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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 72)

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shilpaaa updateeeAngryAngry

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Update plzzzDisapprove
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Update pls
update pls
update pls
update pls
update pls...
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@ all my cuties

gimme dis week ka time, will post d update next week pakka. :)

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 is it a pakka wala promise ?Angry
    if it would be kacha then we all will pester u kacha LOL
 update soon yaar dying to read ur ff CryCry 
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Oooh!! Main agayi! 

Kept my promise Wink  and here is d update Big smile

---------- Part 14--------------

"now its enough..chupchap have ur lunch"
Khanak was having a tough time running after little Aan to feed him as the latter was rather more interested in navigating the whole room.
"Khanak! Y r u shouting at Ahan?"
She turns around. Its Meghna, who has just came back from her boutique.
"Arey I have to go to finish off some work and go to site visit and my little brat is hell bent on delaying me"
"site visit? U mean the Shantanu Khandelwal wala project?"  Meghna asked with a teasing tone.
"yeah wahi.  Baap bete ne milke mere naak mein dum karke rakha hai. I must have done something wrong to them in my previous birth , that they are torturing me to this level"   Khanak said with mock anger.
Meghna couldn't help laugh at Khanak's childish comment.
"don't worry, you carry on your work. I'll feed him."
Saying so, Meghna carries the rather reluctant Ahaan to the living room.
"chalo,chalo..mamma has to do work..tab tak we wil enjoy , bade wale room mein"

After sometime, the bell rings. Its Ansh.
"Hello bhabhi"
"Hey Ansh! Aaj college nahi gaye?"
"na..i bunked off"
" but Anya has gone to college"
"yeah I know..I …just came for Ahaan..whats he doing?"
His eyes were rather searching for something or some1 else.
"Ahaan yahan hai..here"  Meghna gestures towards the toddler, guessing whom Ansh was actually searching.
"u are searching for some1 else?"
" no..woh main…I came to play with Ahan"
He manages to lie, but Meghna could guess.
"well then I hope you can take care of Ahan..i got some work to finish"
Meghna walks away from the living room, thrusting upon Ahaan's responsibility upon Ansh.
" finished off ur work?"
" yeah kinda..i wish there was some1 who could type for me"
" well ur wish granted honey..there is indeed some1 at ur service"
"matlab?"  Khanak twitched her eyebrows with bemused look.
" hmm..ur fan no1, ur admirer is there at the  hall"
"u mean Ansh?"
"yup"  Meghna said with a wink.
"Oh No!"
" arrey he can indeed be a help to you"
Meghna's suggestion made Khanak think about handing d task to Ansh and she indeed agreed.
"Aan, chalo time to take nap"  Khanak came out of her room,  hearing little Aan's wails as Meghna tried hard to calm him down.
She could sense  a pair of eyes following her.  It was Ansh , who was perhaps doing multi task – typing the report as well as focusing his gaze on Khanak. Such was her personality, no1 could stop admiring her.
"so, howz d work going?"  Khanak's gestures towards d lappy,  making Ansh baffled as he feels embarrassed caught in his deed.
"umm..yaa..btw Mam, can I ask you a question?"
"yup, ask"
" Is Ahaan a symbol of love between you and his father"
She was shocked at this sudden question, so was Meghna , as they looked at each other. 
"aah..what made you ask this question?"  Meghna kinda reprimanded Ansh
"No..no, don't get me wrong,  I just wanted to ask if Khanak mam ever felt in love, I mean experienced love"
"yup..i felt, I experienced,  I lived it."  Khanak was lost in her thoughts, saying so.
" but I don't get it, how can v ever know if d person we love, also loves us?"
" well, if you realize d person gives you the most importance in his/her life, you can be kinda sure he/she loves you"
"Really! Does dat means the reverse is also true"
Khanak gets amused as Ansh suddenly gets up in excitement.
The following day, at the college Canteen
"Finally! Got u here"
Ansh thinks to himself as he finally spots Anya in the canteen, surrounded by many others.  He could guess the reason.
And, he was right.  There was indeed a bragging session going on
"U won't believe guys, he is so funny and charming"
"wow! Ani! U are one lucky girl"  One of d girl exclaims.
"yup! Dat I am.  May be am not just a fan, rather some1 sp for him"
It din took much for Ansh to realize she was actually bragging and flaunting abt her so called friendship with Shantanu Khandelwal. 
Anya was going on and on and din realized when a hand came pat on her shoulder.
Startled, she turns back.
"Oh! Ansh! Finally! U r here?"
"yup, thought of paying a visit"
"Really! Guys! Look! Our prince has atlast remembered he is a part of d college, of d grp"
Anya said in a mock sarcastic tone.
"aah..Aani babe, I think you 'l find it hard to believe, but all this while I have been struggling to get u a surprise and finally here it is"
"Surprise!! For me"  Anya exclaimed in excitement
"yup, and here it is"  Ansh handed over a large envelope to Anya as many pair of eyes hovered upon d envelope in excitement.
"Oh My Freaking God!"   Anya exclaimed opening the envelope, on seeing a pic of none other than Shantanu Khandelwal.
Then a couple more..
"Wow! Now dats a surprise. He send it for me?"
"No babe, this is mine"
"Aww!  How sweet of you"  Anya couldn't stop herself from pulling his cheeks.
"arey, just have a look at the rest of d pics"
"wow! More"
Excitedly, she quickly takes out one more photo, but..
"What the hell is dis?"
Anya is shocked as be4 is a pic of Shantanu Khandelwal wid a girl, none other than Khanak!
Her jaws drop as she gets to see some more.
"What rubbish is dis Ansh? Dis is what u have been doing? Photoshopping?"
"aww, honey, I wish I was so talented, but am not"
"dis was a really worst joke"
" well, but thought u shld know abt ur special friend"
By now many had gathered, only to have a scan of d pics.
"Hey! Those are damn real"
"They are quite close I guess, d pics look so cozy"
"I think I saw dem hugging each other at ..
Anya looks much more shocked at d sudden revelation.
"what rubbish, stop cooking up stories"
"hello, its you have been doin dat. I saw dem with ma own eyes"  The girl gave it back to Anya.
"My bro even saw dem coming out of a hotel early morning"
"ooh! Now dats must be some thing goin on"
"Hey Ani! R u sure he likes u or is he two timing wid u?"
"Or may be its just her illusion"
"Poor u Anya"
It was enough. Anya couldn't take it anymore as words came piercing from each and every mouth, as she became a laughing stock in the canteen, in d college.
She had no other option than to run away.

