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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 87)

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Question Big smileDay Dreaming

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waiting for update Cry Cry Cry
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update ??????????
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update pleaseCryCry
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hello my sweeties, here is the next part

"I told you, don't believe this damn guy, par nahi!" Anay was almost lashing out at the Meghna, while driving the car.
However his ramblings were on deaf ears as Meghna rather chosed to pay attention to the nature, rather than on her fuming husband.
" No, stop playing this deaf and mute game with me. Kaha tha maine, in actors ka koi bharosa nahi, kab.."
He was about to say more, but stopped seeing Meghna's angry glare as she pointed towards Khanak. Thankfully, Khanak was busy with the baby in the back seat.
" bhaiya, are we going to the station, after this?"  Anya asked while texting.
" nahi, Anya, Ansh has gone to the station" Meghna replies.
The car halts after some time.
" Damn! Just because of this stupid guy, I am here ! Court mein! Else, I would I have been with my daughter"
Khanak feels a sense of guilt ,listening to Anay's complain, is about to say something, but…
" U can't stay away from your child for a month, how do you expect Shan to stay away from his child, for an year"
Meghna's question stuns both Anay and Khanak.

In the court,
"hoshiyar! Shahenshah..mera matlab hai judge saab padhar rahe hai" The guy with turban almost fumbles while making the declaration.
"mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai, jaise main Akbar ke durbar mein hoon"  Anay whispers to Meghna .
" Anay!" Meghna stares at him.
A hefty man with spectatles arrives. It doesn't takes much for Anay to realize, he is the judge.
After some formal works, the case proceedings get started.  Anay looks around, things seem strange to him – his wife looking as if she is attending some International Union Meet, Khanak looking busy with her baby and his sister Anya busy with her phone- No! He looks again, she isn't texting, rather her eyes are fixed on something.
He looks to the other side. Its Shantanu Khandelwal!
" and the drama begins" Anay murmers
" toh barkhuddar, kya ilzam lage hai tumpe" 
The judge's question startles Shan. He is about to say something
" ilzam nahi jahapanha..matlab judge saab, yeh toh bekasoor hai.   Asli mujrim toh hai woh mohatarma (pointing towards Khanak)
Its Shan's lawyer.
" am I in a urdu lecture?" Anay whispers to Meghna as the latter signals him to keep quite.
" toh kya gunah hai us ladki kya?"
" yeh ki mujhe mere bte se alag rakha" Shan says.
" yeh hum kya sun rahe hai? Mohatrama Khanak! Kya yeh sach hai?"
Khanak looks up hearing her name from the judge.
" Shantanu Khandelwal ne tum pe kya ilzam lagaye?"
" how would I know, u know better, you have the file"  Khanak's casual reply stuns every1.
" ladki! Yeh mat bhool ki tu…." The judge is about to rise from his seat, but sits down and clears his throat.
"hmm..toh tumne ek baap se uske bte ko alag kiya?"
Her mouth opens in awe,she is about to say something, but ..
"No, my lord! Khanak is innocent" (She looks at Shan, surprised!)..pauses.."problem is she is immature to handle my son" (looks at him in shock!)
He continues
" My Lord! Khanak is a career oriented woman and I really respect her. Par, career ke liye I can't see her feeling bad about not spending time with her baby"
She is not shocked, just stares at him as he continues.
" I want to ease her responsibilities, want her to be carefree. And waise bhi, don't you think the baby needs to be the real Ahaan Khandelwal and not just Khanak's son"
The judge seemed impressed with Shan's statements. Anay is fuming.
" toh mohotarma Khanak,farmariye, apki kya maazrat hai"
"jee?" Khanak is confused
"amm..mera matlab, what you want say?"
" well nothing, infact I agree to everything he says"  says casually, shocking almost everyone.
" Are you sure?"
" ofcourse My  Lord, I agree! I am a career oriented woman, can't give enough time to my son, I am careless and want to get rid of responsibilities and moreever my son needs to be Shantanu khandelwal's son and what can be more better than giving Ahaan to his father"
Shan is startled out of his wits. The judge is bemused.  The lawyer tries saying something, Khanak interrupts him.
"come on, I don't think you would like to waste your time, so the thing is final (takes a piece of paper from the desk, while the judge stares at her perplexed), Shantanu khandelwal is going to get the custody of my son (writes the same on the paper, gets it stamped)"
There is no other option left other than adjourning the court. She goes away, leaving behind a confused Anay and a sulking Shan.
She turns back hearing her name. Its Shan!
"where is Ahaan?"
"don't worry, you will have him" She says with a smile.
"listen Khanak, this is not a joke."
"really? But you have already made everything a joke" looks straight into his eyes.
"do you realize what you said in the court?"
"yup! Now Ahaan is only yours."
" natak karna band karo Khanak"
Smiles a little, looks down , goes near him. He just stares at him, as she tiptoes, whispers something to his ears, while adjusting his shirt button
" actor sirf aap hi nahi, humne bhi is kala mein mahir hai, Mr.Shantanu Khandelwal"
Descends down the stairs, while he stands there stunned.
"how did you know?" Manages to shout from behind
"Delhi mein Chandigarh High Court nahi hoga na?" She answers, without looking back.
He is shocked, then gets furious!
"chale Anay bhaiyaa?"
Anay breaks from his convo with Meghna, hearing Khanak.
"haan, where is Anya?"
"Anay, she said, she will come along with Ansh?"
" are you sure? Kahin is Shan ke liye toh.."
"come on bhaiyaa, lets go, waise bhi I have to pack Aan's things" says while getting inside the car, while Anay and Meghna look at each other .

