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Love at First Sight thread 2, note in pg 157 (Page 120)

lovelycutietedy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 6:39am | IP Logged
loved the precap...

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moonlight44 IF-Dazzler

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lovely promo dii...

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 2:52am | IP Logged
hi all
 how r u all
 I'm sorry for late update
before I update any part
I want all of us pls pray for those who lost the lives yesterday sorrow full , shocking  incident in MUMBAI,
May their Soul rest in peace.
 and those who injured hope and wish they get well soon.Pray to God everything will fine soon.

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 2:53am | IP Logged Next Part:-

 Both come to the hall of the KM and sat in the couch and then lights off and Maaneet look at their shaadi video with every one in the hall room.Both smiles and has tears to see this and feel nostalgic.


Geet placed her head on maan's shoulder and said maan.

Maan who pull her closely and said hmm jaan.

Geet:-love u maan.

Maan quickly gives her peck on her lips and said jaan love u too.

Geet smiles and seen the video .

After some chatting, after dinner all r going towards their room.

Maan changed his dress when geet said maan where is my night dress.

Maan:- mujhe kya pata mein thori hi na use karta hoon .

Geet:- u r impossible , y r irritating me.

Maan:-I'm irritating u, grt let me remind u told me that there is already lots of night suit then what's the need of those night suit there, did't u

Geet bit her toungue then ok bhool gayi , just slip of mind, and goes to cupboard to take her suit and said aapke liye phone aaya tha

Maan who is surfing channel said kiska

Geet:- brij veer jee ka.

Maan:-ok.I'll call him btw kuch kaha usne

Geet:- ha rajjy ka rista pakka ho gaya

Maan:- what, she is kid

Geet turns and said well mr khurana I know but don't u forget I'm also kid when u marry me.

Maan look at geet then said oh yea, really.forget it, so we have to go there

Geet:- u don't have to as u r busy I'll mange it, u don't worry

Maan:- geet, r u still on that phase,

Geet:- no, I mean u r busy so it'll be fine , no problem I don't have any problem

Maan:- if u don't have any problem then u didn't tell it  anyway, u have rights to angry on me or up sate on me as I done a mistake instead of giving u smile.

Geet:- maan.

Maan smiles at her and said come here Geet slowly goes and sit besides him when maan said jaan, y r u feeling I will not go with u or not give u time,I leave from Pune cause of some other reason but not for my busy schedule , my work is my heart then u r my life, my soul ,y r u feeling dear

Geet:-I scared , oh actually I feel If u don't come so pehele se

Maan hold her face in his palms and give her kiss on her eyes and said just once trust me dear .

Geet:-I trust u just ,

Maan pull her close and said then give me time and have little faith on ur love jaan, now change the dress or else I'm expert u know na and give her big hug and said do u want to go for a shopping tomorrow

Geet who is palying with his finger said hmmm, aap chaloge mere sath

Maan:- of course jaan,ok kaal shaam hum dono office ke baad thik hain.

Geet smiles and said ok mein change karke aati hoon

Maan smiles and said come soon I'll call Hp talk with them

Geet smiles and said mein baat kar liye hain, aap kar lo,I have to make coffee for papa , as he will come

Maan complete her sentence within 15min

Ok go .

After maan talking with Rano , and brij and inform them they will reached in HP after 2 weeks just before rajjy's engagement night.

Geet come and said I'm going to make coffe for papa .

Maan:-hhmmm, chalo,I'll help u

Geet:- coffee banane ja rehi hoon, ismein kya help chiaye

Maan hold her waist and said jaan, chalo bhaut swal jabab karte ho tum,

Maaneet went towards kitchen and seen sameera is making something on Gas .

Geet smiles at her faintly and sameera also replied and said aap dono.

Maan ignore her and said to geet, jaan come here.

Geet to sameera  smiles and said I'll talk to u later.

Sameera smiles and take the food and leave from there when maan pull geet and said  kya baat karni hain usse

Geet:- kuch nehi baas aise hi, aap baat baat pe gussa kyuon hote ho. Chalo mujhe coffee banane do.

