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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 60)

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When u planing to update nxt part?Unhappy

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please update...
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Hello pherends...

1st of all, am sorry for this delay! 

Been busy in personal life...

but a heartfelt thanks for ur patience and for waiting for d next update..

So, here is d latest and update and i hope to post d continuation soon..

Love u guys...muah!

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He lost count how many times he had read d letter. Infact that has been his almost daily routine. He couldn't help letting that lone tear escape his eyes , as he clutched d letter and d lady smiling wid d kid in d frame. Shantanu Khandelwal might have been d superstar for d whole world, d man too busy to even spare time for breathing. But in reality, he was man who was nothing, a loner.
Same was Khanak's condition. She read d dairy again and again, visualizing everything which happened in the past. She flipped d pages, to find something, perhaps d end of the story, her story. She couldn't find it. Her story was incomplete, her life was incomplete. There was nothing left in her life. This thought would have occupied her mind, making d eager drop escaping her eyes, but it din. For she had a meaning in her life- Ahaan!. She looked at the tiny figure, sleeping happily beside her.  She let that tear drop, but this was a tear of joy, cng her child sleeping happily.
"I love you my bacha" She murmered placing a gentle kiss on d baby's forehead and holding him gently as he stirred a bit.
They slept in their respective places, but closing eyes was only a formality. Sleep was far away from both Shan and Khanak's eyes as they awaited d next day, perhaps a new beginning.
"What? Are u out of your mind Mr. Irani?..I mean how is it possible?"
"I am sorry mam, but this is d only time I can give you."
"But I can't do nething unless you cooperate with me"
"I wish I could, but this is not my sole investment. It's a joint venture and Mr.Khandelwal has a greater share."
"oops. Sry to not mention earlier, but Miss Shah, u would be pleased to know that you are going to work for the famous and the charming Shantanu Khandelwal"
The water in her mouth spitted out, hearing the name.
"I know you are surprised n shocked, but this would be your dream project."
"umm..okay, Mr. Irani, I'l call you back in a few minutes"
She sank on the sofa, holding her forehead, not knowing what to do.
"arey you okay Khanak? Tabiyat thik nahi hai teri?"
She woke up feeling Mehna's palm on her forehead.
"aah..No, am okay, just thoda headache?"
"is nething bothering you?
"arey  no, I am just…"
"Khanak! Don't try to lie, to me atleast..bata kya baat hai"
Khanak couldn't hide the reason for anxiety and on Meghna's insistence, had to tell everything which Mr. Irani had told.
"bas, itni si baat? Whats d big deal?"
Meghna's casual reply surprised Khanak.
"Come on Meghna, I don't want to meet that person again in my life, I don't want him back.."
"in ur personal life na, its ur professional life darling. Stop behaving like a looser"
On Meghna's insistence, Khanak finally gets up and is about to go when she bumps into Ansh.
"Hello Khanak mam, good morning"
"good morning"
She replies back with a smile. Khanak couldn't realize that her smile would invoke trouble for her as Ansh starts his morning chant.
" Mam, u won't believe, when I was telling my frnds abt meeting u..they just couldn't believe it"
Ansh was going on and on until the frown on Khanak's face finally caught his attention.
"Is any thing bothering you mam?"
Before Khanak could say anything, Meghna interrupted
"arey haan, Ansh..Khanak is indeed in a trouble"
"Oh! Is there I can help you"
"no..no.."  Khanak tried to shrug him off.
"arey Khanak, only Ansh can help you..hai na Ansh?"
"Of course bhabhi, it will be my pleasure..waise mujhe karna kya hai?"
Meghna's word shocked Khanak and confused Ansh as they both looked at each other and then at Meghna.
"What? Aise kya dekh rahe ho tumlog? Well Khanak is busy, toh Ansh can give the presentation .."
"par bhabhi, I dunno ABC of interior decoration, how am I gonna say nething, No..No.."
Ansh tries to go away, but Meghna stops him, goes near him and says in a low voice.
"Ansh..c, dis is your Golden opportunity, apne fav ko impress karne ke liye..jara socho."
Megna's words were enough to convince Ansh. He turns back , takes the whole materials and gives a assurance to Khanak, be4 going away.
"Mam, u don't worry, I will prepare myself in just 4 hrs and aisi presentation dunga ki they will not even think twice to select your design"
After he was gone, Khanak looks at Meghna and gives a bewildered expression.
"Meghna! You are unbelievable. U never change!"
"haha..dats d way u shld treat guys."  Meghna winked and hi fied Khanak.
Later , around 12 in d noon,
Anya was strollin impatiently on the stand, waiting for an auto, when she spotted Ansh's bike coming in the direction.
"Thank God! U came"  Anya heaved a sigh of relief as she managed to stop Ansh.
"Anya! Damn it..i am getting late..I can't be your chauffer now."
Be4 Anya could stop him, he was gone, making her wonder
"whats keeping him so busy today..Neways, gotta reach    soon"
Wow! Amazing! Marvellous!
It was a grand 5 storeyed building, the office of 'Royal Enterprises' , a joint venture of Rahat Irani and Shantanu Khandelwal.
After completing a few formalities, Anya manages to get inside the building and reach 3rd floor where Shan's room was there.  However to her dismay, she is stopped by a short hefty man.