Ansh reaches the place, only to find Shan and Anya having some serious discussion.
"hey guys, I am back" declares proudly as Shan glares at him and Anya gestures him to go away, which he ignores.
" so, whats d result? Khanak is back with shan?" Anya rolls her eyes as Ansh brags and extends his hand forward for a hifi with Shan
"ofcourse, come here little bro, thanks toh bolu" Ansh is however not able to get Shan's sarcasm as the latter pulls him and almost squeezes his neck.
"kyun? Bahut dimag chalta hai na? hell, if u don't stop giving me lame ideas" Tightens d grip more and then releases and then walks away.
" arey.adha plan toh aap hi ka tha, maine toh bas nakli court, judge and lawyer ka idea diya tha"  Ansh says from behind, with heavy breathes.
"idiot! Where did you got hold of those jokers?" Anya smacks him hard.
"ouch! Lucknow ke theatre actors hai yaar..par hua kya"
Anya is about to answer, when they hear the horn.
Its doesn't take much time for Shan to reach Mittal house.
" Shan! He is about to drive away, when he hears Khanak's voice. Stops the gear and gets down.
" don't you think you 4got something?"
"what?" raises his eyebrows.
" your son, your responsibility" points towards the baby, sleeping happily in her arms.
" dekho Khanak.." points his finger, she puts it down.
" sirf aaj raat ke liye, lets c how much responsible n serious you are"
" excuse me..he is sleeping"
"so, u can still carry him..kyun dar gaye?"
Her question incites his ego, he snatches the baby and hurrieds away.
"Shan!"  she calls from behind
"urgh! Now what?" stops and turns back
"baby's bag"
Angrily goes back and fetches the bag. She goes back to the house, leaving him behind with the baby, infact the crying baby.
Inside Mittal house, Anay is anxious about Khanak's behavior and discusses so with Meghna.
" you think you did the right thing? I mean is careless and irresponsible admi pe  tum bharosa karti ho?" Anay asks, sitting on the sofa.
Khanak doesn't sits with him, rather choses to go to her room, not before saying
" pata nahi bhaiyaa, but mere bache ke papa pe toh bharosa hai"
Anay is confused, while Meghna can't help smiling.
Khanak goes to her room, to the balcony. She could see her husband with the baby, trying hard to calm him down.  She could see her baby is crying. But she isn't anxious, rather a smile creeps on her face and tears form in her eyes as all she could mutter was a meek "burthal"
All through her life, she longed for a perfect family and when God gave her the opportunity by sending Shantanu Khandelwal, she was overjoyed. But the happenings made her realize, she can never build a happy home for herself, at the expense of ruining someone else's home.
Meghna goes to Khanak's room, only to find her in the balcony.
" Apne bete ko dekh rahi ho?"
She gets out of her reverie.
" hmm?"
"Khanak, you still love him na?"
" I will, till the end of my breathe"
" phir y don't you go back to him?"
Meghna's question startles Khanak as she turns to face her. She goes inside, without saying anything.
" I know Khanak, hamesha ki tarah, you will say nothing, you will not reveal your feelings, but atleast khud se dhoka mat kar yaar, kab tak rahegi uspe gussa?"
" who said I am angry? Galti ki hai toh, sudharni padegi na?"
" kaisi galti? Pyar galti hai? Rishta jodna galat hai"
" pyar ke liye rishtein todna toh galat hai na? I had done a sin Meghna. Mere wajeh se Shan lost his family. I don't want to repeat it again" Her voice was choking.
" and you think, keeping a son away from his father is justified, its not a sin?"
Meghna's question leaves her dumbfound. She is silent for a moment and then says
"selfish hoon na main..can't even allow God to snatch away my child"
Goes to the washroom, while Meghna stares at her, then at the picture on the wall, while folding her hands.

