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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 63)

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Really u r gonna update tomorrow waiting eagerly

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As promised, update is ready. 

Big smile

"Look u little muddehead, dis is my last warning, listen to me or face my wrath!"
Anya's rants since 1 hour felt on deaf ears as the concerned owner of the ears was busy engrossed in replacing tiny soldiers and vehicles from one place to another, doing post mortem of the tiny fury animals arnd him.
"Ahaan! Am talking to u! Khana hai na nahi?..urgh!"
Again it was not payed heed though the pair of eyes did bothered to look up at the voice owner, not after lashing out his tongue, making Anya more irked.
"Ok fine, if u r stubborn, then am no less than u, do u get that"
Saying so, she takes a spoonful of rice and stuffs inside the poor little mouth.
In less than a second, the food comes back spatting on Anya's face as the little mouth rejects the food and instead spits it away.
Shocked and irked, Anya stands upright. However she could say anything, the door bell rings.
Its her friends.
"Ewww!! WTH r u?"
One of the girl visitor screams cng d person opening the door.
"umm..chill yaar, its me, Anya"  Anya reveals her identity
"OMG! Whats up with u?"
Another girl exclaims cng Anya, while entering the house.
"Nothing, am just sulking, dat too on holiday..I bet week day shld never come as holidays"
Anya's complain was listened by two of the girls, while the third was busy surveying the living room, until something caught her attention.
"Aww!! Who is he? Such a cute fluffy little baby?"