After making coffee, , maan said  geet papa aagye hain chalo I'll give it to him today.

Geet look at him then smiles and said ok , aap ajiye baat lar lena unse,I'll  meet later.

Maan smiles and peck a kiss on her forehead.

Maan take the tray and knock the door of his papa's room.

Ranveer:- come in .

Maan enter the room and seen his papa talking with some one when said geet, beta kab aaye aap, kaise ho?

Maan coughs and said papa.

Ranveer turns and shocked and surprised to see maan there and said  maan.

Maan come close to him and placed the coffee on the table and said Papa.I'.I'm 'I'm sorry papa.

Ranveer who is still in surprised and shocked state when maan said papa, I know u r angry on me ,Papa,I'm sorry

Ranveer just come out of his shocked state and hugged maan tightly and said nehi beta, sorry mat bolo.beta, u r my everything,

Maan has tears in his eyes and said papa, in my anger I done huge mistake pls, papa forgive me.

Ranveer:-I'm sorry beta, it's my mistake, and more we have mis understanding, kash hum pehele ki tarah baat karate.

Maan:-I know papa mujhe aapki baat sunna aur iye mus dur karna but me

Ranveer:-tum nehi toh kya hua, tumahra hum safar ne toh clear kar dia na.

Maan look at ranveer when ranveer said son, ur wife, our bahu geet, she is GEM , she cleared all my mus, doubts and the way she handle all things last 2yrs she is truly ur wife . in every sense, I see ur shadow in her work, just like u. what ever she done all cause of ur love changed her, she is more mature, indepandant , u know maan when I asked she told me u will be happy to see her indepandant ,

Maan smiles through tears and said m really happy papa to see her indepadance but I snatched her smile.I snatched everyone's smile.

Ranveer:- no son, u r not ,no one is angry, yes intial days mein sab shocked the decision ko leke then when geet told them to truth all r ,she always protect ur honor and if u keep blaming ur slef then it'll be  her lost.. she never be happy to see u sad now forget everything and  start fresh, btw geet complete her master , so she is joining ur office any future plan.

Maan :- yes papa she want to study further so I'll help her and she will help me in office also.

Ranveer:- grt decision.I'm proud of both of u.

Maan:- papa ek baat tha.

Ranveer:- ha beta bolo

Maan:-I'm sorry papa.

Ranveer smiles and hugges him tightly and said no son,  now forget everything and tell me what r u planning for after two days as I have an invitation for a party.

Maan smiles and said oh papa,  kuch nehi ,

Ranveer:- then be ready u and geet will go with me to attend a party.

Maan smiles and nodds in yes then said aapke coffee thandi ho gayi

Ranveer:- hmm, chalo isse accha mujhe mere beta mil gaya aur kya chiaye.

Maan smiles and hugs when both father ' son lost in each other and talking with each other some one knock there room.

Maan said come in

Geet come with tro coffee mug and said as I know aap dono baat karte karte time bhul jayenge and so I came with two coffees for both of drink it fast either it'll be also cold.

Ranveer smiles and said look, my bahu is know .

Maan smiles and take two mugs from her and one give it to ranveer when geet is settle besides maan and said hoep I'm not disturbing father ' son meeting.

Ranveer:- no geet,

Geet:-ok,. Papa, aaj darjee bhi phone kye the and brij veer jee bhi , rajjy ka rista pakka ho gaya hain and they will held an engagement after 15 days so, they want us to attend the engagement.

Ranveer:- good news hain but isn't it rajjy is too small for marriage.

After this this maan giggled and geet look at ranveer with wide eyes when ranveer said what happen?

Maan:-oh papa.

Geet:- nothing papa,  oh actually dar jee take this decision about it so may be have some reason, choriye na, , aap jaldi se so jaiye and no late night work, mein iye coffee mugs le j arehi hoon and maan, jada der tak baat mat kijiye , papa needs rest.

Maan and ranveer :-ok madam.

