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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 68)

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plss update soon

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Hello friends..

Firstly a big sorry for the delay and secondly since i remain busy in personal life, updating might take time. So, whenever updating gets delayed, don't worry, it will def be there sooner or later. 

Chalo, not wasting any more time, here is the update..Shanakilious Wink

This was the exactly the sound which was invading Khanak's ears as she sat admist the noisy environment. Perhaps she would have avoided, had it been actually the swarming insect.  But no, it was actually the noisy crowd, which resembled no less than the bees, atleast for Khanak, who had no other option than to be alone in a rather noisy party, sulking at the sofa , sometimes angrily glaring at the rather oblivious Mr. Irani, sometimes twitching her forehead as it throbbed like hell.
"damn it..How I wish I never came to India..na I would have been part of this stupid deal nor I would have been sulking here"
She never liked parties and this wasn't an exception. However  it was an addition for sure as this was actually Shantanu Khandelwal's movie success party thrown by his producer.
This time Shantanu Khandelwal wasn't her only victim of anger, rather it was Mr. Irani, on whose insistence she had actually agreed to attend the party.  She could have bid adeui , but the fact that she still has had to have a final word with her clients for the meeting and site visit, inshort her professional commitment was stopping her.
Finally her patience bursted. She stood up, ready to leave. 
"Hey! Baby!" 
Stratled by the sudden call, she turned back. 
"Do I know you?"  Saying so, she glared at the young lad, angered at his audacity.
"Ofcourse not..but v don't need introduction, do we?"
"Then am sorry, I can't waste my time."
She tried barging ahead, but was stopped. To her horror, it wasn't a single person, but rather almost 4-5 rouges.
" Hey dudes, we all know her, don't we?"
"ofcourse, superhot model..who won't recognize  her"
Khanak glared angrily at the speakers
"Get the hell out of here"  She was furious.
"Relax baby, we are only here to give you company, afterall we can't see you being lonely"
"Thanks, I don't need, now get lost"  Khanak lashed out at the guy.
"oops..u need it babes, we know, Shantanu Khandelwal has used and thrown you out of his life, but don't worry we won't"
This was enough to raise her temper.   She wasn't a meek girl who would cry and shout for help, rather a strong person who knew how to set people right.  Fire was oozing in her eyes, hand raised, but it stopped. All because of the pricking words, which came as a striking blow to her ears.
" And yeah, we will definitely play as a guardian to your orphan child'poor thing"
She stood there trembling, her vision got blurred with the tears, ears burning, as the rouges around her continued laughing and poking fun.  All her life she had faced the pain of being an orphan and this was one situation, she never wanted her son to face.
But God wasn't harsh'.
Bemused, the guy turns around to encounter the owner of the voice. 
It was Shantanu Khandelwal!
Pushing the guy away, he comes forward, holds Khanak by her shoulder
"Honey..what are you doing here?
She looks at him with almost blank expression.
"ah! What? Comeon darling, we need to go,don't you remember we have a son"
She is too disturbed to reciprocate.  He guesses her state.
"and who are these jokers?..hmm..ur fans?..oops I think I saw this guy"  His attention now turned to the guy, who was now staring at Shan.
" aha! You were the one right whose facial contours I changed that day?"  Shan almost squeezed the rather angrily staring guy's cheeks.
"hmm..i guess you have recovered a lot and I hope you don't want a repeat"
Shan's voice was low yet affirmative, sounding like a warning. 
Without any arguments or chaos, he could manage to get Khanak away, but''.
Again! Before he could realize, she had escaped again, not be4 stomping his foot.
But he didn't excused her this time. Fuming with anger, he ran after her,  sometimes strodding, sometimes running.
Finally, she stopped, thanks to a brick in the way.  However both never realized they have reached the basement.
"WTh is this? and stop running away ..stop trying to escape from me, from my life"
He didn't even gave her time to recover.
"U stop following me! Stop chasing me"   Slowly getting herself up, she shouted at him.
He tried giving her a helping hand, she pushed him away.
"Go away! I don't need your help, your sympathy!"
Limping her way to the bench near by, she managed to make herself hit.
" Damn it Khanak! Stop blaming me for everything"
"Ofcourse I will. You are the reason for my problems. I was happy having no1 in my life. .."
He could sense her voice was slowly getting modulated.
"mujhe jhoota  sapna dikhaya, apne duniya mein legaye, phir pagal banake sabke beech akele chod diya'and aaj phir se apne us jhooti duniya mein you tried dragging me in and aaj toh mujhe'."
She was almost crying.
" Khanak..i know how you are feeling, but this is how the world is. You can't escape every problem, you have to face it."
"I can face everything, I won't bother anything people say to me, par y my son?..Uski kya galti hai Shantanu? Y shld he hear names?"
"galti uski nahi, its his parents who couldn't stay together even for his sake" 
"He doesn't needs a father. His mother is enough"
The above conversation might have been an argument, but it wasn't, rather a calm one between two individuals, sitting opp to each other, not facing each other, still knowing each other's heart.
" I lost many things, lost my peace of mind, got nothing in life. Main nahi chahti hoon mera beta bhi wahi face kare.  Bas ek request hai, please chalo jao hamare life se. Tumhare paas toh sab kuch hai na, plzzz let us stay in our world"
Her voice was trembling
"I lost too Khanak! I lost everything in love!"
She looked at him stunned. They were now facing each other. 
" God took my father away from me, My mother threw me out of her life, my wife walked away from my life, my son has never been allowed to be mine.  I have nothing left to be called my own.  I have lost my soul Khanak!"
She looked at him in shock, baffled. His voice was choking.  Her eyes were blurry, yet she could see his tears.  Her heart ached, in his pain.  Slowly her hand raised, to wipe his tears.  He closed his eyes as he felt the touch, the love.  He couldn't allow her to take her hand away. She allowed her hand to be trapped between his hands, allowed him to kiss her hand. 
