


Juhi: hmmm theek hai ... aap javo ... Riddhima subah 7 baje yaha thi ... yahe woh ghar nahi gayi...


She was lost in her thoughts when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned to find Riddhima waiting for her with a faint smile on her face.


Riddhima: Chale ... mujhe bahoot bhook lagi hai ...


Juhi: hmmm ...


As they sat down in the cafeteria eating their lunch Juhi was still lost in her thoughts. She could not decipher what was bothering Riddhima. Was she comtemplating her decision of leaving armaan's house to be a mistake? Maybe. She may have a made a decision that is why she seems to be at peace. She knows the road ahead maybe now. But what was her decision. She continued to obverse Riddhima who was completely engrossed in eating her meal which she seemed to be enjoying very much. 'Canteen food and enjoying?' the thought did not fail to amuse her. 'Agar raat bhar kuch nahi khaogi toh bhook toh lagegi na ...'


Riddhima startled with Juhi's comment almost choked on the bite. Juhi quickly handed her a glass of water. 'Yeh Juhi hamesha kaise jaan leti hai sab kuch'


Juhi: Kaise maloom hai soch rahi hoo na ...?


Riddhima once again nervous. 'Woh actually kal bhook hi nahi lagi isliye ...aur phir der se khana khane ka yaane all other problems... acidity indigestion...


Juhi: Aur raat bhar jagna ...continuous duties karna ...woh health ke naya mantra hai na...


Riddhima: Tumhe kaise maloom ... main ...raat bhar hospital mein hoon...


Juhi: Tumhe kya lagta hai ... mujhe pata nahi chalega tum aaj kal kya kya kar rahi hoo...


Riddhima was scared if Juhi knew about Sid and her. ... 'Kya kar rahi hoon main?' nervously questioned Juhi.


Juhi: chalo khana nahi khaya ... raat bhar hosptital mein kya kar rahi thi...ab toh khud ka ghar hai ...ghar kyu nahi gayi ... are you comtemplating your decision...?


Riddhima: Kaunsa?


Juhi: armaan ka ghar chodna...?


Riddhima: Nahi ... bilkul nahi ... that chapter is closed for me ... main uss baare soch nahi rahi hoon and nahi hi sochna chahati hoon...


Juhi: Phir ghar kyu nahi gayi?


Riddhima: Aise hi ... kal staff thoda kum tha isliye...


Juhi: Riddhima maine attendance register dekha hai ... please ... we were full staff... don't give me that crap... kya pareshani hai ... kya woh toh nahi ...?


Riddhima was scared out of her wits. 'Nahi ...aise kuch nahi hai ... main toh sirf...' blurted out nervously but could not know assimiliate what she wanted to say. She was completely at loss of words.


Juhi: sirf kya?


Riddhima: Main ...Main ...actually bahoot jyada akela feel kar rahi thi isliye ... hospital mein ruk gayi ... Papa ke ghar jaane ka bhi maan nahi tha... agar unhe kuch pata chala toh mere aur armaan ke baare mein toh tension lena chalo karte...


Juhi: But this is bound to happen ... if you plan to stay alone kya har raat hospital mein katne ka irada hai ... Get real...


Riddhima: Kya tumhe akela pun nahi satata ...? trying hard to stir the conversation in another direction.


Juhi: Haan ...kabhi kabhi ... miss karti hoon Rishab ko par iska yeh matlab nahi ki main hospital mein 24 ghante padi rahoo... isse halatoh se bhagna kehte hai ...


Riddhima: Toh kya karo bolo...?


Juhi: sirf kaam kaam kaam will not help ... take up some hobby, do something ... Bahar jao ... logo se milo ...

Riddhima: isliye naye dost bana leye


Juhi: Look here Riddhima... now offended with Riddhima's comment... naya dost bana liya hai par purane ko bhuli nahi hoon aur ...i am not using Siddhant to just wild some time while he is here. I genuinely like him

Link to the next part

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KITfan Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 3:08pm | IP Logged
new thread Confused why the other one had all links na

n u planed the end Shocked the best part of a  writer is to Never plan the end but rather let characters speak for themselves n take the story along

eagerly waiting for your update

DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by KITfan

new thread Confused why the other one had all links na

n u planed the end Shocked the best part of a  writer is to Never plan the end but rather let characters speak for themselves n take the story along

eagerly waiting for your update

Aree........ 130 pages are finished in that max limit is 150 left the rest for some comments which may come in future............

well when i conceptualized this FF i had one end in mind ........... but let see what you say is true let it flow ............ and lets see how the story turns up

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Bro Hug
my juhi is back.....................Dancing Party
Riddhima is giving heart attack to sanjivani's staff members................Shocked ROFL
that's my juhi .........she strong woman not like weak as riddhima..........juhi is perfect example of strong woman no matter whatever u face .......don't breakdown urself. fight against problem......Embarrassed 

update soon.Embarrassed
nine2 IF-Dazzler

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yay juhi is bk..i hope she sets up a meeting bw siddhima....aww juhi is sooo by day she reminds me more of shilpa.....i hope soon she becomes the mediator b.w SR..plz continue soon n thanks 4 the pm :)
-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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DJJ bro Congo Shongo on d new thread PartyParty

Ridz Maiya is behaving like a normal human being LOLLOL
Dat's Sid's effect on herWink

Ahhhh Juhi is back Embarrassed

Loved Juhi & Ridz convo
She is d perfect example of a strong woman
Everytime she reminds me of Shilpa Cry

Last Line '' I genuinely like him '' hmm interestingWink

Continue soon....

Ovi_Tanni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 2:20am | IP Logged
Nice update as usual...
Loved juhi's concern for ridhima....& m very glad to knw tat ridhima did nt eat in night....sidne raat baar kuch nehi kahya isiliya ridhima bhi kuch nahi kahi.....ri8 na??& loved dat she wants to tato guy's chapter close & did nt wants to think abt him.....plzzz continue soon.....
aisha_ranbir8 Goldie

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hey both the parts were g8t............ but dont knw y ....riddhima's concern towards sid........ i find it irritating ..... wen really need to do she didnt........... n nw no use........... anywaz liked juhi's confession............. anywaz thanks for pm...........pls continue soon..........take aish.............

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