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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 35)

OlicityFan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 10:53am | IP Logged
lovd the update Shilpa!! ............ *hugs*

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-Deepali- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Excellent Update ShiliHug
Loved all the part and loved when shaan  flirting her and trying to kiss her
loved the Mrs Batra part..kabab me haddi and she wes irritating them..wonderful and cute
loved whole update..its  very nice and supperb
waiting for next updateLOLLOLLOLLOL

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AzaraA Senior Member

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 8:08pm | IP Logged
awesome update shilpa loved it seriously .....

shanak moments was just wow!...

plz update soon and plz send me a pm ...

luv zara

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destinylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
shilpa awesome dear..this is so realisitc..
I love this neighbour mrs.batra and even more her  saying she had prayed to god for their Jodi to come together and  get married
So good..keep it up..romanc is also very nice and naturalSmile

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sweetsute Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 4:58pm | IP Logged
hello everybody

i m just coming back to say thanks to every body. Big smile

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 5:01pm | IP Logged
thnks baad mein pehle update kar plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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sweetsute Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 5:16pm | IP Logged
okay, so time for update..

here is my update...so go on read it and i promise u will find it interesting , rather hint to the answer of ur questions regarding why Shanak separated.

Ashka was feeling like being on top of the world, she wanted to share d good news with anyone, and who would that be better than her brother, she dialed Shan.
He was in the middle of his shoot for an add film.
 " Hello"
"hey, Bro"
"Ashi, wassup"
"nothing, m in shoot and Khanak  must be in the institute"
"I din asked about her"
" I thought u will, so maine pehle hi bata diya"
"really, always speak abt someone special, isn't it"
He blushed-"yeah..like dat"
"okk, guess what'I happened to speak to my someone special"
"umm'.ur some'okk wait..is it Neerav..is it"
"hmm, I think so"
"Wow! Ashi, that's great'I mean how come, he is supposed to be in Sydney right"
"yeah, but now he is in India..Shan, u know he came back just for me, I am feeling like being in heaven, right now.."
"oh ho!..hold on sisy, so u met him"
"nope, may be will meet him today "
"okay, nice to hear"
"byee honey"

In the evening at  Shan' house, in their balcony , Shan and Khanak were both sitting on the swing, with Khanak sitting in between Shan's legs, while he cuddled her tightly. He was saying something, while she was half listening, and half looking at the sky. After sometime, she gave a light yawn. He was startled , he turned her face towards him.
"u r feeling sleepy now!"
She rubbed her eyes like a baby- "no'.i mean yeah"
"kyun, tired ho gayi ho"-  he said with a concern
"no, I am bored"
"kya!..but why"
"becoz  since two hours u have been irritating me with ur Neerav chanting"
"arey par..listen to me.."
She stood ' " its like I am in kindergarden and someone is trying to teach  me rhymes..infact I can now write a biography on dis guy."
He laughed at her comment. He held her hand- "acha, don get angry yaar"
"no, waise bhi I have some work to do"
He let her go.

