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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 50)

jaisyjazz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2012 at 10:42pm | IP Logged
happy to c ur update
the update was mindblowing it was very touching
and the last hug awww so cuteSmile
plz update soon

-pranjal- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2012 at 12:46pm | IP Logged

Hey Sweetsute

Loved the Update :) Amazingly Written :)

Loved the way u wrote the emotional Stuff. Confused Khanak visiting temple & Church Loved the way U showed her state of mind & her expressions :) Poor girl is so confused dont know whom to choose.

Loved the whole description & Convo at Church & temple :) I loved the Line said by Punditji "woh toh tumhe tabhi milega jab tum apne ander ke us bhagwan ko pehchanogi" loved it ...Specially the depth behind the sentence :)

These People are unbelievable yaar they are still supporting Nirav :( This is So Sad. They are blaming Khanak that she deliberately launched an complaint. This is seriously disgusting how they can think like that. They are supporting a criminal. Who killed a Small boy. Still they feel Nirav is innocent its was just his Mistake not a crime,

I hated the way Vohra's & Khadelwal talked to shaan. Shaan came home. I was actually scared when he entered in House, I don't understand why cant Shaan is not understanding the Fact that his SIS have no Future if she marries Nirav, he is not a Nice guy. he is also angry on Wifey :(

U know when i was reading Last part i was actually scared but Last line made me Smile, They love each other so much toh phir KYUN???? Why they are not together??? When I read their argument I thought this is the reason for their separation but last line made it sure that this isn't.

So does this mean now shaan will try to convince khanak to take her statement back?? & this will lead to more arguments between shanak??? Waise Khanak haven't told shaan about Nirav & the cheap tack ticks he tried on Khanak??? I wish Shaan supports her & Ashi too understnad that khanak is a well wisher :) 

Yaar please unite them ...Sad parts khatam karo pleaseee

This is getting more & more Exciting ...Please continue soon 

Take care


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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 May 2012 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
jaldi jaldi jaldi update kar part 11...d ff is going so well.pls lazy mat hona

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sharon18 Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Where r u ShiliCry

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HarshIkaZaYa Senior Member

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 10:55am | IP Logged
please update soon...
Maneesha_Shanak IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 11:14am | IP Logged
It has been so long u have updated...
please update soon...
we are waiting...
heer_85 Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2012 at 2:55am | IP Logged
 When will get update Day Dreaming
 pleeejjj ! update LOL
sweetsute Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2012 at 11:51am | IP Logged

Another Update! Smile

Sry for d delay and sorry in advance 4 d sad part 

" I am sorry Mr.Vohra, I don't think apke pote ko hum bacha sakte hai"

A frown creeps on Neerav's dadaji and others as the lawyer expresses his inability to save Neerav from being convicted of murder.

"par koi toh rasta hoga mare pote ko bachane ki"

"Ek rasta hai..agar Shan iske liye maan jaye toh"

The lawyer tells about his plan to the old man

How dare u come up wid such a horrible idea? Himmat kaise hui teri, itni ghatiya idea dene ki?

Shan raised his voice at the Lawyer, almost strangling him, when dadaji's commanding voice stops him.

"yeh ho kya raha yahan par?"

He goes near the old man.

"Dadaji! Yeh..yeh apka waqil! Mujhse keh raha hai ki main apni biwi ko sabke samne mentally disturbed proof karu..Iski toh main.."

He is again about to beat the man, but dadaji holds his hand. The old man himself goes near the lawyer, who is about to say something, but is  interrupted by a slap!

"mare ek pote ko bachane ke kaha tha tujhe, duje pote ki zindagi se khelne ke liye na kaha tha!"

"par..sirji..koi doosra rasta bhi toh nahi hai"

"sach ka sath"

The old man calls Shan to his side.

"Aajkal ka chora hai..Mahabharat pada hai kabhi?"