The baby continues to wail and howl, despite Shan's constant efforts to calm him down.
"Aanu? Look here..see,see papa ke paas kya hai?"
The child pauses, looks at the thing in the big hand- its glowing, with different pictures coming one after another. He fixes his gaze, when to his dismay, the thing is removed. He reverts back to his previous task.
Shan tries hard to hear from the other side, but all he gets to hear is the baby's wails,from his own side.
" Shan! Shan! Who is dat crying? Is it Ahaan?"  Its Ashka on the other line
"yup Ashka" he finally manages to hear, while trying to pacify the baby in his arms and he is partially successful.
" Ahaan is with you?"
"yup, that's a long story. But filhaal I have to calm him down"
"what is he doing now?"
"sucking on my shirt" turning his eyeball to the side of the shoulder, the child was happily sucking upon.
"Shan! He is hungry? "
"oh! I think ek milk packet hai, abhi garam karta hoon"
" ahm Shan! Babies don't drink that"
It takes ashka more than two minutes to explain the procedure for preparing baby's milk to Shan
He goes to the kitchen along with the toddler. The child is crying, but at intervals, when Shan manages to divert his attention. He realizes, its impossible to prepare the milk, with Ahaan in his hands. Places him  gently on the kitchen slab. The child protests
"tera  hi dinner ready kar raha hoon yaar"
The child pauses, not because he understood his father's words, but becoz his gaze gets some other attention. 
Shan fills the bottle with hot water, is about to close the lid after adding the required amount of powder, when something catches his attention. Its his son, trying hard to pull the microwave owen's wire. Startled, he lifts away the baby, not before almost tripping the hot water on his feet.
"Ouch!" He exclaims in  pain.
The child just coos.
" kya  hai? Papa got hurt, but teri milk safe hai" Mocks while gently thursting the feeding bottle inside the toddler's mouth.
Inside the room,  little Ahaan is happily enjoying his milk, sometimes playing with the bottle,sometimes  gurgling, while Shan can't help wondering
" do you keep troubling your mom also?"
The baby giggles, as if understanding his words.
"chalo, Aan ki dinner over, now papa ki dinner"
He declares while gently wiping the baby's mouth and then goes to the kitchen, not before making sure to place him safely at the middle of the bed.
He is busy racking his mind, inside the kitchen, confused about what to cook. Not because he was a good cook, but becoz he knew nothing other than sandwiches, which now he was least interested to have. Tries many, but ultimately, all he could make was the toast.  He is about to take the bread from the toast maker, when suddenly he hears a thud sound.
Startled, he runs to the room. Thankfully, he heaves a sigh of relief when he sees the baby playing happily sitting on the bed.  Smiling, he goes forward to hug the baby, when something catches his attention. 
His Laptop! His jaw gets wide opened, in shock, seeing the 14" device lying on the ground, as if it has met with a severe accident.  It takes him no time to recognize the culprit.
" Aan! You did it" He almost shouts at the baby, but then stops, cng the baby's face turn serious.
"aah! See, laptop toh gayi, now sad hoke kya faida" Tries to creep on the bed. The child remains still, just stares at his father. Shan gets scared, but..
Sniff! He could smell something, goes more nearer , the smell is more stronger, infact more ..
Yuck!!  This was Shan's reaction on realizing the situation. He had no other option, than to clean the baby and change his nappies.
After sometime, in the living room.
To Shan's misfortune, the bread was almost burnt. Still, there is no other option for him.
He is about to have a bite,
"Ahaan!"  Almost jerks out on the sofa, as the toddler tries to cling to him.
" aha! Tujhe bhi bhook lagi hai?" Realizes when the baby again starts sucking his shirt. 
Tries to make the baby drink milk, he refuses.  Remembers that is his ceralac time. But to his dismay, he knew nothing about the preparation.
Scrolls his contact list, tries to call a number, hubby  ego stops him. Goes up again, dails a number. No response, decides to send a message.
Ashka comes out of the meeting, seeing the message.  She can't help laughing
"Shan! What was dat?"
" hasna band karo and tell me the method yaar"
" arey papa ban gaye ho and you don't know how to prepare milk nor cerelac?" chuckles on the phone
" haan toh, certification exam pass karke nahi bana hoon."
" very funny"
" please di, batao na"
He does as Ashka instructs him.
The father and son are now happily enjoying their respective dinners, while watching tv. He feeds the baby cerelac while simultenously biting his sandwich.  There is some fashion show going on, in one of the channels. Choses to change to some cartoon channel.  Coincidently, the child pouts, is about to cry. Shan tries to cajole him and accidently, changes back to the fashion channel. Surprisingly, the baby is now silent and just cooes.  
To his surprise, the thing repeats a couple of times.  Laughing to himself, he lifts the baby and almost squeezes him
"indeed Shantanu Khandelwal's son? "
" chalo, now get down and do your job" places the baby on the carpet and then goes and brings some of his toys.
After some time, he notices its almost 10. Switches off the tv. His son is still actively indulged in his mini operations.
"comeon ahan, time to sleep"  tries to hold the child. The baby shows reluctancy, he lets him go away. 
" now enough!" Tries to hold the toddler, he crawls away much faster.  The same thing repeats until Shan looses his energy and patience and lays on the floor, not before tightly engulfing the baby, despite the child's protests, and not realizing the front door is actually open.

