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Love at First Sight thread 2, note in pg 157

Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 3:20am | IP Logged
Hi all
How r all?

summary of the story till now
it's about maan and geet who met due to their parents and have to marry each other but don't want to marry.both are very strong headed but nice person.
Both meet with each other first time, both feels some thing for  each other.
 Geet told maan about her career and ambitions and her wish for higher study.Maan agree with that.
But suddnely some one came and some mis understanding happen between maaneet.this some one is none other than maan's cousin bro, rahul.Geet sad and hurt .But , maan's cousin brothers , dev, vicky, yash cleared it and maan told sorry to geet.
Maan tried his best to regain her trust again.Slowly slowly maan gain it and both share many things to each other .Maaneet engagement then sagai,mehendi ,haldi, then finally marriage.
Both leave hp and stay in the hotel for and then next day they shared some moments with each other and explore the market, side scene.
They accompanied by yash, meera and dev.
But after their return rahul and her wife sameera create mis understanding between geet and whole khurana family.
due to this maan argue with his dad and dadi.
But maan's cousin sisters and brothers r take side of maaneet.
Sameera try to create more mis understanding.
Soon maaneet cleared everything and dadi and dad say sorry to maaneet.
Maaneer reception happen and geet know  sameera is behind maan and his money.

Thread one:-
Love at First Sight thread1
Thread two:- Love at First Sight Thread 2

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 3:22am | IP Logged
Thread one:- Love at First Sight thread1
concept :-   Page1
Part 1:-   Page 1
Part 2:-   Page20
Part 3:- Page 35
Part 4:-  Page48
Part 5:-  Page61
Promo of Part 6:- Page73
Part 6:-Page81
Part 7:-page 96
Part 8:-Page109
character sketches:-Page109
Promo of Part 9:-Page116
Part 9:-Page130
Promo of Part 10:-Page 138
Part 10:-Page 1

Thread two:- Love at First Sight Thread 2

Part 10:-Page 1
Part 11:-Page 11
Part 12:-Page 26
Part 13:-Page26
Part 14:-Page43
Part 15:-Page52
Part 16:-Page59
Spoiler of next few parts:-Page69
Part 17:-Page 68
Part 18:-Page 80
Promo of Part 19:-Page 90
Part 19:-Page 96
Part 20:-Page 105
Promo of Part 21:-Page 115
Part 21:-Page 120
Promo of Part 22:-Page 131
Part 22:-Page135
Part 23:-Page 145

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 3:24am | IP Logged
reserve for new pm list

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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 Next Part:-


Geet smiles and kissed his forehead and said I trust u more than any sameera.


Maan smiled and make her sit in the sofa and sat in the floor and said toh suno geet, she is my college friend but I never liked her as friend also but he always behind me, she want my property.she is grand daughter of Jay Kappor a famous industrialist and friend of my dada jee.Whenever she came here and saw dadi ma and dad, she well behaved like good girl and behaved like she is perfect daughter and may be daughter in law, she came here many times but I just avoid her. One day her mr kappor came here for her marriage.Dad and dadi agreed but dad and dadi want to know my opinion and I clearly told them about my rejection about marriage to any one. And sameera agreed but one day she committed sin.

Geet shocked and said Sin?

Maan:- yes, she trapped rahul and slept with her then aborted her baby and said it's miscarriage.

Geet shocked to hear ti then try today something when maan said I know u'll tell me about rahul , yes rahul also responsible for that but it's also true that sameera trapped him and …

Geet:- how do u know all about this?

Maan:-First rahul told me then I heard sameera told this one of her friend but still I felt this is not true and I investigate and found the truth but that time I thought rahul is innocent but today I think just like rahul and sameera both deserve each other. But one thing is true rahul is still not aware of his child death.

Geet hold maan's hand and said ek lerki, jo ek maa hain kaise kar sakte hain.

Maan:-kar sakte hain, jab koi lerki bhul jate hain sab kuch when some one think only about money , power, lust .

Then maan turns and hold geet's face and said u know u r too innocent. This world is toocruel, bitter.

Geet look at maan's eyes and said but u r with me na, so I don't want to know anything about this world.

