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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 30)

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 12:21am | IP Logged
Hey Shilpa,
Update soon. Its really nice. waiting for ur updateBig smileClapStar

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snehapatro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 12:27am | IP Logged
OMG OMG OMG shilpa i read both part 5 and part 6 ur  awsomeeeeee....
part5 tooooooooooooooo hottttttttttttttttttttttttt and part6 was very beautifully written and emotional toooo.....waiting for next update......Big smile

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krock IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 6:05am | IP Logged
lol shili that was awsome yar loved the whole emoitional trauma.............u rock girl

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sweetsute Goldie

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 6:02pm | IP Logged
hello every bodyHug

Shilpa the lazy FF writer is again at your service...Big smile

@ bonu  thank u dear..thanks a lot, it was intended to be emotional

@ramani..thanks for ur take..and girish was a bit harsh on her, but don wry Shan is always dere for her

@kari..thank u soooo much meri jaan, btw not vatty ka asar, but mere guru maiyya, Shai ka asar

@purvi thanks dear

@rupali.. thank u soo much..

@rups..aah!..thanks for loving khanak n Mr.Khandelwal's convo

@krithika.. thank u soooooo much..sp thanks for quoting the dialogue

@navs-- thank u..my dear

@aussiegal..thanks dear, may i know ur name plz

@vandu..thank u soooo much..and yeah keep urselves hooked to my ff and u will soon get to know the reason behind their separation

@samriddi.thanks and i will surely

@shriya ..thanks di..i m glad my FF wala Shan made u blush

@saaz..thanks a lot ..ur comment made my day..

@simi, thanks dear..and yeah just wait and watch how Shanak cope up with their new life

@viju..thanks a lot

@shaluuuuuuu...meri jaan, its okk, teri gustakhi maaf..btw , don wry, shanak will not cry always..dere will be some fun moments...hmm about HM, sochna padega

@Manita...my pleasure to read such a beautiful comment from a talented writer like u..thanks a lottt muahhhh

@priya..thank u..and don worry , things won't be sad always

@roshni..haha..thanks a lot

@azara.thanks n oops,,i m so sry

@ammu..haha!..u found it entertaining, when others are finding it emotional..u are really cute dear

@shama..thanks a lot

@jessica......thanks a lot and that was indeed a great compliment

@sneha..thanks a lot..i was missing ur comment

@ankiii thank u soooooooooooo much

@ every1 else, who pressed the like button

thank u sooooo much ..i love u all..

well i know no1 will forgive me..but plzzzzzzzzz ..mujhe maaf kardo..i m extremely sorry for keeping u guys wait a long..

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sweetsute Goldie

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 6:22pm | IP Logged
so here comes the long awaited update.........Clap

Contiuned from previous part:

Khanak was amused-" r u serious!...Surprise, who bhi  adhi raat ko"

Shan whispered to her in his husky voice-" hmm,  darling, day or night…nething for u, my love"

Khanak tried to say something, but Shan stopped her by giving a small gentle peck on d lips- " enough, now go n get ready"

Khanak protested, clutching d sheet- "no, u better go first..then I will go"

Shan-" hun!..kyun"

Khanak-" kyun kya!..tum pati ho, ladke…I m a girl, I can't"

Shan shrugged –" ok!..so tum yeh kehna chahti ho ki main ek ladka hoon toh I don have ne izzat n so I can roam around freely like a early man , n I shld get out of here.dis is what u wanna say"

Khanak ,, folding her hands, making a sarcastic gesture- " okk ! .."

Khanak looked here n dere n den suddenly noticed his shirt lying at d side of d bed, she grabbed it, quickly wore it and came out of d bed, while Shan was just staring at her, rather her bare legs.

She became aware of his gaze- " now what!..c u were so conscious abt ur izzat, so I protected it"

Shan- "aha!"…….He bended forward and was about to hold her, but she was quick , and ran away to d bathroom, not before saying- " Shan, I m hungry".