They might have been stayed away from each other, yet their hearts were together. Their love was still there, this time in form of pain. Finally, neither the glittering stars, nor the shining moon nor God himself could stop them from feeling each other'pain, from easing each other's pain, from hugging each other!
Time flew in form of seconds, then minutes.  It was almost an hour, when they finally broke off from the embrace, that too thanks to a sudden thud sound.
He stood up, after some surveying, finally found the source, 
"Arey you okay?"  Helping the young girl, Shan asked.
"ah..I ..I..You are Shantanu Khandelwal! Oh My God!..."  The girl exclaimed.
" Umm..yeah"
" I can't believe am seeing you in flesh! God! I cried so much that day when my frnds told me abt meeting you in d mall, which I missed"
The girl was going on and on.  However he wasn't paying any attention, His eyes were fixed on Khanak. 
"Ah..I am sorry young lady, you need to excuse me now." 
"Hey but atleast gimme your autograph"
He grew restless as he could see Khanak getting up from the bench, as if to go away.  Quickly signing on the girl's hand, he strodded away.
" I think I have seen this girl somewhere"  His fan wondered.
"Khanak! Khanak! Ruko yaar"
She stopped.  Turned back, but this time she wasn't angry. Rather she had a smile.
"Tum kabhi nahi sudhroge hai na?"
" hmm..as long as am there I will always be there, walking behind you..as I know you can never take care of yourself.
" aha really? Then y don't you appoint yourself as my bodyguard?"
" My pleasure to serve you, my royal princess "
His bowing gesture was however ignored as she walked away, not be4 shrugging him off.
" Shut up and get lost"
He was left behind, stunned and amused at the same time.
"Hello! You can't go away like that'you can never dare to face the world alone, Infact guts hi nahi hai"
He kept on shouting and finally she reciprocated.  She turned back, almost marched towards him, limping.
However he was ignored as she brushed passed him. 
"Jag gayi meri Jhansi ki rani"   He smiled to himself.
He calmly followed her as she went back to the party.
" Hello!"  She patted on the rogue's shoulder.
 The guy turned back,  shocked to see the furious and raging Khanak,  yet calmly staring at him.  And before he could realize'
"Don't you ever try to look at any girl around you"
The guy was too shocked to react as he stood like a statue admist the crowd, some whispering among themselves, some laughing at him.
"Mr Irani! Mr Irani!"
Poor Mr Irani had no other option than to rush to obey her summon.
"If you are done with this stupid party of yours, will you care to discuss about the meeting  or care to arrange of my going back!
He looked at Shan who was calmly wittenesing the whole thing.
"Do the honours Mr Irani"  Shan said in a soft voice.
Her command was obeyed. 
She sat on the bench, blankly staring with blinking eyes, sometimes biting her nails, sometimes yawning as her poor brain tried hard to capture the incoming signals , yet failed everytime as the rather complicated signals brushed passed tangentially.  She had always been a good student in the class, but blame it on her getting too tired or d boring lecture, she was finding it hard to concentrate. She gave up and rather decided to concentrate on her sleep, ignoring the lecture, ignoring the calls.
"Khanak, Khanak!"
There was no response'
"Kha'.naaak!! How dare you sleep in the class!"
"I am..I am..so sorry, sir..I '"  She woke up with a bang.
However she was amazed. There was no classroom, there was no bench, no lecturer with a stick.  It was a dream!
" You felt asleep? Kab se I have been calling you"
She gave a quite sullen look to Shantanu as he was the actual reason for her dream, for her fatigue. It was on his insistence rather compulsion that she had to come to the site and waste her time since 8 in the morning.
She looked at the watch.
"Its already 8:30. I think I need to go"
" Shld I drop you? If you want, you can wait. I'l go by 9..waise bhi it might rain"
" No thanks, I will manage"
Thankfully he agreed.  But, nature perhaps wasn't that kind to her. By the time she stepped out, it was raining heavily. 
Still she remained undeterred and decided to wait for the autorickshaw.  She looked around, there was no1.
"Kisiko khoj rahi ho?"
Startled she turned back to see a strange looking lady, hair ruffled, clothes torn.  Initially Khanak got scared, but still could muster courage to reply, though in a ignoring tone.
"Aye hayee chori, jhooth na bol..hai woh yahin pe..barsaat ke andhere raat mein tujhe akele na chodega..Sath leke jayega tujhe apne sath, apne kamre mein.  Sare gile shikwe, sab kuch door kardega tumdono ke beech se..tere in geele kapdo ko bhi'suhane mausam mein, sulagte aag ke paas hojaoge dono ek.."
The lady was perhaps blabbering and talking rubbish, yet it was enough to scare the hell out of Khanak
"eww! Stop it!" 
She ran away from there, only to collide with something hard.  She turned back, to see the lady smiling and waving to her.  She turned her face away to face the person standing in front of her.
"Maine kaha tha na, you won't get any transport, aab chalo mere sath"
"No..I..I will go myself..waise bhi we have to go to opp directions"
" Exactly..thats y I can't risk to drive my car to anywhere else and you are def coming with me, to my hotel"
"No way!"  She exclaimed
"Why? You don' t trust yourself?" 
"ahmm..no..i mean yaa, but I need to get back to Ahaan. He might be crying"
" haha..No darling, Am sure by now he must have been gone to sleep"
"No..I know him, He is my son"
"That's because of my generosity"  
He earned a rather disgusting look.
"What, yakeen na ho toh call Meghna"
Reluctanctly she agreed to use his phone to call Meghna.
"Hello Meghna,  whats Aaan doing? Ro to nahi raha hai? Actually I am stuck here"
" Hello..Khanak, Is it Shan's number? Is he with you?"
"Yup..Am here with Khanak , Meghna"
Meghna was surprised to hear his voice, delighted to hear they were together, regardless of the reason though. She din wanted to disturb them. 
"umm Khanak, you don't worry about Ahaan. He had his dinner and is now sleeping. You take care."
She kept the phone.
"see, didn't I told you..arey akhir beta kiska hai"
"haan, tumhara hi beta hai- careless, selfish and irresponsible, like his father"
He gave a stare.
"Thanks for the complement"
They walked to the car.
She is about to open the back door.
"I think I am not your driver"
Frowning, she stops opening the door and instead opens the passenger door and gets inside.