Maan smiles and kissed her forehead and said let's forget it. Baas remember one thing, stay away from sameera, she will try to wash ur brain.

Geet placed her palm on his lips and said I trust u maan, more than my self.

Both paused for some time then geet asked maan, where is dar jee and brij veer jee.

Maan smiles and pull her in his lap and said surprise.

Geet pouted and said kahiye na, kaha hain oh dono? aapne kaha ke oh dono aayenge par.

Maan smiles and give her little peck and said rajjy ka phono aaya tha , said we have to go for pagphere so they cancel there plan and then add some more plan for us. So it's surprise.

Geet:- mujhe kuch samajh mein nehi aarha hain

Maan pinch her nose and geet ouch.

Maan kissed her nose and geet shied and said bataiye na,

Maan:- if I'll tell u the surprise then brij will kill me , so forget it, and change the dress.

I have to do some urgent work, will be back within 15min.

Geet hugged him and said mat jaiye na.

Maan:- baas ,15 min , jaan, then I'll be back.

Geet:- hmmm.

Maan goes towards his studies and make some urgent calls.

Here, geet placed maan's night dress in the bed when sameera enter the room and said where is maan?

Geet turned and look at sameera and feel disgusted but composed herself and said  Sameera , last time I warned u before entering my room , pls knock the door,

Sameera:- if not then.kya karoge tum? Tum samajhe te ho maan tumse pyaar karta hain, u r village girl, are maan ke paas tum jaise lerki hajaro aayegi.

Geet ignore her and said I'm very tired today, so pls u can leave now, I don't have energy to hear some crap.

Sameera shouts and said geet. U  r have full trust on ur hubby na, then ask him where is our child?

Geet closed her eyes and murmur baba jee help me, to control my temper.other wise I'll kill this woman.

Sameera: - ask him y he slept but before she can complete her sentence geet slapped her and said baas, one more thing, I'll thorw from here .Get lost from here.

Sameera turn and collide with maan and suddenly hugged him.Maan taken aback and then push her harshly and said what r u doing here?

Sameera hit the gorund and said maan, u hit me.

Maan shouts, Vicky, Vicky,

Vicky came there and said yes bro,

Maan:- call rahul and told her to take care of her wife, if next time his wife is roaming near to my wife then I'll throw her  no throw them from this house.

Maan enter the room and here Vicky looking at sameera who is struggling to get up and said Vicky pls help me.

Vicky:-I"ll call rahul , he will help u and left her there  .Maan just closed the door and asked geet what happen jaan?

Geet just hugged him and said just hold me maan.

Maan puzzled and said ok but in his mind roaming about sudden sameera's presence in their room and .. when geet said maan.

Maan look at her and said yes darling.

Geet:- aap dress change kar lo.

Maan:- ok, . but tumbhi kar lo.

Geet:- ha akrti hoon, mein ek baar mama se baat kar  loon tab tak.

Maan smiles and give her the phone, he takes his cloth and renter the washroom.

Geet called her mom and chatted with her some time.

After this geet standing near the window and feel the coll breeze when pair of strong arms sneek her slender waist and kissed the neck.

Geet relaxed on maan's embrace and said mama told u , come early.

Maan hid his face in her hair and said hmmmmm.

Geet closed her eyes and feel the pleasure, love her hubby.Maan placed plenty  of kissed on her neck to shoulder and then said geet, let's change the dress, u must be tired,

Geet nodded and take her cloths when maan hold her wrist and said if u needs any help then call me.

Geet confused and said means?

Maan naughtily smiles and whisper in her ear if u needs any help about changing ur dress.

Geet blushed and push maan and enter the washroom and close the door.

Maan smiles at his wify and there in side the wash room , geet is breathing and blushing and thinking about maan's word.

But soon she remembered sameera's word and want to ask maan about this then think, no she will investigate about this later.

Later the  geet came out from the wash room and saw maan is waiting for her .

Geet ignored and sit in front of the mirror and brushed her hair when maan said kya hua?

Geet:- kuch nehi. Aap so jaiye, mein aati hoon.

Maan :- no, pehele iha ao phir. Meine so jaunga.