After some time, Khanak came out d bath room, but Shan was not dere, rather  there was a small box on d bed, a neatly wrapped wid golden paper n a card attached on it. Khanak was amused, she opened d card. It was written- " a beautiful gift for my beautiful wife"

She blushed, curiously opened d box, dere was a black saree wid few works on it, along wid a .

It din took much time for Khanak to get ready, though it was always wondering in her mind abt d surprise, her hubby was goin to give her at dis hour of night.

She came out of d room, her eyes looking for Shan, but again instead of Shan, there was a small card on d centre table . She opened it. It was written- " see to your left"

She turned around to look at her left , towards their dining space. She went there, pushed d curtains aside. The space was glowing with the light from d candles placed on d table. She looked here and dere for Shan. Before she could wonder anything,  she felt a pair of hands on her waist, and a breath on her neck. 

Shan whispered in a husky voice- " you are looking like a fairy"

She turned around , looked straightly at him in his eyes and said- " thank you ..for d compliment"

Shan stepped back, his left hand on his heart and waves with other hand, bends his head  and says- " so my little angel….allow me to serve you with my love"

 Khanak smiled –" off course, my prince charming..i m indeed hungry"

Shan came closer to her, whispered to her- "for my love"

 She pushed him away- " no!!!....Shantanu mujhe bhook lagi hai sach mein"

 Shan smiled .

He pulled d chair. She  was about to sit down, when instead he sat on d chair, leaving her confused and annoyed.   Giving him a glare, she stepped forward to sit on the other chair, but he pulled her towards him with a force enough to make her sit on his lap

Khanak- " yeh kya tha "

 Shan opens the lid of one of bowl and says- " yeh Paneer Pasanda hai…tum Non Veg nahi khati toh dats y  only Veg..and yeh.."

He was about to open d lid of  oder bowl, when she smacked him on his palm very hardly He looked at her

" main iske bare mein pooch rahi hoon.."..pointing towards herself

Shan- " yeh, u din liked this saree"

Khanak –" Shan!!"

He mimicked her- "Khanak"

She laughed. He held her tightly..says in a husky voice- " maine kaha na let me serve u".

She blushed n looked away,  opened d lids of d bowls- "hmm!! Nice aroma…par ek hi plate kyun"

He din answered , instead tore a piece from d chapatti and stuffed d curry in it and feeds her. She feeds him d next bite.

 This continues for sometime.

 "bas!..aab main nahi kha sakti Shantanu"

 She gets up, goes to the wash basin to wash her hands.

 " waise khana tasty tha"

 He comes behind her , clutching her waist- " toh mera tip do"

 She removes his hands, turns around , traces her finger on his face, and replies in a husky voice- " not here, kahin aur"

 Shan gets excited,-" u mean bedroom mein…phir se"

 She shrugs, moves away from there. But to his surprise, she goes to the drawing space instead,  and relaxes on the diwaan .

 He goes near her , says in a complaining manner- " this is not fair, I want my tip"

 She nods her head- " na"

 He pulls her towards himself, she collides with him

 " Shan!..abhi nahi please..can't we talk instead"

 "haan toh maine kab mana kiya, I said only tip ..not d whole amount tho"

 He sits back on d diwaan, and again pulls her , to make her sit near him.

 She looked at him, smiled- " too smart hun!"

 " I am ..my dear"

 He closes his eyes, she moves closer, gives him a gentle peck on d lips, tries to move away, but he resists, pulls her more to him and kisses her deeply on the lips, she responds with equal passion.

 They break off after some time, breathing for fresh air.

 His hands are now around her shoulder,  while hers is  on his waist, She is resting on his chest, their hands intervined together

" khanak!"