Geet shook her head and left the room but thinks if maan tell papa when some hold her from behind and nuzzle her neck and said don't worry when my  wify don't want to tell this is then y should I, now let's goto room.

Geet shivering and said let'let me go to kitchen to place this there.

Maan:- ok, come fast.I'm waiting for u.

Geet just nodded in yes .

After some time when geet enter the room found maan is half sleeping the bed and tv is on.

She quickly switched off the tv and and then close the window . after this she settle herself behind maan and placed maan's head carefully on the pillow then cover him with a blanket when maan hold her hand and said geet,

Geet smiles and said ha maan.

Maan smiles and pull her and hugged her and said good night jaan and give a kiss on her lips.

Geet is totally frozed and then smiles and kissed him on his forehead and lay besides him.

Later maan cuddle geet closely and said mujhse dur raha mat karo geet,

Geet hugged him back and both slept peacefully.


Next day morning, maan get up as usual his schedule time when geet said pls maan for once sleep and let me sleep today.

Maan pull her and rubbed his nose in her neck and throat and said I'll happily stay with u but we have to go to office and then some urgent come , hope u r not forget jaan.

Geet :- no but we can wake up little later now let me sleep and u too sleep.

Maan:-ok, darling wify so jao .

After 2 hours geet wake up and slowly removed maan's hand from her waist and left the room.

Geet make morning coffee for maan and take it to the their room when she seen sameera.

Sameera smiles at her and said geet, I need to talk to u.

Geet:- ok, I'll but now I'm little busy will talk to u little later''.

Sameera:- but geet it's urgent

Geet:- may be sameera but now it's more urgent well wait for me some time I'll talk . then geet left from there.

Geet enter the room and seen maan already wake up but still half lying in the bed.

Geet smiles and said good morning and give him a coffee mug and said maan, take it,I'm coming within 10mins

Maan:-kaha ja rehe ho

Geet:-ek chota sa kaam hain jaldi aati hoon


Geet come out from the room and seen sameera is waiting for her when she said ha bolo sameera

Sameera:-I got some job in abord and want to go but I don't know how to approach to papa jee or bade papa jee.

Geet:- come to the point sameera and fast

Sameera:-pls help me to go out of this house..I feel suffocated and here no one trust me.

Geet:-well IF any one not trust u then they will give punishment but they were not so stop this and I'm no one to help u it's all depend on u go and tell them .

Sameera:- but geet.

Geet:- u never understand this family ,they helped u and they save u from ur husband still u , chalo choro ,.I'm in hurry now.

Then geet left the place where sameera said kaise samajhao tumhe.

Maan who is looking at window when geet came and hugged him from behind and said kya soch rehe ho aap

Maan:-nothing, jaan, let's go have shower, then have to go .

Geet pouted and said jab dekho kaam , iha hum thore der ek doosre ko nehi de sakte kya.

Maan :- ha kyuon nehi de sakte bilkul de sakte hain and denge bhi but thori time baad r u going or m taking u with me to the shower.


Maan smirks and said warna ,dhamki maan Singh khurana ko  ha .

Geet:- ha and enter the washroom.

Maan smiles and think slowly slowly my jaan is coming back to me, pls geet come soon, I want to see u smling always.


Later they went to break fast together, and eat with other family members,

Maaneet went to office and quickly do some work then left form there together for shopping.

Geet is enjoing every moment with her maan.

Both buy manythings for their family then geet drag maan to the men section and buy some shirts and, Tshirt.

Geet is too happy to buy for for maan a nd maan never mind to be pamper by his loving wify then he said mrs khurana I think now u should also buy something for u.

Geet:- no ,I have all, now let's go me is hungy now

Maan:- geet,ok but I'll  go some where u will give me company after our lunch.

Geet nodded in yes .

At hotel, maan order some deshi Panjabi food when geet said but u love continental and Italian.

Maan:- well I love some one who is so sweet, beautiful and  who loves panjabi and in this two years I miss panjabi food made by her and  in fact after my return she never cooked any Punjabi food always continental and Italian .

Geet look at him then said maan, pls/

Maan:-what maan, do u remember last when u made food for me.