Geet :- aap itni ziddi kyuon hain.

Maan get up and stand behind her and said sameera ne kya kaha  geet?

Geet try to avoid the question and said mujhe bahut neend aarehi hain maan.

Maan :- don't try to avoid the question,

Geet:- maan, trust me, I'm very tried today and feeling very sleepy.

Maan hold her shoulder and pull her and said don't utter the word trust, if u don't trust me.I told u everything cause I trust u only. No one trust me.but it's seems lacking something in our relationship.

First I don't believe u and now u, so when the trust  is lacking in any relationship then that relationship will become burden for every one and before it becomes burden for u , geet, tell me ,I"ll.

Geet's eye wide and full with tear and pain, she clutched his t-shirt and said how dare u like that, if I don't trust u then I'll leave much before. Yes I was tensed cause of sameera's word but never loss my trust on u.I want to hide it cause I ..I want to see u happy, but u always mis understands me.

Maan hold her and pull her close to him and said if u trust me then u should share it, U know how I Feel when u ignore me.

Geet:- if u trust me or understand my word then y  r u bringing about our relationship. Aapko lagta hain iye rista majbut nehi hain kyuon ?kyuon aap mujhe haar baar aaise hurt karte ho aapne karve baton se. pehele bhi aapne bina baat sune .

Maan freed her and him self and said I'' not giving u any explanation. It's up to u, don't change the track, ur trust is very weak, u know what sameera want this and u give her chance.I told u everything, I warned u still u.

Geet :- maan,I trust u , I just want to see u happy and solve this matter .

Maan :- again same mistake, do u forget about yesterday night or want more humiliation.

Maan just turn and said go and sleep.

Geet :- where r u going?

Maan sacrasticaly said to meet sameera.

Geet shouts maan,  y r u doing this?

Maan just leave the room instantly and geet look at the side blankly .

Maan enter his study and sit in the chair and try to work but fails .then he lays on the sofa and try to sleep for some time.

Here, geet is waiting for him , then she get up and murmur, haar baat pe gussa, kya karu baba jee inko leke, itna gussa, kabhi toh pyaar aise karte hain , aur dekho, abhi jab gussa shant hoga, tab sabse jada sorry kehenge iya toh pyaar karenge aapne behavior ko leke, kyuon itna gussa karte hain, itni der ho gaya, oh no koi agar dekh liya toh kya sochnge,mein kya karu.kaha ho sakte hain oh.kisi se puchu nehi, agar puchu toh sab ko pata chal jayga, kya karu.hmmm. chalo dhoonte hain,


Geet is searching maan when she heard rahul and sameera argue about something.

Geet murmur, dono sahi mein made for each other hain,  then she turns and find meera is coming from downstairs and geet asked meera tum abhi iha?

Meera:- ha oh pari ke liye pani le ja rehi hoon, tum iha.

Geet:- oh pani lene aayi thi.

Meera:- oh, waise ek baat puchu.

Geet:- ha pucho.

Meera hesitates first then said oh tumhara aur bhiya ke jhagra hua kya?

Geet silent and said kyuon aise kyuon puch rehe ho, aise kuch nehi hua.

MEera:- oh that's good , actuall,y bhiya uha aapne study room meine gaye thori der pehele, bhaut gusse mein dikh rehe the so.

Geet feel relief to hear about maan then said nehi , oh kuch business problem .

Meera:-ok, I'm going now, nehi toh pari uth jaygi.

Geet nodded then after meera leave the place, geet enter the study room and lock the door carefully.

Geet saw maan lay in the sofa and placed his hand on his forehead.

Geet feel sorry for giving him pain .She goes near to the sofa and sit besides him and and shook him.

Maan ignore and  turned another side.

Geet again shook him . maan angrily , geet, don't disturb me.

Geet:- maan, pls chaliye na, iha se.

Maan:-  tum jake so jao aur mujhe sone do.

Geet:- aapke bina sona nehi jayga.

Maan smiled but soon replied kyuon itne din toh mere bina thi, ek iya do din mein kuch .


Geet in chocked voice said I'm sorry maan.

Maan feel sad now and turns and saw geet get up from the sofa and tears flowing from her eyes and said I don't want to hurt u. I'm sorry maan.

