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Love at First Sight thread 2, note in pg 157 (Page 74)

zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 2:29am | IP Logged
Rakhi long time now waiting Cry

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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5 mins dear will update now

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Love at First Sight

Part 18

 i met u two years back...
Didn't knw lyf wl change track!
Was so unsure,bt u steadied me,
was at a loss for faith,bt u taught me...
I fell for u,evn b4 i knew...
Weaving dreams of a life anew...
But,the demons of my past raised their head,
i bared my heart to u instead!
Aftr initial flutter,u were there...
The demons of my past,u fought with flair.
Life with u was a bful dream,
in happiness n joy i wantd to scream...
When i was alone,u stood by,
against ur luvd ones,u were by my side!
Life was bliss bt lonliness was near,
you lft me stranded n in tears...
I knw it was hard fr u,as it was fr me,
for my own gud,here u left me!
Two yrs of separatn,2 yrs of pain
bt i knew u luv me,so they weren't in vain!
U had seen dreams fr me,askd me to make them true...
For u my luv,all that i went thru...
Now u r here,there is no fear,
free of pain,full of love,our life is clear!
Was unsure in the beginning,bt nw i cn say with pride...


poem by Swati (princess163)

Maan wipes his tears and said I know jaan I hurt u lots but that time it's needed very much needed, u don't know how much I suffer in this last 2yrs  not for me , for u, to see suffering like this, with out me u not like same geet,I know but ……..

He sat there silently and said I will give my full love to u, but I really proud of u …………


Here in the room, geet tossed and try to find maan's warmth but she can't.

 She slowly open her eyes and find bed is empty.

 She get up and see here and there and try to understand the situation.

Geet:- phir se ek dream, phir se oh aaye nehi, again I alone and just lowered her head when some one kissed her hair and said good morning jaan, and it's not dream, I'm here and it's realisty.

Geet look at maan for few mins then just cupped his face and said r u real?

Maan feel the pain and think how much  went through geet during their separation time, he hold her shoulder and take her in his arms first then filled her face full of kisses and said I'm here only jaan.

Geet just look at maan with lots of love and feel the love given by her hubby after long time, this love, care, affection she misses those yrs, she missed everything in her hubby.


At 8.30 , geet is pleating her saree when maan said jaan , kitne der hain.

Geet:- baas 2mins.

Maan :- 2min and 2mins. Jaan we r getting late .

Geet shouts toh mein kya karu, jaiye na ekele mujhe chor ke jaise gaye the, meine nehi kaha iha rukiye mere liye, ek toh mein tab se iye saare pehene ki koshish kar rehi hoon but ………

Maan entered the room and said  come here ,I'll help u.

Geet:- no thnks, I will managed, in last 2 yrs I used to live alone .

Maan pull her by elbow and said u r not alone, u know very well y .

Geet snapped , yes I know but ….. it's not solution, I told u earlier but, u know how much I missed , everyday, I think u will be back. But no. every night,I want to sleep in ur arms but where r u ?far from me, miles away from me. U know how tough that phase I cried everyday.I……..y maan y, u left me , ek baar kehete toh mein aapka haar sapna pura karti but u…..

And just hugged maan and said kyuon kyuon chale gaye mujhe chor ke . kyuon.

Maan hugged him back then slowy cups her face but see this time geet did't cry but her eyes her so hurt and has immense of pain .

Maan bend his head and kisses those eyes which r always speaks volume and reached to his soul, this two eyes r first pull maan to geet. Maan bend and kisses those cheeks and said jaan u know well,

Geet grabbed his collar and said no I don't know and………y r here again left me in this place alone, u know how much pain to feel like this alone in…

Maan just hugged her and said sorry jaan ,I know I…I'm sorry but geet said it's ok u done it for my better ment ,I know.I'm sorry ,but u shouldn't leave.

Maan try to say something when geet stop him and said we r getting late. Let's go maan.

Maan look at geet and said geet,

Geet quickly put the saree and said let's go we r already late.

Maan look this new geet whotry to hide her emotions, and think what I have done to her, she is not the old bubbly geet,



10.30 a.m. Khurana construction , maan's cabin :-

 Maan sitting in his cabin and doing some work.when geet called him and said sir,

Maan said hmmm,geet bolo, iye sir kaun hain.

Geet :- u Mr Maan Singh Khurana

Maan :- geet, I'm ur husband .

Geet:- sir, it's office and  u r my boss here, u should read the contract where  clause is there purchase assistant of KC  should  behaved professionally. And if she or he breaks the rule then KC will be terminated her contract and fired her.

Maan think hmmm so she is start this now, kuch jada hi professional baan gayi but I'm msk darling,  then said ok, come with me , we r going to meet now mrs kapoor for new project.

Geet:- par sir there Sasha, ur head architect and ur assistant Nisha .

Maan :-w ell who is boss mrs khurana u or me and it's not written in ur contract that if u argue with ur boss then …..

Geet :- sorry sir and twist her lips when maan said huskily don't do that geet, it's tempeted me , it's like I want to eat it.

Geet turns and crimson red and just put down the phone and try to calm down herself. But her face is still red and her cheek her burning hot and her  hands shivered again.