Picking up little Ahaan, she started cajoling him.
" No1 related to me, He is bhabs' frnd's son"
"U mean dat lady, the one staying at ur home, her son?"
"Yaa..and 2day I am his unofficial nanny"
Anya said with a frown on her face.
"aww poor babe! Neways, we actually came to invite u for our 'only girls' shopping trip, but u seem to be busy"
Saying so, the girls were about to go away, but Anya stops them..
"Hey wait! Count me in!"
"Not possible honey, what abt this kid?"
"Its okay yaar, Anya can come wid us along wid dis kid"
"Yaa, I 'l place him in his pram along with his toys, he won't be a nuisance"
Finally as decided the girls went to explore north delhi markets along with little Ahaan.
 At one of d malls,  while Anya and one of her frnds are busy in surfing arnd one section of the store, little Ahaan is busy surveying the mall and d visitors,  on his pram.
"OMG!! Girls! U won't believe who has visited dis mall"
One of other girls exclaimed in excitement making Anya confused, shrugging her shoulders.
"Its Shantanu Khandelwal!"
The name was enough for Anya's senses to go hayware.
"Really!! Then what r v waiting for..rush"
Soon, almost the whole floor was empty, wid d girls rushing downstairs to have a glimpse, meet their heartthrob. But, only one importment person was left behind, sitting on his chariot.
Later,  in the car, while Anya  was busy gushing with the girls, one of the girl reveals
"Hey Ani,  don't u think u r 4getting something?"
It din took much time for Anya to remember what, infact whom she actually forgot.
They rushed back to the mall, only to find every1 except that one person!
"Shit! I am gone, bro is gonna kill me"
Anya panicked, not being able to find little Ahaan.
"Hey, don't worry, v will find him"  Girl 1 tries to reassure Anya.
"But how can v, v searched d whole mall"  Girl 2 expresses her concern
As a matter of fact, Anya's main concern was not about the baby missing, but rather the fear to face the wrath of her brother.
While the girls are busy wacking their minds to come up with a solution, one of girl gives an idea
"I think Ani, u shld come wid me to my farmhouse.  Infact, all of us  shld go there. We can stay there for the whole day and if ne1 asks, we can spread our rumour of getting kidnapped along wid d kid"
"Hey, not a bad idea, but whose gonna report?"
"My boyfriend, he can help us."
"Thank u so much girls, u all are my life savers.. God forbid me, I have got no other option"
As decided, Anya along with the girls move to the farm house, as part of the well hatched plan, to escape being caught.
Somewhere along a busy traffic…
" I can't belive Ashi, u visited me, and dat too in such a short span of time. Its just not done yaar."
Shan expressed his angst while droving his sister back to the airport, as Ashi had to catch d flight to New York.
"aww! I wish, I could stay..if Chandigarh trip wasn't there, toh jarur rukti..n u know na Mom is alone.."
"hmm.."  His face became gloomy hearing abt his mom.
"I wish I was there with mom Ashi"
Ashka could see her brother was getting emotional. She din wanted to c him sad.
"Hey! And now I wish this traffic gets cleared soon"
Ashi's sudden declaration brought Shan out of his brief emotional turmoil as he turned around to see his car being amng d hundreds of vehicles, stuck in the traffic jam under the floodlights.  There was nothing unusual in the jam to catch his attention – same street hawkers and beggars occupying d road.
"Sahab..kuch dedo sahib, khane ke liye kuch dedo sahib"
  Like any other day, Shan would have ignored the beggar, but there was something which caught his attention, infact alerted him as he instantly opened the door, ran behind d man, leaving behind a bewildered Ashka at the passenger's seat.
Shan strode behind the beggar, trying to catch up with his speed.  Finally after some almost quick running, Shan finally succeded in catching up the man, not before reaching the next signal.
"Yeh..yeh bacha kiska hai?"  Shan almost panted asking the man.
"mm..mera, mera bacha hai"  Alerted, the beggar tried to clutch away the baby in his arms
"phir yeh itna gora kaise hai?"  Shan's voice was full of suspicion.
"woh..woh..meri biwi gori hai..woh"  The man was stammering, clearly indicating the lie and deception in his statement.
"Jhooth haan..mujhe pata hai yeh tumhara bacha nahi hai. Chupchap, mujhe yeh bacha do, warna…"
"warna kya?"  Shan's threatening was interrupted by sudden arrival of almost a dozen of guys, some resembling the beggar, some looking like goons, henchmen.
Looking around him, Shan knew that though he had the capability to get the kid through authority, that could also result in the kid getting harmed, which Shan never wanted to happen.