"Now why have are stopping here?" 
Khanak's question was however ignored as the car came to a sudden halt.  He opened the car, got out and started checking out something. 
"Shantanu! Am asking you something"
"shauck hai mujhe, raat ko gadi se nikal ke rain dance karne ka"  He made a sarcastic comment, only to earn a angry stare from her.  
"Car got punctured?"
"what are we going to do know?"
"well, its just 2 to 3 kilometers to the hotel"
Something suddenly struck her as her mind went to to lady's words..('adhi raat mein gaadi kharab hogi')
She shrugs in fear.
"umm..woh..I..I'l stay here only"
"What?"  Shan is astonished at her sudden decision.
"Are you mad?"
"kyun? Shelter toh hai, I can stay here"
"are you sure?"
"fine, do as you wish..phir koi jangli janwar ya chor aye toh save yourself"
He left, leaving her behind along with fear. 
She was scared, yet too stubborn to go with him. Getting inside the car, it din took her much to realize she was actually inside a car, standing in a middle of a road at a dark, rainy night.  Her fears increased hearing the sounds of dogs and wolves and suddenly''
"woah!!"  She rose up , shocked as her car was suddenly invaded by a strange looking man. All she could do was, shut her eyes and recite the hanuman chalisa.
Thankfully Lord hanuman was kind enough.
"I think I should go, yahan jangli janwar ya jangli insaano ke hathon marne se ache hai I allow Shantanu to gobble me up"
Fortunately, she didn't had to walk much, as he hadn't gone much far.
On the other hand, though Shan had left alone, yet he was anxious about Khanak and he actually felt relieved as he realized Khanak was coming behind him.
Suddenly he stopped.  She stopped too.  He turned back.
"What? I thought you are going alone, toh I should accompany you" 
He couldn't help chuckling at her innocent excuse.   
Finally they reached the hotel.
"Entertain yourself, while I come back"   Switching on the TV, he offered the remote to Khanak.
Unfortunatel y or perhaps it was her bad luck, all she could come upon was the local cable channel airing some flop movie .
"No! Go..go away, don't get closer"
Ironically this was Khanak shouting to herself seeing the guy coming closer to the girl onscreen.  But her shouts was in vain and there was no other option than to shut off the idiot box.
She turned here and there to survey the room and coincidently or unfortunately the first thing which caught her attention was the fire place.
'Sulagti aag ke samne'  Her mind went back to the lady's words.
Startled she gets up.  She wanted to run away. She din wanted to be weak, she din wanted to surrender herself.
Thankfully before she could fall completely, a pair of hands rescued her. She looked up, only to be lost in his drugged eyes.  She closed her eyes feeling his touch on her waist, as his bare torso touched her.
"You are drenched Khanak, kapde badal lo"  He said in a soft husky voice.
Before he could realize, she had pushed him hard.
"Don't you dare try to come near me. Tumhe kya laga, I won't get your actual intention.."
"Khana..ak.."  He tried getting up
"Don't..don't move.. Pata tha mujhe. Yeh barish (pointing outside),  gaadi ka kharab hona, yeh..yeh bina kapdo ke aana (waving her hands at him), yeh fireplace (pointing in the direction)..everything is planned hai na? But you know what Shantanu Khandelwal!, I will not allow you to touch even my finger"
"Arey Shutup Khanak! Kuch na sahi, atleast for sake of humanity, gimme a hand"
She couldn't refuse helping him.
"And for heavens sake, rain was God's planning..dis fireplace was the Hotel owner's planning and how else do you expect me to bathe, kapde pehnke?"
His plain explaination actuall embarrassed her as she realized her stupidity.
"umm..woh..woh, actually the lady'she incited me, infact scared me"
"and you believed her? Khanak! She is a road side physcho!"
"What? really"
" Nothing that you are any different"    He said in a low inaudible voice.
"You said anything?"
"Nope..go and freshen yourself"
He could see her twitching her lips as if something was bothering her.
"You want something?"
"ahmm..actually I don't have'"
"dress? Don't wry, I have d solution"
To her surprise, his cupboard had about half a dozen ladies' dresses.  But instead of a thanks, poor Shanatnu got a strange stare.
"What? Ashka ke kapde hai yaar, she left few of her dresses"
She left  for the bathroom, without saying anything, leaving him behind confused.
"Dinner ready"
He announced , arranging the plates on the teapoye as she came back from the washroom.
The dinner was going peacefully, when'.
"Shantanu! Kitne baar kaha hai don't sit like that when eating"
Her sudden scolding startles him. 
Shantanu always had this habit of stretching out his legs on the table, eating, with the plate on his lap, an act which had always irked Khanak. 
Today also was the same, except the fact that neither they were like Husband-wife nor it was their home.
"I..i am so sorry"  She realizes her mistake.
"No..its okay, actually meri galti hai"
The rest of the dinner went peacefully and it was now time to hit the bed.
" You don't need to sleep on the couch, we can adjust"
Khanak offered Shan to share the bed as he started to arrange the bedding on the sofa.
"No darling, this arrangement is for you"
His sudden and rude declaration shocks her. Yet, her ego was too strong to resist and beg.
Sleep was far away from Shantanu's eyes as his eyes were fixed on the tiny petite figure on the couch.  
He couldn't resist himself from going near her.  She was lost in sleep, yet he could sense her discomfort as she sometimes cuddled herself, sometimes stretching her legs. 
He couldn't help admiring her innocent beauty.   Slowly he removed the strand of hair on her face.  He couldn't stop the tear escape his eye and all he could do was plant a soft kiss on her cheek.
"My burthal bacha..how can your Shantanu be rude to you and allow you to suffer"
Carefully and slowly, he manages to lift her up and gently places her on the bed, not before making sure to not wake her up.