After some time, he came to the kitchen, she was cooking something, he held her from behind- "cooking start kar diya kya"
"hmm, not still, u want something"
"yeah, chalo, no need to cook"
She turned back- "really, u will cook today"
"umm, not like that, we will go out"
" yeah and we are going to Leopold"
"What?..are u out of ur mind..its so expensive, no way..kahin aur chalte hain"
She refused initially, but at last agreed wen Shan insisted too much
On the way,
Shan's phone rings, he is about to pick the call, when Khanak smacks him on his hand-  " how many times, I have told you to not talk on the phone while driving, Shan"
"arey but important call ho sakti hai yaar'tum bhi na, bina dekhe cut kar diya"
She looks at him,- "acha, chaalo, don wry..let me c, who is it."
She was about to take the cell, when Shan stopped her by holding her hand- "arey leave it.."
"why?..u only said it might be important"
"no, it might not be important..also"
She looked at him suscpiciously- " btw, tum mujhe cell dekhne se rok kyun  rahe ho"
he looks at her, then  turns his face to the front- "umm, nothing"
"why are u not looking at me , then"
"I m driving"
"den stop the car"
He looks at her- "are u mad"
"what, u r driving, but concentration kahan hai, its red signal, can't u see."
He stops the car.
"now let me check d cell"
He looks out of the window, biting his nails in nervousness.
She checks d call log, its Ashka, she is about to say that , wen her eyes fall on the the msg icon, she opens the inbox, its Ashka- ' bro, where r u, me and Neerav are waiting for you, and Khanak is coming wid u or not"
She is stunned and angry both- "so, dis is why u were preventing me haan'tum..r just a'"
"burthal, I know dat'.par kya karoon, sach kehta toh tum manti nahi..and.."
He looks at her and replies in a very pouty way. She tries to be smile, but controls and maintains her angry face
He holds her hand- "come on jaan, don be angry like that..Neerav is not bad, I m sure u will like him, when you meet him, he is such a friendly guy..and.u know.."
"bas, bas'its okay..aab itni door aa hi gaye hai toh no need of going back, chalo"
"really, u mean u have no problems"
"say it sweetly"
He looks at her pleadingly
"what..look ahead, its green signal, stop staring at me"
"pleaseeee.jaanu, honey, cutie pie'mera shona..pleaseee bolo pyar se --"
She blushes, turns her face to the other side and smiles a little- "Shan, stop being over romantic..concentrate on ur driving"
"nah, say I love you"
She looks at him , pulls his cheeks gives him a peck- "I love you"
He smiles, and drives ahead.
Finally they reach the restuarent, Shan parks the car and both walk towards the restaurant, hand in hand.
"looks like someone at the entrance"
"must be the guard"
"no, looks like some lady, we know"
"naah, must be some lady guard"
"Shan!.i am not blind, can't u see, its Ashka"
Shan is startled, he looks in his front, its indeed Ashka.
"hey , Ashi, wat are you doing here"
"nothing yaar, I was just waiting for you both'ooh, how are you khanak"
She goes and hugs Khanak gently, who responds back .
"kyun, where is Neerav"
"he is busy on the phone"

"uh! Lets go inside"
They go inside , to the table which Ashi had booked . Shan and Khanak take the adjacent seats while Ashka goes and sits on the opposite side.
Shan checks the menu card- "so, u will have any thing"
He looks at Khanak, then at Ashka, who replies- "no, Neerav has already booked the orders"
"aha! Has he, I knew that, he is still the same, hain na..always perfect and '"
"punctual..but sometimes too much, I told him to wait for u both,but no, he says he has stil has not forgot whats ur fav'ooh btw, khanak do u want something else"
Before Khanak could say anything, Shan interrupts- "arey nahi, Khanak ko wahi pasand hai jo  mujhe pasand hai"
Khanak looks at him, den at Ashka, -"haan , he is right"
"really..dat sounds so cute"
Ashka looks at both of them lovingly, her  left palm on her cheek, elbow resting on the table
"u both are soo cute'waise Shan tumne Khanak ko Neerav ke bare mein baataya"
"baataya!...don say it again Ashi, I have been irritating her with my Neerav chant since 4"
Khanak looks at him, -"arey nahi Ashka didi, aisi koi baat nahi hai.."
"haha, don wry dear..its okay, Neerav hai hi aisa , if you meet him, u wil know..and there he comes"
Both  Shan and Khanak look to the other side, A guy , tall almost 6 ft,  wheatish complexion, well dressed and sober looking comes to their side. Shan hugs him, then introduces Khanak to him- "Khanak, this is Neerav and Neerav , this is Khanak , my"
"yeah, but how do u know that"
"becoz Ashka has been telling about her since morning"
Shan laughs, they start having their dinner, while talking and chatting, except Khanak, who was busy staring at Neerav. He did looked like the one described by Shan, he was sober, decent, calm, yet humourous and friendly, but was there was something else in his eyes. She din wanted to look at him, rather she decided to concentrate on other things, but that something was too distracting for her, she looked again, it was his eyes, they had something which made her feel insecure, rather scary.
Later in their house, at night, She wanted to share her inner thoughts  , her fears with Shan, but he was too busy with showering his love rather than listening to her, which made her later give up and get engrossed in dat thing.
The rest of the days of their lives were smooth and peaceful . Infact after a month, Shan even got a offer to work in a movie, though it was a negative role, yet Shan accepted it. Khanak was very happy about it, but her only matter of concern was that all this had happened because of Neerav's recommendation.
She was standing at the balcony, when Shan held her from, giving her a peck on the cheeks.
She turned back- "tum kab aaye"
"abhi'u know I am soo happy today, never knew I will be working in a movie, tumhe pata hai everything is so different, its rather a different feeling .."
Khanak smiles , she is happy, looks lovingly at Shan- "yeah, and even I am very happy for you"
" and I should thank Neerav for this "
Her expression changes to a rather pale expression, he notices that- "aab kya hua'''.now tell me..do u have any problem with him"
"then why do you always make a low face whenever I mention his name"
"I don know"
She tries to go away, but he stops her- "no u have to tell me today, I am seeing since the day u met him, something is bothering you'kitne baar Neerav came here , but you never speak with him properly"
She looks at Shan- "sach kahoon Shan, bura toh nahi manoge"
"of course not, bolo, wats their in ur mind"
"paata nahi kyun, but I get scared when I see him"
He is startled- "What?"
"haan, I mean, since the day I saw him, I found something in his eyes, which scared the hell out of me"
"do u mean to say he is some vampire or some devil"'he bursts out laughing
"Shan, I m not joking , I am serious"
"okay sorry, dekho, aise koi baat nahi hai , his eyes are always like dat..infact u r d first one to notice his eyes'..yaar, he is nice, cool and calm, haan bas jab he is angry, toh he is just out of control, I mean kind of dangerous"