Maan:- geet, go to ur room and sleep there.I'll be coming after some time.

Geet just nodded and left the room quickly.

Maan rubs his forehead and  feel sad .his anger is beyond control some time.Maan get up and leave the room and enter his room and found geet is sleeping like doll in sofa.

He feel hurt again and goes near to her and saw geet is shaking and he guess right that she is crying silently.

Maan just shook his head and think such kid is his wify still, she is so innocent, thora sa danto toh,rone lagti hain bacho ki tarah. Kya karu mein iska.

Maan take her in his arms and geet who is crying just hide herself in maan and cring more.

Maan placed her in the bed but geet hold him more tightly.Maan smiles and said , ek min jaan,

Geet reluctantly freed him and maan just kissed her forehead .then he close the door and the come and lay besides geet.

Maan hold her shoulder and turns her and said jaan, look at me.

Geet just closed her eyes more tightly.Maan just kissed those tears and then said I'm sorry jaan .Actually u know na I' m very short temper and u know it na. I know actually that time after saw sameera, I lost my temper then u try to hide it and ignore me so.

Geet:- sob. … but u want to broke sob our relationship.

Maan:-yes cause I want to take this relationship in new level.

Geet looks at maan and said matlab.

Maan pull her close and said baad mein samajhunga and then again said I'm really sorry jaan, but pls promised me u'll not do anything alone.u know na situation and u don't know how dangerous they r .it's very complicated and any wrong step everything will be ruined.

Geet:- hmm.I'm sorry,I  just , want to help u by investigate about sameera so , it'll be easy for u.

Maan smiles and said jaan thanks jaan but I'll take care fo them .

Geet:- but aapne kyuon  humara rista  ke baarein mein aise bole.

Maan:- abhi kan pakarti hoon and phir kabhi nehi bolungi but u promised me u'll not look at this side, I'll take care of this.

Geet nodded and snuggled more close to her and said par mein kya karungi.

Maan :- hmmm.

Geet:- bataiye na.

Maan:-ok, u'll  complete ur higher studies, u'll help me in office work, u'll learn office work from me. U'll cook lots of food for me only, u'll spend maximum time with me only, u'll love me only and give me lots of love.

Geet blushed and hide her face in his chest.

Maan feel shiver and slowly pull her face and look at her face and said darling, I'm sorry for shouting at u .

Geet:- it's ok, even me too sorry,

Maaneet smiles and maan hugged him tight and both dose off to sleep.

Precap:- Geet slapped sameera once more .Geet in Hp.

maan hugged her waist and said so darling our planned work .well when maan isngh khurana planned something  then  and kissed her full mouth.


Maan standing near the river when some one hold her waist from behind and placed a kissed on his shoulder and rubbed her nosed there.
Maan hold her hand and said jaan.
Maan pull  her in front of him and said don't tease me.
 but that woman smiles and giggling and said oh really my jaanu.
Maan give her a kiss and bite her lower lips.
Dadi ma shocked to heard about maan and said I don't knwo what to tell now? it's impossible,
Vicky:- even for us also it's totally unexpected.

Rahul standing behind the bar and his lawyer said I'm sorry mr khurana, Sir I mean Maan Singh khurana close all way for us.
Rahul punch the wall.

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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hi all
how r u all?

sorry for late I'm busy with work .
sorry for any mis take.
 updated next part. pls read it and comment it
 hope u all like it.
 all my silent readers pls press the liked button.
 I'm sending pm u all now but if don't received any pms then pls empty ur inbox , may be ur inbox is full.
all who wants pm from me for this ff pls add me or send me buddy request.
pls press the liked button also.
pm list will be update soon.
 note 2:-  this part is base for future of this story.
I know u all r angry one me after read this part and precap but just faith on me .
specially Faith on MSKWink
I'll post another part soon , cause I'm wrting another part now, it's depends on u now how fast u'll  comment and how fast I'll update next part.
Next part is waiting for big surprise and

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reserved for pm..!!
ambbiha IF-Sizzlerz

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hey congrats

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Congrats 4 new thread.waiting 4 next part

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