 " hmm"

 " I am sorry…sorry for what Dad has said to u"

 She removed her hand, raised her chin up to look at him. He could see  tears in her eyes. He cupped her face with his hands

 " I am sorry khanak, but I din meant to hurt you"

 "no..don say sorry ..its not your fault..infact.itne sab kuch hone ke baad bhi I m happy , and this is only becoz of you, Shan..i don know agar tum meri life mein nahi hote toh…"

 He placed a finger on her lips to stop her from saying anything further

 " par, kya jarorat thi khanak tumhe wahan jane ki, tumhe pata than a mere Dad kitne arrogant hai"

 " nahi Shan..he is ur Dad..don say like that..yeah, its my fault , I shld not have gone there..par kya karu, I wanted to lessen your burden, tum waise bhi kitne pareshan the"

 He was stunned- " pareshan!..who told you, I m disturbed..kahin Varun ne toh…"

 "no one needs to tell me about you, Shan..bina bataya, I can sense your condition..this is what we share with each other"

 Shan looks at her, this time his eyes are filled with tears, He helds her more tightly

 " Khanak, have we indeed done such a big mistake."

 " no"

 " then what are we getting punished for, critcised for"

 " because you can't accept everyone to appreciate u..this is life Shan..kal tak we lived in a dream land, now we have to face the reality..d actual hurdles in life..and I am sure jab tak hum sath hai..we will always be happy.."

 " yeah..as  long as u are there with me, nothing matters"


He hugs her tightly, she could feel tears on her hair, she moves back- " Shan!"

- " bolo"

" why are you crying"

He wipes his tear-" main kahan ro raha hoon, tum ro rahi ho toh, mere aankh se bhi apne aap aansu aagaye"

She smiles at his childish answer.

" okk!..enough of melodrama,  aaj special day hai and we will celebrate"

"celebrate ..woh kaise"

" hmm…how about ice-cream…waise bhi it must have been melted by now"

" not bad..but sath mein tv bhi  dekhenge"

" okk"

 He gets up, switches on the tv, while she goes to bring the ice cream. Though the icecream had badly melted yet they enjoyed it, while watching  a movie and relaxing in each other's arms


 Next morning

Shan was happy in his dream land, dreaming about his princess, her sweet voice ringing in his ears, saying his name..when suddenly he hears his name , but in a louder tone, he turned his face to the other side, tilted his eyes to see ..it was Khanak, she was almost glaring at him angrily, he smiled , took her hand , again turned to the other side, her hand beneath his face.

 She tried removing her hand, -" Shantanu, utho..please..kab se bula rahi hoon"

 "hmmm, khanak..sone do na"

 She tries again, he resists, finally she succeeds, not before, making Shan fall down from the diwaan

 " ouch!..yeh kya hai Khanak, yest..i was so polite and gentle with you, and aaj tum is tarah…damn it!.u don even know what should be a morning look like……oui!!!"….He complains, while holding his waist with one hand

 She sits down- " sorry pati dev, par aapki jaankari ke liye bata do..i have not disobeyed any morning rules, only if u could gave a glance at the watch and see that this is not a good time for morning"

 " matlab"

 "matlab..its 10:30"

 He looks at her- " haan toh..wats d big deal..i have been up so late yesterday..kitna kuch kiya maine..dinner, phir yeh arrangement..i m tired yaar"

 "yeah..u have forgot ..main bhi thi…and I don think just by dialing a number and seeking someone else's help makes u so tired..am I right"

 He  again looked at her and den down, says in a low tone- " tumhe yeh bhi pata chal gaya"

" haan, aab utho… kitna kaam karna hai yaar"

 " kaam!"

 He gets excited , She understands his intention- " I said work.."

 "oh!..par kya"

 " shopping.!"