The last line suddenly rosed a sense of fear in Khanak, she held Shan tightly, who was unaware of this sudden reaction and instead hugged her back.
Thus the rest of the months passed away smoothly, with Shan being busy in his movie, while Khanak was busy in her institute, and also in her small office, which she had opened as a interior decorator.
Though both had a busy professional life by day, by the evening, it was only personal life which mattered to them. Mostly they would spend their evening at home, though at weekends they usually would hang out with friends or alone.
It was the mid of February. Shan's movie was complete shooting and it was soon to be released, hence he had to go out of town for promotional work. Khanak was left alone. Intially she was apprehensive about staying away from him, but later compromised for the sake of his career.  Things were running smoothly for her, as by day time, she could get herself preoccupied with her work, while at home, her entire time would spend at Batras, sp playing around with Gunnu and the other kids.  She felt like a child with them.
Everything was fine in her life, until that day changed her life forever, a day which she could never forget in her life.

 It was 28th Feb ,2009

It was  Adil's birthday. Khanak initially din wanted to go to the party, since Shan was not there, but Varun, Diya and their oder friends came to her house and insisted her , she had to agree eventually.  At that time , Gunnu and his mother were also there. The kid was excited hearing the name of party. Like any other kid, he too wanted to attend such parties, with the sole pretext of meeting his favourite celebrities.  He innocently asked Khanak for taking him with her, before she could say, his mother interrupted, refusing him to allow. But later,  on Khanak's insistence, she had to approve. Khanak  was happy because she was thinking that the child will be happy to make his dream of meeting his fav stars a success, becoz in that party not only actors, but also few persons from other fields would also be there.  Also the fact that Gunnu even had few friends in that circle, made his mother more agree to his going to the party with Khanak and the others. But what Khanak could ever imagine, was this decision of hers would be the worst decision in her life ever.
At the party, Khanak was busy with diya and others. She was glad to see Ashka in the party , but not so happy to see Neerav.  

Gunnu was busy clicking pics with the camera, playing around with other kids. While the kid was busy in his project, roaming around the whole place freely, he came across a room, which was though closed from outside, but had an open window to it. 
He could have ignored the room, if something din caught his attention. It was a guy inside with a girl. He came closer and peeped more clearly, it was the same guy who he has seen sometime back, even in Khanak's house. He den remembered it was the same tall guy, whom Shan refers as Neerav, but the girl was not a familiar face. 

He had always seen in movies about a girl and a boy being alone in a room, and was always curious to know abt that, but everytime his luck failed as his mother never allowed him to watch such scenes. And this was like a golden opportunity to him, he wanted to show his friends , he adjusted his camera, but to his shock or rather dismay, it was something else. The guy was mercilessly manhandling the girl, slapping her and torturing her physically. Gunnu was startled, he  din knew how his fingers pressed the flash button.

Neerav was starltled as the flash light striked him, he understood someone was taking his pics, he pushed the girl away, opened the door and came out of the window, Gunnu had by then tried to escape away, but could not help himself from being caught. Neerav stopped him from behind, Gunnu slowly turned behind, initially he tired to be fearless, but as Neerav held him by his collar, lifted him up, the kid looked at Neerav's eyes, he was frightened, his hands started shaking, Neerav calmly snatched the camera from his hands and after putting him down, threw the camera on the ground with such a force that it broke his camera. He went away, leaving a shocked Gunnu behind.