"Usme Shri Krishna ne Arjun se sach ka sath dene ko kaha, chahe poore parivar ki barbadi kyun na ho jaye! Aaj thare ko bhi main yahi kahunga, jo sach hai wahi bol. Adalat main wahi bol jo tu dekh raha hai"

Shan gets the man's point.

"dadaji..accident ke baad maine sirf Khanak ki halaat ko bigadte hue dekha hai..Bahut hi bura asar hua hai uspe..uski dimagi halaat.."

Shan is lost in his words.

"Toh mare charo,  yehi baat tu court mein bol de. Na thare biwi ko koi pareshani hogi na mare pote ko"

"par dadaji, main sab ke samne kaise?"

"Arey Shan, u don't need to come up to the court. U have to just sign on this paper, agreeing that Khanak is not well, dats it."

Despite of Shan's angry glances, the lawyer manages to finally get Shan sign the papers.


30 April 2009

The day finally came. The day which changed the course of Shan and Khanak's life!!

"Shantanu!! Kya hai? Kitna late karoge?"

She was in positive spirits. 2 months of shock, helplessness and finally the zest to overcome every obstacle and stand for truth, had made Khanak Khandelwal cheerful.

Khanak keeps pacing in the drawing room and d bedroom, waiting for Shan. 

"Tum aaj ladkiyon ki tarah kyun late kar rahe ho?"


She turns arnd as he calls her.  He was wearing a maroon shirt and dark grey jeans.

She tiptoes, giving him a peck on the cheek.

"kisi ki nazar na lage mere handsome pati pe"

He just looks at her in awe.  She was looking pretty in her pink top and cream long skirt. Something inside him tells him to cherish the moment, their love.

 He lifts her up, carries her down to the basement,to the parking lot, opens the driver door.

"Arey where shld I sit?"

She asks puzzled.

"Here.on my lap"

"What? tum pagal ho? We r not going to ne trip!"

"I am serious! I don't want to stay away from you, even for a second.  Main tumhe apne kareeb rakhna chahta hoon Khanak..apne paas"

She could c he was actually serious as his eyes fill up.  She holds his face with both her hands.

"Shantanu, bahut suffer kiya na itne dino se. I promise, everything will be okay from today. Hum phirse apni duniya mein jayenge."

He closes his eyes, as she comes forward, giving him a kiss on the forehead.

"Us duniya ki choti si jhalak dekhni hai mujhe Khanak"

She gives him a kiss on the lips. He is about to respond, but fails as she quickly gets down and sits on the passenger seat, breaking his trance.

"aab chale, we r getting late"

At the court!

It took about 10 minutes for Shan and Khanak to spot the board room where Khanak was supposed to give her wittness.

As they entered the huge room, they were approached by the guard.

"Aapki taarif?"

"Jee, I am Shantanu Khandelwal and hum yahan Vohras' case ke silsile mein aye hai?"

"who accident wali?..yeh?"

"my wife..She is d witness"

"hmm..phir aap us wale room mein jayiye aur witness ko is room mein jana hoga."

Even though reluctant and confused, both Shan and Khanak listen to the guard.

However as Shan enters the room, rather a hall, he is in for a shock!!

It was actually a small auditorium with quite a few occupants, most of them with cameras and handycams, microphones, in hand. It din took him long to understand that they were from d media.

Finally he spots d Vohras'lawyer.

"Hello Shan"

"Hello..Dubai ji, yeh sab kya hai?"

"Media hai sir..Media. Waise toh allow nahi hai, par yeh toh special case hai..Akhir Shambhai Vohra ke pote ki baat hai. Wahan witness ki interrogation hogi, and yahan media us bade screen pe sab kuch dekhegi."

"WHAT RUBBISH? Tumne toh kaha tha sirf ek sign se kaam chalega"

Shan looses his temper, grabbing the man by his collar.

"Arey sir..yeh toh rules hai..Accident, murder ka ilzam laga hai..interrogation toh hoga hi na, aur yahan baat Shambhai ki reputation ki hai."

