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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 33)

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Hello my beautiful young ladies, here is another cute , romantic, emotional update of my FFBig smile

The rest few days of the week passed on a happy note for both shan and khanak, days filled wid  love, romance , passion and fun as they were completely engrossed in their own world,  aloof from the rest of the world, so much that they never realized when the whole week passed and indeed it was another sunday

In the morning…Shan was tossing in his sleep, blabbering Khanak's name, muttering ' I love u' .when suddenly he started hearing strange sound , which becoming so louder, making him difficult to concentrate in his dream world,  he raised his face up glanced towards the door……

"oh no! not again…."…He covered his face wid both his hands, yawned, then turned around, buried his face in the pillow, took  their pic from the desk nearby and said to d pic- " u don ever get satisfied , do u"

He got up, went up to the bathroom to get fresh.

Khanak was busy with her task of home decoration and cleaning in the drawing room , when suddenly a pair of hands engulfed her waist, holding her tightly, she could sense the breath of that person on her shoulder

"Good Morning jaan"…..He said in a very husky voice

She turned around, wrapped her arms around his neck and said in a very sarcastic tone, almost laughing- "good morning".

Shan could sense the sarcasim, he glanced upwards to c the time, it was 11. He looked at Khanak, she was glaring at him.

"woh main..thoda late hogaya ..but..but..even u din tried to wake me up.."

She smiled, -" its okk, waise bhi u look very cute when u sleep, so I din wanted to disturb ur sleep"

He held her more tightly- " really, and how do I look when  I am awake"


She freed herself from his clutch before he could catch him. He smiled to himself, stood there ,arms folded across his chest, eyes observing her  as she continued her task,

She was standing on a stool, trying to fix something on the wall, but  was unsuccessful every attempt becoz of the height, she turned around to see Shan staring at her, she looked down at her herself, she knew his gaze was at her slightly visble bare waist- she was wearing a short pink top and black capris.  She became angry, got down went near Shan, he was still staring at her, she shook him, he jerked


"kya "

"that is wat I am asking..wat are u staring at…don u feel ashamed"

He was confused-" ashamed…for what?...for staring..nah!..y shld I be .u r my wife after all"

"acha!..ur poor wife is busy doing work d whole day, and u can't even help her…tumhe dikh nahi raha tha kya…pata nahi wat r u thinking"

He came closer to her, pulled her towards her towards himself- " I can think of only one thing, when I see you…….just ……..love"

She blushed – " so do u intend to do anything else oder than love.something like helping ur wife"

"hmm! Sochna padega."

She gave him a angry look

"arey yaar theek hai..aise ghooro mat mujhe"

They started cleaning the house, decorating it, arranging the things in place.  It took almost 1 and half hours for them to finish their  work. After that, shan went to have bath, while Khanak went to the kitchen to have lunch.

After having lunch, it was almost 2. Both were extremely tired and lazed on the sofa, Khanak sitting on the sofa, her legs stretched on the centre table, while Shan was laying on the sofa, his head on her lap, playing with her fingers . They were both watching a movie on the flat LCD screen, but Shan was mostly staring at khanak's face and sometimes watching d movie.

She noticed that.

She moved his face to the other side- " movie wahan chal rahi hai…tumhe achi nahi lagi kya"

There was a kissing scene going  in the movie

" nah"


" bekaar hai….isse acha toh main kar sakta hoon"

" kya! Acting"… She said with a husky voice.

He moved up, brought his face closer to her, she closed her eyes, as she felt his breath , his lips were almost an inch from hers, he whispered- "kiss!...kar ke dikhaoon"

Her lips parted, quivered as if giving him the permission to move ahead. They were about to kiss, when suddenly they were interrupted by ring of the door bell.

Shan stood up, went to open the door. It was a lady, a stranger, he din even knew her. She was a middle aged lady, looking some one like the age around 35-40 yrs, wearing a salwar suit, her appearance and figure indicating her to be a perfect Punjabi.

" hello shello ji….u r Shantanu Khandelwal right"

"yeah..but aap"

" yeh lo ji..main bhi kitni bewkoof hoon….2 saal se aapko janti hoon phir bhi pooch rahi hoon "

Shan was confused- " mujhe..but..kaise….i don know u"

" oh! Chaddo ji, aapko kaun nahi janta…aap toh mere fav actor ho ji

 Shan understood she was some fan, but what he didn't get was why was she at his door suddenly. He was about to ask her when she herself introduced as their neighbor, Mrs. Batra, but not before entering  into his house.