"Excuse me young lady..Is there anything I can help you"
"Ah..I have come to meet Shantanu Khandelwal"
Seeing the man searching something on the computer, Anya could make out that he was Shantanu Khandelwal's manager.
"Do you have a prior appointment ?"
"whats your name and Id number?"
"Anya Mittal, but Id.."
"yes mam, all those who want to meet SK, are given a id scroll number."
"Ah..actually sir, I had fixed appointment with him personally on facebook."
"What? Den I am sorry, sir is quite busy 2day."
"but sir please"
Anya tried convincing the man through constant pleads and requests, but in vain.  
"Excuse me!"
The pleads and requests came to a halt as Anya's eyes encountered d owner of d voice. Her jaws dropped as finally in front of her stood her idol, her fav star – Shantanu Khandelwal! 
On the other hand, w/o casting a glance at the girl, Shan asked his manager about the chaos. 
" Sir, actually this girl has no prior appointment acc to my records , but yeh toh kehti hai ki inka appointment hai"
"ah..woh actually I had a appointment through facebook"
Shan looked amusingly at the girl as she tried to give an explaination. He knew instantly that he has an unexpected fan visit.
"Facebook? I am sorry dear, but its my manager who actually deals with my FB fanpage"
"no, no sir, its ur personal acc..remember I had send u a req and u added me yest..we had a chat"
"Ah! One second! R u…"
"Anya Mittal, Dr. Anay Mittal's sister..i wanted to meet you for some project work, my demo inw…"
"ohk! Ummm..i am actually busy right now.."
Shan could see the girl's face turning pale.
"But kyunki I can't break heart of any beautiful girl like you, so chalo lemme spare 15 mins for you."
Anya's happiness knew no bounds on hearing Shan's words and it increased further along with a sense of thrill as she followed Shan inside his cabin
"So, be comfortable and shoot"  Shan said, while sitting on the chair
"sir?" she couldn't speak as she was lost in his handsome persona
"I said..ask ur questions"
"Do u have a gf?"
"Pardon!"  Surprised, he sat upright
"Is there ne some1 sp in your life?"
He got up from the chair, came near her, took the zigsaw, arranged it, took her hand and while keeping it on her hand, said calmly yet in a affirmative tone
"I don't answer personal questions"
She came out of her trance
"Ah..i am sorry sir..woh, who..how did you manage to look so handsome and fit?"
Shan laughed at the girl's childish question – "well, I would attribute this to my gym and personal trainer"
"  How did you managed to get this stardom in such a young age, in such a short span of life?"
Shan stared at her for a second as he juggled between his mind and his heart for the answer – mind wanted to give a diplomatic answer, dat of a man who gave prime imp to his career, his professional life, while heart wanted to give an honest answer, dat of a man who lost everything and had no personal life.
However before he could answer the question, he was interrupted by the call for the meeting at the adjacent room.
"I am sry, there is a meeting I have to attend..u can join us if u please"
Anya couldn't refuse d offer as she followed Shan to the conference room.
She was in for a surprise!
As Shan took his chair, his eyes fell on that young lad, who din looked more than 18 or 19 yrs.
" So, young lad, is there anything I can help you?"
Ansh came forward with the file in his hand and while placing it on the table
"Sir, I am Ansh and I have come here on behalf of 'Exotic creations'."
Surprised Shan looked at his partner, Mr. Irani
"Isn't the company run by a lady Mr. Irani?"
"Ah! Yes sir thats miss Khanak Shah."
Staring at the lad, Shan asked " so, u r her employee or partner?"
"No, sir, just a friend, I am just helping her by giving this presentation"
"So, how can u help me? Do u have any experience in interior decoration?"
"No sir, but I have come here wid good preparations and if given a chance I can prove myself"
Amused, Shan rose from his seat, while saying : "chance? I am sorry my dear, this is not a joke nor a game to be given a chance to kids like you, this is a God damn project worth crores and I am not here to waste my time."
"But sir, I ..i have.."
Before Ansh could finish his statement, Shan interrupted him : "Mr Irani, I think I need to go and you..Miss ..Anya..u asked me d reason for my success, this is d answer – I believe in winning, not in trying to win."
Saying so, he left the room, leaving Mr. Irani confused, Anya impressed and Ansh irked
"What rubbish is this Mr. Irani? May I know on what grounds d presentation was rejected?"
Khanak fumed on phone at Mr. Irani after knowing abt everything from Ansh, while Mr.Irani tried to calm her down from the other side
"I..I am sorry miss Shah, but it's a unanimous decision by my business partner, who is also a major stakeholder in the venture"
" sry Mr. Irani, but that gives him no authority to behave as boss..after all he is just a client"
"umm..i think u shld speak to him directly"
"y shld I? I had talks wid you, not him..and if he has any problems, I have no qualms backing off from the project"
"umm..can I call u minutes later"
Khanak hang the phone, giving the required time to Mr. Irani. 
Khanak couldn't get time to think as the phone rang, making her wonder how Mr. Irani would make a decision in half a minute…Only thing she din knew was everything was set, planned – At Shantanu Khandelwal's hotel room!
"Hello Miss Shah, if u don't have any problems, can v have a conference call wid Mr. Khandelwal"
Though reluctant, Khanak couldn' t get any excuse to refuse.