"meri biwi witness hai, koi criminal nahi"

"dekhiye, isme main kuch nahi kar sakta. Aap yahan baithiye"

Before Shan could say anything, the man was gone. He tries hard to stop the whole thing, but in vain and helplessly, he gets no option other than sitting and watching the whole proceedings.


Nervously she enters the board room occupied with about 5 men in black, sitting around the U-shaped table.

"Good morning young lady..please be seated"

Seeing Khanak's hesistance, one of the men tries to ease the situation.

"Young lady..This is not any inw, so I guess u can be relaxed."

She finally takes the seat.

Man1: "So, whats your full name?"

Khanak: " Jee..Khanak Shantanu Khandelwal"

Man2: "So, u are married? And ur husband?"

Khanak: " he is an actor"

Man1: "And if I am not wrong, even u were an actor and both of you had actually done a show 2gether. So y did u left d field?"

Khanak was confused with the questions which actually bored no link to the case.

Before she could answer the question, another man interrupted.

"Because you got some1 in your life. And the sole intention of your longing to be an actor, was to be in a different shoes, in a diff life, away from ur own life which was actually full of depressions and sorrows."

She was shocked!! The man was saying truth!

Man3: "So, what about ur parents?"

Khanak: "Sir, I am an orphan.. They died in an accident when I was 3 yrs old"

Man1: "Oh! I am so sorry. So, u were there at time of accident?"


Man4: " And u were in a state of depression. U locked urself in a room, u had actually become a violent kid, which forced your Grandma to drop u at your uncle's house"

Nervously she sips down a whole glass of water.

"I am sry, but this has got nothing to do with case."

"It has..It has definitely got to do. If we are not wrong, U had actually been in a unhealthy mental state after witnessing a couple of accidents in your life..One. Ur parents. Two. Ur grandmother's. So, dis being the third one had made you completely traumatised mentally!!"

It was enough for her. She lost her cool, rose from her seat.

"I think this is enough!! Contrary to all the claims, I am actually in my full senses and my personal life cannot change the truth and the truth is, I have been witness to a damn murder!!"

Man3: "Relax dear!..and dat was an accident"

Man4: "I suppose, we could be making false claims, but not this dairy…Ur personal dairy"

She was shocked. Before she could react, she was in for another shock.

Man2: " And I hope u remember this guy"

She was shown a pic.

"haan..He is my husband's friend."

"R u sure?"


"U remember everything after the accident?"

"umm..yes..i ..i..do"

"Then you must be remembering him. He is actually your Psychiatrist!!"

She was taken aback. She had always known the man to be Shan's childhood friend who used to visit them often and also their new family doctor.  It was hard for her to c d reason y Shan concealed d fact.

"I think there is some misunderstanding, u can have a talk with my husband"

"I am sorry my dear, but all these infos have been given by ur doctor after ur husband's consent."

Saying so, d man hands out a piece of declaration by Shantanu Khandelwal, which reads

 "I, Shantanu Khandelwal, hereby confess that my wife, Khanak Khandelwal is not in good health ever since the accident and hence I request ur Honour to kindly relieve my wife from the stressfull burden of the court proceedings."

That was d final nail in the coffin.  The paper slipped from her eyes as she stood up.

"Thats it, If u want to enlighten us on anything we don't know, u can."

"No..can..can I take d leave"

She comes out of the room, only to be surrounded by numerous media. Her eyes were sore, mind completely blank. Admist all the shouts, questions, she could only hear d words of the men. Words which shook her world! She was about to fall when suddenly a pair of hands held her. She looked up, this was the pair of hands which always caressed her, protected her , ensured her of a safe life and now, these were the pair of hands which has made her a mockery amng the world, made fun of her identity.

Those pair of hands wanted to hug her, escort her out of the chaos. But couldn't.  He was helpless. It was he who has hurt her. He watched helplessly as she distanced herself from him and just saying a meek sarcastic thanks, left away.

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