" Hayee Rabba!..kinne sonne ho ji aap, mennu vishwas hi nahi hota hai main aapko apne sach mein dekh rahi hoon…sach main ji aapki woh muskan , hayee.."

She was saying this  to Khanak , while pulling the latter's cheeks, making Khanak feel uncomfortable and look at Shan , raising her eyebrows, he signaled wid his thumb finger , indicating one from nearby, Khanak understood she was their neighbor.

Khanak greeted the lady politely , offered her to sit. The lady sat down, she started telling Shan and Khanak stories about how she used to watch both the serials of Shan, and about her craze, which made both of them quite irritated, and bored. After sometime, Shan stood up and declared , he has to go outside for some urgent work. Khanak knew he was lying and also the reason, she looked at him with pleading eyes, but he din acknowledged. Finally she excused herself and went to the bed room, where Shan was  getting ready.  

" tum sach mein bahar ja rahe ho.."..She held him from the back, clutching his waist, her hands inside his shirt.

He smiled , turned around-" kyun, tumhe entertain karne ke liye Mrs. Batra hai na"..he teased her, while tracing his finger on her face

"Shan!..please mat jao na"

"arey nahi, seriously Adil ka msg aaya tha, about meeting some director, so have to go"

"hmm..".She made a pouty face, he smiled , he felt an urge to kiss her , he cupped her face with both his hands, brought his face closer to her, rubbing his nose wid her nose affectionately, -"acha baba nahi jaonga, kush"

Their romantic moment was interrupted by Mrs. Batra's intentional cough, Shan looked back, the lady was standing at the door of their bedroom. Both were embarrassed, he quickly came out, followed by Khanak.

" jee, woh.."

Khanak was about to say to something, but the lady cut her in between- "oh koi gal nahi ji..mujhe toh aaadat si ho gayi hai aap dono ki romance dekh kar"

Shan and Khanak both were shocked, they stared at each other and then at the lady.

" o ji , mera matlab hai serial mein aap ka romance dekh kar..sach kahoon toh ji main har roj wahe guru se ek hi baat mangti thi , ki aap dono ki Jodi ban jaye, aur lo ji dekko , Rab ne meri sun li"

Khanak smiled at the Lady's words, Shan was amused.

Khanak- "thank you"

Mrs. Batra- "thank u se kaam nahi chalega ji."

Khanak- "matlab."

Mrs. Batra- "matlab,mere wajeh se aap logo ki shadi hui hai toh aapko mujhe party sharty toh denni padegi"

Shan-  "aapki wajeh se meri shadi hui hai!" with a shocked expression, which made Khanak look at him .

Mrs Batra, turned towards him- " woh kya hai ji, mujh jaise lakho fans aapki serials dekhti hai, phir aapke Jodi ko pasand karti hai, phir har roj rab se yeh dua mangti hai ki yeh Jodi sach mein ban jaye aur sach mano ji tab jake na Bhagwan hamari sunta hai,"

"acha , itna lamba process hota hai"

Shan 's witty statement made Khanak give a look which said-' I don believe u'

" Mrs.Batra, yeh bhi koi kehne wali baat hai..hum apko surely treat denge"

Khanak said while helding the lady's hand.

"sach mein,o rukko ji..main na jara, apne do char friends ko bula lati hoon"

The lady went out, in the meanwhile Khanak went inside to change her dress, to wear a Salwar suit.

After sometime, the lady came back, and to their dismay, it was not a group of 4-5 ladies, but rather a mob of 10-15 ladies, scaring the hell out of Shan.

The ladies introduced themselves, started praising Khanak and Shan, and their serial. After some time, Shan excused himself, and went to the kitchen.

Khanak came after 5 miutes.

" u came to cook something" he teased her

" very funny!,"

"seriously, ek kaam pad rahi thi toh aab yeh poori palten!"

