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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 9)

sweetsute Goldie

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 5:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sshriyaa84

Shilpa thanx for the pm
loved this part and wow all nice names yaar ansh., ahaan.,  lovely names of boys.
and I am loving Khanaks and meghnas parts already..
shaan is a superstar wow!! and that cute baby  boy 
heartless shann how can he leave that cute baby yaar
Probably he does not know of him yet( this  part is so much like ketkas trackLOLLOL)
superb keep it up!!!Clap

thanks di

dis time, shan won't give ne1 a chance to point fingers at him---------dats my promise...

keep hooked up for the next part

Roshni_M IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ammu_SunshYn

@roshni - u changed ur DP frm rati to shanak!!....!
Actualy b4 oso i was goin 2 put shanak ka photo nly bt cudnt find 1 in my folder so i put rati's photo..... Nyways dis 1 is cute na???

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snehapatro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 1:49am | IP Logged
hey shilpa loved the character description....and awsome start dear loved it ...Clap
waiting for next part......plzz continue soon....Big smile

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sweetsute Goldie

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 5:47am | IP Logged

Hi everyone....thanks for appreciating my work....

all those who were complaining abt less shanak n more of others...dis is a shanakilicious part----------enjoy

The event went off with much success. Everyone was on cloud 9 , specially Anya and her group of friends after getting a chance to not only get a autograph of their fav star, but also to shake hands wid him n have a few words wid him'However it was nothing new for Shan, becoz he has been accustomed to this life n response , wherever he went'His life had been totally dedicated to his proffesion'there was no room for ne thing personal in his life, since the past 18 months'atleast he tried to be like dat'.at outside , to the whole world , he was a happy chilled out guy, who always was at his best humorous side'but in reality, he was a shattered man, a man who had a pain in his heart of being away from his loved ones, being lonely-all becoz of his fate'.Shan was thinking abt these things, while on his way to the guest house , where he was gonna stay in delhi'. As he reached his room, he took off his shirt, went to the wash room,had a bath, and came out, wen his phone rang-he was invited for a party next day  at Ehsaan Irani's  house.

In the party'

All the delegates and famous personalities were present at the party. Ehsaan Irani was one of the richest person in the city..He was the owner of Irani Construction companies n was also the owner of irani chain of hotels, all over India. He always wanted the best for his hotels, hence when he heard abt Khanak, he knew at once dat she would be the best choice as an interior designer for his new hotel..Even Khanak could not refuse to work with such a famous personality. 

Khanak was busy talking with some persons when Mr.Irani called her, from behind..She turned around, but was stunned and shocked to see the person with him- it was Shantanu.  Even he was stunned to see her .

Mr. Irani'"so, Mr. Khandelwal, she is the person , who is gonna behind this beautiful  plan of mine- --Khanak Shah, leading interior designer, u won't believe I m the luckiest person to have her here.

Shan was not listening to what the host was saying. He was busy staring at Khanak..Mr.Irani sensed that, he called Shan twice, who then came out of his trance- " ooh yeah, Mr.Irani, I m indeed pleased to at the idea- I mean ur plan' have indeed hired the best,"'.He looked at Khanak, while he said so..

 Mr. Irani-"yeah, u r right...". He turned to Khanak- " by the way, Miss, Shah, u must be knowing him"

 Khanak-" yeah, how can I not know him, after all he is Shantanu Khandelwal..each and every person knows him'u r indeed a famous personality, Mr.Shantanu Khandelwal, nice to meet u in person:

 She extended her hands to  shake with Shan..Her words had a sense of sarcasms in them, only Shan would sense that.

 Khanak was feeling uneasy at the party..she wanted to come out of her uneasiness , but was finding it difficult, she would not stop herself from looking for Shan n thinking abt him..She at last decided to skip the party and after informing the host, left the party.

 Same was the case with Shan'he too went to his guest house n went straight to his room. He took off his coat,  his shirt, had a bath and came out and laid on the bed. He rested his head on the head board, closed his eyes- he could see only Khanak . He opened his eyes, opened the drawer beside his  bed, and took a tablet , ate it- it was a sleeping pill- which was his only help in having a sound sleep, since the past 18 months'He took out something else from the drawer, it was a photo- he kissed the photo n went to sleep.