Around 2:30 AM
He gets up startled with some buzzing vibration on his knees. Its his cell.
"hello, Shan here?" manages to say, in a almost sleepy tone
" what the hell do you think you are doing?"
Sits upright, recognizing the voice.
"Khanak! Raat ko kya karunga yaar? Y r u shouting?"
"mera beta kahan hai Shantanu?"
" kahan ..yahin (looks here and there, then stands up alarmed)..room mein hoga(searches everywhere), khanak.."
"terrace mein hain woh..now rush"
He is shocked, is about to say something, she cuts the phone.  Looks at the open door. Rushes out, not before cursing himself and praying to God.
Luckily he finds the baby on the terrace, holding the rally and trying to stand on his feet. He wastes no time in hugging the baby, plants kisses on his cheeks, while the child wriggles. He sits on the floor, leaning against the railing, with the child on his lap. This time, he makes sure to put the child to sleep and then himself dozes off.

Next morning
Sleep was far away from Khanak's eyes as all through the night, she had been waiting for the night to end and now that the night was over and it was a new day, there was no question of wasting a single second.
She quickly ascends  the stairs,  reaching the second floor. She is about to ring the bell, when she notices the door is open. She is not surprised, she knows her husband well.
"Aanu, Aaan, where r u?" Searches for her son, no response, neither her husband.  Searches in the bedroom, finds no1. All she could find was the things scattered here and there, sparing neither the bedroom, nor the drawing nor the kitchen.
"Shantanu Khandelwal! Urgh!" murmers to herself holding the pic in the frame. She is not angry nor frustrated, just smiles. 
After around an hour, goes to the terrace. Khanak's heart melts seeing the father-son happily clinging to each other in deep sleep.  Tears form in her eyes as wish for having to see the sight daily. Slowly, she bends down, ruffles the child's hair , plants a soft kiss on his forehead.  The baby stirs a little, she gets alert.  Quickly places her hand on him, feels something, its her husband's touch.  Looks at him, even in his sleep, he doesn't forgets to take care of his son.  Khanak slowly tries to take away her palm, but in vain as her husband now tightens his grip.
"Shantanu, Shan.."
He wakes up, listening her soft voice. Looks at her and smiles. She gestures towards the hands, he looks down at their entangled hands.  Despite his wish of never leaving her hand, he removes his hand. She gets up, taking the baby and turns to go away.
"Khanak, ek coffee banake do na yaar" He shout from behind, stretching his arms.
" I am not your cook"  Khanak replies without looking back, while taking the lift as he remains staring at her.
He comes back after 10 minutes, only after some reluctance to break from the sleep.  And he is surprised!  That was definitely not the living room,  he had left. It was neat and clean, things at their places.  He goes to the bedroom, more surprise waits for him. The room is now neatly arranged, his laptop in the cupboard, his clothes neatly arranged and the bed covered with a fresh new sheet. He is delighted, goes to the wash room to freshen up.