"Shan, y don u do 1 thing, please bring some snacks and ice-cream "

"are u kidding!..i am not going newhere, tum jao, jake un aunties ke sath enjoy karo, main aaram se room mein let ke lappy pe gamed khelta hoon"…he stretched his arms and said in a lazing tone

"haw! No way!..u have to go, now, tab toh bada jaane ke liye excited ho rahe the"

She almost dragged him

" arey theek hai yaar, jaa raha hoon"

He half heartedly went outside.


It took around half an hour for Shan to come back. He parked  the scooty, losked it and was about to go towards the elevator, when something hit hard on his chest, causing the icecream  box to fall from his hand,

"oh shit!."- it was a ball.

His whole shirt was ruined. He bend down, took the ball in his hands, and looked up to find 4-5 kids standing in a row. He looked at each one of dem. One of them politely asked him to give back the ball, but Shan din agreed, They started pleading , but Shan was adamant, Finally a kid came forward. He was a lad of 11-12 yrs, but he looked much healthy and hefty, like a staunch Punjabi, which made Shan remember the lady.

" mera ball wapas karo"

"agar nahi kiya toh"

"mainu dhamki na de"

The boy's voice was louder and alarming

"acha!..toh chote ustad, aap mera kya bigad loge". He bend down and ruffled the boy's hair, the boy removed his hand

"dikhaon kya"


Before Shan could even think wat next was goin to happen, the boy took a rubberband from his pocket, tied a stone to it and aimed at Shan, in such a way that it hit him straight in his forehead


The kids started laughing, making Shan angry , he decided to teach the lad a lesson.

"acha chalo, main wapas karunga, come on take ur ball"

The boy came forward to take the ball from Shan's hand, but Shan was quick enough to raise his hand to a height which the lad couldn't reach. This thing repeated for sometime, finally making the lad to start crying and begging for his ball.

Shan could n't bear to see him  crying, it felt like torturous to his eyes, he threw the ball towards the other kids, but much to his dismay, instead of reaching the kids, the ball felt into a manhole.

The boy started more crying, Shan was worried, before he could do nething, the kids along with the boy, ran upstairs, followed by Shan.

As he reached home, he realized that the boy was indeed the lady Mrs. Batra's one and only son. His name was Gunpreet , fondly known as Gunnu by his mother.


After two days it was Varun and Diya's engagement day

At the evening, Khanak was getting ready

 " btw, I still can't believe Varun and Diya!"


 Shan was  sitting on the bed, wid the laptop in his lap, typing something , and listening to songs on the earphone

 She turned around and looked at him- " are u busy wid nething…Shan..Shan"

 She got up and went near him, glanced at the lappy, he was playing games.

 She was pissed, removed the earphone from his ears,

 "arey.what is this..", keeping the lappy on the bed

 "dat is what I am asking, what are you doing ?...tumhe pata hai, we have to go somewhere and look at you, tum abhi tak….its already late"

 He wrapped his hands around her waist- " darling!, c I m a guy, it takes only 5 minutes for me to get ready, so you don worry..but on 1 condition", his finger was on her lips, indicating something, she knew wat he was asking for, but she was too adamant to not allow that.

 She pushed him away- "stop it okay, now go and get read ready"

 She almost pulled him from the bed.

 He resisted, but she din budged, finally he agreed to go and get ready, while she offered to take the car out of the garage , because it was already getting late and it takes almost 10 minutes to bring their car from the garage in the basement to the main road.

Shan got ready and was about to go, when he remember he had forgot to switch off the lappy, he was about to , when his phone beeped, it was a message about some urgent mail for Khanak from  Blue Star Entertainment, a renowned film production company

 He got curious, he quickly opened Khanak's mail account and what he saw in her inbox made him stunned , rather shocked-

 It was written –' mam, u r selected  for role..come to meet in office'

 He din knew how to react, he switched off the lappy, got up. He was confused, shocked, stunned and angry at the same time and he din knew the answer to this .

 He came down, gave a fake smile to Khanak. The whole journey was in silent, he just gave single word replies to what ever Khanak asked.


At the party,

 Khanak was busy with Diya and the other girls,  while Shan was busy with the Varun and gang.  Later , they had some fun , and Shan was almost enjoying the party, forgetting about  the mail, when suddenly a greet from Mr.Raheja, the producer of Blue Entertainment to Khanak, made reminded him about that. His expression changed, he could see everyone congratulating Khanak.  She was so busy, she didn't even bothered to look at Shan, he quietly went from there , to the bar, sat on the stool, asked for a drink.