"Hello Khan…ak"
The voice on the other line shook Khanak, causing a strange adrenaline rush through her body, the sense of giddiness engulfing her as she heard her name from the voice.
" hel…llo…"
"y r u stammering my dear?"
Shan's giggle on the other line, brought Khanak out of her trance
"Excuse me! Am not!"
"hmm..it seems you are one of those who can't help going weak in 4nt of Shantanu Khandelwal and so u escaped having to c me in person"   He said wid a mischievous grin
"What rubbish!!! I am sorry, but u r not my sole priority! I do have something imp work to attend n I think d content and quality of d presentation matters n not who presents it"
" well then since dat poor guy was unemployed, u shldn't mind if I hire him instead of ur firm"
Khanak knew it was a waste talking to him
" I am sorry, but I don't think u own any authority to either hire or sack me, as fYI, my deal was wid Mr. Irani n not u!"
"aha! But am d boss honey! N abt Mr. Irani, toh he is out!! Its just u and me on d phone.."
Shocked, she is about to drop d phone, but…
"n don't u dare drop d phone or else I'll make sure to arrange a meeting at ur place at this hour..n u know Shantanu Khandelwal does what he feels like."
She is scared. She knew Shantanu could do nething.  However be4 she could  even notice, Mr. Irani had come up on d conference.
"So, Mr. Irani, since miss Shah isn't interested in d meeting, I don't think v shld waste our time n instead find some1 dedicated n having some ethics n principals"
"but Mr. Khandelwal, don't you think that would be injustice and are you sure we will get some1 equally talented and reliable?"
"Offcourse, we will def get some1 having guts to face any situation..neways loss would be hers"
"Can I get some time to think?"  Khanak interrupted d convo
Mr. Irani was trying to say something, but Shan interrupts him, saying " I am gonna give u time, only till tomm morning"
Before she could say nething, the phone was off!
At night 12, she sat on the bed, confused, juggling between her mind and heart. While her heart was telling her to avoid having any meeting, avoid cng d eyes which would sink her to another world, avoid going back to that world, Her mind was advicing her to be strong, have guts and be self confident enough to face ne kind of situation.
Finally morning came, and it was decided!
She came out from the wash room, fresh and confident.  As usual  she bend down, giving a small peck on the cute innocent little creature sleeping peacefully on the soft kurl-on mattress, not be4 making sure he doesn't wakes up.
"I love you, my baby."
Even Shantanu Khandelwal couldn't manage having a sound sleep. For he, too was juggling between his mind and heart – former saying Khanak Khandelwal wouldn't come, the latter saying she still can never avoid him.
The phone rang.
"Mr. Khandelwal, Good morning and u would be happy to learn that Miss Khanak has agreed for the meeting"
"What? R u sure?..i ..i mean dats awesome!"
Excited, he rose up from the bed.
So, d mind won in one case, while d heart won for other.
As decided,  Khanak was to give the presentation at Shan's hotel .
At the meeting,
  While all pair of eyes were fixed on the projector scanning the each and every slide, ears fixed on d explainations given, only one pair of eyes are actually fixed on something else, scanning each and every part of dat face, which had and still makes him go weak on his knees,  His ears closed and only eyes doing their job.
Staring at Khanak, Shan never knew when when d presentation got over.  Thankfully his deed was not noticed, except for Khanak, who could intercept from the beginning abt Shan's looks. 
As the meeting got over,  every1 left the hall, including Mr. Irani. 
As she opened the door, was about to go, she was pulled back.  Be4 she could realize, the pair of hands had pinned her to the wall, engulfing her, yet making sure to not touch her.
Scared, she closed her eyes, not wanting to meet his eyes.
With a mischievous grin, Shan brought his face closer, finger gently tucking the one strand of hair, behind her ears, lips moving closer to her ears, whispering in a low voice ---
"Thank U for filling up my room with your fragrance!" 
Saying so, he left away, not be4 giving a small peck on d ears.
She opened her eyes , shocked, stunned and irked!

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wohooo am damn happy after seeing that u have updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice update dear...Smile

Its awesome...Shantanu has planned everything...very cute!!!!!!!
loved shanak re-meeting!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG u updated after such a long time c we all know that u writers r very busy in ur personal lifes and then writng ff's will be very hectic to u infact all of us r very busy on this earth but how much time it takes to come here and leave some msg for ur beloved readers hmmm...
anyway but that doesnt matter now wat matter is that u updated was waiting for this very eagerly and it was awesome start again shan wants her in his life again and trying his best to win her back but waiting for his reaction when he will come to know that he has a son of 1 year i think hai na?
plz update soon and try to give daily updates ofcourse if u can to make up for the long break u took :)))Big smile

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wow superb update...Was longing to read this update...Thanks a lot for updating...

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loved it thnak god ur continuing plz try and be active and plz update soon xxx

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