 " abhi!..sham ko chalte hai na….waise tumhe kya kharidna hai"

 " everything…is ghar mein kuch bhi nahi hai"

 He stretches his hands and yawns- " kya nahi hai..sabkuch toh hai…bed hai, tv hai …and sabse important…biwi hai.".. trying to pull her again

 She resists, sits down- " Fridge hai..nahi..melted ice cream khani padi kal…Microwave hai, nahi..i can't cook everytime on the oven…..Washing Machine hai…nahi ..since the morning, I m doing the job of a dhobi,  my hands are paining "

 Shan takes her hands- ' really, dikhao..chalo, koi baat nahi..i will heal ur pain"

 He is about to kiss her hands, she removes her hands- " yahaan main itni serious hoon and all u can think of , is only romance and…..what ever"

 "whatever is also important"

 " Shan!..i am asking you for the last time..tum uthoge ya nahi.."

 " yaar, tumhe fridge aur washing machine chahiye na…I will book it n phir home delivery ho jayegi..chalo bring my lappy"

 " no need…I have everything in my apartment at Nerul..almost everything..even furniture"

 He looks at her- "no"

 What no…we will go there now..bas"

 He yawns again- " I can't take things from my sasural…dowry is il…legal"

 "excuse me!!...what rubbish!..ok fine, don get up..keep sleeping, I m going..waise bhi Meghna is in India, I will go to her home, phir we will shop together and then mere apartment jayenge and we will gossip n tab tak tum aaraam se yahan sote rehna ..till morning, okk"

 Shan got up with a jerk- " arey nahi..don do this..i ..i will do whatever you say….just give me 15 minutes okk..bas plzz don go away"

 He ran to the bathroom, while saying these things,  making Khanak have a hearty laugh with his antics.


 On the road, at the traffic signal, Shan stops seeing d red signal

 "Gosh!..not again..my  day is ruined..isse acha I could have been sleeping"

 " can't u think of anything else.. we can wait ..there are other things to be done"

 She was pointing towards the radio, but Shan's mind stuck something else, He gave a naughty look to her

"yeah!..other thing..infact most important"

 "no way..not here..this is not home..har waqt nahi"

 "kya nahi..since morning , I have been bearing ur anger , can't u give me some sweetness..pleaseeeeee"

 "u r impossible"

 "thanks, I know"

 He bended forward to kiss her, but gets interrupted with a ring, leaving him annoyed, cursing d caller in his mind…..its Meghna

 "hello !"

 "hello ki bachi!..do u even know my name"

 "offcourse..Meghna..how are you, yest Ayan told me..i m so excited to meet you"

 "shutup!..excited!..hun!...shadi kar li and bola bhi nahi"

 "oh! I am so sorry..everything happened so suddenly."

 "chal koi baat nahi..so when are we gonna meet"

 "hmm, lets meet tomorrow..i have to tell so many things to you"

 Shan looks at her with a weird expression

 "no yaar, I have to go to Thane tomorrow..will come back after two days..waise I m free today..we can meet today"

 "okk,….not bad..we can meet today…infact now..waise bhi I m on my way, so …"

 "but you are with Shan , right.."

 "yeah, but u don wry abt him..he has some other work to do..so do 1 thing, lets meet at Nariman coffee house..okk"


 Meghna was saying something more but Khanak could not hear it properly , thanks to Shan's constant pressing of the horn, forcing her to finally end the call, not before giving a stare to Shan


Thus as decided,  inspite of protests,  Shan had to go to the nearby station, catch a train to Nerul, Khanak's place, while she drove away to Nariman , to the coffe house to meet Meghna.

 Later , after her meeting with Meghna, She went back to the station to pick up Shan, and then they went together for shopping, to buy groceries , food stuff and other items


Later, in the way back home

 " toh madam..are you satisfied now"

 "yup..thank u sooo much..btw, have u checked all d furniture and d other things properly"

 "haan yaar, I have myself helped in the packings and everything will reach our home by the time we go..theek hai"

 She gave a cute smile with a nod.


By the time they reach home the guys from the packers n movers department have already arrived and waiting for them. Khanak goes inside with few shopping bags, while Shan stays back to check for the other items..