"ah..main is bache ko kharidna chahta hoon"
Shan's sudden declaration left the grp in surprise.  They started discussing among themselves.
 He took out his watch and few cash and offered to give in exchange.  It was accepted, but refused to be enough.
"Yeh, yeh kaada lo..sone ki hain"  Shan showed the golden kaada to one of d men, who gave a strange look at the glittering thing.
It was taken, but still wasn't enough. 
Finally he had no other option, except..
"Yeh..yeh ring..heere ki hai.."
That was enough.  The bargaining stopped there.  The exchange was over!
Finally the moment came, for which Shantanu Khandelwal has been waiting since months, ever since he came to know about the arrival of a new member in his life.  His eyes were oblivious of d strange eyes gazing at him, all they could c wid tears, was only the baby in his arms. His ears were deaf to the sound of the vehicles passing by, all they could only listen to , was the giggle and wriggling of the baby.  Shantanu Khandelwal was oblivious of everything around him. All he could see, hear and feel was the 8 month year old toddler in his arms. He perhaps would have lost count of the number of times, he kissed the baby, caressed it, ruffled his hair, as the toddler reciprocated in approval, throwing up his hands.
The father and son could have continued their greeting, had it not been for the BMW which came to a screeching halt, just a feet away from Shan, thus succeeding in breaking the father-son from their trance.
"Shan! Get inside!"
Before Shan could understand, Ashi had opened the passenger door and dragged him inside.
Inside the car, Ashka din paid initial attention to the baby in Shan's arms.
  "WTH got wrong with you Shan? Have u gone mad?" 
"Ashi, look at this kid"  He said with a proud glow on his face. 
"And do u realize what trouble, u would have inflicted upon urself, u would have been mobbed..kuch bhi ho sakta tha"  Ashi reprimanded him , ignoring his statement.
"Ashi! My sister! Just look at him.." 
Alas! It was again ignored. 
"My God! Shan! Where is ur ring, ur watch..n woh kaada jo maine gift kiya tha tumhe…U..u lost your precious possessions?"
Ashi looked at him in shock, in anger.
"I got my most priceless possession Ashi" 
The happiness, the content in his voice, the pride in his eyes finally made Ashi divert her attention towards the baby. 
"Exactly Ashi! Look at him and try to guess who is he?"
Amused by her brother's excitement, Ashi slowly took the rather reluctant Kid in her arms.
Minutely scanning the tiny face for a few minutes..
"Shan!..he looks like some1 I know"
"hmm..isn't that some1 right beside you?"  
Surprised, she looks at Shan, then at the baby.
"Yes! He looks like you!..wait a second!..is..is he.."
"Junior Shan!"   He finally unveils the suspense.
"OMG! Really! My..my little brother's son!"
"yup Ashi! Finally I got to c my son!"
" wait!..how did u recognized him?"
"comeon! M his father..i don't need any court case or DNA to prove that."
"Shan!"  Ashi smacked him for his joke.
"ah..on a serious note,  thanks to Meghna, I got to know about him, the day he was born"
" Really? Y din you approached Khanak then only?"
"I could have..but neither I wanted to disturb Khanak's peace of mind nor I had the guts to face her. Ashi, perhaps I can't tell you, but becoz of my stupidity, my selfish, I stole Khanak's right to live a happy, contentful life..and pata hai jab mujhe bache ke hone ki khabar mili toh, the husband in me thanked God for sending some1 in Khanak's life, with whom her relation can never even pause, who will bring a smile on face every morning she gets up, which perhaps her father failed to do."
"Shan…"  Ashka couldn't help, placing pressing his hand in reassurance.
" Par pata hai Ashi, d father in me refused to give up.  Since d day, he was born to this day, I have been collecting his pics, trying to store each and everything which reminds me of him. I dunno if me and Khanak can ever give him parents' love 2gether, but I will never fail to give him the father's love he deserves"
"How sweet Shan..I never knew my rather immature kid brother has grown up so much"
Ashi ruffled his hair, with a pride feeling in her eyes.  
It wasn't only Shan's eyes which were moist, even Ashka's eyes were. 
"btw whats his name?"
Ashka looked at Shan in surprise. 
"what? I know yaar, this was my fav name..pata hai Khanak will baptize him with this name only."
"and you still feel she doesn't loves you anymore?"
"no..i dunno if she considers me worth deserving her love.."
Ashi knew it was a waste, arguing with Shan.
"oye! I think v shld stop here, here's d end of our journey."
"what? Ahaan! Dekho! Itni jaldi airport aagaya..bua bhag rahi hai" 