 Khanak was however not able to sleep. She wanted to talk with Meghna, but didn't becoz it was already 11 and she didn't wanted to trouble Meghna and Anay. After putting little Ahaan to sleep, she took out her diary, went through the pages'went back to her past.


Flashback-----before 6 years

 3rd dec. 2005

Khanak was a bright student of her college in Baroda. She was an allrounder- good at studies, good at art, sports.  That day,  there was a inter-college fashion show in Baroda. The highlight of the event was Monisha  Narang, owner of leading magazine- Style'and herself an ex- miss India and now was there to judge the event. Khanak was there , not as a participant, but to cheer the sole participant from her college, along with her friends. However, as fate decided, the participant failed to show up, everyone were tensed, and after much discussions and arguments, it was decided that Khanak would be the substitute for that girl. Thus that was the first turning point in Khanak's life'she was not the winner, but she surely won the heart of Monisha Narang'who was so impressed with her, that she gave khanak the golden opportunity to join her training institute for models. Khanak could not refuse her offer. All she had to do was to convince her kins, and dat was not a hard job because they were least bothered abt her life.

Khanak went to Mumbai.  It took atmost  1 yr  for her to get settled in Mumbai.  Though she was appreciated at her field, and managed to slowly ascend the steps of success with the modeling assignments coming her way, yet she never let the success and her proffesion affect her personal life. She was a simple girl at heart, and she was never in a favour in hanging out with too many friends'the only person, she was close to , was Meghna, who had been her room partner for 1 yr, until Meghna married and went to stay with her in-laws. Even , by now Khanak had brought a new flat..Some times, Meghna would come and stay at her flat becoz her husband was away in USA and she didn't liked to spend time alone at her in-laws, so at every excuse, she would visit Khanak and pour her heart out abt her in-laws.

 25th October, 2006-

 That day, there was another turning point in Khanak's life and even Shan's life- though he didn't remembers exactly how.

It was 10 in the night and Khanak was at Meghna's  in-laws. They lived in the Hiranandani Apartment in Powai.  After a lot of chatting, khanak decided to take leave.

 Meanwhile Shan was also there with his friends at the same apartment, at his friend, Ayush's house. All his friends were celebrating their reunion after a gap of 1 yr..They were having a bash at terrace- All were highly drunk, sp Shan.  They could have continued their fun, had it not been for Ayush's father, who suddenly arrived , from his long visit to his village. Ayush's sister quickly came up and told her brother about their father's arrival, who in turn after much tussles and arguments, managed to rush out his drunk friends from the terrace. Shan was too drunk to sense the things around him. He somehow managed to make his way down the terrace, and took the lift, but instead of going to the ground floor, he went further down to the basement-

It was dark everywhere, except for the dim light. He stumbled on his feet,  but managed to compose himself. He said to himself- " yeh, raste mein itna andhera kyun hai'kahin aaj world dark day to nahi..."

 He looked here and there, suddenly his eyes felt on something, like a slim figure..he went near the figure..it was a girl, but he was too drunk to see that if it was a statue or a girl, becoz the girl was standing still, like a statue. He took out his cell from his pant pocket and flashed light on her , other hand in his pocket. He moved back, looked up and then down, his act continued for some time, den he took out his left hand from his pocket and joined his thumb finger with his index finger, in a signal, muttering- "perfect"

 He came further near the figure, bend his face towards her, smelled her n whispered, in a soft husky voice- " u r delicious, I wanna taste u."

 He however backed off, saying that and started grinning and clapping his hands like a kid. He then extended his hands, said in a strong tone- " hi, I m ..i m 'hein! who am i'ne ways leave it'main tumhare bare mein bolu''"

 He again went  near to her , took her hands- " tumhare hath bahut nazuk hain, sp ur palms, yeh ungliyaan kyun itni lambi hai, ur hands are too sexy, but too small, see see my bigggggg hand"'He placed her left palm on his left palm and started measuring how much her hand was shorter than his. He kisses her hand, then puts it down.

He again says- " u don't have manners, itna bada hatta khatta naujawan tumhare samne khada hai n u r silent'why? Hein!"