After sometime, Gunnu's fear turned to anger as he collected broken pieces of his camera, tears flowing down his cheeks, he wanted to teach the guy a lesson.
Everyone were gathered at the poolside. Gunnu spotted Neerav standing near the pool with Ashka , Khanak and others.  Suddenly an idea stuck him. He took out something from his pocket, it was a rubber band and a small pebble, he aimed straight at Neerav , who was unaware of this attack, The pebble hit him with such a force that it made him lose his balance and fall straight into the pool.  It was a Kodak moment for everyone as the almost everybody started laughing, even including Khanak and Ashka.

Ashka gave him a hand, he came out all drenched, He looked around him, everyone was laughing at his expense.  Even Ashka was laughing. He was angry, feeling insulted. He could not have known the reason had it not been a thumbs down signal from Gunnu. His anger grew more, he wanted to teach that kid a lesson for making a mockery out of him as even after quite a long time, people were still laughing at him. Also the fact that he was almost drunk made him lose his senses more and allowing his anger to prevail over his sense, he by now wanted to teach that kid a good lesson, even if it meant taking his life.

Gunnu was somewhat aware of this thing as was noticeable by the constant stares from Neerav. His excitement on winning suddenly changed into fear, he wanted to go home. He went near Khanak
"Khanak didi, mujhe ghar jaana hai"
She turned around, placed her hand on his cheek- "kyun, ho gayi tumhari fun khaatam"
"nahi mainu mamma ke paas jaana abhi"
Khanak smiled at the child's innocence.
"okay, Adil I think I have to go now"
"arey, u are going alone, I will drop you"
"umm, no thanks Adil u have to be here, its ur party after all"
Though Varun and even Ashka offered her to drop , but she refused politely as she knew she was strong and confident enough to be not depended on anyone, moreover, travelling alone was never new for her.

She came out of the farmhouse, she was at the road side, she held Gunnu's hand, his hands were cold. She was amazed.
"Gunnu, tum theek toh ho"

"beta, Mamma se baat karni hai"
The kid nodded. Khanak took out his cell and dialed Mrs.Batra's number and made her talk with him. After sometime , the child was back to his normal self, talkative, telling khanak everything that he enjoyed in the party, and then he mentioned about Neerav, and everything that took place. It was now Khanak's turn to get scared. Suddenly Shan's words started ringing in her mind-' wen angry, he is very dangerous'.

She felt as if something bad was going to happen, she held Gunnu's hand tightly. They were supposed to go by taxi ,and for that they needed to cross the road, Gunnu who was suddenly feeling relaxed and happy, somehow got away from her hold and made his way quickly towards the other side, not before a car coming from the left direction almost hit him, had he not been pulled by Khanak.
She scolded him- "pagal ho kya, chup chap mera haath pakdo samjhe"
"arey aap itna darte kyun ho..aapko pata nahi, main Punjab da  sher hoon, sher, mainnu maut se dar nahi lagda"
Khanak gave him angry glare, her mind was full of anger, fear and surprise. Anger at the kid for behaving like a brat at late night, fear of something bad going to happen and surprise at the way that very kid, who was getting scared and wanting to talk wid his mother, just changed his behavior and was being  in such a playfull manner.  

Suddenly she received a call, it was Shan, she was happy to hear his voice, and as she was speaking with Shan, Gunnu somehow managed to get away from her grip and ran away to the other side, as he was eager to reach home quickly.

Khanak could have continued her conversation on the phone, when suddenly something caught her attention, as if some fast moving object has collided with something and den there  was a scream. Startled she turned around, to see Gunnu nowhere wid her , only to find him lying on the road. Without wasting a second, she ran towards him, the phone dropping from her hands on the road. However as she was just few feets away from him, something came again fastly, and in a moment , before she could realize whats happening, a splash came with strong force on her face, it was a splash of blood.  She was numb, frozen , her inner self  started shaking, her mind was blank. She felt heavy, her vision blurred, all that she could see in front of her was not the 10 yr old boy, Gunnu, but rather a heap of flesh.
He was Dead.

phew! okay Girls, believe me i was literary shaking writing dis update not because of any besharm thing, but because of this accident. 
This is the hint of their separation and with strong heart i have to say that from now, till two parts, you will be getting only emotional and sad update.

But please stay hooked to my FF and do post ur valuable comments

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AzaraA Senior Member

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 5:53pm | IP Logged
aray shilpa dear ye kya tha ......itna kahtarnak update i m scared .....

very very interesting part update soon i m enjoying it even more now

thx for the pm

luv zara

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