"Anya! Tum yahan, itni jaldi?"
Meghna exclaimed in surprise, seeing Anya suddenly at d door. 
But there is no response.  Rather she just flings d bag on the table and thrashes on d sofa, stretching out her legs,  switching on d TV. 
"Aahm..Anya, I think you shld freshen yourself"
There is still no response, rather all Meghna could hear was d loud sound of d idiot box.
"Anya, I think I asked you something"
"oops..sry bhabi, but I think I don't have to answer for each and every thing I do"
" Anya! Yeh kaisa jawab hai"
" kyun? Even ur question wasn't worth..I mean y shld I be only accountable in dis house?"
"whats wrong wid you?"
"yaa babhi, everything is wrong wid me only. Only I am compelled to reason for each and everything I do. Baki kisi pe toh koi rules hi nahi hai"
"dekho Anya,  u r Anay's little sister and he has responsibility towards you, but then he loves you too."
"Really! That's y he never spares a chance to lash at me, even slap me"
"us din galti tumhari thi"
"oh come on bhabhi! I am not responsible for some1 else's child when d person is actually enjoying herself, getting cozy wid random men, having affairs."
" What rubbish? How dare you say such things about Khanak?" Meghna got furious.
" Shocked haan? But aaplog toh mera yakeen nahi karoge. After all she is ur darling, free to do anything she likes and I am a damn caged bird in my own house"
"shut up Anya! Pata nahi kyun tum yeh bakwaas kar rahi ho"
"becoz I have proof"
Meghna gets baffled and amused as she sees  d photos.
"Just have a look at it."
"Please bhabhi, don't try to defend her. Aapko pata hai how shattered I am"
Meghna was in a dilemma. She couldn't think of an answer to shut Anya as she was going on and on.
" Damn it Bhabhi, still u don't get even 1% angry at that b***"
"Anya! Mind ur language"
"of course I won't. She is a w****** who am damn sure doesn't even remembers who fathered her illegitimate child"
"Anya!"  Meghna raised her hand,  but stopped.
"kyun? Uthao hath, slap me..u don't get angry at her, but at me..u don't even believe dis damn piece of paper."
Angrily she throws off a pic in the air, which coincidently lands at some1's feet.
Khanak was on her way to the kitchen, to sterilize Ahan's bottle as suddenly she feels something at her feet. 
She bends, picks it up.  Looks at it, she is shocked.  It was a pic of hers and Shantanu, just days after their wedding.  
She gets further nostalgic,  as she goes near the table, sees other pics.   Oblivious of the commotion around her, of d arguments, her eyes are just fixed at the pics.  They were not mere photographs, rather beautiful memories, Shantanu and Khanak's love which was now captured. 
However Meghna could sense Khanak's presence.
"Khanak..woh actually.. Aan slept?"  Meghna's question brings Khanak a bit out of her trance.
" who got these pics"
"stop stammering bhabhi.  Y don't u ask her directly about the pics?"
"where did u got the pics from?"  Khanak questioned Anya.
" dats not d big deal. Point is how did these pics arised? What are you doing in these pics? Dis is ur Reality right?"
Meghna's jaw dropped cng Anya daring to speak in such a tone.  She is about to reprimand Anya, but Khanak stops her.
" This was a dream, which i illusioned to be reality and then when it broke, d pieces are still piercing thru my heart."
Anya is bewildered at Khanak's reply.  Be4 she could say anything, Khanak walked away.
"Khanak sunto.."  Meghna couldn't stop Khanak.
" dekha bhabhi, how she easily shrugged off everything"
" oh shut up Anya! U want to know the truth?"
" ofcourse"
" u saw d pics right? Have a look carefully"
Meghna pointed to something as Anya looked on with curiosity.
" u know whats dis on Khanak's forehead, in d partition?"
Anya looked at it carefully
" dats sindoor"
" u know when a girl puts it up? "
" when she gets married, but y r u asking me?"
" thing is Anya, d person with whom you are accusing Khanak of having an affair, is actually her husband, who is the legitimate father of d child whom you accused of being illegitimate"