She try to calm her eratic heart beats which is continuously beating fast and no chance to calm down.

Geet cover her face with her palm and smile to herself but suddenly she remember those day when after lots of pleading maan leave her here alone.

She get up and said no maan, I'll not let u win, when ever u want u come close to me when ever u want u push me and give excuse all because of  our betterment, my betterment, whatever the reason , I'll not give up.I'll make him work hard,kya sochte hain aapne aapko msk, kahi ka raja, maha raja kya, dekhti hoon mein bhi.,

Here geet's phone rang again she picked it up and said hello.

Maan :- Mrs Khurana stop ur cursing session and come to my cabin now,  u r late already 20mins and then maan cut the phone.

Geet again start  cribbing baba jee kaise pati hain mere,


Geet knock the cabin of maan's and maan said come in.

Geet enter the cabin and said sit down mrs khurana.

Geet sit in the chair and see sasha and nisha giving her evil look,

Geet ignored it completely and then maan asked I called u three cause I want to know who is handling Pune project.

Nisha :-oh sir  Geet.

Maan give her shot glance when nisha gulped the saliva and said Mrs Khurana.

Sasha:-well mk, actually that time mrs khurana work here as trainee under mr yash so he give this project to her and her last date of submission is today but like we see, she …. Failed to do it.

Maan look at geet who try to say something when maan said both miss nisha and miss sasha take kapoor files and ready to go with me as Hotel Sunny Star international.

Both nisha and sasha nodded in yes and left the room.

After they left the cabin maan look at geet and said so mrs khurana ,

Geet:- maan, I mean sir, oh actually.

Maan :- so u try to give excuse hmmm.

Geet lowered her head and then said I'll complete it now.

But no response from maan when geet raised her head and see maan is very close to her and looking at her lovingly then just carrassed her face y his fanger and said sorry geet, kal raat meri wajay se nehi complete kar paaye tum, but don't worry abhi tum kar lo, mein tab tak oh meeting attend karke aata hoon.

Geet nodded then said thnks .

Maan :- well for what if u think I'm giving this for any personal reason then u r wrong.

Maan take his cell and tunrs to leave and said uha  file hain , take it and complete it. And take lunch in time.

Geet :-hmmm.

Geet turn to take the file when she feel some one hold her waist and pull her against his chest.

Maan just slide his hands on her waist and sueezed the stomach and said sorry and thanks and miss me .I'm just going and coming soon and kissed her shoulder.

Here geet is shivered to this touch and close her eyes tightly.

 When she open her eyes see maan is no where and geet thinks it's illusion.

Geet scold herself and said don't dream about ur mr so busy hubby, hmmm, dant dia, jab kal khud hi mujhe jaan bhoojh ke sone ko kaha, aur toh aur  2 saal pehele chale gaye but ek baar bhi nehi soche meine kaise rahungi, aab laut aaye aise behave kar rehe hain jaise kuch hua nehi ,hmmm. Aur tu geet tu, kyuon unki spell mein par aajati hoon. Hmm chalo baatein bandh .



At 2.30 KC, Maan's cabin :-

Maan enter the cabin with sasha and said called adi to meet my cabin now

Sasha nodded and left the cabin.

Maan :- geet, kaam hogaya, kya kar rehe ho, lunch kya.

Geet:-sir this is file.

Maan take the file and said ok, I'll see it in home and I know u might be skipping ur lunch so now go and eat something.

Geet:-oh aap.

Maan :- geet, I have an meeting with Adi now  aftet this will , eat.

Geet nodded and said ok sir, I'm going .

Maan :-hmmm.

At 3.30 geet knocked the maan's cabin and said sir May I come in

Maan :- come in.

Geet:- sir.

Maan :- yes geet and still doing some file working.

Geet:- ur wife called u in ur cell now and when u not recved it, she msged there and msg me to tell u about it.

Maan smiles at his wify's cute antics.

Maan look at geet who try to make plain face when maan said wait let me see.

Maan open his cell and see a msg from geet

Eat ur lunch , m sterving now.


Maan look at geet and said jaan u still not eat ur lunch.

Geet just nodded in no then said oh I complete the file of purchase depart ment and need to talk about u.

Maan get up and said well we will talk about this later now come with me.

Geet:- where

Maan:- to any restaurant.

Geet:-I already order lunch here.

Maan :-hmmm. Then let eat first m sterving get, kya karte ho ,

Geet look at him and said meine nehi kuch nehi kya mere sadu boss ne mujhe kaam mein phasa dia tha.

Maan look at geet and said say again.

Geet look at maan who is looking at her with anger and then just grab her hnad and pull her close and said so mein  sadu hoon ha.

Geet nodded in no when maan dipped his head in her neck and shoulder and nibbled her shoulder and said hmmm  geet mein sadu hoon in between he  kissed her shoulder to collarbone and sucked there and then said kya hua bolo na geet.

Geet can't take it any more and hugged him tightly and said maan, pls.

Maan who just smiles and said kyuon,

Geet:- maan, mujhe bhaut bhookh lagi hain.

Maan laughed and just kissed her hair and said come with me.