Cajoling little Ahaan, Shan said in mock anger.
"Shut up Shan and get out of the car"  Ashi smacked Shan.
Little Ahaan gave a happy smiling seeoff to his bua, as his father looked at him with love and pride in his eyes.    The father in Shan, wanted to keep the kid with him only, the husband in him decided it was better to give back the kid to his mother.
Finally he decided.  After making the rather reluctant little Ahaan sit comfortably on the passenger seat, Shan started the car, not be4 giving a mock warning..
"I hope you are papa's obedient son and being your perfect mother's shadow, so you are going to behave urself through out the journey"
There came a gurgle along with an attempt to get freedom from the clutches of the belt.
"aye! Sit properly" 
Alas! The attempt was trashed.
Khanak came back home after a long tiring day at work.  All she wanted was to take rest and spend the whole evening at home with Ahaan.  However she was for a surprise, for the door was locked as she entered.
" Where's every1?"  She thought to herself. 
By the time, she freshened herself, the doorbell rang.  It was Meghna
The ladies greeted each other.
"khanak..Aan is sleeping kya?"
Khanak was bewildered  at the question.
"No! he isn't at home..i thought he must have been with you"
"umm..Khanak, I had to go to pick up ------- , so I told Anya to look after him"
Worried Khanak glanced at the clock
"Its 8:30!"
Meghna could understand Khanak's concern. After knowing from Ansh about Anya's program with the girls, the first thing she did was calling her husband.
At the farm house.
"Hey! Come on! Ani! Babes..y don't just stay calm and enjoy the movie"
One of Anya's friends lashed out at her for creating ruckus in the room.
"Are you nuts? Tujhe pata bhi hain, in what state of mind am in" Anya said in a brooding tone.
The friend gave a glowering look to Anya, in return. 
"Hey guys! Something terrible has happened!"
The sudden declaration by another friend makes the girls confused as they give quizzical looks to each other
"what? Anay bhaiya is at my house! Rick told me"
Alarmed, the girls looked at each other perplexed. 
"Hey! I got an idea"  
One of the girls declared and passed on the idea to the concerned girl, who then after some discussion, left for her home.
At the girl's home, Anay was waiting for Anya's friend,  discussing with her parents, when the bell rings.
It's the girl.  To Anay's bewilderment and shock, she looked jaded, hair ruffled, panic  prominent on her face. A condition cng which any parents would get scared to wits.
" beta, yeh kya ho gaya hai?"
The girl started her cooked up story
"hum charo gaye the, but..but Rick agaya toh I went him and jab v went back to the mall, toh they were missing along with the baby."
"What?"  Anay looked at the girl in shock!
"bhaiya, v searched everywhere..but they were nowhere"
The girl's fake expressions and tears couldn't escape Anay's eyes, but at the moment, all he was concerned was about Ahaan's safety and whereabouts.
All he could do at the moment was call and inform Meghna about everything.
"Meghna, I don't know how much truth the girl is saying, but the thing is Ahaan is our responsibity and he is missing."
Anay expressed his concern on phone, to Meghna.
" hmm..aap chinta mat kijiye, everything will be okay"
"ok..do 1 thing, get Anya's id from her room and mail me d id number..i think I need to go to police station"
As said, Meghna went to search for Anya's id card, not be4 placing the cell on d sofa, unknowingly.
The phone rang again. It was picked up.  Anay narrated the happenings, about their unability to still get back the kid, about their trials, on the other line.   But..there was no response from the other side. 
Meghna came back to the living room, only to find Khanak in  a shocked, pertrified state.  It din took her long to understand dat Khanak had picked up Anay's call and got to know about everything.  She went near Khanak, and after taking the cell from her, sat near Khanak.
"Khanak, dekh..don't wry.."                                                                                                                           
"I don't want to, I don't want to face any more dejection..I don't want to ..I can't afford to loose my son..I can't live w/o him, I don want to die…"
Khanak couldn't complete her sentence as she broke down, tears flowing from her eyes.  However, it din continued for long, as Khanak Khandelwal wasn't a weak person, rather a strong person who had the courage to face any difficulties, any kind of situation in her life. 
Composing herself, she called back Anay.  
"Anay bhaiya, where are you? Mujhe bhi jaana hai, to search for Ahaan"
"nahi Khanak, u stay at home..take care of yourself, ur brother is here..I promise, I will get back Ahaan 2day only."
Anay's reassurance stopped Khanak from going out, but still couldn't stop her from being tensed and perturbed.
It was a atmosphere of concern and tension at the farm house also as the girls almost panicked after knowing about Anay registering an FIR at the police station.
"How can they register FIR 24 hrs be4 hand"  Girl1 expressed her anguish
"Comeon! U don't know my bro, he can get anything done..He is frnds with the DIG"   Anya explained the reason.
Beep! Beep!
Anya's phone blinked, causing more panic among the girls.
But the moment it was seen, rather the message read, Anya jumped in ecstacy.
"Oh My God! I can't believe it!" 
Before the girls could get reason for the sudden change of emotion, Anya was busy texting back some reply.
"Hey girls, Its Shantanu Khandelwal! He msged me asking for my address"  Anya expressed her excitement.
"Wow! SK! He seems to have a soft corner for you girl"  One of the other girl flattered Anya who now seemed to be in completely different dreamland, 4getting about reality.
"btw, is he coming here?"
"oh! Crap! I send my home address! ..n girls, I can't afford to loose such Golden opportunity"
After few arguments, Anya managed to muster up courage and guts to go back to her home.
At Mittal house, Khanak kept pacing here and there in the living room, sometimes calling Anay, sometimes praying to God. 
The bell rang. Her prayers were answered. It was the security guard with the little kid sleeping happily on his arms.
Nothing in the world could have perhaps given Khanak the happiness, the content, other than the sight of her baby . No words were enough to express the joy on her face.  Taking the baby in her arms,she din knew for how much long, she held the baby, clutched to her heart. 
After sometime, it occurred to Khanak's mind to thank the gentleman, the savior who gave her son back.  It wasn't much late, as the guy was still there when she came out of the house.
But..as she approached him, she could sense something wrong!
Meanwhile Anya reached home in an autorickshaw, though making sure to not get caught. Carefully draping the dupatta around her head, she crept slowly inside, opening the gate. 
Shan was about to go back to his car, when he sensed something, rather some1 approaching him. The fragrance seemed similar, he could recognize the breathe, the steps as they approached him.  He din wanted to face the person.  He turned back, facing the car.
The person reached him finally, he could sense a terrified shaking hand on his shoulder. He turned back.
Shantanu Khandelwal and Khanak stared at each other in shock.  Shan was perplexed, while Khanak filled with anguish. Her hands raised, not to get folded, rather…….
"u stood by my expectation Shantanu Khandelwal!"
Before Shan could realize, she was gone, leaving him behind devasted and deeply hurt. 
The whole incident, Shan and Khanak's strange and shocking interaction was seen by none except the shining moon and the glittering stars and…….
The pair of eyes, hidden behind the dupatta, belonging to none other than Anya Mittal who stood their awestruck and shocked!!