 Again says- " koi problem hai'." He touches her eyes,, and brings his face closer to her face, stares at her eyes, keeps looking at her beautiful eyes for a minute, without even blinking his eyes, then composes himself and says, while still stumbling- "yes'tumhari ankhon mein problem hai'there is something  in ur eyes''''tummmmmmm'haan blind ho' But u can hear me , I suppose.."

 He touched her ears, stared at her ears, then again said to himself- "ooh..kaan ke parde bhi phate honge"

 He den focused his attention to his lips- " kahin tum gungi bhi to nahi..no I will not check it'na...but I will kiss u 'hahaha"

 He brought his lips close to her lips and was about to kiss her, wen a sound came to his ears, he was shaken was the sound- it was a horn,  he turned back and saw a car- the driver of the car, his friend was shouting at him- " Shan, oye! Jaldi se baith gadi mein, jaldi kar"

 Shan stood there confused, for few seconds. Finally the friend, got fed up and turned the car near Shan, and opened the door opp to the driver's seat and dragged Shan inside..and drove away.

 The girl stand there for 1 minute, closed her eyes, She was Khanak.  Khanak  gave a high sigh of relief and ran up the stairs as fast as she could, and banged on Meghna's door. Luckily it was Meghna who opened the door, as her in-laws had already gona to sleep. Khanak barged inside and said , breathing heavily- " Megs, please, please close the door"

 Meghna did as Khanak told her, she then asks, khanak, who falls down on the sofa- " Khanak, kya ho gaya hai tujhe, why r u so scared and breathing  heavily, all of a sudden'hua kya hai bol"

 Khanak- " pani..i want water, please.."

 Meghna, gave her a glass of water to drink-" u want more"

 Khanak drank two glasses of water and said- " today I would have been butchered by a pshyco, had it not been for my good luck"

 Meghna- "matlab"

 Khanak- " I was getting ready to take out my scooty, wen suddenly I heard  some steps..maine dekha to someone was coming down'itna to mujhe samajh aya ki terrace pe party ho rahi hai to wahan drunk ladke bhi honge, so I was in a hurry to rush away..but u know what ain mauke pe meri scooty start hone ka naam hi le rahi thi'..i was getting scared'the guy was coming in my direction'mujhe kuch suja nahin aur main wahan pe khadi ho gayi like a statue."

 Meghna ' " phir, wat happened, did he went away"

Khanak- 'arey nahi'.pata nahi kya-kya bakwas kar raha tha'sometimes he was touching my hands, sometimes my ears...even kehta hai ki I m delicious, he wants to taste me n tried to kiss me''can u believe it'arghhhhh"

Meghna, now starts laughing'" OMG!..main teri jagah hoti to I would have started laughing.."

 Khanak- " o madam! Yahan bolna bada asaan hai'.if u were in my place, tab tumhe samajh ata , what was I going through'..i was standing there like a cold stone'.mujhe pata hai , main khud ko kaise sambhal rahi thi'God! Terrible"

 Meghna- "acha thik hai, I have stopped laughing'but tell how was he looking..i mean pagalo jaisa look tha kya uska"

 Khanak- " nahi, dikhna mein to thik tha, infact, was looking like a guy from a rich and affluent family'..must be a spoilt brat of a rich family''''''..pyscho!"

 This was Khanak's 2nd turning point in her life---meeting her love for the first time'

to be continued

i hope u all enjoyed their first interaction and liked the update this time as it had more of shanak and less of others.............

phir milte hain, with next update...till then enjoy urselves........

comments mandatory

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priya_cool_123 IF-Rockerz

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i want u to continue now.... whines... i want more of shanak.......continue continue... now right now..

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snehapatro IF-Sizzlerz

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first interaction was toooooo guddddddd....Clap
waiting for next update....waise want more of shanak and ya nihaal shetty ka entry kab hoga...?

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angel_9 Goldie

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Hey Shilpa..........
awesome update ClapClapClap
loved shanak first interaction............though khanak would have thought of him as  creepy guy..........
n  the beginning was  amazing they met in party n got stunned.......loved it continue soon...........
update next part soon........as u ended it & i was like its over want to read more.......Big smile
 n thanks 4 PM

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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OMG dear!! So sweeeet!! Loved it!! Plz continue soon!!:))

love, Simi

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