At 7.30, Maan's cabin:-

Geet cribbing, office hour kab khatam ho gaya baba jee kiase pati mila na khud chutti lete na mujhe lene de rehe hain.

Maan :-itna der tak tum kaam kaam kar rehi thi and now u r cribbing.

Geet:- well when I was working that time was office hours now it's over,

Maan:- baas 5mins geet,

Geet:-ok in one condition u will disturb me in night when I'll work.

Maan give her evil smirk and said Mrs Khurana well about night, I can't promise, I have some work with my wify,

Geet get up from the seat and said look Mr Khurana, I'm not forgive u about those 2yrs. Yes u said sorry and give ur lonnngg excuses but what ever the reason I'm not forgiving u and ur punishment  for leaving me 2yrs is stay away from me.

Maan :- accha and u will able to stay away from me.

Geet look at maan seriously and said 2 saal se rehi hoon maan, sirf aapke iyaadon ke sahare.

Maan feel the pain and just get up from his seat and hugged her tightly when geet wrapped her arms tightly in his waist and  said kyuon chor keg aye the maan, kyuon, ek baar nehi socha  mein kaise rahu, mere kya hoga,

Maan's tear fall from his eyes and said I'm sorry jaan.I'm sorry.


Again geet push maan and said well m going when ever u want to come to ur home u can come and just leave from there.

Maan stood there stunned and thinks subha se shaam do baar hi geet ne aise behave kyuon kya ?

His cell ring and it's yash.

Yash:-I'm coming back to pune.

Maan: - well.

Yash sensed some tension in his voice and asked what happen?

Maan:-nothing, well see u soon and cut the phone.


On the way maan called geet who said she is in home now and just cut the call.

At night after dinner, maan reading something on study when he found a diary of some one, he ignored it but then he noticed it's written in the cover " MY  MAAN "


Here geet shouts maan sona hain kya nehi.

Maan replied aaraha hoon, and he placed the dairy in the cupboard and locked it and come out from the room.

He seen , geet is already ready to go for the bed.

Maan smiles and said yash aaraha hain.

Geet:- grt, but I'm worried about something else.

Maan pull her in his embrace and said what?

Geet:- about pari, we should take her here, in those 2yrs manythings r changed in that house , we have two way either we should go there or bring pari is here.

Maan smiles and just kissed her forehad and said my geet is so mature now.

Geet :- aap boliye na. waise bhi abhi agar hum jaye, iha bhaut work hain lots of project have to complete  then ,ek kaam kar sakte hain, u should stay here and I'll go back to delhi and but maan close her mouth  by his palm and then said never think to leave me. We will think about it.

Geet remove his hands and  said then y r u left me here 2yrs ago ?I begged u but u didn't care.

Maan :-I cared geet.I done whatever for u it's for ur betterment.

Geet hugged him and said I know maan but I just and maan hugged her more tightly.

Both want to find peace in each other arms after long time.

Geet look at maan and maan just kissed her forehead and said from each and every day I'll stay with u till my last breath, and this time I'll not going away from u , if u also want jaan.

Geet hugged him tightly and buried her face in his chest.




1. Diary "MY MAAN "

2. Maan tries to seduce geet.

3.Maaneet back to delhi for some day.

4. "u and me will be together , forever "


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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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hi all
how r u all?

Happy Mothers Day to  all of u.
sorry for any mis take.sorry for late update.
 updated next part. pls read it and comment it
 hope u all like it.
 all my silent readers pls press the liked button.
if any one  don't received any pms then pls empty ur inbox , may be ur inbox is full.
all who wants pm from me for this ff pls add me or send me buddy request.
pls press the liked button also.
pm list will be update soon.
I'll  try to update next part tomorrow or day after tomorrow ut I also need lots of likes and comments cause it's inspired me lots.

Note 2:-
 again maaneet together, they have some issue those will clear soon.

I'll tell the  2 yrs of separation in flashback like some time maan will think and some times geet will think about those  2yrs.

 geet is no more cry baby., she is very strong, matured person now but she loves maan more than herself and want to be with her hubby all the time.
 by this phase maaneet will clear their issues .

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zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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oh finally  Rakhi tx for the update Tongue

Feel sorry for Geet Cry
but whose diary is it My Maan, hmm precap is interesting

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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awesome part...

loved it!!!

Two years separations has really taken a toll over her!!!

Geet is repeating the same lines,but I can understand its her pain
that she has undergone when Maan was way from her.

But Geet U can resist or deny the fact that his mere presence is making u to lose ur control,U can't resist and don't even try,after its MSK,no one can hold them selves back from his charm!!!

Many blank spaces are there,waiting for further updates,to know what had happened in those two years.

Loving this new avatar of Geet!!!

wonderful update!!!!

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ninavi IF-Dazzler

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wow ...
lovely update rakhi 
loved it ..
so many maneet moment
loved d all  maaneet moment 
2yrs separation defo changed geet 
ohhh she missed him soo much 
poor gal Confused
umm maan hve to work hard
for manofying geet 
cont sooon

awesome poem by swati Clap
jus so  perfect Smile

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kahkashansakina IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update
loved it 
loved maaneet moment
pls cont soon

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