After sometime, he goes to the kitchen. He is not surprised now, seeing the tidy kitchen, rather smiles thinking about her. He closes his eyes, he could feel something, her scent, the fact that she was here, and ofcourse the rich aroma. His gaze shifts to the direction of the aroma, finds 3 bowls wid lids. Removes them one by one, the aroma gets stronger.  He closes his eyes again,  he could feel her, her touch, her love,a big smile forms on his face.
He rushes to his room, to catch her glimpse from the balcony. She is not there. He is about to send a message, when he finds a note on the desk
' no need to say thanks, I did everything for my son's father and ofcourse for my……..well! u can guess cng the flower"
Looks at the rose, in his hand. It's a yellow rose! Shantanu Khandelwal is delighted, he feels on cloud nine!

That day, its Ansh's birthday and on Ansh's insistence, Shan, Meghna and Anya had gone to the party, he was throwing at some club. Anay was out of town and Khanak was reluctant to attend the party with the toddler, even though Ansh requested her to drop Ahaan at his home. She wanted to stay alone, spend time with her child and no1 could refute.
On the way back home
" that was so fun, thank you so much Ansh for the party" Meghna says from the back seat.
" thank u bhabhi,  waise I din expected all girls to turn up" giggles, looking back at Anya.
" say thanks to Shan, u dumbo" Anya retorts back, eyes fixed in 4nt, on the person in the driver's seat.
Shan says nothing, just smiles, listening to Anya and Ansh's convo.
" btw bro, you seemed a bit aloof?" Ansh asks Shan
"ofcourse, idiot! He was missing Khanak"
" arey haan, wish we could make some plan..woh"  Ansh is about to say more, stops as Anya clears her throat, giving an indication about Meghna's presence.
"ahm! No need to hide from me, mujhe sab pata hai" Meghna's sudden declaration stuns all as they look at her.
" what? ofcourse I am with you guys, I know Khanak ki khushi kis mein chupi hai"  Looks at Shan smiling
"that's so sweet of you Meghna.." He turns around, is about to say more..
"Shan look!" He quickly turns the steering hearing Anya's shriek.
"kya hua Anya?"
" bhabhi some brat on a bike, he went at such a jet speed"
After sometime, Shan manages to overtake the guy.
"yehi tha"  Anya points at the back towards a biker with the helmet.
"hmm…" Shan speeds up more.
Again after sometime, the guy overtakes them with full speed, not before showing his thumb finger turning down.
"hey! Is he in for a game?" Ansh wonders aloud
"so, lets play the game!" Shan declares proudly
And thus begins the race, despite Meghna's protests. Sometimes Shan wins, with Ansh encouraging and giving directions and Anya being the cheer girl, while sometimes the guy.  The race continues, until they reach Mittal house.
"phew! That was awesome! Thrilling!" Anya declares, getting out.
"we screwed him off, u are just amazing bro"  Ansh gives a side hug to Shan as the guys hifi each other.
" yeh kiski bike hai?" Meghna's question makes all three turn around.
" hey! Its d same bike..i remember the colour and number clearly" Ansh declares while Anya gives him a confused look.
"dekha, maine kaha tha, mat lo panga" Meghna is now concerned.
"comeon Meghna, what harm will he do and waise bhi, yahan kya.." Shan is about to say more..
"Khanak! Khanak is alone with Ahaan!" Meghna shrieks
The 4 waste no time in rushing inside.  They search for her, calling her name, she is not there, neither the bart.  Shan is now worried.  The guys decide to search on the terrace, while the ladies stay back.