Anya is shocked, stunned at the revelation. She is speechless knowing d truth.  
"par bhabhi, how can any1 leave some1 like Shantanu Khandelwal? I mean whole world is just crazy about him"
Meghna had no other option than to reveal everything, she knew, to Anya
Khanak is silently cajoling little Ahaan as tears flow from her eyes, her heart still pondering at the memories, mind playing each and every moment which was captured in the pics.
There is a knock at the door. 
" yeah, come in"
Khanak gets up from the bed seeing Anya.
" I am so sorry for whatever I said..I am such a jerk"
" aah! Its okay"
" No Khanak..I am so selfish.  Bina jane, I accused you of so many things and am..just resp for ur tears."
" ah come on dear, u are not at all responsible for my tears. Who toh main bas aise hi.."  Khanak quickly wipes away her tear.
" galti toh Shantanu Khandelwal ki hai, who never leaves a chance to make me cry"
" u love him a lot na. He loved you too. Phir y did u left him?"
" whole world was more important to him, poore duniya ke pyar mein my love got suppressed somewhere, I had no other option than to leave him to the world."  
Anya could see tears in Khanak's eyes.
"Neways,  leave it.  Go and enjoy yourself"
"Kya main aapko di bula sakti hoon?"
"of course, u have always been a sister for me" 
Khanak gently ruffles Anya's hair as the latter leaves after giving a slight hug.
Its almost 7 in the evening. The whole office was almost vacant, except for a room at the 3rd floor where Shantanu Khandelwal was busy doing some paper work. 
Suddenly the door gets bang open.
Before he could realize,  he is suddenly bombarded with sudden invasion.
" Mr Shantanu Khandelwal!  I guess you din expected me right?"
" Be my guest"  He gestured towards the seat.
" oh cut the crap, I have no interest.  U know what dat day you refused to gimme any personal inw right, but today you are not going to give any excuse.  So, just tell me, who the hell gave you the right to include me in your personal life?"
" really? I never knew?"  He gave a sarcastic reply to Anya's question
" oh please, don't try to act smart. You deliberately befriended me,  out of all ur fans, u accepted my frnds req, u made me think as if I am some1 special in your life. Damn it!.  I thought you are a flirt, but in reality, you are a philander!"
" Excuse me!"  Till now Shan was sitting relaxed, but the accusation made him sit upright.
" ofcourse, some1 who only knows how to use girls for his selfish interests and then throw them out, just like you did with Khanak."
" WHAT?? kya..kya kaha abhi"
Anya got startled as Shantanu  suddenly rose out of his chair.
"1st thing, young brat, you are just one of the crazy fans for me, no1 imp. 2ndly, how dare you get the audacity to enter my room without my permission and have the guts to hurl baseless accusations at me"
He was furious.
" don't try to shout at me.  Meghna bhabhi told me everything. Khanak loves you so much and you broke her trust, maligned her love, just for this stupid world?  U chose fame at the expense of your love? U are such a selfish man"
He looks at Anya stunned.
" sab jhooth hai. Nothing is true"
" Really?"
" I din just loved Khanak, I worshipped her. The world wasn't imp for me, she was and is still my world. But for Khanak, her values, her principals were imp than our love."
She looks at him bemused as he continues.
" u accused me of being selfish, yes I am.  I am selfish, I am greedy for love, for a normal happy life with my wife and my kid.  Yes I befriended you deliberately, becoz you are my only way to get to Khanak."
" You din cared about my emotions?"  Anya asked in shock.
" No! U know what when Shantanu Khandelwal was just Shan, he was selfish, stubborn.  He was adamant about having a career in Entertainment Industry, he din cared about the world, his father and look where I am now!" 
There was confidence and pride in his voice. But his voice mellowed down as he continued.