 After some time, as  all items were placed in their house..Shan goes outside, pays the guys and then goes to park his car inside the basement and comes back with the remaining packets.

 As he enters the house, he keeps the packets on the table, and just jumps on the newly arrived sofa, and is about to doze off, when suddenly

 "Shan!..what is dis…tum tumhe koi manners hai ya nahi"

 He gets up confused- "aab maine kya kiya yaar"

 " kya kiya!..u r ruining my favourite sofa..with ur stinky shoes…get rid of them, wash ur feet"

 He waves his hands in air-" okk, now this is enough..since morning, you have been ranting at me…ek toh itne bure tareeke se mujhe uthaya, phir u made me go to Nerul, who bhi local train mein..u know wahan baithne kit oh kya, khade rehne ki bhi jagah nahi thi..phir tumhare ghar pe itna kaam tha..and then shopping…like hell..arey today I have done so much work..and yet you are not satisfied, mujhpe..mujhpe chilla rahi ho.."

 Khanak looked at him with a stunned expression, she was not angry, rather amused at his childish outburst.

" I just said, remove ur shoes n wash ur feet bas.."

 He sat on the sofa, angrily took off his shoes, kept them aside, and hurried to the bathroom to wash his feet.


In their room, Khanak entered the room, finding Shan lying on the bed, staring silently at the ceiling. She knew he was angry, so she had to woo him. She came near him, he sensed her presence, but ignored her and turned to the other side. She went to that side, he turned again, She just sat on the bed near him

 " naaraz ho mujhse"

 He didn't answered her, rather pretended to sleep

 "thhek hai so jao…par atleast kapde toh…"

 She was about to say, when Shan turned towards her, got up , pointed his finger , was about to say something, when she just held his hand, brought it near her lips and kissed his palm, leaving him spellbound at this gesture

 " I know u are tired..i am sorry ..actually I know I m too harsh..but I was saying only for ur benefit na"- She said while ruffling his hair lovingly.

 He din said nething, just looked at her as she changed from the nagging wife since morning to the quite n caring wife, her louder tone changing to a soft , rather husky voice.

 " u wont say anything kya…plzz"

 He replied- " u don allow me to say nething…even subah se ek kiss bhi nahi karne diya."

 "aww!..toh mere Shantanu  is liye naraaz hai….theek hai..chalo, I wont stop you now, but atleast dress toh change.."

 "dekha!..i knew that…tum.."

 " poori baat bolne toh do.."

 She came near further, brought her lips close to his ears, and whispered- " burthal...when did I told you to go n change ur clothes"

 Shan understood what she meant, he turned to her side,  moved her face towards his own, held her face ,his thumb pressing her cheek, while his other hand on her back, bringing his lips closer to hers, giving her a deep passionate kiss. After some time, they broke from the kiss, while she moved down on his body, to continue her task.

Thus they again got engrossed into each other, their love blossoming again and their souls dancing together to the silent music of the night, not aware of the time , as another day , another night of their married life bid adieu, paving way for an arrival of a fresh new morning.

Note: I hope you guys will love this update and it manages to bring a smile on ur face..actually i want to know from u all, are u satisfied with this update or u want me to add some more stuff to it and make it more longer. Gimme ur views soon, so that i can update by Sunday or else, i will again take time, atleast a weekLOL

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
awesome  update keep it up!

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iluvmanar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
awesum shili...luvved it..cont. pls...

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
hei shilpa,
ur blackmailing us tat u wont update by sunday n take a week's time..if u do so v will blackmail u..update it by sunday..story has to move on na?it'll be sad to c them parted but that part too has to come..n they hav to patch up again..very eager to read all that..he has to know abt aan..how many things r there n u r trying to take long gap..so someone should lock u up in a room n make write more..
ok now over to theupdate..loved the surprise..shaan presenting her black saree n their candle light dinner that too feeding each other was romantic..khanak laughing at his childish complaints was cute..continue soon..

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