At the terrace,
Luckily, Shan could find his wife, standing with the baby, looking towards the sky. He is about to go, when Ansh gestures him to some other direction. It's the guy, the same biker with a mask on his face.
The guys waste no time in grabbing him from behind. And they start beating, punching him despite the guy's protests.  
Khanak turns around, hearing the chaos. Gets surprised  and shocked to find her husband beating up some guy.
"Shan!..whats happening"  tries to stop him, but in vain. Gets more confused as Meghna and anya comes up.
She is about to say something to meghna,
"don't wry Khanak, Shan is here to take care of everything"
" arey par yeh hai.."  stops saying and instead goes and forcefully pushes away her husband.
The guy is almost on his knees, khanak pulls away his mask.
"Meghna look!" 
Shan looks at his wife confused, anya and ansh look at each other, while meghna stares at the guy with mouth wide open
 that was all Meghna could manage to say!

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Wow!!! ClapFabulous!!! ClapFirst part was so hilarious LOLand the second part was emotionally so touching!!!Clap

Anay's angry on Shaan just keeps on accumulating!!! LOLMeghna's one sentence hit the right note and Anay became silent..ClapTrue!!! 

OMG!!! The starting court proceedings was so hilarious!!! ROFLcant stop from laughing!!!LOLAwesome twist!!!Clap Didn't expect this at all!!! Anay can understand something is wrong..LOLbut others are acting as though everything is normal..LOL

The dialogues are so funny!!!Clap Superb!!! Awww!!! how cutely Shaan defended his wife..Embarrassed Khanak took charge of the proceeding and handle the situation very well..LOL How just like that she gave Ahaan to Shaan!!!Embarrassed

Khanak is not stupid to fall for this act..Shaan forgot she is an actress too..LOL At least he should ve got the actors playing the role properly..LOL It was Ansh you brought the actors..Ouchthat's why it turned out like this..LOL

She is not wasting any time in giving Shaan's son to him..Embarrassed Anay is such an amazing brother..Loved the line "pata nahi bhaiyaa, but mera bache ke papa pe toh bharosa hai"!!!Clap

Meghna always gives Khanak an apt advice..Awww!!! She always love him!!!Embarrassed how lovely!!! Wish Shaan heard this..Wink

At least Askha is there to tell Shaan what to do with baby!!! He doesn't even know Ahaan is hungry!!!OuchHow he is gonna take care of him???

Oops!!! Laptop got broken!!LOL Ahaan enjoys watching the fashion show..LOL Shaan is right!!!LOLOMG!!! That was scary..Ouch baby in the terrace..Shocked Khanak saw that..and she called..Clap

Awww!!! Khanak must be so happy seeing her husband holding their son like that..Big smile and she cleaned the house and cooked too for him...Embarrassedso sweet of her..Clap

Wow!!! Big smileNihaal is back!!!Smile

Looking forward and thanks for writing a lengthy and awesome update!!!Smile

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Thought am first..But am second..No probs..Will be back with comments..


so cute, hilarious as well as touching update shilli...
The court scene n shaan's cute way of handling his son was hilarious..
the way Khanak wished to complete their little family but at the same time keeping herself away was so touching..
except for anay others r ready to hep for shanak reunion..
awaiting that to happen..

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shaan n ahaans night out was sooo cute:)
kt wid a baby boy doing such scenes would have been a delightDay Dreaming

hot update kab de rahi hai?????im hungry fr oneLOL

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