" I was Shan – d selfish brat who was adamant about getting the girl he loved, in his life and seldom cared about his family reputation and abt the girl whom he left at marriage. He got his love , the happiest days of his life. But…… love made him weak, Shan ko Shantanu bana diya, who cared about others more than himself.  Who was stupid enough to care for others, just to be tagged as a worst husband, a worst son and a worst son."
" I am so sorry." 
Shan shrugged Anya off as she tried to place her hand on his shoulder.
" don't u try to show me sympathy."
" You think Khanak will come back to you."
" She has to. Even God  cannot writeoff my love.  Aajtak Shan ne jo bhi chaha, woh usne hasil kiya. This time would be d same, even if its at the expense of any1's emotions."
"U really have no regrets? I really felt for you"
" well dear,  my life, my world revolves only around Khanak, my love. You are free to do whatever you want, hate Shan and just stay in your life"
She had no other option than to walk back as she could see no remorse in his eyes, but only rage and arrogancy.  
Shan din knew how time passed by and he felt asleep on the chair, his mind going back to everything which happened since past 3-4 years.
" Crap! Its already 9! I slept for two hours?"
Shutting off everything, he came out of the office.
Near the gate, he was about to call his driver, when suddenly….
A car came to a screeching halt, just a mile ahead of Shan.
"woah! Have a look!"  Shan jerked back.
A young lad came out of the car. After racking his brain, Shan still couldn't remember his identity.  Shan looked at the guy bewildered as he advanced 2wards him.
" You came to meet me?"
In a second, there was no1 in front of Shan. He was surprised, looked here and there, there was no1 except the car. Suddenly he felt something at his foot. He looked down.
"woah! What r u doing?"  He stepped back seeing the lad fall flat on his back.
" I am touching your feet sir.  Aap mahan insaan ho, devta ho, mere bhagwan ho"
Shan was amused.
" but do I know you?"
" oh! Aapke is bhakt ka naam Ansh hai, remember the guy who was Anya's friend"
" oh! Yeah, d one who came to give d presentation."
" yes sir"
" but what are you thanking me for?"
" for doing something  in just 10 minutes which I couldn't do in 10 years" 
Shan looks at him surprised.
" One second"  Ansh goes back and returns in a minute with a girl by his side. Its Anya.
" You know her sir?"
" yes she is.."
" Anya! Ansh ki girlfriend"  Ansh proudly gave a side hug to Anya as the latter blushed.
" oh dats great! Congrats"  Shan extended his hand
" Nope! You deserve a hug sir"  Ansh gave a hug as Shan patted him on his shoulder.
" Aajse aap mere bade bhaiya and Anya pair chuo jethji ke"
" Arey No."  Shan steps back amused as Anya actually bends down to obey Ansh's orders.
" I am actually sorry for whatever I said to you"
" hey no..don't be ever. Agar apne meri ankhein na khola hota, I would have never realized the importance of love.  You are truly an inspiration. I truly admire you for your honesty and believe u deserve each and every happiness. You deserve back your love, ur Khanak."
Shan gets touched with Anya's word.
" I am overwhelmed and I hope my love again succeeds with your wishes"
" Not only wishes sir, me and Anya will hereby always support you, be with you in ur struggle, to get back your love"
" are you sure?"
" ofcourse sir, aajse u are not alone. Me and Anya are with you. Together we will help you win back your wife and child."
" Thanks guys"  Shan gives a side hug to both
" And hereby starts our mission – Shanak!"  Ansh declares as Shan looks at him amused
" Shanak?"
" yes sir. Shantanu and Khanak together – Shanak"
" Not bad. I like it."

Note:  well, by now, you guys might be reprimanding me for no Shanak, but i promise from next updates, it would be cute Shanak scenes and if any1 interested, he/she can send me suggestions about few ideas or gestures which Shan would do, to impress Khanak. Smile

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loved it do continue fast xxx

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