 Guy1:  hey, this is Khanak Shah, I suppose

 Guy2: yeah, plz don even take her name.

 Guy1: why?..becoz she has married ur would be brother in law, is liye kya.

 Guy2: r u nuts…dude, she broke my heart, I thought she is not d marrying types, she is Hot yaar, God knows shadi wadi ke chakkar mein kyun pad gayi "

 Shan was listening to everything, he turned around to see, the guy was Mr.Agarwal's son.  Shan went near him

 " U were saying something about Khanak"

 "aah!..dude..wats up..congrats.."

 "cut it!..repeat, wat u were saying abt Khanak"

 The guy was silent, Shan calmly placed a hand on his shoulder and held his collar and said in a low yet threatening tone- "don u ever try saying this again..got it"

 The guy stared at him, before he could say anything, Shan was called by Mr.Raheja

 " Shantanu, I was looking for you, well congrats buddy"

 Shan was confused. He looked at the man

 "arey, I am congratulating on ur marriage"

 "oh! I am so sorry, thank u Mr.Raheja…well I got ur mail for Khanak "

 "Mail!...acha dat one, don remind me of that, I am not so lucky"

 "I don get you"

 " I wanted to cast ur wife , but she refused, saying she is not going to be in this proffesion of acting or modeling  filhaal."

 Shan was  stunned to listen to that, he couldn't say nething else, he was feeling bad, guilty and dis time he knew the reason, he wanted to go and apologise to Khanak, one of the waiter told him that someone is waiting for him in the garden.

 Shan went to the Garden, thinking it was Khanak, it was a open space, he went there, but there was no1 around, suddenly a hand came on his shoulder, he turned around , it was Mr.Agarwal's son

 "u were saying something to me"

 The guy was drunk too much. 


 He turned away, was going to go away, wen the guy stopped him

 "but, I will tell u wat I was saying about ur wife…She is a.."

 Shan didn't even allowed the guy to complete his sentence, before dat, he turned towards the guy and gave him such a hard blow on his face, that the guy almost lost his balance and jerked to the other side, only to collide with someone.

 The man helped the lad get up, and looked at Shan, who returned the glance, it was Mr.Khandelwal.

Hearing the commotion, most of the men came out, including Mr.Agarwal, who din left any chance to bash Girish, though indirectly .

 Shan was standing there looking at his dad , as the latter came towards him

 " have u pledged to destroy ur father's reputation, where ever you go"

 "no, I have pledged to not spare any1 who insults my wife, not even my own Dad"

 Shan was confident in his words, his eyes reflected anger. For the first time in his life, he dared to look straight into his father's eyes, earlier he had done his wish of choosing his own career , but even that time, he had almost had to beg his father for his permission.

 He was about to say more, but stopped listening to Khanak's voice. She was calling him, Shan excused himself, to join Khanak, who was not aware of the whole commotion as she was busy inside with Diya.


 Later, the party ended, and Shan and Khanak left , bidding adieu to both Varun and Diya.

 They were in their bedroom, Khanak was taking off her jewellary

 " Party was nice, isn't it..Diya kitni beautiful lag rahi thi"


 "I never enjoyed so much in my life, it was so fun"

 She was going on and on about the party, only to realize that Shan was mostly silent, except just nodding his head. She turned towards Shan, he was sitting on the corner of the bed.

 She looked at him, she could see tears welling up in his eyes. She took his hand in her hand

 "kya baat hai Shantanu"

 "Khanak, I ..i am sorry"

 She was amused- "hun!..par kyun, tumne kya kiya"

 He looked at her- "I know, I have promised to always look after you, love you, but still, I feel as if I fail sometimes"

 Khanak was touched, she came closer to him, cupped his face with he hands together and said- "why are you saying that Shan, our love can never fail, and you have given me everything in this world, what more will I want"

 He looked at her and said in a very low tone- "I love you"

 She smiled kissed him on the forehead, He held her more tightly, hugging her waist.


 In Khandelwal Mansion, in the living room, Mr.Khandelwal was showing his displeasure and his anger, while his wife was busy calming him down.