Geet:- in pune and ur fav.

Maan:- I want to eat ur fav, u cooked it before my leaving then y not now.

Geet:-ok now gussa mat ho and I'll make ,

Maan look at her and gave her smiles and said ok .I'll see and when u will make it.

Geet smiles and said aapko kuch bolna hain.

Maan:- kya

Geet:-oh actually, about , aap gussa toh nehi honge na.

Maan:- enhi geet, bolo, sameera ke baarein mein kya bolna hain.

Geet:- aapko kaise pata.

Maan give her a piece of roti and said well tum aur kis baat pe kahoge aise baat so guess it and m right now tell me what happen.

Geet take a deep breath and told maan about the morning incident then maan said hmm let me talk with papa then , u just  stay away, let me papa and dadi ma handle this.

Geet smiles and said ok then maan fed her and said jaan, I'm thinking to buy something for rajjy's would be husband .

Geet:-ummm, but.

Maan:- eat properly then geet gulped the food and said ma phone kya tha and told me that they want to some thing like heavy saarees or churidar and they want to give them shop address in chandigarh as brij veer jee will go there.,

Maan:-ok I'll sms him btw tum office mein thore sad then what happen

Geet shied little and then said sad nehi baas aise hi.

Maan:- aab aise kya hua jo sad nehi aise hi.

Geet:- oh ma asked em when we will give every one good news.

Maan look at her then said good news , well our many projects r ready and some  of will complete soon then we will give party and good news to mammy jee and every one.

Geet look at him like what r u saying or r u come from some other world.

Maan:-now what happen to u  y r u looking at me like this

Geet:- maan, don't u understand


Geet lowered her voice and said oh maan and blushed.

Maan:- now  y r u blushing , mein kuch kya nehi abhi

Geet:- par karna toh aapko hi hain

Maan:- kya

Geet:- kuch nehi, chaliye ghar chalte hain.

Maan:- par geet.

Geet:-maan pls ghar chalte hain ''.

Maan :-hmm chalo.

At evening maan sipping coffee when he asked geet, dadi ma ne kya kaha

Geet who is arrainging there cupboard say  loved them, and give u a big and thanks. And told u to free tomorrow have to go some where with her.

Maan:-ok, grt, it's long time we r going any where with dadi ma.

Geet:- ha.

Maan:- well jaan, tum dopher mein kya kehe rehe the.

Geet closed   her eyes and murmur ek toh seedha baat nehi samjahte upar se , baba jee aap kaise samjahu inhe but she suddenly feel some one hold her from back and said kya hua jaan, bolo na.

Geet :-oh maan, actually, ma na told me that'.

Maan who give her wet kisses on her neck said hmmm jaan.bolo

Geet closed her eyes and almost lost in his passaion but said she want to see us as parents.

Maan  still kissing her neck and said hmm,, grt kab .

Geet shocked and said maan.and then moaned loudly MAAAN aahhh

Maan smiles and licked the placed and said ha kya bol rehe the tum.

Geet surprised and think inhone toh kuch nehi suna aab kya karu.

Maan carrassed her belly and naval and said bolo na geet. His hand went to pleats of the saree and  he open it and by the time he want to pull the string of the petticoat his phone ring and he said kya timing hain and kiss geet's forehead and leave her tot ake the phone , here geet support her self by holding cupboard but her rapied heart beats is increasing , she look at maan who is talking with some one and then leave from the room and geet sat on the floor with a thud and said baba jee iye kyuon aise karte hain.

Maan cut the call and said geet, mujhe oh Gurgao project ka file dena and I'll leave for some time have some work will come soon,

 Then he goes close cupboard and says r u not feeling good, what happen jaan.

Geet :- nothing and get up and said I'll give it then move to table for searching the file.

After maan come out from wash room see geet is no where and smiles and he know y she is left from here.

Maan returned at night when every one busy to eat dinner .when raj come and said itna late kar dia now eat the dinner.

Maan:- hmm, papa where is geet?

Dadi ma:- she is in the room , I just send her.