 The sunlight felt on the eyes, causing them to blink. The voice of the chirping birds felt on the ears. He sat on the bed, eyes fixed on the figure beside him as the latter tried hard to overcome every hurdle coming in way of a peaceful sleep. But it failed and finally the eyes popped open and a smile formed on the face.
"Good Morning"
Shantanu Khandelwal never expected this warm greeting. 
"OMG!"  She sat upright startled.
"What am I doing her"
"yaa..yaa, what are you doing her"  Shan was too quick to pretend.
"dats my question"
"how will I know? Perhaps you came on ur own"
" No..I ..I was sleeping there..on d couch" 
Seeing her sight shift to the couch, Shan got enough time to think of a cooked up story.
"Sleep walk!"
"Kya?"  She turns back at him stunned.
"Neend mein chalne ki bimari and mujhe?"
"umm..yaa Khanak..I never told you this but yes, tumhe neend mein chalne ki bimari hai"
"really? No1 told me be4"
"I think you shared your bed only wid me Khanak"
She stared at him in a angry way.
"ah..I mean Ahan is a baby, toh he won't know"
"I really walk in sleep?"
"yaa Khanak, tabhi toh hamesha I used to cuddle you up"
His last line embarrasses her.
"umm..whatever, I am going to freshen myself and go back home"
"shld I drop you?"
"plzz..just as a friend"
Thus ended Shantanu and Khanak's one day of being together.  They stepped out of hotel, together. No1 perhaps noticed them, except'