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 7:33am | IP Logged
plz plz continje and can up ppz get email back towgether cause I cantr see email suffer.. its soon sad...
loved the update.

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jaisyjazz IF-Dazzler

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heySmile u updated early thank u so much for that 

OMG loved the update it was really very different this time didnt expected to be like this
this anya is mad or what i dont like her from start she has so much of attitude i actually hate her how irresponsible idiot dont have any sense i seriously wish to slap her
plzzz sweety can i call u that it just came to my mind bcoz of ur id dont know ur real name Smile
make anay slap anya for this she should feel guilty and learn and not to do this again
OMG another shock man shan already know about his son good to know how he recognized his son and how they met for the first time was very good emotional scene i like it very much omg bcoz of this silly anya ahaan kaha pahuch gaya but thank god shan saved him love father-son very much  Big smile what khanak did was wrong man poor shan apne bete se pehli maar mila aur badle me kya mila slap that was just not right khanak hope khanak meghna anay gets to know the truth and khanak realize her mistake and apologize shan
plzzz update ASAP maybe if possible update on alternate days thank u Smile

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Maneesha_Shanak IF-Rockerz

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Wohooo its amazing...Big smileSmile

Atlast shaan could see his son but felt sorry for ahaan when that anya mittal left him...I hate her how irresponsible she is and was not at all worried for ahaan but for herself...Angry...

Ahaan was saved by shaan and khanak slapped himCry

Hope she soon realizes her mistake and apolozise shantanu... 

Sorry IF is not allowing me to hit the like button...don knw whyConfused

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ktymfan Senior Member

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WOW...sHaaN knew abt ahhaaN...THAT waS newS ...M sHOcked, must be vry painful for him to stay away frm his only kid...even i was crying readinG that para...'JUNIOR SHAAN'...shE misundersTood hiM...plz cleaR d aiR soOn...since now d most awaited meeting has occuRed, make d third one melt foR SENIOR SHAAN's charms...luvE YOU for this tale of reuniting SHANAK...waiting very much for ur next dose... with luv- SAROJ

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ONAego Groupbie

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 2:21pm | IP Logged
Lovely n interesting update Smile
Awww bt last part was shockinggG LOLZZ slapLOL
Update next part soon!!!

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 4:22pm | IP Logged
How could you Shilli ?!!...Now I am waiting anxiously for the next updateShocked...
Why do you have to write so well???Clap...I pictured the whole thing...Poor Shaan...
Oh my poor ShaNakUnhappy...Shaan better follow Khanak and explain...
P.S. Next time warn me about you heart-hangers...So I can spare myself till the next update D'oh

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