Maan:- dinner nehi kya what happen?

Dadi ma:- oh kuch nehi , jao usse dekh lo.

Dev:- bro will kill her if she know.


Sameera:-iye sab mere wajay se ho raha hain I should leave.

Pari:-if u know then y r u here to create more problem for every one, jusr cause of bro and bhabi left this mansion now still  u r here.

Sameera lowered her head and dadi said pari complete the dinner.

Maan enter the room and found geet is lying on her stomach and looking at something.

Maan went close to her and see ,that she is looking at their wedding picture and  blushing.

Maan kissed her haid when she startled and turns and see her maan there,both of their eyes met when maan said kya hua dinner nehi karoge.

Geet:- bhookh nehi hain.

Maan:- y

Geet:- nothing, aap ka kaam ho gaya.aapne dinner kya.

Maan:-ha mere kaam acche se ho gaya. But dinner nehi kya bahut bhook lagi hain.

Geet get up and said then aapne mujhe bola kyuon nehi. Chaliye.

Maan:- but jaan, I'll not .mood nehi hain mere.

Geet:- mood nehi hain kya matlab hain , maan aapko bhook lagi hain  chaliye .

Maan:- no geet.

Geet:- but maan.

Maan:-  y r u skipping dinner, I know u r feeling hurngy and don't hide it and still u lied me and now .I'll not take any food,

Geet:- maan ,pls, mujhe bhookh nehi hain

Maan:- mujhe bhi nehi hain.

Geet:- uff, aap ziddi ho gaye bahut chaliye,but I'll eat little, chaliye aab,

Geet dragged maan to dinning room and placed two plates for them and then both feed each other . in this time maan doing his naughty thing some times licks geet's hand , finger , biting , nibbling his finger,sucking his finger where he himself rubbed geet's lips and make her insane.

After eating geet said aap chaliye mein aati hoon.

Maan nodded when after 30mins geet enter the room seen maan is doing something and maan said geet tum aageye , jara oh file paas karna and pls come here and have to said u something.

geet giving maan a file then see maan is wearing a black transparent shirt and whose tops buttons r undone and his chest is visible.

Maan seen it and said what happen jaan

Geet mumbles no, nothing, and turns and said  oh maan kyuon aise kar rehe hain 

maan going close to geet and looking at her with his bedroom eyes and said jaan with his deep baritone voice,

 a shiver down on geet's spine.

Geet said maan,

Maan:- kya hua geet

Geet:- kuch,,,,ku'ch ne nehi''.

Maan huskily said kuch nehi sacchi geet.

His breath on her lips and geet just turn to save herself but she didn't know her husband plan to torture her tonight and she feels his finger playing with her hair, shoulder, neck, back and string of her blouse another hand went to her stomach and then pleats .

Hush hush papa sleepin

Hush hush papa sleepin

ummm Naughty naughty naughty raat aayi


Tu hai main hoon and lots of tanhai

Naughty naughty naughty raat aayi

Tu hai main hoon and lots of tanhai



Geet said maan and pls, choriye na.

Dekhiye na koi hain iha.


Maaneet look at each other and said who is playing this song.

Geet :- mien kaise janu,  choriye mujhe

Maan:- how could I jaan and again continue his torture by kissing her neck to shoulder to collar bone and sucked her throat .

 then slowly bite his shoulder and licked that placed and said geet  kab tak aise karoge, look at me.

Geet who is breathing heavily said m...maaannn

Maan:- hay tumhe hothon se iye naam then give her quick peck on her lips.



Drama yeh baari padh gaya

Love mein kaanta gad gaya

Jaane kab tak satayega

No one is here jaan and remove the pallu then full saree from her body and bite her ear

loab then kisses her shoulder and said no one is here.


Sh sh sh Sh volume kam kar

Papa jag jaayega

Volume kam kar

Papa jag jaayega


Geet moans ahhh maan.Maan kya hua darling and open her string of the blouse,.and give wet kisses on her bare back and carrses the place.