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wow awesome update...Smile

shaan and khanak were together for a day...lol shaan was hilarious...sleep walkLOL
who has seen them??? i guess it was anya...

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shilpa finally update mil gya...

woww loved d update...full shanakalicious...hayee really likd d way shaan said meri  jhasi ki rani n khanak slapped day guy...n shaan told her dat he has lost everything...bth were crying.Cry

1 night shnak were together...i despertely wnt tm baq together..she still rem all his habits...

morn scene was hillarious...neend mein chalna...

who clicked deir pic?????media to ni aa gyi????/

nxt part soon...whnever poss ok..Wink

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Awesome update

Loved it a lot SmileSmile

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Superb yaar, loved it.

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wrote quite long a comment before but bcoz of my stupudity it got deleted damn damn damn angry at myself Angry 
i m making up that long comment in this short one sorry yaar
i loved it after so many sad updates this update made me relieved brought smile on my face Big smile
their crying part was so emotional and it was superb they really needed that loved the psycho lady part here shan's saying jhansi ki rani and my budthal baccha made my heart melt man dhire dhire they r coming closer again i love that just dont want any any misunderstandings between them again
and what about the last click man
waiting for next u r taking too much time atleast update once i a week man i think u can do that Smile
update soon

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loved it there sooo cute xxx

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