Mr.Khandelwal- " I can't believe I have to see this day"

 Mrs.Khandelwal- " dekhiye aap itna gussa karna chod dijiye, yeh aap ki sehat ke liye theek nahi hai"

 "oh ! come on Gayathri, yeh concern dikhane ki koi jarurat nahi hai, I know how much you and your children care about me and my reputation."

 Gayathri's eyes welled up with tears, Ashka who was listening quietly to everything, could not take it any longer. She knew  as a daughter she was wrong in helping Shan, even Shan was wrong as a son, but what irked her was her father was also unnecessarily bashing the ones who had no fault- now her mother, and then Khanak, about whom she got to know from Shan.

"dad, is ur reputation so important for you than your own relations, that you don leave a chance to illtreat neone,  just for the sake of ur so called fake reputation"

Mr.Khandelwal was startled at this statement, He looked at his daughter and said- " don try to interrupt when elders are speaking"

"I am sorry Mr.Khandelwal, but I just can't see my closed ones sad for no fault of theirs and u know exactly what I mean"

"aah! Closed one!, I know who is ur closed one …now let me tell you, you are my daughter and u have no right to redeem me, do u get that"

Ashka looked at her mother, she din wanted her mother to have a bad impression about her father. She just stood up, and before said good night to her mother , looked at her father and said

"Good night, to you too Dad, and yeah don forget, aap ki bhi ek beti hai"

 Saying this , she left, leaving Girish staring at her.


Thus few more days passed in their lives,  Daily Shan could go in search of any projects, he was now accepting any kind of roles, that came in his way, doing Ads, while Khanak was both a homemaker , spending her time sometimes as a trainer at Monisha 's Modelling Institute, or doing interior decoration or attending shows. At home, apart from Shan, if ne1 was her good companion, it was Gunnu, Khanak loved spending time wid the kids in the block, listening to their cute stories.


Here , in Khandewal household, everything was back to normal, Mr.Khandelwal was busy in his projects, trying to reestablish his reputation as the no1 businessman in town, which was threatened as his long term partnership with Mr.Agarwal 's company had ended abruptly. 

 Ashka was now more engrossed in her own firm, which dealed with tours and travelling.

She preffered most of her time, travelling and being in work, because despite of being a workaholic, she was also preffering to avoid the tension in her house every alternate day.

One day, as Ashka was in her office, sitting at her desk, doing some work in the pc, she got  a call. She picked it up.


There was no response, except for someone clearing his throat. She was confused- "hello, whose dis"

The same thing repeated again, which irritated her.

"excuse me!..can't u say ur identity"

"hmm, I thought someone will identify me wid my breath..but I  was wrong, so lemme tell u , I m…"

"OMG! Neerav!"

okay, so this is the update for now, read it and before u all start pouncing on me for more number of characters, just wanna say that each and every character is going to play a important role in Shanak's life..

so, just have paitence and keep hooked to my FF, in the next update, u will get a hint of  the reason for their separation.

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 6:01pm | IP Logged
awesome update Shilpa!

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 6:06pm | IP Logged
loved it loved it loved it lovd it loved it veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much totally worth my wait

 i love yr story alot

 jaldi upload karna next part zamana nahi nikal dena.........lol
 love u:)

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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hei shilpa,
u r too bad yaar..u take plenty of time to update..update was nice..Mrs.bhatra n gang truobling shanak with their over love..shaan behaving childish in returning the ball n feeling bad when the boy cried..that was nice,,loved it when shaan said to his dad confidently that he will not spare anyone who insults his wife..shaan shock when he saw the mail n then after knowing the truth feeling guilty n asking sorry...it was nice..ok now who is this neerav?ashka love interest r wat?u said next update will give hint abt the reason for their separation..do continue soon..

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
Very nice update dearie!!
Loved all the parts esp., the punjabi lady practically inviting herself into their house!! Liked it a lot!! Purani yaadein taaza ho gayi!!LOL
Love, Simi

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angel_9 Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 10:12pm | IP Logged
hey shilpa..........Hug

awesome update................loved it....................

the way u described it .............wonderful 

the scenes were moving in my head................

shanak in ur FF r amazing........................shan felt guilty for that sometimes he can't  protect khanak  emotional............but lovely..................

update next part soon.....................

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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
Nice part...
Enjoyed reading it....
The part abt fans praying is sooo funny and true....LOL...
Continue soon !

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shiksha_03 Goldie

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i luvd d update pls continue soon

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