Hush Hush hush papa sleepin

Khumbhkaran ke jaisa kash yuhi soota rahe

Humko karna hai jo smoothly hota rahe

Adla baddli pakadi gai to accha nahi

Pappa ki neend hai badi kacchi woh choota baccha nahi


Haye kaisi muskhil mein hai fase

Yeh raat hum dono pe hase

Mauka yeh choot jayega


Maan:- btw tum kuch kehe rehi thi , mammy jee na kya kha , kyuon itna sarma rehi thi darling .


Sh sh sh Sh volume kam kar

Papa jag jaayega

Volume kam kar

Pappa jag jaayega


Hush Hush hush papa sleepin

Naughty naughty naughty raat aayi

Tu hai main hoon and lots of tanhai

Naughty naughty naughty ..


Geet moaned loud as maan bit heard in her shoulder and left his mark there .

Geet who is just in the support of maan said maan pls, kya kar rehe ho dekho na koi sun raha hain , iye kaun and again another side maan ahhh,.

Maan till removes all from geet and then picked her and placed her on the bed and said

Koi bhi ho oh iha nehi hain iha hain toh sirf hum dono ka pyaar and pyaar

Maan undress himself and come close to her and said I love u geet, more than my life, more than anything , and kissed her lips and then to her neck, shoulder then to her collar bone and to her throat, then again went to her face and kisses her whole faces.and said love u jaan.


Ummph bhari hai teri beauty

Haye Yaara tadpaye

Agan lagi hai vduty re

MAsti si chadh jaye

BAhaon mein bharle mujhko

Mere roka nahi

Naughty tamana puri kar le

Mene toka nahi

How much i love you soniye

Khul ke batlaunga tujhe

Oh la la la lah ho jayega

Then full night maan cherished her with his love, make  her to shdder and maon to his name , make her her world  with his love again and again.

Finally he enter and geet moaned maannn




Sh sh sh Sh volume kam kar

Papa jag jaayega

Volume kam kar

Papa jag jaayega

ummm Naughty naughty naughty raat aayi


Tu hai main hoon and lots of tanhai

Naughty naughty naughty naughty naughty


Maan thrust hard and hard and  keep moving in rhythm and finally both reached their climax respectively and shouts at each other name MAAAN GEET and then maan collapsed on geet.

Geet who is panting heavily and maan who is also panting heavily but look at geet whose face is glowing now more and just after some he kissed her forehead.

Maan pull her blanket over there and pull geet closely and said tell mammy jee we r ready to give her good news soon.

Geet look at her when maan said a junior geet.

Geet shied and hugged him when maan said then a junior maan then a junior geet then geet slapped his hand and said baas maan,

Maan laughed and hugged him more tightly

Precap:- more night or next morning or Blushing

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hi all
how r u all?

sorry for any mis take.sorry for late update.
 updated next part. pls read it and comment it
 hope u all like it.
 all my silent readers pls press the liked button.
if any one  don't received any pms then pls empty ur inbox , may be ur inbox is full.
all who wants pm from me for this ff pls add me or send me buddy request.
pls press the liked button also.
pm list will be update soon.
I'll  try to update next part tomorrow or day after tomorrow ut I also need lots of likes and comments cause it's inspired me lots.
again maaneet together, they have some issue those will clear soon.
I don't check the ud , pls sorry for any mistake.

I'll tell the  2 yrs of separation in flashback like some time maan will think and some times geet will think about those  2yrs.

 geet is no more cry baby., she is very strong, matured person now but she loves maan more than herself and want to be with her hubby all the time.
 by this phase maaneet will clear their issues .

Pls guess who is playing the song
jitna right guess utna jaldi next ud with more and more maaneet sceneEmbarrassed

Another Questions:-
1:-sameera changed or not
2. y sameera want to go from there, what is her actual reason
3.who said anything geet y she is up sate that night is it related to sameera and y she want to leave
5.Y maaneet left the mansion 2yrs ago

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gr8 part,,
thanks for pm dear,,

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update please
Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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@all I'll post next long part within 30mins
almost done baas last part and some editing is left

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